Gymnastics World Cup 2012

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Gymnastics World Cup 2012

Sonali Shah presents Britain's only round of this year's World Cup series, in which the world's top artistic gymnasts compete by invitation only.

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Hello and welcome to the 2012 gymnastics World Cup in Glasgow.


The by new Emirates Arena is all set to host 16 of the world's top


gymnasts in a one-day All-Around competition. And this is the first


time members of the British team will be performing on home soil


since their hugely successful Beautiful routine! Thank you very


much! He has done the job. Wow, wow, wow. This is looking very good.


Yes! Great Britain take a bronze in the men's team final! That was


super stuff. Lewis Smith, now is the time. That is superb. Lewis


Smith and maxed between them, silver and bronze. Their entire


gymnastic career has been building up to the next few moments. Beth


Tweddle has an Olympic medal at long last. Those pictures are still


give me goose bumps, and who better to reminisce with than the person


who has been the face and body of British gymnastics for more than a


decade, three-time world champion and our Olympic bronze medallist,


Beth Tweddle? Great to see you again after a summer that I bet you


and the team will not be able to stop talking about. It was an


amazing summer. We knew we had a strong team, but nobody anticipated


how well we would do. We knew the games were going to be baked with


it being on home soil. But as soon as we all walked into that North


Greenwich Arena, the crowd just erupted. It gave me goose pimples.


You will never get a scenario like that again. We were all lucky


enough to do our best performances. We came home with our Olympic dream,


a medal. Four medals in all. The other day, I heard you of being


talked about alongside the rower Katherine Grainger in the context


of how much you have both done for women in your sport. How much of a


relief was it for you to finally add an Olympic medal to your huge


collection? It was a massive relief. Everyone knew before the Games that


it was my last shot at an Olympic medal. It has taken me a long time


to get there, but as soon as I saw my name next to third place, I


looked at my coach and I could feel a massive weight being lifted off


my shoulder. It was also great for my family. Everyone has worked hard


to get me to those games, and I did not want to be remembered as the


most successful gymnast that never picked up an Olympic medal.


feels as though the medal has let you out of your cage and you have


become a thrill seeker. Tell us about your adventures? The 20 years,


it was all about gymnastics. Suddenly, I have a bit of freedom.


The first thing I did was When walking, so I was upside down on a


plane. My mum was more nervous than watching me at the Olympics. Then I


did snowboarding and tried a bit of golf, lots of different things. I


might find something I enjoy. hearing rumours of a reality TV


show. You will have to wait and see. We look forward to hearing about


that. Beth will be with us throughout the show. Let's see what


else is coming up. The women's All-Around Features the


youngest member of Team GB, Rebecca Tunney, and the 2006 all around


were champion Vanessa Ferrari from Italy. A strong line-up in the


men's competition includes two of the three all around Olympic


medallists as well as Britain's Kristian Thomas and Dan Purvis.


Angela Smith takes a break from dancing to tell us about life away


from the gym. We start with the women's event, anti-Brits who have


had very different fortunes in 2012 -- two Brits who have had very


different fortunes. She is having a wonderful time here. You seemed to


cope with that crowd so well at the Olympic Games. It did not seem to


faze you, being the youngest, shortest and lightest member of


Team GB. You seemed to take it in your stride. Were you as calm as


you looked? You are always going to be nervous at competitions, even if


it is just a little one. But we were all behind the judge there. We


knew how to deal with it and keep each other calm. I was just


oblivious to it all, because it was those are real. Everything just


happened, really. -- it was so so You were a reserve for the Olympic


team, which meant you had a gap in training. Has it been difficult for


you to get back into it? A lot more difficult than I thought. You don't


expect it to be as hard as it is. You get your skills back quickly,


but your fitness takes more time to build up. And confidence takes time.


With it being so tough for you to not make the team for London 2012,


has that give a new motivation to go for Rio 2016, or have you got


other plans? You always have to look at it one step at a time. Not


making this Olympics was emotionally hard. You have put


years of your life into it, it was not just the year before, you


worked your whole life for this one goal. Another four years is a long


time. Gymnastics takes out a lot of your body. It is not just whether I


can handle it, it is my body. If my body can't take it, I can't keep


going. You have to look at each part of the year at a time. With


the next competition coming up, can I make it? You can't lead at that


far ahead. You're fantastic year means you have been shortlisted for


Sports Personality of the Year 2012. How did you feel when you heard the


news? I was a bit shocked. I remember watching it when I was


younger and thinking wow, look at those celebrities on the telly. To


be part of it is a great opportunity. It must feel a strange


that at 16, you are not the little one any more. No, I am told now! --


I am old now. Sorry. Rebecca Tunney has had an incredible year, hasn't


she? It has been amazing. At the world championships last year, we


would not have put her in our team for the Olympics. But she worked so


hard, went to the Olympic trials, stormed them, became British


champion and sealed a place. Then she went to the Olympics at just 15,


the youngest member of Team GB, and withstood the pressure. It did not


faze her. She rose to the pressure and had an amazing games. You have


known the other Brit Performing today, Niamh Rippin, for years. She


was so disappointed at not making the London 2012 team. What can she


do to pick herself up and remain competitive within the women's


team? It is always difficult when you don't make a championships, but


she will have had a long think and thought to herself, I still love


the sport. She has worked so hard to get back and be ready for the


end of the season. She will show what she is made of. The cockroach,


Amanda, is now the national head coach for the women's team -- your


coach is now the national head coach. What changes do you think we


will see? The outlook she has, she has so


much experience. She is the only coach on the female side of


gymnastics that has brought home medals. She knows what it takes to


be at the top. She will be looking for the little pointers that will


help bring the younger gymnasts Durran hopefully bring home medals.


Moving on to today, Vanessa Ferrari from Italy is the highest ranked


female here out of the age gymnasts competing. But she is not


guaranteed to be on top of the podium? Definitely not. Last


weekend, Elizabeth Price, one of the reserves for the Americans for


the Olympics, was the top ranked one injured guard. I am sure she


will want to take home another gold medal. Let's get on with watching


some of the women's All-Around action. Are commentary team are


have got this afternoon, and it is about consistency. The better you


champion just a week ago. A very good all-round gymnast. Just missed


out on the Olympic Games. She is a makes it look easy. Lamb's one foot


either side of the white line, beautiful height, beautiful flight.


