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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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And coming up: bestselling author, Victoria Hislop, talks


to Jim Naughtie about her latest novel Cartes Postales from Greece.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are John Rentoul, political


columnist for the Independent, and Ruth Lea, who's


an Economic Adviser We agreed on half of the stories and


rubbished the other 50%. You get what you pay for.


The Sunday Telegraph has a photograph of Usain Bolt


and Justin Gatlin after their controversial 100m final tonight,


The paper reports the UK is prepared to pay up to ?36 billion to settle


It says it's the first time a precise figure has been proposed.


The Independent on Sunday also focuses on Brexit and a warning


from scientists about the government's intention to leave


The Observer concentrates on advice from the Children's Commissioner,


who's concerned that many kids are bingeing on social media


The Mail on Sunday says it has found that around 40% of police stations


have been closed down in seven years.


The Sunday Times reports that British students


are being discriminated against by universities,


in favour of more lucrative foreign students.


The Sunday Mirror has a story we've been reporting on today,


the ordeal of a British model who was kidnapped in Milan.


And the Sunday Express chooses to feature Prince Harry


and his girlfriend, the actress Meghan Markle,


as they arrive in Botswana for a break.


But is it just a holiday? We don't no. The Telegraph. Brexit. Written


to put ?36 billion on the table in a divorce offer. -- Britain. But


according to a government source, they are dismissing these reports


that they are prepared to pay this bill. Do you believe it? There is no


smoke without a fire. They quit the sources that confirm it. We assume


there is some truth in it. But we don't know yet. Some parts of


government tend to disagree with other parts, I have noticed that as


the EU negotiations have gone on. That ours make the reasonable


assumption it is true. -- let us. They are trying to push the debate


on. What they want to discuss with Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator


for the EU, is the relationship for the EU and the UK. Barnier has set


until the risen a financial settlement we are not able to do


that. -- there is a. So that is why they are doing this. If this is


true, that is what they are trying to do. Much higher figures have been


talked about. Yes. There has been the 100 billion figure which Boris


Johnson said they can go and whistle for. It is not as big as it looks.


Essentially it is saying we should pay what we are paying at the moment


for the three years of a transition period, that is 10 billion a year.


And then a bit extra. I am amazed that Ruth seems to think that is


reasonable. You would expect some of the Leavers to say we will not pay a


penny. Many will. The truth is, I was a civil servant, you no... That


is where I got my superb manners from. -- know. If I may say so. But


this is a negotiation. I do believe we want a good relationship with the


European Union when we leave. And if that means you have to put some


money on the table, you put some money on the table. They are denying


it at the moment. But if this is an opening gambit and it is a


negotiation, it is going to go up, isn't it? That is true. You don't


start with a figure assuming it is going to go down. But the question


is how high you think it is at the moment. If this is really just 10


billion more than just carrying on our existing payments for three


years, then it is not very much, it seems to me. It seems affordable,


quite reasonable. I suspect the EU will not accept such a low figure.


They will end up paying more. They are talking about 50- 60 billion. So


probably 45. Put that down. 45 billion. Said that to them. -- send.


The pound is all over the place, isn't it? The Independent. If you


were with us at 1030, John was pointing out Vladimir Putin was on


the front page. He promised us by 1130 Vladimir Putin would be


replaced by Usain Bolt. We have not quite got there yet. I am sure it is


on its way. OK. We will look out for it. I am sure Usain Bolt is racing


to the front page. Yeah. Third-place. We still have Vladimir


Putin. Very odd. Spearfishing in Siberia, at least with a shot on.


Ditching EU nuclear agency will slam brakes on green car revolution, that


is the headline. A top nuclear physicist, Martin Friers, he says


leaving the EU's nuclear side, it is going to play havoc with that


industry. He makes the point it is very important we do have a growing


nuclear power sector because we have electric cars coming down the track


and we don't want to power them with fossil fuels. Yeah. Exactly. It says


we can import vital materials to nuclear plants. You will need a lot


of them to get rid of diesel cars and petrol cars by 2040. You will


need another five or six. I think this is utter rubbish. Why is that?


It is a scare story. A Project Fear neo scare story. Neo scare story! I


don't think he has any evidence for this. Would it not make sense if you


are leaving it, if you are leaving the EU, why not stay part of the


agency and make use of all of the expertise? My understanding is it is


part of the package. If you leave the EU, you leave the institution.


Over you don't have to. There is no need to reconstruct all of those...


