Our Greatest Team: Athletes' Parade Live

Our Greatest Team: Athletes' Parade Live

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Wonderful hearing that and seeing those titles once more. The action


is all over now at the Olympic Park but there's still one big final


celebration to be had today on the streets of London. Hello, everyone.


It's good to be back. Welcome to the Athletes' Victory Parade. With


the Games now officially over, the pride of Team GB and Paralympics GB


will make their way from the heart of the city in a few minutes' time,


ending here in a grand finale outside Buckingham Palace. Friends,


family, VIPs, and volunteers have been invited and are already


arriving here to grab the best positions. And in fact, crowds are


already filling up Trafalgar Square, which is going to be one of the


best places to catch a glimpse of their sporting heroes and to salute


them for their part in London 2012. Against the best athletes in the


world, Team GB won 65 medals, 29 of them gold, and finished an


impressive third in the medal table. For the paragon paeans - 34 gold


medals with a total medal haul of 120. A truly magical summer of


sporting achievement. -- for the Carolyn peons. -- Paralympians.


every athlete waiting, ready to take part in these Games, welcome


to London. There is no such thing as a standard run-of-the-mill human


beings but we share the same human spirit. She has destroyed Harome


world record and won gold again. For creativity can take many forms


from physical achievement to theoretical physics. What we are


seeing right now is that dreams do come true. There is a truth to


sport, a purity, a drama, and intensity. The spirit that makes it


irresistible to take part in and irresistible to watch. London 2012


will inspire a generation. Is it enough? Yes, it is for Sarah Storey.


In every Olympic sport, there is everything that matters in life.


Humans stretched to the limit of their abilities, living for the


moment but making an indelible mark on history. The champion becomes a


legend. The Games provide an opportunity for afraid to excel and


become outstanding in their field. My fellow countrymen, I say thank


you, thank you for making this possible. Jessica Ennis is the


Olympic champion, best all-round athlete in the world. I have never


been so proud to be British and to be part of the Olympic movement.


This is our time. One day we will tell our children and our


grandchildren that when our time came, we did it right. Let's


celebrate excellence, friendship and respect. Good luck to you.


Incredible memories and well be reliving all those amazing moments


with the athletes and their friends and families throughout the next


two and a half hours. We've got Olympic silver medallist Colin


Jackson in the studio with us. Colin, what's your favourite


memory? I think I already know. are absolutely right. This is no


Farah's 10,000m. I lost my voice courtesy of this performance.


you had another one to do a week later. We will see so many of the


stars over the next few hours, but it is wonderful to see the crowds


packing the streets and the support has been immense. It has. From the


torch relay itself, when so many people turned up just to see the


cauldron that, and now to see the success of the team and giving them


a final wave goodbye. A final thank you. Now the parade is just about


to start. We've got reporters out all along the route but guiding us


through this afternoon in the commentary box are Huw Edwards,


Hazel Irvine and eleven-time Paralympic gold medallist, Tanni


Grey-Thompson. Thank you, Gabby. It is the final


chapter in the story of London 2012. We are in the heart of the city of


London, that is the official residence of the mayor. We can pay


tribute to the stars of the Games, more than 700 athletes will be


taking part in the parade today, riding on twenty-one floats past St


Paul's Cathedral where quite a considerable crowd has already


gathered. We are looking forward to a splendid afternoon, a fitting end


to what has been a wonderful summer. With me, Tanni Grey Thompson and


Hazel Irvine. What are you looking forward to? A massive celebration,


for the athletes to say thank you. Without their friends, family, and


volunteers, this couldn't have happened. Hazel, we are just


waiting for the initial flourish, the initial trumpet fanfare at the


Mansion House, and just a sense of what you are looking forward to.


Today's is the last hurrah, a chance to celebrate their


sensational achievements over the summer and to acknowledge what they


have done in the theatre of sport and what they have done for


everyone around Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That negativity


that some people felt has been replaced by pride and soaring


enthusiasm, and admiration for the can-do spirit that London 2012


organisers have shown everyone is capable of in this country.


parade will begin very shortly. John and Sonali are here.


There are 21 floats lined up, featuring the athlete who have


entertained us so regally, and we are on the athletics float.


streets are lined all the way down. This is the first time Team GB have


got together like this since the end of the Olympics, but


Paralympics GB, because the ceremony only ended 48 hours ago,


there have been some very bleary- eyed athletes. We will be


interviewing as many medalists as possible. Excuse me, can you hang


on to this please? It is the Mobot! He has given me his job here.


have the lord mayor of the city of London surrounded by some of the


state trumpeters, who are ready to sound a fanfare, and some people


waiting patiently, and just a few of them in a vested interest in the


success of this afternoon's events. That is Jody Cundy who had a


controversial Paralympic Games, with the glasses on his head. He


came away with a medal, not the gold medal he wanted but a lot of


people admired the way he conducted himself in the end in the Velodrome.


Standing by, a magnificent livery of the state trumpeters of the Life


Guards and they have been chosen for this, today. Look at Le crowd,


dominating this part of the crossroads in the city of London,


the Royal Exchange, and mansion house itself. We can see the


western flank of the Bank of England. It is Princes Street, past


the familiar: Switch receipt on the news so often, and up to the Royal


Exchange here on the left-hand side, round to the mansion house itself.


What we can expect this afternoon - Katherine Grainger there, enjoying


the event already and it is not even under way yet. They will have


to hold on to those railings as the event progresses, at two mph.


is an a Anna Watkins and Catherine the Great as they are calling her.


A lot of shirts and ties out there. John had a dig it people who should


be sorting out the economy, maybe the bankers do deserve a lunch


break, enjoying what is a very special event today. For the people


watching at home today or round the UK, the nice thing about this


summer is that it has been a you can -- a UK wide Games. Yes, there


are athletes from every part of the country that has contributed


towards the medals success. One of the great things that came out of


the Paralympics was this huge crowds. We didn't expect those


numbers and their athletes will be so pleased to see it completely


packed. 20, 30 yards in little alleyways, people are coming out to


support the athlete and that means a lot. Life as an athlete is pretty


boring, you spend your whole life training and your family put up


with so much from you. Some of them will be back in training next week.


In fact some of them already under way. We saw Bradley Wiggins and


Mark Cavendish taking part in cycling. So many athletes will be


crammed on to these 21 floats. Before the Games, many opted not to


take part to conserve their energy, so this is a chance to see more


than 90% of the medal winners. Some are already back in competition,


and we wish won gold medallists - Andy Murray, the very best tonight


at the US Open tennis final. certainly do, and a magnificent


scene, where we can see the geographical layout of this part of


the city of London. People lining the route up towards St Paul's


Cathedral and waiting for the parade to begin, which should be


within the next few minutes. know you have joined the pantheon


of sporting greats when you only need to have one name and we know


who people are talking about. Hello! What are your impressions of


this? For it is unbelievable, the amount of people who have come out


here to support. I have great memories of the Games, but to see


this, the crowd for me personally, without them I wouldn't have


achieved what I achieved. Two gold medals and two children within the


space of a week - how would you compare the emotions? Very


different, but it has been unbelievable. I managed to give


them one of beach which is the important thing. I haven't had much


sleep. What about your postboxes - have you got two? At the one in


Teddington is my local one, and the other day I was driving past and


literally turning round the corner, opened the window of my car and did


the Mobot. There was a kid with her mum and her mum was holding on to


her on top up the post box. She saw No better way to get this parade


under way, listening to Mo Farah, sharing his enthusiasm as the


trumpeters signalled that the first floats are on the move.


We caught a glimpse a short while ago of the very stylish head of


this parade, because we have got some performers from the dancing


group, and we will be seeing more of those. While we are talking


about Mo, we should congratulate Mo and his wife, the two children John


was referring to, twin girls. There indeed is Mo. Clearly, good things


continue to happen to the Farah family on Saturdays!


I think they're going to call them the Mo-tots, by the way. This great


parade to celebrate London 2012 is under way. There we have our first


proper glimpse of the dancing lions. They will be leading the way,


behind, of course, the outriders and the horses of the Metropolitan


Police. A good moment there to reflect on the contribution they've


made to the security and smooth running of the Games during the


month of August. They will be at the head of this


section. Tom Daley clearly enjoying himself.


I think it's fair to say that this is the kind of pace we can look


forward to, a gentle, 2mph to get us to Buckingham Palace within


about 90 minutes. We see some of our three day eventers. There is Mo


again. You are right, after the furious pace of the Olympics 2mph


is just about fair. It gives the crowd a chance as well. Really all


these people have turned out to get a good look. Some of them will not


have been to the Olympic Park, they will not have been to the venues


themselves. So it's their first chance to see some of these Olympic


stars in the flesh and that's something they really want to do.


The crowd is extraordinary. I don't know why we should be surprised,


after the amazing numbers of people that we have seen over the last few


weeks, something like 12 million ticket holders from both Games. 2.7


million attended the Paralympics and 34 venues around the United


Kingdom all absolutely jam-packed. There is Johnny Peacock. He


silenced the crowd almost, he held his fingers to his lips and


immediately there was silence. was authority. Really that was a


sense of the crowd wanting to give him every chance and every


advantage and yes, the impact on the crowd was dramatic, wasn't it?


When he won the crowd was chanting. Mike said in all the Olympics, he


had not heard that level of support. That was Thriller Thursday they


were calling it, with David Weir and Hannah Cockroft as well, two


gold medals in the wheelchair events and she was such a dominant


force in that wheelchair racing. Back to float number one. Bear with


us, we will dip into lots of sections of the parade as we go


along. There are 21 floats. They're arranged alphabetically. We caught


a glimpse of float number 10. Now we are back to number one. We will


be able to spot lots of stars. There is one, Nicola Adams, the


first women boxing champion after that amazing day at ExCel Centre


with Katy Taylor of Ireland taking gold in the next fight. Those who


were there will always remember that day. The Joyce they generated


-- noise they Joan rated I think could be heard in every part of the


United Kingdom. Steph Reid there. She competed in the long jump.


Another glimpse of a precious medal. Worn there by Johnny Peacock.


Trained by Dan, who trained Greg Rutherford, as well. It's been a


wonderful day indeed for all these athletes and that's the first gold


medal in canoe slalom. Wonderful to see them relax and soaking up the


applause of the crowd here. This is just the start, Hazel. The


crowds are going to get bigger as you get to Trafalgar Square. Vicky


Pendleton wearing her gold and silver medals. We understand,


whisper it, Strictly Come Dancing might be next. You never know.


This post-Games parade is a tradition. It started after the


2004 Athens Games and I think it's anticipated by organisers here to


be perhaps one of the greatest national celebrations in the


capital in modern times. Clearly we had the Queen's Diamond Jubilee,


the Olympic torch relay, but this could be set to exceed records. I


mentioned Greg Rutherford, there he is. There are four athletics floats.


That astonishing Saturday night. That really kicked off the party,


didn't it? There is Tom once again. It's a great two-way process at


this point, because lots of photos being taken on either side. Because


they want to record the experience. They want to record the fact that


this is a great final chapter in this wonderful summer. Tom's very


popular. He shouldered so much anticipation and pressure. He was


the poster boy, if you like of the Games. I did read Plymouth Argyle


owner has paid for all post boxes to be painted gold and bronze in


honour of Tom. There is Gemma Gibbons. Apparently they're going


to be situated outside Home Park in Plymouth but you can only use them


to post messages of congratulations to them. We have just seen the


equestrian float go past with Lee Pearson. And Natasha Baker and


Sophie Christianson. An amazing performance for the team of


equestrian. Just to explain the stage of the parade for you now,


and we will enjoy lots more of the scenes as we go along. The first


floats are still passing through that square in front of the Mansion


House and the Bank of England. They're making their way gently


down towards Cannon Street and Queen Victoria Street to St Paul's.


Our job today brings a new meaning to the term talent-spotting,


doesn't it? There's plenty of it on show. Unprecedented success for


Team GB and of course Paralympics GB as well. The most number of


medals ever won in the Paralympics by Paralympics GB and unpress


departmented success -- unprecedented success. We see the


Brownlee brothers, one Yorkshire family winning gold and bronze.


