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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Laura Hughes of the Daily Telegraph


Thank you both for coming, we are paying you as much as I male


reviewers, don't fret. Controversial but you have to laugh at don't you?


The Telegraph reports on calls by the Transport Secretary to ditch


first class compartments on crowded commuter trains.


And it has a new photo of Prince George - released


The Guardian says Interpol has circulated a list


of Islamic State fighters it believes could be trained to carry


It also features on its front page Lady Hale, the new president


The weekend edition of the FT reports on a probe


into pension transfers after concern that some people cashing


in their final salary pensions may be getting unsuitable advice.


The Times claims hard-left Labour supporters


are plotting to oust Tom Watson as the party's deputy leader -


and replace him with the Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily


On its front page, The Daily Mail reports that


Labour MPs are urging women to boycott Boots over


its refusal to cut the cost of the morning-after pill.


of an illegal immigrant who walked free from court after he burst


into a church and threatened to kill English people.


at the BBC have been promised better wages to stay quiet


And the Sun has news that Pudsey the dancing dog -


made famous on Britain's Got Talent - has died.


Let's begin, shall we? What a week. Let's begin with the Telegraph. "


The line for first class. This is Chris Grayling doing a wide-ranging


interview, yet this is the headline that has come out. This is because


the Telegraph have had a long campaign against this ridiculous


system we have where we are packed like sardines in trains, hot and


sweaty desperate rank to get to work and you can see in the distance this


empty first-class carriage which really we don't have a need for.


Chris Grayling has done this interview with our political editor


and said he understands the pain of commuters as a commuter himself, he


comes into work every morning on the train. He has vowed to crack down on


this system so we will be seeing less first-class carriages. Some of


the trains like travelling, they are suspended. It's as first-class but


anyone can sit in here. What if you have bought a first-class ticket,


you'd be pretty miffed? I always wonder who these people are hereby


first-class tickets on short commuter routes. -- these people who


buy first-class tickets. Loads of people go and sit in first


class anyway, even if they don't have a ticket. It's a good idea. Not


me ever, of course. But I think it is a fairly common practice, so


getting rid of them is the right thing to do. What else has come out


of this wide ranging interview do we know? Drones, the crackdown on


drones in airports he said. Near airports. That's a good idea, isn't


it? Lots of stories of chaos at airports as drones fly across the


sky. It's a problem. Actually across London, I think it is illegal to fly


drones over London but we have seen that happen recently. There have


been more reports of drones recently. I can't imagine anything


more terrifying if you're an airline pilot then suddenly seeing a drone


coming towards you. Seems like something that should not happen. It


shouldn't. That's all we can say. Does not feel like we have a huge


amount of detail, have we? He has also said Theresa May will stay


until 2020. Now we are getting somewhere! Given that obviously this


week has seen lots of different rumours, and cabinet members


briefing against each other over the weekend, which has been seen as


people jostling for power. Suggesting she is not weak enough...


Too weak, not strong enough! LAUGHTER Strong and stable. Let's


move The Times. Plot to oust Labour number two, Corbyn supporters target


Watson for removal. Who are these hard left elements, do we even know?


The Times story doesn't necessarily make it clear who they are but it is


fair to say that among some of Jeremy Corbyn's perhaps more


hard-core fan base, Tom Watson is not popular. He was one of the


people who first tried to get Jeremy Corbyn to stand down last summer. He


then went public about his doubts about Corbyn's leadership throughout


the whole of the last year. He has made it clear he does not think that


Corbyn would lead the party to an election victory necessarily. He has


made himself unpopular in that regard. And he was right. Yes, but I


think Watson himself would admit that Corbyn did better than he


expected him to. Whether there's a plot to replace, Tom Watson himself


has said since the election result that he... You know, Jeremy Corbyn


has earned the right as the leader and he will give him his backing.


