15/09/2016 BBC Parliament on BBC Two


An Urgent Question on Concentrix's activities in relation to tax credit investigations, and Charlie Elphicke introduces his European Union (Withdrawal from Membership) Bill.

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Urgent question, Rebecca Long Bailey.


I asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will make


a statement on the abilities and activities in relation to tax


credit investigations made on behalf of HMRC into Concentrix.


The government recognises the importance of tax credits


We all recognise that it is important that this support reaches


That is why HMRC work hard to check that they are making the correct


payments and to tackle any fraudulent claims.


We must acknowledge that fraud exists in the system and should


be investigated to ensure that taxpayers' money is spent directly.


As part of this, Concentrix Ltd was engaged to help


As a result, ?300 million worth of incorrect payments


I do want to reassure the House on two key points.


Firstly, Concentrix were only paid for making the right decisions.


They would not receive payment for taking someone's


And secondly, that Concentrix were not allowed to engage


in fishing expeditions or pick on vulnerable claimants at random.


But where there was evidence to suggest a claim might not be


correct, Concentrix wrote to claimants


to see information to confirm their eligibility.


I realise, and I know this as a constituency member myself,


that it can be stressful for someone to receive such a letter,


but it is right that we investigate the full picture with claimants


themselves to make the right payments.


That is why both Concentrix and HMRC, where it does the same


work, always sends a letter giving claimants 30 days to provide


information before taking any further action and it is important


that people do indeed respond and get in touch


if they are struggling to respond to any other questions.


Despite the best efforts of the staff manning the phones,


with a high volume of calls in recent weeks, Concentrix have not


been providing the high levels of customer service that the public


expect, and which are required in their contract.


HMRC has given notice that this contract will not be renewed


HMRC is also no longer passing new cases to Concentrix but working


with them, as a matter of urgency, to improve the service they provide


to claimants and to resolve outstanding cases.


I can confirm to the House that 150 HMRC staff have been redeployed


with immediate effect to help them resolve any issues people


are having with their claims, as quickly as possible,


and Mr Speaker, I realise that colleagues on all sides of the House


are concerned to get difficult cases resolved and assist vulnerable


In addition to the additional resources I have already referred


to, I have arranged a members' drop in in at 1 Parliament Street


between 9:30am and 11am tomorrow at which we can


offer guidance to colleagues, should that be helpful.


Many members across the House have been contacted by distressed


and anxious constituents, often hard-working individuals


who have had their tax credits cut unfairly,


pushing them, in many cases, into extreme hardship.


Whilst we on this side certainly welcome that HMRC is finally taking


action in announcing that the Concentrix contract


will not be renewed, it's most regrettable


that the government has only done this when events have been


dramatically exposed by the media, and indeed My Honourable Friends,


the member for Sheffield Healy and Birkenhead.


Whilst Concentrix will be carrying out the services for another


eight months, there's a risk that without radical amendment


to the contract itself, service failures will continue.


Most concerning is that the payment model creates a conflict of interest


as noted by the Social Security Advisory Committee.


Can the Minister confirm what arrangement she will make


to urgently revise the contract to preserve justice


Furthermore, as she stated, I understand HMRC will redeploy 150


staff so that claimants can get through to advisers


Can the Minister confirm how the government will monitor


this going forward, and will the government commit


to an official investigation into Concentrix's conduct


since being awarded a contract in 2014, so that we can determine


how this situation was allowed to arise?


And one final point, Mr Speaker.


Has the minister given any consideration to the real prospect


of bringing this service back in-house?


Mr Speaker, it is worth making the comment I think,


that this is a very complicated system


that this government, the previous government,


indeed inherited, and it is the case that long-term, the right answer


is to replace tax credits, as is our intention,


because it is an unnecessarily complex system that


But we must make it work whilst it is in operation and that is now


With regard to the contract and the decision that HMRC have


taken, I want to reassure the House that


monitoring has been taking place on a regular basis throughout


the contract, and HMRC have worked closely with Concentrix,


but it is the case that as is documented in recent weeks


that performance has not been right, and clearly, that has been something


that we have noted and which we are now taking action on.


