11/07/2017 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Alison Little, deputy political editor


of the Daily Express, and the Guardian


It is good to see you. The front pages.


The I leads with the public inquiry into contaminated blood.


The paper calls it the "worst scandal in NHS history".


The news that President Trump's son was keen to accept information


on Hillary Clinton from a Russian national, is the main


The Telegraph has the same story, with the claim that Trump junior


The Express leads with the Foreign Secretary's suggestion,


that the EU can "go whistle" if it makes "extortionate" demands


The Times says a parliamentary report has concluded that a joint


Royal Navy and EU mission to combat people smuggling in


in the Mediterranean has caused more migrants to die at sea.


The aristocrat found guilty over menacing Facebook posts


to the businesswoman Gina Miller, is the top story in the Metro.


The mail has details of report that claims Conservative MPs were targets


of hate campaign to the election. And - 'Wade to go Jo' is the Sun's


back page headline - as Virginia Wade celebrates


Johanna Konta making it through to the semi


finals of Wimbledon. We will discuss that later. We will


start with the disturbing story about the PM ordering an enquiry


into NHS deaths after years of campaigning and finally the


relatives of some of those who died from contaminated blood products in


the 70s and 80s will get the enquiry they have been after. It has been


widely welcomed and there is cross-party pressure for this


enquiry, including the DUP supporting Theresa May. I do not


know how significant that was in it. Blood products given by the NHS to


British haemophiliacs and other patients and it turned out a lot of


it to be infected with hepatitis C and HIV. Police 2400 have died and


thousands more infected and families put at risk and claims the


authorities knew and covered it up. And it took years before they stop


the use of these products. We will have a public inquiry and the


victims will be consulted on what sort of enquiry. It is very sad of


course, that this goes on so long and it takes so long to get a


inquiry. Almost what Theresa May does best. Another statesman-like


statement issued today about it. And references back the week of the


anniversary walking into Downing Street and promising to write


injustices and it is significant in her statement about the need for the


enquiry. She makes the point of saying, and I will seek to root out


injustice wherever I find it. She has been trying to restate her


mission. Does that mean we will get a inquiry into what happened at


Orgreave? It could be because she is in a position where she has to do


the things she can achieve and there is not much that she can achieve.


There was not much of a legislative programme in the Queen's Speech.


Brexit moving slowly. She can do this, it is within her power. We


have the Grenfell Tower enquiry. We will have this inquiry and you may


be right, there will be an Orgreave inquiry. These things are


complicated because once you decide to have a inquiry you have to decide


what kind of inquiry and how technical and in this case to what


extent will they look at how specifically what happened as


regarding the screening of these blood products and how much would it


be about what happened to people? And about their experiences. There


is a tension between finding out what happened and giving people a


chance to tell their stories and a chance to have some element of


catharsis. It seems bizarre that in those days, the blood was not


screened, it was sold by people to hospitals and so one, some of those


selling products were criminals. American prisoners paid for their


donations. It seems bizarre it was not screened. It is about whether


you accept other people'sstandards because they were obtained from


elsewhere and we did not know the extent to which they screamed and we


would not screening. The Telegraph newspaper talking about inquiries --


which they screamed. And a federal prosecutor is looking into the


possibility of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian


officials. All of those enquiries have been given another bit of


evidence. Exhibit 700 92. An e-mail between Donald Trump junior and a


pop impresario from Britain. Only in America! Very weird. The pop


impresario is allegedly in touch with Donald Trump's Sun and says the


Russians have interesting information and might help you win


the election and so what do the job team do? Do they say we are not


interested because you cannot influence an election. You Russian


people, we are not having that. From what we are told they had a meeting


with someone acting as a go-between. It is their case they did not get


any significant information from that meeting but I am not sure it


will matter. Here you have senior people from Donald Trump's team who


it is said went to the meeting in expectation they would get


information to help them win the election and influence their


selection. I think there is deep trouble. Whether it stretches to the


President, I am not sure, but certainly another piece of evidence


against him. I don't know if you have put your money on the bookies.


Have not, but it is more of a bad smell with this fish, this rush of


fish, concerning the troubled family. The front page of the Daily


Telegraph says Trump Junior facing Russian treason investigation.


Apparently, technically, you have to be at war for it to be treason in


America. Last I looked, Russia is not at war with America, not on the


face of it, maybe there is a cyber war going on, but it is about


collusion and the possibility we should not be axed setting


information potentially to a rival in an election campaign,


particularly from a foreign power. They shouldn't. A damning quote from


Trump Junior pictures from the inauguration. He got the e-mail


saying he got the information and he said, I love it. Spare a thought for


the journalist on the New York Times who tweeted poignantly, we have been


chasing this for a year. The greatest spoiler of all time. As a


journalist, I applaud and feel for him. It is a very warm family


because Donald Trump said my son is a high-quality person and I applaud


his transparency. What we would all say about our children. If you have


a federal prosecutor like Robert Muller breathing down your neck at


this stage you say very little, which is precisely why his tweets


have stopped for the last, I don't know, few hours. This don't get


comfortable. All rights. The express, the EU can whistle for its


money. A Tory backbencher supported by Boris Johnson and the backbencher


said the EU should go whistle if it wants a divorce bill that is huge.


This ?85 billion. Typical performance from Boris, to cheer the


troops about Brexit. The Tory MP said tell them to go whistle and


Boris obliged. And he went further and said we'd do not have a plan for


no deal. Emily Thornberry said have you privately got a plan, so if you


are being kind to Boris he is taking that literally and whether


personally he has a plan, well no. We love it in the Express because


that is how we feel but probably compromise is going to have to be


made and later David Davis the Brexit Secretary was giving


evidence. He is seen as the calm voice. Allison, you love it at the


Express but you do not love it at the Guardian! David Davis probably


did not love it much either because he is conducting the negotiations.


Probably had his head in his hands. He will go into the meeting and say,


what Boris said... You conduct your negotiations like this. Insult the


person you negotiate with as much as you can. There is the public side.


And behind... It is high-stakes poker, negotiating tactics. I look


at my cards and looked impassive, I do not chuck things at the person


across the table. Stay calm. It will be brilliant. You assume Boris has a


plan B, what if he is true to his word, taken at face value, on the


Express, you would be panicking? We are not panicking. Downing Street,


David Davis saying we plan for every contingency. A deal always gets


done. On everything. You are comforted because Boris said so? You


heard it, a deal always gets done. I think they have contingencies. They


didn't for the vote, with Brexit. No rerunning of the EU referendum,


please. Johanna Konta. Tipping the star to knockout Venus Williams in


the semifinal. That is a big mountain to climb but what a win.


Absolutely. Centre court, when they close the roof and there are British


players on, it is absolutely a brilliant atmosphere. Worth a few


games in itself to the player because they gets so much support.


She benefited today and played extraordinarily well. I think the


second time she has come back to being set down and that doesn't seem


to worry her now. She showed such grit. I watched bits of it and the


end. Note bass, have done work. Was just catching up. It was


astonishing. We have ourselves a proper tennis player. Has Hungarian


parrots, she was born -- she has Hungarian parents. She


was born in Australia. There is a monitor in the middle of the desk


and I can watch it. But I don't! Notes to boss. Thanks for looking at


the stories behind the headlines. Goodbye.


The evening, and unsettled spell of weather across England and Wales


with some areas seeing over an inch of rain fall. In the south-west and


across Wales, you could see it was heavy at times and


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