14/03/2017 First Minister's Questions


Full coverage of AM's questions to the first minister from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

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Good afternoon, welcome to the programme and our weekly


coverage of questions to the First Minister.


Carwyn Jones' place will be taken by Jane Hutt today


and she can expect questions on a range of subjects


including business rates, energy efficiency and how Government


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For now, business in the Chamber is already well underway -


so let's take a look now at today's First Minister's Questions.


Call the National Assembly to order in the first item on agenda this


afternoon is questions to the First Minister and I have received


notification understanding order that the leader of the house will


answer questions today on behalf of the First Minister. Question one,


Nick Ramsay. Will be leader of the house provide an update on support


available to businesses affected by the business rate re-evaluation. The


Welsh Government has announced an extra ?20 million to support


businesses affected by this. ?10 million through transitional relief


scheme and ?20 million through high-street rate. This is action to


provide certainty and security to ratepayers in Wales affected by


re-evaluation. Thank you for that answer. Business is in my


constituency continue to be deeply concerned by the business rate


re-evaluation. What any support is welcome, I hear about the relief


that your Government has announced the additional discount every drop


in the ocean for those businesses facing the busiest hikes. What about


the businesses who will not benefit from the scheme of support and will


be Government look again at raising the threshold at which businesses


are paying business rates in order to avert some of the large-scale


business closures which I fear are going to happen after April? Para


?10 million transitional rates relief scheme will assist businesses


his entitlement to small business rates relief would be adversely


affected by the evaluation. Her ?10 million high-street rates relief


specifically targets businesses in your constituency. We listened to


the concerned responding to be some businesses in Wales. These are


bespoke funded schemes and indeed they are in addition to a ?100


million small business rates relief. As a result, three quarters of


businesses will receive help in their bills and development 17 and


2018. Reader of the house, as a result of the evaluation, the


average rateable value has decreased by 6.1%. With this be a fairly


common pattern across the area, what impact could this have on the Welsh


Government's policy towards promoting economic prosperity across


the South Wales Valleys? The statistics published by the


evaluation are showing that total rateable value will fall in all of


the values. That does mean the majority of ratepayers in these


areas will benefit from reduction in their bills and of course, we have


acted to provide that additional support to businesses through an


extension of ?100 million small business rates relief scheme. Of


course, business Wales and all the other levers that will assist


businesses in your constituency will have a bearing on economic


opportunity. Including the city deal which is a key partner. Adam Price.


Notwithstanding that point, this is fundamentally an unfair tax. It is


wreaking economic carnage on our high-street. Isn't it time to scrap


this tax altogether and replace it with something like an Internet


sales tax? Clearly this is an issue where we have worked over a period


of time as a pro-business Government to take action to help new and


existing businesses and do indeed look at the impact, not just in


terms of re-evaluation, but our business support scheme. We are


looking at a new permanent scheme in terms of small business rates relief


from 2018. Supporting ways that reflect the needs of Wales. We have


engaged widely as possible about our scheme in a short time available


between the publication of its traffic waiting list and the date by


which these regulations had to be in place. It is their scheme, we have


to make sure that it redistributes the amount payable between


properties reflecting changes in the property market. That is their


responsibility. Leader of the house, the business rate re-evaluation is


spitting at our high-street at risk. Many small businesses are facing


huge hikes in the rates bills, yet their turnover is not increasing.


For many, the only alternative is to stick rental properties with smaller


rateable values of the high and this could be the final straw that broke


the camel's back for small independent high-street retailers.


