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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, this is BBC News with myself Bury...


I'll first off, let's look at the headlines, eight people have died in


a crash involving a minibus and two lorries and the M1 in Milton Keynes,


two people have been arrested in connection with the incident. Three


police officers were injured on Friday night whilst arresting a man


brandishing a four foot sort outside Buckingham Palace. Tropical storm


Harvey continues inland bringing heavy rain and flooding to parts of


taxes. King Felipe of Spain joined thousands of people marching through


Barcelona demonstrating their defiance after the recent attacks in


the country. Well, hello and welcome to look


ahead what the papers will bring us tomorrow. With me I've got the


editor politics home and Rachel will be having a chat. We will start with


the mail on Sunday which oppose that Theresa May intends to crack down on


excessive bosses pay. Meanwhile the Observer leads with the news that


Labour won the UK to remain in the single market for several years


post-Brexit. The Sunday Times says more than 100 academy school chain


heads are earning more than the Prime Minister. The Sunday express


front page is dedicated to that fatal crash on the M1. Which eight


people lost their lives in. And the Sunday Telegraph reports on


weaknesses in Parliament's security exposed by pests. That is a taste of


some of the front pages you will be waking up to on Sunday morning. They


and Kevin it is lovely to have you here this evening. Sherry start with


the Observer and Labour. Yes, in the face of it the seams a move in their


Brexit stance. Labour's position has been confused it is safe to say over


the last few months as to where they stood in terms of Britain being a


member of the single market, the customs union after Brexit. A lot of


Labour MPs would like the party to have a much stronger campaigning to


stay in the single market. Jeremy Corbyn up until now has resisted


that. Kia Starman the shadow Brexit secretary said that at least during


the transition period, so everything up to four minutes after Brexit,


that Labour would support maintaining single market membership


and Customs union membership which is quite significant and will please


a la labour backbenchers who have been quite worried about the party's


stands on the situation. Bright in that transition time we would have


to carry on paying, do we have any more details about Busquets what


happens during the transition period, paying into the EU budget?


Yes, I think this move has come about, Labour making clear what its


position would be is in reaction to the Conservatives announcing what


the transition period will look like so we had announcement a couple of


weeks ago saying that the Conservative government would want


upon row of the customs union and the single market which is a weird


thing to do in a transition period because the transition period is


supposed to be a buffer about exiting those two things. It is more


of a continuation. More like transition means Brexit, it is the


Conservative saying we're leading these things during the period that


we should be transitioning out of these things. It makes no sense


which is why we're seeing the Labour Party adding clarity and a


distinction to say, know if there will be a transitional period which


then needs to be then these things need to stay, there needs to be some


sort of continuity in these things so that we can accept in a way that


does Britain less damage. I think it is significant because just one


month ago Jeremy Corbyn was on the Marr show where he was pretty clear


that leaving you mean she can't be in the single market and we do, even


if there was a transitional period, leave the EU on March the 21st 2019


which indicates he would not support maintaining single market membership


during the transitional period. I think there has been an internal


battle in the Labour Party with Kia stammer wanting to pursue a softer


Brexit and it looks as though he has come out on top and as I have said


judging from the social media reaction since the front page came


out about an hour ago it seems to have gone down pretty well with


Labour MPs. OK, the independent, one of our lead story is as hurricane


Harvey now a tropical storm. But, Houston are very worried about this


because there is so much of the US economy based around Houston and the


oil drilling and the waterways around that Texas coastline, as well


but it seems as if the paper as saying that at least eight people


have been killed so far. It's obviously very worried, I had


someone on the radio saying that hurricane Katrina was the last big


horror came to hit the United States in 2005 and it is amazing how


ill-prepared they are despite all the measures that were supposed to


be taking how ill-prepared the United States is for this horror


came and clearly, as you say, it is potentially very, very bad for the


US economy. Staying with the Independent, big business lobbyist


on praxis talks. No real surprise is it? Does it make any worst that not


surprised that the businesses are dominating the praxis process as we


predicted they would be. This is a report coming from two campaign


groups. And they have highlighted how the Department for exiting be


you as predominantly seen a single investment banks having more


meetings of these officials then all the big UK trade unions put together


which is exactly where everyone has warned about with a conservative


excerpt from the Yukon that ie it will look to favouring big business.


