18/03/2017 Welsh Conservative Party Conference

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Bethan Lewis and Vaughan Roderick introduce coverage of the Conservative Spring Forum in Cardiff, including the speech by party leader Andrew RT Davies.

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The Conservatives have been in power at Westminster for seven years and


their next target here in Wales making games at the local elections


in May. Welcome to Conference 2017. Good afternoon.


Welcome to the third of our Spring party political conference


programmes. We have already heard from Plaid Cymru and the Welsh


Liberal Democrats but over the last couple of days it is the Welsh


Conservatives who have been getting together in Cardiff and you can see


the latest developments and comment on Twitter. As always our Welsh


affairs editor is here to guide us through the afternoon. What will the


party be looking to get out of this conference? There are a number of


things. This is a combined conference, it is the Welsh spring


conference and also the UK party's spring Forum and it is a platform


for UK issues as well as Welsh issues but the main thing they will


be hoping for is to turn the page on what has been an awful week for the


Conservatives, with Nicola Sturgeon really outmanoeuvring the government


at the beginning of the week by announcing a second independence


referendum, that you turn from Phillip Hammond over the National


Insurance contributions in the budget and that fine from the


Electoral Commission about the election expenses. A grim week that


they will want to forget about and get on to different subjects. A lot


of what was said was seen through the prism of the developments


regarding a second referendum on independence. The government agenda


was way off course this week. There is no doubt that the plan for this


conference was the plan you will see on the slogan behind the Prime


Minister in a little while, a plan for Britain. It was going to be


about a plan for Britain after the moving of Article 50, instead they


have had to scramble and respond to what the British Government has been


doing. Plenty more from Vaughan later. Now the main event was the


Prime Minister's speech, it has been a challenging week for Theresa May,


the second referendum on independence for Scotland, the


U-turn in her own government over National Insurance but this was a


speech to the party faithful. Theresa May began her speech by


referring to this. Bringing these two events together reminds us once


again that we are and always will be the Conservative and Unionist party.


APPLAUSE. The only party today that represents and delivers for every


part of this precious United Kingdom. I would like to thank Alun


Cairns for that introduction. He is a determined and passionate


campaigner for Wales is interest in Whitehall, always standing up for a


Welsh interesting government and speaking up for this great nation at


the Cabinet table. I would also like to pay tribute to the work of the


Conservative group in the National Assembly, particularly to its leader


Andrew R T Davies. APPLAUSE. The clearest and without


doubt the loudest voice at Cardiff Bay, doing the important work of


holding the Labour government to account. And thank you, to you,


also, for all the work that you do for our party here in Wales. Thanks


to you, some of our party 's best result at the last General Election


were achieved right here. In the north, James Davies taking the seat


from Labour. In mid Wales, Chris Davies taking the seat from the


Liberal Democrats. In this city, Craig Williams holding Cardiff North


with a majority more than ten times greater than we achieved in 2010.


And in the South West, Byron Davies becoming the first Conservative MP


for Gower in its 100 of history. APPLAUSE.


130 year history. People said we could not win here again. But you


prove them wrong. And today we are winning in Wales once again. And


people said the same elsewhere as well. They said we could not win in


the north of England, but tell that to the voters of Copeland and there


are new brilliant member of Parliament, Trudy Harris!


APPLAUSE. This is the modern Conservative Party. Reaching out to


all parts of the country and winning in all parts of the country. A party


that works for everyone, not just the privileged few. And right across


Great Britain, on the 4th of May, people will go to the polls to


decide who they want to run their local services, care for the local


environment and said the council tax they pay. In Scotland and here in


Wales, there will be all out collections in every single local


authority. In England, as well as County Council and unitary authority


elections, some of our great cities of the areas around them will choose


a powerful new Mayers. As a party. We go into these important


elections, confident about the job we can do to serve local people and


local communities. From Cardiff to the Cairngorms, from Dover to


Darren, people are looking for a party with a plan to secure a better


future, a better future for their town or city, their county and their


country. And our task as Conservatives is clear. We must work


to be that party. In local elections across Great Britain, that means


being the party that sets out the credible and compelling case to keep


council tax low, for a more effective and efficient local


services and for more responsive representation. In the elections for


new Mayors, our candidates, James Palmer in the Cambridge and


Petersburg, to go cold air in Liverpool city region, and Tim Veldt


in the West of England, they must be the candidate pointing the way for a


better quality of life, greater social, cultural and economic


opportunities and a more prosperous future for local people with a plan


to deliver. And as Her Majesty's government of the UK, responding to


and delivering on the decision of the British people to leave the


European Union and embark on a new global role, our task is clearer


still. It is to use this moment of opportunity to shape a brighter


future for Britain. It is to use this period of change to step back


and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. And it is to


use the years ahead to deliver an ambitious programme of economic and


social reform that prepares Britain for the brighter future and ensures


we emerge stronger, fairer, more united and more outward looking than


ever before. And that is why, today, I want to talk to you about this


government's plan for Britain. A plan for Britain that will guide our


policies and actions, a plan for Britain that will deliver a


stronger, fairer country, for we stand on the threshold of one of the


most significant moments Britain has known for many years. During the


next two weeks, we will trigger Article 50 and begin negotiations to


secure the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union.




And it is at such moments, great national moments that define the


character of a nation, we have a choice. We can look forward with


optimism and hope or give in to the politics of fear and despair. I


choose to believe in Britain and that our best days lie ahead.


Because while the road before us may be uncertain at times, I believe,


with the British people, that it leads towards a brighter future for


our nation's children and grandchildren. That brighter future


will not just happened. The stronger fairer country we want will not just


emerge, it will take effort and focus, discipline and hard work. And


above all, it requires that we set out and deliver on a plan. So our


plan for Britain is a plan for a brighter future, a plan to make the


most of the opportunities ahead and to build a stronger, fairer Britain


that is more united and more outward looking, a plan to get the right


deal for Britain abroad, yes, but also a better deal for ordinary


working people here at home. That is crucial. For the referendum result


is not just a vote to leave the European Union, it was an


instruction, to change the way our country works and the people for


whom it works, for ever. It was a call to change the balance of


Britain, to make this great United Kingdom a country that works for


everyone, not just the privileged few. We, the Conservative Party


understand that and we, the Conservative Party, will respond. We


will get the right deal for Britain abroad, forging a new partnership


with our friends and allies in Europe but looking beyond Europe, to


build relationships with the new friends and new allies and old


friends around the world as well. At the same time, we will pursuit the


ambitious economic and social reforms we need to make Britain work


for working people. That means building a stronger economy and


investing in the things that will deliver for Britain in the long


term. Tackling the problem of low productivity and helping to secure


the high-paid, high skilled jobs of the future. It means creating a


fairer society, as we break down the barriers of privilege and spread


opportunity and prosperity around the country. It means forging Aomori


United Nations as we put the values of fairness, responsibility and


citizenship at the heart of everything we do. It means building


a stronger, fairer Britain that our children and grandchildren will be


proud to call home. From the start, the Britain we build as we leave the


EU must be a truly global Britain. A Britain that is outward looking and


embraces the world. Because the vote to leave the European Union was not


about to turn our backs on our international role or abandon our


international outlook, Britain at its best has always been a great,


global trading nation. We have always been shaped by and have


helped to shape global events. We are one of the world's largest


economies with strong and fruitful relationships with countries around


the world. Those cooperative and open-hearted relationships are vital


to our future success as we leave the EU, we will embrace the world


and build a global outward looking Britain, that is a confident, and


responsible player on the world stage. Of course that means getting


on with the job of delivering Brexit, striking the right deal for


Britain or that build a new partnership with Europe and we have


been clear about our negotiating objectives, certainty, wherever


possible, control of our own laws, strengthening the United Kingdom,


maintaining the Common travel area with Ireland, control of


immigration, writes for EU nationals in Britain and it is nationals in


the EU, enhancing rights for workers, free trade with European


markets, new trade agreements with other countries, a leading role in


science and innovation, co-operation on crime, terrorism and other


affairs and a phased approach, delivering a smooth and orderly


Brexit. 12 objectives, that amount to one big goal, a new positive and


constructive partnership between Britain and the European Union. But


a global Britain, also means making the Britain that emerges from the


EU, the leading advocate of global free trade and promoting and


defending the forces of economic liberalism which have such an


overwhelmingly positive impact on our world. It means, as I say,


building and strengthening our relationships with old friends and


new allies, getting out and doing business right across the globe. And


that is what the Department for International Trade has been doing


since it was set up last summer, building up our capability and


readiness for that new global role and promoting British goods and


services around the globe. It means continuing to attract the brightest


and the best to work or study in Britain but ensuring that process is


managed properly so that our immigration system serves the


national interest. Continuing to meet our commitments


to the world's poor and support developing countries, making the


world a safer place for everyone, and supporting our armed forces as


they keep our country safe and secure. Britain is one of the few


nations anywhere in the world to meet its UN aid target and Nato


defence target. That is a global Britain of which we can all be


proud. Our success as a global Britain will be underpinned by the


second objective of our plan for Britain, a stronger economy where


everyone plays by the same rules. We have achieved a lot of the last six


years to fix the economic mess left by labour and restore our public


finances. The deficit has been reduced and the economy has grown.