The UK Government's latest budget proposes a cap on the business rate


increases for those small firms set to lose their rate relief. Will the


Government consider doing something similar for small high-street


retailers here in Wales? Can I does make it clear that we are doing it


more than the UK Government and if you look at the funding for the


rates relief measures that the Chancellor announced last week, it


will amount to just over ?12 million and if we had relied on that, it


would have meant ?8 million less support for small businesses in


Wales. We have got to fully funded this book schemes. I'm sure many of


your businesses in your constituency will particularly benefit from


those, not just the transitional scheme, but also the new scheme,


which specifically targets the high-street ratepayers. What


consideration how the First Minister given to prioritising energy


efficiency and homes as part of National infrastructure policy in


Wales? Investing in housing including energy efficiency is


already a priority in the plan, a long-term vision and the actions we


are taking in this important area are set out in the energy efficiency


strategy published last year. There's a lot of excellent work


already being done in Wales, but putting domestic energy efficiency


alongside other nationally important infrastructure programmes could have


multiple benefits, including massively boosting efforts to tackle


fuel poverty, including the health and well-being of older citizens,


reducing energy constructing, reducing the number of power plants,


creating new jobs in streets entreaties to throughout the land.


Far from being a win-win, it would be a win win, win win. As we await


the results of the recent consultation on the National


Infrastructure Commission, could I ask the leader of the house and the


First Minister and his cabinet to consider seriously the huge


potential for Wales bidding energy efficiency for wealth of National


infrastructure and the transformative effect it could have


on future perspire tea and well-being. I am completely with the


member. If you look at the opportunities we have in terms of


interceptor, not only delivering on carbon reduction commitment,


multiplier benefit effects on some the outcomes, better inflated homes,


tackling fuel poverty, creating jobs and economic activity. I will say


that it is important. We have been refining the remit in terms of


reference for the proposed National Infrastructure Commission for Wells


following a response to feedback from consultation and will include


economic and environmental infrastructure, including energy and


it will be looking at the interactions with social


infrastructure on housing and across cutting delivery issues. Our housing


stock is among the oldest in Europe and we really need to focus on


schemes of retrofitting, because a lot of that housing stock is


occupied by people who have low incomes or are otherwise vulnerable.


If we improve the skills and develop retrofitting projects, we would then


find a other parts of the UK for those goals and products and indeed


other parts of Europe. Indeed, and I think this is where it is important


that we are working with industry in terms of the opportunities for


skills base. We're looking at in which we can develop the skills and


experience, not only of our workforce, our young people, but


also clearly through the apprenticeship schemes that we are


supporting. Thank you, Presiding Officer. I agree with the original


question. There is no better example of what we debated last week than


investing in this area where you link in the skills that are local


and ensure that Welsh Government capital spend a spread across Wales


as well, because the Society regional problem, it is spread


across Wales in terms of the houses that we have. We are looking for a


clearer cited purpose around investment in energy efficiency and


something that fits into the National Infrastructure Commission


and the task and aim of that commission. I have already said that


we are going to change the remit as a result of consultation. It is


important that we recognise we are continuing to invest 100 into ?8


million annually to ensure over 222,000 social homes meet and


maintain a Welsh Housing quality standards that David Melding


referred to, the older housing stock in Wales. The sender does require


all existing social housing homes to be brought up to an energy rating of


Dior above. This is an all Wales programme with the budget of ?20


million to be made available to support this programme. Questions


now from the party leader, leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood. Although


our economic potential is yet to be fulfilled, we can already see that


Wales is a strong exporting nation. Last year, we headed ?2.2 billion


surplus with the EU, Harris Fire plus was higher than 2015 when it


was ?1.5 billion. With non-EU countries we had a trade deficit of


?2.3 billion, well the UK as a whole hand trade deficits with both the EU


and is non-EU markets. What future do you see for our EU trade surplus


if we are taken out of the single market? It is important that we


recognise the value of exports for Wales for the year up to and


including 2016, ?12.3 billion, an increase of ?725 million on the


previous year. As the leader of Plaid Cymru, Wales benefit hugely


from the EU 's and got market with access to over 500 million


customers. That is clearly going to be a huge impact in terms of the


prospects in terms of how we exit and how we make sure Wales'


interests are safeguarded. Plaid Cymru predicts a difficult future to


those exporters who rely upon the single market. We now have some in


the UK Government talking about leaving the EU without any deal at


all, which would effectively mean WTO own rules and that would be the


hardest possible tech of Brexit. It could lead to future targets and


other barriers. On the social and our mental side, it could lead to


deregulation and of lowering standards. The UK Government has now


indicated that Article 50 will be sent later this month. That means it


is a winter of opportunity. The window where there can be some


influence. The Welsh Government has said that it wants to be consulted.