Big smile from Elizabeth Price, and vaulting. That is a huge score, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


This vault can score a maximum of she will be delighted with that.


Very good start. Slightly to one side, but nothing too much. She was


twist, but it is a very difficult vault. She did not really explode


off the top of the horse. She was very briefly on it. Just lacking in


that explosion from the top. Yes, that real dynamic approach. The


most this can score his 15th. Ha run is not as powerful as the


previous two gymnasts, so she does The slow-motion replay will show us


that the feet were not quite cleanly round for the second part


of the twist, which caused her to need a couple of steps to recover


herself, but it was a gutsy worked so hard to get the double


twist. The landing caused the adjustment to the side. Yes, if you


watched the slow-motion, she bends her arms a bit on the top of the


platform, so she does not get the Germany, a good all-round performer.


She is the only gymnast not using the Van Gogh in front of the board.


A straight somersault with half turn up. That is what we have seen


on default more traditionally. She gets good height and flight, that


has its own tariff. He is not as high as the double twist, but it is


well performed. She did it very well. To get the proportion, the


push back through the shoulders, that is not an easy task. She


pulled it round very nicely. Good, efficient faulting -- vaulting.


There is a spring at the front of the platform, and she uses that to


the youngest Team GB athlete in London. Is she the youngest British


champion ever? Negative macro. At one time, we could have them


younger than 16. But she is in her first year as a senior. She was our


top scorer at the 2012 Olympics. Very clean. No problems. My great


performance from Rebecca Tunney. The vaulting has been iffy apart


from a Elizabeth Price. This is an opportunity for Rebecca to get into


second place. She has got a great opportunity. Very purposeful in her


approach. A good conversion upwards, nice and clean in the air. The


double twist was completed. That was good for 10. It was one of the


features of the British women at the Olympics, they upped their game.


The double twists were needed to make the team final, and they've


responded fantastically. That has placed her into second place. The


Just a tiny loss of tension in the legs during the vault, but a lot of


flight. She is always determined and competitive. I love watching


her work, she is what the sport is all about. She loves it, she is


aggressive, she attacks, she is competitive, and that was


impressive. But when it beat Rebecca Tunney? I would not have


thought so. It is a lower tariff. She was good and clean in her


direction, she landed with her feet in the middle, and she hoped to


decide. But she has bent knees before they need to be bent. She


Beth Tweddle may have been up to all sorts of exciting things while


taking a break, but she has been missing her bars, so it earlier,


the crowds here were treated to pay special performance from the


Olympic bronze medallist to open up the whole event. She has now packed


away her sparkly leotard again there to join Christine Still and


gymnasts in this competition, she has represented the company at --


represented her country at five World Championships. We were there


routine. A few extra elements to stop it being at the top drawer,


but this is good, strong twisting. It was businesslike, she never


looked in danger. She looked very comfortable. She did not link some


of the skills, but it was businesslike, every skill was with


precision, she was not worried about anything. It is a premium


rating, I have known her for a few years, she will get on with it.


That will have done her standing no plenty of time to control it. She


has got height, she can see the bar before she puts her hands there. A


slight leg separation. This is a very long routine, but she picks up


the difficulty throughout. A small Ferrari. The world and European


all-round champion. Going back five or six years. And she is still


impressive. Another gymnast without delighted with that. That rating


was fabulous. There were a few areas here and there, but to be


able to put that dismount at the end, she will be pleased with that.


You can see in the background the gymnasts are trying to chalk it up


for need Ripon. -- for Niamh Rippin. She likes a bit less chalk. Denies


height. The coach is standing in for the safety aspect. The smallest


LED separation, but that is all the judges need. It was not quite a


handstand there. She uses an extra swing to build up her speed into


the dismount. Then, the double front. The smallest hop on landing.


That takes her into second place. over the years. But she can perform


well, she has got very good basic has not taken any sort of extra


swing. A double front dismount. A very deep landing, but well held.


She will be pleased with that. had a few troubles last weekend, so


she will be pleased with that. She will take a big reduction on the


dismount, but she is a fighter, she got to her feet and presented to


the judges. She is one of the team that took the silver medal at the


European Championships in 2010. She has got a better pedigree behind


her. She has had a couple of years of injury, she has had to fight


hard to get back. It is nice and high, not a lot of production.


Straight into the perfect handstand. Because that was connected, she


gets the difficulty bonus. In her mind, she will think, I have got to


concentrate for the dismount. It just set her off for the dismount.


The low landing will take a very swings with great power. Some of


them floater round, she how was her She is taking a swing between each


release. She is not linking it. A lovely height, a lovely hands than


shape. Each gymnast has to have a full pirouette in the routine. She


missed a couple of connections, but for me, that is the best routine we


have seen so far today. She is chasing Kim Bui, her team-mate.


think that will score enough to overtake her team-mate. It is very


powerful, everybody knows that she is a specialist. This is where she


sometimes adds an extra full-term. She has played it slightly safer


today. She can see the bar before she goes for the catch. Very big


flight, this is what the judges want to say, lots of amplitude.


When she is hitting the handstand, she is always in the perfect shape.


A great this mad, that is the the gymnastics club there. This is


the big combination. She is building a difficulty. This is what


Beth Tweddle was talking about, you have to link your difficulty. We


have to see the full Pyrrha wet. -- beginning to end, she is linking


everything. That landing at the end was perfect. So she is very happy


with that, and her coach is also very happy. There was the nice


handstand. Nice height, gets plenty of time to see the bar before going


down to the Loe Bar. Straight into the handstand. Great lines from


Rebecca. Straight into the dismount. And a big smile to finish it off.


