Sailing: The Olympic Test Regatta

Sailing: The Olympic Test Regatta

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What are you doing at this time next year? Millions of us will


forgo our summer holidays or make sure we are at home for the first


two weeks in August, the pulling Holmes! Two gold medals for Rebecca


Adlington! You are brilliant! Chris Hoy is coming up to the line!


This is where Britain is expecting to deliver. In the last three


Olympic Games, six British golds have been buoyant in the athletics


stadiums. -- have been won. But Britain's sailors have done miles


gold medal! The third British gold medal, Welburn. In Atlanta, it was


silver, but for the last three, it Britain's Olympic sailors have led


the world, so there is every expectation that the medal haul is


not going to be just in the capital. But in the place where you can


spend two weeks on the beach and still be part of the Games.


Weymouth and Portland is the venue for sailing. It is getting ready


It is a short drive from the beach to the place where it will happen.


This August, there is a dress rehearsal, everything is for real,


just like the Olympic Games. Can Britain walkaway from the Olympic


test event with a stack of medals? Beijing delivered six, four of them


gold medals. Can this team do better? Tremendous success in


Beijing, there is pressure to perform even better next year.


is a home Olympic Games, there is added pressure, primarily through


the public expectation, but from our perspective, we will try just


as hard as we have been in recent Olympic Games. Thinking back to the


test event before the Beijing Olympics, the team that went there


went to the Olympics. The sailors that we are seeing this week, will


they be the same next year? Historically, we know that the 80%


of the sailors two represent the team at the test event will be the


team that will represent the country at the Olympic Games. There


is some competition still to happen in a number of events. There is a


lot of very competitive sailors in our squad who will be hoping that


that statistic is incorrect this time around. 10 Olympic gold medals


can be won in sailing in a variety of hard work, from windsurfing to


birds like this. It weighs as much as a small car and requires either


a crane or a forklift to put it in the water. Five gold medals can be


won by sailors competing on their own. Four by those racing as part


of a two person team. And at one, a boat like this, with three on board.


Run in the Olympics is his huge merger stickle exercise, there are


five courses, some close to land, other's way out in Weymouth Bay.


Most classes have 10 races over a week, and after that, there is the


cut. Just the top 10 after 10 races head into the medal race final. 30


minutes of racing that decides gold, silver and bronze. In sailing,


there is just one for each of the 10 classes. A sailing team consists


of 16 people, nine men and seven women. For Britain, many potential


medal winners will not be going. Take the 49er class, five out of


the top 10 internationally are British. It is tough, only one will


go to the Olympics, for the other four, they will be watching from


home. There is no easy route to securing a place, with so many


world-class sailors to choose from, competition is fierce. Three of the


gold medal winners from Beijing are looking for a repeat performance.


Having won an Olympic gold does not mean you get a free ticket to the


Ben Ainslie is not just our most successful Olympic sailor ever, but


one of Britain's most successful Olympians, with three gold medals


already. With a record like that, you would imagine that his journey


to the 2012 Olympics would be routine. But nothing in this


competition is that predictable. He races the Finn, the largest and


most powerful single-handed class. After the last Olympics, he put his


Olympic life on hold. He returned two years later, and the class was


brimming with fresh talent. That talent was not about to let the


Olympic champion come back without a fight. Before there could be any


talk about his fourth Olympic gold medal, there was some street


fighting to be done on home soil. You came into this Olympiad late,


your plans were elsewhere. Yes, the America's Cup as the focus before


and after the Olympics, but ultimately, that fell apart, which


was sad, but I was able to get focused on the Olympics again.


off-peak were you? Massively. I had not stepped in a boat for two years.


In any sport, that is a huge amount of time. I was doing other sailing


at, but in terms of being in the boat I was supposed to be racing,


it was a lot of time away, so I was thirsty. -- I was thirsty.


He knew he was of a Olympic pace, and was at the beginning of a


journey to get back on it. He was beaten a year ago by one of the


British sailors allowed to take his place, the ferociously talented


Giles Scott, 10 years under, and Ben Ainslie finished off the podium


in fourth place. -- 10 years younger.