I wonder if you can tell us, had he been consulted yet? What are the


implications of the UK Government issuing that Article 50 letter


without a fully consulting Wales as to its content?


Clearly we want a process that is sensitive to the interests of world


map. We with Plaid Cymru the position. This included continued


preserve put Britain's vision of the single market. Certainly, we want


and expect to be consulted on any Article 50 letter before it issues.


The First Minister made it clear to the UK Government that anything less


would be incompatible with the approach that they agreed to the


joint ministerial committee after the referendum results. We have, of


course, sent a copy of the White Paper to the European Commission. It


clear what your Government wants. It's not clear what you will do if


you don't get it. Yesterday, we saw how the mishandling of Brexit will


leads to a new referendum on Scottish independence. That


referendum could end the United Kingdom, the state as we know it


could cease to exist. That would be a radical change for Wales. It would


also greatly opportunity to be bolder and more ambitious ads were


confident about our own future. I suspect that there may be people in


this chamber who supported the Scottish no campaign last time that


would now feel less comfortable doing so. Leader of the house, the


First Minister's statement yesterday on a Scottish independence


referendum lacks detail. It says almost nothing on the future of


world map. Can you add more detail on reducing the Government taking


will snag over the next two years? What plans does your Government have


to put in place for the constitutional and economic future


of this country? I do go back to your second question about


engagement and instruments. -- and influence in terms of Article 50.


