24/01/2017 First Minister's Questions


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Welcome to the programme and our weekly coverage


Though there are no questions on the order paper


about the Supreme Court's decision on Brexit, I'd be a little surprised


if none of the party leaders chose to ask Carwyn Jones


He's also expecting questions on winder preparedness of the NHS,


protecting the Welsh economy and increasing the number


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Well, question time is already underway so let's


I call the national assembly to order and the first question is


questions to the First Minister and the first question is from Dai


Lloyd. Will the First Minister make


a statement on plans to increase the number of Welsh speakers


in South Wales West? Our vision is to have a million


Welsh speakers use the language by 2050. We have consulted on a draft


strategy in order to achieve that. Thank you for that response. Of


course like the rest of the chamber I am very pleased to support your


ambitious objective of securing a million Welsh speakers by halfway


through the century. That's an increase in some within the region


of 400,000 Welsh speakers. An average increase of 18,004 each of


current counties. The education sector is crucial to this. In light


of that to you believe that the capacity of Welsh medium primary


school places over the next three years as is suggested in the


Bridgend banned and other councils in South Wales is that small numbers


sufficient in order to reach your target and if not then what will you


do to ensure that the councils understand the crucially important


role they will play in supporting you in achieving your target? Local


authorities of course will be responsible for publishing their


strategic lands on supporting the Welsh language in the schools. They


have two present those to us in order for us to approve them. If


there is any scheme which is not adequate then the government will


not approve it. Would the First Minister acknowledge the importance


of the Urdd Eisteddfod for the Welsh language and would he congratulate


those people who organise and fund raise for the Bridgend if they step


for. The hard work of a number of volunteers to maintain the language


is important and in some of the communities where the Welsh language


is not the first language and I am sure you will be warmly welcoming


people to enjoy the dance to fundraisers well. I always receive a


warm welcome because at one time the village was in my constituency. As


one who has worked hard to raise funds for the ever faced ever they


have organised to quiz nights with my wife and I am very supportive and


of course I support everyone who supports the stairs of. To make sure


it is a success this year and to ensure there is more growth in the


numbers of people speaking and using the Welsh language. At a recent


meeting in Swansea council officials suggested their focus during this


cycle of wood beyond promoting the Welsh would and that is a step


forward but it doesn't respond to demand. I got the impression from


the cabinet member that she thought the current vocalised demand came


from a specific section of Swansea side the and I believe there should


be at least one person with good Welsh language gills in each flying


start scheme. Do you agree that early access to both of our


languages will enhance opportunities for children from more deprived


backgrounds? Yes of course. We must ensure there are more places


available in the nursery schools but we also must make sure that children


in the nursery schools are remaining in the Welsh stream when they go


into the primary schools and the secondary schools in order to ensure


they don't lose the language skills that they have gained as they go


through school. The Welsh language commissioner said that in order to


increase the number of Welsh speakers we need radical change to


our education system. She has suggested we should consider


teaching all primary schools through the medium of Welsh. It has been


compulsory for every school child in Wales to learn Welsh since 1999 yet


despite this the members of Welsh speakers has fallen. Polls suggest


the majority of people are opposed to compulsory teaching. Is it time


we accepted that may be the stick approach is not working and rather


than dictating everyone should learn Welsh, can we maybe instead be


making it easier for those who really want to learn? She was


suggesting that every primary school should be Welsh medium. There are


issues surrounding that, practical issues in terms of recruiting


teachers. I believe it is right our national languages should be


compulsory to the age of 16. There are issues about the way Welsh is


taught in English medium schools. I don't think we can say we have


created it confident Welsh speakers in owning this medium schools.


That's why a new curriculum will be important and we need to move away


from the idea that Welsh is solely academic area of study and moved


more towards it being a full facial skill. -- a vocational skill. I


think that would be a good way of improving the way that Welsh is


taught. Question two was removed. Julie Morgan.


What discussions has the First Minister had


with the Prime Minister about future regional policy?


