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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me randy Ramage, the Guardian's chief leading writer, and


the Spectator's political correspondent, Katie.


The daily Mirror leads on the news that British Gas is putting up


electricity prices by 12.5%, even though its boss admitted wholesale


costs have fallen. The Daily Telegraph focuses on what the paper


calls a row between the government and British Gas over the cost of


green energy subsidies. The Times claims Jeremy Corbyn is under


pressure from Labour MPs to condemn President Maduro's violent regime in


Venezuela. The Guardian has details of a number of tycoons who have been


revealed as the owners of more than 1600 empty properties in the London


borough whether Grenfell Tower fire residents are still without homes.


Long queues at some European airports, British tourists are


queueing up to four hours because of the botched introduction of EU


border checks. The sun says the BBC is facing accusations that the new


Mary Berry show is just a great British take-off copy -- Great


British Bake Off copy. The 12.5% rise at British Gas. This story in


the Daily Mirror focuses on the boss. This is from a man who admits


electricity costs have gone down but he will put prices up for 3 million


people. There is outrage. And it is probably justified, given people are


finding themselves with their wages stagnating and prices going up. And


it is a big rise, you will notice 12.5%. Yes. Their justification is


that the costs have gone up, including, they would say, some of


the green stuff, put on by the government. They are blaming the


government's Green levy and their policies. The government have tried


to distance themselves from that. It isn't a great look for the


government. One of the things to May promised was a cap on energy prices.


But as with much of the doomed manifesto, it has been dumped.


People thought this would be protected but it hasn't been. The


just about managing she has talked a lot about, not much help for them.


We were told you could switch to another supplier but it doesn't


always work. It doesn't often. And those are often the most poor and


the most vulnerable. British Gas are putting out a rebate for its poorest


customers. But this, I think the rise is just too fast. It is four


times inflation. It is too big at a time when people are struggling to


pay the essentials, whether that is water, gas, electricity, they are


going up faster than anybody's wages and that is where the problem lies


for the government. British Gas say they are the last of the company 's


to do this. It just seems that if you switch it off. Make any


difference. It sparks everybody else off to put up their prices. Exactly.


Let's move on to the Daily Telegraph. Priti Patel, the


International Development Secretary, demanding restraint on civil service


pay. Talking about the crazy salaries, saying it isn't in step.


It is about public sector pay, about people struggling, their wages not


going up. Now she has said that now it's time for restraint. It bothers


me. Out of step with public opinion. Public opinion on something like


hanging is bad. If you went with everything in public opinion you


would not be in office. You way up reasoned argument and make a


decision. This does not sit very well with somebody like me. As for


the salaries, ?300,000, I mean, the boss of British Gas gets ?4 million.


If we are talking salaries then people get more angry about the


British Gas man than they would about someone they've never heard of


it was probably dealing with a mountain of paperwork caused by


Brexit. It is a lot of money. ?150,000 is a lot of money, given


the average salary. A teacher, a nurse, lots of others will be


thinking, hang on, this is not fair. There is so much about the public


sector pay cap. This might be part of the government's tactic. They


won't let the whole thing. You might see certain sectors being lifted,


such as nurses. This might be laying the groundwork. Or it could be Priti


Patel trying to deflect attention from the foreign aid Budget, which a


lot of people think is a waste of money. Will they left it? Each pay


body gives its own version. They can pick and choose. They can go with


public opinion. Let's move on to the times. The story about Uber. Do you


use it? Yes, and I have paid the surge before. What is it?


Particularly on a Saturday night, you go on your phone can you try to


get one, it says there is a surcharge, so you have to pay more


than you normally would. That means it is busy. The paper is claiming


that the drivers have been colluding with each other to gather in areas


and switch off. Then when the surge goes up, they go and pick up. I


admire the entrepreneurial spirit here. Maybe it is good that people


without a stable contract do something like this. Do you think it


is a good idea? I don't use it. How come? I cannot use my iPhone. Maybe


you should use it because it seems these guys can play the system


better than Uber can. I suppose it is something they would do. If you


are being rinsed by the company you might want to do it back. There has


been a lot of protest about their pay and conditions. Uber Dom have


said that it was based on drivers who were in many cases untrue. --


Uber have said. Patients living in the same street


getting different NHS care. This is about GP surgeries. We have heard so


much about not getting enough appointments and all the rest. They


are saying you can have a different experience even if you are in the


same postcode. I must admit this is an old story made new. Are we in


August yet? It postcode lottery story. You live in the same street,


you go to a different GP. Because budgets are controlled by different


bodies, different clinical commissioning groups, they will


offer different levels of care. It's obvious. You have to find somebody


on the board of a local authority -- on the board of a local authority.