With regard to the contract going forward, as I think


I mentioned in my statement, Concentrix will be focusing


on resolving outstanding claims, not opening new ones.


In other words, the ones that they are already open,


we'll be looking to deal with in an orderly and appropriate


manner, and HMRC is putting in additional resources,


focusing on those difficult cases where we have heard some


high-profile examples in recent days, and to make sure that we get


those resolved in the quickest possible time, to ensure that


vulnerable constituents of all of ours are helped and supported.


I don't think there is any need to go into inquiries etc.


It is monitored on a regular basis, it is not going to be renewed


when it ends in May next year, and the focus, I think,


for all of us, and for me and for HMRC in the coming days


and weeks, is in making sure that we get the outstanding


cases and resolve them, particularly those involving


the most vulnerable, and we make sure that people


have the money to which they are correctly entitled.


Cases women who have had their benefits withdrawn because the of


men they are living with. What we need to know is how quickly these


cases can be reviewed. I understand the point my right honourable friend


makes. The courage people to call the HMRC it number they have


received. We are putting people with immediate effect on to that hotline


to ensure that we can resolve that. I had been talking consistently on


this fact, that as soon as we can resolve the facts of the case, we


will get money into people 's accounts in a matter of days.


Whilst we on this side certainly welcome that HMRC is finally taking


action in announcing that the Concentrix contract


will not be renewed, it's most regrettable


that the government has only done this when events have been


How much of the savings were as a result of incorrectly cutting


payments? How much does the government intend to claw back to


directly compensate those who have been affected? The minister tells us


and I am pleased, that civil servants have now been drafted in to


clear up the mess. How much will that cost the taxpayer and will the


government be seeking additional payment from Concentrix to fund that


action? Mr Speaker, one or two of the points that the member raises


there, I am not able to respond to. It is important that we are able to


resolve the outstanding cases. We are not renewing the contract but we


do intend to go down on fraud. It is important. There is a lot of fraud


in the system. It has been a success, to be able to reduce that.