I have raised the issue of replacement funding. We have been


very clear about our priorities including regional policy. When he


next meets the Prime Minister in the context of the Brexit negotiations


will he stress how vitally important regional economic strategy is to


Wales and Woody emphasised that replacement funding from the UK


Government must be at least equal in size to lost EU funding and it must


be under the Welsh Government's control. A promise was made by some


in the campaign last year that Wales would not lose a penny if Wales lost


the European Union. I expect that promise to be honoured. It is hugely


important that the economic losses we have developed here, the lowest


unemployment for many years, are fully within the control of the


Welsh Government to deliver those benefits. This morning I attended


the annual STW farmers breakfast hosted by Paul Davies. Farmers were


eager for clarity on the system of farm payments to be created in the


way of the UK leaving the EU. Can you update us on your government's


discussions with the UK Government on the best way to safeguard future


support for the Welsh farming industry? The FAW president


expressed his concern last week about the perfect storm. We have no


clarity beyond 2020. There are some who suggest the European market is


not important for farming. In the percent of our exports go to the


European market and it cannot be replaced easily as a market for our


goods so we must ensure that as the UK leaves the EU nothing interferes


with the ability of our farmers to sell on the same terms as they do


now to by far the biggest market. Pre-19 79 the UK regional policy had


three owners, grants through the regional premium but also fiscal


incentives through the selective employment tax and cheap loans. In


his discussions with the UK Government in the ministerial Forum


announced earlier this week will he ask that all of those will be


available to us to ensure that Wales can develop its competitive


advantage. We are in very new territory in terms of what will be


needed in the future to attract investment into Wales. For example,


there are issues like tax incentives which need to be further developed.


APD is a great driver for airports in Wales. They say it was a mistake


to devolve to Scotland so it doesn't come to us. As we look at the next


few years we need an infinitive of way rather than taking the view that


one size fits all. Would you welcome the fact the Prime Minister has


announced an industrial strategy. I am encouraged that one of the


sectors the UK Government intends to prioritise includes robotics and


automation. The Bank of England has estimated that a 15 million jobs


across the UK at risk from automation. And would he work with


employers in Wales to make sure the future proof their workforce to meet


this huge challenge. There are two issues. There is little in it that


can be disagreed with but it's a mishmash because some of these


things are not devolved. There needs to be greater clarity. There will be


a temptation to automate further which is why we need to focus


strongly on raising productivity across the UK to make sure employers


are not tempted to replace human beings with machines. That is


something we want to focus on strongly. Raising productivity


levels to at least the level of Germany to make sure our working


people are not that his disadvantage. Questions now from the


party leaders. Neil Hamilton. I am not going to ask a question about


the EU today because don't want to be typecast. I would like to ask


about the health service. In particular in relation to GPs. GP


numbers are static and there is rising demand for their services. In


2014 the latest figures we had the lowest number of GPs in Wales per


thousand people in the UK. 70% of GPs have sought guidance for


work-related stress in the last two years. 84% worry they may miss


something serious and it patient because of pressures. Does he accept


that as a growing crisis? If you look at social care we found the


social care 6% higher than Englanders which is why we have not


had the humanitarian crisis that England has had within its NHS. We


are also recruiting additional GPs. We have more GPs in Wales than ever


before. That is why we have the recruitment campaign that was


launched last year. I am leaves he is not asking me about Europe


because he did appear at a press conference yesterday and they do


thank him for the fact he is such a fan he cannot be away from me even


for a day! Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing but that is


not so in the case of First Minister. That is no answer to the


question I posed. Things are worsening lint than they are in


Wales. It is true there is a pincer movement here of increasing demand


on GPs and with GP numbers not keeping pace with those rising


demands. The NHS funding on GPs in Wales is down since 2004 from 10% of


the total to 7/2%. Throw College of General protection -- petitioners


say more GPs spending could save the NHS ?90 million EU if we repro size


GPs within the Welsh Government's NHS budget. Is that something the


First Minister is prepared to consider? A ?43 million primary care


fund is supporting that with the emphasis on new and improved ways of


developing the services of nurses and pharmacists and physiotherapist


and social workers to walk along side GPs. The answer lies not just


increasing number of GPs but ensuring that sufficient


professionals available in particular setting. We see that for


example in Prestatyn. They are to know that in some areas of Wales


patient pressure in terms of numbers on doctor 's surgery sessions is no


excessive. Canny givers any idea what he thinks the maximum number of


patients GP can reasonably deal with and our working day, and


particularly in relation to home visits for patients that are


housebound, the royal college of GPs tell me that certain instances


people have to wake up to 20 hours visit which is clearly unacceptable.


Some doctors deal with 120 patients per session instead of 50 or 60.


