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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Find out what James King made of the week's varied cinema releases in


this week's Film Review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are John Rentoul, political


columnist for the Independent and Ruth Lea who's an economic


adviser to the Arbuthnot Tomorrow's front pages:


The Sunday Telegraph has a photograph of Usain Bolt


and Justin Gatlin after their controversial 100


metres final tonight, The paper reports the UK is prepared


to pay up to ?36 billion to settle It says it's the first time


a precise figure has been proposed. The Independent on Sunday


also focuses on Brexit, and a warning from scientists


about the Government's intention The Observer concentrates on advice


from the Children's Commissioner, who's concerned that many kids


are bingeing on social The Mail on Sunday says it has found


that around 40 percent of police stations have been closed down


in seven years. The Sunday Times reports


that British students are being discriminated


against by universities, in favour The Sunday Express chooses


to feature Prince Harry and his girlfriend, the actress


Meghan Markle, as they arrive We wish them well but we were look


at that any further, will we? What is there to say? We wish them well.


We do. Let's start with Brexit in the Telegraph. Bricks -- Britain to


put ?36 billion down. Why is this figure being proposed? It is


interesting and I think Number ten has denied the story. Governments of


-- source has dismissed these reports. Yes. With all due respect,


my colleagues at the Sunday Telegraph do not make up stories. I


think this is a well sourced story. It is basically saying, we will


carry on paying what we pay at the moment which is about 10 billion


euros a year, for the transitional period, which might be three years,


so that is 30 billion euros and then we'll play another ten on top. It


says three separate sources have knowledge of this and have confirmed


the figure. Three sources. It does seem that some parts of Godman say


one thing and other parts say another thing when it comes to


Briggs in negotiations. Insofar as this story is correct, and I think


there is no smoke without fire, it is saying they will pay this 40


billion euros if the EU is prepared to negotiate a financial settlement


with trading negotiations as well. What the British government really


wants is to get on and start talking about the new relationship we are


having with the European Union and so far, they have said no, sorry


guys, we have to make progress on things like the financial settlement


and citizen rights before that so the government is trying to push


that debates all aired. Isn't it a bit embarrassing when so many top


petitions have said we're not paying a penny to leave? It does seem some


parts of government say one thing and other parts say another thing.


Didn't Boris Johnson said they could go whistle? Yes, but that was a


extortionate amount. You surely ought to object to paying anything


but it seems to me, we're talking about 10 billion euros, which sounds


perfectly reasonable to me. This is terribly embarrassing and terrible


television but I agree. I do think it's important as the Brexiter that


we do have a good relationship with the European Union when we leave and


I see there will be a transition period between March 2019 and when


the new treaty, assuming there is one, some people say there won't be


one, when the new treaty actually becomes operative. Compromises will


have to be made. The EU is never going to access a figure as low as


this, are they? No, it was said to be 16 Ilion. Even 100. I think that


is why he said that. But it is early days and alleys they are starting to


talk about numbers. It is interesting that we are beginning to


see after a lot of pre-match propaganda from the other side


suggesting that the British don't have their position organised, we


are beginning to see quite a lot of evidence that what is going on


behind the scenes. They are getting their act together. Nuclear agency


will slam brakes on a green car revolution. Pieces together for us.


A professor is saying that if we leave the EU, we will be unable to


source important vital materials that we need to power nuclear plants


so that we can have a electric cars. You say Euratom, I say Euratom. Not


great telly. Too much agreement. You don't agree with the professor? No,


I think he is talking nonsense. Just the pronunciation. This is another


baseless scare story. All the experts, all the nuclear industry


experts say that leaving Euratom is completely necessary and will cause


expensive location and might head up with us having to turn the power


stations off. If I may say so, I think the independent here is being


very pro-rocket if when it says to rat so me -- Theresa May wants to


leave. This is all politics. Stay in Euratom and leave the EU. I think


this is the scare story. It is another shock horror budget fear.