We need to continue to bear down on that because money that is


fraudulently obtained is not available to taxpayers. It remains a


vital matter that we do address that. For the moment, my primary


consideration is addressing the matter to ensure that we take care


of our most vulnerable constituents. Mr Speaker, I am a big fan of


helping those people who are trying very hard to get on with life. Are


those people still going to be dealt with by Concentrix? Are they going


to have the fear of being prosecuted as they go forwards as the what


assurance can the Minister give that those people are going to be looked


after? I have laid out the arrangements that are going to be


taking place. We will be looking at cases where Concentrix has already


focused on, open cases. Concentrix have assisted the government and


indeed the taxpayer in identifying those. I think it is important to


keep this in perspective. HMRC has made it clear its intention to not


continue its contract. Can I thank the Minister and the HMRC for


reacting so quickly to the issues? What estimation has been made of the


current backlog that needs to be dealt with by Concentrix and the


HMRC? How should those people who are currently being dealt with


contact Concentrix? Should they contact the HMRC directly? Why were


these appalling errors not acted on before they were revealed in


Parliamentary questions? Will they be bringing the country back


in-house in May next year? Will they commit to a review of all payments


by result contracts that are completely inappropriate in our


system? I am aware that the honourable lady has obviously been


very active in this and has asked a number of questions. I think with


regard to performance it is important to note, and performance


does support this, that actually it is in the recent weeks in particular


that performance has been not acceptable. It is not a case that


this has been something that has been an acute problem for a


considerable length of time. It is the case that performance has not


been acceptable in recent weeks so I just want to make that point. With


regard to who people should contact, the number is on the letters that


they have received. I am aware of the problems of getting through to


the phones in recent weeks. Indeed, I have had some myself. We are


putting forth additional resources to allow Concentrix to focus on


entering the phones, while additional staff deal with back


cases and some of the complexities so that people can fake as a focus


on the additional issue. Some are coming in. We think there are around


2500 in the system left to deal with, because it is that time of


year. Can my honourable friend clarify who


from HMRC or wherever is going to deal with claims of errors, fraud


and others problems. We has had a strong signal that it is not


acceptable but we want to see genuine claimants compensated. I can


reassure my honourable friend that both can is an HR NCR has three


matters of fraud. Obviously HMRC will continue to pursue cases of


fraud but indeed the government has put in additional resources into


supporting the general tax avoidance and of evasion complains --


compliance aspects. Mapping the Minister for statement and attention


to the difference to the previous government response. I don't believe


we would have this statement if not for the leadership election. I think


of that and likewise I hope she would pass on our thanks for the


immediate action she took on the action she took on the report I


submitted. She was asked investigate the unlawful use of self-employment.


The two questions I would like to ask, the worries about this contract


is that they appear for some people to be cutting benefits and asking


questions. And there is no mechanism


by which MPs have got a hotline to try and sort


out those issues out. Well very much work King --


working to bring the work in House, might she acknowledge that


this is a contract in place where a private company is able to make


a decision on benefit money for It could be deemed as quite cheeky


tasks many questions. Mr Speaker, I thank


the right macro -- to honourable member around fact


that it is priority to resolve I do think it is again be it


a rating that through this contract we have secured


to ?280 million of identified savings in terms of error and fraud


and that it continues to be considerable


fraud and regard to where people are I do not think it is important to


recognise this contract has brought This contract does


have its place but it work appropriately and it must do


what it is set out to do and it should work for taxpayers and should


work for the vulnerable. I will reflect on as


wide a point if I may. I want to give him reassurance


on that Gerald Bull point. All members of the House will have


received a deluge of harrowing cases of people


who have had cause to have The first of all


they were even unsure this company existed,


they thought it was a scam letter, There has been for delay


in post-opening and try to get through on the telephone has


been next to impossible. This has been a service level that


has an acceptable Can she assured us that


her statement shows this government is committed to


helping the vulnerable immediately I thank my honourable


friend for those These contracts, right


across government we have important contracts with people


to provide a server, but they need to be provided to an


acceptable standard. HMRC have taken into account


operational performance I think the focus for all of us,


for ministers, for HMRC and individual members working


in their constituency capacities as to make sure our most vulnerable


constituents are supported as soon as possible to make sure that money


they are entitled to hits their bank accounts and they do not have the


stress of wondering where that money All of us as constituency


members of Parliament can relay stories of how the service


contract has worked and has been But on the issue of the jobs that


will be lost, some of them in Belfast, can she tell us


what contact she has had with the Northern Ireland executive or


the HMRC has had with the relevant devolved administrations regions are


about the effect on jobs and what will be done to give support


to those who will lose jobs? I think it is important to note


that the decision has been taken by HMRC not


to renew the contract, so to that extent the decision for a private


company like Concentrix as to what they do beyond that point


is a matter for them. But I am sure that in the normal


way, if the right honourable gentleman has


concerns that nature, This is not a decision to end


the contract here and no, it is a decision not to renew


it in the spring. What other steps being taken


by the government to protect the Can my honourable


friend assure them a House that the lessons


learned in this case will not be applied


to the hat contract in May,


but across more contracts I hope I can give that reassurance


that not just in the future but obviously in the past and to date,


it has always been the case that when the government contracts


with the supplier to provide a service, that it should be


provided to the right standard, that contract


will be monitored and we make sure that service levels are except 22


members Despite what the Minister


has said earlier, I have constituents who have had


their tax credits cut off without receiving any prior


notification and has spent up to 70 minutes


on the Which is a huge drain


on the resources. Can she tell us whether the contract


included penalties for concentric 's not providing an acceptable service


level or answering call is within a set time, if not, who will


take the responsibility or negotiating such


Waiting 70 minutes to have a collards and is not acceptable.


