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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Lucy Fisher, Senior Political Correspondent


at the Times, and the journalist and broadcaster Aasmah Mir.


Tomorrow's Financial Times leads on BMW's decision


to build its new electric Mini in the UK - despite Brexit.


Let us take our Charlie home to die - the plea of parents Connie Yates


and Chris Gard is top story in the Metro.


On the front page of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph -


a possible ban on diesel cars, plus a snap from the first


day of Theresa's May's summer holiday in Italy.


The Express is hopeful about future trade with the US -


after President Trump hinted at a "very big and exciting" deal


The Times also sounds the death knell for the diesel car -


and has the story that milk can now be branded "inhumane"


by vegan campaigners after a ruling on advertising.


In the Guardian, the claim by Labour that more than 600,000


pupils are being taught by unqualified teachers.


And in the Daily Mail - once again, the war on cars


that burn fossil fuels, to help cut pollution.


That is the top story. The times, diesel is banned, the end of the


diesel and petrol car. We knew this was coming, but there is a date


here. Yes, 2014, following from Emmanuel Macron, the President of


France, making a similar pledge this morning, the UK size from 2014, no


new diesel or petrol cars will be sold and the switch to electric will


take place with a view to all cars being zero emission by 2015. Have


you got a diesel car, Aasmah? Petrol? Yes. But by 2040... You will


have got an electric one anyway. Just doing maths in my head. I am


sure by Ben, yes, we have a date now. We did have a situation where


we were encouraged to get diesel cars by the then Labour government.


But we have been given quite a lot of notice in terms of any


inconvenience it might cause individual consumers. Clearly, we


are talking about diesel and petrol cars causing environmental problems


reaching EU emission standards. Quite a serious thing that has to be


handled. And it is not just a ban by 2040. There might be some councils


given the power to impose levies and diesel vehicles on particular areas


and roads. The suggestion is the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will do


something along those lines for diesel cars quite soon, next year, I


think. Yes, what is interesting is Michael Gove the environment


Secretary has thrown this town, the power chain to local councils and


air quality campaigners are not happy, they wanted central


government calling for toxic taxes to be imposed or introduce a diesel


scrapped to which the scrappage scheme sooner to take diesel cars


off the road, so interesting to see the fallout. A lot of people took


the hint from the Government. The past governments. That diesel was OK


to use and that is why manufacturers made so many of these cars. Now


everybody has to get rid of them. That story is on pretty much all the


front pages, a lot of them. The financial Times now. Aasmah. The


electric Mini to be built in the UK despite eight Desha Brexit, is vote


of confidence in the industrial strategy of the Government. Greg


Clark, Business Secretary, this is a fantastic story for him and the


Government. And for the country. Specifically for the Government,


when they are trying to push through what the country voted for, Brexit.


This company have said in the past that they might not have done what


they have done and cited the work in the UK because of the uncertainty


caused by Brexit and may have caused the minds to change, we are not told


why, but that is a triumph for the Brexit supporters who say it is not


all doom and gloom, it is not about uncertainty, you could argue that


this is because where else really might they have done this? Talk of


the Netherlands, but this is a very specialist workforce, with a great


deal of specialist knowledge. You could argue it was always going to


come to the UK or the UK. It is a great coup for the folk in Oxford.


They are highly skilled and a great workforce. Having said that, they


already make the Mini there. And the real test is to the Government's


industrial strategy regarding Brexit is next year when Peugeot and


Vauxhall Astra decide whether they will make new models. That is right.


The Government is keen to stress that with BMW, they did not look for


any issuance is like Nissan and Toyota and I think it is interesting


it does indicate the Government's decision to focus on the car


industry. Amazon also confirming they will hire 450 technology staff.


There are other crucial decisions down the line and I don't think Greg


Clark can sit easy just because of this decision. The Express happy,


Trump trade joy for Britain, Donald Trump saying he is working on a


good, exciting, very good deal, very good deal! That was terrible! That


was terrible! I cannot let that pass! Not as terrible as the trade


deal coming down the pipe, according to Mr Trump! Great joy for the


Express that backed the Brexit side of things. Can we believe it? It


comes from Donald Trump, in a tweet, at three a:m.! Precisely! Along with


the Mini News, exceptionally good day for the governed. Donald Trump


prides himself on his unpredictability. His double bass.


