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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the former pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann


The Metro leads with the funeral of the youngest victim


of the Manchester bombing eight-year-old Saffie Roussos.


Britain may "walk away from EU talks" according to the Express


minister warn if Brussell refuse to back down on the rule


The Daily Star features the wildfires on the French Riveria


where 10,000 people have fled the terrifying blaze.


The Telegraph leads with the story that GP's are being urged to stop


telling patients they must finish all their prescribed course


of tablets as it is driving up drug resistance.


The Mail claims that judges arebeing accused


And finally The Guardian leads with the government's new clean air


policy which is says is being branded as "weak


and inadequate" by the leaders of eight heavily polluted cities.


Let's dip into some of them. But speed we will kick off with and what


Donald Trump is saying about transgender people and services.


This is astonishing, and not surprising that a number of people


in America are saying, how can policy be made this way? He's the


commander-in-chief but you cannot just say, I am going to decide who


serves in the Army, just me, one person. Basically, what Donald


Trumps seems to be saying is that if you are a transgender person somehow


you are not fit to serve in the US military. I note that one of the


Navy SEALs who served 20 years he was in the group that went to rescue


the enlarged and, I believe, or in that same type of unit won the


bronze start, the purple heart, he is saying -- they are saying let's


meanie that President straight -- says let me meet this person face to


face. What is interesting is that in this case he is pandering to the


conservative Republican base, remember elsewhere despite what


Trump has been tweeting from three o'clock every morning his policy so


far have not worked, Obamacare is still there. It has not been


removed, in this case the Republican, conservatives have


always said that medical costs and disruption, that is the reason he


has given. To a certain extent by firing this off without working out


how the policy would work he is I think saying, don't worry I'm still


doing things that will please you. And there are transgender people in


the services now who don't know what will happen. And what, do they get


dismissed from tomorrow, who knows? He is actually said that transgender


individuals can serve in any capacity, what will they do, sacked


the being transgender? Added that work? Also, he says we must focus on


overwhelming and decisive victory the implication being that you


cannot have victory with transgender people. I think that is why


Christian Black is saying, let me meet you and tell you I'm not


worthy. If that happens no doubt it will get some coverage. The Daily


Express says that Britain is ready to quit EU talks. This relates to


the rights of EU citizens in this country after Brexit and of course


British citizens in the EU and what the European Commission is saying is


that there is dispute about it, it has to go to some mechanism to be


sorted out. And the European Court of Justice should be that and the


problem here is that you have to have some sort of arbitration


procedure and some sort of procedure and one can easily see that there


will be questioned people not being allowed to do something, wanting to


go into some sort legal think will stop you cannot just say we issued


an order and you can't challenge it, that is not very the way our system


works. And mysterious senior minister. I wonder who it is,


couldn't possibly be a Brexitier audit. It is not just the citizens


it is but trains and nuclear, if you're part of an international


agreement, the idea that your courts can only arbitrate and it seems


strange. British judges sit on the European Court of Justice this isn't


a European stitch up. I think there is a bit of an accession with this


European Court of Justice issue, clearly we want to make sure that in


most areas are courts make our laws and govern what we do, but when we


are involved with international agreement on a global landscape it


seems difficult to tell people that actually, so you are courts are the


only ones that we trust. How do solve pursuits? They're talking


about international arbitration what is the difference? On the front of


the Telegraph, this is intriguing we have all been told to finish the


book was on antibiotics but now suddenly apparently not. That seems


to be the view of the number of scientists who suggest that the


resistance that is causing such a problem to antibiotics and the


concerns that, at some point, antibiotic simply won't work and


people might die of diseases we have not got any cure for, the typical


advice is, even if you feel better after a day or two, usually you


will, the eventual... If you stop the antibiotics then you will


perhaps cause another infection which becomes resistant and they


will not BO to treat it. There seems to be a split opinion the Chief


medical officers are saying, let's not change our advice. Most people


will be confused and it did seem logical, to me, that we should


finish the course, the courses typically not very long. The figures


the newspaper has is that 12,000 people buy of antibiotic resistant


every year in this country, more than from breast cancer. And that


figure was going up. The point is that the use of antibiotics right


through really dates back to, Alexander Fleming discover of


penicillin saying use it and use as much as possible. Probably, things


have to move on, to a certain extent, there was a split opinion


but I think we do need to discuss and look at this issue. I think that


is what we will be doing but at the moment they tend to on the side of


taking it longer rather than starting to see which sort of makes


sense to me but let's see what further evidence shows. Also on the


Telegraph. Driving electric cars well with the actress to come from?


That is the whole question how will regenerate the increased


electricity, the Telegraph saying it would require 10,000 new wind


turbines because we will have to do have something like 26 million...


You look unconvinced by this argument. The Earle I have to


confess I have an electric car and I love it. -- I have to confess. They


are saying that if everybody has the charge that electric car at Pete


Colley may not have enough power, but most people, and certainly the


way I drive and people I know who have electric cars to live is that


you charge the car overnight, you planned the grid so that people will


come home and the electricity will be fed out over a period of time so


it uses the electricity while you are asleep. Who will monitor that,


the European Court of Justice? It can be sorted out by the great.


These things need to be planned. The story here also has a point that the


policy has been announced but we have not had the details of how the


casting would work out, to a certain extent that the valid we need more


infrastructure, charging points around the country and so on. The


Times, not the front foot page two, this is care homes and top-up fees


the people who would normally qualify via their council to be


looked after in a care home. This is another aspect of our care crisis,


our social system is in milk down and not fit for purpose. -- is in


meltdown. What is happening here is that people are qualifying accounts


will help, the council is paying for them to be in a care home, however


the council is not paying enough. So, the care home is coming to the


family and saying "Well, we need to ask you to pay. " Either the


relative to stay there all the wing or the council will only pay for a


home that is further away if you want your love once lived near you,


of course most families would that. Then, actually our home will be more


expensive than the council the grid. This is a big issue that is only


going to get worse. It is part of the bigger problem. According to


this story some of the care homes are asking for more money which they


can only ask on a voluntary basis and then telling the people, don't


tell the council. Outrages. This is part of the whole wide issue, had we


look after elderly people who need care and hard we provide them. This


is an issue we really have not discussed as a nation. There is no


money set aside. We need have a real discussion because in a sense of


family structure that in a the past looked after older people. Councils


are not paying enough to look after people at a decent level and that is


something that cannot be right in a civilised society. Time one more


let's give the Daily Mail, an extraordinary image. People sleeping


on the beat in the South of France but not doing so because they want


to but because they have to do. Yes, and these are the sort of pictures


you get from Australia in the summer. You do not expect them from


the south of France. This is quite an astonishing scene, something from


out of the movie. Look at how close the smile is -- look at how close


the fire is. They've been breaching the three days, people have to leave


their homes and if you are in a campsite you will not stay there,


you do not want to burn... At the end of the day, you would rather be


safe and sleep on the beach. The Riviera is quite nice. Not in those


circumstances. Batters it, thank you very much indeed. -- that is it.


Don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online


evening you can watch it later on BBC iPlayer.


Thank you Baroness Ros Altmann and Mihir Bose.


Good evening, where the day of two halves the most of you today. One of


our weather watchers summed up nicely, the


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