In 2010 the UK borrowed ?1 in ?5. This year it will be ?1 in every


play ?15. Working with business leaders across the country we have


delivered a record number of jobs giving more people in our country


economic security and peace of mind for their families. We have taken


the lowest paid out of tax altogether and put on the national


Living Wage so that people who work hard every day and often arduous


jobs can enjoy a better standard of living. There is still so much more


to do. Our plan for Britain will continue to bring the deficit down


so the country lives within its means. We will take a balanced


approach a loving us to invest where it is needed, like the ?2 billion of


additional money for adult social care we announced last week. Whether


it will make the difference for Britain in the long-term, like the


?500 million a year we committed in the budget to bring genuinely


world-class technical education to Britain for the first time. This


funding will help to increase the amount of technical training by 50%


and includes a high-quality three month work placement for every


student. It means that when they qualify they will be genuinely work


ready. It means we will be taking technical education seriously and


giving at the parity of esteem it deserves as we roll out our


industrial strategy towards all parts of the country. That strategy


will encourage and support the key sectors of our economy, provide more


opportunities for young people to find high-quality high skilled work


and spread opportunity and prosperity around the whole of the


country. This approach has been welcomed by sectors across the


economy and I look forward to publishing our White Paper later


this year. To build a stronger economy that works for everyone


government must support competitive markets and an open economy. That


means recognising where markets are not working for customers and being


ready to step in on their behalf so that consumers get a fair deal. One


market that is manifestly not working for all consumers of the


energy market. Energy is not a luxury, it is a necessity of life,


and it is clear to me and anyone that looks at it that the market is


not working as it should. Prices have risen by 150% of the last 15


years and ordinary working families are finding they are spending more


of their take-home pay on heating and lighting needs month. The vast


majority of consumers, especially those with the lowest incomes, are


on the most expensive tariffs. Relying on switching alone to keep


prices down is clearly not working. Our party did not end the unjust and


inefficient monopolies of the energy corporations to replace it with a


system that traps the poorest customers on the worst deals. We are


looking closely at how we can address this problem and ensure a


fair deal for everyone and we will set out plans very soon. This is the


government on the side of working people, acting to repair a broken


consumer markets to improve the spending power of people who are


just about managing with everyday costs and bills. It is the job of


government to act in the national interest and to protect the people.


To crack down on individuals and businesses that abuse the system so


that everyone, however big or small, plays by the same rules, and that is


the fairer Britain we are building. A Britain where worker's rights are


enhanced. Under this government they will be extended and never


diminished insuring that in a modern flexible economy people are properly


protected at work will also be a priority and that is why we have


commissioned Matthew Taylor to lead a review into the rights and


protections bebop having worked in the new modern economy so we can be


certain employment regulation and practices are keeping pace with the


changing world of work. The Conservative Party is the party of


workers, consumers, responsible businesses, with a plan to build a


stronger economy for all. The third objective of our plan is to build a


fairer society where success is based on merit not privilege. We


have started to rebalance our society in favour of ordinary


working people. Our plans for housing will deliver 1 million more


homes so more people can afford their own home while ensuring the


housing market is fear to those who own their home and those who do not.


Action to help those renting as well as buying. We will continue to be


rigged investment into the NHS, to help people at every stage of their


life. We will help people who can work get back into employment so


that they can benefit from a happier healthier and more productive life.


Our welfare system is fear to those who need it and fear to those who


pay for it -- fair. We need to go further than trying Britain into a


great meritocracy where success is defined by work and talent not birth


or circumstance. Our plan for Britain mould provide a good school


place for every child. That allows them to reach their full potential


eye. We will support existing state schools to do even better through


sponsorship of universities in collaboration with the independent


sector we will help schools to expand and do something else no


government has done for generations. We will extend to the children of


working class families the same opportunities enjoyed by the


children of the well-off by ending the ban on new academically


selective schools in England. These new schools will face rigorous


requirements to ensure that as well as giving greater opportunities to


their students they support their neighbouring nonselective schools to


do the best buy beers. There will be no return to the binary model of the


past but moving into an egalitarian future where the opportunity to


receive the education that suits a child best is within reach of every


one of our society and not just the privileged few. Being a government


at the service of the people means taking action on the issues that


concern them. Not thinking we know best and turning a blind eye to


their concerns but listening and responding to what people want. So


we will take control of immigration and make sure the immigration system


works in the national interest. We will welcome immigrants to make a


valued the necessary contribution to our economy and society but we will


once again have control of the system and manage it according to


our needs. At the same time we take action to address people's


legitimate concerns about immigration we will be understanding


and our determination to tackle the historic injustices like racial and


gender discrimination that hold too many people in our society back.


The Britain we will build must be country where everyone has an equal


chance to succeed and we're getting on in life is dependent on talent


and hard work, not background or connections. Our party should aspire


to be the servant and voice of hard-working and patriotically urges


people of every social class and race, any religion and nine, women


and men, gay and straight, young and old, we are union of people bound


together by injuring common interests and all are respected and


welcome in our party -- enduring. Because everything I have been


talking about today adds up to the overarching goal of our plan for


Britain, the creation of a more United Nations that our children and


grandchildren a protocol home. Our party believes heart and soul in our


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The pressures bond


between four nations, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern


Ireland. That union is more than just a constitutional artefact. It


is a union between all of our citizens whoever we are and wherever


we are from. So our plan for Britain will put strengthening and


sustaining that union at its heart. It means taking the big decisions


when they are the right one for Britain in the long term. The team


national interest above any other consideration. And ensuring that we


act in the interests of the whole country creating jobs and supporting


communities across our United Kingdom. It has always been the


special mission of our Conservative Party to be the true National Party


in Britain, to aspire to represent all of the country and all of the


people and today our goal must be nothing less because we are the


party of the new centre ground of British politics, rejecting the


extremes of Labour's socialist left, Ukip's libertarian right and the


divisive and obsessive nationalisms of Plaid Cymru and the SNP. We have


seen that tunnel vision on display again this week. The SNP argue that


we should break up the UK because we are leaving the EU. But three years


ago they campaigned on a result that would have taken Scotland out of the


EU altogether. They are happy to see power rests in Brussels but if those


powers come back to London they want them given to Edinburgh so they can


try to give them back to Brussels. They apparently see an independent


Scotland would no longer seek to become a member of the EU after a


vote. The fact that more Scottish voters backed Scotland staying in


the UK in 2014 than supported the UK staying in the EU in 2016 and that


almost half a million independent supporters backed Brexit last year


seems to count for nothing. It is clear that using Brexit is the


pretext of engineer and a second independence referendum has been the


SNP's sole objective of since last June. It would be bad for Scotland,


bad for the United Kingdom and bad for us all. The coming negotiations


with the EU will be vital for everyone in the United Kingdom.


Every person, every family, business, community, the length and


breadth of the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.


It is essential we get the right deal and all of our efforts and


energies of the country are focused on that outcome. We can only get


that deal if we are united as one United Kingdom, all pulling together


to get the best outcome. That is what we have always done when faced


with challenges, we have pulled together as one and succeeded


together. We are four nations but at heart we are one people. As the


Prime Minister of this United Kingdom I will always ensure the


voices and interests of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


are represented as we negotiate to leave the EU and I will always fight


to strengthen and sustain this precious union.


A great leader of our party once said that the Tory party, unless it


is a national party, is nothing. Our party, he went on to say, is a party


formed from all the numerous classes in the realm, classes alike and


equal before the law but whose different conditions and different


aims give vigour and variety to our national life. At its best, it has


always been the mission of our party to serve all of the people, to be


the truly national party, to act always in the national interest and


never in a sectional interest, to encourage the strong and to protect


the vulnerable, to enable success and to use the fruits of our


collective success to advance the common good. In the years ahead,


these are the values that should light our path. With our vision of a


better future for our country, a plan for a stronger, fairer Britain


and the determination to see it through. We will achieve that


mission and be worthy of that better future.


APPLAUSE. Thank you. The obligatory standing ovation for the Prime


Minister's speech, much of the focus on this page has been that defence


of the UK, that precious union as she calls it. She talked about


another familiar theme, fairer, stronger Britain. What did you make


of what the Prime Minister had to say? Often it is more interesting


what is left out of a speech than what is put in. You will remember


the fact that Phillip Hammond did not mention Brexit in the budget.