And she has put herself on top of the pile. But the USA are still to


come. That was a great performance from Rebecca. Elizabeth Price is a


very powerful, strong gymnast. Lovely flight. Full pirouette. She


took a little extra swing. Up into the handstand. Beautiful elements


linked together well. Up into a double somersault. That was the


biggest difficulty we have seen from the girls on the dismount.


is such a power for gymnast, and that really comes across in the


releases. It is when gymnasts like her go up that it makes the other


releases looked so much smaller. Luckily, she has gone last, so the


judges did not have anything to compare against, but that was a


fantastic routine. And Rebecca Tunney had to face that, and she


did. So much height that she doesn't know what to do with her


time. That was one of the most difficult combinations I have seen


being done. Every skill she has, she just does with precision. Then


she winds up into this difficult dismount. Just the smallest step,


but there are not a lot of deductions in that routine for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


judges to take. She is reigning years old, from Stuttgart. Five


world championship experiences. You can't buy that sort of nous. Good


feel for competition. She showed her experience there. She was


slightly off, but she used her middle strength to pull herself on.


Free cartwheel. These three elements are worth 0.4. Just a tiny


wobble, but controls it well. There are marks for artistry, rhythm. On


the beam, they like to see fluency and not too many hesitations. It


makes it easier to stop. The more fluent the routine, the more taxing


ates. But she is very precise with every element. You can always tell


the dismount is coming - the Poor's, the concentration. She did well to


hold onto that landed. Her hips were right behind the feet as she


landed. Scary Debach, very quick feet. Did a great job. Very focused


on the beam, and thought very quickly to rescue the dismount.


This was then example of her experience, quickly adjusting. From


there in, she really did focus and concentrate. She needed this


performance at this stage. Good awareness. Strong performances to


come. The first of those is from her team-mate, Elizabeth Seitz. She


is a tough competitor. She is the German national champion. She has


been the leader of the German team for the last few years, more


renowned for her work on the asymmetric bars. But look at the


power on the front somersault. Superb jumps, linked together.


Strong on the free cartwheel. It is all about the middle tension,


keeping the core of the body under tension. She did that well. She


came out at the right time. The gymnasts have to count not only


acrobatic moves, but also dance elements, leaps and jumps. At least


three of their difficulty have to be spins and leeks, so if you can


add in the double spin, that is great. She gets good height on all


her elements. She really had to fight. It is a very difficult leap.


Double pike. But was a powerful routine. Sharp on the acrobatics


and powerful elsewhere apart from one wobble. Ilott has -- Elizabeth


Seitz was determined not to part company. She will have done her


prospects no harm. This was very impressive stuff. Some of the


acrobatics were very sharp. Very launch yourself a bit and hope you


come out at the right time. But her power on the dismount, again, a bit


Pike to on the landing, but that wasn't a strong performance. At the


moment, she is top of the pile. Two performances still to come. At 16,


and Rebecca Tunney showed a measure of focus and concentration earlier.


Super hi front somersault. She is very powerful and light. Lovely


sleep with the quarter term. -- lovely leap with the quarter turn.


She joins those leaps well. You can see her focus and determination.


All the gymnasts have to join two acrobatic skills. Back-flip,


Somerset, and she was off. She was there. Just a little unsettled now


see her power. Just a bit of lack of precision in the middle. Still


one apparatus to go. If she was disappointed, she did not show it.


They need support at this stage after a mistake, but so high on


that front somersault. She has got superpower. But she is quite tight


in the Achilles, and it is difficult to absorb the landings.


But she was well off. Hips completely in the wrong direction.


vault. Very accurate on bars. What with an easy mount, but this is not


easy. Full twisting Tabak, she joining the forward and backward


elements. That was rather tentative, is not particularly fluent. And the


double pike. That was beautiful. This was just so square, look at


that. Very impressive work. Absolutely packed with power, isn't


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


She is a confident tumbler. Nice double are buried -- double Arabian.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


music with the movement, doing very well. Double pike, beautifully


performed. Well done, Niamh. She has had a really good competition.


Comfort and performance. That was a brilliant routine. She has always


been known as a powerful gymnast. And she has had a great competition


today, to finish on that routine. This middle tumble, into the two


and a half twists, unfortunately she just took a little step out at


the end. The triple twist is fully credited, because it is all the way


she sells the fruiting well. Yes, and this is the last tumble. That


is what the judges want to see. It is the final impression that the


judges get before she finishes. She will be really pleased with her


whole performance. Momentarily at least she finds herself on top of


the pile. Vanessa Ferrari, stand by for some thrills. She is still so


impressive. One of her favourite and most successful apparatus.


Standby. It could be great. She was a finalist at the Olympics on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


line. Gymnasts have to stay inside knows how to land a tumble! Hugely


impressive from Vanessa Ferrari. good finish to her competition, she


will rue the fact that she made the error on the beam. That was great


to come back after the error. But she is known for her powerful


tumbling. She has downgraded slightly, but it is still a very


impressive floor routine. Sh straight into the tucked back, that


is a very difficult combination. would not exactly describe her as a


beautiful dancer, but she sells her routine. Ever since I have known


her, she has been able to show off. She is not the best that sat at


there, but they have worked really hard on knowing exactly where to


sell it. She has had a great set of leaps. Perhaps her difficulty has


gone down on the tumbling, but she made up for it. She always knows


where the floor is, to show the landings. That is what the judges


Ahead of Niamh Rippin. And ahead of Wakana Inoue. Can she moved up from


fourth place, into the top three positions? She was a finalist on


the floor at the European Championships. She can tumble very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


perfect timing! How about that! She powerful flick, lovely double pike.


She lands beautifully. A great comeback from Rebecca Tunney. She


is a great gymnast. She has put the disappointment of being behind her.


That will do her no harm at all. A great way to finish the competition.


She has done herself proud. She can afford a little smile. Well done


ended. She has got unique tumbling as. She nailed the landing, she


knows exactly where it is. This is the Van Gogh into the one and a


half twists. There was a slight hesitation, so she will not get the


combination for that. A good landing again, into the straddled


jump. The last Tumble, into the double pike. She needs 13.767 to go


into the lead. She is just off it! She is just behind Vanessa Ferrari


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


good, high, for twisting double good Judge -- very good landings.


will have done her no harm at all, she gave very little away. Not the


most artistic, but very few errors. She was in third place coming in,


and she will be keen to hold on to that position. Very impressive


height on the tumbling. It was brilliant throughout. Just a small


hop on landing, but the power and determination, she knows where the


landings are. That is the required double somersault tumble. She has


got great leaps, showing all this Blitz, which is what is required to


get them counted. The choreography was brilliant, it fitted the music


brilliantly. Straight into the double pike landing at the end.


good job from Ken Berry. What a great competition she has had! You


can see it in her face. She can now we will see it again here. But that


was right out the floor, that is very expensive, because she landed


out of the floor. At least half a Mark off. But she comes back world.


