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Victoria Derbyshire speaks to boxing trainer Peter Fury about a petition to have Tyson Fury removed from the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year contest.

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Hello it's Tuesday, it's 9.15, I'm Victoria Derbyshire,


South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius has been granted


bail this morning after being found guilty of murdering


The accused Schmidts to the house arrest and may leave the house


between 7 o'clock in the morning and 12 o'clock midday and is only


allowed to travel within t radius permitted.


Also today, yet more misery for people whose


homes have been destroyed in the floods with warnings


We'll speak to some of those affected.


Plus one of the leading candidates to be the next President


of the United States of America is calling for Muslims to be banned


Donald Trump is calling for a shutdown to Muslims until


representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.


We'll get reaction from American Muslim's.


Plus, should this man be a contender for the BBC's Sports


Britain's world heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury has made


homophobic and sexist comments but do personal views matter


when it comes to recognition for his sporting triumphs like this?


Bedlam in the ring as Tyson Fury wins one of the most coveted prizes


in sport. He comes from a gypsy background. The self-styled gypsy


King is the heavyweight champion of the world!


Hello, welcome to the programme, we're on BBC 2 and the BBC News


Throughout the programme we'll keep you


across the latest breaking news and developing stories and, as always,


Particularly keen for you to tell us what you think


of Britain's world heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury, and whether he


should be on the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.


There's a campaign to get him removed


from the list because of sexist and homophobic remarks he's made.


But do personal views matter when it comes to sporting achievements?


Richard is cross, he says for goodness sake, Tyson is a breath of


fresh air another says. Anne says, he should be removed. Although


everyone is entitled to their opinions, Mr Fury's are offensive


and it does sports personality a disservice.


Carol will be here with all the weather details just


We'll talk to people who clearing up their businesses just


The South African paralympic champion, Oscar Pistorius, has been


granted bail, after his conviction for killing his girlfriend was


These are the latest pictures as Oscar Pistorius arrived


His lawyer says he'll appeal to the highest court against the ruling.


The judge said it would not be in the interests of justice to prevent


him leaving his home and said he'd remain under house arrest pending


sentencing. He has proved that he is not a flight risk. Initially, the


applicant was charged with an offence mentioned in schedule 6


which offence attracts a sentence of life imprisonment and even if he was


facing life imprisonment, he did comply with the bail conditions that


were put by the court. I have seriously considered part of the


agreement between the defence and the state that the applicant should


not leave the house at all should bail be granted. I have further


considered this matter is to be postponed to April next year, as it


was discussed in Chambers. I'm of the view that it will not be in the


interests of justice to the accused or the applicant, should not leave


the house at all. Have you considered all the


submissions that were made by both counsel -- having considered. I make


the following order; the case is postponed to the 18th April, 2016.


Applicant is released on bail of 10,000 Rand.


Karen Allen is outside the court for us.


Tell us what happened in court today, Karen?


Well, a case that lasted a little over an hour, the judge basically


set out the bail conditions for Oscar Pistorius. Remember, he is now


a convicted murderer following last week's appeal. The bail conditions


are essentially this; that he will be allowed to leave the house


between 7 and 12. He'll have to notify the authorities that he


intends to leave the house but won't be able to go beyond a radius of 20


kilometres of his uncle's house. He'll also have to hand over his


passport. There was concern that he may be able to go overseas. That is


why they are also electronically tagging him, very different to the


conditions he faced when he was convicted for manslaughter and he


was basically serving his correctional supervision, as they


called it. The bottom line though, is that in today's court case where


Oscar Pistorius, who was sitting literally a metre away from me,


looked a much more relaxed man. He went into court knowing that the


prosecution and his defence lawyers had already come to an agreement


that he should be allowed to continue some form of house arrest.


Of course, it wasn't up to them, it was up to the judge, but as you


heard in your clip a moment ago, he wasn't deemed to be a flight risk.


So when in the last few minutes Oscar Pistorius left the gates here,


he looked far more relaxed despite the heavy presence of the


international media here as he prepares to spend Christmas at home.


And in terms of his next legal move, what does that involve?


Well, as you heard, the plan is to appeal last week's decision to the


highest court in the land. That is the constitutional court here in


South Africa. Now, the papers have to be lodged in the next few days.


Then on April 18th, we will get an indication as to whether or not that


constitutional court case has been a success. If it has been a success,


then we could make many, many more months before a date is set -- wait


many, many more months. If it fails, it's only then that Oscar Pistorius


will come back to the High Court to face sentencing for that murder


conviction, so it's enormously complicated, but throughout that


time, those bail conditions are likely to remain in place, which


means the possibility of him going to jail could be delayed for many,


many more months still. Thank you very much.


Let's talk now to Gushwell Brooks, a journalist in Johannesburg,


who's been following the case from the beginning.


In terms of the bail conditions allowing Oscar Pistorius for now


being able to leave his uncle's house for a period of time, what is


the reaction? Well, I mean looking at the Twitter feed and listening to


the comments people have made thus far, it's quite clear that people


feel that yet again, it's a situation of someone with money,


someone with influence, some with collar, being able to manipulate the


legal system. On top of that, I think the constitutional cou, that


doesn't help that scenario either. Is there any evidence that he's


manipulated that, it was only a short while ago that his conviction


was changed? I believe there is an argument to be made for the fact


that money obviously brights you greater access to justice. I don't


necessarily think that it's based on opinion or evidence -- buys you


greater access to justice. It's down to opinion and people are getting


tired of Oscar Pistorius trying various legal mechanisms to stay out


of court. But anybody, everybody in his position would go back to court


to have a bail hearing? Indeed. I don't think that the bail


application is the issue, thing the bail application was going to happen


anyway. What is of concern to a lot of people is the fact that Oscar


Pistorius is appealing this matter through the constitutional court.


Just to make you aware, because this was a capital crime or a serious


offence, murder was obviously, the case of murder and culpable homicide


was actually heard in the High Court. The state then appealed to


the Supreme Court of Appeal and now he is appealing to the


constitutional court which would obviously be the final leg of his


appeal process. I think that what people are frustrated by is that the


ordinary Joe on the street wouldn't be able to exhaust all these legal


mechanisms. Thank you very much for talking to us again.


US rock band Eagles of Death Metal have appeared on stage in Paris,


less than a month after Islamist gunmen stormed their gig


They were invited to appear during a U2 concert.


Bono embraced singer Jesse Hughes ahead of joint rendition of Patti


There is nothing left except to introduce you to some


people whose lives will forever be a part of the city of Paris.


These are our brothers, our fellow troubadours.


They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago and we would


Would you welcome the Eagles of Death Metal!


Is everybody here having a good time?


I said, is everybody here having a good time?


No fear. We are here. Yes. It is the goodness. It's great. It's very


great to sing this night I think because this band have seen the


devil, the Black Friday, yes. I'm so happy. Eagle of Death Metal, I love


you. I think it's very good therapy for the band. For the first time,


one more time in Paris after a few weeks, after the terrorist attack, I


think it's very good for us and it was a very emotional moment for me.


It was very, you know, like heart-beating. The whole stage was


with them and it was very good. I think this is a good thing for us to


see them again because they come back and we are here, we are here to


sing again and life is going on. Thanks for getting in touch about


Tyson Fury. Some of you are cross about hope phobic comments and what


you regard as sexist comments as well. We are going to talk to his


uncle and trainer just after ten. Do get in touch and you can have a chat


with him. E-mail from Janet, nominating this dreadful man is a


disgrace. Total failure as a human being. Why does the BBC want to


align itself with someone like this, giving him a platform to broadcast


is unforgiveable. This is a tweet from Jack, he's a bigot, get him


off, he doesn't deserve to be mentioned. Mark on Twitter says


freedom of speech is vital. Alloy people to decide through the voting


system. Ian West on Twitter says, what was sexist about saying someone


looked good in a dress? Time for people to grow up. If you missed


that, he said that Jessica Ennis-Hill slapped up good and


looked good in a dress. If you want to talk to us, do put on your text,


e-mail or tweet, call me and we'll do our best to call you back.