And that he will not block Corbyn even making any sort of party


reforms that he wants to make that might give the left wing of the


party more power. I don't understand, perhaps people don't


seem to be happy with that. This article does not have lots of


sources quoted at all, does it? Does that lead you to discover who was


making these brats? I think it raises interesting questions -- who


was making these threats? Interesting questions about


Thornbury. It does not seem like there any direct plans, any motions


tabled to be voted on at the party 's conference later this year, which


could introduce some of these changes but probably would not pass


anyway. The other angle to this is that there are talks of this


McDonald clause, which would reduce the number of MPs that you need to


nominate you if you want to run for the leadership. Again, even if I was


to happen, which it might, the idea behind it is that if they do


introduce these changes, if the Corbyn wing of the party wanted


another Corbyn -esque leader, then it would be easy for them to do


that, but still again, the candidates that are more moderate


wing of the party would want to see. They will still get on the ballot


and do well if that is the general mood of the party. But it hasn't


happened yet. However, sources close to Emily Thornbury have told the BBC


that if there is any suggestion Emily Thornbury is planning some


challenge for the deputy leadership or would consider doing so, this is


categorically untrue. Her view is that the leader leadership -- Labour


leadership team needs to remain united behind that team, as it was


during the election. That is sources close to Emily Thornbury. Things can


change but that is it for now. Let's move on. To the Financial Times.


Well. Things have been very interesting in the White House


today, because Sean Spicer has stepped down from the West wing


press podium, he is the much lampooned press secretary, Sean


Spicer. He has now resigned because someone has been parachuted in above


him as director of communications, and on with a rather marvellous


name, Anthony Scaramucci, can he do the fandango asked Steve Humphries


on twitter? So, Melissa McCarthy is going to be out of job on Saturday


Night Live with no one to impersonate. It seems to have taken


people out of surprise this one. If anything, that's the greatest


tragedy of it. The Melissa McCarthy routine presumably not up for much


longer, doing that amazing parity. Sean Spicer seemed too... I mean,


everybody presents a boss suddenly been parachuted about them and


perhaps they thought that job may be encompassed in a job title. He made


it clear privately he did not want to see Anthony Scaramucci given this


job as director of communications in the White House. Apparently as well,


Trump's strategic advisers, to Steve Berriman, also did not want to see


it happen. But Scaramucci was a choice proposed by Ivanka Trump and


her husband Jared Kushner. I think it shows there are two camps are


emerging in the White House. One of those is clearly having more


influence than the other. I think that is the wider picture here. What


that means for the presidency. And to those... How those allegiances


will change, and who will be the casualties of it? Trouble in


paradise. Trump has only been in power for six months. Because Sean


Spicer was such an internationally known figure, I can't really


remember the names of Obama's... Because these won't broadcast until


recently, he became disordered caricature. For him to go is another


blow to Trump who is going to a bit of difficulty at the moment. Had


some legislative defeats, obviously there is this probe into his


campaign 's links with Russia. It's not great for him to have another...


How much do you and the Sarah Huckabee sounders? It's not an easy


job, is it? One of the things she has two avoid which Sean Spicer most


definitely did not avoid is when the spokesman becomes the story, that is


bad news. And Sean Spicer became the story on multiple occasions. He got


quite cross, didn't he? But Anthony Scaramucci, very polished, very


smooth operator. Let's look at the mail. This is not the kind of story


we would normally expect. It's almost as if the Guardian and the


mail have swapped editors for the night, isn't it? Labour inputs


boycott Rory, women urged to snub the chemist because it is refusing


on principle to cut the price of the morning after pill. The quote from


Boots is astonishing. I could not really believe it when he said...


They keep the charge of ?28 to avoid incentivising inappropriate use. I


mean... I don't know what an appropriate use of the morning after


pill is. But they seem to think there is such a use for it. I would


be interested to see how they might define that inappropriate use. It


has been halved and other shops? Strange, almost like they have been


lobbied by anti-abortion campaigners is what it suggests. Or, it's been


used as an excuse to make more profit. The generic pill in France


is like ?5 50? Yeah, and Tesco and Superdrug have half that price after


this campaign, but Tesco are not budging. Lots of Labour MPs coming


out today saying it's outrageous. Women and girls should boycott the


shop. It's Boots that are not budging, isn't it, and Tesco and


Superdrug who have agreed. Vote with your feet, women are advised by


Stella Creasy MP. Onto the Guardian for a couple of stories. Europe


given a list of potential suicide killers. This is Isis fighters who,


as the caliphate begins to, or continues to collapse, they could be


heading to Europe. They have not yet though. There is no suggestion that


this list of people who have entered Europe, but this is a people who


Interpol are officially worried about and want to distribute to


states in Europe, to say, these people are on a watchlist. These are


people believe our all have been trained to stage attacks in the


West. We do not know they are heading to Britain, we do not know


what they are heading or even if they have come on their way. But


clearly that is something the authorities are sufficiently


concerned about to want to warn the governments. The fact they can


travel over here, a large number of them, they must know who they are.


