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The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme. The father of a Conservative Party activist who took his own life speaks to Victoria.

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Hello it's Wednesday, it's 9.15, I'm Victoria Derbyshire,


Coming up - the father of a young Conservative activist


who took his own life after claiming he had been bullied by a senior


member of the party's youth wing tells us police should


widen their inquiry and calls again for the co-chairman of the party


It is quite clear to me that David Cameron is protecting his friends.


He should consider where his loyalty should be. It should not be to his


friends, it should be to justice. Also today - we'll talk exclusively


to the man who has made a hate crime complaint to the police


about Tyson Fury's alleged anti-gay rant after watching a discussion


about it on this programme. I did not say I have got a problem


with homosexuals or abortionists or paedophiles. I did not say I am


against it. I just said what I am taught in Scriptures.


And residents in storm-hit Cumbria are warned of more heavy


We'll speak live to some of those affected.


We're on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel until 11 this morning.


We'll talk later about the famous pride of lions featured on the BBC


wildlife programme Big Cat Diary that have allegedly been poisoned.


Our correspondent has just reached the Masai Mara game reserve.


We'll talk to him before the end of the programme.


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He was found dead by a railway track in September.


He had been hit by a train, having apparently taken


off his shoes, laid down on a towel and waited for a train.


After his death his mother and father found three suicide notes


- one to his parents, another


to friends and a third was titled to his "bullies and betrayers".


Elliot Johnson claimed he had been bullied by the party's youth


Those claims have rocked the party with further allegations


of bullying, harassment and blackmail by Mark Clarke


continuing to emerge over the last few months.


The key question is who knew what when.


This morning the man who is effectively in charge


of running the party, Lord Feldman, is facing claims he was first told


about the bullying five years ago, but he insists he first he heard


Our political guru Norman Smith is here.


This story is about what exactly? Well, this is a story about who knew


what when in the highest reaches of the Conservative Party. It is a


story about whether the Conservative Party failed in its duty of care to


some of its youngest supporters. Some of them only 16 or 17. It is a


story about the way young people can be treated in the brutal world of


Westminster. The story begins last year in March, when a vibrant new


Tory youth campaign was set up called Road Trip.


They are bused in for the day and promised a "great time",


curry and a free bar into the night as reward for a hard


But it all came to a shuddering halt with the death of Elliott Johnson.


Amid claims of bullying and abuse and sexual harassment. On the 18th


of November this year, the man who set up ten Road Trip, Lancelot, was


booted out of the party for life. He had previously been known as Tatler


Tory, because Tatler magazine had big team up as a high-flyer. He was


booted out of the party. One leek waiter, on the 27th of November this


year, Fijalek's father went public with his concerns. This is when this


story went nuclear. He called it a dry rot within the Conservative


Party, where the party hierarchy turned a blind eye to what was going


on in the youth wing because they thought they were achieving results.


They did not want to know. And he dismissed the internal inquiry which


had been set up by the Conservative Party as a cover-up. He said it was


not acceptable to have party officials investigating themselves.


He questioned whether senior figures in the party were fit to govern if


this was how they treated his son's death. We now know that something


like 40 people have come forward to give evidence to this inquiry. So,


the implication is that there are and awful lot of people who might


have been potential victims of this sort of bullying. And this goes to


the top of the Tory party? It doesn't. It raises questions about


the position of the current chairman, Siddique, and also the


then chairman Grant Shapps. If we go to the day after Kirmond went


public, on the 28th of November, Grant Shapps suddenly resigns. He


was the man who brought Lancelot into the Tory party and encouraged


this sort of youth campaign. He resigned, saying, the buck stops


with me. He took full responsibility. But that did not end


it. Questions were then raised about the current chairman Siddique and


what he knew and why he did not do anything. Two days later, on the


30th of November, he issued an unequivocal statement saying he was


completely unaware of these claims. But this becomes politically


complicated. Siddique is a very close friend of the Prime Minister.


They go back to


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