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before starring in his own series of slapstick movies


during the 1950s, has died at his Las Vegas home aged 91.


Hello there and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


bringing us first thing tomorrow morning.


With me are the former Fleet Street editor,


Eve Pollard, and the journalist and columnist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.


Lovely to see you both again. We will come back to our chat in a


moment. First off, a quick look at the front pages.


They pay tribute to the British seven-year-old who was killed


in the Barcelona terror attack on Thursday,


after becoming separated from his mum while on Las Ramblas.


The Daily Telegraph headlines comments made by the UK's chief


trade negotiator in which he said post-Brexit deals will make


the world a safer place as Britain forges alliances with other


The Daily Express, meanwhile, claims Britain has seen a ?50


billion foreign investment boom since the vote for Brexit,


quoting analysis carried out by a Eurosceptic group.


The Financial Times says the Trump administration is to push hard


for tax reform in a bid to win back Republican voters.


Meanwhile, the Daily Mail writes that Prince Charles has seen a drop


in his popularity rating in the run-up to the 20th


anniversary of Princess Diana's death.


The Times says children are being exposed to an increase


in gambling adverts as betting websites push for new customers.


And the Guardian says the Crown Prosecution Service


is to crack down on social media hate crimes, making them as serious


as offences carried out face to face.


That is one of the stories will be talking about in a moment. However,


good evening do you both. We start off with the times. This fascinating


link, the latest information on the spend terror attacks. To Brussels,


how is this be made? There it is an Times, who is suspected. And good on


the Times, this is the first ever that has this on the front page. So


an imam suspected of masterminding the us learn attack also travelled


often to Belgium, a connections to Paris, and seems to have been a


major, kind of, dark figure, a groomer, almost, of young men, into


jihadism and terror. But they have made a number of links. What is


fascinating is this A3, the Audi, caught in Cambrils, that has also


been seen in France, as well. It is interesting, because one of the


boys' father says that this imam spent a lot of time with the boys.


The youngest attic was 18, that has been involved in this jihadi


terrorist attack. It is terrifying to think that someone who is


supposed to be a man of religion is influencing and grooming these boys,


usually boys are being in trouble, say you can repay your guilt by


doing something wonderful, or whatever. But the man who drove his


car is still at large. The one who is still at large, Younes


Abouyaaqoub, is 22. But the others were really just lads, who


apparently in the small place they were growing up in play football and


seemed happy enough. And we do have a problem, because there are many


imams online and across Europe, who have been flooded, as far as I know,


because a lot are alleging this, by Saudi Arabia. They want their brand


of Islam to the eight conquering ideology. So they want to take over


the world in terms of the minds and hearts of young people. What


astonishes me is that across Europe, this country is still a fond ally of


ours. And we should be doing something about Saudi Arabia. What


is extraordinary is that I think Saudi Arabia is the chair of human


rights and the United Nations. It is extraordinary! And their royals and


our royals, and all the President of America, Canada... We know why they


suck up to them, but if they are serious about dealing with them, it


is time. Very quickly, just to finish off this story, what was


fascinating about it was that they were not on anybody's radar. The


boys that did the attack, putting the imam a cypher, they did the


attack, but they will won't be on watch. They led double lives. They


went out and socialise and did not show any signs of being radicalised.


-- putting the imam aside for a moment. Yes. And of course, we have


GCHQ in this country, across Europe there is nothing like that. Spain


does have good intelligence, but the mistake that was made when they


found that this house that blew up, they thought it was an accident. And


I think that was a bad mistake. A gate turning to Mirror and one of


the victims of the atrocious attack. One of the victims is featured on


many the papers, Julian Cadman, the seven-year-old, separated from his


mother. He was obviously hit by this car in some way. Terrible, terrible


story, when you think this is the way the little boy and his life. And


his mother, of course, still in hospital. It is the soft targets, is


the soft targets, isn't it? Be random, soft targets. I was there


until Friday. -- the random. We were staying near to where the van


stopped. One street away. Everybody who has been to Barcelona, it is the


loveliest, easiest, sort of global cafe joint, if you like. That is


what they hate. The puritans, they are real puritans. Not unlike the


American neo-Nazis. They want the world to be not diverse, not to be


internationalist. I was impressed by a piece in yesterday's Times, we


said now we need to protect these people. They put bollards up in


places like France and on the Thames, and it is good to change the


way Europe looks, but this is something we need to do. We are


going to turn, now, to the Guardian, which has another picture of the


lovely Julian Cadman, but the story we are going to be looking at is the


online abuse. Here we have somebody from the Crown Prosecution Service,


which says we are going to deal with social media attacks as if they were


physical, to your face attacks, because often they end up with being


physical attacks, and they are, of course, very, very dangerous, with


young people, cyber bullying, all this goes on on social media. And


stalking, it can be terrifying! Frankly, it is about time we got to


grips with social media. It is totally unfettered. Television and


radio had to check their facts, social media does not. -- have to.


And because their real name. -- and nobody puts their real name. I


remember hearing somebody said that every time is something on social


media, they dreamt of the day they would have to put their name and


address next to it. Some of the strains of hate-crime, they say,


racism, homophobic, sexism... But the mental abuse, I wonder how they


will target, if they will, how they will target. We are going to look at


the Mail now, and they have a story on the royal family. The angle is


that Charles and Camilla are not too happy, allegedly, with the backlash


following the documentaries. We don't know. The documentaries were


about to cause a backlash. The whole country was totally shocked by the


death of a member of the Royal family, and a popular member of the


Royal family. And I am sure that this will be a passing stage. Yes.


Deep PR machinery is brilliant. They have done a fantastic miraculous


thing after she did die. -- The PR machinery. Underneath this, though,


there is true. I want child to say, absolutely now, to remember Diana


and to say it, I made... I was not good to have. He would not do that.


Why not? All over the world, people have had bad marriages, done that


things. Which of us can say that we have never done anything bad? I have


not done anything this bad! I haven't! He has never talked about


his side of the story. He has! OK, he has a bet. I thought she was


amazing. -- a bit. And look at her sons, they are doing wonderful


things. But I am just saying that I think divorce is now very common,


sadly, and I think, yes, she had a very bad time, but the she had a


very bad time from childhood. It would be good to have just a simple


thing saying the boys have now spoken very honestly about their


mother, their dad... Beautifully, beautifully... Beautifully. And now


they're Dabney to say something. And what about the Sun? Duping people


actually care about this? -- and now their dad needs to. -- do you think


people actually care about this? I think it must be very upsetting for


the boys to see all of this, as well as having spoken about their love


for her. I think this 20 years on... We have to let it go now.


It has been a pleasure, as usual. Coming up next, it is The Film


Review. Enjoy it.


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