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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Steve Hawkes, Deputy political editor at The Sun


and the broadcaster and author Dame Joan Bakewell.


The Daily Express marks Prince Philip's last solo public


engagement before retiring from royal duties.


The Daily Telegraph opens with claims that the Government had


ignored the warnings by British-registered airlines


The Metro also leads with the Duke of Edinburgh's


The Sun reports on the team of scientists that have,


for the first time, successfully freed embryos


The Guardian also leads with this genetic treatment that may


potentially prevent up to 10,000 inherited diseases.


The Times leads with plans to government ways in England to reduce


car pollution. So, let's have a look. Let's start with, where else


but Prince Philip. 96 years old. It was bound to be the point story


wasn't it the many papers. It is very touching really because here is


a deal old man of 96 standing in the array on his day of retirement he is


standing on a platform unsupported in the rain and what does he do, he


takes off his hat rather poignantly for the national and the money gets


rained on. He's going to get pneumonia hope someone is looking


after him. I thought it was a very poignant expression of this is a


stamina he has. His dedication to duty, even master he was doing more


whirling engagements than Prince William and Prince Harry. I think it


is fantastic. In the think of other coverage recently about Diana and


remember where the royal family was there in about place. And now I


think with wailing Katyn Harry. That's macro I think with William


and Kate and Harry. It is great from page, great picture and it is Nancy


Philip Ing celebrated. One of the papers say go on being a rascal. He


is famous for his lapses of politeness. He still manages to be


both amusing and racist and offensive at the same time, and any


he could carry it off. He is a remarkable individual in that he was


quite an ordinary and very, very dashing naval officer when he


married the Queen. He was a really very handsome, tall, blond and she


was smitten and it was a great marriage and it has gone on for so


long and it is not often you hear stories that that. It is as


legendary as Victoria and Albert. It is our version of Victoria and


Albert so in that sense it is a real historic landmark. I wonder what he


will do in retirement, the idea of retiring 96 is alarming. We will all


do that alarm Murray eventually. -- we will all do that eventually. It


is not the last we will see of him. He may support the Queen in some


engagements as well. Pretty incredible. Almost duties. And his


charities, that's the thing that some people bat makes you think what


will come next, we have all been used to the Queen and Prince Philip


and you wonder what happens with support the monarchy, how it change


if Charles eventually takes over what will be different then will


retire into being more I'll will go straight William's interesting. It


is interesting that we will have the Diana tapes soon and the fact that I


am at three macro dependent on him and had a good relationship. Was she


tried having she was quite sympathetic about that innovative of


way could do. Wire you wonder what he might have said to have. The


Daily Express says Sepe closes two, three, four, 520 and 20 one. A


souvenir edition. One of those pixies you will remember in there.


It is the summer. He was going to the European destination this is


worrying. Next week. That the raised because of new security messages are


causing De Mike don't have enough staff. It is the perfect storm, you


have the high security a lot more people go abroad to output is that


most of the year found that many have this mass influx of tourists


not just from Britain, it's registers, it's America, Austria,


whatever. Then you have this underinvestment where they have not


got the systems they need. It is all meant for the right reason is for


but people caught up in this it is misery. And you have the BEA Systems


pressure on top of it. Akimbo in Barcelona recently announced


wandering fan site had apparently but it was a real Q. And there was


no particular explanation except you have to have all this stodgy going


to the electronics in your eyes and all that. People were doing it


faster they could but there simply when enough machines and there was


enough people. There were so many people travelling, the thing is to


travel when other people aren't travelling. The school holidays


everyone is time to go over that. The Telegraph says that ministers,


British ministers, ignored the aircraft warning that they were too


late to ring counterparts. Animal the criticising the government, you


know that, but I think this is a stretch what are we supposed to do


from the Spanish border control? Also airlines UK other body


responsible for registered carriers were what were they doing if they've


known about this since May how may passengers knew to ten Valley, that


sort of thing. It is very easy, I hold my hand up, it is good thing to


do to hold the government to account but it's a bit too far and this one.


This is a whims of what could happen. We have problems. We haven't


got Brexit yet. It's not particularly a Brexit issue,


anywhere outside of this genuine. I think it is a reminder that it needs


investment on both sides. If we are good sooth is and is going to happen


the government needs to invest. And this is not the government's


responsibility. It is note good saying why didn't governments do


anything. They can't one end nothing... They can't run


everything. It sounds like the airlines are getting out there to


say this is not our fault that is border control. That is an


interesting point is as you say we will have a whole new immigration


system that we have to get up and running. It is why Philip Hammond


God blesses Talkin bout this transition phase. They need to hire


2000 more border people and that will take 18 months. I can't believe


it's going to happen. We will all be queueing months before we go on


holiday. We were the key weeks before we come home. No point going.