I say everything in the EU is political. If we can reach a


political agreement, we can stay in the institution when we leave. They


would be quite happy with that. There you go. I don't think that is


what the May or Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, I don't think


that is what they want. -- Theresa May. A scare story. A neo scare


story. Never heard of it. The Sunday Times. A drive for higher education


fees betray sixth form. It is all about money. They are maximising


their income by taking people who pay more rather than people who


don't. That is very simple. It is very simple. Except that we don't


have a cap on student numbers any more in England. And so there is no


reason why you should not be able to take foreign students and EU


students, including British students. Umm, so, you know, I am


not sure, I have not had a chance to look properly at the end of this


story, I am not sure that British students are losing out because of


more lucrative fortune is being given preference. ?9,000 a year for


tuition fees if you are going to an English university. Umm... How much


do they charge for an students? I dread to think. There are high


numbers in this article. Is it where it says the foundation course is


between 15 and 22,000? The implication is that I am afraid that


British students are losing out. I take your point there is not a cap


on student. But they will have capacity constraints. Take it at


face value. Some substitution is taking place. Some are losing out.


That is the implication. And a debate about how much longer they


will be able to charge this ?9,000. There is a move for it to be cut.


For foreign students to be more attractive. Jeremy Corbyn did so


well in the General Election with his promise to abolish tuition fees.


That does me there is going to be quite a lot of pressure to reduce or


get rid of tuition fees altogether. It is difficult. For the next


election whenever that is. The Observer. Stop students to make


children bingeing on social media. -- stop children bingeing. We don't


want the meeting junk food so we should do the same with going on


line. There is no solution, it seems. Turn off the Wi-Fi? Deny all


the data? How do you do it? I am not a parent. So I don't know. What


should I do? Well... What do you do? Not to make silly analogy is with


junk food. That is my first suggestion. -- analogies. What is


junk food is in the eye of the beholder, the consumer. Like a


McDonald's... Don't advertise on here. He should eat good and healthy


food. Not with every meal... Oh dear. This is about children going


on social media too much. I am on quite a lot. That is because I enjoy


it so bytes do you put it down and read a book from time to time? Not


really. Don't you? A book? You can read that on your phone. I like a


proper book with proper pages. I am really old-fashioned, aren't I? My


poor children. No wonder they spend all their time on social media.


Well, thank you, Ruth. You can really fall out with some people,


can't you? The Observer. Dragracing. Gay Pride has been taking place.


Northern Ireland is going to have to catch up fairly soon, apparently.


That is right. Someone else was saying that on the BBC just now,


pointing out that attitudes in Northern Ireland are changing


towards gay rights, having abortions, all those things were


Northern Ireland is different from the UK. They are saying the same


thing at Gay Pride, Northern Ireland needs to catch up with the rest of


the UK. And with Ireland, actually. Extraordinary. Yes, they used to be


a very Catholic country, a very different culture from Britain. It


is incredible that different parts of the UK have such different civil


liberties. My understanding is the DUP has been blocking a marriage in


Northern Ireland. Now they are more in the fold they may change their


mind. I like these pictures. These two ladies are gorgeous. Aren't


they! One of them has a corset on. One of them is Princess Leia. She is


too much. I like their eyelashes. Usain Bolt. The Telegraph. What an


evening it has been. This is where you will prevent me from advertising


the Independent. There is no need to do that because you failed to


provide a photograph. We will stick with the Telegraph which has the


picture. I don't like to be snippy with you, but... Justin Gatlin being


hugged by Usain Bolt. You say only came third! Third is amazing. The


Sunday Times have a picture of Usain Bolt. The Independent will have it


on a website now if you go and look, I am sure. Daniel Condan on Twitter


asked how did a two times drug cheat, Justin Gatlin, get the chance


to compete? Those are the rules, aren't they? He served his time. He


has been booed every time. People are not happy to see him there.


Those are the rules. Having used drugs against the laws in the past,


has it given him a permanent advantage? I know the authorities


are doing what they are meant to. If he is allowed to compete then he


should be allowed to, it is rude to boo and he should be allowed to


compete. I think the implication is it isn't permanent, these


performance enhancing drugs I'm sure wear off. Let's reflect on Usain


Bolt, what a superhuman he has been. He is very tall, six foot five. And


very wide at the shoulder. Complaining about the blocks but


when you are that tall, it is quite difficult to get cracking. I think


it was Greg Jennett, the historian, said on Twitter tonight, if it was


the 107 metres then he would have beaten everyone. -- Greg Jenner. It


takes him a few strides to get cracking. It is wise to retire now


because he is probably past his best. At least he got a medal. He


has been a terrific athlete. What a treat it has been to watch him. Yes.


That's it for tonight. Thank you to John and Ruth. Look how you look on


the TV! We are too busy looking at you! That's lovely! Coming up next




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