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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Anne Ashworth, Associate Editor of the Times -


and John Rentoul, Political Columnist for The Independent.


The Independent reports Garbine Muguruza's Wimbledon


victory, along with a poll suggesting that a majority of voters


would be happy with a tax rise to see the salaries of emergency


Brexit takes the front page of the Observer,


with a warning from civil servants of the challenges that lie ahead


The Sunday Telegraph leads with the soon-to-be published


salaries of the BBC's highest earners, suggesting


there are discrepancies in pay between genders.


And the Mail on Sunday says the French Government and banking


chiefs are engaged in a plot against the British


So, let's begin. Let's start with the Telegraph, we have got David


Davis who apparently has the backing of 30 MPs to have him as leader. I


thought he didn't want to be the leader? He did say that but the


speculation goes on and there was lots of that in the Sunday papers


tomorrow. I am getting the sense that the government is grinding to a


halt because all the senior members of it are many drink for a future


leadership election. Because they are all assuming that Theresa May


will not be alarmed Currie around a very long. This will make


negotiating Brexit difficult. We only know it is difficult. This will


make it even more difficult. It is building paralysis into government.


We all read about what it was like a number temper for the election and


it seems that that disarray has spread to the whole of the party.


Could David Davis carry the party with? He is 68 it would be his last


try. Maybe this is his moment, but isn't he up against Philip Hammond


who would also like a try at the job? And Boris Johnson and the point


is there is a stop Boris campaign gathering strength because they know


that if Boris Johnson gets the chance to be in the last two, and is


put before the party members in the country, he stands good chance of


winning. There was a poll in the other papers that said the person he


would most like to be the Tory leader is Boris Johnson because he's


a name and face. The authors, and sure it they would sort of know who


David Davis is, they know Phil Hammond is spreadsheet Bill, but


Boris is a personality. David Davis is trusted in Brussels, isn't he? He


has done very well as Brexit set so far. But he's not have to make any


difficult choices, yet. Anything he has impressed his colleagues by


being pragmatic as well as an ardent Brexitier. The suggestion is that


Theresa May could lead before Christmas. Is that the room? There


were so many rumours. There was a coup after the party conference,


when they see how that goes and then the plotters move. But, will they


actually have the nerve to do it? I don't know but I think you put your


finger won it when you said that the government is paralysis because if


this goes on it will become increasingly difficult for Theresa


May to carry on and she may just cite packaging and that would


trigger a leadership election. Keeping on the Brexit theme because


the male talks about this plot to wreck Britain, what do they mean?


What they want to do is take all the City of London's business away from


it. That would be an extraordinary thing because if half of all income


tax is paid by people in London, if we lose those bankers that would be


a very big blow to the whole economy, you may love them or loathe


them but we need the income tax they pay. Emmanuel Macron who has been on


a charm offensive with Trump is supposed to be planning to have a


really hard Brexit that would totally disrupt the City of London


and cause those fund managers and banks to want to move to Paris and,


is not contrary to what he's supposed to have told Tony Blair? In


those secret discussions. Don't we always say that they will leave,


they enjoy their life here and let's face it the taxes are higher there.


