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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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STUDIO: Hello and welcome to our look ahead to


what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With me are the author and broadcaster


Deputy Political Editor of The Independent.


Let show you what we have so far: the Financial Times reports that the


UK's largest adult education provider faces collapse after a


damning report by the education watchdog Ofsted. The Metro leads


with the court case of an 18-year-old cyclist who killed a


pedestrian and later went online to blame the victim. The i leads with


the Government's publication of its blueprint for leaving the EU. The


Daily Express says that research has found that a daily glass of wine or


pint of beer can reduce the risk of early death. The Daily Mail leads


with the decision to silence Big Ben for four years -- so that repairs


can be carried out on its tower. The Daily Telegraph also leads with


Mps' calls for a rethink about silencing the Big Ben -- MPs. The


Guardian has in its front page Donald Trump's direct condemnation


of far-right violence in Charlottesville, 48 hours after the


events. So let's begin. Yes, independent,


the i, they have your story, which is in quite a few of the other


newspapers, which is about what we are going to do after Brexit and the


idea of up to three years transitional period, still in the


customs union...? Some viewers may be thinking, tomorrow is the day we


get some clarity, but that would be a mistake. A little bit more detail


is emerging but still far from clear. Some people may remember that


only 24 hours ago, we were insisting we would leave the customs union but


now, apparently we will ask for a temporary customs union, this is


because the government has accepted the warnings from business that


there will be chaos at checkpoints unless we have some kind of customs


deal, too late to agree a permanent deal early. Transitional one. From


there on, it still gets murky. Seeking trade deals from other


countries, the day after we leave the EU in 2019, and the rules are


that you cannot do that. We will be aligned to the customs union, you


cannot seek outside trade deals. Even if the government is proposing


this temporary customs union to take into the talks, which we resume at


the end of the month, we do not know what the will say in response.


Like any other victory, shall we do with the buckle, it feels like every


single advance made by somebody is pushing somebody else down an


enormous potholes. Hard to see this any other way, we have reached a


level of vague liveness, as you can see, and I have a vague sense that


if anybody mentions cake in the context of having it or eating it, I


will reach down the Internet and I have slap them! You know that I


adore you, but what were you thinking with that


it is directly contradicted 24 hours later, every time, it is like being


in Alice in Wonderland. We will get papers. Proposition papers. This one


tomorrow, one on Northern Ireland next week, I don't know about


anything more significant before the talks at the end of the month, we


are getting more detail, but it doesn't appear to take it forward in


terms of satisfying the EU that we have a workable proposal. The other


thing is the attitude of the Prime Minister, so we learned in briefings


at number ten today that, well, this woman called Theresa May is


returning to Downing Street on Thursday, older viewers may well


remember the name(!) she used to run the government, apparently... A


little bit of sarcasm, but she has been away... Holiday... Three and a


half weeks. You have been counting it! Brexit policy behind her back,


as though they locked her up in a Swiss chalet, took away her passport


and said, we are getting on with it in your absence, never before has a


PMB so irrelevant to what is happening. Meanwhile, across the


Atlantic, Donald Trump broke off his holiday,, after a lot of pressure on


him, to condemn as evil racism what happened in Charlottesville. -- PM.


First he manages to make his way to the US presidency, now, Fry 's


membership of the too little too late club, international club,


somebody has been slaughtered in the street by a car driven at them, he


realises that Nazis are evil, I am sure that we can also, great, well


done, will come to the party(!)... Enormous shame that in the 48 hours


before that he has said almost nothing or has said, everyone has


terrible, full seven is... 61, half a dozen of the other...! Two sides


to every story... He doesn't seem to realise the difference between Nazis


and people fighting against Nazis, there was a crucial distinction


during a whole world war that we have. -- six of one and half a dozen


of the other. He has the disposition of a particularly obdurate toddler,


so as far as anyone with that disposition can be treasured...


Encouraging aspect is that it appears to be that the president can


be forced to do something, almost against his will. Including maybe


his own daughter? Conversations with the Attorney General, the new FBI


director, perhaps they have been important, the surprise is not that


he has taken so long to condemn neo-Nazis but that he has done it at


all because he is the man who displays clear fascist tendencies,


openly racist. He was delighted to get the support of the Ku Klux Klan


last year! They see him as one of their own, he has an unhealthy


accession with going to war, possibly nuclear war! Around himself


with the far right, not a surprise that he failed to condemn neo-Nazis,


the surprise is perhaps that now, there is something positive, it is


that he can be talked around, and I'm thinking about North Korea,


obviously, hopefully saner heads can clear him -- steer him away.