We'll be speaking to Tara Hudson, a transgender woman sentenced to 12


weeks in an all-male prison who says she was repeatedly propositioned


by male prisoners and feared she might be raped.


First it's the main news this morning.


South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius has been granted


bail after being found guilty of murdering his girlfriend


The judge extended his house arrest until a sentencing


Power companies are working to restore electricity to thousands


of homes in Cumbria and Lancashire after the floods.


16 severe flood warnings remain in force in the region with more heavy


US Presidential contender Donald Trump calls for Muslims to be banned


from entering the country in the wake of the California shootings.


The White House condemned his remarks while rival Republican


Donald J Trump is calling for a total


and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our


country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on!


A hospital trust has apologised for placing a do not resuscitate order


on a patient. The family only found after he was discharged from


hospital in Margate in 2011. Those are the headlines.


The sport now and here is Olly. Good morning. You feel that football


is really going to dominate the agenda. Last night we had the FA Cup


third round draw. That's always one of the most anticipated moments of


the season. Not many non-league sides left. Just the four. White


Hawks have a plum draw at Everton. There are four British teams in the


Champions League. By tomorrow night, there could be just the one,


Manchester United, have to win tonight to reach the knock-out


stage. It is a crunch time for the women at the hockey finals. We will


hear from one of their stars who hasn't played since winning a bronze


medal at the London Olympics in 2012. BBC Wales had their Sports


Personality of the Year awards last night. Rugby union fly-half Dan


Bigger taking the prize to cap a brilliant year for him. That's


coming up at 10am. Carol will bring you the details


about the weather because more rain is expected. So many people are face


ago nightmare because of the flooding caused by Storm Desmond.


Helen Williamson and her family live in Cockermouth


in Cumbria which has been flooded three times in the last ten years.


The yard is pretty much clear. I have got a couple of puddles in it,


a good thick inch of river sludge, whatever it maybe.


I have not been out on to the main street. I don't know what it is


going to be. So let's go and have a look. Yes, no river anymore. Just a


whole lot of sludge. Pretty devastated really. What a mess. This


is from inside the sweetie shop that's next door to us. All the nice


biscuits. And all the lovely Christmas hampers. Everything has


been washed off that bottom floor. This is Julie trying to get things


sorted out and this is June and poor June and June is out of her house as


well. She has been flooded out of her house in Victoria Court. And all


the lovely display and all this is going to have to go because it is


contaminated. It is a shame. This is the butcher's. As you can see,


everything is spoiled. All the refrigeration has to go out. A big


clean up in order. All those Christmas turkeys, all that


Christmas stock, here is Mr Harrison now. What are you going to do about


Christmas now? What's going to happen with Christmas. I will be


open tomorrow. Good. Excellent. This is Jonty and Fiona's shop again.


There is a little bit of water there and it is sludge all the way back.


This is Fiona and this is Jonty. What's the next step? Well...


Dehumid fires and cleaners and start moving the damaged stock out. Later


this morning, we will be open for business. All the children's wellies


and things from the window display. This is the counter all destroyed


and the lovely pyjamas ruined. What a shame. This is our lovely local


bookshop on main street. And this corner bit is where all the


children's books are. On a Wednesday morning, this area here which has


been cleaned up already beautifully is where all our toddlers sit and


they have their story time on a Wednesday morning and it is horrible


to see everything in a state of disarray and everything ruined and


all the lovely stock they had in for Christmas. It is a sad sign,


especially when it is children's books, but there is lots and lots


and lots of helpers. Everyone is coming to help out which is nice and


it is actually quite typical of Cockermouth. This is the newsagents.


Look, they have cleaned up and they are all ready for business already.


That's absolutely amazing. Thank you very much, Helen for doing that for


us. Let's talk to Jo and Julia Clifford


and Jonty, the toy shop owner from Cockermouth and the Mayor of


Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury experienced really bad flooding in 2007 and we


thought we would bring you together so John in a moment, you could, you


know, if you felt able, talk to Jonty and Jo and Julia about what to


do. Julia and Jo, you have been running this fitness centre in


Carlisle for eight years. What state is it in now? Well, unfortunately,


we haven't been able to get down there yet this morning. I do know


that all, we are in the worst hit area of Carlisle. The water was


pumped out last night. So a couple of other people that have businesses


down there are down there now so until I can actually get down, we


are on our way down as soon as we finish with you, the water was up to


the ceiling so we have lost absolutely everything in our


business. We know that, but until we get down there today, I guess we


won't see if there is anything we can salvage at all. Are you Julia or


Jo? I'm Julia. Nice to talk to you. Jo, are you insured? Well, we have


got the basic insurance. However, when we were asked about, if we


wanted to take out flood insurance because of the floods in 2005, we


are in the biggest dip I guess in the city, it was really expensive


and we thought it will never happen again. Well, we were told it would


never happen again by the Environment Agency. It is once in


100 years. I think most of the small businesses around there have said


no, because the insurance was really expensive, being a high risk area.


No, we are not insured against floods. I know you say you haven't


been down there yet, Julia, can you give us an estimate of how much this


flood will have cost in terms of damage to your business?


Well, the entire business, I guess. We're lucky inasmuch as we have 100


plus members and we have managed to contact every single one of them via


phone yesterday. We spent the best part of eight hours on the phone


calling our members and every single member, because we're small, and


intimate, and we give the personalised care they have all


agreed to stand by us, we have got on our Facebook meet you down there


at 11.30am for the major clean-up, if we estimated on our machines and


computers and everything else, maybe 25, ?30,000. ?25,000, ?30,000.


That's a nightmare the that's an absolute nightmare. You sound really


pragmatic. But this must be incredibly stressful? Well, we


haven't slept for the best part of three days hence looking like this,


but I think the fact that I have to three days hence looking like this,


say first of all the human side of this is... Community spirit.


Community spirit. We're southerners, but we have been adopted up here for


the last eight years is phenomenal as usual it is the small people on


the ground that are the ones that have been phenomenal and given, you


know, I just want to see right now what the council and the Government


are going to do about this, you know, there is plenty of resources


when it comes to other countries that are affected in, you know,


tragedies, or plenty of resources when it comes to bombing other


countries. So I just hope to god that the Government do something for


us for a change. OK. Jonty, it is astonishing that you're


opening later today. That's fantastic.


Well, we didn't get fully hit, we only got two-and-a-half three foot


and we went through this six years ago. We are quite experienced. We


know what we're doing. We were on the phones as soon as the water


starting coming in. We have got the carpets coming up behind me as we


speak and as soon as that's done and it is safe for people to come back


in, the doors will be open. It is the support of the community that


gives you the strength and we're lucky too because it is just our


business. Our home is not flooded. We have friends and customers who


are staring at sodden walls and wondering where to start this


morning. So, you have to count your blessings really. Do you mind me


asking if you're insured, Jonty? I am. I'm lucky. But a lot of


businesses aren't and a lot of householders aren't, not because


they didn't want to be, but because the premiums were either


unaffordable or not even offered and the Government's flood Re Scheme,


they have taken six years to get it into operation, it will start next


year, but for everyone flooded in Cumbria, that's 12 months too late.


