07/02/2017 First Minister's Questions


Full coverage of AM's questions to the first minister from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

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Good afternoon, welcome once again to the programme and our coverage


According to the Order Paper we can expect questions on health policy,


economic development and access for disabled people


We're on Twitter of course - @walespolitics where you can see


the latest developments in the Welsh political world.


Well, business in the Siambr is underway - so let's cross


to today's questions to the First Minister.


TRANSLATION: I call the National Assembly to order and the first item


on our agenda of this afternoon is questions to the First Minister.


The first question. When does the First Minister intend to discuss


health considerations with the Prime Minister. I thank the First Minister


for that response, two weeks ago there was cross-party support in the


Assembly for a motion calling on the UK Government to initiate the


statutory public enquiry into the scandal of people with haemophilia


who were given contaminated blood in the 1970s and the 1980s, which


resulted in the death of 70 people from Wales and many more people are


still living with HIV, hepatitis C and liver disease. Will the First


Minister raised this directly with the Prime Minister when he meets her


next so that the families of the 70 people who did die in Wales and all


those who were affected can beat some closure? I can say that the


Cabinet Secretary is leading the discussions on this he wrote the


secretary of the health supporting the call for UK wide enquiry on


behalf of all those who received contaminated blood. He is also heard


it first hand the views of affected individuals and their family and is


now considering the issues and concerns before making a decision.


Good afternoon, may I first of all reinforce the calls for that


national public enquiry, I think that is very important. The L EDC


reported recently on the quality of the UK health services which


recommended the need to establish a set of key health data and quality


indicators for all of the UK health systems so we can benchmark


ourselves effectively using agreed common definitions, facilitate


quality and I wondered what discussions you or your colleagues


had had with dual counterpart in the other devolved nations and


Westminster to facilitate this so that we can judge ourselves in a


peer-to-peer basis? There are active discussions with officials about


this, the indicators the health very widely, but this is something that


is in the early stages of exploration. -- vary widely will


stop TRANSLATION: I also associate myself...


It might be useful for the First Minister to put health on the agenda


in relations to a exit from the EU, would the First Minister be prepared


to raise the issue for Wales to be able to determine the level of fees


is to be issued to NHS staff from aboard given greater dependence on


NHS staff from abroad. Also, will he seek an assurance that following the


UK leaving the Yukon and the requirements get a medicine licence.


-- leaving the European Union. I think it he seek important that


drugs are tested before they arrive on the market properly. There has


been several instances over the years of course not going through


proper appraisal. It is important that the current regulations stay in


place. With regards to regional work visas it is an issue that the UK


Government has not shut the door and, therefore it is interesting.


There are practical issues that need to be involved in something we are


keen to investigate. First Minister, one of the biggest challenges facing


health care in the 21st-century is a dramatic rise in anti-mac mobile


resistance, there have been few cases in China where resistance to


antibiotics has been seen, unless dramatic action is taken we will be


living in the world that existed before penicillin was discovered.


The only review of this recommends an overall of the antibiotic and an


intervention from the G20, what discussion has your government had


with the Prime Minister about this issue and will you join me in


calling on the UK Government to lead the way in tackling this resistance?


Disease control and defence is an international matter, this


resistance has been an issue the cell for years we have seen TB


resistance to drugs, and some conditions that even some --


so-called last resort antibiotics have not been able to resolve. Yes,


there is a constant battle between humanity and microbes to ensure that


we do not start to move backwards and find that there are not affected


drugs to treat particular conditions. So, international


cooperation is important. Will the First Minister make a statement on


the performance of the PepsiCo fire -- Betsy had University health


board. Performance in some of the areas is not what we would expect


and the Cabinet Secretary has made his expectation clear. He needs to


do more than this, this is a health board in special measures, and yet


at other hospitals, the routine waiting time for orthopaedic surgery


is a weeks, more than four times the government's target. What specific


action is your government taking to address this particular problem


across North Wales and in particular at this hospital. An additional hand


surgeon has been appointed, some activity will be outsourced, we will


continue to enhance the muscular clinical teams, with a focus on


busier Gerard Pique. -- with a focus on physiotherapy. We expect that the


waiting lists will now come down. TRANSLATION: There is a concern in


the Colwyn Bay area that a surgery is closing, there are three


surgeries and only one GP. It is an area where the mIU has been closed


the several years there is an older population than the average and


there are hundreds of homes now being built as a result of the local


development plan. Would you agree that this is unsustainable and Tammy


what you are doing? -- tell me what you didn't help this situation?


