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is the number list Harry Judd talking about this by he has written


about in all his career in his latest adventure, Deep Blue.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the former Fleet Street editor,


Eve Pollard and the journalist and columnist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.


Tomorrow's front pages starting with.


The Metro pays tribute to the British 7-year-old


who was killed in the Barcelona terror attack on Thursday


after becoming separated from his mum while on Las Ramblas.


The Daily Telegraph headlines comments made by the Uk's chief


trade negotiator in which he said post-Brexit deals will make


the world a safer place as Britain forges alliances with other


The Daily Express also leads with Brexit, where it quotes.


Analysis carried out by a Eurosceptic group. The Financial


Times says that club administration will push hard on tax reform in a


bid to win back Republican voters. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail rides that


Prince Charles has seen a drop of his popularity ratings in the run-up


to the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. And the times says


children are being exposed to an increase in gambling adverts as


backing websites push the new customers. And the Guardian says


that the Crown Prosecution Service 's needs to crack down on social


media and hate crimes making them are serious as offences carried out


face-to-face. That was appalled poster of the front pages. We will


staff of our chart, good morning, not morning, good evening.


LAUGHTER Morning soon. Let staff at the times, fascinating new link in


the Barcelona attacks, being made with Brussels. They say that this


man, who got blown up in the explosion happened at London 25


miles away from Barcelona was involved with the Brussels bombings,


was possibly also involved with French terror attacks because


apparently he'd been to France often. The car that was involved in


the terror attack had been in France only a few weeks ago. And, it seems


there is a group of people who, obviously there were quite a group


of people they wanted to have a text on the coast, those gas canisters


which luckily never exploited. Side of course, he in Amman. And this is


very important. -- of course he isn't a man. Often parents will say,


we didn't know this was happening if we had known we would have done


something. And here we know that especially the 18-year-olds these


are some of the youngest we have seen, they were clearly in the hands


of somebody who minute played to drink with them. And it turns out it


was him. -- who minute plated and groom them. They are still looking


for him. They think he died because he tried to... What is terrifying


that supposedly a man of God was bad guys and then, and they've got


younger and younger and younger. It is important to start looking at


what is going on in the heads of some of these young second and third


generation extremely angry alienating young Muslims will stop I


think there something very important to look out within family dynamics


and why they become susceptible to these guys, there was a new group of


imams that is coming together and if they mean what they say they going


to go for this group and get them out of the trap they are finding


themselves own. Go through these imams who are radicalising young


people? Yes, giving them an alternative. I heard earlier today


that it is often the youngsters that are radicalised and the young man


that, but it is the ages of this particular cell. Is that a lot of


these young men have stepped away from their religion and it is when


they come back to it that they become so easily radicalised. I also


think a lot of visual men who were living, they are the second


generation or the third-generation living with parents who are trying


to live, as the first generation and their wide call hairless households,


so they're not allowed to go out with girls, they are not allowed or


the freedoms they see all the way around them. They go off the rails,


often, with heard so many of them is taken drugs, have been involved with


watching pawn and all the rest of it and then they feel guilt, or they


made to feel guilt by someone who can manipulate them brilliantly and


say, this is what you can do. Do you think it is down to their community,


the imam 's light you say to actually put a stop and step in? The


conversation we had had up until now has this government, backed


government... It can't be government it has got with their families as


well. Side it is never easy as a migrant, I've been a migrant all my


life. -- it is never easy. What happens is you become resilient and


ambitious. These young kids seem to have lost any sense of, that is the


migration story, back of the story of America. Used to be that the


second and third generation would integrate more and make it in spite


of the difficulties. They want to stick the difficulties. Something is


gone badly wrong here. I read a research report from America


recently, many of these men either have absent auto radical fathers.


I'm not saying they all are, not at all. Or they have a problematic


relationship with their mums, again there was no psychological


interventions and we need to have those. You must have a problem with


your mother when your mother is not on an equal footing with the above?