I would understand the distress caused.


I am going to write to the


honourable lady about that, I do not have the detail at hand.


I need to assess what we can say in terms of


She was expected to deliver at is half the original says -- savings


plan on a contract. What more can the government do to improve the


tendering process. This is a payment by results contract and as I said in


the response to the Honourable Lady, concentric swell not be paid when


they have not acted appropriately, it is important to get this right.


-- Concentrix. I give him the reassurance that HCMR and indeed


government ministers will always seek to get the right contracts but


where there are lessons to be learnt we must reflect on them and make


sure that they are then reflected in future arrangements. Last week in


evidence to the Institute of government the former Secretary of


State admitted that outsourcing to the private sector was not a panacea


. Is it not time for a full review of outsourcing in the welfare system


and looking at whether it is appropriate at all or if there is


better provision to be done by civil service to oversee that this never


happens again. Again, I would urge members to keep a degree of


perspective. There are lots of contracts that deliver what we want


and it is worth noting again that this contract delivered ?280 million


of savings which is a sensible return on investment. Service levels


must be acceptable and to the standard we have contracted. There


are circumstances when the company used allows governments are


cost-effective way of doing something they may not have the


flexible capacity seed to do or it is easier in an unsure period than


doing it in-house. I think the point is made and I will reflect on them


but I do not draw the same general conclusion that he has. I concur


with the excellent point made by the member and the Minister will note


that genuine errors will occur by constituents and HMRC. Sometimes


that for compassion is not shown by HMRC were looking at the


circumstances, can we ensure that those are done in those difficult


circumstances for those in need. Of course I have had the same


experience as my honourable friend, only last week I sat with a


constituent who had a very complex case and was in a very difficult


situation. It is the case that if we take it upon the heart of


constituents but when they are in HMRC, it is important to soar people


out and get money into the bank accounts of constituents as soon as


possible. It is clearly an interest in the urgent question the points


are being made on all sides of the house will be heard when they need


to be heard. There are a significant number of my constituents who have


been left disadvantaged by the antics of the government. Canny


ministers say that she will look seriously into finding this company


and using those resources to compensate my constituents for the


financial distress they have suffered. To reiterate what I said


previously, I will ask HMRC to clarify the contractual obligations.


As a constituency MP who has dealt with a number of cases I am pleased


to note the action the government has taken. As a member of the Public


Accounts Committee I have sat through numerous reports on the


quality of service that HMRC provides, which is hardly call


service, what assurance that the minister have to say that we will


not see our drop-off in terms of service, standards and future


arrangements? I don't believe that will be the case as I say HMRC has


been dealing with cases of the same time as Concentrix throughout the


contract, and I have been assured that when 100 and 50 of the


additional staff deployed, and I have no reason to believe that the


services are suffering. The point is been made and will be investigated.


I am glad to hear that he Concentrix contract is ending but as the


minister mentioned they will still be dealing with ongoing casework.