It certainly is. John, welcome. These kind of stories must sound


really familiar to you. You had three-and-a-half feet of water in


your house back in 2007. Are you able to give some practical advice


particularly to Jo and Julia who have not experienced this before?


I don't think I feel it would be impertinent to give them advice


really, but just to tell you about our experience. We were insured


thank god, but the insurance premiums doubled afterwards and so


did the amount we had to pay before we got the money from them. But the


cost to us in 2007, the total cost of the flood was over ?60,000


because the whole of the bottom part of our house was wiped out. I would


echo exactly what everybody says about community feeling. In


Tewkesbury what made it wonderful, it was a dreadful experience, but


what made it possible to live through and made it quite positive


was the extraordinary atmosphere the town had and I'm sure that seems to


be the case in Cockermouth and places in Cumbria. How long did it


take? How long did it take you to get back on your feet as it were?


Well, we were living upstairs, it was like being a student at the age


of 58! We lived upstairs in a couple of bedrooms for nearly eight months.


So it was quite interesting. Interesting is a diplomatic word you


are awes using. What was it really like? Well, it was stressful. To be


perfectly honest, it was ghastly. I got used to Marks Spencer's ready


meals because we didn't have a cooker! I quite liked their ready


meals, but I don't know if I am allowed to say it on the BBC! Of


course, you are. Don't be daft. But a lot of people in Tewkesbury were


forced into caravans and some people forced to live out of town and the


place became a kind of hotspot for every cowboy builder in the country


with which is a danger because you are desperate to get people to do


things, you end up with some builders, not all, we were lucky we


had a good builder, but some builders are dreadful and that's


something to be conscious of, I think.


Jo, Julia, you have got to be it in for the long haul, clearly? Oh,


absolutely and we do appreciate this is going to take sometime. And like


I said, you know, I have already been in touch with the British


Chamber of Commerce and Cumbria growth hub, they have promised there


will be some sort of support and advice for small businesses because


it is as usual, you know, it is the small businesses affected because as


everybody clearly stated nobody can afford if you're running a small


business, nobody can afford the premiums that the insurance


companies take advantage of once this has happened in a particular


area. Briefly, what would it have cost you


per month to get insurance? About ?175 on top of what we'd pay. So


over the time, that is a lot of money. Can I add something. It's


going to take longer than you think to get back into your premises.


Start looking for alternative premises, get new sqiment on short


leases because the most valuable asset you have is your membership,


the community of your membership, and that is not just an asset from


the work point of view but they will support you. So try and get up and


running somewhere else, Cumbria County, the nuclear partners, all of


them are coming forward with schemes to offer temporary premises to


people, so they're people that really this morning you should be


trying to get in touch with. Thank you, Johnny, that is very much


appreciated, thank you -- onty. Thank you very much all of you --


Jonty. The town is having its Taste Cumbria


weekend, which is going ahead. Business as usual. Thank you very


much. Still to come today, Donald Trump,


one of the men hoping to be the next US President has said that Muslims


should be banned from entering the US until the authorities can,


as he puts it, "figure out" A transgender woman sent to


an all-male prison has told this programme she was frightened she was


going to be raped inside with male prisoners asking


her for sexual favours. 26-year-old Tara Hudson was


jailed for 12 weeks after she She was moved to a female prison


after a petition calling for her to be relocated, gathered


more than 150,000 signatures. She told me what life was


like inside prison. It was a bad experience. You asked


me because obviously I was there for six weeks. What happened with the


male inmates? It was really, really scary. In what way? Well, I didn't


know what they were going to do to me. I feared being raped. I was


subject to sexual harassment. It was really difficult for me. Right. What


kind of things, if you don't mind me asking, would other inmates say to


you? They would want me to show my bust. And did you complain to the


authorities? I wasn't given the opportunity. The officers didn't


care much. When you were told you were going to this particular jail,


which is a jail for men, what was your reaction? Fear and shock. I


didn't think it would happen to me. But did you say, I'm Tara, I


identify as a woman and have done for over half a decade? I did. When


they brought me down from the dock, I told them, I'm transgender, you


know, how are we going to deal with the situation, because at first they


told me I was going to a female prison and I didn't end up there.


I ended up at the male prison. And the officers would call you Mister?


They would call me Mister Tara Hudson which I've not heard the


phrase Mister in such a long time, I was outraged and so angry. I was


angry because of the hypocrisy of it all. You were sent to prison because


you are still legal hi a man that,'s what it says on your birth


certificate. You still have a penis, you are still legally a man? Yes.


And you don't have a gender recognition certificate? I guess so.


What I'm Capel paining for at the recognition certificate? I guess so.


moment is for the change of the gender certificates -- campaigning


for. You want it scrapped? Updated. In what way? In the '80s,


transgender people were a lot less likely to come out of the closet and


they would live their lives as male, but it's 2015, transgender is in the


Spotlight, we're here and people can see we're here, so why should I have


to jump through so many hoops to identify who I am? In a legal sense?


I know who I am, I don't need to sit in front of a board and prove to


these people who I am. For the certificate, it's, you have to prove


that you have been living as a female for over two years. They can


look on my Facebook and see that I've been living as a female for


over half a decade. If you didn't have the certificate though, if it


was scrapped which is what you are now going to campaign for, I wonder


if the system could be open to abuse, somebody could say, a man


could say they are a transgender woman in order to be sent to a


female prison? This is why I said to you before that there should be a GP


involved, of course, most definitely, but there doesn't have


to be the gender recognition certificate. A GP can clarify


whether that person is, what gender role they are living in, you know.


There are no official figure force the numbers of transgender people in


jail but it's thought to be around 80, something like that. Over the


last couple of months, two other male-to-female trans-prisoners were


found dead in all-male jails. How do you respond to that? Sorry, my eyes


well up because I think about those two girls that committed suicide and


I was close myself but I was a tough person and I made it through. If you


want to keep persecuting transgender people and you want to keep pushing


them to the edge where they want to take their own lives and where they


are taking their own lives, carry on with the gender recognition


certificate, but it's not how it should be.


Thank you very much for talking to us.


A Prison Service spokesperson told us:


A petition reaches 91,000 names to remove Tyson Fury from the BBC


Sports personality of the year list, the numbers are going up. Text from


Phil, I don't agree, but he's the only one with a personality, the


others are robot who is say what others want to hear. A texter says,


it's about time someone had the nerve to speak his mind, sick of


this mittically correct nonsense and all the lefty idiots that promote


it. John e-mails, Tyson's opinions are just that, his opinions. Spotty


is about recognising sporting achievements and personalities. To


those offended, it's not his fault you are offended, it's yours, I will


vote for Tyson as he's shown not only is he a sporting legend, he per


sizes his right to freedom of speech and opinions and he's willing to


back his speeches all the way instead of doing a political U-turn.


Another says, his name must appear on the short list so the population


can decide, controlling the list of candidates is the tactic of


dictatorships. If you want to talk to us about Tyson, write on your


text, e-mail or Tweet, call me, and that is what we'll do.


A Hospital Trust has apologised for placing a "Do Not Resuscitate"


order against the name of a patient with Down's Syndrome.


Our Health Correspondent Jane Dreaper can tell us more.


I've had a lot of people get in touch about this in shock. Andrew


Waters went into hospital in Margate in 2011. He had tell men that. He


was around 50 years of age and need add special tube to help with his


feeding, but he'd had a good quality of life, lots of hobbies and enjoyed


doing some paid work as well. His family spoke so warmly about the


life he'd enjoyed. They only found out about the order saying he


shouldn't be resuscitated once he was discharged from hospital, one of


his carers found the form folded up in his bag and it listed his Down's


Syndrome and learning difficulties among the reasons for that


resuscitation notice. The family were horrified. His brother Michael


told me about the family's reaction to finding the resuscitation notice.