There he is, the main man, Sir Chris Hoy. He is sporting two gold


medals which he claimed in the team sprint and the keirin bringing his


overall tally to six and the one silver, don't forget that. Surely


one of the most memorable sequences, not just because of his formidable


achievements but wonderful images of his parents watching that


triumph, barely able to watch. has put them through the mill,


David and Carole. It was worth it. I don't think they're complaining,


though! I do hear, Huw, that Sir Chris will be honoured as a Freeman


of the City of of -- Edinburgh and The Lord Mayor of the City of


London, surrounded by members of the City of London Corporation,


Port of Alderman. These are the Boydy -- bodies in charge of the


administration of the City of London. Lots of them have been in


existence for centuries. They are wishing the teams well as they make


their way along. That's Josie Pearson. It's one of the Welsh gold


medals. She She is now competing in field events.


The parade is looking fantastic. The crowds, why would we ever doubt


they would not be ten-deep? The support has been immense. I am


delighted to say that Lord Coe, somehow has summoned the energy for


one last day. Cow sleep for a year for tomorrow. This is a a fitting


end and a wonderful end. Isn't it it lovely. Has there ban moment in


the last seven, eight, nine years where you have thought the cynicism,


the worries about security, the worries about all the kind of extra


periphery things that go on, you thought might be right? The honest


answer is no, I never doubted it because the people that have helped


us do this have been proud and passionate and it doesn't matter


where they live, whether it's in northern Scotland or Cornwall.


People have got this. You are right, we wouldn't doubt that they would


be out ten-deep today. They were out ten-deep after we came back


from Beijing. That didn't even take place in our own backward. -- back


yard. 15 million people have watched the torch. We get it.


Paralympics has been a magnificent success and it really has, as you


say, the attitudes of people watching has changed dramatically


the way we look at anybody with a disability and the performances


were so incredible. How do you think that will man test itself --


manifest itself going forward? don't think we are ever going to


see sport the same way in this country again. I certainly don't


think we are going to view disability. I quoted one of our


Games-makers last night in the closing remarks, Emily, a second


year student in east London, wheelchair basketball player, was


committed enough to want to help at wheelchair fencing and she came out


with a lovely statement. She said to me, it's lifted the cloud of


limitation. The story isn't anywhere near complete. I am not


sad today because I think the best - if I am being honest, I think the


best stuff lies ahead now. Let's bring it on to the legacy, Colin,


you were there seven years ago in Singapore and that was one of the


key elements to that bid, it was about going forward. When we were


in Singapore and talking about the bid and going through it and you


yourself were really passionate about the legacy side of it, can


you explain what it really means to you? I have a rough idea, but what


does it mean to you? Originally it meant to winning trite stage the


Games. -- the right to stage the Games. The first legacy is the


delivery of two great Games and I am not marking our own homework


today but I think we have pretty much delivered on that. We said we


wanted to use the Games to transform east London, I don't


think anybody could seriously question that. We wanted primarily


to get more young people in sport. That will always be the bigger


challenge. But my goodness, you know, you tell me a time in the


history of this country where we have had a better opportunity to do


that than starting right here today celebrating the best athletes that


have ever put on a British shirt? Indeed they have and that brings us


on to honours. Should every athlete with a medal automatically then get


a gong? That's a challenging question, because I chair a


committee. What's been agreed is that there will be a separate list


which is right. These are the decisions, these are discussions


that will still take place but clearly it's a massive - there is a


massive celebration and how do you distinguish between anybody that


has hit the heights in the last few weeks? Let alone work out who is on


the... Rome was only built in a day! What are you going to be doing


in a year's time? I have no idea. Really. I can't tell you that.


sitting next to you now and I know you for a long time. You really


seem proud. Have you - try and explain the sense of pride that you


are really just showing. I am incredibly proud. I am incredibly


proud to have witnessed what a nation with pride and passion and


purpose and partnership has achieved. I don't want to get


overly romantic about it but can you imagine if we - one of the


legacies that we have to drive forward is the partnerships that


have been created around the delivery of the Olympic and


Paralympic Games, not just in London but in every town, village,


city, even hamlet in the UK. Keep that pride, keep that passion.


Let's start challenging some of the other things that we thought we


would never be able to do. Keep the togetherness and smiles on our


faces as well and that sense of achievement that doing this


together together, this is what you can do. The parade goes on and Huw


will tell us where we are up to, no We are reaching the area of St


Paul's Cathedral, leading on to Trafalgar Square, where there will


be an enormous crowd waiting. A very strong message from Sebastian


Coe talking about legacy, underlining the fact that this is a


very real thing with gym clubs and all sorts of sporting organisations


across the country reflecting a surge of interest. There has been a


massive surge of interest and one of the challengers is that no other


city talked about legacy before the Games started. We talked about the


bid to unlock we wanted the Games to bring, and it is about changing


the culture of sports participation. The elite side matters, but it is


also about encouraging people to be fit and healthy and the elite side


comes out of that. This inspires hundreds of thousands of people to


think differently about how they participate. A as the parade slowly


makes its way along this famous route which is used in so many


ceremonial occasions along the years, let's have a reflection on


some of the big Paralympic names and their efforts and achievements.


On super Saturday Great Britain won six gold medals in that other-


worldly evening in east London. We can see Rebecca Adlington going


past on the float. Then we marvelled at the Paralympic gold


medals from John Lee Peacock, Hannah Cockroft, David Weir and


Richard the Lionheart. We can see Ellie Simmonds here. The Olympic


Stadium was chock-a-block every day Finishing with a flourish. David


Weir, we salute you. If Christine Ohuruogu,, a sterling effort to get


the silver medal. Very good indeed from Robbie Grabarz. The margin of


the victory is massive, it is like watching Usain Bolt. Peacock takes


Greg Rutherford is the Olympic champion. Jessica Ennis is the best


all-round athlete in the world. Mo Farah at his kicking hard, has he


got enough? He is going for it. Mo Farah for Great Britain - it is


cold! -- gold! This man of his superhuman, David Weir. What a


remarkable 11 days in your life. hasn't sunk in yet. I need to go


home, spend some time with my family, watch my races back and


look back at what I have done and what I have achieved. I need to


look at my Twitter feet and Facebook and everything else, all


of these messages saying I am this and that, soon be human, and


amazing. Some people are saying my 1500 was the best race they have


seen in their life and it was a great honour to be in the stadium,


and when you read things like that it is unbelievable. When I picked


up the paper on the train this more page headline said "Weir on the


beer", I hope you got one last night. I had a few with team-mates


after the closing ceremony because I have not celebrated with them so


it was nice. Let me bring somebody else on this particular float who


you might recognise - Jessica, this is the end of an extraordinary year


for you. It has been an incredible year, ending it on this massive


hike in London with an amazing team, with this crowd for one last time


has been incredible. You have had a few weeks to reflect. Are you most


proud that in the run-up to the Games when you could have been


deflected by being the poster girl of the Games, you never lost your


focus and the thing that mattered the most was winning the gold medal.


That was most important to me and I tried so hard to not be distracted,


to focus on my training and I knew that if I did that I would put


myself in the best position possible. It is the most amazing


feeling to know that I pulled that together and I did it and I am just


enjoying every minute now. Have you been here a track since? Yesterday


with my training partner Louise, and we did a few runs just to keep


the body ticking over. Otherwise I have been relaxing and enjoying


life. It is difficult to some more how the parents feel of any of


these athletes but perhaps I am not exaggerating to say the proudest


parents have got to be Jessica Ennis's parents. What has it been


like? The whole summer has been brilliant. We have really enjoyed


everything about it. The what has it been like for her since winning?


It's there was a lot of pressure on her but now she's back down to


earth and loving it, enjoying everything. A Alison, what has it


been like for you? Presumably everyone you know has been ringing


your phone to say well done? It is quiet for a bit, then you bump into


someone you haven't saying and it starts all over again. She has done


well, she has done us prowled. well? She has done better than that.


Yes, she has had a little holiday with her fiance, she's back now,


and she's getting ready to go back to training now and start again.


How was it for you watching her when she's competing? It is awful.


The hurdles are the worst thing for me because I know it can end. One


mistake and it is all over. A nervous time but it has been


exciting. What does today mean to you? It is a celebration of the


whole Olympics and Paralympics, it has been fantastic. I know


everybody here has enjoyed every minute and it has been great to


enjoy the crowd and the athlete. missed Beijing, but here we are in


London. Let me say on behalf of everyone, well done to you because


I know what parents go through as well. Thank you. Matthew Pinsent,


asking the questions. A man who put his parents through the male as


well in the last few years. Jessica Ennis is now a Freeman of the city


of Sheffield, she has had a stand at Bramall Lane named after her.


Her postbox is right next to Sheffield City Hall, round the


corner from the Crucible, and I will make sure I popped a letter in


there when we are back for the World Championships. There is no


further, doing the Mobot to his adoring fans. These are the members


of the archery team lining up. What a magnificent scene - St


Paul's Cathedral, having been cleaned, looking magnificent, and


there we have the dancing lions leading the way with the marching


band. 40 members of that band providing a lot of entertainment,


and signalling to the crowds ahead with their music and dance that the


parade is approaching. There you have the gentle slope down the hill


towards Fleet Street itself. There is the inimitable Lee Pearson from


the Paralympics dressage - a gold, silver and bronze, one shy of Tanni


Grey Thompson's joint record of 11. I am hoping he will do another four


years, he really deserves this. There is a wonderful photograph of


Jessica Ennis and Richard Whitehead. He is an incredible athlete.


Richard Whitehead's 200m was the moment of the Paralympics for me,


it was extraordinary. That salute emulating his hero Chris Hoy,


This is the second section of the parade here. Moving on, and now


moving along swiftly to catch up with some of the midway floats,


number 13 of 21 just approaching St Paul's. Ice saw Tom Aggar in the


background there. -- I saw. This is the official national parade in the


city, but over the last few days I'm sure you've all been aware on


local radio and news and reading in the different local papers, a lot


of that Paralympians will be experiencing that as we see these


gamesmakers and the contribution they have made, but I think there


has been a bunfight as to the amount of gold and postboxes, 90


that the last count. The postboxes have been saying please leave the


painting to us! There is Jonathan Fox with his gold medal. You can


just see Nick Dempsey with this sunglasses on after his silver


medal in the wind surfing. Windsurfing will not be included in


the Rio Games and he might try his hand at the event that will replace


it, and that his kite -- is kite surfing. The most successful


Olympic sailor in the world, Ben Ainslie. On days like these, does


it make you think I could go to Rio? If it is for inspiring stuff.


-- it is for awe-inspiring. I just need to get through this. Royal


Mail had to give in and give you two postboxes because one of your


fans got arrested for spray- painting one. Yes, back home in


Lymington, one of the locals took it upon himself to get involved. He


got into trouble, but everyone was great. The whole nation has been so


proud of every one of the athletes and it is very proud for the whole


nation. Howl is Rita - that is not his girlfriend, it is his boat! You


have four Olympic gold medals, you want to go on and win the America's


Cup, how was that coming on? I came back from the States yesterday and


that is what I have been focused on. It is a long way off, but that is


the next goal. I can do that and then come back to the UK.


certainly don't do things by halves. That is a major international


sporting trophy. At the oldest sporting trophy in the world and


probably the only one we have never won so it is about time we changed


that. Ben Ainslie, modest and enthusiastic, the man who was


famously made angry during the Games and that led to big things.


Don't make him angry! That battle against the great Dane, Hough


Christiansen, and he became the greatest sailor in Olympic history.


And with more plans to come, which is the astonishing thing. Indeed,


and after carrying the flag in the closing ceremony he said at the


time the sport was wrecking his body, he probably wouldn't go


forward to Rio, but now he said he That's the table tennis float going


past. It's been a really good performance for table tennis, I


think they performed above their expectation. We are all here


sharing in the ep thaous afpl for the stars who have won medals, but


for lots of people, of course, these people deserve medals too.


They are what we call the Games- makers for thousands of volunteers


who helped make it happen, Hassle. There are 14,000 who have been


given ringside seats here along the Mall and into the actual area where


the finale of this will take place. They've been given the best tickets


with soldiers, ceremony performers, emergency service personnel and


some London school kids, and quite rightly, they'll get the best


places to stand and watch and the best seats. There is a special


section along the Mall that's reserved for the Games-makers.