Translate Shia, we have seen examples whether surgery say they do


not wish to remain open. -- TRANSLATION: We have seen examples


whether surgery say they do not wish to remain open.


And so, there is a responsibility on health boards to ensure that the


service continues and that it is broader and better. First Minister,


I read an article about the state of the North Wells health board, in


particular about hip operations, it claimed that some patients in the


wells are waiting to need years. --- North Wales health board. Compared


to England it is quite disgraceful, we wait a year and a half longer


than is recommended. I have been waiting... Sorry... Can remember the


head please. This is a very serious matter. -- Panther member be hard


please. I am an painkillers which might doctor, when he handed them to


me, it said on the box if you take these for more than three days you


will become addicted. I guess my doctor and he said your choice is,


you suffer the pain we don't take them. Now, people waiting the hip


operations can get very depressed from the constant pain, I know this


for myself, they can take painkillers that leads to side


effects, why is it in Wales, it North Wells specifically, we have to


wait up to two years with these operations? This is really not good


enough. What are you going to do about that? I am surprised that that


is the advice that the GP has giving you if it is correct, then I am


surprised. Dealing with the issue that he has raised, it is right to


say that waiting times are to log in some parts of the North of Wales. As


the Cabinet Secretary have outlined the steps being taken to address the


situation, including having an extra hand surgeon at hospitals.


Questions now from the party leaders of the Welsh Conservatives... First


Minister, you identified education as a priority of your stewardship is


first Minster, last week evidence was given that showed that the


number of teachers in our schools has declined by over a thousand


since 2000 pence. --- First Minister. Dashed 2010. Why have you


allowed the number of teachers teaching in schools to decline over


a thousand? Never mind that teaches pain conditions have not been


devolved, so his party is in charge of funding. There will be some


schools when numbers have dropped and staff has blocked. We look


forward to working to provide a package to show that teaching


remains attractive. It is always somebody else's' fault to you. We


have seen a thousand pages disappear from the classrooms. ---1000


teachers. The funding gap that is between what is bonded in England


has stretched from ?31 per pupil in 2001, two ?607 in 2015, so, not only


are we getting less teaches your government is getting less money


available. What are you going to do about closing that gap? He is surely


having a laugh. He is a member of a party that wanted to cut spending on


schools. If he had been in my job now schools would have been starved


of funding, with fewer teachers and few achievements in our schools. We


have kept our promises on school funding. We have seen an improvement


in GCSE results, A-level results, we saw the categorisation results from


last week where schools have improved, we provided money to help


those from deprived backgrounds and helped those schools financially


better not improving as they should. We have a good record on education.


Obviously you must have been living in a different universe because we


had no courts from education... What we have had since Christmas are


report and results that have shown on your watch education has either


gone backwards or stood still. That is a fact. The evidence given to the


ever patient Dee education commission pointed to less teaches


and less money available in schools here in Wales. The issue you have,


is the news today of the introduction of the new curriculum


is hitting problems when it comes to leadership as well as the Pioneer


schools not knowing where they are going with the introduction of the


new curriculum. How can you give any certainty that you will right the


wrongs of your first term in office that pupils, teachers and parents


can seek genuine improvement in school and are we going to be on the


mystery tour that the Scottish education minister said they are


going and? I have no idea what he means by


that. I'm not letting him off the ski were on this one. He's fought


elections on the basis of a 12% cut in education. That is fact. He stood


as a Conservative candidate in the election in 2011, in 2011 when his


leader went on live TV, live TV, and said we need to cut education by


20%. The evidence is there. Not the alternative facts he wants to


present. We see a school buildings programme, new schools across Wales,


members can see where they are. With him in charge nothing would have


been built. His party kept at the school building programme in


England. You want to see the improvement in schools in terms of


capitalisation, you wouldn't have seen the grant, you wouldn't have


seen the money we have put into schools, we wouldn't have seen


improvements in GCSEs or A-levels. It's right to say and the Welsh


Conservatives Welsh education would be consigned to the dustbin.