For someone to make that decision without actually consulting a member


of the family or any one of his carers was just totally


unacceptable. No-one has the right to make such a decision in such a


disgraceful way. To put those reasons down, no-one deserves that


and, you know, there was nothing wrong with his health really at the


time that would have any effect on resuscitation. People with Down's


Syndrome, they are no different from anybody else at the end of the day,


they deserve the right to live like you and I would. Like I say, there


are a lot of people out there that really don't understand the feelings


or what they experience. With Andrew, he couldn't tell you when he


was ill, he couldn't even tell you if he had a cold or sore throat, you


know, he couldn't say, I don't feel very well, because they don't give


that away. Looking back now, do you feel this case has sort of proved


something to yourselves as a family and to the wider world about the


family of Andrew's life -- about Andrew's life? I hope so, because


they bring a lot of joy and happiness. You can't take that away


from anybody at the end of the day. Andrew, you know, never ever had a


bad word to say about anyone, he was always happy go-lucky, you know,


made everybody smile, everybody that he came across, always had a smile


for him. He was probably the happiest person I ever knew.


The motivation behind these orders can often be a well-meaning one.


They often want to spare patients from what can be a brutal process


and of course resuscitation doesn't always work, but in this case it


really upset the family because his health wasn't in any imminent danger


and they felt as though he'd been written off when they were not


consulted about the case. The lawyer that's pursued this case says it


underlines that if a patient such as Andrew doesn't have capacity to make


their own decisions, doctors and medical staff must talk to the


family, the carers. Other cases have underlined that, once again we see


it in the courts and let's hope the hospitals follow suit.


Thank you very much. In a statement,


East Kent Hospitals University NHS It's coming up 2010 o'clock which


means it's time for the weather. It's even more important isn't it,


Phil? -- up 2010 o'clock. It looks scenic here in Cumbria


until you look closely. Quite dark, but blimey. You can see the tide


line on that particular residence as well. So despite the blue skies,


yes, we were in record territory. The headline was made yesterday


lunch time When we had the figures in, Honister made the 24-hour


record. Can I have that in feet? About 30-odd inches, so 2'6"ish.


OK. I want to put it in historical


context. There is the new record, 24 hour totals remember, and some of


these events were longer. In 2009, just down the road from Honister,


216, but 180 mill metres. Everybody said that was a once in a lifetime.


Everybody said it could be at risk from further episodes, that is when


the flood defences were beefed up. But if, and I don't know the context


of this, but if you were working on that basis, you then begin to see


the context of where we are now, hence the difficulties. Again, I


make no excuses for anybody in this, but you can see the problem about,


how big are the defences, where do they go and on which river. You


think about the topography of the Cumbrian fells and I want to further


contextualise this, if I may bring you up-to-date with what happened


overnight, because this is further rainfall, a weather front moving


through the area. That produced 15-20mm or so.


The last of that rain hanging on as we speak. Brighter skies follow on


behind, but on this bigger picture, you get the sense that we have


further pretty hefty showers to be had across western parts. They will


be there this afternoon across the moors of the south-west, but


generally a fresher feel to the day, despite the fact that some


temperatures are good for the time of year. From North Wales,


northwards and up into the north-west of England and through


Northern Ireland for a time, and certainly across the western side of


Scotland here, the showers ganging together to give longer spells of


rain and maybe snow above 300 or 400 meters and we are looking at the


potential for the odd rumble of thunder. It is not without sunshine,


it is a half decent day provided you don't get caught with the showers.


And then a new area of cloud and rain coming back in helping to lift


the temperatures later in the night. As you step out first thing, it


won't be as chilly as you expect. This is persistent rain and it is


coming in the form of weather fronts and notice the number of isobars


there. This is more significant rain. Over


the higher ground of the north-west of England and Western Scotland we


could be looking at 80 mill meet he is and that's why this is the


greatest concern of the week, but not quite the same beast. There is


movement here. I'm taking you through Thursday, the last of the


mild air trapped in the south. What follows behind, brighter, fresher


conditions, a greater chance of snow fall on the Scottish hills. Again


above a few hundred meters. There is quite a bit going on. Wednesday is


the day of concern. There will be rain at times. It will be windy


especially on Wednesday. It will turn cooler as we move towards the


later part of the week. If you have got any concerns at all, we have our


weather website. When you see the red boxes on there, that's where you


can get the latest because we never close on the weather warnings and on


the flood warnings. So we're keeping a close eye on the weather


situation. If it is relevant to you, I hope you do too.


Hello. It's just after 10am. It's Tuesday.


Welcome to the programme if you've just joined us.


American Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump is slammed from all


sides after saying Muslims should be banned from entering the country.


Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims


entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure


out what the hell is going on. We'll have reaction to


his outburst and ask whether some US Over 90,000 people have signed


a petition to remove boxer Tyson Fury from the BBC's Sports


Personality of the Year shortlist. So should his controversial comments


affect the recognition he receives Tyson Fury makes history. He becomes


the first from a gypsy travellers background to win one of the most


coveted prizes in sport, the self-styled gypsy king is the


heavyweight champion of the world. We will talk to Tyson Fury's uncle


and trainer shortly. More heavy rain is on the way -


the last thing those whose homes have been destroyed in the floods,


want to hear. As usual it is the small people on


the ground are the ones who have been phenomenal and given, you


notion I just want to see right now what the council and the Government


are going to do about this, you know, there is plenty of resources


when it comes to other countries that are affected in tragedies or


plenty of resources when it comes to bombing other countries. So I just


hope to god that the Government do something for us for a change.


Power companies are working to restore electricity to thousands


of homes in Cumbria and Lancashire after the floods.


16 severe flood warnings remain in force in the region with more heavy


Oscar peus storious's lawyer said he will appeal his murder conviction.


The accused submit to the house arrest and may leave the house


between 7am and 12 midday. He is only allowed to travel within the


radius of 20 kilometres from the house.


US Presidential contender Donald Trump calls for Muslims to be banned


from entering the country in the wake of the California shootings.


The White House condemned his remarks while rival Republican


A hospital trust has apologised for placing a "do not resuscitate" order


The family of Andrew Waters was not consulted or informed and found out


only after he was discharged from hospital in Margate in 2011.


Only three police forces in England and Wales are fully prepared to


combat so-called honour-based crimes like forced marriage


and female genital mutilation according to an official report.


Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary said well-trained


officers capable of spotting victims were thin on the ground.


Let's catch up with all the sport now and join Olly.


We had the draw for the third round of the FA Cup


last night, that's when the top teams find out who they've got.


The holders Arsenal will face another Premier


Eastleigh are the only non-league side definitely


The three other minnows still standing have all got second round


replays to get past, Whitehawk have the greatest incentive.


The Brighton based club, that play in the sixth tier


The winner of the replay will have a trip to Premier League Everton.


I wanted the reds, but we got the blues. It is a tough, tough game to


get through and with Dagenham as well, they are going to fancy their


chances big time. It is a massive carrot for whoever gets through.


Everybody is going to want to play in that game. It is 50/50 and it is


the best on the day and whoever gets through and it will be a tough test


to get past them. So a trip to Goodison the prize,


there was a match there last night and Romelu Lukaku scored


his 50th goal for Everton in It was the equaliser against Crystal


Palace in the Premier League. Starting tonight,


it's the final round of group Four English teams involved,


only Manchester City are sure Both Manchester Clubs are playing


tonight, United have to win away I have the experience as a manager


that the goals shall come because when you are creating chances at the


end you shall score and finish that kind of chances and that's why we


have that belief and it is a matter of time.