Can she deal with a constituent of mind's situation who has been


plunged into 13 thousand pounds of debt due to concentric. --


Concentrix. Will she take up this case lease? If any member wishes to


write me a look at it as a matter of priority. If she wanted to come or


ring a complex case tomorrow to the drop in HMRC, if she liked to write


me I will respond. Or the thank you, Mr Speaker. I


first raised this issue in late January. That was about a family


that did not have any income and it had been going on for wheat. Why


does it take the BBC's programme to bring ministers to this dispatch box


is the on Monday, HMRC and Concentrix, on the basis that no one


will take responsibility. I think that involving the private sector in


a sensitive, the main issue like this does not work. I am sorry to


hear that the honourable gentleman had that difficult experience. I


cannot agree with his general point that there is no role for the


private sector in this regard. I refer again to the amount of money


that has been saved to the taxpayer. There is a amount of fraud in the


system and it is important that we bear down on this because clearly,


that money should, we do not want to go into people for whom it is not


appropriate. Most of the fraud, much of the fraud, does rest in that


area. As he highlighted, it is a particularly difficult and sensitive


issue to investigate but we do need to continue to investigate because


the amount of fraud involved is considerable. We can all share the


stories of anguish to our constituents and frustration for in


dealing with this issue. We should also remember that the HMRC itself


is not an innocent agent in this. It designed this contract. Its port


customer hostility and suspicion into the contract, into the very


practices that are in the contract and of course, it was HMRC that were


providing the names that were targeted by Concentrix. Well some of


those bigger policy miss guidance is being looked at as well as the


enjoyment we are all having today in scapegoating Concentrix themselves?


Mr Speaker, I returned to the answer I gave just a moment ago that we do


need to continue to bear down on fraud in the system. There is a


considerable amount of fraud. I am afraid it would be naive to think


that all of this is error. There is fraud in the system but there is a


lot of error which the original tax credits makes it easier. It is the


case that we do need to continue to bear down on fraud but clearly, we


need to do it in a way that does not make it difficult to assist the most


vulnerable. Thank you, Mr Speaker. The minister has mentioned fraud and


number of times. While obviously there is fraud in the system, I


really do not see that as an excuse for constituents such as mine like


Sarah Hodgson, with three young children, struggling to putting on


the table. It is no excuse for incompetent contract is. I am glad


that we have employed extra HMRC staff to assist people. The others


in my area is due for closure. Our nearest regional office is more than


200 Miles Drive away. Will you please review the closure of our


local offices so that people can keep support in this situation is


that they so much need like this? I am sorry to hear about the case that


she mentions. She raises a wider issue about the modernisation issue


that HMRC is going to. Perhaps it would be more appropriate if she


wrote to me. It is important in terms of the modernisation of HMRC


as they go forwards. Although, it does mean that some HMRC offices are


being closed. It is about delivering a better and more modern service


into the future for all of our constituents. I trust that there


will be some compensation paid to the company, first of all for the


way that the contracts were handled but also for the extra cost


incurred. It was not so long ago that this house was condemning the


HMRC for not answering more than half of telephone calls that were


made by constituents about tax matters. What steps have the


minister taken to ensure that new cases will be brought in-house, that


there will not be that same problems with the HMRC that there had been


with concentric? I think it is obviously documented that at times


in the past, the HMRC have had problems with the phones. I think


some of the information in the public domain lately has been rather


outdated. The HMRC phone performance is considerably better in recent


weeks. I think it is important in all of these things that we do reach


some balance, with regard to the point bounce Concentrix. It is worth


noting that they have amended around 5500 claims. I reiterate that this


is an important exercise but really needs to be done in the right way.