Exactly how many does it think is reasonable for doctors to see in the


session and how do they expect the Welsh government to meet the six


hour target which is currently being breached left right and centre


throughout the country? It depends of the patients who come through


this such a particular date. Some are seen in five minutes and for


other people takes longer. It depends on the nature of the patient


and GPs will have a good idea of it is the committees are working on the


nature of the patient and GPs will have a good idea that it is the work


the last thing we want to do is to point more and more people towards


GPs. We say to people could see a pharmacist first automating us on a


GP practice nurse and only then is the GPs only to go and see. There


are issues where some offer broader services in longer hours than


others. That is why it is important to work with the royal college and


others to make sure we see greater consistency in terms of delivery in


the future. First Minister I'm not going to ask about article 50 White


Paper that we jointly launched yesterday because there are


statements of both those matters coming in later. I would like to ask


you about matters relating to public services for which you are


responsible. Do you accept that many real commuters on the Valley lines


in particular face at touch and go situation when it comes to getting


to work on time? We are not responsible for the rail services.


We will be from next year and we welcome that. We want to make sure


the Wales and Borders franchise provides people with decent rolling


stock and more frequent trains and decent fears to pay. Those will be a


guiding principles as we look to let the franchise for next year on


board. So did nothing to do with the government? It is a touch and go


situation for many workers and IV is a regular delays as does everyone


else who uses the service. We never know when there will be delays and


cancellations and was a delay later my train coming to work this


morning. It is a daily occurrence. People feel they are not getting


value for money and more importantly that those trains cannot be relied


upon. For years our reader has try to make the service work by pushing


the current trains to the max. -- Arriva. These trains are very old.


It looks as if the services are breaking point. If it does make you


will have to do something. Is it acceptable to you that the


overcrowding situation and decide the Wales is the fastest-growing in


the UK of London? I am glad that the growth is increasing. The whole


point of the Metro was to make sure that we're better rolling stock and


don't have 40-year-old stock refurbished on the Valley lines with


no air conditioning. We don't have a situation with the track operates as


a stock operators blame each other for delays. We want is even next


year a metro system that is extended in the feature and offers a far


better service than has been available so far. She will have seen


the comments from economy Secretary in terms of its views on the profits


that Arriva have made despite the below par services on offer so far.


We can't afford to wait for the Metro and it could be years that we


see it coming on stream. My predecessor was a strong critic of


the current rail franchise contract for Wales. He said that the way to


be drawn up by an agency of the UK Government had led to a decade of


overcrowding and that verdict still stands today. Last Friday the Welsh


affairs select committee said that new trains would be needed and they


described the 2003 contract as a huge mistake. Commuters are not


prepared to put up with another probably negotiated franchise. Your


government will be responsible for the less franchise and we already


know the planning for that is under way. To date you have they get to


make clear to this assembly what Rolling stock will be provided and


I'm talking quantity as well as quantity. We have not been told


whether there will be new trains carriages if they have been ordered


yet. If there will be new trains of second hand when Ferdinand. Will you


tell us today what trains are going to be available for the next


franchise and will you give a cast iron guarantee that the mistakes of


the past contract would be repeated? We have no intention of repeating


the mistakes of the UK Government in the God of the last contract. She


rightly refers to what Mr Jones said when he was in charge of transport.


There was nothing he could do because it was not devolved and his


frustration was shared by me. Better trains and more frequent trains and


more modern mauling style. One problem though is its almost


impossible to procure these of trains and it seems ancient


technology so we have to make sure we see electrification and we have


to see the commitment from the UK Government that they will electrify


from Cardiff to Swansea. And the North Wales mainlines. In terms of


what the trains will look like in the future at very least they will


be this electric. We have to make sure that less of a geisha is taken


through. The whole point is you have the negotiation on the franchise and


is part of the franchise negotiation you specify what stock the operator


has to use. She asked if the service will run better. The answer I give


is yes. I am sure she will hold me to account. When you come third in


the leaders to ask questions you normally assume the topic of the day


will be asked by the other two. I would like to ask you on the


inspection report that has been brought forward today. You not


unreasonably said that she would make education your priority and


just before Christmas that we saw the result is that there was no


progress at all. Today they Iestyn inspection reports she was a damning


failure of leadership and particularly in excellence of


teaching in the secondary sector will if you choose a secondary


school in Wales who have less than 50% chance of going to a school that


is excellent soba chicks in practice. The event that is


acceptable after nearly seven years of being First Minister? There are


two things to bear in mind. Teachers pay and conditions have not been


divulged yet. There will be next year. That gives us a chance to put


in place a proper training package of pay and conditions that will


attract good teachers to Wales and improve the training of teachers in


Wales. Scotland have done it and that is the reason why we should not


be will to do that. Secondly the report makes the point that not


enough is done to stretch those at the top end of the academic leaks.


