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Jon Sopel and Aled ap Dafydd with analysis of the political scene shaping Wales.

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Later in the programme, South Wales Chief Constable tells us that 70


miles an hour is fast enough in motorways.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1881 seconds


And what is the best way to sell Welcome to The Politics Show in


Welsh. Coming up, how to tap the economic potential of our young


people, and what would be best for the economy - .cymru or .wales?


First up, the recent pile-up on the M5, in which several people were --


seven people were killed including a couple from Newport, has reopened


debates on the speed limit. The South Wales Chief Constable, Peter


Vaughan, has told us he believes the current 70 mph limit is working.


He has been talking about that and other issues which I reported,


Adrian Browne. My arrival at South Wales Police


headquarters in Bridgend came as Peter Vaughan approaches two weeks


-- two years heading the force. On his day -- on his first day he


pledged to increase confidence in the fours. Not easy with a


shrinking budget and police numbers falling.


But before we got onto the many issues facing him, my time with


Peter Vaughan began with a drive back to the area where he grew up,


served as a senior officer and lived, Merthyr Tydfil. We arrived


at the police station in time for an officer is briefing.


The beat manager's agenda includes burglaries and a sum of money


stolen from a safe. As the heavens open, I briefly take to the beat in


the town centre. Back in a nice, dry Office, local policing


Inspector Clare demonstrates how new technology is being used to


back up traditional bobbies on patrol, making it easy to ensure


officers are where they need to be at the right time.


Returning to Bridgend there is evidence of more modernisation, as


Peter Vaughan and his assistant proudly show me the beginnings of


what is to become a state of the art call centre, handling all calls


across the force area, another way south poles police is seeking to


make the service more effective as budgets get tighter. -- South Wales


police. I spoke to Mr Vaughan about fear of crime, plans to raise the


speed limit, elected police commissioners and whether policing


should be involved. I began by asking him what impact the loss of


hundreds of officers was having on the service. That is the part of my


job I dislike the most, they are real people with real families


within our communities, and since the start of the year we have 470


less jobs than when we started. During this Spending Review we will


be almost 700 jobs fewer, and it would be disingenuous to suggest


this will not have an impact. I could say, I need a 20% cut, and


they would not have paid much attention, but I would -- I have


been with this organisation for a long time and in some respects we


do business the same way now as in 1984, and I threw my chief officer


is a challenge - to redesign their operation, what do we do? But then


you put the victim, the witness, at the centre of everything you do.


But in terms of the public generally, you are confident there


is the same effectiveness on the same -- on frontline as ever?


