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US watchdogs accuse Fiat Chrysler over its emissions software.


The boss calls it "absolute nonsense."


Plus, is it a console, or a hand-held?


Nintendo takes on Sony, Microsoft and mobile phones


We will be talking to a tech guru about that latest Nintendo gadget


We start in the US, where car giant, Fiat Chrysler, is denying it


faces its own "dieselgate" scandal, just a day after Volkswagen


was fined more than $4 billion for cheating emissions tests.


The US regulator, the Environmental Protection Agency,


is accusing Fiat Chrysler of failing to disclose emissions software,


at least eight different types, installed in thousands


It says the software allowed the cars to exceed pollution limits,


and pump out higher levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide.


But the company's boss says it did nothing illegal.


The investigation involves the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV


and Dodge Ram pickup made in the last three years.


That adds up to more than 100,000 vehicles,


The EPA says Fiat Chrysler could be liable for fines of up


But Fiat Chrysler's boss Sergio Marchionne called


the investigation "absolute nonsense," he says there was never


an intention to cheat emissions tests.


Still, investors aren't so sure, the company's stock plunged as much


as 16% on the news, although, it did recover after Mr Marchionne


gave a conference call to reassure them, ending about 10% down.


From New York, here's Samira Hussain.


with regards to whether actually they are being accused of this, the


Environmental Protection Agency says they used software to allow access


diesel emissions in more than 100,000 trucks and sport utility


vehicles sold since 2014. Briefly, it seems they could have been


engaged in similar activities as Volkswagen. But what the head of


Chrysler has said is that this is just a case of misunderstanding. And


Chrysler had been in touch with the EPA for a long time and had gone


through many discussions with regard to how their remissions tests works.


Chrysler was quick to defend themselves against these accusations


by the Environment Protection Agency and further to say that any sort of


comparison between them and Volkswagen is just outrageous.


Indeed. Jim Holder, is the Editorial


Director at Haymarket Automotive which publishes WhatCar,


Autocar and the Pistonheads website. You know a thing or two about cars.


Thank you for coming in at this horrible hour. Is that true or


false? They have firmly rebutted be accusations, but there was a waiting


time, almost 1.5 years now, everyone has waited for someone in the car


industry to be caught. Is that because when Volkswagen surfaced,


the scandal, we thought that could not be the only one. That was always


the suspicion. Every manufacturer has been investigated and many have


come away looking like they have not cheated. But this may have stuck at


last. The FCA are under the spotlight. Good Chrysler benefit in


seven days' time when Donald Trump becomes president? There is a strong


suspicion that the FCA have been playing a waiting game,? Fiat


Chrysler yes it. Donald Trump is not a strong environmentalist. They have


a very strong relationship with Donald Trump. The big boss of this


company is friends with Donald Trump. It is the only one that has


not been criticised by Donald Trump in the last few weeks. They have a


strong relationship. The incoming Environment Protection Agency boss


has a different thought on this. Could this accelerate, no pun


intended, the demise of diesel? I think it is gathering momentum, the


anti-diesel movement, in Europe, many countries are banning it. In


3-5 years, we could see volumes significantly come down. OK. So


don't buy a diesel? I wouldn't suggest it. I have one. Anyone want


to buy mine? And now to the other big story in the past half-hour.


It's just been unveiled by Nintendo, and it's called the Switch.


It can work as a hand-held gaming device, or plug into your TV and be


Nintendo hope they can cash in on the surge in mobile gaming.


Remember the success of their own Pokemon Go?


And also take on the Microsoft XBox and Sony Playstation


It will go on sale on March third at around $260 in Japan and $299


And, hopefully, make everyone forget about the disastrous flop


John Porter is the Home Technology Writer at TechRadar,


a website that advises tech fans on what to buy.


It is great to have you with us. What do you think about this? What


is Nintendo doing? Are they hanging on to the past? I did not bring my


mobile phone but I wanted to waive it around and say that mobile gaming


surely has to be the future. This has always been the problem with


Nintendo, having a problem with the potable side. The Nintendo DS and


the home console side, the Wii and Wii U. Hopefully they can reconcile


both and bring them together into the Switch. The prices bit steep.


299 is similar in the United States to what you would pay for the XBox


one consoles. It is a little bit cheaper. But if you are a first-time


buyer and are looking at the three consuls, you get more bang for your


buck with the XBox one or the PlayStation. This will not be able


to take them on, the Xbox or the PlayStation? It depends. Nintendo's


strength has been the first party games, Super Mario, Zelda... They


seem strong with that. The real test will be with third-party publishers,


Ubisoft, etc. In that regard, the presentation has shown off some good


things. We had but as the come on saying that Switch would have


Skyrim. -- Bethesda. Also Fifa will come to it as well. And you advise


technology fans to buy or not to buy. What do you recommend? With


something like the Switch, we have to see what the full launch looks


like. Zelda looks like a good launch game. But it is not quite enough to


recommend an entire game system. OK. Thank you very much for coming in,


John. Have a good day and have a good weekend. Let me leave you with


two stories before we go. Lee has been questioned for over 22


hours on suspicion of bribery in a corruption scandal involving


President Park Geun-hye. The South Korean special


prosecutor's office is investigating whether Samsung provided $25 million


to a business and foundations backed by Park's friend in exchange


for the national pension fund's support for a 2015 merger


of two Samsung companies. It says it will decide soon


whether to issue a warrant Wow! It is heating up in South


Korea, isn't it? India's most powerful


corporation has a new boss. Natarajan Chandra-sekaran has been


named the new Chairman of the $100 It has assets all over the world


including Jaguar Landrover here in the UK,


as well as Tata Steel. He will have to work hard


to repair damage to the group after the acrimonious sacking


of the previous boss Cyrus Mistry, who alleged serious ethical


and governance problems at the company and


is now being sued. so, he has got his work cut out for


him. And that is it for


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