The point I would make is that we need to work together understood


sure that securing Wilson 's future -- will ... We should use our cloud


as co-signatories of the paper. In terms of your third question, it's


right that the constitutional future of Scotland is decided by the people


of Scotland. We believe that the UK remains better together. Last year,


Welsh Labour was elected on a message of togetherness. The


important thing for us today is that as the party and Government we


remain committed both to the union and the ongoing GMC process relating


to exiting the EU. The Scots say that they have no intention of


walking away from the GMC where we have common cause on many issues in


terms of our negotiations of exiting the EU. Leader of the Welsh


Conservatives. Many have seen in the last week, the shocking images of


drug abuse, people, toes in public areas. We can only feel sorry for


the full that have fallen so low. We would like to see as many safeguards


as possible put in place to rectify the people's proper. -- the people's


problem. Many of us will recognise the image of a town in Wales from


these images. Today, we have the north police and firemen


Commissioner. On this side of the house, we don't believe that is the


case. I would be grateful if you could give us a Government response


as to what actually you are taking as the Welsh Government given that


you held a meeting with the Police Commissioner last week to address


the shortcomings in this particular area. It's important to be looked at


north Wales particularly. The most of my prize of ?4.9 million of


substance misuse action fund to this area. -- the Government provides


?4.9 million. The issue in terms of paraphernalia and the visibility of


individuals with issues with substance misuse in the town centre,


that clearly as to result in a cross, multi-agency approach. That


includes not Wales police and also the local authority and voluntary


sector organisations. I had hoped that since the time has lapped we


might have had a fuller answer. The Welsh Government in 2000 and 84 for


a strategy to reduce harm. These images make it seem that this


strategy is not working. What a valuation has the Welsh Government


is taken of this strategy and the support that is in place for the


local authorities and the police forces and support agencies in


Health and Social Care to add to the address these issues that are


happening day in and day out, week in and week out, on the streets


across Wales, that are crying out for a solution and support from


central Government, in particular as you have had this 10-year strategy


in place that is coming towards the end. We are still seeing these


horrific images portrayed in the media as happening in public spaces


as we seek. I have identified investment in the substance misuse


action fund. That is available to those that are delivering on the


ground not well. -- underground for thrills. They have developed an


action plan, a comprehensive town centre action plan. It's got a


number of actions. It has to be about the constantly changing needs


and circumstances in terms of substance misuse. There are a number


of planned project coordinated by people. This is identifying hotspot


service and clean-up is taking place. It's also important to


recognise that this is about the substance misuse that we need to


look at in terms of best practice. That is where the new substance


misuse delivery plan is so Bertrand. -- is so Bertrand. Everyone seems to


blaming everyone else rather than actually getting to grips with the


problem. The Welsh Nationalists believe that legalising drugs is the


sensible alternative. From this side of the house, we do not believe this


is the solution. In particular, the deaths from drugs have doubled since


2012. That is clearly not a road to solving this problem. Well, there's


lots of mumbling coming from the other side of the house. From the


Government, there needs to be a working group set up by the Welsh


Government to pull together the charities and health bodies and


policing crime commission not Wales. To make sure that we can get a court


may could approach to dealing with this issue, there seems to be a


plain culture developing rather than -- be a blame culture developing


rather than getting to grips with the serious issue that many of these


people face and the tragedy that their lives have spirals out of


control and ultimately they need the support of Government, working with


sponsor bodies, to put the measures in place. Can you confirm that you


will do that? I have identified not only the strategy and investment but


I would hope that Andrew RT Davies is also speaking to the Conservative


councillors in Wrexham and the independent counsel those that are


at the sharp end of being responsible. With our support and


the multi-agency panel. These of you can. The leader of the house will


have seen that last year's budget was not an unqualified success for


the Chancellor. Does she and most governments for any lessons from


that experience with a view to how they are going to exercise the tax


varying powers we are to obtain under the Wales act? I do think that


in terms of last week, I think it has been described as a shambles.


