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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment,


Great Ormond Street Hospital contacts the police


after staff received death threats and online abuse


in relation to the Charlie Gard case.


As Donald Trump commissions a new warship,


his family prepare to give evidence to the investigation


into his team's possible links with Russia.


The President tweeted a reminder that he has


Chris Froome is on the verge of taking his fourth


after increasing his lead in today's time trial.


And Tom Daley has claimed his first individual world diving title


He won gold in the 10 metre platform final in Budapest.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


columnist with the London Evening Standard,


and Martin Lipton, Head of Sport at the Sun.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with The Observer


which leads with claims that the Brexit Secretary,


David Davis, is the preferred choice among Tory members


to replace Prime Minister Theresa May.


The Sunday Express features a family photograph


of Prince Harry and his mother, Diana the Princess of Wales,


with the headline Our Last Words With Mummy.


along with reports that more than forty female BBC presenters


have signed an open letter to the director-general


The Sunday Times says men and women will be able to change their gender


legally without a doctor's diagnosis under government plans.


While the Star leads with Princes Harry and William's


last conversation with their mum before she died.


The royal story also dominates the front of the Mail on Sunday.


Ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death,


Princes Harry and William pay tribute to their mum,


The front of the Sunday Telegraph. Tory faithful urge Theresa May to


leave number ten by Christmas. The grass root saying, unsurprisingly,


after the quite unsuccessful general election and they think the clock is


ticking down and calling for her to go, obviously. The Telegraph


mentions here a report... A presentation, sorry, by a senior


representative of Tory volunteers from around 200 party groups and the


report criticises every aspect of the campaign, including the


manifesto disaster and making it a choice of two leaders, that that was


a terrible mistake. It is only a matter of time, they say. When they


talk about leading voices among activists at the grassroots and you


wonder how many. Also, it is one thing to decide to cut off the head


of the party then finding somebody else's head to stick on the tattered


body. I think you might be leading us to the front of the Observer. It


is understandable, the Tory party has to be led by a Brexiteer. At


least Davies, Fox Adam Johnson other three most prominent. Michael Gove


is gone so you're with those of three. But this massive clamour for


David Davis is 20% of 1000 Tory members so not exactly a huge


endorsement of any of them. None of the above city be the favourite


option. Davis was a victim himself in 2005 when he stood against David


Cameron to replace Michael Howerd who had resigned and David Davis was


supposed to walk it and then you had these young MP with a fresh voice,


and a fresher face... Theresa May came out because of the failings of


others. I think as well it reflects the fact they do not have a great


talent. They have I think a lot of good MPs on the backbenches but they


do not have great people coming up through the... Hence the surprise


choice for candidate. It might be skipping a generation. Dominic may


be seen as the standardbearer for the young... Jessye Norman should


have been around much more than he has been but has not been much


respect that. Jeremy Corbyn also features on the front of the


absorber. The secret back up. This is wonderful. Most of the Labour


Party spent the last ten years blaming Tony Blair for everything


and they now should be faithful to keeping them in Parliament. This is


Hilary Armstrong who says there was a move within the North CLP to


deselect Corbyn because he was a persistent rebel and voted against


government time and time again, the very thing which he now says it is


unacceptable from his MPs. This is part of a push back by the


centre-right of the Labour Party. You have Tom Watson, the suggestion


of mandatory selection of MPs and it is a reminder that it is supposed to


be a broad church here and according to this Tony Blair was the one to


say when people were saying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, he said hang


on, we need to make sure there is this broad church. There is a bit of


political irony. Some people would have been very glad he had, looking


back with hindsight, if only we got rid of Jeremy Corbyn and then.


Things have changed somewhat in the last two months. Choosing your sex.


In the Sunday Times, Justine Greening, deals with equality


matters. She has talked about a step forward in terms of equality in this


country. Women's rights, the legalisation of same-sex marriage


and now she says that has to come for transgender people and that is


about changing... At the moment, if you want to change the sex on your


birth certificate, that has to go through medical... Through a medical


system and this is saying people should be entitled to do that


legally without a Doctor's diagnosis, also an interesting issue


about allowing gay men to give larger. Quite a lot there. This is


the bit that is quite controversial, I suspect, because people are going


to say, well, you can see what they are trying to do here and it might


sound brilliant except there are spaces and there are racist concerns


because they are there to protect women and we were talking earlier


about prisons, hospital wards, crisis centres... Talk of legal


cases and some people are unhappy about it. If people are concerned...


The interesting thing is rather than two years living as a woman when you


were born a man, they intend to leave any of you are quite gender,


is that tree declaration is what you need. People may be concerned


because there would be doubts about the genuine commitment of the change


and that is where the issue of rivers the... Sport also is a place


that this... In Iran there is an issue that most of the people who


make the women's football teams are trans- and they did not sit


necessarily to be transitioning and that is another place that it will


come up and be controversial. The missing women demand instant pay


rise. This is unsurprising, really. We all saw the numbers. Didn't see


your number... I didn't make that. I was curious of admission. One to


absolutely brilliant broadcaster 's... Who are outstanding and some


of them have written a letter to Tony Hall, the director general,.


Many names included, basically every start name... Some very significant


names. And they have every right to be fuming. The principal statement


is committing the closing that gap which is already narrow in the BBC


that other places, and closing it by 2020. I agree with the women here


but I would add that the BBC gets more scrutiny in these issues and


other organisations. We need to close the gap everywhere. One of the


great things these women have called for is that it is not just asked,


the talent, it should be everyone across the board. And that is a


really important. The Sunday express, exclusive on page two, the


NHS and its future and talks of radical and rapid spending. It is a


rather grim. The BMA has warned that the government is drawing up secret


plans for radical spending cuts and this is ?250 million. Apocalyptic


sort of warning. This really is at the end of the NHS. It would give up


the coverage from cradle to grave and that is really what the NHS


stands for. You have to think, if you talk to any NHS staff, nurse, De


is, ambulance workers, it really is quite desperate and they are really


stressed. Apocalyptic, as you say. We will finish with the Observer,


back to it, a photograph of Chris Froome. Yes, indeed. He will be


parading down the shop the -- down Paris, despite not winning a single


stage this year which is quite unusual. The convention that I like


is that you do not attack the leader on the final day. It is an


incredible story. The sheer relentlessness, the demands put on


these riders to go down and up those mountains, it is truly remarkable.


The bravery they have to show. Ludicrous 70 kilometres an hour


coming down those steep slopes is remarkable. An astonishing


achievement. He is a fantastic, fantastic sportsman and he will


deserve is every accolade. I can't say I will be watching but it is a


beautiful front page. He was not wearing his special suit because he


was not allowed to wear but he will be in yellow tomorrow. Thank you


very much indeed. My guest today is one of the world's


most popular crime writers,


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