Very clean. She bounced out of the triple spin. She will only be


element as well as backward elements. We have seen only


very costly. The two and a half twists outside the floor area will


be a big reduction. It could all change, she is leading -- she is


needing 13 to take the lead from as you land out of the floor area,


she was out of line and the judges will deduct heavily for that. It


was a shame, because the rest of the routine was so precise and well


choreographed. The audience were enjoying it. But with the triple


spin, they will not credit that. It will only be a double spin. And


there was a small hop at the end. She knows that mistake will be very


costly. It could cost her a medal. A little dip in focus for Elizabeth


Seitz. What a great competition Elizabeth


price has had. She has really given us a demonstration of power.


Beautiful height on the twisting Cleanly landed. We have seen two


very big tumbles so far. She was out as she landed. We saw the flag


well there. But I can't say I felt that was quite as classy a


performance as her bars and bolt. The First tumble was excellent.


That was just another level of gymnastics. Not many gymnasts do


that. That is your next level of tumbling. Then she was a small step


out. It will only cost her a point, so it will make no difference in


the standings. And again, precision on this landing. Then the Double


Tongue, and One Foot seemed to land out, and that will cost her again.


That was an emphatic performance. She faltered on the last apparatus,


but emphatic. A superb all-round front of a home crowd? The home


crowd were amazing. It really helped. I enjoyed it. Rebecca, you


looked like you were enjoying it, too. Yeah, I was proud to do those


routines. It was like the Olympics. After such an incredible year, you


must be looking forward to a break over Christmas. Definitely. It has


been hard. But that is just one Chisnall -- gymnastics is.


Elizabeth, congratulations on your gold medal. It felt like you nailed


it pretty early on. Yeah, I think I had a good lead after the vault. I


tried to keep calm so I could maintain that lead. So I won!


is the secret behind you peaking at this time of the year? I am not


sure. I was just training harder. I was peaking during the summer,


during trials back home, and I tried to keep that going. It was


impressive that you have kept it going, because so many people are


tired from the Olympics. What are your plans now for 2013? How did


you find it performing in front of a huge crowd like this? Is it was a


great experience being able to come to Glasgow and be in the World Cup.


I enjoyed it. For 2013, I would like to go to the world


championships. That will be a great experience for me. What do you make


of the final women's podium? It seemed like the beam was the game


changer. It was. It changed the rankings. After the floor, the


standings did not change. Price was out there in a league of her own.


She just was not going to get caught. Rebecca Tunney has had an


incredible year, an exhausting year. But she still chose to compete in


Glasgow. Is that because of the experience events like this can


give her? Definitely. She has had a tiring year, but she had a rest


after the Olympics. Now that she has finished here, she will take


Christmas to chill out and get ready for next season. But the


experience from events like this will help her leading up to Rio.


was great to see how much the home fans got behind both Rebecca and


her Niamh. It was a sell-out crowd today in a history that already has


such a great sporting heritage. Sports fans will have even more to


cheer soon, as Glasgow gears up to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games. A


major element in Glasgow's successful bid was the fact that


70% of the planned venues are in place. As well as the Emirates


Arena, stadia like a Celtic Park, Hampden Park and the Sir Chris Hoy


velodrome are up and running. The gymnastics will be staged at a


venue still under construction in the West End of the city. With the


great British public likely to be out in force, it is a fantastic


prospect for the home nation's athletes, who received such Arab


support in London this summer. Competing in the Olympics was my


first competition in front of a home crowd, and it was fantastic. I


will never forget the standing ovation as we walked out of the


arena and the immense atmosphere. It is a big thing. Dan Purvis, who


competes for Scotland, is particularly looking forward to the


2014 games and sees them as a crucial stepping stone on the road


to Rio in 2016. I have got the 2014 and 2015 World Championships in


Glasgow. It is a good lead up. And Dan Keatings is on the Scottish


squad, so we have a good team. have been joined by Sam Oldham, was


part of the incredible bronze medal-winning team in 2012. Doesn't


an event like this after the Olympics start to gear you're up


for Glasgow 2014? Definitely. At the London Olympics, the crowds


were unbelievable. We really felt the home support. Today, with Dan


Purvis and Kristian Thomas and the two girls, it will be a great event


and will set the scene for two years' time. It is great to have


the Commonwealth Games on home soil again so soon after the Olympics.


Beth, 2012 has been a huge year for British sport and the public do not


have to wait long before another home games. In his great. Everyone


keeps asking what they should be after the Olympics, but with


Glasgow just around the corner, we have something else to look forward


to. Glasgow are hosting the Gymnastics World Cup and the


velodrome was completed a few weeks ago. It is an opportunity to keep


youngsters inspired. So I am, for you and the other gymnasts, you


have this great road to Rio with another major championships here in


Glasgow with the 2015 worlds here. It will be amazing having the 2015


World Championships on home soil. That is where we qualify for the


Olympic Games. To have the home crowd behind you really does help,


as we have seen over the summer. So we have the Commonwealth Games in


two years, so we will get used to the arena. Then the 2015 were


championships should hopefully give us an advantage. Back here in 2012,


we still have the men's all-around competition to look forward to. The


Olympic champion in this event is not competing today. In London, the


Japanese gymnast showed why he is the star of the sport. But behind


him, the battle for bronze and silver went down to the wire.


Everyone was expecting him to win. I wasn't. My goal was to knock he


him off the throne. It was definitely a roller-coaster. I was


not sure if I would be second or third, but first, I was not


expecting it. Started on the floor exercise. I was the first gymnast


up. The floor went really well. started off well on the floor. I


did a great routine. I had a difficult start on the pommel horse.


Then I was in 24th place. I went to pommel horse, and for some reason,


I was really tired. I don't know why. He made a big mistake on the


pommel horse. He missed his dismount, which is a big deduction.


I just did not have any more strength and they took off a lot of


points. That ended up putting me down to a pretty low standing. I


sat down and put the towel over my head and just went aaagh! To myself.


