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Lausanne Highlights

Action from the Diamond League as the tour moves on to Lausanne. World record-holder Wayde van Niekerk runs his first 400m of the season on European soil against a stellar field.

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This week the Diamond League moves on to Lausanne in Switzerland on the


banks of Lake Geneva, some of the best in the world went head-to-head


competition. We bring you the best of the action featuring world


champions. The first race had perhaps the


strongest pairing in the women's 400 metres hurdles. All three medallists


from the Rio Olympics. And also world gold and silver-medallist in


the line-up. And Eilidh Doyle of Great Britain. A highly competitive


field. Let's go straight to a commentary team Steve Cram and Tim


Hutchings. A very strong field in the women's 400-metre hurdles. There


is the full line-up, Eilidh Doyle, twice European champion in lane one.


The world champion Ina Berthoud. And the Jamaican fifth in Rio last year.


Lea Sprunger, she only made the heats in the Rio Olympics. Ashley


Spencer, world number four this year. Incredible performances two


weeks back. And there is Mohammed. She tops the world champions. And


Sarah Patterson in lane number three, very powerful, Olympic


silver-medallists. European champion from last year. She knows this track


well. And there is Zuzana Hejnova from the Czech Republic. She would


have put in a lot of good work. Eilidh Doyle going on the inside.


The first five from the Rio Olympics file in this race.


Probably the quickest way is Shamier Little. Sara Slott Petersen going


Festival at the minute. But Eilidh Doyle has run an impressive first


200 metres. She's up alongside the world champion, Zuzana Hejnova. And


it is Sarah Peterson who leaves. Shamier Little growing strongly.


Ashley Spencer looking strong. Eilidh Doyle storming through. A


great run down the home straight but it is going to be Ashley Spencer.


Eilidh Doyle may be taking third spot. 53.92 the winning time. That


is extremely quick. The seventh fastest in the world this year.


Ashley Spencer takes it. Maybe getting some frustration out of her


system with that win. And a personal best for Zuzana Hejnova. And Eilidh


Doyle, a much better run than Eminem at the weekend. Third place and a


season 's best. I'm just looking down, the first thing was Mohammed,


I could not see anything wrong with her, she did not start with any


speed. Eilidh Doyle running a great race in lane number one. Almost up


there with Spencer. Ashley Spencer just got over it to come away at the


end. But the question is what was wrong if anything with Mohammed.


Confirmation of that win from Ashley Spencer. Of the USA. Sarah Peterson


on fourth place on this occasion. Let's take a look at the man, the


shot put event. And what a field it was. World number three is Tomas


Stanek. Thomas Walsh opened fantastically but that was as good


as he got. Of course is the world indoor champion from last year


Olympic bronze-medallist. And here is Ryan Crouser. The Olympic


champion. Making 22 metres look relatively simple. He spoke


confidently after the event in Sacramento about attacking the world


record which goes all the way back to 1990 at just over 23 metres.


Pretty solid at 22.3 nine. Still to come Olympic


silver-medallist Dafne Schippers in the women's 200 metres including


Bianca Williams in the field. And James Dasaolu taking on Justin


Gatlin in the 100 metres. Genzebe Dibaba attempting to break the world


record in the women's mile. An intriguing 800 metres with Lorna


Moore dressing down from the 1500 metres to take on the Olympic


silver-medallist Francine Niyonsaba. In the field that is all about


rivalry. Look out for the women's long jump. And a battle in the


pole-vault. And the evening building towards a sizzling finale, South


African sensation Wayde Van Niekerk making his first 400 metres


appearance of the season. But back to the track for the 1500 metres.


The Olympic champion is in this. And one of the favourites. They are in


good form and they know how to win the races.


Just catching balance on the start line and they are away. The


pacemakers setting it up. Just settling into the pack early and


they have got off very quickly. Well strung out. And the pacemakers over


the five metres or so ahead. A rather unknown Moroccan turned


Iranian. But had an incredible burst of speed over the last 200 metres.


At picking others in the field and finishing well under time. Very


impressive. Settled in now and the pack just beginning to settle in


behind him. A lot of responsibility on the pacemakers for a field of


this calibre. They have gone out quickly. They probably have settled


down a bit too much over the first lap. Because most of the pack have


gone through in about 57 seconds. At this standard it is just not quick


enough. This is now accelerating. A good 50 metres behind the leader


is a canny game to play. In a fast race like this, you need to settle


back. A good 15 metres, settling back now. Good steady running. They


will need to pick it up from here on. And the field is breaking up a


bit. The pacemakers seem to have accelerated. I do not think they've


done a great job, I have to say. The star names are nowhere to be


seen at the moment. A good 12, 15 metres behind the leader in the


front. A 12-metre lead, something like that. And they have not been


spectacular. Bergen trying to make a bit of room.


The clear leader being chased now. Kiplagat and others struggling.


Trying to hang on. His legs absolutely turning to jelly. He


might just about make it and he does. Wote the winner.


A strange race. The last lap for Wote there or thereabouts, low 56.