They're all here. Very quiet, as usual! This is Abbey, Louise and


Annette. Where were you volunteering? Volunteering in the


park operational centre at the Olympic Park itself. And how was


the Games experience for you? Amazing. Absolutely incredible. It


was a chance in a lifetime and it was great to be part of it. Louise,


what do you think it is about volunteers that's made it so


special? We are a great bunch of people. We scream loudly, cheer


cloudly but also work loud as well and enjoy it. What was the


highlight for you. I saw the Weirwolf and Hurricane and Peacock


in the stadium. How do you sum up the Games experience to people who


were not here. It was awesome. It was great. It was good fun. We are


proud to be British. We are all proud of you. Say hello!


Quite right, too. A big applause for the Games-makers and I should


say as well it's not just those who were serving at the high profile


venues in the Olympic Park, we mean too those helping out at less


glamorous places, railway stations, bus stations, all kinds of places


where a welcome was needed where people needed help and they


performed brilliantly. Indeed and as I said at the closing ceremony,


70,000 at the Olympics alone on duty and 240,000 people volunteered


just to be part of it all. Incredible numbers. I hear that


some of the politicians are going to try, including Boris Johnson,


the mayor, to try and use these people and try and get them


involved in local sports groups, that's surely the way forward.


had to go through a number of days of training before they got to the


Games and I spoke to so many there who said we only volunteered for


the Olympics but we are going to come back for the Paralympics. They


worked long hours but it was amazing, there were rows of them.


It made everyone feel that they had a great day out. Why do you think


it's that people were so surprised by the contribution made by the


Games-makers, maybe people's expectations weren't as high but


really the thrill and enthusiasm of dealing with them as being one of


the prime features of the Games, Tanni? I think the Games-makers


were made to feel welcome and what their role was going to be. They


knew they weren't going to be on 100 metre startline, when they got


the jobs they were excited by it. I think they got little rewards along


the way. When they finished their sessions they got a series of


badges and it's amazing how proud they've been. I spoke to one last


night who said they're going to wear the top just out in the street


because they feel really proud they've been part of this amazing


spectacle. As this parade makes its way past the magnificent St Paul's


Cathedral and the crowds line the routes and I shall pose a question


what does Muhammad Ali, sugar Ray Leonard have in common with Nicola


Adams? They're all Olympic champions. Nicola said she was


going to celebrate with a visit to Nandos. Other fast-food restaurants


are available! Nicola is one of three gold medallists along with


Anthony Joshua and Luke Campbell. Boy, did these guys pack a punch in


the noisiest crowd of the lot at the ExCel centre?


COMMENTATOR: Here we go then. Fred Evans becomes the most


COMMENTATOR: Luke Campbell has done it again. A performance out of the


COMMENTATOR: The winner in the blue Nicola Adams has just phaetd


history -- made history. Nicola Adams is the Olympic champion.


On float number 5 boxing champions. Luke Campbell, this is an


extraordinary end to many years of hard work for you. Yeah, definitely.


It's a very proud moment. Something I have been working for my whole


life and achieving the goal and just the full nation getting behind


us, it's so overwhelming. I am so proud to be from Great Britain.


must ask, we did a documentary together for BBC North a year ago


now and went to your home and your grandpha was saying I am not going


to let him back in the house if he doesn't come home with gold. How


did she respond? She's so happy. I feel honoured that I can make my


family proud of me. She's really happy. Nice to see. Great stuff.


Nicola, gold medallist, she's actually not this tall she's


standing on a box. How are you doing? All right, how are you


doing? Really excited. I can't believe people have turned tout see


us, it's great. Have you had time since you won to think about the


impact that you have made. I am sure you are bored with people


saying you made history as the first woman gold medallist, has the


importance of what you did sunk in yet? Yeah, it's starting to sink in


now and it's an amazing achievement, not just for me but for Great


Britain. As a nation as well, and I think it's fantastic that I was


able to get that gold for my country. Have you had lots of


teenager girls saying I want to do what you did? Yeah, I have. On


Twitter and saying that you have inspired me to start boxing and


take up sport and that's fantastic. It's all about inspiring the next


generation. Anthony Joshua, the same size as you, actually. What's


going on with Nicki today? seems to have grown since she got


the gold medal. So many people over the years, whether it's Lennox


Lewis or Audley har Harrison, thought I must turn pro. What are


your plans. To be the best I can be, my concern is improvement and


future plans that will come in the future, but as for now, I want to


be a better fighter. How did you feel about being part of the final


chapter of the most remarkable Olympics of all? Unbelievable.


Things happened so quick and in a dramatic fashion all the way


through, it's only now it's sinking in to what I have achieved and I


thought I have another fight and if I Winnick become champion. To see


everyone out here enjoying it and coming together is bigger than what


I could believe. I want to say thank you to everyone out there.


She's bigger than we can believe as well. Thanks to the box. Nicola,


two happy gold medallists here. Huge crowds surging in Trafalgar


Square and here we have the Temple Bar Memorial, the marking point, if


you like of the limits, the western limit of the City of London. After


this they'll be passing the law courts and going on towards the


Adlwych and The Strand. Leading the way again the lions. A very, very


friendly atmosphere as we can see between the crowds and the mounted


police as they make their way along. It's lovely to see them high-fiving


spectators. One of my memories as I was leaving the other night was


seeing children high-fiving armed policemen. That will never happen


again. It was a brilliant atmosphere.


As we see the lions coming through the ranks of the spectators,


they're encroaching on to the roads here, it's a fantastic atmosphere.


As we hear the trumpets sounding, a quick word on Anthony Joshua and


Nicola Adams, because we have been talking about their future.


Anthony's definitely going to stay with GB amateur squad until his


contract runs out in March because it's a big question for them now.


Do they turn profession al, stayam staour? Nicola is going to go for


the double in Rio in 2016. A formal welcome into the City of


Westminster from the City of London. The fanfare tells us that the lead


section of the parade has now arrived at Westminster.


Passing the Law Courts there, on the left side, at the top end of


Fleet Street, one of the great thoroughfares of medieval London


and of course, once home to the British press. No longer. The spire


there in the background is St Dunstan in the west.


So making gentle progress towards Trafalgar Square itself.


After that, we will see the athletes themselves being welcomed


along the Mall and down towards Buckingham Palace where there will


be a special event happening that will be an hour-long event that


will include contributions by the Prime Minister and by the Mayor of


It's building all the time here and the Coldstream Guards are making


their way up on to the monument now and the music is rising. It's a


musical festival later on this afternoon. Sir Steve Redgrave is


here. Eight years ago you were involved in the torch procession


from Athens here. You were the last bearer of the torch. Has there been


a day since then, because that was a spectacle for the world, to say


we are serious about this bid, has there been a day that you haven't


thought about these Games? Definitely and even before that,


the four years leading up to that it was all special and we were


given the honour to have the athletes torch come in but yeah, we


did use it to our benefit and public public sizing what we could


do and I did the last leg from Buckingham Palace down the Mall and


up the ramp of the flowing water coming down, that was special. I


can remember running up it. There was little pools in there and the


practice I was tip-toeing on the way. There were people either side


and I was trying to put my foot down as hard as I could, to get


other people wet as well! This was by no means a done deal and that


final presentation in Singapore was the thing that swung it. The French


thought they were really in the lead. Paris were still favourites.


Going in to Singapore and I was out there on the presenting panel with


Seb and the team and I must say they've done a fantastic job. He


was here a few minutes ago, they've done an amazing job for the


Olympics and the Paralympics. Being there out in the panel and then


when it came to the announcement we were brought back into the hall.


Paris were one side, we were the other. I was sitting in the front


row in the corner. We had three photographers in front of us. Paris,


there were 50 photographers. The media always seem to find out


beforehand, whether it's a done deal. I knew one of the


photographers really well. I said, you are going to have the


photograph in the paper tomorrow. And And it was amazing. You have


been to plenty of Olympics between you. Why has this Olympic Games


universally been accepted as the greatest there has been so far and


every year, every time the benchmark Gaza higher because of


opening -- goes higher, because of opening and closing ceremonies.


Every performance they've all said this has been the greatest. I don't


think you can put a sort of - down to one element, it's almost every


element. Sydney was absolutely fantastic. There's 17 areas that


the IOC evaluate in the whole process. They were nines and tens,


maybe a few eights in every department. I think we are nine and


ten in all those departments, as well. But then when you come down


to numbers of spectators, the Games-makers, as well as the


athletes of doing their bit as well. It's fantastic when you have a home


team that's performing fantastically. It seems now just


that the Paralympics finishing last night, is this overshadowed what


the summer Games has been like, but it hasn't at all, it's just been


fantastic the whole way through. It's that team feel. There's no


ways we could could doubt that. Sometimes we forget that Britain


actually is a nation of sports people who love watching sports. We


are enthusiastic, passionate. We go out there and support as many


sports as we possibly can. To me it doesn't really surprise me that we


have the numbers of people that turned out here. And the volunteers


because we build our sporting heritage from grass roots sports,


volunteers who go to sports clubs and give up their time for nothing.


In your sport, rowing, I know there's been a huge picking up of


the phone of people saying how do I start? How do you make sure this


enthusiasm is translated to people This word legacy has been bandied


around for the last 12 years, but now it is about how we move forward.


Everyone has an idea of what they can put back to make sure the


momentum carries on. It is not a reason for stopping - we can keep


this ball rolling. When we look at the leads board, it is not how we


do in Rio, it is about how we do four years after that will be an


indication of London 2012. That is the one after that most people


struggle at after they have hosted the Olympic Games. There may be a


time now, people thinking that they have enjoyed being part of the


Olympic Games, watching, being a gamesmakers, thinking about what


can I bought? May be doing some coaching, maybe doing


administration, helping from that point. There are so many areas


sport needs in bringing the next generation through. Is it possible


to bring one moment? Your empathy and compassion with the rowers who


did not achieve what they wanted to achieve, their disappointment and


exhaustion, people like Zac Purchase. It is difficult pick out


one moment and I did what I felt needed to be done with the athletes


who were really struggling. They got pipped to the post, and they


lost to the crew that they beat four years earlier, and it should


have been the other way round. is those moments that made these


Games so special, a well of emotion that we dug into. We cried and


laughed, and thank you so much for providing so many of those moments.


Have a break now. I went away on holiday after the Games and I am


thinking about what I will do now. I went into the bidding process,


and now I am thinking what will I do? I'm 50 now! Now it can be the


comeback. I did mention that a Chris Hoy when he said he was


definitely going to retire and he has got more gold medals than me so


maybe I should come back. Let's calm down and go back to the parade.


Great to see Steve Redgrave, sharing his enthusiasm and pride at


what has been achieved. The parade making its way along Fleet Street,


this mid-section of that, towards the Strand. They have changed very


little in terms of their status in the buildings around. A lot of


significant marks along the way, and the crowd enjoying the vantage


points along the route. Nathan Duke blowing a quick kiss to the camera.


Sir Steve Redgrave mentioned Zac Purchase and his despair. Just a


couple of weeks after that, he married his fiancee in St Paul's


Cathedral and he said that was the day he got his gold. The old


romantic! Congratulations to them. I think it is worth also remarking,


we heard the discussion about Singapore and 2005 when London was


first award of these Games, but the roots go back 18 years ago in a


meeting on 12th June, 1994, when the idea was first mooted of an


Olympic Games in London. The whole project has been handled with such


vigour and passion, in such an assured and confident way, they


have done us prowled. And I remember people at the beginning


saying we will never win it, we will never build it on time, and


then gradually people started to believe it could happen. That


moment in Singapore, my memory of that his Denise Lewis body surfing


to the back at the crowd. We said whatever the outcome, can we stand


towards Paris and politely applaud them, and we missed it! If I


remember her climbing on the table, she denies that but there is


photographic evidence. The place that everybody from royalty to rock


stars wanted to be, arguably the hottest tickets in town were for


the Velodrome. They produced some of the most memorable moments and


images of both of the Games, 12 gold medals on the track, moments


that had us looking like babies. The likes of Chris Hoy, Laura Trott


and Victoria Pendleton, and the fearless Sarah Storey.


