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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Nigel Nelson, who's the political editor


at the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People, and the political


The Observer says that the Prime Minister Theresa May is facing


a revolt from Remain supporting MP's over the upcoming Brexit Bill.


The same story leads the Sunday Telegraph,


with Tory rebels being told to back Brexit or get Corbyn.


The Sunday Times also leads with a Brexit story,


it says Theresa May has secretly agreed a ?50 billion


The Mail on Sunday says that Theresa May ignored a memo


from Sir Lynton Crosby telling her not to risk


And The Express leads with presents left to pen-pals


by Moors Murderer Ian Brady, who died in May.


So, let's begin, and I think we can see from that what is dominating and


it is Brexit and politics. Jo, we are going to start with the Daily


Mail, the bombshell, apparently, dropped by Lynton Crosby who said


you should not be thinking about a general election. Nevertheless, she


did? She did, and completely ignored him. The Mail on Sunday have got


this memo from Lynton Crosby, who was called while he was away on a


long planned family holiday in Fiji. He said, you need to call one of the


chiefs of staff, and was told they were thinking about going for an


election. He said, I'd think that is a smart idea. He asked what research


had been done, heard that none had been done. Obviously said, you know,


this is a bonkers idea, are you sure you are going to go ahead with this?


Furthermore, there's a real risk that the Conservative vote would end


up broadly similar to what the party got in 2015, voters do not want the


uncertainty. This also comes on the same day that the Prime Minister, in


the poll for the same paper, shows that Conservative voters think that


they have more chance of winning if she quits. Boris Johnson is the


favourite to replace her. But I think this memo that has been linked


just shows the total shambles that was going on. And then we saw it


played out, embarrassingly, toe curling Lee, through every day of


the election campaign. It's amazing that everybody thought the way they


did. Calling the election was always high risk. Everything that had


happened in America, the voters were behaving particularly keenly, and


nothing was guaranteed. The article says it was Lynton Crosby's strategy


to make Theresa May the centre of the campaign. The strong and stable


leader? Exactly, it wasn't about the Tory party, it was about Theresa


May. Anybody that spent five minutes in her company knows that she


couldn't sustain that. Lynton Crosby should have known. What he was


thinking to try to do it that way was bound to actually fail. Pages


and pages of this in the Daily Mail, but we must go on to the Sunday


Times. Staying with Theresa May, this is the suggestion that Theresa


May has secretly agreed the terms of a divorce bill, they have numbers


and everything? We should say our esteemed colleague Chris Mason has


it on high authority from Downing Street that this story is absolute


rubbish. They say it is to be not true. Maybe we should move on? Tim


Shipman, also an esteemed colleague, says a Tory source who has discussed


the plans with Theresa May's inner circle, saying they are planning to


approve a politically explosive Brexit bill of up to ?50 billion


after the Conservative Party conference in an effort to


kick-start the talks and negotiations with the European


Union. It means Britain would pay between ?7 billion and ?17 billion a


year for three years after Brexit before ending the sizeable direct


payments. I don't know if you believe that? The trouble is, it's


about time somebody put a figure on what we are going to have to pay. I


think the onus is on Michel Barnier and the EU, they are the ones


selling this thing. We are the buyers, if you like, and they should


come up with it. We fight estimates of any thing from 40 billion to 100


billion. Let's start with the actual figure so that we know what it is.


Then we can also find out what we are buying, we can talk about, OK,


we might pay that amount of money for staying near or in the single


market. Whether the story is true or not, Downing Street have denied it,


we will be somewhere around this figure. She will have two actually


come up with money within this kind of range. We just don't know what it


is. That is why Europe must say what they want from us. Staying on


Brexit, in The Observer, this is the suggestion that if Tory backbenchers


start to create a fuss about Brexit and the terms thereof, they might be


in a spot of bother with the whips? Yes, what comes up is the Repeal


Bill, which has come down from The Great Repeal Bill, what it was


originally called. On the day of Brexit, all EU law becomes UK law.


Completely sensible. A lot of people don't like it. A lot of clauses


suggest that powers would be taken away from Parliament and handed over


to Whitehall. Anyway, a lot of Tory rebels, there has been a major


assault from Labour, trying to get the Tory rebels to come over to


them. The euro supporters in the Tory party. The warning is that if


you do that, we could be into general election territory. The


government could fall if she can't get through her bill. According to


the Observer, the whips are leaning on MPs and saying, don't do this. Of


course, the MPs are saying, the more they lean on us, the more they are


inclined to have a go. I will move us on, but let's jump to the Sunday


Times, just to finish. Time is tight. It is a totally different


story, but an interesting one. Five-year-olds wearing the hijab as


a school uniform. New figures coming out? It is they survey the Sunday


Times has done. It has shown there are lots of state primary schools


that allow girls as young as five to where the Muslim headscarf, this is


just the headscarf, not covering the face or anything. The idea of


wearing the hijab, normally it comes in at puberty, not at the age of


five. There are completely understandable concerns, which I


must say I share. It is alarming female Muslim campaigners, church


leaders and academics, they say it is sexualising little girls.


Basically saying to them, you must be covered up because you are a


sexual thing, a sexual temptation. There are concerns, Ofsted are


looking to see if headteachers have been coming under pressure from


external organisations, from parents or religious leaders, to bring this


in. There is quite a difference across the country. A fifth of 800


primary schools, including Church of England primary, in 11 regions, now


lest the hijab as part of their uniform policy, which is odd for


five or six-year-olds. I think we disagree somewhat on this one. I


would be happy about this, provided the parents of the children are


happy, and the schools are happy. The principle of the hijab being


school uniform, I don't have a problem with it. Well, we end on a


glorious disagreement. We have had to be short and sweet, because time


is tight. We will be back in the next hour. Thanks to Jo and Nigel


for now. We will be back at 11.30 when we will have more time for more


discussion and disagreement! That have a look at the weather


prospects. Hello, a lovely start


to the weekend, with the exception of a few sharp showers in East


Anglia. Most places were dry with some


sunshine, with skies like this.


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