Proving that you can win in Weymouth is massive, because it is


where the Olympics are. It is worth a lot.


Exactly one year later, the Bible's met again here in Weymouth --


rivals. The battle raged all week as each man pulled himself to the


Ainslie is trying to squeeze around. Ben Ainslie has got to do a penalty


turn. Scott can sail away, it is a real battle. All credit to Scott,


he is not crumbling under the Scott was trailing it going into


the final race, but he could still win. The winner would go into the


Scot finishes right at the back. He is doing a perfect job. We have


seen it so many times at the Olympic Games, so often it comes


down to a head to head, and Ben Britain's best ever Olympic sailor


had done what most assumed would be a foregone conclusion.


There is an expectation that, whenever you step into a boat, it


will be successful. That follows you around. How frustrating was it


to have people start to doubt you? You always have your doubters.


Again, it is in any sport, people are keen to knock people off their


perch. It is tough when you have moved away from an arena weighty


were dominant and you come back and that is not the case any more. It


is hard work. A couple of times, I had to have a good think about how


I would make that happen. We are a year away from the real thing, how


off peak do you think you are? Right now, there is a lot I can


improve on, physically, I am running around 85, 90%. Technically,


we are always looking to improved. You have got to keep pushing


forward and make the Games. What about the other gold medal


winners? How have they fed in their attempt to get themselves back to


the Olympic Games? In the Star class, the most technical of all


classes, the British team have announced -- have an outstanding


picture, the Germans crossed the line. The Britons have won the gold


medal! Brilliant! Ben Ainslie, how close was at? I am speechless, that


is the closest race I have ever There was never any doubt about


this team from Beijing making the cut for the British team at the


Olympic test event. Ben Ainslie has had a battle to


qualify, but it has been different for you. We have got a good


relationship with the young guys, but we work as a team, they are


looking more to the future. With no other strong British


competition, their place is secured. But since Paul Goodison came back


from Beijing, he has been peddling hard to stay as Britain's number


The simplicity provides the ultimate test of skill. Since


Beijing, his progress has not been plain sailing. Last year, at the


World Championships, he missed the podium. But another British sailor,


Nick Thompson, finished second. Their rivalry as they battled for


the one slot at the Games intensified.


Quite competitive, we played golf, table tennis, pulled together. We


do not like to let the other one win. That is quite intense.


A month ago, Thompson was here at the regatta in Weymouth, where the


first British sailor to finish would get the only slot in the


Laser class at the test event and take a major step forward to


selection for London 2012. The man on form was Nick Thompson. Halfway


through, he was five places ahead You have beat the last Gold


Medallist. How intense has it been? I have been training non-stop with


Paul and other guys about trying to raise my game and get myself in a


position that I'm able to go to the Olympics. Then Paul decided to


carry on and so it makes it tough. But it has been good for both of us


and pushed us on and made us both raise our game and realise to beat


each other we must be one of the best in the world. He is a talented


sailor. He has medalled at the World Championship. So we have a


good relationship off the water. As the trials comes around, it gets


more intense. You don't hang out with each other as much and you are


fighting each other and the end of the day. Things started well for


nick Thompson in the early part of week, carving out an impressive


advantage. However half way through event, his fortunes changed. Wile


Goodison found form and began to chase his younger rival.


COMMENTATOR: This is Paul Goodison just ahead of the bunch. He rounds


in fifth. Here is Nick Thompson. He is back in the bunch and he is


struggling. A destiny this display secured his place in the Olympic


team and left his friend and rival You probably had one of the toughst


trials of any nationality. Yeah, it's not been easy, Nick is a


fantastic sailor. He didn't quite keep it together. How are you


feeling now? OK. Not great. You know? A bit frustrated really. If


only I had done one of the days differently. It was all going well


and then just one day sort of pushed me back and made it all


tough and from then it was a case of trying to work through the fleet


and that was a difficult thing to do. I read your tweet, where you


said sorry to everyone. Yeah, I feel a bit disappointed in myself


and how the week's gone and also I feel like I have let a few people


down and the people who supported me. So, yeah, just... You know I


feel a bit bad. Not great. For now his dream is all be over. But he


has got the talent to continue the All three of our returning Gold


Medallists from Beijing will be part of the British team. If any of


them medal here there will be a guaranteed place for next year.