Interesting story about this... Facing collapse, learn direct...


After they got a blasting from Ofsted for their training reform. --


Learn Direct. We can only just now find out about it, heroically they


have had a legal case against Ofsted to prevent this being released,


which has only just been overturned. Remember this, Learn Direct, from


the early 2000s, you could do apprenticeships, set up by a Labour


government, privatised in 2011, to a company called LDC, private equity


arm of Lloyds Bank, at the time, we owned it, as taxpayers, 40% of it,


so you will be delighted to hear that very quickly, after that


privatisation in 2011, 84% of its largely taxpayer provided cash went


on payments to managers and financiers... We can all agree, the


most important evil in any educational establishment(!), as


well as loading with ?90 million of debt, and extracting ?20 million of


dividends. Could they have a reason for this? That would be a ?500,000


they decided to spend on a racing car for Formula 1... How is that


going? It too is bankrupt...! YOU'RE WELCOME! LAUGHTER


this is the most spectacular example of what happens when it goes wrong,


privatisation, when it goes wrong, who bring money out of something


that is meant to help young people get into jobs but they seem to be


spending the money on each other, and a fast car...! Thing else which


might be perceived as a waste of money, the Garden Bridge, which,


according to the Financial Times, also on the front page, taxpayers


have already paid about ?46 million, this is the idea of a bridge with


lots of trees and stuff on it over the Thames, but it is not going to


happen. The project died a few months ago


when the Mayor of London said there would be no more funding, the reason


we have a picture of the proposed bridge is because... The trust that


was set up to push for the project has finally thrown in the towel.


Would it not have been a beautiful addition to the capital city? No, it


would have been a plaything for rich people and companies who would have


paid huge money to prods about on it in the evening, when it would be


close to the public, no public use whatsoever, and in the meantime,


pulling the plug on these test really needed transport projects


around the country, I dread to think what people in the North of England,


you cannot have decent trains and electrification project... Boris


Johnson may as well have dressed up as a shepherdess, gone out there in


full Marian Kello net, really. Big Ben is silence. It is a national


scandal! International scandal, if you check(!) -- Marie Antoinette.


The Daily Mail seems to be in favour of people working on a bell tower


being rendered deaf by bongs! Not on the member and state, not on New


Year's Eve, people are working on the bell tower, because the bells


have not been repaired for absolutely ages, there will be a


live that will go part way up so that if people fall ill when


visiting it, they can be taken down. But obviously, this is a national


disgrace... They are saying that during the Blitz, it was not


silenced. As though people were not up the tower during the Blitz.


Health and safety has succeeded where the Luftwaffe has failed.


Ridiculous. Nazi bombs could not silence the famous symbol, I'm the


worst person to talk about this, I work at Westminster, I have done for


many years. I thought you were going to say that you work in Big Ben! I


never hear it... It is not even loud, look at these people


complaining about their ears(!) I think that you stop hearing it, if


you work so close. I'm not going to miss it. Might be a priority.


Finally, good news in the daily stress, wine is the key to a longer


life! And yet here we are, stone cold sober, it's like you secretly


hate me and wish for me to die young, I don't understand it,


thought we were friends. You can have a glass of wine and it will


slash your risk... Not slashing your risk of early death, but it may, it


may, May is the crucial word there, it may have protective health


effects, and illustrated with a picture of the perpetually young Len


Goodman. A pint of beer may have the same effect. The Daily Mail suggests


coffee, so I say, maybe an espresso martini... Wine and copy... Booze


and copy, that is what you need, booze and copy, that's what we're


telling you, I'm not technically a doctor(!). We all need some good


news from time to time, but I am conscious that in a couple of days


there will be a story telling us the exact opposite. So, let's hold onto


this one for as long as we can and believe it! People are fairly


confused. Good of you to come in. Lovely to see you. That is it from


the papers tonight, you can see the front pages of the papers online on


the BBC news website. All there for you seven days a week will stop if


you miss the programme, any even in, you can watch it again on BBC


iPlayer. Thanks again to my guests and goodbye.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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