He smashes his own world record. Great Britain and now going to


become the Olympic champions. they come up to the line. It is a


new world record. It was a blistering quick move by Anthony


Kappes. Sarah Storey=the modern British Paralympic record with her


11th gold medal. Victoria Pendleton takes the gold medal. Bradley


Wiggins is the Olympic champion. Bradley Wiggins is addictive


because his competing today, so here is missing out. Chris Hoy,


words fail you sometimes, don't they? Four years ago I thought we


saw the best ever welcome for the athletes, but this tops it with


people climbing lamp-posts! They have given us energy and enthusiasm


and this is our chance to thank them. One group of people we should


thank, the gamesmakers. I can see them over there. Maybe it is a


chance for you to say thank you to them in particular. A volunteers,


the armed forces, the police and organisers, they have made these


Games and it is something to be proud of. Sarah Storey, everybody


showing off their medals. Some people thought in the hiatus


between the Olympics and the Paralympics they might be a


disappointment but far from it. the athletes stepped up, everything


stepped up a level. To have this amazing crowd, the amazing venues,


the incredible volunteers, we couldn't have asked for more.


Brown were you at the closing ceremony to realise you had been


part of something on that scale? proud, it was cold everywhere, a


sea of gold and it was amazing, I couldn't believe it. More and more


gold medals. Lovely to see you. I was with you a few weeks ago in


Sheffield with a bunch of kids, the next generation you were hoping to


inspire. How many people have come up to you and said I have got a


bike, I want to be a cyclist? and loads, and a lot of people on


Twitter have been saying they have bought bikes since the Olympics. It


is very exciting, I'm proud to be a part of it. Laura, let's have a


word with you as well. This is the key question - how these medals


come off your neck in the last three weeks? Yes, when I was on


holiday, but only because I didn't want dodgy tan lines. Victoria


Pendleton, you have said goodbye to your bicycle, is that right? I have


indeed. And you will be going on strictly come Dancing - have you


started training? Yes, it is hard work on the feet, but physically


not so much. A congratulations on an extraordinary career. This


particular float, it is gold medals wherever you look.


We are standing here with the family of Chris Hoy. Sarah, what


has it been like having him back? It has been fantastic, and to see


him smiling again. He has been smiling throughout, but now it is


with relief and happiness. He is delighted. Pressure off, I guess.


Yes, and he's just trying to enjoy the moment now, knowing that those


gold medals he has been working for, leaving no stone unturned, it has


worked out. Let's turn to his mum, Carol, and we can think of those


pictures of you not being able to look. I walk into shops, and people


don't say hello, they do this...! I am too scared to watch. They won by


a tiny margin so any of these guys could have won but I am so happy it


was Chris. What kind of male bag have you had? It has taken days to


get through e-mails and letters addressed to Sir Chris Hoy,


Scotland - they have arrived in our letterbox. It is amazing. It has


been fantastic, being recognised walking along the street as well.


It has been life-changing. I don't know what the words are, but it has


been fantastic. Sir Chris Hoy, Scotland, that has got to be the


most cool address in the world, hasn't it? Absolutely, and we have


got to say thanks to them for giving us Chris Hoy. We just so --


saw Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy, but they share birthdays with Steven


Redgrave, Mo Farah, and Roger Bannister. If you want to increase


your child's sporting chances, you know the date to aim for. You have


missed the boat for next year. March 23. That is the date. That is


astonishing. Are you sure? That can't be true. Apparently so, yes!


The among the stars today, two brothers have been the big hits of


the Games, and Sonali has been talking to them.


I'm with two of the best all-round athletes at the Games, Alistair


Brownlee and Jonny Brownlee who stuck on the podium next to each


other. How much has your life changed? It hasn't changed very


much, I am still racing, still being going to the pool to swim,


and running. I have been struggling to walk down the street without


being stopped, people telling me how good it was when I raced. There


has been brilliant. It has quietened down now, apart from


today obviously. Helicopters have been your new mode of transport, I


think your life has changed! Yes, there was great. It has changed but


it is amazing here today seeing the support, absolutely incredible that


so many people have turned out. Last time we spoke you hadn't had


chance to go out for dinner with your parents and summer break, have


you had chancier? Not really, I have been busy with training but I


want to go home and go out for dinner with my parents and enjoy it.


And of course that is your time to become world champion. Yes, my next


race will be in October so I am looking forward to that. It is a


new challenge. For you, Glasgow 2014 the next big aim maybe?


Definitely a Glasgow. There is the world championships next year and


the Commonwealth after that, definitely triathlon but I might


What was remarkable about them is they revealed an 89-year-old man


had sent them a letter, including a �10 for each of them, he wrote he


watched them and it was the best thing he had ever seen in his life


and Alastair said, I have had the letter in one pocket, and my gold


medal in the other ever since. They've been touched by the


response they've received from the general public and that gentleman,


in particular. It was lovely to see Sarah Storey as well earlier,


because she now goes into top of the medal table if she was an


individual, she's now got 11 golds, eight silvers and three bronzes,


split from swimming where we got five golds, and she now is in


modern era, the most successful Paralympian of all time, and to do


it in in in in two sports. For you, of all people, to say that, Tanni


because reaching your exulted heights is something else. That has


to be a source of pride and delight, but also recognising what an


amazing thing she's achieved. first met Sarah when she was 14 in


Barcelona and she looked so young and inexperienced and it's been an


up and down journey through her for swimming and it was an ear


infection which meant she couldn't swim and she got on the bike to do


cross training and with other people, and I think we are going to


have loads of people coming to cycling clubs now wanting to be the


next Sarah Storey. There's another star of the Aquatic Centre. Ellie


is still only 17. Incredible achievements. Everybody's enjoyed


watching her. The young man who came to the Olympics at the Aquatic


Centre with perhaps the most pressure was Tom Daley. I suppose


because we all watched him since his appearance as a 14-year-old in


Beijing. He was world champion and then losing his father, Rob. There


was so much on his shoulders and the tension of that final Saturday


night in the akwaut Aquatic Centre will stay with many of us.


Going past the Royal Courts of Justice, as you can see. All we


knew is a few judges in their wigs to come out. Here is Tom Daly. Or


is it Justin Justin Bieber! didn't expect this many people to


turn up. Compared to the Beijing parade this is a new level. Four


years ago we did an event over the road there, aged 14, you had the


heads of industry hanging on your every word and you were asked, you


are going to give your entire teenager years basically in pursuit


of a dream in London. Yeah. Would you have had it any other way?


Definitely not. This is what I have always dreamed of, winning an


Olympic medal. So all the hard work and sacrifice has been worth it. I


don't see this - just look at this. It's like, the British people there


are so supportive. It's fantastic. I don't think anyone expected the


British people to embrace the Olympic Games and Paralympics Games


like they have. One of the great images in the Aquatic Centre was


you and a few of your pals jumping in the pool. Was that on the spur


of the moment? It was not premeditated. It was spur of the


moment. They picked me up and we jumped in the pool. We couldn't


control ourselves. It was the first Olympic diving medal for years.


Most 18-year-olds, a lot anyway, are thinking about the next years,


heading off to university. You have done your A-levels, what do the


next three or four years hold for you? I am back to school for two


more maths modules and back to school and training. I am going to


look into research a bit about universities. Are you really?


but we will see. Best of luck. Two As and A*, by the way. A great


brain, and brilliant body. What a combination. We congratulate him.


Clearly enjoying the warmth and the response of the crowd. Just passing


a Church there at the head of Adlwych. They go on to The Strand.


Leading the way, there we are, the dancing lions.


Just trying to gauge exactly where they've got to, because there's a


great cheer for them as they approach. The parade itself is not


bang on time, I have to say, but all the run - but nothing serious.


We are still on The Strand. I am trying to spot where we are. Yes,


it's about midway down the Strand. As we have been discussing the


Olympic and Paralympic success is unprecedented. In the last few days


it's emerged that athletes are going to get their own honours list.


Under normal rules there would be one knighthood for a sports person


every year, four CBEs, etc, but that could all change in the new


year this time. With 29 Olympic and 34 Paralympics gold medallists I


think they're going to have to rewrite the rule book. Sounds


thraoeubg. I hope Max Boys is watching, he


would have loved that. The footballers and those who took


part in the the fencing on that float.


The 40 musicians of the band, as they lead this front section along


The Strand. This is to celebrate the achievements of more than 800


athletes of the Games of London 2012. It's a great day. We caught a


glimpse earlier of the equestrian floats and it was in both the


Olympics and Paralympics that our equestrian teams led the medal


tables, again never happened before. It was in the dressage events,


something which before now in the Olympics anyway, would never have


won a medal and that had us all schooling up and looking on at the


incredible dancing horses who were performing to anything from Elgar


to the theme tune from The Great Escape. Five gold medals at the


Paras and two at the Olympics in that alone.


Here she is on the edge of a potential individual gold.


Absolutely remarkable performance. Outstanding. This is gold about to


happen. She has made history. Natasha Baker's name is at the top


of that leader board. What a great result.


That's a great start. It's good news for Britain. We are right


there. Zara Phillips absolutely screaming


out of the arena. Over the last! It's silver for great Great Britain.


This could be the first gold. Yes! Britain have got gold.


We are on the equestrian float now. The only thing missing are horses.


Nick, many congratulations to you and a long career and it comes to


this. This is unbelievable. I have never seen anything like this.


Absolutely amazing. The worst thing is there is no seats on this bus. I


have to stand all the way! Where are the horses? Tucked up well and


on the way to Switzerland now. There was the Japanese guy who was


71 taking part in the Games. You are not quite there yet. Any


thoughts on carrying on that long? I don't know about 71. Maybe Rio,


but maybe that after that... Zara. Hello. You have seen some pretty


extraordinary things in your life. Have you seen anything like this?


No, it's unbelievable. To think everyone's come out for all of us.


This is like the whole Games. That's what made it, the crowd were


unbelievable and we are so grateful to them. We have so many, everyone


with gold medals all over the place. Greenwich was one of the great


success stories of the Games. To compete in that venue must have


been fantastic. It was unbelievable. Not every day did we get to ride in


front of 24,000 people and have that much support. The support from


the home crowd was immense. This is for you, what, beyond belief?


magical really. Who would have really realised that the amount of


people that were going to support us. I mean, it's unbelievable the


amount of people here and it's a little bit sad to think this is it


now. There will be a few tears, I am sure. Let me head on up the bus.


Come this way. Lee Pearson. Listen, it didn't turn


out quite perhaps as would you have wanted the Games but nonetheless...


I tried my hardest. It was a huge battle. The standard's February --


phenomenal. What an amazing Paralympics Games. We always like


to say thee things, but was it the best Paralympics Games ever?


know it was the best ever. I am so proud of the British public to come


out and watch Paralympics sport and embrace it and get educated about


it. It's an honour to be an athlete in these Games. Dressage is now


cool! Yeah. You have your three gold medals there. Have you slept


with them? Yeah, I have. I can't wear them for too long because it


gives me neck ache. They're heavy as well. Sophie, many


congratulations. Lovely to see you. There aren't any horses here, but


there are more gold medallists than you can shake a stick at on coach


equestrian. Many of us can remember Sophie's


huge performance at the Games and here are her family. Let's start


with her dad, Carl. What was the experience like watching your your


daughter? Incredible. The audience was marvellous. For her protocol is


they shouldn't clap and they couldn't resist, they spontaneously


stood up and applauded and it was marvellous. Really spectacular.


Caroline, I notice you are wearing an accreditation, in what guise


were you at the Games. Cheating a little bit, I was supposed to be a


horse owner but Sophie that owns the horse thanks to a consortium of


people thanks to people who put the money together. It was great. She's


a huge backing crowd of people who help her do these things, including


her coach, Clive. All the people at yard. Lots of people will want to


know what does it feel like having a champion daughter? Fantastic. I


am glad she doesn't live with us any more, her head wouldn't fit


through the door! And brother, Alex, is that true? You can be sporting


about your sister. Well, it is true, yeah. I think I am one of the only


people that she will actually let me give her abuse, so I am sort of


keeping her ego in check. What's the reaction been like at home?


Postbox, inbox and e-mails? postbox was painted a few days ago


and the amount of people we have seen walking past saying I didn't


realise there was a gold medallist in our village, it's brilliant.


Schools and everybody there really supported and Alex was a volunteer


at the equestrian area. It was great to have the family together


at that time. I really hope you enjoy today. Keep on doing it.


Thank you very much. Speaking of postboxes, Sophie


celebrating her but we saw Charlotte with John a few minutes


ago. Now the 4th woman ever to win two golds at an Olympics for Great


Britain. Kelly Holmes, Rebecca Adlington and Charlotte. She went


back with Carl Hester with whom she won the team dressage to his


channel island of Sarke and a homecoming welcome there for Carl


and he, believe it or not, is the second ever channel islander to


have won an Olympic medal. The last was in 1920 and their postbox was


indeed painted gold. Well done Guernsey post. We are on the final


approach in to Trafalgar Square. South Africa House there on the


left. The road sweeping into the square itself, Nelson's Column,


just off to the left-hand side. It's a great scene at the moment.