Great Britain's women don't have to beat Australia at the Hockey World


League finals to get out of their group, but it would avoid


They're yet to win a match at the tournament in


Argentina, but this afternoon's game marks a comeback for Christa Cullen.


She retired after winning a bronze medal with the team at the London


Olympics, she went off to work in animal conservation in Kenya, she


It is not a position any athlete year and this will be her first


It is not a position any athlete wants to be in sitting on the


sidelines watching the girls play and frustrated is an under


statement, but at the same time, you know, it is where I was at. I have


got to accept it. Get on the pitch and really do my bit for the time.


That's what they expect from me. The Wales rugby union fly-half


Dan Biggar is the BBC Wales Sports He's had a fantastic year, playing a


key role at the World Cup as Wales His


kicking was the difference in the victory against England Biggar, who


has a rather quirky kicking routine, also shone during the Six Nations


where Wales just missed out on the title to Ireland despite


winning four matches out of five. That's all your sport. I will be


back with the headlines at 10.30am. You have been telling us whether you


want Britain's new heavy world champion to be dropped from the


shortlist of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.


Tyson Fury has been criticised for sexist and homophobic comments.


On women he has said, "I believe a woman's best place is


He also compared homosexuality to paedophilia saying,


"There are only three things that need to be accomplished


One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries.


One of them is abortion and the other one's paedophilia.


Who would have thought in the 1950s and 1960s that those


Effectively saying that if those three things were legalised,


On Jessica Ennis-Hill he said she looks good when she has a dress on.


If it is about personality, I should win this hands down. If it is about


sporting achievements I should win this hands down. There has been no


other heavyweight in a long, long, long time or boxer from England who


has been to a super champions back yard, the reigning heavyweight


champion of the world for 11 years who is going down in history as one


of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time in people's opinions and


I have been to Germany and his own back garden and dethroned him and


I'm representing Great Britain and Ireland. There has never ever been


that before, so that's an achievement that will never ever be


done again. The criticism is about the comments afterwards saying


Jessica Ennis-Hill slaps up good, looks good in a dress and a woman's


best place is in the kitchen and on her back? Well, I did say that. Can


you just rephrase the statement. She looks good when she has got make-up.


Is that a crime when I say I think a woman looks good in a dress. The


comment is maybe on how Jessica looks rather than on her


achievements? I was asked a question about Jessica Ennis and I think she


looks fit in a dress. That's my opinion. If there is people who


thinks she looks ugly well they should keep their opinion to say


themselves. There is another comment. Keep them coming. You say


that there are three things that need to be accomplished before the


devil comes home meaning I think the devil takes charge of everything and


one is home sexuality being legal? Home sexuality and abortion and


paedophilia. Them three things need to be accomplished before the world


finishes. Now, that's what the Bible tells me, right? So it may take a


while before them three things have to be accomplished, but make no


mistake, them three things must be accomplished before the world


finishes, whether it takes 1,000 years, 2,000, two days, who knows


how long it will take. Them three things need to be accomplished,


those aren't my opinions, I didn't say that, that's what the Bible


tells me. That's all I said. I didn't say I had a problem with


homosexuals or abortionists, I didn't say I'm with it or against


it, I just stated what I am taught through my scriptures.


Thank you for talking to us. It is an outstanding sporting achievement.


Unbelievably brilliant. I think everybody agrees on that. What do


you think about this petition to remove Tyson's name from the


shortlist? It is up to everybody's opinion is


how they perceive Tyson, you know, if you're trying to get everybody to


like you then it is a poor job, you know. There is a lot of people out


there and everybody has got a different opinion, a different view


on everybody's comments. It just depends how they view it and they


will be for and against winning the competition. So there is not much I


can really add to it. Do you think he should be withdrawn from the


shortlist? No, I don't think. He gives his opinions. He hasn't got a


key in his back, he is not a robot, there is freedom of speech, we're in


2015, and you know, if he is offensive, he needs to explain his


actions and you know, move on from there, but he is entitled to his


opinion just like everybody else has got theirs, it is not against the


law. Let me read comments from our viewers watching around the country.


Kevin says, "I don't care who wins, but surely people should be allowed


to vote for whom ever they wish. After all, it is called sports


personality and Tyson's remarks are part of his personality." Martin


says, "Tyson Fury deserves award. As for his utterances it should


undermine the joy he brought to boxing enthusiasts." And Pat says,


"The words of Tyson Fury are sick. His achievements as an athlete have


been recognised by celebrating his ignorance is totally unacceptable."


Is that fair? Well, he's not giving his own


opinion. He's going off what the scriptures say. It's the conflating,


for some people, of homosexuality and paedophilia. Does he understand


how that can be insidious and offensive to some people? I think a


lot of things Tyson says and what it means can be read the wrong way. Of


course paedophilia is nothing like homosexuality, you know, there's a


vast, vast difference, there's no similarities whatsoever. Give us an


insight then, Peter, into what he was trying to say?


PROBLEM WITH SOUND Homosexuality is an abomination,


that is what it states in the Bible. It states abortion is the same and


paedophilia with children is the same. Maybe he's come to the


assumption himself that, you know, this is what he sees. That is all I


can say, but he's not putting them, you know, he's not saying in his own


view that homosexuality is anything like paedophilia, you know. Maybe he


should refrain from saying that, I think he should and I think he needs


to address it properly and explain to the people out there exactly what


he does mean. Right. And apologise possibly? Well, yes, if it's coming


out exactly like that, that paedophilia is the same as


homosexuality, there does need to be some kind of redress.


Would he come on the programme and talk about it with a British track


and field athlete who, at the moment I'm not going to name, but who's


told me that he thinks he should be removed from the short list for


Sports Personality of the Year? I think mainly our culture and


religions is what it is but everyone's given a free will in this


world to do exactly as they want and people's genders, behaviour, should


be respected. So if anybody's been put out by these comments, then they


should be addressed and Tyson needs to explain exactly what he does mean


in-depth. I want to play you this clip. I know you know about this


clip, it's an interview with IFL Television where he's talking about


an interview he gave with the Mail on Sunday sports journalist Oliver


Holt. Our audience may not have seen it, so here it is. Oliver Holt tried


to get me into trouble and it didn't work. 6'6" and 25 stone, he's going


to break his jaw completely with one straight right hand. I ain't going


to do it because I'll get in trouble, but the big fella there,


he'll an nigh rate him. So Oliver, take a good look at him, that's the


face you are going to see before you hit the deck. I know you say that is


a joke, he was joking, Tyson was joking, does it really come across


as a joke? It does when you are watching it and see it on IFL when


everybody is laughing and making jokes and even what Tyson is saying,


you know, I wouldn't get in trouble because somebody else would do it.


So the reality and everything else, he's setting off talking sensible,


then he breaks into jest. These jesting remarks are being taken


somewhat seriously when they shouldn't be, but also Tyson needs


to realise now, because some jesting can be taken the other way. He needs


to take stock of what he says now and only speak what he really means,


rather than joking around. And even more so now he's in this incredibly


powerful position in terms of the way people will listen to what he


says because of his sporting achievement? Look, you know, I'm his


uncle, my personal opinion, homosexuality, abortion,


paedophilia, it's not for me, but that's my personal thing. I have


nothing against homosexuals or people having abortions, that's up


to them, we don't know the circumstances, everything's all


about circumstances, so this is a big free world we live in and people


should be let to live their own ways. People mainly need to keep


their beliefs probably to themselves. Have you told him that?


