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Hello and welcome to a look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us.


Good to see you both. Let's look at the front pages and bring you up to


date. Metal picks up on the story of the government proposals for the


border in Ireland and warning of a back door into Britain. Also on


immigration The Express covers figures showing the number of EU


nationals in the UK has risen. The high report and A-level results have


come out on Thursday, saying more topically places than ever before


are available and the Telegraph leads with a comment piece from


Theresa May's from adviser who describes university tuition fees as


the Ponzi scheme. The Times runs with the resignation of Sarah


Champion who is leading the Shadow Cabinet after comments she made


about sexual grooming. Financial Times reports the US central bank


criticising attempts to weaken bank regulation. The Guardian has the FA


under pressure over payments allegedly made to the player after


he made a brilliant complaint. -- after she made a billion complaint.


Daniel Craig remain as James Bond after saying he would quit the role.


I think he said he would rather slit his wrists and play the role again.


The Brexit back door. Nigel Farage is putting his fingers of alarmism


on this and that is a shame because the good people of the island of


Ireland deserve better than that. This is an enormous opportunity, you


don't want borders are about offences watchtowers, and there is a


lovely photograph on the front of the Metro showing where the border


is. Cars pass freely. Guns change that. Put on immigration border on


the airports and ports in Northern Ireland and then turn it into Hong


Kong, a fabulous place where young people can think, if I get a skilled


as a future for me and business, let business do what it does with his


creates jobs, generate profits and pay tax. If you can do anything in


can show this is a better thing than can show this is a better thing than


beatings for Britain. Some people, not just arrived, a lot of people


see this as a back door for Britain and control being handed to the EU.


If Brexit meant Brexit it meant that Britain would reassert control and


EU nationals would not be able to come into Ireland or use it for


direct bikes from London or Belfast. He will move onto studies which look


at... EU migrants have come to live in Britain after Brexit, this will


be a PR nightmare for some Brexit fears that is Brexit was meant to be


about taking back control and copy them of movement, which look like it


will continue. That is what is described in the Times as a David


Cameron plan was rejected. 'S Henry stop rejoicing in your remaining.


This is about what you can always do and always have been able to do, if


someone wants to come and live here in the democratically elected


governments decides it, that is what controls about. As opposed to the


unelected unaccountable bloke in Brussels. We had a referendum and


people said they wanted to end freedom of movement but now it is


coming back. It says here companies wanted to hire EU workers and they


will have to buy the sponsorship permits. In other words if you want


to work here and take the job then let me be clear,... What you're


seeing as you will be able to jump on your plane in Vilnius, London


Dublin, get over the border... What is wrong with that? The issue will


be you will not be able to work. Spot on. You need an employer will


have to pay for it. That is something this paper suggests comes


from a Democratic elected government in Britain as opposed to some bloke


sitting in Brussels who no one voted for. However we voted against this


kind of thing. No we didn't! This is controlled. There will still be lots


of people who can come to this country without the job, spent a lot


of time here and look for a job and the time possibly apply for


benefits. Yarn as alarmist as Nigel Farage. It is a four-year waiting


period, which David Cameron suggested. This is about control and


Westminster, not Brussels. People voted for... And happy for the


sovereignty of this Parliament but last year the Brexit here said it


was about control of freedom of movement. I will control the


movement of freedom now. We moved to The Guardian. This is good stuff. I


suspect you have sat on some business advisory councils. I have.


Donald Trump responds to people resigning from him is to shut them


down to the current design. Summary said to me, he did not approve it


something I did in the CBI and he said I am resigning and I said you


have to belong to it first! I think he's doing exactly right thing, spot


on, position yourself away from party politics in the dock of left


or right and what you do to take the side of decency and everybody


understands what decency means. This should be the, business should not


be following logical views or every other and I think the business


advisory councils work if people will listen to the advice. But in


this respect you do not go associated with this and what


worries me is the cliche is that evil flourishes when good men do


nothing, and vacuums are filled. When people pull out of the middle


ground left or right, and when they pull out because the vilified then


the vacuum is filled by extremism. It happens in this country with the


Labour Party and it happens over there with Trump. Different politics


but the same principle. It is amazing that these business leaders


have decided to resign from these business councils because of how


Trump behaved. We have known this all this time, he campaigned and he


called at the old right to get the called at the old right to get the


nomination, then to win the election so he's not telling us anything new.