My dad came up to me and was like, relax. Nothing happened. Trust your


training. You will be great. then encounter vault, that is my


make-or-break event. Unfortunately for me, that they did not quite pan


out. The coach said to me, if you had landed that, there would have


been a medal in it. It is one of those things, but that is sport. I


remember watching Dan Purvis and thinking if he could keep it


together, he had a chance at a medal. Then he messed up. I was


aiming for a medal, but unfortunately, I went to pieces and


could not make a comeback. But gymnastics is like that. I just


went on rings, did a good routine. Did a good vault. On the parallel


bars, I had a different mindset. I did not know where I was in the


standings and I was not watching anyone, but I just told myself to


have fun and show-off. And I did it. I saw some of the other routines. I


saw who was first and second in the table, of course. So I knew what I


had to do. I tried to make a good performance. He is one of the real


class performers. In such a high- pressure situation, you know there


will be competition from everyone. My goodness me. How easy to let a


medal slip away. On the high bar, I did what I felt was a really good


routine. I did not know where I was until I finished. Then I looked up


and saw myself go up into second. I was ecstatic. For the floor routine,


I knew if I made a good one, I could get a silver medal. It was an


amazing feeling, because it was the Olympic Games. I knew I had done


enough on the floor. A brilliant performance gives the German a


silver medal! When I was up there, it felt like a dream. That was


probably the happiest moment of my life. Let's see who can steal the


show in Kohei Uchimura's absence. Our commentary team are poised and


ready to go. The first of six apparatus for the


the last minute. First up, floor exercise, from Japan, Kazuhito


emir for this big opening tumble. Two somersaults in one series. That


makes the difficult to rise. Every move is given its own difficulty


rating. The best 10 moves are added together to give the difficulty


score. So, the name of the game is 10 difficult elements. Absolute


control on the fairly basic skills like handstands. Beautiful landings,


making sure that the judges cannot take any points away. Very clean so


far. Just a tiny hop back on the landing, but that was a pretty


impressive floor routine. Not the highest difficulty, but great


execution. Very clean, and that is what it is all about. Take your


a wonderful, clean gymnast. He is not too shabby on the floor. Very


clean and difficult. We missed the double straight somersault that he


started with, they will see it on replay. Not only dynamic but very


strong in the lifts. The very precise. A nice half term, a simple


forward combination. It is important to stamp control. A bit


awry on the dismount. A hop to the side. He is renowned for accurate


landing. He has had a couple of dodgy ones so far. He has undercut


it. Signs of nerves. He missed his start, but I am sure you will


Torcross through it. He attempted to finish with a double strike, so


possibly this is his first tumble. Cliff two twists. That is something


we did not want to miss. It is the stamina that is a problem for the


gymnasts. They will have absolutely peak for the Olympics, and to get


yourself back into shape within six months, five months, it is very


round gymnast, parallel bars as well. Fast across the floor,


beautifully done. No effort at all. A little bit low, but a very good


game. So far, this is why he is worthy of a silver medal. Superb


work. He just lost it a little at the end. But he has not even warmed


up. He got in last thing last night, and if he can produce that, what on


earth...? He looks in great shape. My concern in the last year,


watching him, was that he looked so slight, his body weight, he was


carrying no fat cattle, but now, he looks a bit heavier. I think that


has increased his power greatly. This is fabulous tumbling.


Everything looked secure. There was no scrabble to fall would walk out


of the somersaults. Really strong. He is obviously very light, they


can handle his body very easily. So dynamic as well. He just bounced


back, so that his 0.1 at least deducted. That is not a bad score.


He is substantially in the lead at the moment, ahead of Yusuke Saito.


Kazuhito Tanaka is in third place. Kristian Thomas, the Olympic bronze


medal-winner and European team champion, such an important member


crowd, the first taste of Great Britain. He led the British team to


the bronze medal. A super start. Then immediate rebound into the


roll-out. The double Arabian. He is a tall gymnast. He has to be very


measured with everything. It is easy to bounce out of the floor


area when you are as tall as he is, and rolls out. Very precise work so


far. He licks his elements so well. But this is the tester, where is


the stamina? It is, no doubt! He meets the floor with absolute


control. Well done, Kristian Thomas. You will not remember a sixpence,


but he landed on it twice, amazing, accurate. He opened and finished


with total accuracy, a fabulous start to the competition. His coach


it, a kick out from the legs, fabulous start. He almost ambles


into his tumbles, but so much under control with his landings.


absolutely uses technique. Some gymnasts charge across the floor


area and just use speed, but with him, it is all technical stopped a


great technique. What a way to finish, a double the radiant, he


plonked it on to the floor. Very stylish work. What a great start.


The German is in the lead at the moment. But that is a colossal


score for a fabulous floor exercise. very impressive young Spaniard, 20


years old. He has got a great sense Spaniards at the Olympic Games, and


that is a lovely start. The bit deep on the landing. But it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


The judges are hot on the lumpy eighths! He was ninth all around in


the Olympic Games, a young man with a great future. That was a very


measured performance. Very well ever seen a gymnast go cleaner to


the edge off the floor. You cannot properly see it, but he was within


a millimetre of the end. He did it again on one of the side passes. I


think that trouble was pretty nearly round. You are the most


severe judge that has ever walked With just one performance to come.


That performance is from Daniel Purvis. He has won this event, he


won it last year. He has taken up a bronze medal on the floor in the


world championships as well, that was in 2010. An amazing gymnast, a


great performer. Starting with an incredibly difficult front


somersault. Really speedy. Just a tiny Hopps on landing, which is not


like him, he is usually very precise. He works out of that won


cleanly. He is really very good at building height. When he does one


of these multiple somersault runs, the first somersault is not too


high, and the second one is higher, that is what is really impressive.


He is really gaining strength nowadays. You can see the power in


her shoulders in that handstand. A lovely style, and he is quite well


known for that. Taking the momentum from the somersault to get him up.


A deep breath here, he needs to concentrate, the big hands brink.


He did not have quite enough in the locker to make the last tumble.


Unfortunate for Daniel Purvis, but there are five events still to go,


and he has an all-round mentality. We talk about thinking about the


next thing it, and he has got that mentality. He is favouring the


hamstring. A double somersault combination. A double pike to open.