as we described, when a police officer arrest someone they will


take that person to the custody suite and deal with them from to


start to finish. The more effective they are at arresting them, the


less time they spend in our communities. With our help, the


winners can be dealt with the Police Staff working within that


unit, -- the witness. What is your perception of people's risk of


crime, people's risk of being attacked in some form? Has saved


our people compare two years ago? For burglary for example, at the


moment there are seven forces in the country that are reducing


burglary faster than we are. Robbery as well - we are doing


really well in reducing robberies. If he were to give us an overall


position in terms of crimes in the area, we would hit mid- table. We


have not got least crime or the most crime. But the public


perception is a little bit different from that, and people


perceive that crime is high in the area at the moment. To give you an


example, in the Cardiff area, half of the population of the area in


which I police is located within Cardiff, just within its its


extremities. If we have more than five burglaries per day, we start


to get worried. And I think public perception is there will be far


more burglaries going on then actually go on. The message from me


is we are good at dealing with crime, getting better at detecting


more crime than ever, and we are determined to continue trying to


achieve that. We had that dreadful pile up on the motorway recently,


does that give you some reservations over plans to increase


the speed limit from 70 miles an hour to 80 miles an hour? It was an


absolutely tragic incident, and my thoughts go out to the family is of


those people concerned. We had a family from Newport tragically


caught up in that, and it is too early to say whether speed was the


cause of that accident or not. Within the Welsh region, the


southern Welsh region, we have tried different experiments with


Gwent Police, on the Mfor the speed was reduced to 50 miles an hour for


Adkins biddable amount of time -- and accidents dropped. I can see


why people would call for a reduced speed limit, but for me 70 works at


the moment. Again, it is for Gwent Police, but we will see how the


various -- the variable speed limits will have an impact on


accident. If I am driving reasonably at 70 miles an hour, and


there is a pile up and I am caught up on it, I am more likely to be


harmed if I am doing 80 rather than 70. I think the signs of speed is


the faster you go, the more impact when you hit an object. -- the


science of speed. Personally I think 70 is OK. The plead that I


would give his, all too often I am driving on the road and I seek the


signs indicating a speed of 40 miles an hour, and people pass my


car at 70 or more. The signs on the motorway are there for a reason, to


give people advance notice of what is going on in front of them. So I


would recommend that when we are aware of something happening, we


will port advisory speed limits in, they are they for a reason. There


are a lot of things happening politically, one of which is


elected police commissioners next year. That will change things a bit.


What you make of it as a concept? In November next year we will have


a police and crime Commissioner for South Wales. But I personally


didn't think what we had was good with in our area, and the reason I


say that is that we have got seven local authorities covered by the


South Welsh police. Of those seven areas, but our politicians


representing those areas. I have got a great mix of diversity, race,


gender, previous experience on that Police Authority, individuals that


are used to working at a significant level in other


organisations, and that provides us with a number of touchstones. We


have seen that in the performance in our area improving, and our


inspectors regard so it was police as one of the four moths to


improving forces in the country. That is my staff doing their job


properly, and it is going to be difficult for one person to take on


that real mix of experience and diversity. It is an act of


parliament, it will happen, and my cup is normally half full, and if


we get the right person it will work. From the police service


perspective we are determined to make it work, because the stakes


are too high if you get it wrong. Because the people that suffer will


be the committees of Wales. other thing being talked about, a


bit more now, is the possibility of devolving the police to the


assembly. Would you be in favour of that. Personally, yes. It seems a


funny place sometimes to be one of the few public services that are


not devolved, and we constantly work with devolved services, the


fire service, the ambulance service, our local authorities, all looked


towards Cardiff Bay. We are not in that position at the moment, the


Welsh chief Constable's really enjoy the relationship we have got


with the assembly members within Cardiff Bay. We get a lot of access


to those individuals, and we are able to make our points to them in


a way that we wish that we could do with Parliament. There are some


advantages of being controlled by the Home Office, and also working


closely with the Welsh Government, but I personally think that we


would benefit from being devolved. Thank you very much.


That was Adrian Browne putting the questions to Peter Vaughan. Of the


many gloomy indicators generated by the global financial crisis, high


youth unemployment is a common concern. The sharp rise in the


jobless young has hit most countries including us here in


Wales. But the latest figures due next week, have fears that the


trend is reversed. This generation could find it harder to get on than


the last. James Williams reports. 330 miles from their starting point


in general in the North is England, a group of the young unemployed


completed the final leg of their epic march. Charing -- channelling


the spirit of the original Jarrow marchers who delivered a petition


to the Government of the day, the core group of 20 matches were


joined by hundreds of people from across the UK, to call for action


on rising youth unemployment. 24, an unemployed chef. If there


were jobs, people would be working. They were put money back into the


economy. The latest figures show there are more than 27,000 young


people in Wales on jobseeker's people in Wales on jobseeker's


allowance. 3,500 more than the same time last year. Of those unemployed,


time last year. Of those unemployed, the number claiming for more than


six months has increased by more than 40%, however the picture is


than 40%, however the picture is than 40%, however the picture is


than 40%, however the picture is than 40%, however the picture is


than 40%, however the picture is than 40%, however the picture is


than 40%, however the picture is complicated by the fact that at the


same time there are almost 30,000 same time there are almost 30,000


unfilled vacancies in Wales. Not every young person finds themselves


in this situation. Jonathan it is a 4th year apprentice toolmaker.