Burr there are 450 sailors from 65 nations trying to stop the British.


One of the strongest is the team from down uner -- down under.


of your boys going to watch the Aussie's Kim the Poms'? Tfrpblgt


British team is great. They have a lot of -- the British team it


grease they have a lot. They have Ben Ainslie. We have a couple of


strong guys. But we don't have as many people as they do. But we try


to knock them off in our good classes. You beaten the Poms in


your class? Of course. Are you got them. We have got them too. Don't


threat beer and chips fool you. They may not look like it, but


around this table are five of the best sailors in the world. One has


been voted word sailor of the world. Unbeaten in the lacer class at


Weymouth. -- laser class at Weymouth. The form team in the 49er.


Then there is Matthew Belcher and Malcolm Page in the 470. Ranked No


1. This team are a formidable talent. It is always great to beat


the Poms. There will be a rivalry, Australia loves beating England in


anything. Sailing is no exception. Just how will the British team


perform next year? This test event should give us a good indication.


Can British sailors turn the waters they know well into solid gold?


There will be over a hundred races and this is how an Olympic race


works. The start is about being in the front row, having clean air. If


you're in the turbulent air off another boat, it will slow you down.


COMMENTATOR: The Polish team got the best start. They had clean air


and they're off, heading up wind. When you're sailing up the first


beat to the first mark, you're looking for wind to see if that's


changing. You're thinking about the current and the opposition. Sailors


that went to the right hand side are coming across, who got their


tactics right. Ben Ainslie leading the flaet here. When you come


around the top mark, you're bearing away and the wind's generally


directly behind you. Ainslie bears away. Big waves. He will look to


surf down these and catch a wave. We saw him in the last race in five


or six place on each downwind leg. He is pumping away on the sail.


you're in the lead, it's about keeping clean air on the downwind


leg to keep the speed on the upwind leg it is about the strategy of


what side of course you are favoured. You try to manipulate the


opposition to come with you and keep yourself between the


opposition and the next mark to defend that lead. That is a perfect


When Ben Ainslie enters an competition there is an ashumion


that he will win. -- asup sum -- there is an assumption he will win.


Look at this a minute after the start and he is pulling away again.


Coming up to the top mark. Some of Coming up to the top mark. Some of


the windiest conditions. He will round this in first place. For Paul


Goodison, there was plenty to think about as they approached the half


way stage. First his Australian rival was in Silver Medal position


and looking forward not back. Goodison was trapped in the middle


of the biggest fleet at the event. COMMENTATOR: It is very crowded.


Colin Chang will sail around. He has fallen out. Paul Goodison is


behind him. I can see him. Goodison is out of trouble. He is fifth at


the moment. He is chasing now, leading the race. In the star class


it wasn't Australia that was leading, but Robert Scheidt from


Brazil. The British team having problems with their boat. They have


had major gear failure. They're getting a new boat after this. But


they will need a good second half of the week to get a medal. So at


the half way stage, two Beijing Gold Medal is struggling to get


anywhere. For ains sli leading in the finn class. -- - for Ben


Ainslie leading in finn class. In the last Three games, British women


have won four medals in sailing and I'm proud to say, I played my part.


My team was labelled three blondes in a boat when we won gold in


Athens. My No 2 led her team of blondes to success in China. But


three blondes in a boat will not win gold in London 2012. Three


bruen ets? Now they just might. Women's racing is in the only


three-person boat. The Elliott 6 metre. They enter this dress


rehearsal as world No 1. But they're playing a different kind of


game too the others. Unlike the rest of the Olympic sailing, match


racing is a dual on water. It is a women only competition in the games.


But elsewhere, men compete and it gets very heated. I know this crew,


or rather two of them well. Lucy and any -- Annie sailed with me for


two years. It feels very odd, Lucy steering. Why? Get at the front.


The game they play can be compared to a bare fist fight on the water.