Holiday in the Lake District. Like David Cameron said anywhere to


Lanzarote. Let's move on to the sun, this is your report. It is


incredible thinking about where we've been a high robot speaking to


people and now this breakthrough if we are able to take out faulty genes


in DNA and save 10,000 people it is incredible. We do think, where is


this going? It's great you can save lives just wonder five, ten, 15


years what will the regulations look like where we'll end up? There is


the ethical question this is for people with the devastating


inherited diseases and this offers some hope to them. This about I/O


genetics which is the shape of the future. This is the first big


development which will begin to shape how the whole of the century


maps out. This is a fantastic introduction of a way of avoiding


inherited illnesses. I've known people who have not had that


treatment and have had children disadvantaged and disabled


unavoidably so and we can now avoid it. How boring is that but it opens


the possibilities of genes dabbling. -- how brilliant is that. Although


people are mentioning design of babies saying it is beyond the pale.


One day soon somebody will say, perhaps we could just push it a


little bit further, a little bit further so designer babies are


somewhere down the line and this is one of the greatest scientific


medical changes are century. The regulations, as you say, the stuff


has gone through Parliament and we are seen as more liberal than


America for this kind of thing. But, how concerned to thing MPs are about


this? Recently mitochondrial disease that has been in the news there was


a change in the law to let that happen but it is something that it


is a matter of conscience that MPs will discuss this. He threw tricky


if you if you think about what they get efficient over -- a hugely


tricky. I have no idea how they will react to this one. All the religious


people will be involved in this, we debated the mitochondria in the


House of Lords and went through but the debate was really strong with


strong opinions about side and that will happen quite rightly so. We


don't want to slide into genetic changes without really paying much


attention. You need to know what you are doing so there will be huge


resistance and there will be blocks and things will move slowly but they


will all move in the same direction eventually. So, people will be


disturbed about and there will be attempts to put limits on it, quite


rightly, but once it happens the gene genie is out of the bottle. And


I'm sorry about this picture, by the way. Wow Steve is not taking any


responsibility. Tell your boss that we do not like it. I'll pass it on.


Let's go to the guardian of the sports pages and we have the


incredible signing from Barcelona, Neymar. You think about their


Hammond struggling to balance the books of any of dotball, this guy


Neymar leaving Barcelona. He didn't not the later the turnstiles. He


went to Paris St Germain on ?265,000 a week tax-free. This is again Paris


Saint-Germain recently come up in France and they are now making their


mark on buying one of the Best Buy plays the world. And there's this


big picture next to rip the English Linus is, the bestseller in a


women's bubble is ?35,000 a year. This is the England ladies team who


are in the semifinals of the US tomorrow. I think the contrast is


amazing. Keep waiting for football bubble to burst. It is a traditional


working man's sport. How supporters are going to feel about this. At


some point there will be a salary cap because... Like an American


certain sports because it is incredible. You could buy the whole


New England Patriots team but how much you're playing the Neymar.


Incredible. The discrepancy between the women situation the men


situation is a worse than the BBC! LAUGHTER Sammer thereby think she


would get more than I would for modelling. Edit think there's anyone


on the BBC on 40 million, haven't quite restart. Are you sure? Women's


sport seems like it is getting more publicity. It is superbly any


problems with rugby. Will be union have ended contracts but there are


incredible leaps and bounds. They are saying about show women's


football is on sat state. That's what changes it ever gets green. It


is so wonderful to see and just so thrilling. It is part of all the


changes that I've lived through my long life. To see the changes and it


is arrived at sport but arrived with such triumph that is what so


glorious. We had a great summer the under 19 is an under 21 is winning.


Back to the Telegraph are the final story. Family rearing isn't bad but


it is very different this is suggesting that people sit in


different rooms to watch different programmes. -- family viewing. My


mum and dad in the same room own month is wearing headphones watching


the iPad and my dad is watching TV. There are so much on offer. There


was a time where there were two channels, then there were three


channels and families used to argue about which of those they would


enter what is because there was no eye player, there was no recording.


You watch till you missed it. So, of course you'll sat round when you


settle for a general agreement but now there are so much choices. The


same different technologies by which you can, I think the core platforms,


that you can watch on every one has a choice. My four-year-old now if


you try to explain to him this is not an she just does not understand


it. We watching a programme last night, the first of set that people


now binge watch series. We watched the first of a new programme The


Night Of and we immediately wanted to watch another one. We watch


things like we used to be the book. It is change things. We've covered a


lot of France might. Lots of lovely Jos Buttler is. That is us -- lots


of lovely Jos Buttler 's. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you -


7 days a week. evening you can watch it


later on BBC iPlayer. Thank you Steve Hawkes


and Dame Joan Bakewell. Good evening, Southern areas bore


the brunt of the wet weather during today.


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