The rhetoric is strong and punchy, but as we realise, that does not


necessarily mean we should take it completely at face value. And people


like Vince Cable himself a former Business Secretary as well as being


Liberal Democrat leader, he warns we need to take these remarks with a


pinch of salt. Aasmah, America is trying to sort out a trade deal with


the European Union. Much bigger block, loads of consumers. Massive


market. They have the sort that out first before they turn to others.


Yes, absolutely, that is very time-consuming. Point about the


trade deals, he said very exciting trade deal on its way, you have to


wait until March 2019 before it can start and how many years after that


will it take? I have no knowledge of these processes are but I can that


they are very lengthy. We are very much second in line. When it comes


to negotiating trade deals. I hope we get a fantastic trade deal with


the US, but it is a long way off. Yes, but it could well happen and


Trump says it is going to happen. Shocking decline found in sperm


count of Western men. The numbers are really fascinating. An overall


drop of 52%. They have knocked over 40 years at 180 studies and 40,000


men, over 40 years. And it is catastrophic. Clearly, there are


questions about parenthood, except. It is the factors that are


potentially viewing this decline. Smoking, stress. Obesity. I don't


mean to say... It sounds trivial, but they say wearing tight and were


apparently really does... Do not look at me like that, allegedly! It


can affect your sperm count. Spandex does not help the sperm. Well, it is


incredibly worrying. 20 people will have a different take on this and


they will say you do not necessarily always need a man to procreate. But


these figures are pretty catastrophic. A very authoritative


study as well, 180 studies, over 40 years. Good research coming yes. In


the longer term, the ramifications, they are huge, bearing in mind we


already have a falling birth rate in a lot of Western countries. Yes,


incredibly worrying story. And I am glued to the handmaid's Tale, which


leads to a crisis in people having children. So bizarrely relevant


fictionally, but we could be heading toward it. It does not surprise me


that modern life is toxic. And obesity and stress and smoking and


chemicals, pesticides. Spandex! Yes, no wonder, perhaps! 60% rise in and


qualified teachers, says Labour Party. Yes, this is a Labour


analysis of the figures. They showed teachers in state schools have had


no guaranteed training or safeguarding children, controlling a


class or abduction -- of adapting teaching to different standards, a


damning analysis. The article, Aasmah, pointing to the decision to


boost free schools. Where perhaps you could have teachers who did not


have the kind of qualifications that many people might expect. This was


introduced by Michael Gove, who was Education Secretary. You said that


you could use and qualified teachers and that has been expanded. These


figures, state funded schools, clearly it is something that has


been set expanded the state funded schools. Having read the article, a


unqualified teacher to me would suggest somebody who is not


qualified academically, but we are not talking about that. We are


talking about the other important stuff like the safeguarding


children, which sounds like training courses perhaps that teachers need.


Not sure why, it sounds bizarre that somebody who is deemed to be


unqualified as a teacher should be teaching in a school. It does not


sound acceptable to me. That is on the front of the Guardian. The Daily


Mail. Never mind spandex! What about pink linen? Oh dear, our fashion


editor's verdict on Theresa May's pink holiday dress. I find it quite


a striking image, you rarely see the Prime Minister in a candy floss


colour, a casual shirt stress. I find it interesting because I like


the Prime Minister tends to wear things on holiday I would never


normally wear! We all do! I don't! No, I do! I usually wear spandex on


holiday! Can you stop saying spandex now?! It is either Donald Trump is


spandex. Initially, I am thinking she gets a lot of criticism for what


she wears, but David Cameron when he went on holiday was always getting


flack for what he was wearing. And it is about how much it cost. We


have to be told it was ?26 from a High Street retailer called Next


which many viewers will have heard of. Other High Street retailers are


available! The Daily Mail says, Theresa May in a ?26 baby pink dress


that showed off her pale and noticeably shiny legs. No need for


that! Daily Mail, thank you so much for lowering the tone! Anstey two


for raising the tone. Thank you very much indeed.


Some of the stories behind the headlines.


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