have just finished my apprenticeship, and it was pretty


good. Every day is different, and I'm still learning. Happy in his


chosen career, Jonathan nonetheless feels that his schooldays could


have better prepared him for the real world. They could do with more


people coming in from work places, to give people experiences and get


people to ask questions and learn more about them. Since I left


school and came into working environment, it was totally


different to what I expected. this lack of exposure in formal


education to the world of work that some see as the root problem. This


company has been offering Apprenticeships to people -- young


people for all the 40 years. But they feel their needs to be a major


attitude changed in order to bridge the divide. 12 years ago, when the


Blair administration set out the target of 50% of young people going


to university, what it did do was reinforce some of the negative


behaviour that said to young people, if you do not go to higher


education, you have been hurriedly failed. We must get a balanced


message right. The head of a body representing


Welsh businesses also agrees that greater collaboration is needed.


There certainly needs to be much closer working towards the world of


work and employment and schools. Government can facilitate that.


There is a lot going on, individually between companies and


individual schools. A lot of employers try to offer work


experience to young people, but an think we need to make it more


systematic. Make it better quality, more vigorous. It -- so that it is


a bigger part of what schools feel the need to do for.


One factor has been the introduction of business backed


colleges offering technically orientated courses. There are too


technical colleges up and running in England, including this academy


in Staffordshire. But is the Welsh Government planning on introducing


something similar in Wales? No, we are very committed to working with


our further education sector, I think we have had extraordinary


success in further education. It has been the sector which has


responded most actively to the Welsh Government's agenda, and we


want to work closer with business to make sure we have the right


range of skills available. Beyond the basic skills, employers are


also concerned about the job readiness of young people. I am


concerned we have a real focus on literacy and numeracy, and also


that we explain to young people the importance of developing key social


skills, but jollity, politeness, customer services. -- punctuality.


Implementing these lessons will be the best -- the big test for


decision-makers. For the young, the March may be over, but the struggle


against being a lost generation continues.


What is in an name, especially an on-line name? There is debate over


what would be best for a Welsh domain name -- Carwyn Jones is


supporting the .cymru name all over the .wales name. He says he will


support the name that will bring the most benefits for Wales.


A domain name for Wales on the Web, is the dream for campaigners.


Originally there was a call for Welsh took -- Wales to adopt .cymru,


but Wales was overtaken by the Cayman Islands who took that domain.


Some campaigners are worried the .cymru address will not be favoured,


and .wales will be the address for the future. Can you confirm your


Government will only be able to accept an application that includes


.cymru and .wales? No, it is important week secured any domain


that gives the best economic boost to Wales.


The this has been a massive blow to the .cymru campaign. I did not


think I would see the date when the Prime Minister of Wales says he was


against having a domain, .cymru. What is the point of having a Welsh


Prime Minister if he does not fight for the one thing that separates


people from the outside world, that shows we are a unique culture which


we has to which we want to share? Were what governments say they are


committed to supporting a top-level domain name for Wales, and that


they will shortly invite people to submit their proposals. One company


believes there may be a bilingual proposal that works.


Whether it is practically possible in relation to what -- Harrow


Internet domains are run, is another matter. It may not be


possible, but we will track our best to ensure that there was a


bilingual aspect. If it is a tall practical.


But what would be best for the Welsh economy - .cymru or .wales?


It depends on the type of organisation. In the cultural side,


.cymru could work very well. But in Welsh, they may want an impact on


tourism and heritage, and a different format may also work. It


will depend therefore in the organisation, the customers,


creating that immediate impact. We can also think of brands, and


mention the imagery altogether. The company hats asked the .cymru


campaign to work with them, but that has been refused. The final


proposal will be presented to the body that runs International de


Bains next year. It is Remembrance Sunday today,


with services being held across Welsh. The service at the Wales


National War Memorial at Cathays Park was attended by Cheryl Gillan,


Rodney Berman and Carwyn Jones. thing we sometimes do is forget


about what has happened in the past and forget the lessons that were


taught us in the past. We should never forget the sacrifice made by


so many, and use that to make sure that in the future we give our on


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