The leader of the Ukip group, Neil Hamilton.


The First Minister will know I'm a strong supporter of the Welsh


government policy of achieving 1 million Welsh speakers by 2015, and


I'm a great admirer of the Minister for lifelong learning who brings his


legendary -- 2050. Who brings his skills to the achievement of that


objective. In particular I approve of the basic principle of tolerance


and respect those for English speakers and Welsh speakers that he


has brought to the development of this policy. It's made it marketable


beyond areas where it might otherwise have been. Does the First


Minister think that the success of this policy in the Welsh government


is being put at risk by Plaid Cymru control of Carmarthenshire County


Council which is forcing a Welsh language school upon people in an


area near Llanelli against the overwhelming wishes of the majority


of parents in that village? These are matters for


Carmarthenshire Council, they must make an assessment in terms of what


they see is the right solution for any particular area within their


county boundary. The Welsh medium education strategy


says that it's for Wales should be a country where people choose to live


their medium for either or both Welsh or English. Here we've had a


consultation process, 18 months after the decision was made, in


which five people proposed for everyone in favour, and 757, which


is an enormous number for a small village responded against this


proposal by Carmarthenshire County Council. That's not a consultation,


does he agree with me that the leader of the people who are against


this proposal when she says that Welsh by compulsion breeds


resentment. These are matters for


Carmarthenshire Council as a government we are supportive of the


Welsh language. We want to see an extension of Welsh medium education


and more children involved in it. It is for Carmarthenshire Council to


justify the decisions they take in view of elections in May.


That is the constitutional position but the Welsh government, because


this is a Welsh government policy on improving the condition of the Welsh


language and maximising its appeal and reach, must have a persuasive


influence here. There is a practical solution to this problem, at the


moment there are three Welsh medium schools in Llanelli. With 170


surplus places than 120 out of area Welsh speaking pupils currently


being brought into the school whilst 81 English medium pupils are being


taken out of the school. What we needed to have a practical solution


on the ground which that defies both parties. That can be done without


putting at risk the acceptability of what, otherwise, I think is an


exceptional policy which paves the way for the Welsh language.


These are matters I would have expected Carmarthenshire County


Council to consider. It's not for the Welsh government to intervene.


It is important, of course, that any local authority takes into account


the views of those who live locally whilst considering, of course, the


encouragement we give the to supporting the Welsh language.


It is a matter for the council to decide and explain.


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood. I'm sure Carmarthenshire council would


have expected more support from you, First Minister. But I want to return


to a matter of income differences. First Minister, when it comes to


differences in income between... Can we hear the leader of Plaid Cymru,


please? When it comes to differences in income between regions and


nations the UK is one of the most unequal states in Europe. Wales


suffers from this imbalance as well. To address this imbalance on market


towns and post-industrial towns need good quality public sector jobs.


Now, hijab musty, DWP, the job centre are moving jobs from towns


which suffer from low wages like Porth and Llanelli. Jobs are being


moved to more centralised sites. -- H M R C. There is a consultation on


moving Ambulance Service jobs from Carmarthenshire to Bridgend. Do you


recognise this centralisation agenda, and are you concerned about


jobs and services being moved out of communities through a smaller number


of locations? I deplore the decision taken by huge


MRC in Porthmadog and those including my own time some years


ago. Certainly I am concerned about the withdrawal of commercial banks


from many of our communities and we need to ensure that the Post Office


is then able to offer up the same kind of services the bank does. That


depends on post offices being there as well which is is why we need the


post office to grab and fund to keep that service.