It this a intense. A million miles from this. When we sailed, I was


the aggressive one and you were the quiet one. What is it like now? I


should ask them. I think I'm still the quiet one in many respects. But


it is intense. You know it is not about shouting all the time, but


being intense at the right moment and getting the job done.


remember Annie said you would come sailing us with, she was like, we


have no one to sail w Lucy's bringing her sister. Now you're


brilliant on the boat. We used to sail together when we were younger.


But I never thought that this would happen. Two years ago if people


asked me if I might have a chance of going to 2012, I was like, no.


I'm far too young. Too inexperienced. This time last year


I got to sail with Lucy and Annie. I couldn't really say No so I took


it up. It is the first time two sisters have competed at this level


and with the experience of Annie Lush, three girls in a boat have


the potential to make headlines. COMMENTATOR: The wish world No 1


are on the attack. Goes for her rival. This is just before the


start. The British team are hounding their opponents. The team


had their moments. It is advantage Britain, Lucy McGregor with a lead.


She will be pleased with that. this was a bad week for the team.


The Australians have the British team just where they want them.


McGregor's on the attack again, but no no avail. That says it all. The


world No 1 have finished seventh here and that is a shock. Bitter


disappointment for the team that the form guide placed as favourites.


They have won year to raise their game. -- one year to raise their


game. Charlotte Dobbson is the British hopeful in the lacer. It


has a smaller sail, designed for lighter weight crew. I was with her


at home just two miles from the venue as she packed before moving


in with the squad. I like the way you have the short wet suit and two


bobble hats. Yes exactly. She is a new girl and about to join some of


her heroes. Does it feel like a big deal? It is the first time you have


been part of the select few? Yes it does feel a bit strange. I'm quite


excited about tonight, going into the team and it will be the first


time we're sitting having dinner together. It could be the Olympic


team. That is exciting. I'm trying hard not to think about that too


much. I'm too nervous. Here we go. It is a good job you're not flying.


Yes there would be the biggest excess bill. You have even got your


Irn Bru. You can take the girl out of Scotland! This takes me back to


my first games. Like Charlotte, I was sailing alone and like her, I


had a mixture of apprehension and excitement. The drive to the hotel


may only be two miles, but it is a journey that may decide if she will


compete in London 2012. This is it. I'm going to have to leave you here.


Here we go. It is a massive achievement to get into this event,


but the pressure is now to qualify This is where it all begins. Yes!


Dobson trying to squeeze into the gap. That will be a penalty turn.


She will not get a medal this week. I am sure the Olympic selection


will go beyond the test event, and I am sure Charlotte Dobson will be


Bryony Shaw knows the Olympic world inside out. Her domain is the RS:X


windsurfing, the class that requires greater physical fitness


than any other. Since she made history in Beijing, she has not


fifth medal for Great Britain on the waters, but the first British


Since then, she has been winning on the road. She is in a class of her


own, and while her selection is not official, the bronze medal she won


at the test event should seal her there is potential for an upgrade


She is not the only British wind surfer in with a shout at their


medal next year. Nick Dempsey as well. Going into the last race in


Beijing, he was one of four that could secured a gold medal. Sarah


Ayton, his fiancee, went out to but this race is going horribly


wrong. Nick Dempsey went out in the silver medal position, with the


prospect of a gold medal, but he is not looking at Silver, gold or even


bronze. The Frenchman has finished ahead of him, and that means Nick


Dempsey will finish fourth. He will Finishing fourth only rubbed salt


into the wind. -- wind. My heart is breaking for you, I have been in


that position before, it is the worst position to finish in. Yes,


it was always come to be close, -- going to be close, it was tight, we


only had one lap, so it made it difficult. Not quite a day. --


today. I get goose bumps, thinking about


it, because it was an awful race. Huge excitement to see him going


into that, and to finish fourth, it was the worst thing ever. It took a


But that was four years ago, and he is determined not to lose out on


the top spot this time around. In those three years since Beijing, he


has been a man with one finger on his mind. All of his energy and


determination has been focused on becoming the best in the world,


competing at one of the most demanding sports in the event, his


fitness levels are unsurpassed. Every action is designed to secure


the gold medal he did -- he believes he deserves.