-- leagues. One of the reason that the Pisa report were disappointing


is that we don't do well at the top end. That bought a set of features


we need to do more to make sure that those were the high achievers


academically at least more to do even better. I'm glad that the


report has actually shown that to make sure that teachers and


politicians understand that is what needs to be done. In your answer


here. About pay and conditions in Scotland and the Scotland results in


the Pisa rankings collapsed and that is no example to follow, I would


suggest to you. You have had an initiative after initiative censure


tenure at First Minister and is as Labour have been running education


since 1999 we have our teacher workload initiatives and their


original consortium that have come in for special interest him today.


-- special criticism. The secretary of the annuity has said that there


are significant barriers to improving best practices. Do you


recognise those significant practices? -- barriers? We have had


initiative after initiative under your leadership and yet we're still


getting Iestyn reports. You're failing. To be lectured by somebody


who stood for election on the basis of cutting education spending by 12%


is unbelievable. To be lectured by somebody is failing to build schools


in England. While we are building schools in Wales. To be lectured by


somebody who was the beanbag grammar schools? Grammar schools means


chucking most children onto a scrappy. Of course there are issues


in education system. -- scrapheap. GCSE he results are improving and


A-level results are improving. We are seeing more schools coming out


in the category of underperforming. The good practices been pointed as


well. It is shown are particularly places that need to be focused on


and they are being focused on but we know that a school zone in the right


direction proper funding and not being starved of funding by his


party elsewhere in Britain. You always know when you strike never


the First Minister and it brings up statistics at Stanton no scrutiny at


all and we're talking about the here and now and the Iestyn that was


delivered today that is a damning indictment and yours they would ship


here in Wales. -- on your stewardship here in Wales. 50% of


teachers in Cardiff have left their post in the last three years.


Initiative after initiative that I have highlighted and you're failing


to drive up standards here in Wales. Kids get one chance to go to school.


You set education at the priority and you have failed to deliver. It


is about time you accepted some accountability for this and instead


of rehearsing their arguments of yesterday started mapping out a


vision for tomorrow and the success that we all want to see in our


education system here in Wales. There is I believe they can say as


Donald Trump 's press secretary for the leader of the best Conservative


Party by his presentation of all kinds of fact. It is indisputable


that the GSE -- GS CE results have improved. It is indisputable that


this party wanted cut education spending by 12% and they boasted


about it. They produced an mini manifesto that included that figure.


The reality is that his party have not come anywhere near in education


wells and it would have destroyed it. They would not have built


schools that would have kept children being taught in schools


that were falling apart. Education is moving in the right direction


with improvement across the board and that is exactly where we will


take education the future. Not backwards to the days when education


was underfunded by the Conservative Party, a party that surely does not


care about education for all and does not care about the


opportunities that are available for youngsters in Wales. That is what we


stand for and it will never understand what it means to get a


good education and good opportunities because they had never


had to fight for it themselves. Will the First Minister outline


the Welsh Government's plan for winter preparedness


in the Welsh NHS? We continue to support health and


social care organisations through our monthly seasonal planning


meetings. In 2015 the National Institute for clinical accidents


published as clinical health guidance on tackling excess winter


deaths. It outlined a number of recommendations about how health and


social care practitioners could reduce the risk of health problems


and therefore pressures in the Welsh NHS. Given the plight country have


said last September that -- Plaid Cymru. It is as an problem, how will


you respond? There are schemes that help many people particularly older


people to get homes that are warmer to ensure that they can heat their


homes and have boiler systems and heating systems of the more


efficient than what they once had and let's keep the might of hospital


because they are in homes that are under heated. We believe we are a


good reckoned that intends the money we have allocated any previous years


to help so many people in Wales live in warmth and able to afford their


heating bills and that is something I am proud of.


On average around 3000 patients waiting longer than 12 hours month


after month. Isn't that evidence of a systemic problem with the delivery


of emergency care in Wales with excellent staff being asked to


deliver the impossible rather than something that can be blamed on poor


weather? What happens in the winter, even though numbers in AMD dropped


the conditions tend to be longer term. In the summer they tend to the


injuries that don't need as much time in AMD. The issues we face are


these. We need to make sure that social care spending is kept tight.