I share your concern about the post offices and banks, there is a real


concern about the viability of some of our town centres if this agenda


continues. We know what the UK Government agenda is, but, First


Minister, you have levers to counter this on the Welsh revenue authority.


Plaid Cymru would agree that Treforest industrial estate is a


better location than Cardiff. But that decision means that Porthmadog


Andrex them feel very hard done by and they need an alternative offer


-- and racks. What plans do you have to support a Welsh public sector


presents in the North west of Wales and in the Wrexham. You said that


the WRAP and have a presence in Aberystwyth on Llandudno. How many


jobs as a presence represent? And when it comes to the targeting for


the distribution of Welsh government jobs across the country, are you on


course to reach those targets? In terms of the number of jobs the


total number would be 40 in the Welsh revenue authority. Some people


would be based home in order to work, and it looked very carefully


with the WRAP could be based. A report was commissioned and member


should know that that report was placed in the library on Friday. The


skills that are required for the Welsh revenue authority skills not


actually available on ways to any great extent. They aren't the same


skills as the people and Porthmadog have. We have to recruit from


outside Wales to make those skills available to us. The Welsh revenue


authority will begin in April and it was made clear to me that bringing


people to Cardiff in order to work was the option that was easiest in


terms of recruiting people. But that doesn't mean in the future that the


body can't reconsider where it might go. At the moment it's going to


Treforest. That was the strong advice, by far the location that was


favourable in terms of attracting people with specialist skills many


of whom are in London at the moment. If there is a skills shortage in


Wales that is down to your responsibility. You are responsible


for the skills of people in this country. I want to move on to


transport now. 12 months ago you unveiled a plan for the North Wales


Metro, that plan fails to include Gwyneth, Conwy or Anglesey. But it


did include Cheshire, Liverpool and Manchester. The maps of the routes


are existing rail and bus lines, your economy secretary was quoted by


the BBC as saying that ?50 million would be available for this. Do you


really think ?50 million is enough to deliver an actual Metro? Where


you commit today that the Metro system is planned in Wales will


start with a points furthest away from the densely populated towns and


cities so that those people who feel distant from this institution and


from the centres and the arterial roads are able to see some early


benefit from this transport investment?


First of all the Welsh revenue authority will be up and running in


April next year. It needs people quickly. It's not possible to change


people and specialist skills in the time allowed.


You've had years! It's not possible suddenly to train a pool of skilled


people in a short space of time. Those people are in London at the


moment and we are looking to recruit them. The skill doesn't exist in the


main in Wales. The Metro is our idea, of course we want to promote


it. The South Wales Metro was mentioned by me in bed with Rugby


club in 2008 not as we are seeing improvement on that. Of course, we


continue to support transport in all parts of Wales.


We have called incessantly for the electrification of the North Wales


mainland as far as Holyhead and we want the UK Government to deliver


that the future. We want to make sure that as we look at the North


East Wales Metro, in time, it can expand west. These are not Metro


system is designed to be self-contained. The system is


designed to be extended in future. Question three.


Will the First Minister make a statement on how the Welsh


government intends to distribute economic prosperity across Wales?


Well, taking Wales forward sets out our commitments to deliver resilient


communities and prosperity for all and economic prosperity will


underpin for cross cutting strategies published this spring.


As we have heard there was an announcement that the headquarters


of the Welsh revenue authority would go to Treforest. Now, having seen


the paper that you mentioned and the location selection, the criteria


make it entirely impossible for any thing to come to North Wales or


anywhere beyond easy reach of Cardiff. Related to skills, but too


related to being close to stakeholders and customers. Karen


Arfon, nor Porthmadog were on the list of six possible locations being


considered by the Government despite what you told this year on the 10th


of January. Will you give detailed consideration to the need for new


criteria when considering the location of posts, criteria that


will allow dispersal of growth across Wales, otherwise the recent


words by the Labour Party both here and in Westminster, by your Shadow


Chancellor, are empty words. Well, we must remember reality here.


