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It is that time of the night of the BBC News Channel look at what the


papers were big tomorrow. With me are Laura Hughes,


political correspondent at the Daily Telegraph,


and journalist and political Lost at about. Let's have a sneak


preview now, this says that Anthony Scaramucci's sacking has left the


White House reeling, that breaking story tonight they did well to get


that on the front page. The Times carries a picture of England's Test


cricket win against South Africa. The president also features on the


front page of the Daily Mail but they lead that Currie with news that


pupils as ages 11 they lead that Currie with news that


pupils as ages 11 could have lessons in breast-feeding. The match carries


the story of the Royal Marine jailed for 18 years after building bombs


for the continuity IRA. The Daily Telegraph has doctors warning that


Staton 's are being needlessly described the millions people simply


because of their age. And the sun has an intriguing story about


Facebook shutting down and artificial intelligence experiment


after two robots began talking in a language only they could understand.


I know the feeling. That story freaks me out.


LAUGHTER But, let's start with the eye newspaper macro, the story broke


around 830, eight o'clock but you can imagine the turmoil in some


newsrooms trying to get back on. Anthony Scaramucci is sacked as


Communications head after farmer 's terror raid leaves the White House


reeling. -- foul-mouthed Thai raids. It really was foul-mouthed you


couldn't repeat any of it. It was also general tally coming in as the


new chief of staff and he clearly, Anthony Scaramucci is not as


capacity. They are different characters Kelly is extremely


serious. He is a military general. He took a dim view to Anthony


Scaramucci and took a dim view of Anthony Scaramucci saying he answers


to the president and doesn't go through general tally. Not the way


should be run in the White House. In ten days this man got a steam job,


lost his wife because she walked out on him, had a baby a week ago. But


was never the Bath centre text message to Mr strange wife saying


congratulations and then was sacked in the most public way. Quite a


fortnight. The official position of the White House that he wants to


give John Kelly the new chief of staff a clean slate. A clean state.


Anthony Scaramucci hadn't even started his job so it is all bit


bizarre it is chaos if you look at what is actually happening in


American politics it is hard to see what is actually happening in


American politics because any health care were pawns get wiped out by


these ridiculous stories about personnel in Trump's top team it is


almost as if he enjoys the power play it's like a board of chess and


his playing people feature about watching it happen. He is the boss


and he should stand in and saying no more.