We have had a few discussions and Tyson is his own man and I think


he's one of these, Tyson, where it's hard for people to get a grip of his


personality. Sometimes what he truly believes comes out the wrong way, so


he needs to sit back, think back about what he says and if it's


offending people, he needs to actress it. Thank you very much for


talking to us. Thanks for Al your comments.


Still to come before 11, we'll hear from a woman who lost custody of her


daughter - after a Judge ruled the girl should live with her biological


One of the men hoping to be the next US President has said that Muslims


should be banned from entering the United States including Muslim


Donald Trump who is hoping to be the Republican candidate for


President called for a "total and complete" shutdown should remain


until the US authorities "can figure out" Muslim attitudes to the US.


Donald J Trump is calling for a total, complete shutdown of Muslims


entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure


out what the hell is going on. We have no choice. We have no


choice. His comments follow last week's


deadly shootings in California where a Muslim couple,


believed to have been radicalised, opened fire and killed 14 people


at a health centre for disabled Republican Jeb Bush, who's also


running for president, described Trump as "unhinged" Another


Republican Senator Marco Rubio said the comments were "offensive and


outlandish" South Carolina Senator Republic Senator Lindsey Graham


called his views "downright dangerous" Whilst the


leading Democratic candidate for President Hilary Clinton called


it "reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive" Here's some more reaction


to Mr Trump's idea from Nihad Awad, who's from the Council on


American Islamic Relations. This rhetoric echoes the policies


enacted by Nazi Germany against the juice. Have we learnt anything from


history, Mr Trump? These are not just words? The mainstreaming of


Islamophobia in the election is I think discrimination, hate crimes,


violent attacks against Muslims and mosques. This inflammatory rhetoric


is putting the lives of millions of American Muslims and their children


in danger. She's the spokesperson


for Republicans overseas. Kate What do you think of that? He


flies on the hoof. He's made some reprehensible statements now and it


will be hard for him to go back and it will be hard for him to say that


he didn't mean what he said. I think he's in real trouble now. Well, he


rarely goes back on what he's said and, before now, people have said, I


think he's in real trouble now, his comments continue to get coverage


and support? They get coverage and they get support but that support is


dwindling. There is a poll out a few hours ago that Senator Ted Cruise is


starting to overtake him in the polls which will be the first


primary, the first vote, and his poll numbers have been going down.


He's still up there, no denying that, but the sensational media fury


is dwindling. We are still just at the very beginning of this. On a


scale of one to ten, how racist is he? I mean personally, I find his


comments reprehensible, I do believe that they are racist and they do not


represent moderate Republicans. Ten? Nine, ten, I mean, he said a few


months back that Mexican imgrants were rapists and murderers, now he's


outdone himself. These comments are equally awful, he continues to make


mistakes. I'm not sure I want to give him a ten, we don't know what


will come out next. Jeb Bush and mark owe Rubio say positive things


about Mexican and hiss tannic immigration, they have come out and


said, we have crossed a line, this is not our party. There will be some


people in America who agree with Donald Trump and the fact that he's


a candidate for your nomination for the next President of America kind


of gives those people who believe that about Muslims some sort of


confirmation that what they think is right? This is a tough time and I


will say that Trump sup importanters aren't just coming from the


Republican Party, he's running as Republican, but many supporters are


independents and democrats and people have never really been


involved in the political process before who feel that politicians


don't really represent them. He's been an excellent retaliation vote


if you will, for those people. The problem is that he's in this


political vacuum where no-one else is stepping up to the plate and his


outrageous comments are getting coverage. The people who want to


rebel against the political establishment, and I sympathise, are


going to him. We need somebody far more moderate than him who can say,


look, I'm going to take on the Washington insiders, I'm going to


think about people like you in the streets but I'm not going to be


awful and bigoted and racist in that process.


If you were a Muslim woman in the States right now, would you feel a


bit apprehensive wandering around the streets? What would you be


thinking? I have great faith in American citizens, I believe


Americans to be good people and I have great faith that fellow


neighbours and people will not be going out into the streets and


attacking people. But certainly if I thought that a man leading in the


polls was calling for me to be put into a database because of my


ethnicity or religion, calling for me to leave the country and not come


back, I would certainly feel uncomfortable. George W Bush a week


after 9/11 gave a beautiful speech about how Americans who were to


intimidate Muslims in America were not just the worst of Americans but


the worst of human kind and he said, we as Americans must be very careful


to respect everybody's religion. That is what our country is founded


on, the freedom to religion. So I'm hopeful that neighbours will stem up


to the plate and be good to their fellow neighbours regardless of who


to the plate and be good to their they are, what they look like and


where they come from. Thank you very much. Let me bring you this news: A


serving West Midlands police officer is going to appear before Dudley


Magistrates Court charged with rape. PC Ben Clay was arrested after the


allegation earlier thissier year was made. He was charged at the end of


the October. The alleged offence happened while the officer was off


duty. He's a neighbourhood police officer and was suspended from his


position at Wolverhampton police station and he'll appear before


Dudley Magistrates Court tomorrow charged with rape.


The influence left-wing groups like the socialist groups are to be


limited by Jeremy Corbyn. Let's talk to Norman Smith.


This Momentum was set up by Jeremy Corbyn after he became leader and


it's half in the Labour Party, half out. Some of its members are from


the Labour Party, some belong to the Socialist Workers' Party or the


Communist Party or whatever and it exists alongside the Labour Party


and many, many Labour MPs are deeply suspicious about it. They view it as


the new militant tendency, saying it's got a target list of moderate


Labour MPs which it wants to cull and, in effect, it's Jeremy Corbyn's


shock troops to try to reshape the Labour Party in his image.


Supporters of Momentum say, absolute rubbish, it's about trying to get


people involved in Labour Party politics who aren't really that


interested in the Labour Party so they are trying to get involved


people who may be campaigning against library closures or who're


angry about food banks or who're opposed to Syria, that there is


nothing sinister about it at all. That certainly was the line of their


spokesman. Have a listen to what he said. By and large, I've been to


many Momentum meetings and there is a positive, inclusive atmosphere


whereby people do politics differently and we have groups where


you have someone speaking at the front often and there is


facilitation into small groups coming back together. It's generally


positive, inclusive, it's new Labour Party members often or people who


previously felt disengaged or people who've always been part of the


Labour Party. Because of this organisation,


momentum, allows people who have no interest in the Labour Party really,


people who're members of the Communist Party or Socialist


Workers' Party, the fear is that members of other parties are able to


shape Labour Party policy, in other words to drive it ever further to


the left, in effect it's being used by people who're not members of the


Labour Party. So what has now been decided is that the only people who


can vote and take part in Momentum meetings, which impact on the Labour


Party, must also be members of the Labour Party. So does that meet all


the concerns? No it doesn't. I've spoke to some Labour MP who is say


that is not good enough, they ask why does the organisation even


exist, if you want to be involved in the Labour Party, join it, you don't


have to be part of a separate organisation. In fact, one Labour MP


Steven Kinnock, blamed Momentum for much of the online abuse of a lot of


the people in the Labour Party who backed the bombing in Syria, he


blamed Momentum for that and suggested maybe they should be


disbanded. Have a listen. Abusing Labour MPs because they took


a different view on what was a very complex and emotive issue then I


think that an investigation needs to be held and if that concludes that


momentum is organising and organise straighting these things then I


think yes, the NEC needs to rule and look to disband the organisation.


The row over Momentum symbolises the rift within the Labour Party between


if you like the Corbyn istas and the other, you find the Shadow


Chancellor, John McDonnell, going along to meeting of Momentum, happy


to address them and encourage them and you get the deputy leader of the


Labour Party describing them as a rable. They are a divisive body in


the heart of the Labour Party, but one that Jeremy Corbyn seems to


regard as crucial to his support and his standing within the Labour


Party. Norm arnings thank you very much.


