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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the Spectator's political correspondent,


Katy Balls, and the broadcaster David Davies.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Telegraph, which leads with a warning from the official


review body for teachers of risk to the education system


following an announcement that pay rises in the profession


On the Metro's front page is the Conservative party's


suspension of the MP, Anne Marie Morris, after a recording


emerged of her using a racially offensive term to describe Britain


The FT shows an image of the Russian lawyer who is reported to have met


with President Donald Trump's son, and who says has damaging material


Drinking coffee could lead to a healthier life says a story


The Guardian is accusing Theresa May of insulting teachers


The Times details how a Tory pledge to build more free schools


could be scrapped in order to boost education budgets.


The Daily Mail has the Charlie Gard story including a warning from the


judge that he will not be influenced by treats.


A headache for the MP involved but also afford to reason me because


she's had to suspend one of her own for using the n-word. Today at


lunchtime on their MP two was speaking at a panel and she use the


n-word. By Minister Mac responded within three hours. -- Theresa May


responded. She responded quickly. The problem is that her working


majority has now dropped by one person, because this MP will be


independent for the time being. It is important that she sent the


message that it was not acceptable, particularly as the Conservative


Party has been dogged with rumours that they are at the nasty party. It


is a phrase that might have been used by people from a certain


generation, but coming out the mouth of someone who is a member of the


Conservative Party in this day and age, frankly there was only one


thing that could happen to her and that is suspension from the party.


The member of Parliament for Newton Abbot has not gone across my horizon


very often during her seven years in the House of Commons. The truth is


that we live in the generation that we do. There is no argument that


this is unacceptable language in this generation, whatever the past.


Theresa May must be willing for a moment to go on a long walk with her


husband again to contemplate... What? It is virtually impossible to


believe there will be more years of this. In the mail on Sunday over the


weekend they said she should be gone. Regardless of what you think


of Andrea Mitchell of what should happen I don't think many people


think she will sit there indefinitely and it doesn't rain but


it pours. The story is an example of that. The length of the suspension


is key here when it comes to important votes coming up. Any idea


how long the suspension might be? We do not know yet but if it is very


short it will look meaningless. It will need to be substantial. Even if


this MP is independently could still vote with the government. It might


work like that. When Iraq if she is suspended she cannot vote. -- she


cannot vote when she is suspended. She can vote. The question is what


will happen in Newton Abbot. The reaction there will be interesting.


Very interesting. Page two of the sun, the Prime Minister was under


huge pressure last night to drop her hard Brexit line. Reality is


starting to dawn. I don't know. Here we have at last this two-year


deadline to get us out of the European Union and that is not going


to be met. Now we are being told that there may be a transitional


period and how long that may be, that is reality. It is just a case


of how long. Both sides have admitted there will be a


transitional period but the issue is Will there be a destination insight


or is it just because we have not come to a deal yet, which will not


be accepted by that strand of the party. Free schools are under threat


due to budgets. Bad news for teachers here because the 1% pay cap


seems set to stay with them. Free schools may not be expanded as was


promised. This is the David Cameron project launched under Michael Gove.


There will be a lot of Cabinet annoyance over this. I am a school


governor and believe me if you have a long enough memory to go back to


the 1980s, a Conservative government and Margaret Thatcher in number ten.


He was the Secretary of State for Education and education was up there


at the top of the political agenda. Here we are, the free schools are


under threat from budget raid. All the issues around education are


coming up to the top of the agenda and there are some tricky issues for


any government to face. Staying with the times, councils bet billions on


property purchases. An interesting story. British councils are betting


on commercial property as they tried to replace revenue loss through


government cuts. There is a quote that says councils might as well be


buying shares with public money or betting on the 230 and Scott. That


is the comparison that he makes. It is all a sign of the desperation.


The desperation of councils at this time and how they are going to find


the existing programmes that they have. It is difficult for a


councils. Funding is not keeping pace with inflation. They have to


find way of serving the people they are supposed to represent. It


highlights the problem is that the cuts to local government. Do you


think the government has gone too heavily? It is quite working because


if you read other stories on other days about what is happening to the


property market and house prices are falling there are concerns about the


future of local council funding. They are flocking about the bubble


expanding and popping at some point. You can argue that there is some


good news in the middle of this. The Chancellor has said that the filters


need to consider whether they are willing to accept higher taxes to


ease austerity and that is his fundamental point. That is the


choice any government would have to take. We will see what happens next.


This is about the lack of job security for delivery riders.


Talking about the report that is coming out tomorrow looking at the


working conditions and lack of workplace rights for people in the


gig economy. Theresa May might have or nations when it comes to job


security. Job grips seek lock on price limits. They are saying there


are limits on how much they will pay and others are saying this could be


quite dangerous for patients. You will not get the care that you would


get elsewhere. It raises a lot of questions about the funding of the


NHS, which is having a crisis at the moment. Though maybe drugs that


cannot be got on the National Health Service and that will bring this


debate into the central stage. The health service to vote saw me about


10% of its budget to medicine, law that many large health systems in


other developed countries. That surprised me. Where is the money


going? On other services. There is an interesting point about them


seeking to block this. Some in the drugs industry are split on this.


Glaxo Smith Kline said they were not supportive of the action and


AstraZeneca also said they had reservations. We will see where that


goes. On some sport now. I know you love sport. You particularly love


that Manchester United bought Lukaku. You prefer tennis. Rafael


Nadal is out. It is the first time that they will have a British man


and woman in the topic. I was not at Wimbledon today, I was there on


Friday. I was there last week and I saw Rafael Nadal and I thought he


was at the peak of his powers. He came back fantastically and then


this titanic 15-13 in the final set. He should have drank more coffee. We


need to leave it there because we are out of time. It was good to see


you both and thank you. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you - seven days


a week at bbc.co.uk/papers. And if you miss the programme any


evening, you can watch it Thank you, Katy Balls


and David Davies.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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