Trying to claim there is an equivalence between fighting against


fascism and being a fascist and wanting to go back to the days where


you can lynch black people for fun and kill dues and kill gay people or


whatever is extraordinary. Slowly but surely it is dawning on


Republicans that this man is not set. We had in the news channel


earlier from an African-American lady, Tracey, she is the chairman of


the Ohio black Republicans and she was clear that the president had


done the right thing in criticising all sides. That was her view. Did


she expect the antifascist turn of the sink and by and we shall


overcome and hope that the good folk of the KKK would not run out of


town? The one thing he should have done and did not do, he should have


called them out, so instead of seeing all sides, he should've said,


you, the Ku Klux Klan, and then he should have said you, the old left.


In other words he should've called them out on both sides by seeing


both think you are right,... It is like the magistrate in the song


stand the Hollow used to sing,. The funny thing is in situations like


this, if it weren't for the likes of anti-fascists or whatever you call


the people would have been killed. Because they were protecting them.


When you put a point that I do agree with is that these things get


momentum and a move from it is all right and that is OK and one day end


up with murder in the long-awaited deal with this is stopping it. Thank


you both. We move the I. Despite this fine photograph Daniel Craig


Backus Pond. It looks like there are now fewer students chasing arrested


places. I get worried about this because A-levels are getting easier.


I am not saying, I am not decrying the huge effort, and the parents who


will be watching this to say a few kids you are my child went through


how dare you. I understand that. But it is the system is getting easier


to progress. What we should be doing is being more selective not about as


the chorus good enough but as the questionable for you? One of the


papers, the same heading, university fees. Nick Timothy if I can remind


viewers as the man who committed complacent Harry Keeley is a person


who had a 23 percentage point lead in the polls and for some reason and


love writing for the Daily Telegraph but he said he paid a visit to the


barber. The young man who cut my hair told me he graduated from


Southampton University with a degree in football studies. I doubted


whether he thought his qualification was worth the debt he would carry


for 30 years. Well with great respect young man don't get a degree


in football studies. I bet it was something like the economics of


football. It says here he graduated... It is possible he got


the facts wrong. The market in this from A-levels through to what you do


with those A-levels... It is a market greeted by government doesn't


it? It is a market set up by the government to -- for both parties.


This middle-class norm of what I want is for my children to go to


university when actually seeing are you getting value for money for your


debt? And can you afford to pay, a vice Chancellor getting 451 grand a


year! It is a big job but responsibility. But as they say some


journeys offer students now return journeys offer students now return


for their investment. In a fused 19 and he will find it tomorrow whether


not he got into the uniquely once. He won't go into a Ponzi scheme! We


should point out the fantastic site then, Digby Jones who is also a


part-time crew ship entertainer. It is true you entertain people on


cruise ships from time to time. Pedal when a red coat or hold ice


cream cones. I think the word entertainment could be loosely


applied. What I'm thrilled to bits about is I wrote to the dizzy


heights of sub Lieutenant, but this is the biggest ship the United


Kingdom has ever built. This is the biggest ship the Royal Navy have had


and there will be two of them in the projection of self-confidence and


power around the world will go out, have a bit today regardless of


colour or creed or religion or orientation or anything else should


be standing a few feet Hollow. Really? Leeway to rubbish this? I am


not rubbishing anything. It depends on your political perspective on the


city and how you see Britain and its empire, it depends if you... Empire?


We haven't got one. It is the anniversary of partition. Do you --


why do use the word empire? We don't have one? Do not have MPs and CBEs?


The practical question is why do we need it? Against who? Unique


airfield is the world and you won't get the class for the world really


is as mobile airfield. Cantlie asker special friends the Americans to


help us out? All please! You're one of those people who criticise until


you need the help. How will I need the help? You will be on holiday


somewhere and you will be in trouble. It will be Palmerston


altered again. But in the meantime let's celebrate something. The great


British back off, Henry? The one of the ratios between the BBC and


Channel 4, the BBC had a great British bake off and now has an


usual with Nadia Hussain. They will have a ratings battle but it looks


as though the BBC has decided to withdraw from the field. Probably


wise. A discreet withdrawal. And tonight it is 40 years since Elvis


died, and tonight is the day when Boycott scored as hundreds hundreds


and James Bond is coming back. Something to be proud of, even


reclaiming Elvis. If you believe we still have an empire then why


shouldn't we have Elvis? Thank you both very much. I can confirm Elvis


has left the building. You can see the front pages of the papers online


on the BBC News website seven days a week. If you need cheering up why


not listen back to these too later on? Thank you and good night to


Henry and Digby. Next up, the weather.


Good evening. Sunshine and showers on the way tomorrow but before that


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