I love windsurfing, there is nothing better than that,


especially when you are racing, you are all close, the adrenalin is


going, knowing you can wipe out at any time. Is it the speed you love?


Yes, you get used to it, but you still love it. One of the sailors


of it now, they all trained hard. - - all of the sailors. I think back


to Sydney, boy you fitter than you were then? I am so much fitter than


I was. I was 20. I was a windsurfer, it was their core support, and


being a professional athlete was not called. -- cool. I loved it. I


still love it. But it is very different to what I do today.


Dinghy sailing did not have the St street-cred! When I was 12 and I


saw them out there, they were the nerds! You can tell your wife but!


I do! When he started handing out at the


beach, he could never have expected it would lead to a life dominated


by routine, commitment and focus. As the years go by, reality hits


home that, if you want to win, you have to be the best athlete, you


have to be professional, you have to do everything right. That is


where I have changed as a person. I am a professional athlete. I am


It is halfway through his tested and, and he is in second place. --


his Test event. Watching him is his wife and his son.


Come on, Daddy! As a former Olympian, she is more


used to competing than watching it, and she was on target for London,


but she withdrew. It was a tough decision. There are


still times when I think, have I made the right decision? Especially


in this environment, where life has been about the Olympics, and that


is every four years, so to not be a part of that is tough. But I have


got my son Thomas to look after, and I watched the racing today, and


it is my job to support a Nick, to make sure he is well rested and


well-fed, and he can deliver his best performance. I need to be the


best wife as opposed to the best sailor.


While her decision is undoubtedly good for her husband, it was not


such good news for Saskia Clark, her partner. For her, it meant she


was suddenly left without a team mate.


Already, the campaign has been a roller-coaster. This, it was not


planned like that. I was teamed with Sarah Ayton, but she made the


call that she could not balance the pressures, and her family life was


more important, so I had a big decision, and I quickly made the


call to give her a drink. -- her a wind. That was our biggest worry,


from my side, I always knew that we could be really good, it was just


how quickly it could come together. Luckily, it came together Justin


Time. The team that have only been


together for six months head into the final day of the Olympic test


event with a shot at the gold medal. This is where it will happen


tomorrow. We are tied with the Japanese, effectively. There will


be a lot of nerves. She thrives on that! Are to be here now, a


guaranteed medal, we are desperate to make that a gold medal, but


would be great. -- that would be winner-takes-all. -- Great Britain.


Saskia Clark bouncing on the trapeze. The Japanese boat has


slowed down. The British have definitely gained. Five or six


metres between the boats. Somebody squeezing between them. Can the


British team overtake the Japanese? Big boat link between them. --


length of a boat between them. This is the moment. Will they overtake?


200 metres left to the next mark. Japan get a surge of speed. Ai


Kondo and Wakako Tabata. The British team or through? Almost.


They are just ahead. Right now, Great Britain or in gold. Can the


Japanese team get an overlap? If they can, the British team would be


in second. The Japanese will round up first. But no ground the mark


first. The pendulum has swung in favour of Japan. That is the gold


medal for Japan. That is 15 metres between gold and silver. Silver for


the British team, they will be disappointed, but that is still a


very impressive performance. The Japanese team celebrating their


It was so close, nail-biting. Unit frustrated. Yes, pretty frustrated.


We really wanted to win. We thought we did a pretty good race, we were


always closing them down, but we did not get the last shift into the


mark. We had a bit too much to do. A bit gutted. Think way you were a


few months ago, silver medal here, you will be happy with that. When


it sinks in, we will be happy, but at the moment, we think we lost the


gold medal. But we will get some perspective, we have had a good


week, the conditions have been windy, I am sure we will be happy


in a few days, may be! The fastest of all of the Olympic


Assailed by two people, if either one puts a foot wrong, they will be


swimming. In the Olympics, even the best in the world could not cope


French team leading the race have capsized, and the Germans are going


as well! France and Germany on One nation is stronger than any


other, Great Britain. Five teams are in the world top 10, but four


will miss out on competing in their home games. Wind the clock back a


month, and the battle for the one place at the test event took place.