It's important to realise that we have two ensure that it's easy, easy


to achieve and secure the expertise that we need. That doesn't mean


there isn't a role for North Wales or mid Wales. We will ensure that


there are officers there in order to give customers the service that


we're talking about, jobs that are specialist jobs that aren't


available in Wales. More people will come from London and so we must


realise that they are different jobs to the winds we had in Porthmadog.


But we have to look for opportunities for people in towns


such as Porthmadog to become part of the authority.


First Minister, yesterday the economy secretary kicked off a week


of job announcements with the outstanding news that the BBI group


is consolidating and expanding its UK manufacturing operations onto a


single site in my constituency at the border technology Park. This is


in great part likes to Welsh government grant of 1.8 million.


This investment will see BBI employment in Wales increased almost


double by 2020 and provide excellent career opportunities in the South


Wales valleys, fostering closer links to the scientific and academic


community. It will provided significant boost to local economy.


Isn't there is further evidence that the Welsh government intends to


distribute economic prosperity across Wales, and when can the First


Minister next come to a slowing to celebrate this news?


I'm sure I will come to the constituency soon. BBI is an example


of the hard work done by the Welsh government help businesses expand. I


was pleased that sport has allowed the headcount in Wales to grow,


particularly as these will be high quality management, scientific and


technical roles. It was my pleasure the week before last to spend time


in North Wales to see some of the excellent projects taken forward


there as well in terms of job creation, tourism and education.


First Minister, the UK's industrial strategy AMs to close regional


productivity gaps. Here in Wales regional productivity regions


deliver varies widely from Anglesey with 53% of the UK's GDA appeared


with 19% in Cardiff. The Government has previously stated that


variations in levels of GDA per unaffected by commuting patterns.


Now while the Welsh government has put 80 million of European funding


into the heads of the valleys Road improvements, mid and North Wales


are traditionally suffering from poor transport connectivity. I know


the exception of the Newtown bypass which is making good progress. Can I


ask what your government is doing to close these regional gaps and


economic prosperity caused by inadequate transport infrastructure?


Well, he has slightly argued against himself thereby saying that there's


a lack of infrastructure when the Newtown bypass is being built. That


is hugely important. We've seen improvements on the 8470, the


stripping of the road. And over the years we've had developments further


south with bypasses and the Christmas pitch on the way to many,


many examples. And in terms of the rail network we see improvements on


the passenger services and do the constituency that he represents.


They are important opportunities in the future to improve the service


and potentially look up new stations. Bow Street is an example


of that. We demonstrated our commitment both public and private.


First government make a statement on the Welsh government's economic


plans. We are improving economic development conditions. The First


Minister will be aware that last week I bought a group of individuals


together who have a track record of delivery in global Wales to make the


case of developing a specific economic development strategy full


formal Wales will stop whilst that model may work for many parts of the


country, does the first Minster agreed that it might not be relevant


for global Wales? EU agreed that there is an urgency to develop a


plan in particular in the wake of the Brexit boat, as the impact of


with global might be greater than elsewhere in the country. -- in the


wake of the Brexit vote. And will you use the concerns of this group


as the basis of creating a strategy full formal Wales. Yes I will. It is


important that this is not seen as an urban and normal divide. I think


the Member for what she has done and have passion for rural Wales. It is


like to say that there are challenges beyond 2020 will stop we


will see millions of pounds disappeared as farming subsidies go.


There is no certain sees in that regard. -- there is no certainties.


Now is the time to plan for a rural economy in Wales.


TRANSLATION: First Minister one of the key elements of economic


development lands where the enterprise developments, including


creation of a waterway part in my constituency. Given that they are


crucial to your plans, can you give us the latest news on the


development of the enterprise zone, including the progress made towards


a centre of excellence in marine and engineering and also the development


opportunities for the enterprise part in contest is an energy and


tourism? -- concentrating on energy and tourism.