The first striking thing there was how little there was attacking the


Labour Party. That gives you some indication of how great a danger the


Conservatives regard Labour as being, they virtually did not


feature in the script. Instead she homed in on the SNP and that was in


direct response to the outflanking of the Westminster government by the


Hollywood government earlier in the week, trying to justify this


decision which he has reached to refuse to enter into talks with the


Scottish Government about the timing of a second independence referendum.


What we have seen is that issue zooming up the agenda this week and


that is no doubt having to be quite substantially rewritten because of


that. Jeremy Corbyn's name was not mentioned at all. Quite incredible


that in a speech that log the Prime Minister did not mention the Leader


of the Opposition but back to the SNP, you say that you think the


Prime Minister has been outflanked by the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. She


was caught off-guard on Monday and that is not to say that Nicola


Sturgeon will end up as the victor, I am not saying that at all, but I


think that the timing of the SNP, the announcement took the government


unawares and they have been scrambling to catch up during the


course of the week. This is not the way they had this week planned. It


has been a grim week for them on a number of fronts and it started with


that announcement by Nicola Sturgeon. Do you think that is


reflected in the sort of language used about nationalism? She was


quite forceful in her language and, talking about obsessive and divisive


nationalism. Maybe it is the strongest we have heard her


attacking them? Plaid Cymru was only added in there because she was in


Cardiff, it was the SNP she was attacking. The problem she has is


this, many of the arguments that were used against independence in


the first independence referendum could equally be used against


Brexit. It is difficult for her to talk about how ridiculous it would


be for Scotland to turn its back on its largest market when she is doing


exactly that in terms of the European Union. You cannot talk


about putting up barriers when Britain is putting up barriers


against the rest of the European Union. In a sense, she is a little


bit hamstrung along the lines of attack she can take on the SNP, she


talks about narrow divisive nationalism, but the SNP I think


would point back at her and say, what are your immigration policies?


Although she was suggesting in the speech that they were in total


inconsistencies in the argument of the SNP on wanting to stay in the


European Union but leave the United Kingdom. You can argue it anyway. Of


course you can. They are arguing it on a basis of a quality, those


accusations can fly either way and I think that the Westminster


government will need to come up with a more subtle approach than less.


That approach went down very well in the hall and the people in the hall


are Conservative and Unionist, or if you put it another way, British


nationalists. Equally, the nationalism of the Nicola Sturgeon


goes down well in front of an audience of Scottish Nationalists,


it is how you get those two people to reach across the aisle to the


other audience that is the problem. That speech will have done nothing


to help Theresa May in terms of Nationalists Scotland, there is a


union of Scotland as well, it may have gone down well there. Thank you


for now. Our political correspondent has been our eyes and ears at the


conference and after the Prime Minister spoke, he asked to MPs for


their reaction to the speech. I am joined by two Conservative MPs,


Craig Williams and David Davies. Craig Williams, what did you make of


Theresa May's plan for Britain, is it an attempt to draw a line under


the difficult week they have had? It is great to see the Prime Minister


in Cardiff. It is great to have that concentration on the union and a


plan to save the union. We get the economic arguments but I have not


heard the hard yet and she started to address that today. She is


passionate about the United Kingdom and keeping us together and that


plan is a great concentration for me. Isn't the truth of it that


Nicola Sturgeon has bounced into making these kinds of speech is?


Nicola Sturgeon calling for another referendum is not new news, we were


expecting it. She is always looking for an excuse to call for a


referendum on independence. I think the response from the Prime Minister


was mature, thought through and it is that plan and saving the union is


something that is Welsh, we passionately care about it and it is


great to see the Prime Minister saying it in Cardiff. Again and


again Theresa May talked about the case for the union, a more united


country, how does the Tory government deliver on that? What


Theresa May said, which was very important, as well as stressing the


union, we have always been a party that is there for anyone, we believe


in meritocracy, it does not matter if you're black, white, gay,


straight, we are there for everyone who wants to work hard and get on


and I think we will see that in the way we support businesses, that we


get the debt down and bring down taxes and take people out of the tax


system altogether if they are low paid and gave everyone a boost of


encouragement to get out there and make the most of the opportunities


that exist. That means no special favours for Wales or Scotland or any


other region or a nation? Wales has always done well at being part of


the union and we have made a huge contribution, not only in terms of


finances, but look at the contribution to the Armed Forces


that has come out of Wales, that is very important. We are the


Conservative and Unionist party and we will be talking about the union,


we always have done and I think we have not been bounced by Nicola


Sturgeon at all but it is important to say, she cannot have another


referendum, we always expected that she would keep calling referendums


until she got the answer she wanted, but there is no point in having a


referendum until we know what the final deal will look like when we


have pulled out of the European Union. Isn't that a risky tactic for


the Prime Minister, to say you can have a referendum but not on your


terms and not when you wanted, it will be up to me to decide, is on


that plane into the hands of the SNP? I think it is being reasonable.


Nicola Sturgeon said the last referendum was going to be once in a


generation, for her to demand another referendum and she wants to


dictate the time and question, I think it is ludicrous. I am certain


that the government will listen to what she has to say and she insists


on, they will allow her to have some sort of referendum, but doing right


now in the middle of a complicated negotiation over our future in


Europe, and does not make any sense. You were a Remain voter, do you have


sympathy with Scottish people, the majority of whom voted to Remain,


who now want to go independent as a way to get back into the EU, do you


not have sympathy? I was a Remainer, I campaigned for that position but


they said throughout it, this was a referendum that the United Kingdom,


the member states of the European Union, not any other nation, it was


the UK, we have the referendum on that basis and as a Remainer, we


lost. Now we go to our new relationship with the EU, we are not


leaving Europe, we will still be there and be good neighbours and we


need a good relationship with them, which I hope keeps the best bits of


the current EU but there is going to be compromise. David Davies, you


voted Leave, very strongly worded favour of Leave, there will be


divisions of the party, have those divisions now healed? There were


never any divisions in the first place, differences of opinion which


were expressed in a mature fashion. Is it realistic to disagree so


vociferously and then say it is all behind us? With all due respect to


the media, they were predicting the demise of the Conservatives, how we


would be lunged into confusion, look at the reality. The reality is that


Conservative MPs and assembly members and councillors, all are


united behind our Prime Minister. We have had a referendum, there were


differences of opinion, but we recognise the result. 20 I was


against the Welsh assembly, I recognise the result, that is


democracy. We disagree on a lot more than the EU. What about the first


budget, there has been a U-turn on National Insurance contributions for


the self-employed, how much damage has that done to the government? I


have been out on the doorsteps and I have taken this head on. We change,


we put a proposition forward, we agreed that the substance of this


but it was against the spirit of the manifesto. We talked about it for a


week and we made a U-turn. Does that wrecked your credibility? We


listened and change something and that is now seen as Saturday! I


believe in a government that listens and changes and that the Chancellor


can take as many questions as the opposition or as many statements of


the opposition want to put forward about that and that was mature and


their politics. You do not think it has a whiff of arrogance that the


government will try and do whatever it wants because it is faced by a


weak opposition? Absolutely not. We have got a good relationship, we are


the only real centre party left in UK politics and a good relationship,


I am out on the doors, David is out on the door is talking to our


electorate and we listen. We do not get elected once every five years


and ignore the elector, it is a conversation and we build on it. The


other way of seeing it is that the government is overwhelmed by Brexit


and as a result, the Chancellor makes these kind of guards, he has


taken his eyes from the ball. We cannot be described as being


arrogant and the next minute as weak. The reality is, there is a


strong argument for equalising, it needs to be done in a careful


fashion and with a proper debate and perhaps we had not quite manage that


and we have listened and changed our approach to it. The Conservative


Party is very united. I have been an activist since the 1980s and have


never known anything like this. This is a very good moment for us as a


party. It is not as you ought to be putting questions about division and


weakness too, it is the opposition, they have a problem. On Brexit,


isn't it the case that frankly, the workload is just overwhelming


Whitehall, the government has not really come up with a fully detailed


plan, there is still a huge amount of uncertainty about where it is


heading. There will always be uncertainty, this deal needs to be


agreed with the other EU states and until they have sat down and had a


negotiation, we will not know exactly what is going to happen. You


cannot go into a negotiation knowing the outcome but we know broadly what


it is and we know the government are looking for free trade arrangement


with the rest of Europe and they will expect the ability to control


immigration and set up their own free-trade arrangements around the


world, especially with America, so that is how it is going to look. If


we do not get a deal, we will go back to WTO rules. Do you being


going back to the situation that already exist but the rest of the


world, with whom we do more trade? That is what it will be. It will be


the situation we have with America at the moment. Let me put it, it may


be where you end up. Liam Fox, the trade Secretary was here today


talking about how Britain it needs to be in the vanguard of free trade.