Certainly, a budget that has hit self-employed people very hard. A ?2


million hike in national insurance contributions. That is affecting


many of the people we talk about in the FSB talks about in terms of


self-employed people. These ID risk-takers spearheading both. --


these are the risk-takers. Filming to learn lessons from us. The


additional funding... Can I say, you've asked me the question... The


additional funding doesn't alter the magnitude of spending reductions be


faced for future years, despite the small additions. The capital budget


will still be less than in real terms to certain of 11. With


respect, you didn't answer my question. What I was keen to elicit


was whether it makes it more or less likely that the Welsh Government


will use its powers to Vivienne, green -- vary its income tax. Lower


tax rates can produce higher tax revenues. In the 1980s, Nigel Lawson


reduced taxes and that was the effect. In 1979, the top 1% of


earners paid 11% of all tax revenues. By 1997, they paid 21%, in


spite of the fact that the club band of income tax had been reduced. --


of the fact that the top band. Let's not make Wales into a kind of tax


haven. I don't think we'd expect anything different from the reader


of Ukip. I would have hoped that you would be considering the impact of


the Chancellor's budget last week. The impact on the people that we


represent. The impact of the fact that the sting in the tail of that


budget and forecast is that there is a 3.5 billion cut plans by the


Government for 1920. -- February 20 20. That is what I'm concerned. Of


course, we have to look at that in terms of the implications of this


budget. For self-employed and also the progress people and will. With


respect, I'll try again. I still haven't had an answer. Does the


reader of the house except that lower tax rates can produce higher


tax revenues? In which case, everybody wins. As far as the UK


Government is concerned, we take responsibility and have a


responsibility that we are not taking through registration in terms


of evolved and coming our way. We look forward to debating this in the


next couple of weeks. In -- we need to recognise the adverse impact of


the divisions made by Phil. He fumbled his budget angrily to


recognise that that is bad, the fact that it is undermining the ICO to


promote the UK as a place to start a business. Will Leader of the


House... The investment dealers Government is making to benefit all


parts of Wales and all aspects of society. The Government's own


figures show that the level of Welsh Government capital expenditure on


infrastructure in south-east Wales is twice that per head in north


Wales and three times the figure for mid and west Wales. Its concern over


huge investment cap led us to vote against the supplementary budget


last week. What assurance... Lets you the question. What assurance can


she give my party and members on all sides who represents those regions


that we will have equal investment for all parts of Wales so that we


can see Chris Berry T-shirt? I think the member has seen the


combined Welsh Government allocations for local authorities,


the Health Board, police authorities for 2017, 2018. And has seen that


there is only one area where there is a slightly different powerhead


allocation and I would want to share this again with the member. In terms


of capital expenditure on an all Wales basis, that is crucially


important in terms of investment in social housing, in best win in 20%


through schools, investment in transport. I can again give you the


investments in floods and coastal risk management, supporting the Hall


of Wales, ?144 million, to improve our road network. In terms of North


Wales, ?50 million to advance the north-east Wales Metro with


potential to expand west in the future. In terms of the


supplementary budget, we were... What was in that supplementary


budget is very important to be people of Wales. It is ?170 billion


to support the Welsh NHS. Just to give one example, and ?16 million


for a treatment fund and an additional ?20 million funding for


higher education and an additional ?85.5 billion to support


construction and maintenance to be tried and road network in Wales.


Let's say... Let's recognise the importance of our considerations.


Thank you, Presiding Officer. Cabinet Secretary, there is a


Cardiff capital region city deal as a proposed Swansea be city deal,


what consideration has been given to a mid Wales deal on the same skill


to ensure there is a similar level of investment in the fourth


remaining economic region of Wales? There has been work done, as you


know, in terms of how we can respond to opportunities in mid Wales. It is


also relevant to say and very pertinent to your patch is that


these are about budget choices in terms of those cuts to the capital


programme that I have already spoken about. Five new primary schools we


are building had been recently announced as part of the 21st


century schools programme. That is so important. The prospects of


children and young people in terms of growth opportunities in mid


Wales. Although he would not believe it, there was quite a degree of


consensus last week during the debate on the foundational economy,


which has already been mentioned by Simon Thomas. It was agreed


unanimously in the Chamber that small businesses connected with each


other in a way that doesn't happen in large firms. Networks of social


capital need to be extended beyond local social context. It was agreed.


It was further agreed that the geography of the South Wales Valleys


has been a barrier to death in the past. With the reader of the house


therefore accept that the Government investment focused in this area to


be successful, the Northern Valleys need to be seen as interdependent


communities looking east and west and not simply spokes linking into a


city hub. It is always good when we get back to consensus in this


Chamber as we did very much a that debate on economy. The Cabinet


sector of the economy and transport responded to very positively. I was


also interested to see the very strong arguments for the points you


are making on the northern Valleys interdependency with Vicky Howells


in an article in the Westerman mail. It is a very personal point in terms


of the city region deal, because we have to make sure that this is


recognised, the northern Valleys recognise. It is not just been put


down it is going up on it is that mutual interdependency. Will the


reader has 87 on the provision for people on the otters spectrum in


Wales. -- otters. We have had extensive consultation.


Thank you for that response. The National Society for Wales has asked


for a record of the number of people on the spectrum in order to assist


local authorities to plan the services more effectively and in a


war competence of manner. One would expect a record of people who have a


care plan for next April onwards, but there are a number of people who


do not have a care plan and there are others who go in and out of the


system. When will your Government insist that a full record is kept in


order to ensure that the proper resources and facilities are


provided were needed in all parts of Wales? I thank the member for that


question. It is their relevant to the work that has been taken forward


by an implementation advisory group for the autistic spectrum disorder


strategic action plan for Wales. The National Autistic Society is sitting


on that import meditation group and as it is a world autism awareness


Day later this month, the group is going to be meeting for the written


at the end of the month. Wooding at that time, it is... It needs data.