In the fight was a team from Bevan, Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes. --


from Devon. Amongst their competitors, a man who went to the


Olympics in 1992 and who has not been back since. The partnership


Four weeks later, they arrive in Weymouth for the test event, with a


surprising new addition to their team.


A few weeks ago, Paul Brotherton was one of their greatest rivals,


but now, he is their right hand man. Back down. We will see a fall of


the hard work has paid off. -- all of the hard work.


It is hard to think that you were trying to get selection for the


test event for weeks ago. It is an odd sensation. I was as keen as


anybody to win the event, I put everything I could into what, but I


was also pretty happy to except -- to accept that we finished sixth.


That is a long way from first. The Olympic Games is all about coming


I love it. I enjoy the coaching. I can't deny that my results are


better as a coach than as a competitor. What did he say when


you phoned him up? He said I'm out of work, could you fix me up with a


job! No, he said things had changed. It is special to have somebody


coaching us who was a top level performer. Back to full off again.


How good is their boat handling? think it is excellent. I have seen


that from both sides, from racing them and obviously watching them


since. But as the breeze increases, it gets to above 18 knots and they


calm it down and draw strength from seeing everyone else struggle. From


a coaching view that is great. They sail the poet well. The team may


have had a smart plan to turn a rival into a team member, but


needed a good result. Amongst these they were looking to beat was the


Australian double act. And there Australian double act. And there


was an encouraging start. COMMENTATOR: 15 races and that is a


great start no race No 6. Stevie Morrisson, Ben Rhodes from Britain,


they have spent a short amount of time with their new coach, Paul


Brotherton and they're starting well here. A familiar head-to-head


at the top mark. Australia against Great Britain and it is advantage


Great Britain. An aggressive turn there by Morrisson. Ben Rhodes goes


to put the sail up. When that is up, you will see a tweet on the helm


and watch this boat take off. The Australians now about 150 metres


behind. The 470 is raced by both behind. The 470 is raced by both


men and women at the game. Two year ago, Britain's Nick Rogers had no


intention of being at the Test event. A veteran of three Olympics,


he knows about the agony of finishing fourth. That was in


Sydney. Then in Athens, he won silver. And did it again in pay


jing. Then his medal winning crew retired and he followed soon after.


Until he changed his mind. He teamed up with Chris Grew, Twiggy,


but me needed a family loan to keep afloat. A totally different


pressure. I mean sleepless nights. Immense pressure. It is so


different to the racing. It has been really hard this year. Twiggy


and I have have worked and worked. They have had to, because world


class British teams were already battling for selection. On the


water we just nailed the job and -- know the job and that is


concentrate on the things that make the boat go faster. You must really


want this? Yeah. Yeah a lot. It is everything I have ever dreamed of


doing. And I don't want to just go. That is not goal. If we can qualify,


I believe that would buy us more time and make an enormous


difference. I believe with that time we can put a team together


which can win a gold. That is what you're trying to do. A month ago


and against the odds, head to beat Luke Patience and his partner to


win selection for the Test event. The man who came out of retirement


steered the pair home. Leaving stunned rivals in their wake. Pay


back for sleepless nights, the first return on the investment made.


In the last three years it has been up and down and I'm just over the


moon and the team and what we have achieved. It is a great step ford e


forward. We go to pr pre--- step forward to the future and we go to


pre-Olympics. Attest events they qualified for the final and were in


contention for a medal. contention for a medal.


COMMENTATOR: they could Britain bronze, but Israel and Japan could


stop them. The advantage is with Israel. It is no looking good for a


medal for Nick Rogers. In the final, their hopes faded. They finished


fourth. Their place at London 2012 may not be guaranteed, but they are


may not be guaranteed, but they are no longer on the outside looking


in.. We're disappointed. It was so close. We were welcome back a -- we


were within a grasp of a medal. It is not to do it as yourself, that


is pushing water uphill. We're on a short leash. We couldn't survive


another week. Not like that. team from Devon, Stevie Morrisson


and Ben Rhodes spent the week in the 49er just outside the top three.


They went into the final fighting for medal. Beat New Zealand and


bronze would be the prize. That would be a good start for their


life with new coach Paul Brother tob. -- Paul Brotherton. But


Australia won gold and the Kiwis beat the British into fourth.