We already doing that by being part of this huge single market in Europe


that you want to take us out of? We have not started yet. Article 50


has not been initiated and we have not started the negotiations. I do


not want that and the Prime Minister has set out she wants that access,


the best access to the single market as possible. We want to be there and


this power over trade has been given to the EU. We have not done trade


for a long time so we have not been in the vanguard and we are going


back. Local elections in May. How important is that you bounce back


from assembly elections last year when you lost seats? Incredibly


important. We did not lose any first past the post seats and this is the


first past the post election. I was a councillor for eight years and I


massively value that. That is how we built our party from the grassroots


up. These elections are important. The choice people have on the


doorstep whether to elect your competent Conservative councillor is


an extremely important one and it is important for us to get as many


councillors and local authorities in Conservative control. Thank you.


Our reporter talking to David Davis and click Williams. The conference


also heard from the Welsh Conservative leader. He began with a


joke at his own expense. Good morning, conference. That is nice,


louder. It will reassure you, some of you come to know that I have


eaten my breakfast this morning. The meal that made me go viral for the


wrong reasons last time I stood before you at the Birmingham


conference, seeing myself on Australian prime-time news was


surreal and I have yet to live it down. Thankfully I no longer appear


on YouTube's most viewed list but the less said about that the better.


Before I begin, let me pay tribute to our fantastic team of Welsh


Conservative colleagues in the National Assembly with the special


mention to my deputy Paul Davis for his unstinting support. I would also


like to thank all of the staff who work tirelessly for as for without


them we would not be able to achieve the good work we do. I would like to


be tribute to the excellent work undertaken by CCHQ well slide by our


very talented director Richard Mitchell. I want to personally thank


all of our hard-working members and volunteers who give up their time to


paint the pavements and not the doors in all the name of the


Conservative cause. In Wales we can sometimes be guilty of clinging to


the past for there is great comfort in nostalgia. We have had golden


ages, no doubt about that, and enriched Wales and the United


Kingdom beyond measure. Ships would seal the length and breadth of the


globe often in difficult conditions to dock in our world-famous ports,


to buy or coal, iron and timber. Few amongst others are meant to those


feelings of nostalgia that reflect on those days of global possibility.


Keep your eyes fixed on the past we risk missing out on the


opportunities that lie before us. It is incumbent on us to embrace the


Power of now with strong hands and open minds, we must seize the


opportunities that lie ahead. With our superb Prime Minister Theresa


May and our great team and the Welsh office led by my friend Alan Cairns


we have a united front fighting for Wales and for Britain's best


interests. As we move forward it is clear that we are embarking upon


another golden age. This is evident in the tens of thousands of


enterprise being born every year and in the hunger of the people behind


them, all eager to make their mark on wheels, the UK and the world


beyond. There journey begins now. They joined the thousands of others


who make up the engine of our economy and who will drive Wales to


the prosperity we know is within our reach but only on the wheels of a


strong Welsh Conservative government. Take for example in


Anglesey, 20 employees, one company's Salters enjoyed across the


world from Royal Family to butchers. Another family business who


celebrate their 25th anniversary and have the capacity to produce 400


million bottles of water year. Not forgetting the fastest-growing


business in Wales who have recorded record growth in recent years from a


little town, there are aircraft parts serve the global aviation


market. These businesses epitomise Wales, small but thinking big and


gazing out words. They joined the big beasts of Admiral, Iceland


foods, in contributing so much to Wells' prosperity. We are not


victims of history. We have the skill, ambition, global links and


cross-border trade needed to make a success of the big changes that will


on the horizon but we cannot do this alone. We work best and achieve the


most when we work together, together as four great nations working under


one banner, the United Kingdom. Our great union said in motion the


industrialisation of the world in times of conflict we fought


side-by-side to secure peace and together we have built one of the


biggest economies the world has ever seen. The leader of the Scottish


Nationalists want to tear that union apart. With each passing day she


sounds more and more like the man she reviles the most. She wants to


rebuild Hadrian Zwolle and sadly it is the Scottish people will pay for


it. I have got a message for the SNP and the other separatist parties


across our isles, the United Kingdom, we cherish it, and it is


not a thing of the past, it remains as ever at the world's latest family


of nations. Nicola Sturgeon take note, the great union UCD today is


here to stay -- you see here. As they gather here in Wales it is


important to recognise that our beautiful country is not without its


challenges. And as we need to acknowledge and embrace them and not


shirk from them. It is not very often that you find me agreeing with


the Labour politician but last month ban Morgan of Ealing made a welcome


admission that Wales has lived a dependency culture for too long. It


was alarming in its frankness, even if the solution she proposed more


wide of the mark. It is not the people of Wales who need to shake


off that dependency culture and embrace the role of wealth creators,


it is the Labour Party, at the helm here in Wales since the dawn of


devolution. Does anyone seriously believe that they have the capacity


to turn things around? This is the Labour government that has delivered


a lost generation of students left to struggle in the UK's worst


performing education system. A Labour government that has ruby


deeply wasted taxpayers money on failed investment and which remains


the only party in the UK to have ever cut the NHS budget. Our


teachers and our NHS staff work incredibly hard in increasingly


difficult circumstances and I have nothing but praise and admiration


for them for the way they deliver our services. That is right. It is


not the people who are holding us back, it is the Labour Party. People


are looking to their politicians to articulate an alternative vision for


the country's future, a vision as bright as its industrial past. The


Brexit vote should people are crying out for change and following the


referendum people believe that changes within their grasp. When the


opportunity arises opposition leaders must be bold enough to take


it. Throughout the devolved the other parties have been too willing


to prop up labour in government. Choosing ace at the cabinet table of


the interests of their constituents. That needs to change. In the time


that has come Labour's budgies need to be taken away. Apply -- Plaid


Cymru even for the last election claiming to be the change that Wales


needed but they did a deal with the Labour Party that saw the people of


Wales sentenced to five more years. Plaid Cymru's widow believes her


party's working agreement with Labour as the best of both worlds.


For are maybe. Our without responsibility is the easy option.


It is the Welsh communities that bear the brunt of Labour's


incompetence. Does that represent the change that Wales needs? I know


that Brexit has divided opinion but our great party reflected that


exchange of ideas better than any other, during and after the


referendum. Now that the public has spoken it is our party that has run


off the black clouds of pessimism and is focused on embracing the


opportunities that lie ahead. We know that there is work to do to


bridge the gap between the groups in society who disagree but we remain


as convinced as ever that Wales can thrive in the new era week is this


country's resourcefulness, creative and industrious to get on with the


job in hand. We just need to harness that energy. Wales is the land of


Song and we need our political leaders to be singing from the same


hymn sheet. We cannot allow Labour's pessimism and complacency to hold us


back as we approach a momentous period in history. It is the need to


work together. I will offer the hand of friendship to anyone who wants to


be part of that journey. This is an open end of the Dom Eich invitation


to anyone who believes like me that our aim as a country must be to


ensure that Wales' future is as glorious as its past. As we


negotiate in a relationship with the EU we have a significant opportunity


to create a fairer Wales and a better Britain, building a strong


economy for Wales as part of the United Kingdom when nobody is left


behind. And where the strong and effective local government is


accountable and delivers high-quality public services.


Instead of Labour's top-down approach we want to see local as and


social responsibility. We want to see people empowered in their


communities. We want to see our businesses supported, our older


people govern security and dignity they deserve and ensure our future


generations have the best possible opportunity to succeed. We trust


people to do the right thing and we want to give them real control of


their lives. The levers of power should not always be controlled from


Cardiff B or Westminster. We want to see councils delivering effective


local services that work for everyone and put power back in your


hands. For too long Labour and Plaid Cymru councils have help communities


back across Wales, communities due to their staggering incompetence


which have had local services deteriorate beyond recognition. Then


there is the clear alternative. For that you only need to look at


Monmouthshire where the council has made great strides under the


leadership of Peter Fox and his team. Sadly Peter cannot be here


today as he has given up the bright lights for an equally glamorous of


fear, and OBE, which he richly deserves for his outstanding public


service and efforts. Efforts in securing the Cardiff City Deal.


Under Peter and his conservative team in Monmouthshire the council


has pioneered and transformed the delivery of public services. Only


the fourth we have the opportunity to roll out these great and


approaches are costs the country for the benefit of the community is the


length and breadth of Wales, increasing our Welsh Conservative


representation is vital if we are to unlock that potential that


undoubtedly exists in our communities but which has sadly


suffocated under socialist and nationalists diktats. A regime which


has stood side-by-side and is banning one of the greatest


aspirational policies this country has ever seen, the right to buy. A


policy which is allowed generations of people to get on in life and buy


their own home. You only have to look at Wales if


you want to see the devastating impact further the likes of policies


from Jeremy Corbyn will have on communities across the UK. A Labour


Party hand in hand with the Nationalists pulling up the ladder


of hard-working people who just want to get on in life and support their


families. People across Wales and the United Kingdom deserve better.