He normally has great security in his work. There are signs of nerves.


Thomas leads the pack in this very did not turn Louis Smith into a


household name, strutting his stuff on Strictly certainly has. The


three-time Olympic medallist had a fantastic run and introduce


Just swing like there is nobody watching. The come on. Keep your


head. Goodness me, he did not let anybody down. 2012 has been an an


extraordinary year, not just for me, but the British public and the rest


of the world. With the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympic Games,


there was so much talk about it beforehand about whether it would


work. It was such a positive ride. It was such an amazing thing. And


on a personal level, having done so well at the Olympic Games in the


team and individual, then going into Strictly. It has just been


crazy. It has been a whirlwind. the Pall Mall final, you were so


close, could not have been closer. How do you reflect on that now?


There was a sense of disappointment, because the Olympic Games was


fantastic for everybody in Great Britain. So many gold medals were


won. But I have to look at the bigger picture. I have a single-


parent mum who sacrificed so much of her time to help me. My coach


sacrificed time. I have had sponsors who helped me get to where


I am. So to be able to do the routine I did under that pressure,


with everybody watching, it was the main reason why I was at the


Olympic Games, that pommel horse routine. For it to go the way it


did and for the result to happen, to even get a medal, I am just so


grateful, because it could have gone the other way. I am used to


doing six days a week in a gymnastics Jim, 32 hours a week,


training hard. It is very different to Strictly training. There is a


lot of work on my feet. I am not supporting myself on my hands,


which I am used to. So my physique is changing. I am not overweight,


but I am definitely picking up aches and pains that I do not


normally get when training in gymnastics. You said you saw some


of your team-mates this week. Have they been teasing you, saying you


are getting soft? Or are they admire you? They know where their


boundaries are! I think they can appreciate that I am not just doing


this for myself, but also bringing awareness to the sport. British


gymnastics has had a fantastic profile after the Olympic Games.


They are all very supportive. I think a few are even voting for me.


Do you miss gymnastics? I do miss it, yeah. Normally when I wake up,


for the last 19 years of my life, it has been gymnasium orientated. I


have had holidays for maybe two weeks at a time, but I have never


had this long of the sport, so I look forward to get in back in the


gym and getting some training done. Are you thinking about Rio? At this


moment in time, we'll is too far away to think about. I am looking


forward to get in back in the gym and training. And if the spark


comes when we get to real, it comes. Once Strictly is finished, I


believe the sparkles here. -- I horse. Is it going to be your day?


building up a combination. This is nice work. Goodhand a placement.


Quick on the triple Russian. Or was it a double Russian? Look how


accurate his hands are. I'll, and he almost lost it at the end. That


will be relief for Purvis. really rescued that at the end. I


think that was a bit of a step up on pommel horse for him. He looked


much more confident. There were a couple of new elements in there.


That was really nice, clean work. You want to keep the body as


straight as possible. A little flair of the arms. He looked as if


he enjoyed it. Very sharp, good hand placement. What will the


deduction be for the slight loss of leg form at the finish? It will be


three tenths, I would say. That is is not that tall, but he looks tour.


his legs a little. Good catch up with the hands. Smoothly into the


handstand. Good performance. A tiny bit of danger in the middle, but he


gritted his teeth. He is actually a very stoic performer. He was night


all round at the Olympic Games, and you can see why. He is very


efficient. He doesn't look like he wants to throw things away. He does


not look too stressed by it all. He looks like he enjoys it. That was


very quickly and well performed. For 20 years of age, he has a lot


going for him. This young man has five years to capitalise. You saw


the little split of the legs, but he did not let that throw his


rhythm. He kept it going. He is a good technician. Good character for


competition. Gonzalez, 20 years old, finds himself top of the pile at


the moment. This is a big challenge They have got to stay flatter them


that. -- than that. He seems to be settled now, but that was a shorter


route team from him. Yes, he's zipped through. It was as if to say,


I will not subtle and less a mistake comes, but it was ragged.


And it was not as difficult a routine as others. But he seems


very happy to have got it over and done with. It is not one of his


favourite pieces. But that was good. He carried on at great speed, but


his style was not the greatest. Gymnasts should keep the body as


flat as possible. Very expensive, three tenths from each of those


swings, at least. I would be very surprised to see Marcel top of the


pile after this. But he made that look impressive. Very quick, very


top three. He is in fifth at the moment, but there are still four


apparatus to go. Kristian Thomas was top of the pile after the floor


event. He is last on the pommel He has made the two and a half


Russian, but he is losing the swing. He went for a big difficulty, but


you could see he was struggling with the swing and almost lost


momentum in the middle. This is the tough bit. 30 seconds to get back


on. Decision time. To pick it up from where he fell off? He has


tried it again, and that was not the thing to do, Kristian. Look up


to the heavens. You have got to do that dismount. So a wrong decision,


but he has now completed the dismount with a couple of


pirouettes. Unfortunate for Kristian, but it is tough and that


apparatus takes no prisoners. thinking as he came up, having done


so well on the floor, and therefore being last on the pommel horse, it


was almost a tough call. He was really Pie King on the swing. You


have to be as stretched as you can. And he went for it again. Unlike


Kristian to make an incorrect decision. That was an expensive


episode for him, but he rescued with a good dismount. His face says


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


it all. A real uphill job for him strong apparatus. Olympic silver


medallist. The rings suit him well, because he has a light weight.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Excellent strength to weight ratio. forward, but that is the class of


Marcel Nguyen. To come back from quite an indifferent pommel horse.


That was really super rings work. An uncharacteristic slip on the


landing. That is not usually a thing he is worried about. But he


is really broad-shouldered, with a like that and killed the swing into


the cross position. Superbly and work. Lovely flair on the dismount.


