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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the author and former Conservative advisor Jo-Anne Nadler,


A warm welcome to both of you. Good to have you with us. Let's bring you


up-to-date on what the front pages are saying so far.


The Express leads with new figures that suggests house prices have


soared by ?10,000 on average since last year's Brexit vote.


The I claims the Government is to announce there is be to no


land border with the Ireland after Britain leaves the EU.


The Guardian say that the plan is already being ridiculed in Brussels.


The FT carries a picture on the Indian Prime Minister


celebrating the 70th anniversary of his country's independence.


The Mirror headlines calls from campaign groups


for the government to freeze rail fares after an increase of 3.6%


The Telegraph claims the number of babies left brain damaged by NHS


blunders has increased by almost a quarter in one year.


The Daily Mail says that they could reconsider the decision to stop Big


Ben for four years, as some did not know that it would be silenced for


that time. After many months of the Government


being somewhat low paid about their intentions for Brexit, we are now


going through a deluge of hopefully clarifying information about what we


may all be dealing with over the next few years. Of course, today, we


have had a lot of discussion about customs unions and tomorrow we will


be hopefully finding out more about how this issue of the border between


northern and southern Ireland will be handled after Brexit. What the I


will be saying is there will be no land border. We have only seen the


front pages and what I found amusing about this front page is that it


says, Brexit blueprints, we beat them so you don't have to.


LAUGHTER -- we read them.


Hopefully we will have more detail and tell people slightly more detail


on this. That is the critical point, it looks as though the proposal will


be no land border as such. This is particularly sensitive for the Irish


Republic because they will continue to have the relationship with the


European Union but have this island in the way! It is important for the


U and the Irish Republic, at a red line as well for the EU, you


suspect. How this... There is a whole and of history now resting on


this, the legacies of John Major and Tony Blair and the Good Friday


Agreement and all of the rest of it. If they had gone down, or were


considering going down the road of a hard border and all the checkpoints


that some of us remember driving through, which were awful, then you


would be quite fearful of the direction of travel. The difficulty


is the and practicality of this was the technology means you could drive


a lorry through and you could sweep it with a radar gun and know what


products were in there and whether ever thing was being properly


declared. But then you have got to answer that with free movements,


which is supposed to end for the UK. There is talk of free movement


within the island of Ireland. I don't agree third any senior


Conservative politicians seriously talk about the possibility of there


having to be a land border. This would appear to confirm that that is


the case. We look forward to the detail of that. What we don't have


is the detail of what happens at the external border. Northern Ireland


voted to stay in, did it not? That was an important vote. These


problems were an inevitable result of the vote. An interesting link


here because she could almost suggest that all of these papers


coming out were an answer to the story about your namesake at the top


of the Times today. My namesake indeed, without the E, indeed. It


doesn't spell it properly! Isn't politics a lovely business? You have


the former chief of staff accusing the Brexit secretary of leering, of


bullying and laziness, on the very day that this morning... I couldn't


turn on a television and listen to radio without him popping up. He


will deal with it. I do know him a little, I suspected of him


reasonably well, and he will be all that in that fairly jolly way,


whatever he thinks privately about what his former chief of staff is


saying. The only thing I would say is I think I'm right in saying he


has not had a holiday, and is not having a holiday in the month of


August. Without any question, whatever you think about the EU and


staying in or coming out or whatever, David Davis has got the


most wretched job in government, trying to satisfy... It is a job he


has wanted for any years was up in many ways, he is supremely qualified


because of his detailed understanding of how boot he was


Europe Minister 1000 years ago, in political terms. If there were any


truth in this that he only works three days a week, it could be that


he knows what he is doing. 26 countries placating the European


Commission, the parliament, that is before you get to the Tory party. He


will need to lie down for the other four days! The Telegraph now. This


is a disturbing one about brain injuries in newly born children. It


is. This is a story that the Telegraph seem to be running


exclusively, and they have looked into a rather alarming increase in


the number of babies being born with brain damage. It has gone up from,


or medical claims for damages have in the last year gone up from


something like 180 up two 230. What is called here


normal birth, or what might have been referred to as natural birth.


That seems to be the suggestion that that is partly behind this obviously


rather disturbing trend. It's a hugely disturbing trend. It is a


horrendous story for those of us who have seen the fantastic pressures on


medical staff, be they doctors or whatever in these units who, in my


case, brought two children and one grandchild into this world, they


owed them everything. I can only imagine what it is like. The skill


and care that they show. It was only last week that the Royal College of


Midwives dropped its campaign for normal births and abandoned the use


of the term. Maybe we are heading in a different direction, and that is a


turning point. A lot of pressures which will come up as part of the


NHS review as well, with the moves towards specialism and fewer but


better sites, as the Government is hoping for. That is a story that


will have disturbed people. This is one that will anger people, which is


the rail fares. An annual treat for journalists. The rail fares, the


expected rise of 3.6% is running across all of the newspapers.


Especially alarming headline in the Telegraph, saying that the soon to


see ?10,000 rail tickets for people on particular routes for the annual


season ticket. Clearly, as you say, this is going to infuriate people


because not only are they paying a great deal more but in many cases,


the service seems to be wholly inadequate. Some of the


modernisation is having to be put back and delayed because it will


cost more money. Am I not right in saying that government... There has


been a Conservative led government since 2010, governments can control


fares. It will be interesting to see in the budget in the autumn whether


anything is done about this. If you can control fuel, presumably you can


control rail fares. There have been increases for seven years. That is


what some of the papers will be alluding to. There will be an


argument about this. The good news is, if you need your ?10,000 to pay


for your rail fare, you might be able to sell your house to pay for


it according to the daily express. That is extrapolating! Indeed. The


express have got a story that seems to fly against some of the other


trends around house prices. The average price of a house has gone up


by ?10,000. I think the interesting thing, reading between the lines is


how they are presenting this as a sign that Britain after the vote to


leave the European Union has got a healthy economy. Some people would


suggest, and I have a lot of sympathy with it, that just stating


the health of the economy on ever rising house prices is not a healthy


way to look at it. In fact, the threat that George Osborne made


about house prices falling, would not necessarily have been a bad


thing. Call me old-fashioned, but are house prices that carry on going


up for ever and a day, is that good? Possibly not for your son's


generation. Or your grandchild's generation. It is unsustainable,


isn't it? This is a story that might have been seen earlier. A lot of the


papers got excited by this story of Millie Forrest, described as a


cloakroom girl turned overnight singing sensation. What a


patronising way of putting it! It is a classic August story, and that


your dream comes true. You start off handing out the cloakroom tickets


and you end up standing in for the top soprano of the night. That


appears to be the story. It is a view weeks old, apparently, as


well(!) She ended up singing Schubert and Vaughan Williams and


Purcell. Let's hope it plays on for her. Any publicist is good


publicity. We will be back in under an hour's time.


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