Some of them are wonderful parents, I've interviewed some of them but we


need to go deeper. In capturing the teenage mind can be so easy if you


know how. We need to assimilate them, make sure they all speaking


with... Debut. Is that everyone else to do. These guys speak perfect


Spanish or French, they are completely of the place but not of


the place. You are speaking to someone who was a child of


immigrants, I understand this perfectly. We are all immigrants at


this news table. I feel totally British. I was always British, it


was a colony. Me to. This is the news that broke when I came an


shift, everyone was hoping against hope he would be found. It was


against the youth, that young face. And also we have no idea how ill his


mother is, she is in hospital so whether she knows that he is gone.


Throw she said that we were so lucky to have him. That was his father.


Can you imagine anything worse that you get separated, which would be


scary enough in that crowd, and then you find your child didn't though.


The youngest victim is actually three years old who has not the


name. We will stay with the Telegraph and Brexit. Working


through this quickly. There is a big smile, either. There was somebody he


was saying in the government or the board of train all international


trading group saying that trade deals after Brexit will make the


world safer. I would love to believe that, but we were already in a group


which we thought would wake the world safer and anything we can do


to make the world safe I think is great. I'm not sure that all these


new relationships we will forge on the basis of trade... Is this a


security expert saying this? It is incomprehensible and fairly


illiterate to say we will be safer. Nobody can say thou about anything


in the world today. It is like saying we will get free cupcakes for


the rest of our lives! LAUGHTER It is a lovely idea and he


obviously has heart working terribly on this. Online abuse is making the


front page. Yes and I think this is really important because Frank God


we have now reached the point where the internet is being scrutinised,


this idea that it is a wild and free and wonderful place is not an


whether it is for jihadis or sex in this... And misogynist and racists.


It is high time that the internet Giants were hurled accountable. And


this is treated as a hate crime. It is long overdue. I think overview of


what sentence you get for committing a hate crime would be quite


interesting. This is something that just in happen of the bar but now


because you have total anonymity you can say anything about anybody. Side


I know young girl who was so racially, and mixed-race girl, who


tried to hang herself about three weeks ago they found her


just-in-time and young people are particularly susceptible. Yes


because they are totally involved with social media and also cyber


bullying. It is a different world and the problem is that children are


involved in an adult world and they can't manage it. I think if you can


say your children... If you accept it up this week in that shop and you


don't pay the then you will go to jail. I think the same sort of thing


at the polling can say, there are serious, serious considerations were


doing this that would probably cut it down quite a lot. You got to


wonder, would they have the resources to track these people down


because there was a lot of anonymity online. On the can you note and I


did they are going much better at tracing. I have never understood why


this new media thinks it should have no regulation? When the rest of us


have to operate under very strict rules. You have to check your facts.


You can put anything on social media. Yes-men you touched on the


point that social media giants have the play a role. They haven't really


been open provided. No. It is interesting that marks about things


he might have about being president, while Eddie doesn't sort this out on


Google. Is he Facebook Google? Facebook. They have got to watch


what they do one of the terrifying things as you can get on social


media by now how you can kill people with their ban. That has influence


people and it is called people. Off the grid is my solution to it all.


The Daily Mail, I was wondering where this was going to come up


because did you watch the documentary is celebrating... I've


not seen them because I have been away. But I have been very lucky


enough to meet both Diana Princess of Wales. Oh, yes and what your


thoughts? She was extraordinary she was different, she changed the Royal


family. I think she would be quite horrified to know that this very bad


marriage, and it was a very bad marriage, but there are millions of


people in this country have had a very bad marriage, now comes


tumbling out, some of it is true. I don't think she would be horrified,


if you read the Sunday Times Magazine today where he talks about


how he wrote that book, she knew what she was doing and she did and


I'm glad that finally these two are seeing some comeuppance for what


happened to that poor child. She was, again 18 years old. 19. 19 when


they got together she was a child. It was a bad arranged marriage. I am


pleased about this that their popularity has hit. It will come


back. Also, he has done great things in his life. Look, which was had


not... Who has been paired effect, none of us. My feeling is, she was


extraordinary, Sears have these two wonderful sons who will change the


Royal family forever. She taught them a lesson. I find it difficult


that... Was this conversation goes and carries an here. We're going to


say that the zip of the papers makes you join is in about half an hour


and we will continue with the conversation to find out how ends.


Coming up next it is Meet The Other. Don't go away.


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