When we look at the crowd that's gathered here now, we get a a sense


of the intensity of interest and enthusiasm that both Games have


actually produced. It's been amazing. I think it's lovely to


hear Olympians talking about Paralympians and Paralympians


talking about Olympians. All the athletes and coaches will be blown


away by this level of interest. You expect people to come to the Games


because it's the Olympics, for them to have taken time off work or come


out of their offices, to carry the flags to cheer, it's unbelievable.


It's important, for the athlete who is have won medals it's a great


celebration but for maybe the athletes who haven't achieved quite


what they wanted it's a chance to look back and enjoy the Games and


celebrate and also just be with team-mates because the hard work


starts again. We are already talking about Rio and eight years,


time to look forward. And there's been a huge amount of pressure on


these guises. -- guys. A home Games is so hard. They've been


interviewed and asked questions, they've never been able to escape


the London Games and this is their In Rio there will be two more


sports, rugby sevens and golf. It is very significant as we look


forward that there are other goals and other things to achieve for


other sports men too. They are delighted in the triathlon because


they have a number of world champions so that will be very


exciting for the Rio programme. a hard act to follow. The Danny


Boyle figure of the ceremonies in 2016 is Mario Ballic, and after the


opening ceremony here he said "I want to make clear, we are not


obliged to throw our President out Let me tell you about this parade -


it will make its way down to Trafalgar Square, where there will


be a crowd watching events on the big screen, then the athletes


themselves will be allowed through Admiralty Arch through the Mall,


and there will be a special event outside Buckingham Palace, where


there will be some speeches by David Cameron and Boris Johnson to


mark the end of this magnificent summer. There is Admiralty Arch and


the start of the processional route down Trafalgar Square, along St


James's Park to Buckingham Palace. The police there already because we


can see them beyond the main centre arch which means the formal part of


this parade is about to begin. Those lining the Mall, you will not


be seeing the amount of people we saw at the Diamond Jubilee for


example. They are handling this different made, people have had to


apply for tickets. Many of them will be volunteers, and their


families, who have been given the vantage point along the Mall. Many


people will be following events on the big screens. Whitehall just


down to the right leading down to Parliament Square. Trafalgar Square


itself dominated by Nelsons, -- Nelson's Column, and a real sense


of building towards the finale, which will involve plenty of music


and a real welcome for athletes arriving outside the palace so they


can be given the congratulations and applause that people want to


offer them today. Clearly these scenes will be inspiring our next


batch of Olympians and Paralympians because we talk about Rio 2016 but


it is the Winter Games in 25th of - - in 2014. For many people have


been invited to the practice sessions and of their art on record


as saying it has inspired them for the Winter Games. The current World


Cup champion for the skeleton said she has the bit between her teeth


They always think the athletes from athletics and archery are very


lucky because they get to be in front in the parade. I don't know


whether every country does it in alphabetical order, but we do that


in Britain and they get to go behind the flag-bearer. Shops of


Jessica Ennis waving, and Steve Miller from Newcastle in the


background, plucked rower. I think this is his fourth Paralympic Games.


Because Peter Norfolk carried our flag and there was voted for by our


team they didn't change the precedent and allowed tennis to be


at the front so I think athletics and archery didn't know what had


hit them. It was great to see Peter coming into the stadium and


carrying the flag. They are getting close to us here and the Big Show


will start when the parade begins arriving here. Steve Redgrave, what


do you make of this parade? It is amazing. I have witnessed a couple


of the parades before, always watching, never being a part of it.


They started doing this after I retired but the crowd has been


bigger than ever before. There has got to be a million people on the


street. The atmosphere is very special. Just sitting here and


seeing the people at the end is fantastic. Trafalgar Square is


packed. It gives the athletes another memory. They won their


medals, but this will give them a sense of appreciation of what they


have done. It is a lovely way to finish it off. The weather gods


must be big fans as well because do you remember the monsoon weather we


were having before the Olympics? don't remember that at all! If his


holding of, and people are enjoying it, anticipating the arrival. Let's


talk about what's next for them. You achieve your dreams or get


close, and just being in the Olympics for some people was enough,


then what? They have to refocus. People like Jessica Ennis have the


world championships, the Commonwealth Games, and they need


to get energised. This has been an incredible moment for them, but


they need to think about if this is enough. Jessica Ennis is still


young, Mo Farah is still young, and they will want to achieve many more


accolades. That first 12 months after the Olympic Games, is that


the hardest? It wasn't for me, with my health and coming down with


diabetes in the last three years of competing was very tough, so I was


very pleased that was it for me and I felt I could stop, but then I got


involved with the bidding. I got involved with the chairman of the


BOA, the executives of the BOA, and they sat down and took me out for


coffee just down the road from here and said they were thinking about


bidding for the Olympics in 2012. I have something to get straight into


and be part of. Some of these athletes were thinking about


retiring for years ago but London was too much of the draw, but now


they will stop and they will be thinking about what to do now. That


will be really tough, but there will be a wave of excitement until


the end of the year and beyond. They need that time. They don't


want to come out with random statements, like I did. Shoot me!


For I carried on for four years after that. Katherine Grainger is


not making any rash statements, but she is even talking about carrying


on and I know the rowing group as a whole, where I thought a lot of the


team would think about stopping, but they are thinking why not carry


on. Even more people on the streets than the Olympic parade four and


eight years ago. In the royal wedding we saw a million people on


the Mall. This country has brilliant ad showing its


appreciation, coming out and being vocal. This is demonstrating how


much sport means to the nation. There were a lot of people who


doubted whether the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games would be a


success. Would our men and women deliver great performances? Every


box has been ticked. It has been a wonderful experience and looking at


these pictures here, there will be people in Scotland, Wales, Northern


Ireland thinking I wish I could be there. I hope they can enjoy the


emotion. People in Scotland will be thinking about how they have the


Commonwealth Games in two years. were talking about the Commonwealth


Games in Manchester and what was it like previously? It was tremendous.


I remember the 40th anniversary of Mary winning her medal in Munich,


and the excitement was incredible. You have got to remember the


schools are back now so I'm sure some of them will be here. There


has been some criticism saying the schools have not been able to be


part of it. We haven't been able to get them in, there has not been the


space for it. Incredible scenes. Colin talking about the traffic,


There is a traffic jam there, it is not moving very well! In 1996 they


didn't have a parade like this for your success, did they? No, smaller


floats! Rowing will be having a big impact. I have been asked to go on


the selection panel and I am thinking oh, my God, what have I


let myself in for. For they are getting close. Where are they, Huw?


Very close, passing under Admiralty Arch so they should be with you


that the Queen Victoria memorial within a few minutes. We are


wondering if we have ever seen a crowd like this in central London


for any kind of event. I said I remember Nelson Mandela coming here


in the late 90s, there was a bit crowd but I'm pretty certain it was


nothing like this today. No, it is absolutely gargantuan as befits the


greatest thing this country has ever staged. It is by far and away


the most successful Games. There were only 22 nations taking part


the last time we hosted, and to pick up something that was said in


the studio earlier, these medals for Great Britain's teams have come


from every single corner of the United Kingdom. The success has


touched everyone, and Ruth if we needed it that the whole is more


than the sum of the part. Aristotle was on to something. I have never


seen anything like this, and I don't know how many times since I


retired I have been asked if I wish I could compete in London, and the


answer is no because winning his lovely but you spend your whole


life training. I wouldn't have minded sneaking on one of the back


of the floats. So many thousands of people coming out and cheering is


great for the athletes - what motivation to keep training.


let's hear from another one of the stars on the floats today.


I am with the face of the Paralympic Games, Ellie Simmonds.


She has four medals, two of them gold medals. It is amazing, it is


great to celebrate and be part of this. We knew that crowd would go


crazy for you but I was not expecting this today. They are


screaming your name. How does that feel? It is amazing, to celebrate


with the public and it was great to It was amazing to have that honour


and in front of 80,000 poem and Johnny as well, -- people. I was


nervous but really excited. What now for you, Ellie? Have a break


for a bit and get away from the water and just enjoy the


celebrations after the Games and we have the World Championships next


year. We feel like we have grown up with you and you are a star. Thank


Two golds, silver and bronze this time. Two golds to go with the


golds she claimed as a 14-year-old in Beijing. Very emotional, I


noticed, in the last of those medals, Tanni. At that point it


took a long time for the crowds and the expectation and the emotion to


finally overwhelm her. Absolutely. You kind of forget in Beijing she


was so young and I don't think there was any expectation on her.


She won two golds and there was a sort of mad sort of flourish of


publicity around her and came to these Games with pressure and to


increase the number of event was amazing and brilliant for swimming.


39 medals in total for swimming. It's lovely to see Colin Moynihan


there, chair of the BOA, Princess Royal, Boris Johnson, everyone


supporting the team. It's a true mingling of Olympics and


Paralympics which London Games has helped deliver. An interesting mix


there in the VIP box. We also saw the man who delivered the Olympics


and that's the correct word to use, Sir on-- Sir John. He certainly did


a wonderful job. The Princess Royal, of course, had that wonderful


moment in an official capacity to present her own daughter with a


silver medal and not many mums have a chance to do that. Although I I


also note that Irish athlete Michael McKillop did. I presented


the flowers at that ceremony and there was - no anyone coming out to


present and I was saying where is the person. And they were saying,


we're hiding them. I marched out with no presenter and she was


revealed and it was wonderful to see Michael's face and his mum,


they were both in tears by it. the parade is slowly, very slowly,


making its way down towards Buckingham Palace. I told you a


while ago that it was not a serious delay of about 15 minutes, I am now


going to revise that in the interests of transparency. I am


wondering whether it's closer to half an hour plus. That event will


take place as soon as all the athletes arrive just in front of


the Palace, that's where this event will take place and there will be


plenty of music and speeches, too. We will be hearing from some of


those who have been some of the more prominent faces, not part of


the athletic community, sporting community, but people like Boris


Johnson who have become even more well known as a result of the


events of this summer. That's where the parade will end and there will


be a big crowd and lots of them will be part of the community of


Games-makers who have been working as volunteers. 70,000 of them


working as volunteers in lots of different jobs during the past


couple of months. Making our way down the Mall, past


the entrance to Horse Guards Parade. Then passing Clarence House and


Lancaster House on the way down to the Palace. Johnny Peacock there.


Goldie has her arm in a sling, before her javelin final twaebged


something in the foream and that did hamper her progress. She gave


an interview afterwards with regard to her own chance. She's terribly


disappointed but always eloquent. She's vowed she's going to carry on


The first lead section of the parade, the procession arriving at


the stands. Those stands mark the start, if you like, of the arena,


the performance arena for the final area itself. We saw some of the


guests, including Boris Johnson, in the background. A good dozen floats


there are already through Admiralty Arch. There are 21 of them. Louis


Smith, wow. It's great, isn't it? The reception is fantastic. We had


a bit of down time after the Olympics. Just to relive the moment


it's fantastic. Have you been... have been everywhere, holiday,


working, hardly seen my family and parents. It's been manic. To come


back to this, it's just crazy. Really good fun. The business about


inspiring a generation and everything like that, what sort of


response have you had from kids over the last month or so to what


you achieved? The kids, so many people want to get involved in


gymnastics and sport now. I have had so many tweets and messages


from clubs and parents. That's what the Olympics is about. It's abouten


spiring people to get involved in sport. It's fantastic. Have hu


people saying, I want to get a pole get -- pommel horse? They're hard


to come by, kids can get down to the gym club. As you can hear all


the athletes and coaches in front of us are being announced. You are


about to get your moment, as well. Can I bring Beth in. You got your


medal, that took many years of hard work, didn't it? Yeah, a lot of


people remember me from 2002 Commonwealth so it took ten years


to finally achieve that one last dream. Can you imagine how many


thousands of hours you have spent in gyms for that? No, I can't. 30


hours a week and it took me a long time but I can't remember all that,


I just remember the good times and standing on the podium. They're


chanting for you and everybody else. Just acknowledge the applause,


because the public love you and Louis and everybody else. Well done.