TRANSLATION: Many companies have benefited and received ?2 million of


support. A group has been established in the enterprise zone


itself which has a programme of work to support businesses and secure new


contracts. We have seen investments as well, such as equipment projects,


which have invested millions of pounds... And now, I planning


application has been submitted to create a new energy generation site


in Pembrokeshire, so many things have happened in the enterprise zone


at a price full is not in 2014, 70.5%, the lowest ever recorded


since records began for Wales, indeed the lowest fare any UK nation


or region. It bounced back to 71% in 2015, but that was one of the lowest


figures as well. Is the First Minister prepared to commit, the


Welsh government, that we will not see this income per capita vigour or


even further, but if it does after eight years at First Minister GB


prepared to take personal responsibility? Bearing in mind that


his party was in charge of this years. Saw GDP go down then. It


shows... I know that is easily forgotten that... It does show the


challenges in raising GDP. The more skilled people have, the more they


can and and the higher they GDP goes. We have shown that we can


deliver, unemployment is lower than England, and Scotland. GDP is now


the challenge. Unemployment is not as much an issue as GDP. It is going


in the right direction and we continue to acquit of people with


the skills they need. -- to equip our people.


TRANSLATION: Will the First Minister make a statement on dental practices


in Wales? The health board is working to improve this and progress


has been made. Some 30,000 additional patients are accessing


NHS dentistry then a decade ago. You may be aware, First Minister, that


the main reason children visit emergency units today is because of


tooth decay and it is crucial that good dental care is provided for


them at an early age. But, schoolchildren from many areas have


lost access to a mobile dentist who visited schools because there was no


learning to buy a new vehicle. -- there was no funding to buy new


pillock or vehicle. -- there was no funding to buy a new vehicle. Do you


agree with me that losing that service is quite unacceptable and


what are you doing to ensure that it is reinstated in the future? Well,


this is a temporary measure and know the health board are looking at


fresh ways of ensuring that the service survives. They are looking


at mobile units from other areas in order to achieve that and they are


considering opportunities with regards to funding a new mobile unit


to ensure this happens and in the meantime there is care available in


other places. These are temporary measures and the hope is that the


service will ultimately restart. 40% of children still don't visit the


dentist regularly. A third of children start school and show signs


of tooth decay and it is the most common reason why children aged five


to 29 require admissions to hospital. Given that this North


Wales mobile dental unit was last September, and the health board is


only reporting now that they will get a replacement vehicle, and


looking at other mobile dentistry resources, isn't it a little late


six months later and should this not have been treated as a priority? If


you agree with that, will your colleagues get on the phone to the


health board and ensure that with your partnership it is treated as a


priority? There are alternative provisions in place, although the


intention is to restart the service. I can say that because of the design


to smile, the latest dental survey shows a 6% reduction of children


with dental problems. Over the last eight years, we've seen a 12%


reduction in the proportion of children with at least one tooth


affected by decay. That is an example of the success.