And we are the party with a plan to deliver and stand up for Wales and


Britain. And while the Labour Party might have abdicated its


responsibility for defending the union and standing up for


hard-working people, we will not. APPLAUSE. I am proud to lead the


Welsh Conservative Party, I am proud to see a Prime Minister standing up


and fighting for Wales and the United Kingdom. So let's get out


there, on the straights and let people across Wales and the United


Kingdom no that our great union is worth fighting for. Thank you.


APPLAUSE. Very definite end there are two Andrew RT Davies 's speech


to the conference yesterday. It was a tricky one for him, he started off


proceedings in the morning and the main event was later with the Prime


Minister's speech. That is the combined nature of the event. A lot


of the audience there would have been from Wales but a lot of them


would not be. They were used to some of the arguments that Andrew RT


Davies was advancing because they do not know much about Welsh politics,


what was interesting was he did what Theresa May did not do which was to


attack the Labour Party head on and the reason for that is simple.


Labour are in power in Cardiff Bay where he is in opposition and they


are facing local elections in just a few short weeks' time and he was


setting the stage for those. Lots of talk from him about being positive,


about Brexit and a bright future under Brexit for Wales, has he


bolstered his position as Welsh party leader as someone who


supported Brexit, who wanted a vote to leave the EU? He would have been


in a very difficult position, had the vote being to Remain, either on


a UK bases are a Welsh basis. He is in a better position within the


party than he would have been had the vote been Remain. The problem


with that speech, to be honest with you, was although he talked about


being positive and this being the start of a golden age, there was


actually very little in it in terms of specifically Welsh policies. What


you had was talk about positivity and then a lot of negativity about


the records of the Welsh Labour government and that is partly


because of where we are in the political cycle. We are only one


year since the last assembly elections, policy development has


not really started, but it did gyre our little bet that you had this


talk about being positive and then the bulk of the speech was almost


entirely negative and all about the record of the Welsh Labour


government. Maybe he had to get his key messages across quickly because


he would have had shorter to speak at this conference. Thank you. What


do Andrew RT Davies is assembly members think of his message?


Joining me now to Conservative AM 's, Susie Davies and Paul Davies.


Susie, it has been a tricky week for the Conservatives. Normally a


conference time, you would be in fine mode, but Webb and National


Insurance and U-turn and Scottish independence, it has been a


difficult week. I do not know if I accept that the National Insurance


story has been difficult. Anyone would be pleased to hear that the


government has changed its mind for good reasons. As far as the


Chancellor is concerned, we came out of it pretty well and people who are


self-employed would be pleased with that change of heart and as far as


the Scottish referendum goes, I am wondering who is this terror here.


Do you think it is a risky strategy for Theresa May to tell the Scottish


Government you cannot have a referendum whenever you are one? The


Prime Minister has been clear that the focus of the country at the


moment should be to deal with Brexit. She made that absolutely


clear to Nicola Sturgeon and it is unfortunate that Nicola Sturgeon is


trying to play politics with this when she should be concentrating on


the negotiations ahead with the European Union. Isn't it true that


Brexit is following up all of the attention of the government and that


is why it makes mistakes like this U-turn on National Insurance


contributions in the budget? The people of the UK and Wales have made


a decision, they want to leave the European Union and the government


has made it absolutely clear now that it will deliver on that and


that is the Prime Minister's focus. What about the focus of the party in


the assembly with Labour and Plaid Cymru working together and you are


on the sidelines, Suzy Davies. I am surprised that is how easy it


because Plaid Cymru has just booted out two of its own members. Our job


is to hold the Welsh Government to account regardless of who it is


working with. Does this last week, we took them to task on their record


and they had very little to say about anything they had done well.


18 years is a long time and you can make a lot of mistakes, and you have


a lot of time to put it right and the Welsh Government has not done


that. It is Plaid Cymru that is making life difficult for Labour by


withholding its support on a supplementary budget, they are able


to extract concessions from Carwyn Jones, not you. We are the


opposition and we are there to scrutinise him and we did not


support it either. That shows that actually in opposition you can


represent the people of Wales better than the government, because that


government has not come up with anything new that I would say is


brave and exciting and that will change the future for Wales in the


six years that I have been there. They deserve to be voted down and


Plaid Cymru want to do that as well, then other third party, just let


them. You have got an endorsement from Andrew RT Davies, but his


speech did not mention the result of last year's assembly elections were


you did badly, you came third, you lost seats, has there been a lot of


soul-searching in the party since that assembly election result? I


think Andrew did a fantastic speech today and he was talking about our


vision is a party for Wales. We want to deliver for the people of Wales


and we are the real opposition as far as this Welsh Government is


concerned because what we have seen from Plaid Cymru is Plaid Cymru yet


again propping up a Welsh Labour government and we are the real


alternative, offering real choice to people of Wales. The voters did not


necessarily see it like that last year, you lost sleep, you went


backwards, is Andrew RT Davies 's leadership of the Welsh secure given


that result last year? We made it clear that Andrew is our leader and


he is doing a fantastic job as leader of the group in the assembly


and he will continue to do so. How important is it that you get a good


result, a better result this may in the local elections? We want to do


as well as we can and our candidate count is on its way to breaking its


own record. We are in a different era of politics and people locally,


even at the assembly election, are not prepared to do the same old


thing, their voting patterns change and those who voted Plaid Cymru will


feel very betrayed that the very reason they voted for them, to keep


out Labour, spec -- spectacularly backfired. We need to make sure we


get a good positive message out there about what we can do that is


different and better. Is it important to you that you do better


than Plaid Cymru? I would love to do better than them! Do you need to lay


down that marker? In certain parts of Wales, where we perhaps have not


done it in the past, we need to make advances against them. There are


parts were our council seat numbers are low but Plaid Cymru's are not


good either. We want to make games against them but more importantly


Labour in those seats. Thank you very much. In his speech, the Welsh


Secretary Alun Cairns is celebrating one year in the job tomorrow started


by praising card of's attributes as a capital city. It is a pleasure to


be here at the Welsh Conservative Party conference and the spring


Forum and I am particularly delighted to welcome everyone to


this stadium here in Cardiff, the greatest capital city in the world,


although I will accept that London does come quite a close second.


LAUGHTER. I want to thank my excellent team, including Glyn


Davies and to the excellent and strong leadership shown by Andrew RT


Davies and his excellent team of assembly members, as well as the


party director for his unstinting work in the campaigns.


APPLAUSE. But also thank you to you as the mothers of the party, for the


work that you do. After all, you are the ones who do the knocking on


doors and delivered the leaflets. We have a great challenge in front of


you. As I welcome many of you to Wales, possibly for the first time,


let me introduce some of the key elements of our unique culture,


history and identity. We have more castles per square mile than any


other country in the world. Over 600 in total. I would particularly


recommend Euro Castle for its rich history, in 1157 is a great triumph


by the Welsh over the English. LAUGHTER. The world's first million


pound cheque was signed in Cardiff when coal powered the industrial


revolution and the world's first-ever wireless broadcast took


place in 1897 in the Vale of Glamorgan. That first message was,


are you ready? Ironically, a message which is equally relevant to the


challenges today. Throughout history, our most successful


innovators and entrepreneurs have come from different parts of the UK


and the same is true today, from Aston Martin in South Wales to


Jaguar Land Rover in Coventry to world leading coach builder right


bus in Northern Ireland to scotch whiskey north of the border,


entrepreneurs, and industry across the UK, creating jobs, generating


wealth and supporting public services. In highlighting the


qualities of each nation, I am seeking to underline that we are a


union of four nations, developed over a long history, communicating


through a common culture and a shared identity, a special union we


should always preserve. APPLAUSE. From Shakespeare to Robert


Burns, and Dylan Thomas, we must celebrate what makes the UK so


different and so great. The NHS, our Armed Forces, BBC, the monarchy, the


great British pub, a proper cup of tea and the great British pound


which may just down the road in the Royal Mint. These important threads


of British culture all contribute to our sense of what being part of the


United Kingdom actually means. And that is not to say that this


connection is the same throughout the UK, far from it. The impact of


our shared history, institutions and culture, varies hugely from lands


end to John O groats and rightly so. Nonetheless, this innate sense of


feeling, like you belong to something bigger than yourself is


hugely important. And it has delivered a long-standing and


successful union of people, affections and loyalties, something


we should never forget. But the case for the union is not only emotional,


it is logical. It is sensible and it is practical. Put simply, we achieve


more together. It is not political rhetoric, it is common sense. It is


also the -- also a fact of life that 50% of the Welsh population and 10%


of the endless population live within 25 miles of the English and


Wales border. People commute daily. They drop their kids off at school


and do their weekly shop in Shrewsbury. We must not start


constructing barriers were visibly do not exist, and message last on


the Nationalists. APPLAUSE.


In business, in civic society, on the playing fields, within our own


family, we achieve more together. And the achievements of the United


Kingdom have gone down in history as some of the greatest in the world.