I am with the amazing British rowing team. Let's start with Helen


Glover and Heather Stanning who won the first gold of the Games. This


is not your first victory parade, I hear your homecomings were


incredible. We were fortunate enough to have homecomings, in


Penzance. Not as busy as this. Scotland, the other end of the


country, but they did a fantastic job coming out in the rain. It was


really touching. We are so pleased everyone is so excited. You are a


Captain in the Royal Artillery, are you rejoining your regiment soon?


am back to work next Monday. Enjoying this time at the moment,


being an athlete but back to work next week. Do you think you will


fit right in? I hope so. A bit of readjusting but hopefully get back


to work easily. You have another incredible parade planned for you


there, as well. Thank you very much. Enjoy the rest of the parade.


Incredible to think Helen Glover started rowing in 2005, the the


year Great Britain was awarded these Games for London. By the way,


Heather's postbox in Lossiemouth is the most northerly in the country.


I am sure David Cameron is aware of that. I am absolutely sure he is


and Colin Moynihan and Seb Coe as well who told us a while ago about


his immense pride in what's been achieved and he's been modest,


given the fact he's driven the bid and delivered the bid. It's


something that, frankly, he should be not too modest about. Indeed. We


saw Helen and Heather there, starting the gold rush by winning


the first in women's rowing since it was introduced in 1976 for Great


Britain and sure enough, you wait 36 years and three women's golds


come along in four days. Amongst them one for Katherine The Great.


Golden girl, how is this pa roeud for you -- parade for you,


overwhelming? It's impossible to put into words. No idea this many


people would come out all over again. It's one - amazing messages


of support. It's just - you just want to hug everybody. Amazing.


just be loving now being Olympic champion, finally? Well, things


like this don't help make it sink in, it's even more surreal. I mean,


you imagine what it might be like but no one dreamt this. This is


beyond dreams come true. When you watch - Andy Murray said you were


an inspiration to him, will you be keeping an eye on him today in the


US Open. Everyone felt - to see him win was incredible. Wonderful. Now


I am hoping he takes it on and wins the US Open. You need to be in the


next press conferences, he had Sean Connery and Alex Ferguson bursting


in. You go for it, enjoy the parade. Katherine's victory with Anna


Watkins was one of the most popular I think in the Olympics. A win for


sheer bloody-minded determineness. We see the team pursuitists. Laura


Trott there. There's Philip Heinds and Victoria Pendleton. So many


decorated in the Velodrome. It was one of the hottest tickets in town.


We talk about legacy. Well, there is plans in Edinburgh for a Sir


Chris Hoy cycle pathway. A route right around the city and that's


really legacy in action. Interesting to see so many senior


figures from the armed forces in that VIP stand. There will be lots


of people watching who will want to acknowledge the role they played in


the smooth running, they stepped in to help out with security


arrangements when there were difficulties at the start, and


really did help to smooth things over and things ran very


efficiently indeed. When Sochi and Rio seek to emulate some of the


aspects of London, they'll look at the enthusiasm but you made a great


point, ease of access. That was very refreshing as someone who's


been at a few of these things and we all have in this commentary box


before. The other thing they'll pick up on is the LED pixels. A


real winner. They streamed them around when Johnny Peacock won.


That made it another special night. The other thing, a sense of humour.


Mr Bean, James Bond. Danny Boyle, to be fair, we are weeks on now and


it's easy to forget some of the things that happened weeks ago.


Danny Boyle who did perform a miracle with that opening ceremony,


had always said and said to me in May when I spoke to him then, that


he wanted to introduce that quirky British sense of humour into the


ceremony. That was such a gamble. To do that on a global stage is not


an easy thing and not a given. I felt that really he did pull that


off very well and cleverly blended that humour in a way that lots of


people could get. Mr Bean, well, yes that's British humour, but


British humour that's understood and is loved all over the world.


was indeed. That opening ceremony of the Olympics, like watching and


being on the film set of a live Danny Boyle movie. No cuts, no


stoppages, all the tape actually fed in live, a triumph. And Kim


Gavin at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics, spectacular show.


Both were amazing, for Paralympics we are used to having the same


ceremony. This was a chance to do something incredibly different. For


both Games it was important that the athletes' parade, they came in


quickly and gave the athletes the opportunity to leave. For those


that were able to go it meant such a big thing for the athletes


because that marks the start of it. A number of our athletes choose not


to be there if they were competing the next day or day after but that


The noise levels have risen because the first floats have come to the


This is special. Yes, and I can see Mo Farah, the man who made me lose


my voice! It is a day off from his kids, getting some peace and quiet.


Brilliant stuff. He is a hero, a global hero. Anybody who knows


anything about sport, N Dover and training, what he achieved is so


special. He did so well at the world championships last year and


coming back to repeat that, once you have had a season that has gone


so well for you, it is so difficult come back and do it again. I


thought he was struggle but he did it with greater ease. So many of


the faces of this game to game into the Olympics with their faces all


over posters - Jessica Ennis was all over Heathrow, a 70 ft image of


her, and she had to live up to that and see those posters. That is an


added pressure of the home Games. can't imagine the pressure from


that point of view. They am struggling to comprehend from that


point of view. We never had that within our time and I think I would


have loved it in some ways, I would have been celebrating on one of the


floats now. If they have waited patiently. We have sat here all


afternoon and the crowd have waited, and now they are being rewarded for


their patience. They get to see their heroes. If they are lucky


they will have been to the venue and seen them in the flesh, but


they have supported them through the mediums of television or were -


- wherever it is. They are loving the environment and it is so much


easier to go into another year of preparation when you see that


genuine support. It is like genuine law they are being shown. Just


think of the thousands of people watching this who will remember it.


It is very special. I might disagree with you - being on one of


these floats and going around, how can you top this? It will be really


tough carrying on from that point of view. In it will drive you out


of retirement. I spent a long time trying to persuade the cynics that


they would love this and in my heart of hearts I knew they would,


but there was always a tiny doubt that people would not get converted.


I'm not into sport, well are you in to end ever and the human spirit.


That is surprise people who were not into sport, they're into human


beings are achieving, coming together and showing what they are


capable of. It's has shown unity in the nation, the love and passion of


people's achievements than successes. We support them whether


it is rowing, wrestling, athletics. We became sports fans and we saw


young people achieving phenomenal things. We saw gamesmakers making a


path easy for people to come and enjoy the performances of these


people. The enjoyment has been on real. -- unreal. Not long to go now


before the finale gets under way as the floats come around the Queen


Victoria Memorial, a great view of Buckingham Palace, and then they


settle into their positions ready for the performances to begin


because we will be having some music. Rebecca Adlington and the


others will be enjoying that, and then we will also be hearing from


the Prime Minister and the mayor of London. Rebecca will be celebrating


over the next couple of days in her hometown of Mansfield. She has her


homecoming parade tomorrow so Mansfield will have a big party


tomorrow. A bird's-eye view, and just spotting in the foreground a


Guard of Honour provided by the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, and they


will be entertaining the crowd. A real sense of build up now, a real


sense of charged up atmosphere as people prepared to say farewell in


effect to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. That is what this


is about, saying well done and congratulating people on their


achievements, but also closing the book and saying farewell to the


event of this wonderful summer. The floats have now arrived. We have


just seen the end of the sequence of floats, 21 of them. They have


made their way through Admiralty Arch and there are a dozen of them


left to come into the arena itself. We are seeing some of the athletes,


and passed on their parade trucks here, but you can also see that


parents. I wouldn't want to drag them out, but this is the moment


they have been waiting for to say well done to their sons and


daughters coming through. A massive outpouring of emotion. It is it the


weight of expectation has been lifted from people's shoulders,


athletes and parents alike. One of the great moments from the Olympic


Games, when it comes to talking about the love of parents, the


father of Chad Le Clos. Can you imagine your child achieving


something as wonderful as a medal in the Olympics and that


Paralympics? He summed it up, I loved it when he said "what a


We are here emphasising and admiration and I have lost count of


the number of athletes holding a placard saying thank you. They are


here as champions, but they want a safe thank you for the support.


Because they know they could not have done it without their coaches,


teachers, parents. There are many people involved in their careers.


There is one sign in a dual language which says thank you from


Stephanie Hughes, a guide of one of the visually impaired athletes. He


is a PE teacher and he brought his pupils to wash the Paralympic Games.


That changes attitudes as well, people going back to their local


area and changing people's minds about Paralympics bought. A lot of


people saying thank you in their own way today, and we saw a great


contingent of gamesmakers a short while ago in their distinctive


uniforms because they have been given pride of place in one section


of this crowd because their contribution has been recognised


fully. A here we are again amongst the


crowd. The volunteers are dotted down that way and some more floats


coming this way. One person who has seen her husband coming past,,


Sarah Hoy, how was that? It I am so happy. How do you stop this? I'm


not sure. Maybe we will have to have a Friday Parade, I'm not sure


but we are really looking forward to what the future holds and being


launched into the future by what the London Games has done for the


country. For his it difficult to keep his feet on the ground? To be


honest he's pretty grounded but the last few weeks have been filled


with excitement and I hope that keeps going. One personal


recommendation, watching that, get him to do plenty of that. 20th


ironing as well. Sir Chris Hoy has called it a day at the Olympic


Games anyway but his wife was saying there was always Glasgow


2014 because that has stepped into the spotlight, and Chris will


compete in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. What a way to go out


that one be. There has got to be an inspiring thing. You can't fail at


a venue like that if you are Chris Hoy. The no pressure! A few more


floats to come, possibly four or 5. One thing I haven't told you about,


keeping as little surprise, is that this thin Vale will also feature a


pretty spectacular fly-past. I will not give you any more details but


we will tell you about that in a few minutes. It will be pretty


spectacular, and it will be a fitting tribute as this finale


reaches a climax. If I'm surprised Beth Tweddle is not involved in


that because as a retiring athlete now she is achieving a lot of


things she has never been able to do as a gymnast, and one of them is


wing walking which she has done recently. She says she has at


sailing, and skydiving on her list. A frill seeker, clearly. -- thrill


seeker. That is the root of the fly-past. It will come directly


over the Mall and fly over the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace.


We are very familiar with the form of the fly-past, but it is the


combination of aircraft taking part and one of them will be one that is


associated very strongly with the Olympics this year because it is an


aircraft which we saw at the start of the summer to do with the flame


itself. That will be part of the fly-past over Buckingham Palace.


We can read on this flag Jonathan Adams, GB, don't just dream it - do


it. You are Jonathan's Maugham, how was the experience of today for


you? If it was brilliant, I am so proud of everyone. I cried last


night, I don't want it to end. he see you? Just! His team mate


pointed us out. What has it been like? One before, the whole thing


has been completely brilliant. has gone so smoothly without any


hitches. De to have a dream it could be this fun? No, it has been


amazing. Totally breathtaking. the Paralympics to come home to


England is just perfect. Enjoy what is left of the afternoon, we are


A great sound and the rousing sight of the band of the Royal Marines,


the musical wing of the Royal Navy, and they have been playing all


along. They were right at the end, the tale of the parade itself. Now


they have joined us setting the highest standards in music as they


always do. Their presence tells us all the floats are here and the


finale will begin very soon. I'm expecting a fly-past to take place


in about eight minutes time so that will take place maybe just after


the finale has started because these things are timed to


perfection. These timings for the flight path can't be adjusted once


they are set so the fly-past itself will take place at about 3:45pm.


They are in for a treat when that happens because they're going to


see an impressive display and that display will include the famous Red


arrows. A lot of those who have been taking part and helping out


with different kinds of tasks and services during the Olympic Games


and Paralympic Games. People have come from all walks of life to help


out, from doctors and advisers and administrators, people who have


volunteered their services to help make the Games work. There you have


a taste of the organisation because the athletes are being rounded up


according to their various sports. We have seen them grouped on the


float themselves but now they will be put into sections for this final


entertainment. The Mall lined with flags, not just union jacks bought


a limpet flax to all the way along flanking St James's Park to


Here we have the first signs of the fly-past approaching. This is a


distinctive plane, a BA plane in gold which brought the Olympic


flame to the British Isles months ago. We saw David Beckham, Princess


Royal there to greet it when at arrived. This is the first part of


the fly-past. We get a better look when it


approaches. We can see the distinctive BA tail and the golden


colour which is shimmering in the light here on a lovely September


day. Right over central London. Followed


by the Lynx and Puma and Sea King helicopters but very keen crowds


along the Mall and in front of the Palace will register the fact that


the fly-past is happening. There will be a thunderous roar as it


There we have a better view. The plane that brought the flame to


the British Isles with a thank you written very clearly on the


underside. A thank you to all the athletes and a thank you to all


those who have taken part in the Games. Leading the way, the plane


which brought the flame to Britain, now leading the way as we say


farewell to this summer. Right over Buckingham Palace and


all the greenery of green park and St James Park.