Jacqueline, this is about Tyson Fury, Jacqueline says, "Tyson Fury's


views are the same as Isis. How dare the BBC put him up for sports


personality." "He might be asked to talk in schools if he wents and work


with young people and his views might be a problem."


The majority of police forces in England and Wales are poorly


equipped to deal with honour crimes according the Government's official


As a petition to remove boxer Tyson Fury from the


BBC's Sports Personality of the Year shortlist reaches 92,000 names.


Tell what yous you think. -- tell us what you think.


Power companies are working to restore electricity to thousands


of homes in Cumbria and Lancashire after the floods.


16 severe flood warnings remain in force in the region with more heavy


The lawyer for Oscar Pistorius has said he will appeal a murder verdict


after judges changed his original manslaughter conviction last week.


He has been placed under house arrest. Judges changed his


manslaughter conviction to murder. US Presidential contender Donald


Trump calls for Muslims to be banned from entering the country in the


wake of the California shootings. The White House condemned


his remarks while rival Republican A petition calling for the removal


of world heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury from the BBC's


Sports Personality of the Year His uncle and trainer told this


programme that his comments didn't mean he should be pulled from the


shortlist. He is not a robot. There is freedom of speech. We are in


2015, if he is offensive, he needs to explain his actions and you know,


move on from there, but he is entitled to his opinion just like


everybody else has got theirs. It is not against the law.


A hospital trust has apologised for placing a "do not resuscitate" order


The family of Andrew Waters was not consulted or informed and found out


only after he was discharged from hospital in Margate in 2011.


Only three police forces in England and Wales are fully prepared to


combat so-called honour-based crimes like forced marriage


and female genital mutilation according to an official report.


Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary said well-trained


officers capable of spotting victims were thin on the ground.


Let's catch up with all the sport now and join Olly.


The FA Cup third round draw was made last night.


Holders Arsenal will face fellow Prmier League side Sunderland,


That's if they can get past their second round replay


There was a match at Goodison Park last night as Everton drew 1-1


against Crystal Palace in the Premier League.


Romelu Lukaku scored the their equaliser, his 50th goal for


Everton in his 100th appearance for the club.


Manchester United have to beat Wolfsburg in Germany tonight


to qualify for the last 16 in the Champions League.


Manchester City are already through,


Christa Cullen will play her first competitive international in three


years for Great Britain's women's hockey team today - Britain face


Australia in their last group game at the World League Finals


A mother who lost custody of her daughter after a judge ruled the


girl should live with her biological father and his male partner has told


this programme people should think very carefully before entering


The High Court judgement followed a legal dispute over the nature


of the parents' agreement when the child was conceived.


The father said that the woman had agreed to be


The mother said that the father had agreed to be a sperm donor.


The family court judge, Ms Justice Russell said it was in the


"best interests and welfare" of the young girl throughout her childhood


to live with her father and his partner, and to spend some time with


She's been speaking exclusively to our reporter Sanchia Berg


Her words are spoken for her, and we're not revealing her identity


My baby's dad and myself, we knew each other for over 25 years. We


were both from Romania. We were very good friends. We were very good


friends. I was at a point in my life when I felt my biological clock was


running out and I wanted to be a mother one more time before that


happened. And I proached my best friend to be my sperm donor. We both


agreed before conception was done through artificial insemination that


the child to be, if it will happen, would live with me and he would play


a role in the child's life and visit when his busy schedule will allow


him to. Was there any discussion of surrogacy? We were good friends for


25 years. I trusted him with my life I can say say. He agreed that I


would be the main carer of the baby and I would look after the baby. He


would visit while he can. Was there at one point the idea put


forward that you would all live together and that's why he and his


partner rented a much bigger house and you lived there for a little


bit? I didn't live, I visited. There was never a point that I would live


there. I have my place where I'm still, to this day and that was the


way. We talked about it with myself and my friend and that I would be in


my home, I would live there, he would visit and he would spend time


with the baby in his home as well and come into my home. It was the


two of us talking about parenting a child and one of the reasons I asked


him to be my sperm donor is that I wanted my child to have a father, I


didn't want my child to not know who the father was. Was any of this


written down in a formal agreement? We were discussing things as two


good friends. There was no writing down anything. We would just talk as


good friends. Looking back at the whole duration of the court


proceedings, one of the things that the judge cited later and cited


against you was the fact that you had the baby baptised without


telling him about it. In fact, you lied to the court about having the


baby baptised. Why did you do that? She was only seven months old and


she needed protection. That's how I felt, baptism is a form of


protection, it is like a shieldment we believe that babies are like say


a naked person. The baptism is like a shield to protect them from


outside world. But it was a court order and so as the judge said you


lied to the court and that was one of the reasons why afterwards when


the judge looked at everything altogether why she tended to find


against you and find for the father. So when you look back, do you think


ah, that was much more important than I realised at the time?


Everything I did, I did for the best interests of my baby. So having her


baptised was in her best interests as I saw it. In her judgement, the


judge said that you were in quotes, "Homophobic." She said for example


you had told your daughter's family that he was gay and he hadn't known


this. How would you respond to that? How can be homophobic when I knew my


baby's dad for 25 years and he is openly gay for most of that time.


Were you shocked when you heard the judgement?


Were you surprised when you heard the judgement?


I was shocked, yes. I was in tears. I was very upset. I


still am. I still am. How is it when you see her? It is


wonderful when I see her. It really is wonderful. She is a typical child


and very clever and she knows who I am and we play. I sing to her. I


talk to her in Romanian. She understands Romanian languages well


and it is very difficult because I have someone behind your back


watching every single movement you do with your child. It makes me feel


like a criminal. When you think about co-parenting some people in


this position because this kind of arrangement is becoming more and


more common, some people will sit down and draw up a really detailed


arrangement before the baby is born as to how the parenting could work.


Do you think that would have been a good idea?


I have never thought about it before. When we were talking about


having a baby or after conception, before the birth, I never thought. I


never came across my mind because I trusted my friend with my life. Yes,


people should be more careful, I think. What they do.


We invited the biological father of the child and his partner to be


They declined, but gave us this statement,


"There are no winners in this case, only what is best for


We are saddened that our daughter's mother feels the need to tell our


story so publicly, and would urge anyone watching this to also read Ms


Justice Russell's judgment, and to be aware that the Court of Appeal


We have and will always be driven by our strong desire to protect


our daughter from any harm, be it now or in the future, from


any negative or speculative stories that may upset her in future years.


We ask that our privacy as a family is respected".


You can watch the interview again on our programme page if you want to.


It's claimed only three police forces in England


and Wales are fully equipped to deal with honour-based violence,


forced marriage and female genital mutilation.


An official report suggests only Northumbria,


Derbyshire and West Midlands are tackling those offences properly.


Let's talk about this with Jasvinder Sanghera, who ran away after she was


going to be forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 14.


Diana Nammi, who set up a support group


for women after one of her friends was murdered in an honour killing.


I think it is worth so-called honour crimes involve? I


was born in Britain and 35 years ago, the expectation on me and my


seven sisters, we had to behave in a certain way. So not to dishonour the


family. So the basic things that a normal adolescent teenager would do


you weren't allowed to do, go out with your friends, date a boy, these


things were deemed dishonourable and shameful and if you did them you put


yourself at risk of harm and being whipped off abroad for marriage or


murder. So you understood that within a family dynamic and you live


your life, not being allowed to integrate into wider western society


and the expectation of the family is you behave in this way and you will


be married off and if you say no to the marriage, again, that is deemed


dishonourable and shameful and you put yourself at risk. So these are


codes of behaviour we are expected to confirm by and if we don't, we


put ourselves at great risk and many people within the family think the


same way and are doing this to you. Diana, how do you react to the


report that suggests that not many police forces are equipped. This is


what we want, police and other organisations to deal with honour


based violence cases more seriously and with sensitivity. Of course, the


only police forces, three of them in the UK only, is far from the number


we need, which is shocking. In many cases women's lives are a lottery.