TRANSLATION: What assessment has the First Minister made of disabled


access to train stations in Wales. Access ability to all is the


cornerstone of our transport. We measure passenger satisfaction with


research and following that we see what kind of barriers it should be


removed in order to ensure that no barriers exist in train stations for


those who wish to use them. Thank you for that response, further to


that over the past few months I received a number of complaints


about the ability of disabled people to use a number of train stations


including Pontypool, whilst recognising that train stations are


not devolved at the moment, what is your government doing to ensure that


stations across Wales reached the appropriate standards? Well, I


greeted Lee with that, 245 stations, under the franchise in England and


Wales and only a quarter of staff at present. Was macro I totally agree


with that. We expect total improvements made... A station which


had terrible disabled access, and after many years of campaigning, it


became upgraded and I'm sure you will welcome the changes we now see


all stop however, it is slightly tarnished by the conditions and diet


as a consequence of an indecision between Network Rail as to who runs


the station. -- the conditions and diet stop will you look at the


opportunities at other railway station so that disabled access is


not just at the station but getting to the station. Railway access is


hugely important and they have to be accessible. We are aware of hygiene


issues at stations. There is funding for a new cleaning regime and the


services will be provided by the rail operator in the future. There


was an opening question which mentioned the problems for people


with disabilities at stations, you may be aware of the work of one of


my constituents a disabled access rights campaigner who worked


tirelessly across Wales to try and improve disabled access. While you


are right to say that a large aspect of this isn't devolved, the


management of this station is within the remit of Riva trains and that


franchise. What are you doing to make sure that that franchise date


as it vastly approaches that the disabled issues are put at the heart


of all this. -- the remit of Arriva trains. So, that a new focus can be


put on that so that disabled people do have access to stations which


they deserved. We know we will be in full control of the franchise, and


the opportunity is there to make the stations accessible. It is important


that the issues are dealt with as part of the next franchise


arrangements to make sure that we can use trains in the future. We had


a visit to the Assembly last week from a group of wheelchair units who


had the carrying complaints that transport staff hadn't been trained


to deal with disabled people. This was unfortunately the case with rail


staff, bus drivers and taxi drivers, what can your government do to


ensure that transport staff are properly trained in this respect? It


is a matter for operators of course, I've seen staff in my own


constituency Terry station... With regard to the boss services it is


packed year to remember braised cards being installed only for the


bus country to introduce bosses that didn't lower. They were coaches with


a seat that could be lowered onto the ground, but quite often the seat


didn't work. That is a fine example of a transport company not thinking


of the needs of its customer. It is hugely important the transport


companies to comply with the law as it stands to make sure there is


access for all. Would you make a statement on funding for


postgraduate students? TRANSLATION: It will be confirmed


this week that loans will be made for students beginning a


postgraduate Masters course in the 2017 to 2018 year. LQ. Perhaps the


First Minister will be aware, following an item on the news about


the story of someone from my constituency who has tend to


crowdfunding to try and pay her way through a postgraduate course to


become a physician 's associate in Banga. She has a first-class degree


in medical sciences but is having difficulty in affording the course


because of her and similar students' inability to access postgraduate


loans in Wales. The health service needs Emma and therefore students


like Emma need that support now will stop as well as the pledge the


students in the next academic year, which we are grateful for, how can


we look at students who are at risk of dropping out of courses now in an


area where we truly need their expertise?


TRANSLATION: well, of course the course will start in autumn this


year and by then assistance and support will be available. Of


course, they will have had a much shorter wait than students from


England, but one of the things they had to resolve was that more funding


is available for postgraduates in order to ensure that will happen in


the autumn. Question eight, Jenny Rathbone. What assurances does the


First Minister have from the UK Government that the new rules would


water down... It will be for this Welsh Assembly


to decide what happens to food standards. I met with the chair of


the Food Standards Agency, we effectively buy into the services of


the Food Standards Agency and they are committed to ensuring that the


exit from the EU will not compromise the UK's first-class food safety


standards built up after many years of problems in the past.


Unfortunately, there are villains across the world is keen to


penetrate any weaknesses in our defences on this matter. We remember


the horse Berger scandal. And I am concerned that trees Theresa May


seems hell-bent on some sort of deal with United States who has much more


difficulties with problems than this country or any other country of the


European Union. What insurance did not assurances can we have from this


government to ensure that the labelling on the food is what it


says it is. And that we are absolutely up to the mark in terms


of identifying adulterated food that might otherwise come onto the


market. It is the case that during the


Second World War American forces wouldn't choose British food. In the


1990s I had a part in prosecuting abattoirs R standards were beyond


description. Now we have practice that is world leading. Now we have


practice is that mean now food is amongst the safest in the world and


we should not play around with that hard earned, hard-won status. We


will make sure in terms of devolved confidence that the food standards


are not lower during Wales. There we are, that was


First Minister's Questions. We're on a little later next


week at about 4:15pm. If you want more Welsh politics


this week, don't forget The Wales Report with Huw Edwards


after the Ten O'Clock News As for today though, from all of us


on the programme, goodbye. To be in the Lords,


you have to be punctual... Sometimes you really do literally


have to slam the door What right do they have to tell


me about my fashion sense? Can you now control


your bad language? Yes, I will. Otherwise you'll be,


you know, drummed out. To win on something


as important as this A unique opportunity


to meet the Lords...


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