Followed by the helicopters. There we have the golden plane


making its way to west London. Here come the helicopters.


Puma, Lynx and Sea King. The Sea King being the biggest of


The Sea King, I am told is based in An impressive formation. The Sea


King mark 7 is an airborne surveillance and control helicopter.


The eyes in the sky of the Navy, if you like, searching for any aerial


threats to the Navy, to the fleet. The Sea King, which is maybe


looking a little couple little cumbersome by some on the outside


but said to be advanced and an The Lynx, and the Puma, battlefield


helicopter. There we have people armed with cameras and Binoculars


and members of the armed forces who will know exactly what they're


looking for. The four helicopters lead the way.


Across central London, they've flown in from the east, from the


direction of the city where this parade started, by the way. More


than two hours ago. A great scene there, the old post office tower as


it was once called in central London, and there we have them


approaching directly along the line of the Mall towards the Palace


Some applause then for the helicopters and we are looking out


for the next formation. Two typhoons, along with the sentry


E 3-D aircraft. The sentry based in Lincolnshire. Operated by the RAF


in the airborne surveillance and command and control role. Then the


typhoons from RAF in Lincolnshire, multirole aircraft. Always


impressive to see. Sweeping along. What a sight!


The Red Arrows streaming red, white There can't be a more impressive or


more dramatic tribute to the The Hawk T1 in use by the Arrows


from 1979 from Lincolnshire and such an impressive finale for this


parade. As the show is about to begin, because we now have music


and entertainment and we will have some contributions from the Prime


Minister and the Mayor of London and others.


Wembley Stadium in the background, the skies across London rather grey,


but it's been dry. Some trails of red, white and blue smoke in the


sky above the great gardens of Buckingham Palace. Everyone in


Trafalgar Square, a great crowd there waiting for this event to


begin on the big screens. Many, many thousands of people have


packed in waiting for the final opportunity to say well done and


thank you for a wonderful summer's The event, when it begins, will be


led from the stage by Helen Skelton and Ben Shepherd and they may well


be waiting for a few of the members of the crowd to join those already


waiting around Buckingham Palace itself. There we can see a gentle


walk down. No sense of a great rush, but they're trying to control the


crowd so there is no mad rush here. The event is getting under way. So,


let's join those who will introduce the events for us. Team GB and


Paralympics GB arrive here on a a series of floats. Did you all enjoy


that, ladies and gentlemen? It's going to get better. Hundreds of


thousands of great British fans have lined the streets from Mansion


House to Trafalgar Square to cheer our team on. In a few minutes we


will be presenting them to you right here in front of Buckingham


Palace. Today's parade finale is all about celebrating the successes


of our fantastic athletes. But before we introduce you to a new


guard of sporting heroes, please welcome to the stage the fabulous,


the gorgeous Amy MacDonald singing # I never felt like this before


# Try to hold it back and I feel it even more


# Suite drips down my spine and my knees are weak


# I cannot move, I cannot speak # But then you came and I held it


together again # I managed to stumble through


# 50,000 voices Singin' In The Rain # There's nothing that I wouldn't


# Cause I'd move mountains if you asked me to


# I'd swim the seven seas # I'll be the one to hold your


torch again # I'll do anything you ask of me


# Cause I'd move mountains if you asked me to


# I'd swim the seven seas # I'll be the one to hold your


torch again # I never knew how proud I would


feel # Just standing in the rain


# These three words mean everything to me


# And I'd sing it again and again # Cause I'd move mountains if you


asked me to # I'd swim the seven seas


# I'll be the one to hold your torch again


# I'll do anything you ask of me # Cause I'd move mountains if you


asked me to # I'd swim the seven seas


# I'll be the one to hold your torch again


# I'll do anything you ask of me # Well the red, blue and white of


the flag shines bright # And it's blowing there for me


# With my hand on my heart, the honest truth


# There's nowhere I'd rather be # Cause I'd move mountains if you


asked me to # I'd swim the seven seas


# I'll be the one to hold your torch again


# I'll do anything you ask of me # Cause I'd move mountains if you


asked me to # I'd swim the seven seas


# I'll be the one to hold your torch again


What's happening now at the finale itself is that they're enjoying a


bit of film on the big screens, it's about some of the highlights


of the Games. We have seen lots of highlights today. We have seen a


huge number of highlights today and I suppose it's a good time, Tanni


and Hazele, it's a good time to reflect on the fact what this has


done today isn't just an opportunity for people to say


thanks, but it's something which people have a great tendency to


want to do, is to relive some of these great moments they've seen.


There's been amazing moments. It feels like the start of the


Olympics was a lifetime away. It's a really good point to reflect on


all those wonderful performances, you know, I cried my eyes out


before Katherine Grainger started rowing. When she was halfway


through I was fine because I knew she was going to win. It's brought


out so much emotion in the public that they didn't expect to feel or


to see and it is the right time to bring all that together in one


moment of celebration. When you think of some of the stars of the


Olympics and Paralympics, Oscar Pistorius and all our British


Paralympians and at the Olympics, Usain Bolt and Karane James for me


in that 400 metres, he symbolised for me the crossover with the


Olympics and the Paralympics and how they have co-existed so


beautifully over the last seven weeks. That for me was the moment


that sums up the last seven weeks. Lots to reflect on and Ben Shepherd


and Helen Skelton getting ready to introduce the next section of this


finale. Your Royal Highness, Princess Royal,


Lords, ladies, gentlemen and children welcome to the Athletes


Parade. Over a decade has passed since Britain decided to bid for


the Games and in that time the National Lottery has invested


billions of pounds into British sport. Compared to that in a


relatively short amount of time Team GB and Paralympics GB did did


fantastically well in 29 days We witnessed some unprecedented


performances by it at leads from Great Britain. Not just by the


medal-winners. New talent has emerged, personal bests were


smashed and more athletes the never qualified for finals. It was a


truly remarkable thing that we have been lucky enough to experience. To


try and help us understand how this dream came true, please welcome


Sarah Storey representing Paralympics GB, and Sir Chris Hoy


representing the Olympics Team GB. You have got so many medals! You


must be exhausted. What was it like at the closing ceremony? For when I


walked into the stadium it was a sea of gold and it brought a lump


to my throat. 80,000 people and the athletes, we just loved every


minute of it. You have seen the support today, thousands of people


lining the streets, did you expect that? Nor at all. After Beijing we


had a fantastic reception. An unbelievable reception and this is


on a different scale. I didn't think it was possible to have so


many people supporting us. I am so proud and I want to say thank you


to everyone who has made the effort and been involved in both of the


Games. Take us back to when the boat heard that London had won the


bid. What were you thinking and how does it affect your training?


gives you an extra boost on a cold dark morning. It gives you an extra


push and when you arrive in London and see the red white and blue, and


I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse, it was unbelievable.


I was lucky enough to meet your wife just before your keirin semi-


final. Oh, yeah! What struck me is that she was so nervous. I had a


moment of clarity of what the family and friends go through. She


was visibly shaking and she was desperate for it to be over so you


could finally see her. Paint a picture of how much friends and


family have helped. We simply wouldn't be here without that


support. You do get a glimpse of what happens with the family and


friends when you get a video shop stop them. There is one of my mom


who could not watch the racing. She had her hands over her eyes and


asked my dad at the end of the race if I had won. They are living it


with you, urging you one, and if you came last or first, they


wouldn't care. They just support you and hope you do well. A have


you managed to spend some time with her since then? A little bit, but


it has been one hotel to the next, new events and a whirlwind. It is


quite emotional, it takes a lot o to view. You just try to take it in,


absorb it, and taking the photographs. I will be able to look


back at them and relive it soon. know that you exceeded your targets,


what was it about London that just clicked? For home support, amazing


volunteers, the incredible support behind the support. Without a


backroom staff, coaches, the whole country behind us, it is not


possible to get out and perform at our very best. Each of the athletes


wants to thank everybody because otherwise we would not have been


able to bring home this bling. tag-line of the Olympics has been


to inspire regeneration no doubt you have both done that, but how do


children get themselves to where you are today? Dream big, work hard


every day, where the writ is at the thing you want to be best at or


anything else. You have to put the hours in to the school work in case


your dream of being an athlete doesn't work, but follow your


dreams and you won't go too far wrong. You are both an example of


what can be achieved. Chris, one question from everyone, how will


you be able to say goodbye to this? It is very difficult. If you have


to end an Olympic career anywhere, this is the way to do it, to do it


in front of this unbelievable crowd. A number of athletes are retiring


today in terms of their Alan picks -- Olympics careers, but I will be


going to Glasgow 24 team. That is good news! It is a bit greedy, but


if I can have the Olympics at home and the Commonwealth Games at home,


that is a brilliant end to my career. Few days like today make


your decision of carrying on to Rio any easier? A definitely, when


there is so much emotion and so many people to thank, you have to


go away and put a plan together so I intend to enjoy this, have a


little holiday, and go on to the next four years with a fresh mind


and a smile on my face. We want you to enjoy today. If you would like


to go and during your team mates -- join your team mates.


Now, the moment we have all been waiting for. Millions of supporters


across the UK have followed their every move for months. It started


on 27th July, and ended for some just a few hours ago on the other


side of London in Stratford. can't believe Sarah Storey was not


falling asleep at the microphone. They have had a brilliant few weeks.


Please, show your appreciation for As they prepare to welcome the


athletes, they will be escorted on to the rousing sound of the Pet


Shop Boys, and they will be performing for this section of the


This is the moment we will remember every day for the rest of our lives.


Time name Rush us, put on this day we have arrived. It has been along


time coming, we were in the running for so long but now we are on our


way. Let the ride just take us side by side and make us see the world


through new eyes every day. You're a winner, I'm a winner. This is


happening so fast. You're a winner, I'm a winner. Let's enjoy it while


it lasts. Being a loser, paid my dues. Fought my way up from the


ground. Now at this moment, the crowd acclaimed us, you just listen


to that sound. It has been a long time coming, you've been in the


running for so long, but now we are on our way. Let them ride just take


us side by side and make us see the world throughIs every day. --


through new eyes. You're a winner, I'm a winner, this is happening so


fast. You're a winner, I'm a winner, let's enjoy it while it lasts. It


took us so long, we worked so hard. We came so far just to compete.


Don't forget the love and laughter, now the world is that our feet.


Looking back at the times we felt downcast, didn't think we were


going anywhere, just living in the past. But in the desperation, the


inspiration... Euro winner, I'm a winner, this is happening so fast.


You're a winner, I'm a winner, let's enjoy it while it last.


Because you're a winner, York a winner -- you're a winner. This is


happening so fast. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because you're a winner.


Thank you. It is amazing to be here. This is a song about London, it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


# Sometimes you're better off dead There's gun in your hand and it's


pointing at your head You think you're mad, too unstable Kicking in


chairs and knocking down tables In a restaurant in a West End town


Call the police, there's a madman around Running down underground to


a dive bar In a West End town In a West End town, a dead end world Too


many shadows, whispering voices Faces on posters, too many choices


If, when, why, what? How much have you got? Have you got it, do you


get it, if so, how often? And which do you choose, a hard or soft


option? In a West End town, a dead end world. The East End boys and


West End girls. In a West End town, a dead end world. The East End boys


and West End girls. West End girls. # In a West End town


# East End boys and West End girls # West End girls


# You have got a heart of glass or a heart of stone


# Just you wait until I get you home


# We have no future, no past # Here today, built to last


# In every city in every nation from lake Geneva to the Finland


station # In a West End town, a dead end


world # The East End boys and West End


girls # In a West End town, a dead end


world # East End boys, West End girls


# West End girls # East End boys


# West End girls # West End girls. #


Thank you. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING the Olympics, the next Olympics are


going west to Brazil, so this is called Go West. Let me hear you


# Together we will go our way # Together we will leave some day


# Together your hand in my hands # Together, we will make our plans


# We will fly so high # Tell all our friends goodbye


# We will start life new # This is what we'll do


# Go west # Life is peaceful there


# Go west # In the open air


# Go west # Where the skies are blue


# Go west # This is what we're gonna do


# Together, we will love the beach # Together, we will learn and teach


# Together, change our pace of life # Together, we will work and strive


# I love you # I know you love me


# I want you # How could I disagree


# So that's why # I make no protest


# When you say # You will do the rest


# Go west # Life is peaceful there


# Go west # In the open air


# Go west # Baby, you and me


# Go west # This is our destiny


# Go west # Sun in winter time


# Go west # everybody's feeling fine


# Go west # Where the skies are blue


# Go west # This is what we're gonna do


# There where the air is free # We'll be what we want to be


# Now if we make a stand # We'll find our promised land


# Go west # Life is peaceful there


# Go west # There in the open air


# Go west # Where the skies are blue


# Go west # This is what we are our destiny


# Life is peaceful there # Go west


# In the open air # Go west


# Baby you and me # Go west


# This is our destiny # Sun in winter time


# Everybody's feeling fine # Go west


# Where the skies are blue # Go west


# This is what we're gonna do # Go west! #


London, thank you very much. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING.