-- a conservative except from the United union. At the expense of


everyone else, union should be one of the major groups in that room, of


course they should. This will affect so many things to do with workers


and employment and employment rights and employment benefits and


protections. The idea that the government would prefer to meet with


an investment banker over a trade unionist, I found worrying. Wow the


paper points out the TEU tax forced had met with EU tax lobbyists. That


does make OK. No it doesn't. The Sunday Telegraph also go with


Brussels and Brexit. Brexit, we have to get used to it for at least the


next two years it will dominate the debate in this country. There was


nothing else the government can do in terms of its domestic agenda. The


whole weight of Whitehall and the civil service is now just having to


focus on Brexit to make the best of it. Next week, Monday David Davis


goes to Brussels, again for the start of the latest round of Brexit


talks and we are told that he will be more bullish and go there and


tell the EU that they have got to start sharing a bit more


flexibility. That will do it! Britain has been, and a purpose


their kids will love these things, the last couple of weeks open


publishing all these policy papers to set up their position so he is


saying we're doing this work you got to metres halfway so it could get a


bit feisty this week, I think. Open to now the US shown no willingness


whatsoever to try and meet any of the UK's demands. And saying that


the EU has to stop dragging its feet. That's weird because that is


what the EU has been saying about the UK, and I've got to the stage


where you can hear the pleading in their towns where they are saying,


we want some clarity, a bit, anything to show as a bit of


paperwork, something we can proceed with. You are right, Britain is


desperate to move onto trade talks, the future relationship and the EU


are saying basically we will not do that until you tell us, comment we


reach an agreement on the divorce Bill, the Irish border, and he uses


the rights. Three areas where they are miles apart. How they come


together on matters such as short space of time I do not know how they


can do. It is all about salaries into the papers will start off with


the mail. Rachel, Theresa May is on the warpath. She think she is she


has written a piece in the mail on Sunday talking about, the excesses


and irresponsibility of big businesses with their culture of


greed, of fat cat buses. I would issue men imagine that this is


coming after the snap election where it became clear that Labour Party


which talked about addressing the rampant wealth and inequalities in


this country proved to be really popular, the kind of policies there


are habit patterns about resonated with the public and resulted in an


unprecedented and unexpected 4% richer. It seems to me that Theresa


May is trying to position herself or the Conservative Party is one that


is also interested in tackling wealth inequalities Kubot the


trouble I have is that nobody would believe that of the Conservative


Party that it has been consistently associated with looking after


culprits is and elites. Has been responsible for some of the public


sees have cemented such wealth and inequalities in this country.


Indeed, everything she said so far such as workers on boardroom


skirmishes backed out. To be fair on the first day she became prime


ministers she said on the steps of Downing Street, she talked about


reducing... Improving quality in the country. A couple of the policy


proposals were workers on boards, which has been pitched, another was


allowing shareholders to vote on executive pay. Ditched. It would


appear there are a lot of warm words but no firm proposals. Because of


the puzzle of the action she got anything to and the last Tory


backbenchers Braun and mile from the stuff. Now we have fat cat salaries


of academy school chiefs. We shocked by this, I was. 440,000 was one. Try


it is shocking and abhorrent that we should hear about more than 100 of


the school chiefs any more than a is, one at 420,000. This is a time


when schools, are being cut. They are facing cuts. We hear about


school teachers helping feed their pupils who are coming to school


hungry. We hear that parents are asked to help donate to the school.


Sky paper textbooks. It's galling. But at the same time... They are


looking at the shame of schools. No. At our eldest daughter 's school the


headteacher has proposed to turn it into an academy, a lot of parents


are open arms about it. And one of the things is a multi-academy trust,


so one teacher would become a chief executive of all of these schools,


you can see why it is attractive because of the salaries. This is all


paid for by ours, all public money. And other reason not to put profit


in the things that we will I like schools and public services. Very


quickly, the princes of again honouring their of light. The 20th


anniversary which can't believe. And it is difficult time for the two


princes. I think they will pay tribute to their mother and the bits


they probably won't speak about it again I would've thought. It must be


very difficult. Brave of them to do it. Rachel Kevin will enjoy the best


macro way to and Kevin will and joiners in about half an hour.


Coming up we had the film with you. -- coming up we have the Film




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