Frustrated. It is an important event. We have learned a lot. We're


not far away, but we're not there. The skill's there, the talent's


there. But there is something missing at the moment. The


performance this week is not good enough and there is only one reason


I'm here and that is to win a gold. Fourth of fifth. I'm confident I


could do that myself. So far the British medal haul is one silver


and one bronze. The target the team set itself is four medals. So a bit


to do and time to wheel out some Lacer medal race, Paul good sop,


fourth at the moment. -- goodson, fourth at the moment. -- goodson,


fourth at the moment. Got to sail himself and see what happens behind


him to Holland, New Zealand and Australia. He can't do more than


that. Paul Goodison around the first mark leading. Holland behind


and then Australia. Goodison heading for the finish. It is


cumulative points. If he wins this, that will give him bronze. Goodison


wince bronze, but it is another wince bronze, but it is another


gold for Australia. In the star class, the British needed to beat


Ireland and Poland in the final race. Someone was looking down on


them. COMMENTATOR: Surely silver for the British. So four medals for


Britain. Target reached. But no golds. Not yet. Nick Dempsey was on


the right road. After disappointment of fourth in Beijing,


winning gold in 2012 in the place where he lives is the driving force


of every single day. COMMENTATOR: Top top there will be celebrations


if Dempsey can beat the Dutchman Dorian van Rijsselberge. The plan


is to sail his Dutch rival to the back of the fleet and then for


back of the fleet and then for Britain's No 1 to go on a charge.


At the moment it is working. Dempsey is launched. The dumpman is


right at the back and it is gold at the moment for Britain. Oh demp


circumstances he is turning around. He won't like what he says, because


his Dutch rival, I'm counting up the places has overtaken Greece, he


It will be tight next year and it is a case of moving on and making


sure I'm 100%. Five medals won for Britain. Still no gold. Enter a man


who has made an impression in the Olympic world. Ben Ainslie. He has


achieved everything there is to achieve many times over. And in the


nature of sailing you can only compete in one event. Ben deserves


every honour there is to give him already. Without competing at


London. To me, he is the ultimate sportsman. COMMENTATOR: Ben Ainslie


has a huge points advantage as the has a huge points advantage as the


gun goes. All he has to do is complete this race and he is


guaranteed gold. The only British gold in the British test event. A


year ago he came back to the finn after a two year absence, by his


own admission off the Olympic pace. But that has changed. He qualified


for is in and against international competition the best in the world,


he is about to overtake the best in the world. Well there is the


example. Ainslie is simply in a different league. British


supporters have had to wait until the final moments of the final race


here at the test event, but this is here at the test event, but this is


it. Gold for Ben Ainslie. looked relieved when it was all


over. It has been been one big summer? Yes it has been a big


summer A lot at stake. But that was hard work and so I was happy to get


across the line and have a breather. Talking about selection, what do


you think now? Well I don't know, it is up to the selection committee.


It is their decision. I guess I ticked all the boxes, so they will


have to think up some good reasons not to send me to the Olympics. But


I will have to think what they might be. He delivered gold in


style and again Britain's greatest Olympic sailor is the star of the


show. So the dry run for the Olympics is complete. 460 sailors


from 66 nations have put the venue through its paces. We have seen the


16 person British sailing team compete for all ten Gold Medals


here. An impressive medal haul but not the colours you were hoping for.


We have medals in six events. We have some work to do. But it is a


great position to be in with eleven months to go. There has been much


to celebrate and whet the appetite for the supporters. And once again


British sailor s who failed to make the medals are in the minority.


Disappointing week really. Always a bit difficult going to ceremony,


seeing your opponents up there. We think we have the capability of


winning gold in a year's time. But we know there is a lot of hard work


to come before then. The team manager is right, it is harder than


ever. Britain won the most medals hoor but Holland and Australia won


more -- here but Holland and Australia won more golds. But I


believe here in 12 months we will be one of British medal hotspots of


2012. Tune in tomorrow as we look at how the preparations have been


going at some of the other test events taking place in London. We


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