It is also about the new 26 waiting time targets from a referral for


first appointment for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental


diseases to speed up the reports. Leader of the house, I understand


there are a strategic action plans in place only for five or six months


now, but what we really need to see is how the gaps in provision of


services, particularly services going to be fulfilled within


Pembrokeshire, there is a massive gap in the provision of services for


adults with autism and neither Pembrokeshire County Council nor the


local Health Board appear to have vacancies of enough method of being


able to plug those gaps. What can you the wealth Government do to


encourage that happen, because I can tell you know, you are strategic


action plan isn't even touching the sides on that? Look like the ?6


million we put into developing our new integrated autism service will


start at the Cannes impact that the member would want to see. It is an


investment over three years which will be rolled out over a Wales by


2019. It's going to see new specialist teams in every region


providing adult diagnosis, supporting in the community and


helping their parents and carers. Will be leader of the house provide


an update on the work problem of the Welsh European funding office


between now and the exit from the European Union? The European funding


office for Wales is continuing to implement the EU funding programmes


as agreed with the European Commission to deliver jobs and


growth. Newly to those of the fund had been committed to date and our


aim is to invest all of the funds available to Wales by early 2019.


Thank you for that, but as you may already know, as well as indicating


that equivalent money should come to Wales after exit, with this giving


evidence to the external affairs committee have said this is an


opportunity to do things differently in terms of regional funding. Can


you tell me how many of the applications are currently


predicated on the private sector kicking the delivery lead and what


advice regarding bidders for that remaining money to make sure that


long-term projects are structurally flexible enough to make sure that


they can last ones the days of the commission directing regional


funding have gone? Clearly multi-million projects in crude


business Wales, apprenticeships, they are directly relevant for the


private sector. You will be aware that in your region, they are making


an impact by boosting business, helping them to increase work


prospects and skills of our people. Also ensuring that through programme


monitoring committee we are engaging fully with Welsh stakeholders,


including the private sector in terms of the Commonwealth position


on future arrangements for regional funding in Wales. That is critically


important. The PMC is shared by Julie Morgan. Critically important


of safeguarding those investments. It operates under EU regional


policy, they are not going to be there in two years. What I'm asking


is, what discussions have you had with the UK Government about a


future in regional policy and how have you taken the opportunity to be


created on the agenda to ensure that what happens in Wales can be unique


to the country goes back I think our white paper at securing Wales'


future is vitally important, because it does lay out what we made clear


as far as regional economic next development. It is a clear that that


is a devolved competence and it must remain so. We would resist firmly


any attempt by the UK Government to reverse any form of devolution and


take control of regional policy, so I'm glad of having the opportunity


to put that on record today. It is important that we have got


engagement through the joint administer real committee on


negotiations which the Cabinet sector of finance of local


Government represents us and he presented our White Paper in their


meeting on the aid of debris. -- on the 8th of February.


Will the leader of the house make a comment on post 16 education Wales?


It insures our young people can excessive skills that they need to


develop their careers and that adults can develop their careers and


support our growing economy. Thank you. There is been a a lot of talk


about the need for something between. But they have failed to


deliver on that talk. A recent report showed that there was an


oversight of finances for colleges. ?22 million to our colleges over the


past five years. That has stifled them been able to make progress. In


fact, nearly half of our Welsh colleges carry large deficits and


are closed to eat into their savings. What action might the Welsh


Government be able to take as a result of the savings which will be


secured through changes to higher education student support, in terms


of some of that cash being be invested in order to rebalance the


situation in terms of parity between both forms of education? He may


talk, we deliver. I have to say... Haven't delivered anything. Our


approach, we have established an approach to vocational and technical


qualifications that we've actually developed in consultation with


employees. We've benefited from collaboration, engaging with


Northern Ireland and Scotland, internationally recognised approach


to apprenticeships, vocational and technical qualifications. As we can


see by the investment and commitments to 100,000


apprenticeships. And we have the original shirt skills partnerships.


That is to determine the need for skills. I don't recognise the points


you make at all. Those employers that I met last week, who are


concerned to get young people into science and technology, engineering


and maths. They say that actually parity with vocational opportunities


are vital for young people. Apprenticeships is something that


young aspire to. Along the same lines, there is UK research that


showed that only 17% of kids -- of was the... More thought higher


education as the best option for them. The perception still exists


that there isn't parity of esteem between vocational and academic


courses. Can I ask what he Welsh Government is doing, for example, to


promote perceptions of the research that shows that the probable


earnings of the best apprenticeships, many thousands of


pounds more over the course of their careers by students that have been


in higher education outside the main group of universities? Without the


debts that results from that codification. -- from that


education. 100,000 apprenticeships speaks for itself in terms of our


apprenticeship. The fact that it enables young people to reach their


potential. As you say, the Sutton trust research is very valuable and


pertinent. Clearly in terms of our statutory duty to provide education


for an owners up to the age of 18, we have protected and mitigated the


brand of reductions from the UK Government. As a result of the


budget agreement, we have put an additional ?30 million in to support


further and higher education. That is having a huge impact in terms of


targeting investment. As making the opportunities for young people real.