Two bodies would offer different services. That is part of the model.


It's true. But it is an oddity of the system where you -- if you


happen to live on a border. It is a good story but a whipped up story.


Your newspaper, the Guardian, which would never have a whipped up story.


Never. This is about tycoons and empty homes. A solid piece of


journalism which came out because there was a freedom of information


request everybody got. Did a straight story about how many empty


homes there were in the Kensington area. That was where -- that is


where the Grenfell Tower is. There was a much more juicy story about


Russian oligarchs and Sheiks an TV executives having empty homes in the


area. It is a good story. Does that go along with Jeremy Corbyn's idea


that people don't have housing and they seize these properties. Will


that happen? It is difficult in practice. What this story does is


placed into a narrative of us versus them. The idea that these people are


so far removed and it's so unfair. When you see the names you think, do


they need a home they are not going to use? When lots of the Grenfell


Tower survivors still haven't been rehoused or they have rejected their


offers, it just puts more pressure on the council to sort it out. It


was a huge story. Still being covered. Are there any updates on


how many residents are still without properties? I think there are 150


resident families. 46 were made offers. Very few accepted. It is to


do with the quality of accommodation. I think they are in


temporary accommodation at the moment. It is the kind of, do they


want to move out of the area question. It hasn't been handled


well by the council. Which is why they have relinquished their


responsibility to do with it. But it is a difficult time for anybody to


live through all of that. Let's move on to the Financial Times. The


Eurozone growth accelerate after populist electoral threat receipts.


We are not sure if it is an acceleration. In August


acceleration. The Eurozone expansion is at 2.1%. Britain is at just 2%.


It is a tiny advance. Somebody said there is increasing evidence of a


diversion. That makes the headlines real. The populist threat has


receded. Le Pen, all of these guys did not break through. But we still


have Poland and Hungary unwinding the constitutional protections in


Europe. It probably hasn't reseeded entirely. Are they trying to make


this into a Brexit story? I think there is an undercurrent. At the


same time these are just figures. The growth has gone from 0.5 to 0.6.


Obviously good for the Eurozone. But we can't really read too much into


that. Absolutely. Metro, the kind of picture you do not want to see


before going off on holiday. Are you off to a European airport any time


soon? You might be in trouble. British tourist jetting to the


continent are facing queues of up to four hours. Airport hell for the


Brits. What you make of it? It's terrible because I am going to


somewhere in Europe later this month. They have tightened up the


Schengen area checks because of attacks. And there was a plain


breakdown. Those two things meant there were very long queues. --


aeroplane breakdown. New controls have been brought in. Sounds like


they did not have enough staff to deal with it. It was a busy weekend.


Not really to do with Brexit. But because we are not in the Schengen


free movement area, it does mean that the Brits are being hit by


this, I guess. It looks like you will get the queues regardless of


being in or out. I'm just glad my next holiday is in Britain. I will


avoid this. Very sensible. Let's move on to the story of the day.


Great British ripped off in the sun newspaper. BBC bosses are facing


accusations that their new Mary Berry cooking show is just a copy of


the Great Baking Bake Off. -- Great British Bake Off. Obviously it has


gone to Channel 4 and the BBC has a new cooking programme. Do you watch


it? I don't. I am happy that Mary Berry will be back on TV. She is a


bit of a national treasure. For ?75 million? I think Channel 4 probably


have a reason to be slightly worried. There has been a comment


from the BBC press office. They have been swift in their response. They


have said that it is not -- they have said that they are different


shows as those watching Wilsey. Great. It is technically true. --


those watching will see. No matter how much you spend on a format, you


cannot stop Mary Berry appearing on the BBC. They have said that there


might be some baking in the BBC series. I don't think you can own


the concept of baking. If they get the whole cast they might have


trouble. If it is just Mary they will probably be safe. She won't be


doing something like the Krypton Factor. There will be other TV


programmes. Thank you very much indeed for all of that. Don't


forget, you can see the front pages of the newspapers online on the BBC


website. Thank you to my guests. We will see you all on another day.


Thank you very much for


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