It is true to say the demand is higher and they pay tribute to those


who work in the services. But every consultant will tell you that there


are too many people going to AMD who don't need to be there. What we say


to people is go and see the pharmacy or the GPs, all these are


alternatives. If people are not urgent cases they do wait longer in


a and B. The urgent cases get treated first. People need to make


their own choices and we will continue to make sure we fund our


hospitals to meet demand. What steps is the Welsh Government


taking regarding Aberthaw power station following the decision


of the European Court Natural Resources Wales is the


environmental regulator responsible for modifying Aberthaw's perk turn


it so that it gives judgment. We as a governor -- government continue to


closely monitor the progress towards delivering compliance. The court


case was last September and the member state which is the UK


Government was found guilty of allowing illegal levels of pollution


from Aberthaw Power Station. Since then there has only been one on


written letter to the company that has been responded to. He has been


no change to the permit and Public Health Wales confirmed to me last


week that 1150 early death is take place annually in Wales because of


nitrogen dioxide pollution. Why are we allowing such a situation where


there is this coming from a power station months after the court


decided this needed to be tackled? This is a matter for Natural


Resources Wales but I will say that the omission of nitro oxide, those


emissions have been reduced to a level from Aberthaw itself to a


level which isn't far from the acceptable level which is close to


what the court said. Although it is a matter for Natural Resources Wales


it does look as if the emissions have been reduced and now it's a


matter of seeing whether it's possible to permit the place to


proceed. I was interested by that answer because I've not seen the


data and I thought some level investment would be required to


reduce these emissions which were over twice the agreed European


limit. If you could put that information in the library we would


be very grateful. You do have to act quickly so that the public can be


assured they will be protected. The emissions go over Cardiff,


Bristol and parts of the West Country and it is a serious matter.


The information we have is that emissions have reduced from the


plant itself. On the 6th of January the centre of their intention to


begin the process of modifying the permit. Plans of a deadline is the


17th of February. RW we have invested in the plan to reduce


emissions but it must be brought within the limit in order for them


to be able to achieve a permit in future.


Will the First Minister make a statement on the National Grid's


We have consistently pressed the National Grid to ensure its


proposals for the new line across Anglesey are fit for purpose and


sensitive to the environment through which it will pass. Last Wednesday


the National Assembly for Wales made a clear statement that it is our


wish in this place for the National Grid to seek alternative methods of


making new electricity connections in Wales rather than putting in


place new pylons for any new developments here. That is


particularly pertinent to us on Anglesey where we face seeing a new


line of pylons being erected over the next few years. In light of the


fact this assembly has demonstrated its democratic will week ago, will


the First Minister give a commitment to contact the National Grid again


to put pressure on it to convince it that it should listen to the


Democratic voice of our National Assembly and reconsider their


proposals? After all every voice representing Anglesey apart from one


Ukip regional member and I include myself, the MP, parish councils,


town councils and the county council, have all expressed our


opposition and we would want the support of the First Minister to


urge them to listen. Of course the assembly's position is close to the


government's standpoint and we wish to see the cables being underground.


That is our standpoint and I am happy again to tell the National


Grid that is the view of the Parliament of Wales and therefore is


the view they should take into consideration. When I discussed this


with National Grid they told me they get paid for what they do whether


pylons go all the ground or underground but Ofgem require best


value for the customer and this will be paid through custom energy bills.