That is one of my more favourite experienced. He has a light frame,


and it suits the shrink to weight performance of his team mate. Can


he do likewise? We will see. That is a very impressive start. Believe


it or not, that will cost him 0.1. A good upstart to leave a very


simple and very impressive Pike body press. Those combinations are


notoriously difficult to control. He put a giant handstand on the end


of them. It is quite a virtuoso performance. Full twist and the


double straight, no nonsense about that. A good performance. Yes, both


of the Japanese gymnasts really looking very impressive on the


reins. They looked a little off the boil on the floor, but they are


sharing their class on the rings. The Japanese culture is about the


all-round performer. They are coming through very well. The third


apparatus, they are coming to the fore. This is an apparatus that


suits their physique. Like frames,... Look at that. That is


beautiful swinging. You see double France quite commonly, but the


double back, this is good. Interestingly, both of them have


struggled a little bit on the handstand phase, which some of the


winner of this event last year. Here he is, the top scorer on the


pommel horse. He needs to be impressive on rinks. He starts with


good strength and control. Shoulders beautifully down. He is


definitely gaining strength and power. Could it lead position on


beautifully performed. A double bubble to finish, a double twisting


double back. That is a really compact retain. Very delighted with


that performance. And so he should be. That is really good work from


Daniel Purvis. He was second in stuck Court last week. He is


chasing the German. He performed within himself all the way through


the strength and swing the parts, and he surpassed himself when he


got to the dismount. He is a very good competition performer under


pressure. This combination is good. He nailed the swing to handstand


from it. Good control. The Double Double, plonked, well done, Daniel


Purvis. Look at the score. Fabian Gonzalez, if he had to pick a week


gritting, this would be it. He is very slight. This is his personal


challenge. The leader after two. Forwards again. He cannot rely on


strength. That is almost a junior school. He has got some work to do


on this apparatus. But his swing is superb. The Double Double, just a


little skip to the side. Once he puts the strength into his


conditioning regime, he will be a force to be reckoned with. That is


the difference at the moment. quite a lengthy gymnast, he is


quite tall, so you have got to become powerful in the shoulders to


control the long body on the reins. It is quite a tough apparatus for


the taller gymnast. For Kristian Thomas,... He is supposed to be in


a straight line, horizontally. Not vertically! But he is a great high


bar worker, and he showed it with the lovely swinging. As soon as he


gains the strength and power, and picks the rings up, he will be a


kicks off the fourth apparatus from six for the men. He is in seventh


place, going in, but it can change after this. Such a dynamic fault,


you have to go for broke. It is out of seven. He was of direction right


from the word go. It difficult decision. You have to marry the


height and the strike. He squeezed it, overcooked it, and not a happy


day. He was off line from the beginning. Yes, he came way to the


side, he polled really hard. You have to be square. You have to time


it very accurately. As he hits the pulse rate a little. It will not be


the most difficult, but he needs a good, strong vault. A double twist,


and he may also go. That is just what he needed. They are not going


to take an awful lot of that. coach and stepfather highly


delighted. He has not had too many things to cheer about this


afternoon. He will be deducted a little bit for lack of height, but


nothing for other things, like legs apart. He is dead down the middle,


right on the white line, no steps on landing. Look at the shape when


he comes out of the twist. It is a very good fought indeed, that is a


big score coming up. Have a look at that school. That will give him the


lead over Kristian Thomas. That is just the performance that Danell


Leyva needed. I have been very impressed with this young man.


whipped patina. That was super. He lifted high, and he wrapped the 2


1/2 twists in. He has got such elegant lines. He twists


beautifully. Long, lean, and very efficient. This was grateful to end,


a leisurely approach, he converted beautifully. Immaculate LED form,


the two-and-a-half twists, this was beautiful Saltend from Fabian


Gonzalez. The platform has really aided could fall to end. If they


can meet the platform with straight arms, they can rocket off.


impressive from the rings, but not so impressive on the pommel horse.


He was in third place at the halfway stage. It is very important.


It needs to be a good fault, it very efficiently into the two-and-


a-half. He is a very experienced performer, he is 25, it is coming


good for him lately. He got a silver medal at the Olympic Games.


He made sure of two-and-a-half twists. He stepped forward at the


end. This is good, clean, efficient. He is pacing himself. This could


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


make a little difference to him. He is still up for grabs. He played a


little bit safer. That is from 16.2. When you play state, you have to


perform perfectly. For as we saw from the German and the American,


they went for slightly less a difficulty, but they worked


perfectly. This was lovely, but it was an untidy landing. He made a


bit of a meal of it, really. He got Super distance, he really travelled


a long way. In the air, it was very nice indeed. Really tight and clean.


He did not print the arms out to Spanish at ahead of the Japanese.


Here was the leader at the halfway been there a few times. He is good


under pressure. Super two and a half twists, very nicely performed


in did. Lovely hiked in flight. Excellent under pressure from Dan


Purvis. 6.6 difficulty. He did not hold back. The characteristic shrug


of his shoulders. He is quite pleased with himself. Accelerates


into the board, good conversion upwards. Look at the way he


measured the run, punches hard from the top of the platform. That was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


pedigree. Can he bring something very fresh to parallel bars?


Straight up to the handstand. This is usually where the swinging


stuttered a bit on he has hand placement. It is all there, but it


does not look as secure as we have seen it sometimes. Oh! I was going


to say a nice little Pike, but then he ricocheted off on to his


backside. Another double pike. He laid the shoulders back to try and


rotate, but there is evidence of how that guy approaches the


apparatus. Today it did not work, but he is such a good gymnast.


Simple work. Lost with them slightly. -- lost the rhythm


slightly. But he is swinging and pirouetting. Great stuff to watch


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


when it comes off. That score shows precision. There was never a moment


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


arms on all the work. Really What has impressed me with a Nguyen


is that he has modified his routines. He is working at slightly


below his absolute maximum, so he is able to come out and give a


measured performance. He knows it is a six-piece event. You do not


have to win every event, so he has cut back on difficulty so that he


can give a confident performance, and that has worked for him. He is


very sharp on his techniques. No lead. Marcel Nguyen finds himself


almost a mark ahead of the Japanese four. Going into apparatus five.


Can he hold on? Lovely full pirouette. Very well controlled.


Nice, precise work. Lovely front somersault. Lovely double pike


dismount. That was a very good routine. We have seen him faltered


once or twice on parallel bars. That looked much more confident.


Brilliant under pressure. Not fazed at all. Very impressive. Goodbody


line. He works with accuracy. This is good work under pressure. Nguyen


was trailing a little. A tiny bit laboured through to the handstand,


but he pulled it together for the dismount. Daniel Purvis finds


himself ahead of Marcel Nguyen, with one apparatus to go. What a


performer on high bar. -- the male labour is a great guy on high bar.