Your Royal Highness, my Lords, ladies, gentlemen, and children, I


give you the athletes from Team GB and ParalympicsGB!


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Please also show your appreciation for our flag


and banner bearers from the ambition and inspiration programmes,


hopefully we will be seeing more of them in years to come. It's also


important to us that we make sure the volunteers and Games Makers


know just how valuable they were to It now gives me great pleasure to


welcome her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, Prime Minister


David Cameron, and the Mayor of To everyone here on this


extraordinary day, after this amazing parade, on behalf of the


whole nation, thank you. Thank you to the athletes, to Team GB, to


Paralympics GB, you have given us a golden summer of British sport and


you have made us all so proud. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. From the


heroes of the Velodrome, to the giants of the Aquatic Centre and


champions of track and field, from Lee valley to Eton Dorney and to


Weymouth, to everyone of our great Olympians and Paralympians, you


have given us moments that we will never forget. The whole country


salutes your brilliance. And thank you to all those who made


this possible. Britain's engineers and construction workers, Seb Coe


and his amazing team, the police who kept us safe, and to our


servicemen and women who stepped up so magnificently. You proved again


you are the greatest in the world. And to the thousands of volunteers


who turned London into a city of smiling faces. You are the people


who made these the greatest Games ever.


Most of all, thank you for what is still to come. You promised to


inspire a generation and that is exactly what you are doing. If


other people's children are anything like mine, they are


dreaming of being Bradley Wiggins or Jessica Ennis or David Weir or


Johnny Peacock. They're thinking about sport and disability in ways


they never did before. They are seeing the values that really


matter in life. Hard work, courage, friendship, respect, teamwork, the


character to overcome adversity. You showed us the best face of


Britain. Who we really are, one United Kingdom, one flag, one


celebration and you showed us all that we can be - warm, welcoming,


tolerant, vibrant, with a future every bit as exciting and thrilling


as our past. 100 days on from those unforgettable celebrations for Her


Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, that took place right where we are


standing now, this is the great British summer that will be


remembered in hundreds of years to come. We are a country that maybe


small geographically, but we can do great things. You showed that we


can take on the world and yes, we can win. So let the spirit that


delivered these Games, that celebrated Britain's success, that


brought this country together, let that spirit live on for generations


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. And can I now introduce someone who


is herself a great Olympian, someone who has brought into this


world a medal-winning Olympian, someone who attended every event


come rain or shine. Can you please give a very warm welcome to her


Royal Highness, the Princess Royal, Princess Anne.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Thank you, Prime Minister. Ladies


and gentlemen, first can I say what a pleasure and privilege it has


been to be President of the British Olympic Association for a home


Games here in great great great -- Great Britain. The privilege this


position has been in to sit on the board at LOCOG and see so many


faces out there who have been critical to making the whole event


the success it has been, to laying the foundations, to building up the


numbers of people, bringing in the volunteers, making the whole system


work, and producing the stages, the platforms, the support for these


Games and these athletes. It's been an extraordinary journey and the


IOC member Sir Craig and I were there when the decision was first


made, so I have to say this has been a really remarkable period of


time. But can I also say a big thank you to the Chef de Missions


of the BOA, and the BPA, Andy Hunt and Craig Hunter and all their


staff for the way in which they have helped to ensure that all the


athletes were the best they could possibly be prepared, before the


Games and for all the facilities through the Games, to compete at


their best. To all of them, a huge thank you. Because for them the


satisfaction has been enormous to watch the success of these Games.


To them the inspiration for the legacy that will follow and the


support they will get for the future, we look forward to that,


too. Another big thank you to the great British public for its


outstanding support, whether that's been as spectators, as volunteers,


or as people in a range of different uniforms who have all


been volunteers to support the Games. But finally to our athletes,


for their always inspiring achievements and I do mean all the


athletes, everybody. Not just those who have won medals, all of them.


You are now all Olympians and Paralympians. You set the tone for


the future. Thank you. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING.


Thank you very much your Royal Highness. My friends I am going to


keep this brief because I have some heroic people behind me who have


been on floats all afternoon without being allowed to touch a


drop of beer. I am going to get The Prime Minister is right that we


should pay tribute to the thousands of people who have helped deliver


the greatest Olympic and Paralympic Games that have ever been held. We


say thank you to the armed services, and that police, and G4S, and the


transport workers and the tens of thousands of volunteers, but a ball


that is right now that we should thank the people without whom the


last six weeks would not have made sense or been possible - the most


successful team of athletes this country has ever assembled. I want


to say to all of you - my God, they risk a lot of you - this was your


achievement. -- there's a lot of you. You righted the doubters and


you caused two train passengers to break into spontaneous conversation


with their neighbours about subjects other than there are --


their trod on toes. He showed this is about grit, hard work and coming


back from defeat. You showed amazing courage in defeat, and


speaking as a spectator you produced tears of joy on the sofa


suffix of Britain. You probably not only helped to inspire a generation,


but helped to create one as well, propelled by no stimulant more


sinister than the beetroot juice favoured by David Weir. You did


rack up more medals than France, Germany and Australia, more medals


per head than virtually any country on earth. You brought spot home to


a country where no doubt it was invented. You brought home rowing,


you have brought home cycling, you brought home judo. I'm not sure


that was invented in London, but never mind. You brought home ping-


pong, and you brought home the truth about this country, that when


we put our minds to it, there is no limit to what Britain can achieve.


You have made everybody very proud. You have given hope for the future,


and on behalf of everyone I say thank you. Let's give them a big


cheer as they go forwards to Rio de Janeiro.


Thunderous applause for Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who


has enthused the crowd and been a popular figure wherever he has gone,


bringing this finale to a close before they sing the national


anthem with Katherine Jenkins leading the way. # God save our


gracious Queen. Long live our noble Queen. God save the Queen.


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious. # Long to


reign over us. Ladies and gentlemen, we have


nearly come to the end of today's parade. It just remains to thank


some people. Firstly the gorgeous Katherine Jenkins, also the band of


the Coldstream Guards, the Queen's Guards, and the performing lions


down the front, and everyone gathered here in Queens Gardens.


Thank you for being here, and thank you two hours because for the very


kind words. -- to our speakers. The Princess Royal making her way back


to the VIP stand. She made remarks about the


contributions have not just sports people but everyone who has been


involved. There is one group of people


surrounding us who we are phenomenally proud of. It is time


to put your hands together one last time for our greatest team!


Thank you to our great esteem and thank you to everyone who has been


here today, everyone who has been a part of the greatest summer, the


greatest the -- Olympics. Please welcome The Noisettes. # The


eagle has landed # The butterfly is out of her


cocoon # It ain't like I planned it


# But lately I'm shining like the moon


# I tell you something about turning doors


# Too many questions will kill the surprise


# After tonight there'll be no alibis


# I'll be the apple of your eye # I feel like a winner


# I feel like the world is in my hands


# I feel like a winner # I got the world at my feet


# I can dance to the beat of my song


# Emancipation # I don't need your key to set me


free # Rise to the occasion, yeah


# Life gives a hand just wait and see (Just wait and see)


# And while you're waiting for the world to change


# I'll be your light as before the dawn


# I'll be the star that you wish upon


# I'll be the song a man should carry on # I feel like a winner


# I feel like the world is in my hands


# I feel like a winner # I got the world at my feet


# I can dance to the beat of my song


# I feel like a winner # I feel like the world is in my


hands # I feel like a winner


# I got the world at my feet # I can dance to the beat of my


song # Shine like the morning sun


# Everybody, everyone # Shine like the morning sun


# Everybody, everyone # I feel like a winner


# I feel like the world is in my hands


# I feel like a winner # 'Cause I got the world at my feet


# I can dance to the beat of my song


# Because I feel like a winner # I feel like the world is in my


hands # I feel like a winner


# I got the world at my feet # I can dance to the beat of my


Music the Gros, helping to write the final chapter of the story of


London 2012. -- The Noisettes. The 14th Paralympic Games, and an


amazing amount to celebrate. If you have missed today's events, don't


forget that 8:30pm this evening you will have the highlights of the


parade itself. The gamesmakers celebrating their achievements,


70,000 volunteers taking part in Look at that, the sun has come out.


What was it like on the floats? is not warm, I have to say.


Certainly on top of the floats, it was quite brisk. There is a real


hint of autumn in the air. People hanging off cranes, windows, every


health and safety regulation has been broken by people hoping to get


a vantage point on this extraordinary parade. I hope there


is still a glimmer of that claim burning tonight for this amazing


summer a sport in New York. I kind of feel like Andy Murray's of tears


at Wimbledon helped to kick-start this amazing summer and it would be


great to bookend them with tears of victory tonight.


There was no room for the coaches and support staff, but they were


mentioned in the speeches, and they are so vital, aren't they? We have


some amazing athletes, and some amazing results, but a lot of them


are due to the supporters, the physios, the coaches, getting the


best boat of those athletes. The British Olympic Association is


great at putting those teams together to make sure these people


can perform. I know some of them are here today but some of them


have not come down today, but they should be remembered as well.


last night Lord Coe Said we should look at Paralympic sport in a


different way, what does that mean? We were talking about winning and


losing, talking about expectations, and none of the "poor little


disabled people, aren't they brave and marvellous". That is an amazing


legacy to go forward. Legacy, what does that word mean to you, Hazel?


Clearly this will be mirrored in the Paralympics, in Huntingdon in


the gymnastics club they normally get 30 kids trying that taster


sessions every week - 170 have signed up every week, and that is


what we want to replicate. We have a three-year-old, from my own


perspective, and she will now go to bed without saying "can I just


This has been a happy summer for everyone and extraordinary to be


part of. We will never experienced anything like this again in terms


of global sporting events, and these people here, perhaps they


don't realise right now, just how special this has been. This is a


unique moment in their lives, once in a lifetime. They will look back


and reflect on this, and it will be an inspirational time for them. A


great memory, and they will think we can achieve this. We have done


it as a team, I have done it as an individual, and what can I do to


help others experience this wonderful occasion. The team going


on to Rio, for them it is so important. Yes, and it is a unique


opportunity, but woe betide us if we let it slip through our fingers.


Everyone can make speeches, and say it is imperative - do it, don't


just talk about it. As always, Boris made a funny speech, but one


of the points he made about the hard work, effort and determination,


any top athlete knows that. Not every child watching this the


Olympic Games will be competing for the country but there are so many


other ways to contribute and make a difference. We have seen some


talented athlete but it is the hard work and determination, that is the


message that has come through. It is that people that try hard, and


we have had a lot of people who have failed at previous Games and


come back and succeeded here. It is about trying and eventually getting


your rewards. I it will be the Winter Olympics in a couple of


years as well. Absolutely, and we were talking in commentary about


the legacy and the impact. 39 of them were here, and the speed


skaters training in Germany stopped to watch Jason Kenny and they said


they felt as connected to Team GB as the athletes here in London.


will never host the Winter Olympic Games, which pretty much know that.


It has been a wonderful experience, the BBC team has had a fantastic


summer. That is about it. London 2012 is officially over. We have a


well of memories to dip into, and whether it was competing,


volunteering, or watching on the sofa at home, we have all been


involved in this magnificent occasion. Four years to Rio.


It is cold! -- gold! We have done it in style. He is the greatest


sailing and then being in the This gold medal is his seventh in


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