They can progress anyway from apprenticeships into higher


education and into very well paid and long-lasting jobs and careers.


Question seven. Our local energy service promotes services across


Wales back. It keeps the benefits of renewable energy projects within


Wales. We can look at how these projects will be a new continued to


develop. These mechanisms stand within the very proud cooperative


tradition of promoting local enterprise and social benefit.


Particularly for technical reasons they are easy-to-use and more


flexible than traditional charitable approaches. They are an excellent


way to Vermont communities schemes. -- to promote community schemes. I


do commend the efforts that have been going on in the not-for-profit


sector. I do think that the Government could do with Bush in


this area. I agree with all the points. The community shareholders


have raised over 5.5 million since 2010. You will be very aware of


these community projects. We related to commercial developers work more


closely with communities are shared ownership and investment. I think it


is important, you mentioned the cooperative Centre, we are proud of


that, that helps communities to share experience of how to develop


local energy services. Question eight. With the Leader of the House


make a statement on the duties of traffic officers? They are there to


serve up to the English border. Her, as the Leader of the House has


confirmed, traffic officers are not Wales patrol A55. It doesn't stop


at, plus. It continues to Anglesey. This, according to police officers,


is causing problems. It ties up resources in dealing with road


accidents and so on. These don't happen in other portables with my.


-- in other parts of north Wales. With the Government look again at


the cover and strategy. -- will be Government look again at this


strategy? The traffic officer service was originally devised to


cover business sections of the road network. We inherited this PFI


contract, as you will be aware. It has, in terms of responsibilities,


we need to look carefully at the impact of that. In terms of cough


and service. In the north, the server survey was A55. The two then


need to see that we extend this cover. We need to improve its


resilience. Finally, question nine. May I ask the leader of the house in


this budget on part of the First Minister what plans he has to meet


the Scottish First Minister to discuss the relationship with the


Rabin union? They spoke yesterday and continues to have regular


discussions with hard-boiled bilaterally and in meetings with the


joint receiver committee and British-Irish Council. And quicker


for the response and ensure that the First Minister wallop at an


interesting conversation with the Scottish First Minister. Because


there is so much in common between the Scottish Government White Paper


and the red White Paper of Plaid Cymru, Dusty Welsh Government sees


the importance, whatever the decision taken by Scotland on its


constitutional future, that's seem out of them, of course, that there


is a role for collaboration on the current negotiations between the UK


and the EU, particularly to safeguard unfettered access to the


single market for both nations? There is considerable common ground


between our white papers secure ring Wales future. In particular,


Scotland's place in Europe emphasises the economic importance


of the single market and the vital contribution of migrant workers to


businesses. The critical need to respect devolution settlement.


That's 21st Minister has taken the lead in calling for those


arrangements. -- that's where the First Minister has taken the lead.


He convened an extraordinary British Irish vessel summit last July to


other -- to allow to discuss the referendum.


There we are - that was First Minister's Questions.


If you want more more coverage of the National Assembly, you can go


online to BBC Wales's Senedd Live page at BBC.co.uk/Walespolitics.


If you want more Welsh politics this week, don't forget


the Wales Report with Huw Edwards after the Ten O'Clock News


As for today though, from all of us on the programme, goodbye.


It was the most beautiful view I've ever been through.


For one second, I was swimming on my back, and I was looking to the sky.


I was swimming across the Aegean Sea.


I was a refugee, going from Syria to Germany.


The very embodiment of the England that must emerge.


I have my own path to follow. Destiny.


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