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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment.


Great Ormond Street Hospital contacts the police after staff


received death threats and online abuse in relation to


As Donald Trump commissions a new warship, his family


prepare to give evidence to the investigation into his team's


The president tweeted a reminder that he has


Boots has said it is "truly sorry" for its response


to calls to cut the cost of one its morning after pills.


The company faced criticism after saying it wanted to avoid


"incentivising inappropriate use" of the pills.


Airline pilots have welcomed Government plans to introduce


a registration system for privately-owned drones.


It follows growing concern about the risk they pose to aircraft.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Rosamund Urwin, columnist with the London Evening


Standard and Martin Lipton, head of sport at the Sun.


We start with The Observer which leads with claims


that the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, is the preferred choice


among Tory members to replace Prime Minister Theresa.


The Sunday Express features a family photograph of Prince Harry


and his mother, Diana the Princess of Wales, with the headline


The Telegraph has the same story, along with reports that more than 40


female BBC presenters have signed an open letter to the


Director-General Lord Hall demanding equal pay.


The Sunday Times says men and women will be able to change their gender


legally without a doctor's diagnosis under Government plans.


The paper says the proposals will transform British society.


While the Star leads with Princes Harry and William's


last conversation with their mum before she died.


The royal story also dominates the front of the Mail on Sunday.


Rosamond, take us to the front of the Sunday Times, the story about


the right to choose your own sex. Justin Greening, the Minister 4-wood


Min has called this move the third rate step forward for equality after


equality for women, the quality for same-sex marriage and now face means


people will be able, men will be able to identify themselves as women


and men in as women and have their birth certificates record -- altered


to record their new gender. This will go in the autumn for


consultation, it is called the gender recognition Bill, and it will


also include proposals to scrap the requirement that people need formal


medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Before applying to


change. And obviously what the story is covering of the fact that is


likely to prove every controversial. A lot of potential legal cases. The


suggestion that what we will end up with is the argument over who should


be in various single sex wards, it seems ever ongoing toilet issue. It


is interesting. Appears on the back of the already two main party


leaders, one assumes it would difficult for the Labour Party to


oppose these proposals, likewise Philip Thames, I'm interested in


what the Democratic Unionists would have to say about it, given they are


part of the government now. I can't imagine them supporting this. Some


people will think this is about time and others will be up in total arms


and disgust and how dare they. It really will go back to your view on


what is gender, I guess, is it fluid, is it set? I'm not sure it is


just about that. You are weighing up people's rights and the question for


women's groups, some feminist groups, they would say the problem


here is there are spaces where women need to feel safe and what you do


not want is people taking advantage of this. We don't know that people


will take advantage of this but there is clearly worried that


somebody will and their concerns are expressed here. They want access to


women's refuges, hospital words, rape crisis centres and the normal


one people think about more regularly and that does create an


obvious thing where you are struggling to weigh up to different


groups' rights. If you go down the path of corrective surgery, it seems


a pretty committed way of doing it. But you are only expected to make a


statutory declaration that you intend to live in the acquired


gender. Let's live on to other matters. The Sunday Telegraph, that


headliners revolt of the BBC women. It is fair to say that one to women


who work at BBC aren't terribly happy the moment. And a lot of the


ones who everyone knows have signed this letter to Tony Hall, the names


include Claire balding, Sarah Montague, Michelle Hussain, Victoria


Derbyshire, Angelo Britain, Kirsty Wark, I am talking about significant


figures. Understandably, the warning to Tony Hall is, do something now.


So this out. It is unreasonable, unacceptably and frankly


anachronistic for there to be this divide. If Wimbledon men's and


women's singles finals get paid the same, why can't people at the BBC?


It is not that difficult concept. It is the question of equivalence. The


argument is these people aren't doing the same job exactly but you


look at those numbers and there is quite a lot of reason to be very


angry. There is a really important line in this story as well. They are


actually going to insist, these women want to insist that thousands


of rank and file staff, producers, engineers, support workers will also


have a Pay Review Body to weave only gone above and 50 K at what is not


known is what happens below. -- 150 K. The BBC will have to do that by


next April anyway along with a whole lot of other people and we are going


to find out of bigger gender gap that the BBC. We have made


significant changes, say the BBC, over the last three years, the need


to do more, Tony Hall has pledged the BBC World News further, faster,


they talk about the pay league hired by 10% where the national average is


eight teen percent. We are committed to changing that by 2020, something


no other organisation is committing to do but this cannot be done


overnight. Police there was a statement with a timeline, I don't


think we will get that from a lot of other organisations. And certainly


the people in this letter are not prepared to wait until 2020.


I can understand their position. If they should pay to Poland. Theresa


May Emma Tory faithful. They want her out by Christmas as the


paragraph story here. The problem being that they are saying her


leadership instability is undermining Brexit and that she


can't possibly recover from the disastrous election of last June.


They are talking about leading voices among Tory activists. That is


a bit paid. You would imagine... You've got the members saying,


actually, they don't want to get rid of her. Yes, amongst local party


chairman, you would imagine. Certain Cabinet ministers. Calling for her


to go within months. The story on the front the Observer, the headline


is Tory members turned to David Davis. Whatever you think of him, it


makes sense, it is a clean Brexiteer, he is involved in the


negotiations but when you look at the text of it, it is one in five,


so only 20%, which is a significant but minority. Most of the members in


the poll don't really know what they want. It is not very far ahead of


the figure for Boris Johnson which is 17%. The biggest choice was none


of the above. Party members are reluctant for Theresa May to stand


now, and given the timetable for a change of leadership, there doesn't


seem to be consistency even in the response. We've got conference in


October. So, you know, she has that nightmare. She's got three weeks off


now, apparently. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn, this is to do with his


secret WACA. Now we can blown -- blame Tony Blair for Corbyn. What


this story says is that the local party in Corbyn's constituency of


Islington North, they went to Tony Blair and said, look, he keeps


voting against you, should we think about getting rid of him, can we try


to deselect him? And he said, no, the Labour Party is abroad church.


This week is coming out as we're hearing speculation about Tom Watson


and whether there will be a move on him. Right of centre. The Ides dear


to replace Tom Watson with Emily Thornberry who is a much closer ally


and she is right next door. This is interesting timing, I think, and I


think it might be deliberate, it is to say that don't forget the Labour


Party has in the past tolerated a wide for a ride to your views. Only


this week, Tony Blair said he could imagine Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime


Minister witchy BBC thought was impossible. A lot of people in the


Labour Party think only one person worse than any conservative is in


fact Tony Blair and here's the line in what for everything that is


disgruntled about the Labour Party, ten years after he has stepped down.


The fact that people still talk about Blairites and he hasn't been


the leader for so long, that is white towelling. And this is Hilary


Armstrong who has been talking to the Westminster power on Radio 4. It


does appear to be, as was and said, conservative pushback from the other


wing of the party. Where are we going, will it do us any favours? In


our final minute, I will come to you first, Martin, there is a man in


yellow on the front here for top there was a day left in the two de


force, a four hour race tomorrow, and he is only one minute in front,


and he has one because they will not attack him. There is consensus that


you do not attack the leader on the final day. He will win it for the


fourth time, it is a fantastic achievement. He will win the tour de


force without winning a single stage. In previous years, he has won


stages, but this year, he has just needed to be -- he has just been


where he needs to be at each stage of the raised full top it is


incredible, watching them go up those incredible peaks at incredible


speeds, it is an astonishing feat of human endurance. Thank you both.


That is it for the papers this hour. Thank you to Rosamond and Martin,


they will both be back at 11:30pm. Coming up next, it is the film


review. -- Film Review.


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