From the industrial revolution, through two great wars, to becoming


the world's fifth largest economy, with less than 1% of the world's


population, are sporting success through Team GB and the British and


Irish Lions who will be touring later this year. We must champion


these collective achievements, celebrating economic success, shared


history, creative culture and sporting excellence, as the Prime


Minister has said, collective achievement has been the story of


our union. Wales and the union benefit


significantly. The Ministry of Defence, the department for


international trade. Liam Fox's department has over 1200 staff


overseas in 109 different countries on almost 800 trade missions and


initiatives this year, more than any one nation of the UK could do


individually, to drive investment to ensure that we remain among the


fastest-growing economies in the D7. As a result in Wales we have a


recognisable of people in work. Lowest female unemployment across


Europe. The fastest growth outside London since 2010 and the value of


Welsh exports has more than doubled since 1999. A specific example this


year, EF 35 fighter jet global centre of excellence was brought to


Sealand. Creating thousands of jobs and pumping billions of pounds into


the local economy over decades. The excellence of the local workforce


capitalising on the presence and status of the union. As we look for


investment and growth Wales, England, Scotland and Northern


Ireland should not be considered in isolation. We bring together the


assets of all parts of the UK to win that deal or secure that trade


agreement. For example Nissan in Sunderland is important to 100


component industries in Wales. Yesterday's deal in Derbyshire


equally important to Toyota's engine plant in north will. Aston Martin in


my constituency is important to the engineering companies in England and


the textile industries in Scotland. Wherever you are from, we want the


same thing. A fairer society where success is based on merit not


privilege. A global Britain that is owed were looking and embraces the


world. A stronger economy were everyone plays by the same rules and


a united nation that our children and grandchildren are proud of and


can call home. Growing up in the Swansea Valley my father was a


steelworker at Port Talbot and my family ran the local grocery shop.


Like most parents they work long hours and made significant


sacrifices to give my sister and ie better future. Every parent holds


this aspiration. With these shared ambitions, as a united nation I am


optimistic and even excited about delivering a country that works for


everyone. Just like any family, as one union we step in to help each


other. The economic security provided by the UK Government help


support Port Talbot when crisis at the steel industry happened last


year. Although there is still work to be done the hard work of the


employees of the unions, the management, the government, mean the


plant is in a much stronger position than it was this time last year. The


strength of our economy means the UK Government can manage the volatility


in the oil and gas sector, a vital industry to Scotland, something the


volatility... The volatility is something the nationalists choose to


ignore. As we leave the European Union the union of the UK is more


important now than it has ever been. Last year's referendum changed so


much and we do not underestimate the challenge ahead. Nor should we


underestimate the fantastic opportunities before us. As we leave


the European Union we have an exciting opportunity to build a


truly global Britain, a plan for Britain that reaches out to old


friends and new allies alike. In earlier this week we celebrated


Commonwealth Bay. Last year economic growth across the Commonwealth was


four times greater than the growth across Europe. What a great


opportunity to deepen our engagement and friendship with some old


friends. This demonstrates that the result of the referendum is not a


reason to turn inward and retreat from the world to a protectionist


agenda that the Socialists and nationalists want. Wales attracted


20% of the UK's inward investment during the 1990s and as we leave the


EU I am optimistic, ambitious and even excited to see that the


forefront of global trade once more. All of Wales working as one. We have


a great platform to build on. Great examples of exporting success. Every


two seconds a GE powered aeroplane is taking off somewhere in the


world. Over half the world's commercial aircraft are flying with


wings that were built here. Last year the eyes of the world were on


Gareth Bale at the Euros and in a few weeks a global audience will


watch Wales again as we host the Champions League final in Cardiff.


We will only achieve a global Britain if we work together. When we


exit the European Union we were act in the interests of the Hall of the


UK. As we have said before no decision currently taken by the


Welsh government or Scottish parliament will be taken away from


them. It is in the interests of the public, in the interests of


communities, at the right powers that the right level to deliver a


country that works in the best interests of all of its citizens and


not in the of the politicians or nationalists in Scotland or Wales or


wherever else they may be. Repatriation of powers will allow us


to strengthen devolution and strengthen the union and empower


communities. Business industry and communities around the country do


not want the vision and separation, they want co-operation and ambition.


Labour run the SNP have the choice. The option of making short-term


political capital by pursuing a self-serving political Dean or


working closely with the government to deliver the best outcome for all


communities across the whole of the UK. This choice was brought into


sharp focus this week as Nicola Sturgeon did a U-turn on her


declaration that the 20 14th independence referendum was a once


in a generation event. This is something we should never ever let


her forget. We look outward to our shared


future, not focus on inward, structures and processes. Plaid


Cymru and the Scottish Nationalists cannot deny that the union has


brought stability, peace and prosperity for centuries and yet


they seek to destroy it with division and derision. Labour's


alliance with the Welsh nationalists seeking a federal UK is a dangerous


game. It may serve their short-term political agenda but will only


undermine the union over longer term. We can be proud of our record


on devolution. John Major started the peace process in Northern


Ireland. David Cameron delivered more powers to Scotland than ever


before. Under Theresa May the Wales act received Royal assent delivering


a stronger more accountable devolution settlement for Wales with


their unique funding settlement giving security and strengthen the


back of the UK economy, something that was called for by Welsh Labour


over decades but only delivered by a Conservative government. We are


ancient nations that have occupied the British now is -- British Isles


for centuries. United in our goals. A fairer society where everyone


plays by the rules. A global Britain that is outward looking, and


optimistic nation excited by the future in front of us and with this


optimistic future I go back to the first wireless message sent in 1887,


are you ready? We must ask yourself in 20 Zaventem, are we ready to grab


the opportunities ahead? Are we ready to become a global trading


nation? I be ready to build a stronger union, one that benefits


the four great nations of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern


Ireland? The answer is yes. The Welsh Secretary. Local elections


are happening in just over six weeks. The Conservatives will be


hoping to make gains like all the parties, and take control of


counsel. I am joined by two candidates in the


local elections. Both standing in Monmouthshire. Laura Jones and Sarah


Jones. Monmouthshire I guess is one of your stronghold in local


government terms. Where else are you hoping to do well? I think we will


do well across the board. It is very exciting to see so many young people


at the conference and they are our candidates this year so we have new


blood going into the party and fighting on the doorsteps across


Wales so Monmouthshire will lead the way and I think we will do a stream


the well and in Glamorgan and other places. I think it will be across


the board we will be seeing positivity. This week has not been


the best but generally the national mood is good for us, everybody likes


Theresa May. That is putting it mildly. It has been a rocky week for


the government. Do those issues come up on the doorstep or are people


more interested in schools, and is being collected? These issues will,


but ultimately it is our job to reassure and give confidence that we


will represent our residents' issues. The main priorities tend to


be focused on schools, education, recycling, and things around


business rates, which is a real issue in Monmouthshire in


particular. Those will be the dominating factors but of course the


national picture will be of relevance. We as the party are


leading the way on fighting for the business rate relief scheme to be


absolutely fair and to help those businesses who have been affected by


in some cases a 200% rise. The UK Government has had stick on that. Do


the Tories get stick on the doorstep for being the party of austerity


putting pressure on those social services and whatever? We have a


fantastic track record in Wales and in Monmouthshire for keeping more


money in people's pockets but the levelling really good services. We


are leading the way and showing the Conservatives are the ones to do


that. We can sure we are reducing inefficiencies across local


government so Monmouthshire take that as best practice. Is that not


called for cuts? Not at all. We are keeping open libraries, leisure


centres, we are just doing things more effectively and taking a


business minded approach and making sure we have a local government that


is sustainable for the future. As the party come together again after


Brexit, after the Brexit campaign which revealed deep divisions within


the Conservatives? You were for Brexit. Yes. Are there members of


the party you are back on speaking terms with? I always was on speaking


terms with them. When Theresa May announced that Article 50 would be


triggered there was a general cheer and there is optimism for the


future. I felt that anyway and that there would be excitement about the


future and how Britain can be in the future and Wales and what effect


will have on us and it is going to be a positive effect the European


Union. Were you for Brexit? No. On different sides of the fence on this


ones. Are you one of the pessimists that Andrew Davies was talking about


earlier? Absolutely not. I am about creating opportunity about this,


seeing the positives. I am excited about the future, I can see us


developing and creating links at every level, local government,


national government, Welsh government, and we will do the


residents forward with us. It is positive. You do not see it as a


problem that someone like yourself or the Prime Minister can be against


Brexit and all of a sudden it is a great opportunity. Do people believe


that? It is about the democratic will of the people. It is about


taking forward that option they have taken an doing that effectively in


getting behind that. I think we are altogether positive working together


a really strong party because of it. The only party reflecting that. The


only credible party to take this forward. The Prime Minister said the


Conservatives were winning in Wales. Estyn thing to say given that you


lost seats in the assembly elections last year. Is it important you


bounce back? The timing of the last election coincided with the European


referendum and people were confused about what they were voting for so


Ukip got a big surge because people thought they were voting and that


was a way of showing the nation that the Prime Minister that they wanted


to leave the European Union. You can take you kept out of it. Going


forward in the council elections and the assembly elections in the future


I think we'll have a massive surge of Conservative support again and


Ukip will get forgotten. That is why you lost ground. You think it was


Ukip getting your support. Definitely. I think everyone is


united as a party behind Theresa May who has done the party a lot of


good. She wants a stronger federal united Britain and that resonates


with a lot of people -- fairer. People want to get on the doorstep


of goods across that message. It has inspired our message to get the


message across. Do you think that the Prime Minister


is playing a risky game? She's taking a strong leadership role and


she is playing right. I think the passion and enthusiasm that we all


showed and the drive that she showed and the commitment to us as a union


is fantastic. It is going to be really positive for us. It is very


unhelpful that the SNP want to put up some sort of Hadrian 's Wall, the


Scottish people will pay for that. The Scottish people voted to Remain


and the Scottish Government do not feel as if the UK Government is


listening to them and paying them respect. It is in the benefit of


everyone that our country unites and we work together to get the best


role possible. Britain is now looking outwardly for investment. I


think Scotland will miss out if they do not come with us on that journey.