They have got quite an accurate figure. It says suspect stains have


been collected, the date Isis recruited them, the likely address,


the mosque they pray out, their mother 's name and photographs. This


whole profile has been created so they will basically be flagged if


they are seen entering any country, I presume. It's a fairly detailed


database they have compiled on these people. One would hope that would


make it easier for law enforcement or police or intelligence agencies


to track their movements. People have slipped through the net before


and that is what is quite frightening about it. Interesting,


yesterday on the last day of Parliament the Cabinet Office


slipped out this announcement that they were going to review Britain's


security capabilities. There was a defence review in 2015 but they had


just realised that the threats we are facing have increased at a rate


we could not predict. We do not necessarily have the resources to


deal with threats from terrorism and cyber attacks and this is a classic


example of how all this work is being done behind the scenes in all


this technology used to find these people, track and monitor them and


get all this information. If you can't stop them when they get it,


it's gone to waste in a way, hasn't it? I always wonder about the danger


some people have put themselves in to gather this sorts of information,


the risks to themselves. What a lot of intelligence experts will say


about this if you were to try to take any optimistic view on a story


like this, is that the reasons is happening is because the West is


winning the fight in the Middle East, but Isis is being squeezed,


they are in a corner in and Iraq. That occur in Syria and Iraq. This


is the last resort to start launching attacks in the West. It


shows we are succeeding in the Middle East. As long as they don't


get here. Stay with the Guardian... A picture story. First woman to lead


the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court, who is this? She is


wonderful. We were saying earlier. She does not take... Takes no


prisoners. This is Baroness Hale of Richmond. Barbara Hale, going to be


sworn in in October. This in a week where discrimination has been in the


news. Very close to home. It's very heartening to see. The first woman.


It's extraordinary that we have so many, female head of state, we have


the Queen, without necessarily have a choice in that but the female


Prime Minister, we have the female First Minister, female head of the


Met police and now female president of the Supreme Court. And other


female party leaders as well. That is something that in a week where we


have not perhaps had the most encouraging headlines. About


winning, in work, and the challenges that women face. It is encouraging


to see this. Is she getting the same as her predecessor? She of all


people will be fairly well placed. Let's hope so. She probably knows


one or two lawyers who can help her...


Finally, back to The Times. Let me find it. Sorry, I'm very badly


organised tonight. There we go. Mary Poppins. Corr blimey, Dick Van Dyke


with Julie Andrews on the cover. He has now apologised for his atrocious


cockney accent when he played Bert in the musical in 1964. His accent


is almost as famous as the film and the songs, isn't it? As a child, I


didn't notice. I didn't either, I grew up in Yorkshire and I didn't


really know what cockney accent sounded like either! For me, I don't


remember thinking it was a bad thing. Clearly you watch it as an


adult, you think, that is cringeworthy. Apparently he was


given some bad advice from the lead actor in Northumbria six. David


Tomlinson who also played the father in Mary Poppins advised it van Dijk


on what a complex and should sound like. -- the lead actor in bed knobs


and broomsticks. He went back to Tomlinson and said, what were you


thinking? And Tomlinson, with his silver spoon mouth, said I only told


you what I thought cockney sounded like. I did not say I had ever met a


cockney. Check the person you're taking advice from? A nice if true.


And that is the papers for tonight. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you -


seven days a week at bbc dot co uk forward slash papers -


and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it


later on BBC iPlayer. Thank you Laura and


Jessica - Goodbye. Friday brought us a day of mixed


fortunes in terms of the weather. It's been very wet and windy in the


West is this band of rain tracked its way slowly east. You can see


that swirl of cloud associated with an area of low pressure, further


east it was clear


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