Macron is getting ready to lower tax rate, corporation tax is going down


the wealth tax. Be there but less onerous. There is the sense that


France has got it is life joy back somehow. It might be a temporary


thing but the French might start to get a nostalgia for Paris and want


to return home of life looks better there. It is not surprised that the


French would like to take some of our financial services business away


from London, I think it will be a bit harder than just a bit of joy


and lowering of taxes I think the City of London's pre-eminence in


financial services will be harder to crack than that. I hope. I wonder if


the nation realises the importance of the City of London to the economy


and what a vital thing is and that returning it is pretty darn


important for us. They certainly have a joie de vivre. We saw how


successful... 'S trip was. We cannot move away from Brexit. The Observer,


Brexit chaos. What we talking about? The former head of civil service


says it is all a mess, not particularly new towards. There


doesn't seem to be "That we will need a much longer transitional


phase than what is currently planned." Nobody seems to have any


firm deadline any firm planning, it is just chaos


that was voted down. Yes, it is interesting that there has been a


shift in the public moved on austerity on taxes, and public


services. The fact is that people are actually prepared to pay higher


taxes for better public services because they have seen specifically


the Grenfell Tower disaster, they have seen one of the big issues in


the election campaign was the NHS and schools. I just wonder, though,


this is the kind of generalised wish that we are willing to pay higher


taxes when it comes to it, do we really, are we really ready? That


seems to me that people would support taxing the higher paid more


but in order to raise the amounts of money we needed would need to be


people average earnings as well. I know it is only an opinion poll this


was axing people were willing to pay more taxes themselves. I think


obviously it depends on how you ask the question, if you mention


firefighters they are prepared, if you mention lifting the public


sector can pay cap generally than the willingness to pay extra taxes


dropped slightly. I think certainly the mood is shifting in that


direction and the government is very well aware that and that'll be the


big choice that Philip Hammond bases in the budget this autumn. We do not


know how large the poll was. 1500. Misleading polls? Goodness me! We


have seen even this week we had about what one of the firefighters


went through a Grenfell Tower and it's understandable that people will


be willing to see that go up. I think if US people would you pay


higher taxes to give my fact kit they need, the ladders they need to


fight fires in power is a think there would be universal assent.


Absolutely. And if you add taxation to say I'm going to pay higher taxes


to pay for certain services to be properly supplied think people would


say yes. OK, well... Which brings us to pay, but slightly different pay


the Sunday Telegraph is talking about the BBC is braced the gender


pay row. It is difficult wonder we have a BBC story, honestly, but talk


is through what you make of this? It'll put the cat among the pigeons


in pounds of companies this gender pay thing. There has been a focus on


pay at the BBC, but what happens in other companies went all the women


realise what the boys are getting paid and it is an average much


better than they are? I think there will be quite a lot of discussion


around the office kettle when people work that one out but also it is


just very interesting this drive towards openness about pay because


money is one of the things the British don't like to talk about,


you can know the most intimate details about another person but


they would not tell you exactly how much they were paid and now people


are going to be forced, in public, to reveal what they earn. It is


awkward and the background this week the BBC will publish the salaries of


its highest earners and that will be very interesting, but off the back


of that the suggestion that we will find out that there is a stark


gender pay gap. And all British companies that employ more than 250


people from next April will have to publish what the gender gap is. I'm


not sure how much information they will have to give an individuals but


it will certainly increase the pressure for greater pay equality


and that is wholly good thing. The transparency route is one of the


best ways of achieving that. At a time when employers really do not


feel able to be paying more, it is very interesting moment. It is a


broader thing than the BBC. The fact that most people feel quite


resentful because their earnings have been frozen and when they found


that the guy in the same office is paid a great deal more they will not


be happy. Well, that is a nice move to get others onto the new Doctor


Who, John I know you are a big fan. The mail is tipping the first female


doctor. Indeed there has been a lot of speculation I think the


announcement is tomorrow, is it? Has been all these teaser are the razors


with the Doctor's Tardis key disappearing. We do not know in


whose hands it will reappear. The mail on Sunday is speculating that


it could be broad church star Jodie Whittaker, not someone I am familiar


with, but definitely a female person. That will cause a huge


amount of controversy amongst Doctor Who fans not only because it is a


woman, but the 13th doctor. As every Doctor Who fans know there can only


be 12 doctors because he any has 12 regenerations. Who said that? That


is part of the Doctor Who back story, it was subtly changed in Matt


Smith's time. The doctor was given by the Time Lord in his hometown


planet some bonus regeneration. This is a detail that only a real fan can


know. He honestly wouldn't a game of people. What a wonderful way to


reduce and the brand to make that Doctor woman. Yeah I think ill be


fun, then need to do is the new with the story of this is the way to do


it. It is quite difficult, it's interesting we're talking about the


fact it is going to be a woman. It would be a surprise. If you think


about how long long this series has been, you need to shock viewers and


get people like me interested. I'm sitting here thinking, you really


know all this stuff... I'm not engaged in very much of it and if I


was... Would I start watching again if there was a female doctor who?


Maybe, maybe, you have got to think building youth audiences in drama is


now much more difficult than it was. If you think about putting a woman


in the role maybe that would have a whole new follower. It'll be such a


let down to merit if it is a bloke. There is an actor, Chris is being


tipped. What will be more upsetting the fact that they deviated from the


plotline in the bucket is the 13th, or the fact it is woman? I think the


woman is the much more interesting thing because all the cultural


assumptions, the old joke about your being treated by a doctor and


tensile that it is a woman, if you say Doctor people assume you mean a


man. In British culture. It is about time that that got subverted. Up


against Netflix, video games, what you do? You refresh the brand. Get


people watching. We will refresh our thoughts in the next hour because


you will be enjoying a meet the papers for the time being, John,


thank you so much and thank you as well. We will be back at half past


11 to have another look at the pace is. -- to have another look at the




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