Thank you, Mr Speaker. I work in the news from the minister that


Concentrix will not have their contract renewed. In the meantime,


there has been a lot of talk about what is unacceptable. I think there


has been a lot of focus on fraud. What we are talking about today is


tremendous suffering. We're not talking about exceptions, we are


talking about the widespread norm, causing exceptional misery to some


families. Let me just yet with you a story of one of my constituents. A


single mother of four, whose tax benefits were cut. As a result of


that, she cannot get benefits for the baby. She has been told more


importantly, that she cannot have her claim reopened for 44 days. Will


the minister reassure me that she will intervene as a matter of


urgency? I am sorry to hear her constituents


has had such a difficult time. I would urge her to


use the resource I have referred to throughout


this to take that up. I hope that can be resolved


and as soon as possible. I have emphasised, and HMRC


are aware of this, speed is of the essence, where people have


had their tax credits erroneously She is right, there is


error in the system. I reiterate this is a too complex


system and that is why the government is looking to make


a major long-term reform to the way we do this,


because even the honest taxpayer can easily fall


into error in a system that was so complex in


its design from the start. As we sit here,


families up and down the country have had to rely on charity


and food banks to make ends meet due to ridiculous decisions


made by Concentrix. Given that so many


are living a day to day existence,


can the Minister confirm just how quickly people can expect to receive


the money they are rightly The HMRC, at the point


at which the facts are resolved, it is important we do that quickly,


at the point when we have done and that may be in the course of one


phone call, I am assured and this


is what I expect to see, within a matter of around four


working days, no longer, we would get money


into people's accounts. But we need to establish


the facts in each instance. It is worth saying,


for the sake of the House, having some sense of


the 6% of customers asked


for a review of a decision


following a cheque. That is a large number


of people being checked, but nevertheless it


would be wrong to think that this was a huge


proportion of the cases. It is important we get


those ones right and we look to pay people


within days, as soon as we have The Minister says that


HMRC is supporting Concentrix in performing


their contract ending next year. What is the cost to the public purse


of that support that is being


provided and is that It has always been the case that


as you would expect managers within HMRC have been working with


Concentrix throughout, so I don't anticipate that that will be


an enormous additional cost because there has always


been a relationship because there has been some


overlap in the work to be done and I would expect


that to continue as we work towards the end


of the contract. The Minister is engaged


in crisis management, crisis management


itself is not good enough. In the opening


statement, she said In the opening statement,


she said that Concentrix are not One of my constituents


got a letter wanting Investigation is needed soon and it


needs to look at the contract terms, order process and Concentrix


behaviour and needs to look at what is the true


resource requirements. Unless she announces this,


we will be back here HMRC has data analytics


and operational experience to deliver the kind of


savings we are looking for in terms Practical measures going forward


in simplifying the system, and improved detection


of fraud are important parts of making sure we improve


performance going forward. It is worth noting


again that we have saved hundreds of millions of pounds


to the taxpayer by reducing error and fraud but we want to make it


harder in the future for people to As long as I have been one


of their MPs, HMRC has treated people in the Wirral


with disrespect, with indignity and this


is just the worst in a long


series of cases. Can I ask the minister one question,


when did she first meet Concentrix to raise our


concerns with them for? I have been a minister


since mid-July, I have not met Concentrix because I have not


been a minister for that long. Clearly colleagues,


previous colleagues, But I have been working with HMRC


to look at the regular monitoring and given the interest


from colleagues across the House in recent weeks, I have been getting


daily updates from HMRC But in the relatively short time,


given that we have had summer recess, being in my post,


I have not met them. I am sure HMRC will be disappointed


to hear what she says but I think


they would want to reflect One of the issues reported by my


constituents is the requirement to send all the documentation


by registered post, which costs over This is money that they can ill


afford when they're living on the Will the Secretary of State


look urgently at alternative methods of sending


documentation in the remaining time I will ask that question,


but I cannot give any assurance as to whether it is


possible to alter that She highlights an important point


about where we go in the future with The more that we can


make these things digital and make them really easy


for people to get right, the more likely we are to avoid


these unhappy situations. The Financial Secretary must know


I tabled five questions on this With 1800 people in


Belfast employed by Concentrix, with Concentrix


redeveloping onto one location in the city of Belfast,


could I ask her to reflect how appalling that was


that members of staff, how appalling that was that members