He has had a wild day so far. has not been his usual, consistent


self. But high bar is a speciality of his. Lovely, straight arms. Oh,


he kicked too late and kicked over the bar. I saw him train several of


those yesterday. But still, when he releases, he throws the arms out to


the side with style. When the arms came back, the FA had just moved a


centimetre in front of him. watched him when he was training


and the one he court, he made the hip open action much earlier down


the backswing. He has to pull himself together now, make sure he


doesn't have any more errors. Are we getting it again? Yes, he opened


the hips much earlier. He is packing it all in now. Giving us a


bit of a treat. Swings with excitement. Beautiful, straight


line. Well, he has not had the best of days, but he is one very


exciting gymnast. Even when he makes mistakes, you can still trace


the class. It is obvious. What a performer he is. He has some


marvellous touches. Watch the arms fly out, back in. That is the


trademark. He has quality. Put a mark on that, and you are looking


at a very classy routine indeed. Now, Fabian Gonzalez from Spain.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


This, without doubt, is his most style on high bar. That was really


great. That is his favourite and There was no interruption to the


swing. Very good work. He really enjoys this high bar, you can see.


moment about doing a turn out of it. moment. Three big performances


knows he still has a job today. Third place coming in. He has got


to keep contact with the bar. the full twist. That was quite a


in the forward struggle. Measuring it, opening the hips, lifting into


the double twisting, double straight this mad. That was a very


controlled performance. He knows exactly what he had to do, he wants


to hang on at least a third place. He opted for consistency. He played


a bit safer. He has a great mental attitude. The Japanese really have


a team mentality, they know they have to stay solid all the way


top of the swing. Very nice. The double double. With the little


stagger forward to. A great end to the competition for Kazuhito Tanaka.


With two performances to go, 89.998. To beat him, the other two have got


to get into the 90s, which is truly world class. The pressure really


He needs to perform accurately and in a spectacular fashion. Very


clean in the one arm. That went the wrong way. He put an extra turn in.


He should have put it in after the full term, but he has covered it


very cleverly. A big release. Shuffling along the bar. A good


He did not hold back much there, we put all of the difficult, exciting


somersaults in, and he has laid the gauntlet down, if Daniel Purvis


wants to beat him, he has got to be excellent. They had to lose one of


his combinations. He meant to do a full turn, he had to think fast,


but the rest of it was still impressive. He swings with


virtuosity, with excitement. He wanted to go forwards out of the


swing, but he put in the difficult... He played that a bit


safe. He was not going to let go of the bar. Bent arms on the long


swing after the somersault catch. He really lifts up strongly into


the double twisting dismount. He could easily have tipped forward on


the 90 Plus Club. 90.098. He has set the target for Daniel Purvis. A


bit of pressure on the young man. He has done it before. He needs to


do it again. What a thrilling finish, the last man up. Can he win


the Glasgow World Cup event for the second year in succession? We will


find out in 40 seconds. excitement has built. Nothing but a


clean routine will do. A very nice swing. That has gone the wrong way,


I think. Like the German, he will have lost the combination. If all


He really pulled something out there. He made the same combination


error as the German. It will be close. He does not know. He will


need 14.475, something like that. It was going well, but this


combination, it does bring problems. He went the wrong way. He had to


swing back. Exactly as the German had to spit the combination... He


was a bit ragged in some of the Pyrrha what skills, and a bit late.


I hope he has done enough. It will be mighty close. The hop forward


after the double double. What a job for the judges to sort that one out.


It is not enough. The German has pipped him on the last apparatus.


That was great, two fabulous all round gymnasts. It went to the very


last performance. It went to the wire. The German emerges victorious.


Daniel Purvis has slipped to third place. What a shame. To be leading


into the final event, finishing third, behind the German and the


Japanese, but it was a thrilling The crowd was absolutely deafening


when you work on each bit of apparatus, could you hear them?


through the competition, they were behind us 100%. It was a long


competition. I was really proud of the crowd, they did a fantastic job.


Another medal on home soil, a lovely way to end the year. It has


been a great year, a dream come true. To finish off in Scotland


with a medal, a great end to a great year. It was always come in


to be tough, competing after the Olympics, building up my fitness


back up. I had a month off. It was always going to be a struggle. But


I am still disappointed, I wanted to compete well. It was not my day-


to-day, but I will be back next year. It was quite a good


competition, I did not make big mistakes. It was not the perfect


competition, but really good, without big mistakes. That was my


golf. Great to see Daniel Purvis coming away with a medal, but the


German got the gold medal. It was really close, incredibly tight into


the last apparatus. Marcel made a mistake, and Dan almost made an


identical mistake. Dan has done incredible this year, it has been a


really longed year, we started with the test event in January,


everybody has done well. It was not Kristian Thomas' day. That is how


it goes sometimes, he has had an amazing year, called at the


European Championships, Proms at the Olympic Games, so it has been a


long year for everybody. That was not his day to day, but he will


bounce back. Everybody will get the break. Huge Games next year,


starting with the European Championships. It is not that big a


break, because the trials will start in February/March. It is a


vital year, it is about individual apparatus, so the specialists will


be looking to take their place on the rostrum. With it being the year


after the Olympics, it is so important to make your place ready


for the next cycle. The European Championships are in Moscow in


April, and we will have full coverage of those, as well as the


World Championships from Antwerp in the autumn. Before that, plenty of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


I cannot wait for that. That is it from the gymnastics World Cup in


Glasgow. It was great to see some of the stars of the London Games


Sonali Shah presents Britain's only round of this year's World Cup series, in which the world's top artistic gymnasts compete by invitation only.

2012 Olympic Team GB stars, Kristian Thomas - a bronze medal winner in London, as well as a European team champion - and Rebecca Tunney, Team GB's youngest member and the senior British all-around champion, showcase their talent in Glasgow. Niamh Rippin, the 2012 British floor and vault champion, is also competing.

Big international names include Italy's Vanessa Ferrari and Romania's Larisa Iordache in the women's event, and Germany's Marcel Nguyen and Danell Leyva, from the United States, in the men's competition.

With commentary by Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.