Given the best value means quality value as well as price what dialogue


will your government have with Ofgem given the concern raised by the


councils across Anglesey that the pylon option has been chosen on the


basis of cost alone? The rules are put in place by the UK Government


not by us. He asks would we reinforce our position and we will


continue to do that. We know the environmental sensitivity and it's


right to say the price is not the sole determinant of whether a


contract is awarded not or whether work is carried out the knot. We


share his view it is important to look at a wide range of factors when


we look at the overall cost. It is why we take the view they preferred


position should be underground. What discussions has


the Welsh Government had with the UK Government to impro


ve current rail We are having a rebel dialogue with


the UK Government on these matters. They are leading the procurement of


the next franchise which will improve services. Tonight on BBC


Wales Nick Savini goes behind the scenes of Arriva trains Wales as it


investigates the worst overcrowding on commuter trains for years. My


constituency continually raise with me overcrowding on trains but the


focus of Arriva trains Wales has made a profit of -- it also had ?70


million in the bank at the time it filed its last accounts. The


existing franchise comes to an end in October 2018 20 months away. My


constituents are fearful that during the forthcoming Six Nations they


will again be stuck on Willie stations in Newbridge, Crosskeys as


the Ebbw Vale the Cardiff service is already at capacity. As


electrification is today -- delete can we call on the UK Government to


do its job and act as: Arriva trains Wales to find a solution before the


new franchises awarded and can he outlined what investigations have


taken place into the capacity issue? We work with Arriva trains Wales but


in terms of having levers that won't arrive till next year. In the past


Arriva trains Wales has obtained locomotives to pull trains and those


trains were popular with commuters. There is no reason in my mind why


they can seek to do that again. What my colleague has outlined his the


balmy situation where we pay a subsidy to rail operators to provide


substandard service while they make enormous profit and this was the


wonder of privatisation back in the 1990s. We should be able to look at


having a public sector not-for-profit agency running the


railway lines for the benefit of the people of Wales and not by paying a


subsidy in order to be shaved -- the shareholders. The House of Commons


Welsh affairs committee has recently said there is an urgent need for new


trains. It went on to say that Sam Rowlands stock was over 40 years


old. Would the Wales and broader franchise coming up to the first Mr


say what discussions has the Welsh Government has with regard with


providing a modern rail service for passengers in south-east Wales.


These are all part of the franchise negotiations. The Metro will improve


journey times and facilities. For the first time it will be the people


of Wales who are able to determine what their train service is actually


look like. We have this bizarre situation where at one point it was


said the wheels and Borders franchise would only cover trains


which began or two needed their journeys in Wales. I am glad that


situation seems to have been solved by the UK Government but they are


determined to provide a better level of service. I declare an interest


that my sister works for Network Rail. I've had correspondence from


people who have traded with transport links.


Can he update us on plans to open a new station in Abertillery but what


steps will the government have with the local authority to provide


adequate bus links before new Metro comes on stream. The member has made


himself the font or the recipient of all rail related complaints in the


SMB. Abertillery is included in the Metro plans as an area of expansion.


The railway tracks were last used when the mine was in place and third


years ago. It is a community that needs to be linked. Where there are


no existing heavy railway lines we want to make sure that communities


that lost their relaxed some years ago to regain them as part of the


Metro plans. What percentage of the budget is


allocated to the prevention of fraud? For the purpose of


identifying fraud if not possible to say what percentage of the spenders


but those who encounter the fraud unit. Don't you think it's ironic


that your leader was talking about a rigged system this month because in


Wales its labour that has rigged the system.


There was a massive grant for Cook. The company providing the guaranteed


give a massive donation to Labour Party. And yet your party at when


people out of the homes of the canopy bedroom tax. Are you happy


with all this? Are you happy, First Minister, with all this? The member


is probably wiser not repeating those allegations outside the


chamber. He has an unhappy history of libel trials. That was a stream


of consciousness as far as I can tell. In terms of appointment is


done openly. He is criticised appointment of the ombudsman. The


ombudsman was appointed whether -- whether Plaid Cymru member. There


have been cases where we investigated fraud which is


inevitable with a large organisation. Those investigations


are undertaken grabbers who is the subject of the investigation. If he


is suggesting that the worst government adviser been involved in


fraud which is the tone of his allegation he needs to make his


allegations known to the relevant authorities or make his allegations


backed up with evidence. NA allocation of Welsh grants to


organisations that are relevant checks and use of taxpayers money.


There have been allegations of various scandals and I'm aware of


?900,000 in North Wales were to directors bus company face criminal


action. And I do know of ten to 12 cases under investigation and how


the money has been used. There is finding that they are this


government. How can I reassure my constituents in Aberconwy that in


all matters you to take these things seriously. And that all transaction


between businesses and organisations they can fill confident you will


always maintain strict financial property at the heart of Welsh


government funding and these of our taxpayers money? That is a perfectly


fair question. We have a counter fraud unit headed by a retired


police officer with experience of leading economic crime and proceeds


of crime recovery units. He's also a member of the organising committee


of the worst fraud Forum. It is also supported by administration staff.


It is not a big unit but it does play a leadership role and draws on


considerable support. Is it possible to prevent all crime? No, clearly.


What is important is that crime is detected an investigative prosecuted


and the fact with happiness is the use of investigation is a sign, I


hope, that the member can see that we do take all allegations. That was


First Minister's Questions. If you want one of the National Service


coverage go live to


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