We don't want it to happen. We want all police forces in the UK to be


able to take all the cases seriously, to understand what is


honour based violence, to identify the signs, to never turn down any


women. Honour based violence is about life-and-death and it's very


serious and can be very quickly escalated and women's lives can be


taken by their own family members. Jasvinder, I don't know if you


accept what the police have made great strides in this country when


it comes to investigating domestic abuse crimes, for example, but this


extra element, this aggravating element of so-called or perceived


honour, is the thing they potentially now need to concentrate


on, certainly judging by this report anyway? You see, I was born in


Britain, I expect to be afforded the same level of protection as my


counterparts. This report is incredibly important and it's


echoing the report the IPCC did in 2006 as a result of the murder of a


woman who went to the police and appealed on five occasions and said,


I've been seen kissing a boy at a tube station and for that I'm going


to be killed. She was murdered. That report highlighted the need for


awareness and for police forces to get this mainstreamness as part of


it. This report is saying the same thing as back then. We need forces


to come on board. That is not acceptable then is it? No, it's not.


The thing here is, the biggest question here today is going to be,


will this impact on police engagement because it's not


mandatory, we are relying on leadership, police and crimes


commissioners officers, they don't have to do this, it's about the will


and I hope this inspection and this report impacts on that.


Can I ask you about your experience and your sister's experience? Sure.


I'm one of seven sisters. My sister was taken out of a classroom at the


age of 15 to marry a man she'd only met in a photograph. She was left in


India for nine months, forced to marry and, let's remember, when you


are forced to marry you are going to be raped on your wedding night. She


was brought back to the UK, expected to go to school again, then be taken


away to become a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law. My sister suffered


an horrific marriage, the people you can turn to are meant to be your


family, they sent her back to the abuser because it was deemed


shameful and dishonourable to leave your husband. My sister set herself


on fire in her early 20s and took her own life by suicide. That was


deemed more honourable. This is the thing here, this concept exists.


When our victims report to the police, very often they are not


believed, there is inappropriate engagement with family members


who're doing this as a protective factor. My sister reported, Shafilea


Ahmed reported to five organisations, the police were in


that, again, being sent back to the family thinking somehow you can work


this out. You can't. The police need to understand that and frame this as


child and public protection. Diana, what would you say to someone


watching now who might be going through something similar to what


Jasvinder's described, should they go to the police bearing in mind


today's report that says only three out of 43 forces are equipped to


deal with this? Exactly. I'm hoping this will be like a wake-up call for


police forces all over the UK and especially in England and Wales.


This, of course, we need to be mandatory. The training? The


training and also having a leadership and also having training


for all the police officers in the UK so they are fully aware of the


issue of honour based violence and respond to that quickly and gently.


Women should not give up. Always there is help. If the police doesn't


do that, organisations are here to help. We have been with cases. What


are the names of the organisation? Iranian and Kurdish women's rights


organisation, we call it IKWR. When you came to the UK, your translator


was murdered? She was. The only thing I can do for her, it was to


report to the police. That happened about 17 years ago. When I called


the police, they said the incident happened in Iraq so it's their duty


to investigate the case and I said she was a British citizen and, as a


British citizen she's killed, missing, you need to investigate the


case and that she is a victim of honour killing. They told me, this


is your culture and if we interfere, you will call us racist, so I


thought that establishing this organisation and campaigning against


honour killing and to raise awareness within the police


organisations is very, very important. We have had lots of


successes, but the police response has been patchy. There is help


always. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for coming on


the programme. Tyson fury's uncle's told the


programme the world champion didn't ever mean to compare homosexuality


and paedophilia. So many of you have got in touch to tell us what you


think about whether Tyson Fury should be on that short list, should


stay on that short list for Sports Personality of the Year. The


petition calling for him to be removed has reached just over


92,000. We'll talk to some of you in a moment, but here is a reminder of


what his uncle said. If you are trying to get people to like you,


it's a poor job. There are a lot of people out this, everybody's got a


different opinion, view, on everybodying's comments, so it


depends how they view it and they'll be for and against him winning the


competition so there's not much I can add to it. Do you think he


should be withdrawn from the short list? No, I don't. He gives


should be withdrawn from the short opinions, he hasn't got a key in his


back, he's not a robot, there is freedom of speech, we are in 2015


and if he's offensive, he needs to explain his actions and move on from


there, but he's entitled to his opinion, just like everybody else


has got theirs, it's not against the law. Some comments from our viewers


watching around the country; Ke sin says I don't care who wins but


showerly people should be allowed to vote for whoever they wish, after


all it's called Sports Personality and Tyson's remarks are part of his


personality. Martin says Tyson deserves every accolade and award


for his sporting achievement, as for his utterances, that's another


matter but shouldn't undermine the joy he's brought to boxing


enthusiasts and Pat says, the words of Tyson Fury are sick, we shouldn't


tolerate his behaviour the way we shouldn't tolerate racism or hate.


His achievements have been recognised but celebrating his


ignorance is unacceptable. Is that fair? Well, he's not giving... You


heard him say he's not giving his own opinion, he's going off what the


scriptures say. It's the conflating for some people, the conflateling of


homosexuality and paedophilia. Does he understand how that can be


insidious and offensive to some people? I think a lots of things


Tyson says, what he means and the way it comes out of his mouth can


sometimes be read the wrong way. Paedophilia is not the same as


homosexuality, there's no similarities whatsoever, there is a


vast difference. Give us an insight then into what he was trying to say?


In the Bible it states that homosexuality is an abomination, it


is like abortion and paedophilia, they are stated as an abomination.


Maybe he's come to the assumption himself that this is what he sees,


so, you know, that's all I can say, but he's not putting them, he's not


saying in his own view that homosexuality is the same as


paedophilia... Peter Fury, Tyson's uncle and


trainer. Dave in Reading has got in touch with us this morning. He was


watching Peter earlier. Hi, should he be removed then from the short


list? My comment was that in order to be


on Sports Personality of the Year, the person needs to have a


personality and he hasn't. Well, according to some of our viewers


he's absolutely got a personality, so he's absolutely right to be on


that short list? Well, listen, I'm a boxing fan, I've boxed myself, I've


got a personality, that man hasn't. Do you find his comments


unpalatable? I do. Simply because he's not explained himself. Right,


so because you find his comments unpalatable it confirms for you that


he doesn't have a personality because you are not keen on him as a


man, is that fair, I don't want to put words into your mouth? That is


fair. He does not have a personality and he does not put his views


forward in 2 way that makes it palatable? Yes. It's about sporting


achievement isn't it? Look at the people on there, Andy Murray, Lizzie


et cetera, it's about their sporting achievements, rather than what their


character is like isn't it? Why is it called Sports Personality then?


We have this conversation every year, you are absolutely right.


Thank you very much for coming on the programme, nice to talk to you.


Thank you very much for watching today. We are back tomorrow at 9.


15. Have a good day. Bye.


Victoria Derbyshire speaks to boxing trainer Peter Fury about a petition to have Tyson Fury removed from the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year contest.

A Syrian father tells the programme how he's been taken in by a British family after fleeing his country.

And a video diary from Cockermouth shows how floodwaters have left a trail of sludge in their wake.