The point is there are lots more battery-powered cars on the road or


will be and we need to power them. Michael Gove has reinvented himself


as the Green man. He is the great Green minister. He wants to get all


these petrol and diesel cars off the road by 2040 and a need to do that,


he will need electric cars. And you need about ten more nuclear power


stations, it is not going to happen, chaps. Finally, some disagreement. A


couple of stories from the Observer. First, stop children bingeing on


social media, this is the Children's Commissioner. I have searched high


and low for how you do it, she doesn't offer anything. In August,


we have a story about how children are in social media too much. Mine


are. I think all children are. Adults are on there as well. You


tweet. I tweet a lot. I only followed people. When Martine was


advertising your presence here, people were commenting on how few


people follow. I suggested you were like Noel Coward and how he felt


about television. That it was something you appeared upon but not


watched. You treat it like caviar or something. But I think the analogy


with junk food explains what a lot of nonsense this is. What is junk


food? Well, food that is no good for you. It is not healthy if you eat it


all the time. Chips and burgers. Children need lots of energy and


stuff to. I can't believe you feed your children chips and burgers


every day. All that is the point, it is all right once in awhile not


every day. Nothing wrong with that. A bit of green stuff as well. I


wanted guidance about how you stop from using it. No one will take any


notice so it is a non-story. Shall we move on then? Come on here


rubbishing the stories! It is not a story. Drag racing. Photos Rory.


Belfast bright happened today and there are two fine trek queens there


on the back of a shiny black car. The overwrite, who is the Taoiseach


said it won't be long before same-sex marriage is possible in


Northern Ireland. They are gorgeous, and they? Princess Leia is the one


on the left. I thought they were women. Did you? No, I didn't. At


dues are changing in Northern Ireland quite fast. I think the DUP


will eventually for its objection to this. Northern Ireland is so friends


to the rest of the country. That is what I thought but if you look...


Not opinion polls, but the civil liberties and the rights you have,


in terms of same-sex marriage and abortion, compared with the rest


of... This seems to have gone down extraordinary well and that DUP


perhaps we'll move. They are quite reasonable, and they have just been


bunged another million quid so perhaps that will make them more...


You do hope so. I think it is the time the DUP caught up. And they are


gorgeous girls. It is Princess Leia and she has got R2-D2 floating above


her head. Mail on Sunday. Criminal, 40% of police stations shut down.


This is an outcry, apparently, after probe. No one uses the word probe in


usual life. This means someone has done some research and added up some


numbers. Good journalism. We did note that police are cutting down


the number of police stations because they are trying to


centralise things and run them more efficiently. You don't need as many


police stations as you had in the past. The point is saying the


cutbacks have come as violent terrorism has surged, how will that


help combat terrorism? This is all curiouser fantasy in the Mail on


Sunday world of Dixon Of Dock Green and heartbeat and everyone saying


Sarge all the time. Our local police station closed down in Finchley and


nobody seemed to care. I have never been. I just got letters through the


post. It is to do with this it directly that some people get from


knowing there is a police station. And they can pop in. Do you think


people think that anymore? I saw heavily armed police today and it


did make me feel good. In the 1960s and 70s and 80s, that technology has


moved on and if you want to contact the police, you bring them up, don't


you? Or have I missed something? I think 999 has been with us for a


long time but there is this idea that people want to see bobbies on


the beat. They do. People do like the idea of police stations. If you


find a passport and the police station -- a passport on the


pavement, you want to take it to a physical place and hand it into


someone. But there aren't many things we'd you would need to do


that, to go into an office for. So I think it is perfectly reasonable.


Well that is three out of the six stories you have rubbished. It is an


excellent story, not like the one in the Observer, but it is not very


interesting. We well, you don't know. Usain Bolt's


final 100 metres ends in controversy, why? The dependent is


also going to change its front-page photo, we've got Vladimir Putin at


the moment. Could you talk about the Telegraph, please? We'll show it at


11:30pm, let's look at this one now. The Sunday Telegraph were a bit


quicker than us. John, you have had your turn. Bold came third. A


gentleman called Justin Gaitlin one and he has been at drugs cheat,


hence the controversy. Twice he has been banned for using performance


enhancing substances, John. And that makes him unpopular with the


audience in the stadium. They do keep doing him. Maybe he gets a


lifetime advantage from using drugs. But assuming he doesn't, then I


think people are entitled to a second chance. If they are the rules


and you are allowed to compete again after a while, you can't really...


We've got an economist round the table, let's try to do better at


11:30pm. We'll try and find some stories that we think are worth


talking about as well, I don't know. That is the papers for this hour.


Thank you Ruth and John, you'll both be back at 11.30pm


for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


Coming up next, it's the Film Review.


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