of staff, many of my constituents, last night from a tweet by the BBC,


as by any information from Concentrix and any


information from this House. As I have said a number of times,


the contract is not being The consideration of whether any


contract is renewed is something that takes place in


the normal course of events. The honourable gentleman does


give me an opportunity to place on record my


thanks to the many, many Concentrix It is as the same time


as we shine a light on where Adam -- form is as


unacceptable, there are many people who are doing a good job and


providing a good level of service. Many people are succeeding


in that regard. I know the Minister says she sees no


need for an enquiry but I and I know many colleagues in the chamber


today and certainly constituents of ours would disagree


with that position. My question would be how


can we learn lessons to ensure these practices employed


by Concentrix don't ever come to light again,


if we don't look into to light again, if we don't look


into the practices carried out by some form


of investigation or enquiry? I think it is right


that in the normal we arrange things in the future,


to reflect on what we can learn from things that have already happened,


and that would be something you would do through a normal process


of review and consideration. We will just have to agree to differ


with regard to the issue I have been contacted by so many


distressed women in my constituency about how


awful Concentrix is. to mums who were only trying


to renew their tax credits to get payday loans to feed


their children. There is a group formed


with over 5000 members. On this group, mothers


share their horror stories. The lady may have got


the Burnley condition. One mother hadn't


eaten for three days This is sickening


and should be stopped. I am aware of the Facebook


group she mentions and the nature of the cases


documented there. To end on when I began,


Mr Speaker, that is why we are deploying additional resources


so we can deal with the most difficult cases where people


are vulnerable in the quickest time possible


and that will be my focus and that of HMRC


We come to the ten minute rule motion.


Ten minute rule motion, Charlie Elphicke.


I beg that leave be given to bring in a bill


of the United Kingdom from membership of the European


Brexit means Brexit and we will make a success of it.


It also means Brexit means Brexit and it means we


The matter of Article 50 is a matter for


The matter of Article 50 is a matter for the Prime Minister alone.


She has the mandate of the masses given to her


on June the 23rd and it is right that she invoke it.


I hope the sooner she invokes that the better


so we have the security, the stability and the certainty we need


as we seek to build a post Brexit Britain.


I bring this House, I bring this bill to the House today.


First to give the House an opportunity to


endorse and accept the decision of the British people on June the 23rd.


And second, to talk about the red lines that the British people


clearly have in terms of what Brexit will look like.


And third, a kind of vision we can have for the post Brexit


The first issue is this issue of where


members of Parliament were when it came to the referendum.


I myself was concerned about the border


I am here today to say that is their decision.


This is in particular for the Labour Party to reject it,


we should have a second referendum to drive


the British people back into the European Union again.


It is not an opportunity for the party opposite


we accept and will submit to the will of the British people and will


I see the SNP as well who don't seem like


to like the result of any referendum on these British Isles at all.


Including accepting the decision of the Scottish people to


remain part of the European union and the United Kingdom.


I would say to them, they would be wrong to


think that if at first you don't succeed, vote,


That would be the wrong approach to take.


Turning to the red lines of the British people, it is


very clear that the British people are deeply concerned about the level


And they have been told and pledged in


manifestos, that the number would be brought down of net migration


And they are very concerned, people on Dover tell me


on a regular basis, about the downward pressure this


makes on their wages and they have been


underlined and proved right.


By important research that showed wages to be ?450


lower for hard-working classes of Britain.


And indeed, they found that if we did indeed succeed in bringing


migration down to the tens of thousands, we would have a pay rise.


There is work published by the OECD in 2009 that says mass migration has


not benefit at the people of written in general. It does not have an


economic good for the British people in their daily lives. That red line


is really crystal clear. We must and uncontrolled EU immigration. The


second point was also underlined by Lord Ashcroft. It is very clear that


people do not want to have billions for Brussels. That has got to end.


We cannot have any deal that involves handing billions of pounds


over to Brussels. That money should remain at home and be invested in


Britain. We need to use that money wisely, which brings me to the final


point which I want to make. A most important point, what is a post


Grexit written going to look like? My constituents say to me that it


has always seemed to be about investing in HS2 or runways in


in oils seems to be about benefiting the Jetset elite. Why is it never


about us in London? An infrastructure project that they


have been waiting for for so long, which OS seems to work for the


elites, not for the regional populace? The majority of the


British people live in the regions, London has only 10%.