There were reports that Trump enjoy Anthony Scaramucci's outburst. I got


back from the States yesterday and watching this all unfold when you


were over there is very different, the Obamacare vote was the massive


story, all of this chaos if Bafta at the popularity rises popularity is


very low across the population but amongst Republicans and Trump people


who actually voted for him is still rock solid which is extraordinary to


the rest of the world. You should go over there, Lawler, a lot more


interesting than the politics here. Speaking of which... The Telegraph


says speed of movement will end this the Downing Street announcement


trying to rest... -- freedom of movement. It is silly season, the


Prime Minister is on holiday, Philip Hammond is technically in charge and


apparently he's saying that things will go on as things do now after


Brexit which is upsetting Liam Fox and Boris Johnson he wants to see


free movement ending. But Philip Hammond is saying big panic it is


all going to be OK we will face things input that is not what a lot


of Baxter is voted for which was taking back control and ending free


movement on the day of the leaving. Within the move to another story and


they have loads of things to say about that it's very interesting. As


Lola said it is silly season. There is of a port that Amber Rudd is


meeting representative of WhatsApp in California what is she saying


about WhatsApp only benefiting terrorists? It is the end and


encryption, some people say that is the point of WhatsApp I would say it


is not the reason most people, I wouldn't care of my WhatsApp


messages, they are very boring, I wouldn't care if the secret services


were spying on them she does say it hinders the fight against terrorism


but it is something she said many times before and the legal issues


are difficult and silicon Valley companies have huge amount of money


to pay lawyers to stab anything changing so I think this is more the


show then anything is going to change. I know a lot of generalist


like using WhatsApp and other service providers with encryption


because it allows them talk freely about investigations and MPs. All


MPs have their WhatsApp groups. People who once privileged, speaking


of which I was moved to The Sun one of the number of tabloids who


continue to pour on the so buyer pays which is about a Channel 4


documentary and the debate is about whether the document is ethically


right or not. How is the position that journalists, editors are often


putting, is there a line you can cross with it comes to someone's


pussy being invaded for a story? Samak with were sold -- somebody's


privacy being in invaded. Diana chose to speak candidly, her brother


tried to stop her from getting these tapes back and it is a question of


is this in the national interest, four doing it make money to the


public have a right to know or is it too hurtful to her sons? Sio I think


a lot of broadcasts and journalists in these type of stories get awfully


holier than thou but if they had been offering these tapes they would


have jumped at it and grabbed it with both hands. There is the story


that the BBC remit were going to use the tapes and a good broadcast than


ten years ago, every newspaper in the world about get their hands on


these tapes. It is a bit of sour grapes. It's not that disgraceful of


course their friends would be happy. It is one of those things. The


extraordinary story of the Royal Marine jailed 18 years after


building bombs the continuity IRA, what more we learn, Lola? The


extraordinary scale of the weapons he managed to still await the back


amount of time I didn't realise that there is only -- this only came to


light because two members of the public found some of the weapons he


stored away. It is extraordinary that this was going on and nobody


noticed. I think the story has wider implications about the peace process


in Northern Ireland and it reminds us that there are plenty of


terrorist activities going on in Northern Ireland which we kind of


forget about, we have no executive and haven't had since January or


March, depending on how you look at it, there has been nothing to be


managed only about the DP deal which has incensed and inflamed relations


over there. I think this story does quite helpfully reminders that it is


not rosy over there and actually politicians need to get it. Yes,


let's there are two newspapers I want to show you now, with the same


story but different takes. Let's start with the times, gives stands


to almost all men over 60, and there when you look at The Daily Telegraph


they say Staton 's but that they save do not get needlessly give them


out. Two very different takes. Yes, they are two different take the


Telegraph, the line that you have GPs leading real college... Saying


that we shouldn't give a blanket of medicinal treatment of the


population that is actually it is quite time consuming and it is


costly you cannot just get the Staton and you have to go her


protests, GPs appointments, tests every year and actually... Blood can


be argued if it gets river cholesterol in save the NHS. They


say we should focus on those who need the treatment but the allotment


is let's protect everyone who we can. We'll provide hundreds and


thousands of heart attacks and we give this medicine to everyone. I


think the finance angle it's interesting how much money doesn't


save? Hammers meet the cost to give all of the Staton and the answers


are not only search because it is a Harvard study that this is based on


which found that under the current rules 11.8 million men and women are


receiving or are eligible the Staton therapy which doesn't give us any


idea of how much it is costing or how much we could save on food cut


down the eligibility criteria. So, again I think this is a slight...


Needs for information. Astonishing story of a full page of the Daily


Mail, astonishing that some people breast-feeding lessons at 11, top


doctors say it should be taught to schools to girls and boys as well.


This debate over the benefits of breast-feeding as well as enough.


Most medical institutions do say breast is best, breastmilk is best,


it is best for the baby but as anybody who's been through it knows


it is not easy, my fair sport is actually, it is very surprisingly I


could imagine Daily Mail being total outrage about the story and actually


they seem to be reporting it without their usual outrage Wells, the


statistic that really stuck out the Mito is that British women are the


worst in the world at breast-feeding, after a year when


the baby 's-year-old only not put 5% of women or babies are still being


breast-fed which is the worst in the world. Germany, it is 34, Germany 56


-- Brazil 56 German 23%, 22% in January compared to half percent


here. This is an attempt to normalise breast-feeding to that


debate about whether that is good or should be used or not or whether it


is right on the benefits? I don't know how children would respond


about that younger age, I don't remember growing up thinking it was


particulars stigmatised, we'll Wood do outwardly all the time we've have


that debate and basically killed the consensus that women should be


allowed to breast-feed in public places and surely by doing that


young boys and girls would see it. I don't know if you will remember...


If you have younger siblings use it to him, I suppose in a way it is


already normalise. I think the fact that so few women to do it means


there are fewer women around doing it the those children to see in a


guess, I have an 11-year-old daughter myself, I can see the


benefits of her class being told this is totally normal and not


subject is neglect. It is interesting it's not already on PGCE


-- PSA G. Everything we took about nonsense because we all go to die


because robots again to take over the world! Peoples shut off robots


could they chat in secret codes that nobody understands. It is proper


scary and not a techie put them interested in artificial


intelligence and what different is it is going to meet the workforce.


And all that sort of thing. The fact that they got this result they


weren't expecting and had to pull the plug on the experiment is


terrifying. It is. Many thanks for taking you through the paces we got


through a lot of stories. That was fascinating thank you for watching.


You never get used to the front pages, and the BBC News website. I


keep watching. Hello, whilst many showers are


fading and many places are becoming dry and clear it


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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