What about the Conservatives in the National Assembly, what would be


your feeling about them working with other parties to try and form some


sort of government or alternative to Labour? Wales needs a change from


Labour. I wish and hope that the Conservative Party will be able to


do that on their own. I would not like to work alongside other parties


but we are desperate for a change in Wales. There has been a decade of


failure from Wales across the board, in health, in education, we are


still lagging behind, we saw Justin going on about how well they are


doing an education in England and comparison to Wales and it makes you


think, all these policies going forward, putting technical colleges


and more money into further education colleges, why can we not


have that? You say that and Labour trash your record but on the


doorstep, do the voters distinguish between all these different tiers of


government or is it difficult to get a hearing? There is still an issue


with the understanding of what layers of government responsible for


what area and that is a job for us all, to re-engage with the


electorate -- electorate and make that understanding clearer, to make


sure that that level of scrutiny takes place because at the moment,


accountability is difficult there is not that level of understanding by


the electorate in terms of who is responsible for what. That will be


our job on the doorstep over the next couple of months and so far we


have had a great response. I am really confident that we have got a


role to play and that is something we will continue. I think in


education and health, that is where people are most


confused but on the doorstep, it is the local issues that matter and


that is what we care about and that is what we are delivering on and we


have a good track record. Thank you both very much. Some of their


candidates in the local elections. In the afternoon session at the


conference, the focus was on assembly matters and delegates heard


from the party's spokesperson on health, Angela Burns. One of her


main themes was about how to create better services for young people.


When I speak about securing the future, I think of the children and


young people of Wales and what we need to do to ensure that they grow


into robust and healthy adults, able to contribute effectively to the


economy and culture of our nation. We need to not just educate young


people but look to their physical and emotional well-being, the habits


and lifestyle choices made by young people could stay with them for life


and the Welsh Conservatives have begun to set out our vision for


childhood, where we effectively combat health inequalities which in


turn will give those of future adults are much better chance at


education and of delivering skills. Where we give opportunities, develop


promise and allow aspiration. Aspiration! A dirty word under


Labour's books. It was Mrs Thatcher and her aspirations speech and


everyone of us that brought us the right to buy our homes and it is the


left-wingers in the National Assembly from Wales who seek to


crash that aspiration under their heels. Shame on them, I say.


APPLAUSE. Because aspirational young people are happy people. Secure in


their skins and able to deal with the rough and tumble of life. It is


vital that our vision for childhood seeks to educate children about the


importance and that big of well-being. Obesity is one of the


ticking time bomb is facing the country today and our children and


young people are at the most overweight in the United Kingdom.


There are chances of having a stroke, a heart attack, getting


cancer or diabetes are stratospheric. And they are likely


to die ten years earlier than they should. I am concerned over the


reduction in the number of hours that Welsh pupils spend doing PE.


These figures have got worse over recent years and we must surely be


able to see the link between exercise, I reduction in exercise in


schools and our burgeoning facts about one in four children are


labelled overweight or obese. We must not forget mental well-being.


Many of these kids are driven to extremes of weight, too fat or too


thin because of the pressures they feel as to what is expected of them


and how they should look. There are serious issues surrounding the


unhealthy images found both on social media and in much of our


tabloid press. Mix this with the gamut of emotions that young


teenagers, girls in particular have to deal with on a daily basis and


the pressures that social media brings to bear to look


good, to have sex, to do anything to be with the in crowd, to be


perfect... It is no wonder that many of our young children struggle to


find that equilibrium. It is not just the young they need to be


healthy and happy. Loneliness and isolation are the modern curse,


particularly among the elderly, the breed, the most vulnerable and our


rural communities and that is why the Welsh Conservatives would bring


forward a vision for health. From cradle to grave, how we can support


all of us to be healthier, how we will build a better sense of


well-being and how we will seek to deliver us from health inequalities


that plague young and old alike and how we will support those of us who


suffer ill health or disability. There are many issues surrounding


the provision of health care and the health of our but I can talk about.


You all know the problems. Waiting 226 days for a hip operation in


Wales. In England, you can be seen in 76 days. 107 days for cataract


treatment in England, 58. And if you want your hernia fixed in England,


you wait 46 days but in Wales, it is a staggering 106 days. Access to


drugs over the border that we cannot get here, new and approved


treatments that you have to for or that get denied over 50% get turned


down. And social care system much valued, much needed, but more than


creaking at the seams. I have met with numerous patient groups,


charities, representatives of many health organisations and I often


receive the same message, which is that of difficulties in recruitment


and the problems facing our ever-changing health needs. For you


and I to be healthy, we need the NHS to be healthy and one of the major


challenges in securing our future is how do we look after our NHS. The


NHS is Wales 's largest employer with around 89,000 people in the


workforce and these individuals often work under immense and


challenging pressures as our numbers of people with complex and chronic


conditions continue to rise. I would like to take this moment to thank


the NHS staff of Wales and covers, I would ask you to thank them.


APPLAUSE. -- conference. Under pressure, underfunded and in the


face of great changes they keep going, to deliver to us a health


service we all see as a birthright. Thank you, I say and thank you again


and I say this to the workforce of the national Health Service, I say


this to you, the 89,000 people we rely on, the Welsh Conservatives


will support you. We are listening and have listened to GPs who simply


do not have the hours of the resources to cope with the level of


demand. Two nurses and doctors that being around hospitals, multitasking


and waiting endlessly for beds to be free so they can commence vital


operations, to mental health professionals under resourced and


harried. The hospital managers making impossible choices, two


radiographers and pharmacist, occupational therapist, palliative


care and chronic care nurses, physiotherapist, I tell you, the


Welsh Conservatives are listening. We are listening to trainee doctors


who want to have secure opportunities here in Wales. Two


junior doctors wanting to specialise and says having to move away, two


nurses wanting to see far more support and a commitment to safe


staffing levels in all areas of the NHS, the Welsh Conservatives are


listening. APPLAUSE. And we will do, we will


revolutionise the funding of primary care by readjusting the balance of


funding between the primary and secondary provision. You vote us in


and these are the things that we will deliver. We will keep people


out of hospital and resource the teams that can work with GPs to


ensure safe clinical services, and outstanding care with the emphasis


being given on well-being. Only 13.6% of funding in the NHS goes


into primary care. They see 90% of the people and it is an imbalance


that has gone on far too long and we well in our vision for health seek


to redress that too far more proportionate levels of funding.