The south-east has a difference of some 26%. My constituents couldn't


do that and said the allocation of resources in this country is not


bear. This is an opportunity to make that zero. Then it comes down to an


issue of who does Britain work for? They feel Britain to offer and works


for the Philip Green 's of this world, for the privileged few,


rather than the hard-working working-class kids of Dover and


Darlington. That needs to change. We all know that big companies are


gaining the corporate tax system and paying hardly any tax in this


country, they are about Apple. We all know that is on our too. We need


to make sure that when it comes to Google, that Google pay a fair share


of tax in this country. When it comes to car rental businesses, for


me, that showed that we are being taken for a ride. They were imposing


a Grexit tax on us, while not paying any corporate tax to Britain. It is


that kind of thing that drives the people of Dover a round the bend and


we need to put a stop to it. We can do that when we leave the European


Union. Very simply we can do that because we will not struck by their


antidiscrimination rules. We need to ensure that the nation works for the


people as a whole, rather than the bloated bonuses that we have seen


too much of recently and in recent years. Pay in the boardroom is 150


times that of the chief executives, then it is for employees. That is


not right and that has doubled in the pass 20 years. -- past 20 years.


That kind of culture needs to change. We need to have a country


that works for everyone, not just the few. It is very important to


ensure that when we have investment, we have investment in the region is,


like Bristol and Birmingham and Manchester. It is important that we


have rail and roads for the regions as well. Brexit means Brexit. We are


going to make a success of it. It is also an opportunity to change the


way we run Britain, to change our way of life. To change who we work


for, and to make sure that our country works for everyone. That is


the change that we want to make. It was the towns and villages of this


country that decided to take this country out of the European Union


and those towns should be supported for leading the charge on the kind


of future that we can have as we head out into the supermarket of the


world. Two to claim the honourable member of his right to bring in the


bill. He said that we in Scotland should have respect for the


decision, the outcome of the referendum. I very much respect the


outcome of those nations who voted to leave the EU. I would simply say


to my friend from Dover, perhaps he and his colleagues should respect


the wishes of those nations who voted to remain in the EU. It is


always sweet I think to be chided by the honourable member for Dover, who


railed against a Jetset elite, who talked about the imbalance in


boardroom pay. We do not need to leave the EU to tackle that


imbalance. He talked about the imbalance in public spending and he


was right to do so. Such is the imbalance, Scotland get even less


money than the south-east gets. We do not need to leave the EU in order


to rebalance public spending throughout the English regions. If I


we had an English Parliament to deal with these things, things would be


so much better. The honourable gentleman spoke about corporate tax


and how little was paid by some of the Goliaths of the global,


corporate world. We do not need to leave the EU and we can opportunity


further. In essence, the honourable gentleman made a pitch to leave now


because he said Brexit means Brexit and we will make a success of it.


The problem, and why no one can support this is when the Prime


Minister, the leader of government, leader of the Tory party is asked if


Brexit means Brexit means we will be in leaving the single market, she


does not know. When she was asked today if support for financial


services would be maintained, she said that I refer to the answer I


gave last week, which is that I do not know. On the basis that Brexit


means Brexit is no more than the meaningless, campaigning expression


and none of the attributes or benefits described by the honourable


gentleman in terms of tackling proper pay, tackling taxation,


tackling the imbalance in public regional expenditure in England will


be in any way improved by Brexit. I fear that we are going to have two


call against the valiant gentleman's attempts to drag the whole of the UK


out of the EU before there is even a plan to stop a


As many stop a as are of that opinion.


The question is that the honourable member have leave to bring


This is a trailer for BBC Four's conceptual art season.


You see clips of a pile of bricks causing anger in a gallery,


The shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, Rebecca Long-Bailey, asks an Urgent Question on Concentrix's activities in relation to tax credit investigations, and Charlie Elphicke introduces his European Union (Withdrawal from Membership) Bill to the House of Commons. From 14 September.

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