Under the Welsh Conservatives, mental health will no longer be the


Cinderella service of the NHS. Children and adults who wait years


for services will find that our vision for help understands the


importance of this area. With one in four people in Wales are likely to


suffer some mental health issue, this must not be an area


marginalised and overlooked any more and we will look to develop a robust


vision for mental health that delivers good crisis management and


long-term support. APPLAUSE. We will revolutionise the


care of the elderly and they think Suzy Davies started laying that out


and we will look to protect a carers. We need to look again at


whether hospital care is the best option for elderly patients,


especially those with the condition of dementia. Unlike Labour, we will


look all over the world for best practice, for example there is


strong evidence in Australia over the effectiveness of using community


centres. There -- there it is an holistic way to insure that these


people maintain their independence for as long as possible. We have to


tackle the revolving doors of hospitals, we have seen a trend


where medical staff become more specialist and not practising


general medicine. In the elderly, this can lead to single issue is


being treated and patients having to be readmitted under a different


doctor to be treated for other conditions they may have had or


developed during their original illness. This revolving door effect


is not only costly but very harmful to the patient's quality of life and


the chances of making a full recovery. Our vision for health will


seek to fund specialist training post for to dairy attrition is to


ensure a more holistic approach is taken to geriatric care. We restate


our commitment to health research and development. I visited


innovative health facilities with robotic pharmacist to state of care


units and the next-generation medical instrument manufacturing, I


have met with re-searchers on the brink of exciting new discoveries


and those just slogging away determined to solve some of our


greatest health problems. The skills definitely exist in Wales to front


up to the challenges we have but we need to be brave and have the


courage to make difficult decisions. It is only by being brave, by


displaying political courage, by taking tough decisions, by investing


properly, by believing in our people and our country that we can secure


the future of Wales. And that is the Welsh Conservatives for you. We will


do that. Thank you very much. APPLAUSE. That was Angela Burns on


health and let's stay in the conference hall and hear from the


party's education spokesperson Darren Millar. He attacked the


Labour record on schools and told the party faithful that the children


of Wales needed to be given every chance in life. If we are ever going


to achieve this Wales that works for everyone, we need to give our


children and our young people the very best opportunities in life. We


Welsh Conservatives understand that, which is why we have but also hard


to save precious maternity and paediatric services in hospitals


across Wales. Working with my colleagues in North Wales, we


managed to secure a U-turn on plans to scrap doctor led maternity


services at one hospital. APPLAUSE. Paul Davies and Angela


Burns are continuing to campaign to return 24-hour paediatric services


to a hospital in Pembrokeshire. If our young people in Wales are to


reach their full potential in life then our education system in Wales


must improve. Our children deserve a first class education system that is


world beating and where every child can succeed regardless of their


background. Successive Welsh Labour led government have failed to


deliver one. Education standards have been slipping here in Wales.


The most recent international statistics published by the OECD


reconfirmed Wales' recent status as officially the worst performing


education system in the UK. Of the 78 countries taking part in their


tests Wales ranked lower than Vietnam and Estonia in reading,


mathematics and science. Despite of all the tough talking, all of the


promises to do better from the First Minister over the years, the results


showed that Wales has gone backwards since 2006, marking a decade of


underachievement. It is a scandal of monumental proportions. For all


their crocodile tears that they have shared over those facts, we must


never forget that Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats must share in


the responsibility for these valuers. By propping up labour be


have been partners in crime when it comes to the fillings in our Welsh


education system and we must never let the people of Wales forget it.


When this First Minister came to power back in 2009 he promised to


better fund Welsh schools and turnaround performance. We have


heard this sort of rhetoric before from previous Labour leaders. We


remember education, education, education. Instead since Carwyn


Jones took the helm we have seen falling standards, school closures


and tens of mullions of taxpayers' money wasted on gimmicks like free


breakfasts and free toothbrushes for school children. Call me


old-fashioned but I believe parents not teachers should be giving their


children breakfast and showing them how to brush their teeth. The


reality is that there is no such thing as a free breakfasts. The tens


of millions wasted on cornflakes and rice crispies could have been spent


on teachers, textbooks and technology in our schools. In


21st-century Wales there are still schools without even an internet


connection. It is unbelievable. Because my opposition to Labour's


so-called free school breakfasts one of the Labour AM is dubbed me below


the serial killer -- cereal killer. She thought the comparison to that


was an insult. I am proud to be compared to one of the greatest


Prime Ministers this country has ever seen. Margaret Thatcher took on


communism, transformed our economic fortunes and unlike the Welsh Labour


Party she never cut and NHS budget. Instead of teachers spending the


time that they have teaching children to brush their teeth we


should be allowing them to get their teeth into teaching. We should be


empowering them to make the difference they entered the


profession to deliver. We Welsh Conservatives believe the best way


to help the bull improve their prospects in life is through


education and employment, not welfare or hand-outs. Assembly


member Darren Millar. The conference has come to a close. After all of


the speeches had finished our correspondent got up with the Welsh


Conservative leader for final thoughts.


We saw him on the stage delivering his speech. The leader of the Welsh


Conservatives joins me now. A lot of your time concentrating on the local


elections, be mourning as you see at Labour and Plaid Cymru as the victim


always saying that. What was the pitch? Surely what the next big


challenge for the Welsh Conservatives are, that we have the


local elections in six weeks. The speech was more generally focusing


on the opportunities ahead for Wales and saying we have to turn those


into positive outcomes for people and communities and that starts at


local level. Local government elections are good chance to put a


positive message, looking at the horizon, being positive about the


future and grabbing opportunities. Is it difficult for you at local


government level? So much of the talk is about cuts and squeezing of


budget. When you are trying to say we will look after you at the same


time it is the UK Government bringing those cuts in place. Is


that difficult to square? When it comes to local government cut the


Welsh government decide how to carve up the cake. Some of the choices,


should we take credit for new schools being built or new


infrastructure projects? We deserve some of the credit yet the Welsh


government will say they are taking those decisions. They cannot have it


both ways. The Welsh government decide how to cut up the cake. In


Monmouthshire where we run the council under the great leadership


of Peter Fox we have used imaginative solutions to keep open


leisure centres, play parks, and make sure that lumps on in the


streets and potholes filled. If you want that success in your community


voting Welsh Conservative will ensure that. What happened to the


Big Society, getting people more involved with their local community?


Volunteering to offer certain services. Has that gone away or


should that still be playing a part in a conservative pitch for voters?


Localism is very much in the DNA of the party. We believe the best


people to deliver an work to provide local services are local people. If


you look at Wales as a whole the type of service you have to deliver


in one area might fall under social services whereas it would be


different in an area like Cardiff. The urban nature of card you would


have to have different solutions. You cannot have a one size fits all


mentality. What we have had from Welsh government of the centralising


of power and control when as Conservatives we believe that local


communities delivering the solutions in their locality are best placed to


solve some of the challenges we face and unlock the opportunities there


for us. The other issue is looking at what could after Brexit. How


tough a week has it been for you as the conservative looking at


Westminster with a U-turn on the budget, quite an embarrassing lying


down? A serious set of allegations and a big fine by the Electoral


Commission because rules have been broken in terms of the way elections


have been conducted by the Conservatives. As somebody standing


a little bit removed from Westminster is that frustrating to


see that element happening? None of those election rules were broken


here in Wales but as the party we take them very seriously and we have


paid the fine and we will take on board the recommendations. Sadly all


political parties have issues from time to time and money has to be


paid and the remedial measures have to be taken. If you take the U-turn


as you put it on national insurance I would not call it an


embarrassment, that is a government listening and responding to what


people are saying they want to happen. Often politicians get


criticised for not responding and ploughing ahead no matter what. Here


you have a positive outcome from a Chancellor who has delivered


economic success with economic growth continuing under him, record


numbers of people in employment, and many good measures with increased


capital spending from big infrastructure projects... You would


not have allowed a manifesto pledge to be broken like that. You would


have said let us keep the promises we made. We are not breaking a


manifesto commitment because it is not happening. Let us move on. There


is more positive things to talk about. That is not happening. End of


story. As a self-employed person I spent 25 years in my first live


before I went into politics making sure understanding what the


self-employed need and required to take the risk and be entrepreneurs


and I would have been lobbying very hard to ensure this did not happen


and I am pleased to see that the Chancellor has listened and we move


on building a stronger economy for Wales and the United Kingdom. Would


you prefer to have Theresa May and Philip Hammond or Jeremy Corbyn and


John McDonnell? I take it that is hypothetical! You can answer! Carwyn


Jones saying about the possibility of a trade war between England,


Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland if there are not clear procedures in


place. It is the scare story of the week from the eternal pessimist. We


have had a union of the United Kingdom for many centuries, the most


successful union the world has seen. We can overcome any of these issues


in the devolved era. We need UK frameworks for agriculture, regional


aid, funding, and I believe we should have them, and that is


something I came out early on... I was ridiculed and now it seems to be


in play. Instead of being pessimistic and looking at his feet,


Carwyn Jones, week up and smell the coffee and look at the horizon, the


sunshine does come out, let us work to make the world and even better


place. The Welsh Conservative leader. The big challenge in the


immediate future for the Welsh Conservatives as the local


elections. What are their prospects? They should gain some ground is


logically because the last set of elections was rough for them. This


time they are still in power in Westminster so you would not expect


them to make big gains but with Labour in a very bad week you would


expect them to win some ground in the cities and also in rural Wales


where there is a gradual lessening of the dominance of Independence


with people standing under party banners. You would expect them to


move forward a little bit but no huge breakthrough. They have to


bounce back from last year's assembly elections when they fell


back a bit. They fell back that really because the vagaries of the


assembly electoral system and the arrival on the scene of Ukip on the


list seat. That is not a problem for them this time. This is the first


past the post election. The sort of election they are used to fighting.


The difficulty for them if it is very difficult for a party in


government in Westminster to gain ground in local elections. Big


themes, big issues in the background. Yes, but local elections


are local and people vote on local issues so you could see some fluke


results and freak results and differences between areas. That is


it. It is Labour's turn at the same time next week. Hope you can join us


then. Thank you for watching.