And they could not run him down. By the standards of these men, in


perfect conditions, quite a modest time. Well Wote will be happy with


his performance, he has been running consistently well. A good


performance. Was third in Stockholm and follows that up with a win in


the low sun Diamond League. This is the women, the long jump


event, getting off to a decent start, Bartoletta. Sara


Proctor retired hurt after a couple of jumps. But the Ivana Spanovic


grabbed hold of the competition earlier on. Her first competition


outdoors of the season. And was in second place until the fourth round


when she produced this. An excellent 6.79 four in Ivana Spanovic and she


is looking good in her first outdoor competition. That was it for the


Croatian. No jump in round six. And Shakeelah Saunders of the USA


producing a really good effort late on. Moving her head -- moving ahead


of Bartoletta. There is the full result. Not the highest standard.


Some good athlete there. Not much in it between second and sixth place.


We move on to the 100 hurdles for the women. At the top end, quite a


cosy start here the way that the old stadium is configured. And the crowd


very close to the athletes. Of course the 110 is even further back


for the men. Christina Manning finished third in


the US championships in Sacramento. The first three past the post


scenario, working out well for her. We have a change here. The German


who has been in fine form... Oh come back to that, a late replacement.


Ali finished second in the championship. Jasmine Stour is, not


the day for her there. You get one chance in the championship. Despite


the fast times the athletes have produced this year, Sharika Nelvis


is another one who has had. Kristi Castlin. I keep talking about the


American Championships, this is the World Championship. We have a late


withdrawal here. Boons of the Netherlands has stepped in. Hasn't


yet broken 13 seconds, so stepping up in quality. Ali almost twitching


in the blocks but got away well. Sharika Nelvis coming into this.


It's all very tight. Sharika Nelvis gets it. Kristi Castlin couldn't get


there from Stowers. When you take Harrison out of it, when these women


race, any one of them could win. They are that close. Tonight Sharika


Nelvis comes out on top. Although it come up as Kristi Castlin. What?!


She's saying the same as me, Tim! Could we have another look at that.


Kristi Castlin is second to left. Sharika Nelvis is third to left.


Certainly Sharika Nelvis is leading at this point. Stowers led through


the first half. You are right, Steve, it's definitely Sharika


Nelvis. I don't know why they have given it to Kristi Castlin. She's


not even in the top three. It's an error. Stowers was second. Manning


was burned. Kristi Castlin, rather embarrassed to have been awarded the


victory, was actually think. -- actually fifth.


This was in the third round, the best throw since the Brussels


Diamond League in 2014 for Spotakava. Catherine Mitchell


getting closer to the Australian record with a really good


performance. But then, Sara Kolak had already set a national record in


round three. And then this in the final round. The Olympic champion


with a massive throw. Look at that. A huge effort from the young


Croatian, who just seems to thrive on this new-found fame she is


developing as Olympic champion. It was a world leader, a meeting record


and national record. It's the second one of the evening. The Olympic


champion, just 22 years of age, throwing 68.4 three. Great javelin


competition. Spotakova with a season best. Kathryn Mitchell with a


personal best. But it was all about Sara Kolak. On the left of picture,


the athletes lining up for the women's mile. It's a non-Diamond


League event in the middle of this. It's all about Genzebe Dibaba. She


wants to attack this. This is just more than four laps of the track.


Dibaba, a world record at 1500 metres both indoors and out. The


record coming in Monaco two years ago. She is the world indoor 1500


metre champion from 2012. World indoor junior champion from 2010.


Dibaba needs to lap here at an average of 63.1 four. 800 in 206, we


are chasing a record that's 21 years old. It would be very impressive if


she got near it tonight. After recent form where she looked


vulnerable, fourth in the Rome 5000. She hasn't looked comfortable. I'm


sorry, she was sixth in that Rome 5000. It would be a remarkable jump


in form to get close to that. Jenny Meadows, very experienced, bringing


Dibaba back to her and settling it down. This will be a procession


because the rest of the field will not go out anywhere near the pace.


She once to five in 800 metres. Try to come home with a good lasts 62 or


61 on the final lap. That's what you want to see. Dibaba has asked for


the quick pace, but I don't think she will get it. Jenny Mae herself


struggled to get to 2000 metres. She already has a big lead. They have


just gone through the quarter mile in 61.4. They have gone out very


aggressively. Genzebe Dibaba is a beautiful looking runner, still only


26 and it feels like she's been around a long time. She has an


enormous, wonderful blend of strength and speed. She has raced


sparingly this year. Three outdoor races. She won the 5000 metres in


14.2 five. It was billed as a world record attempt and she failed by a


long way. Sometimes I think her ambition Howard reaches her ability.


She goes through in 2.06. Pretty much identical splits for the first


quarter mile and first half mile from Dibaba. Jenny Meadows spoke to


us at lunch and said she thought she would struggle to get to 10,000 at


this tempo. Sure enough, in 1100 does it. She kicks there. We


mentioned before she has been in. This hasn't been evident in terms of


what is capable of. Not as quick as she wanted, a couple of seconds off,


I would say. Bear in mind that was an 800-metre time. It's 1609 metres.


We will see where she is with 400 to go bust up looking strong. I got


there at about 2.40 at 1900 yards. The gap behind her, probably 50


metres or 60 metres. She was looking for 3.12. She was still on for that


but mastic over was desperately quick when she broke the


world-record 21 years ago. She very upright, chest pushed out. Driving


with her arms out, up on her toes. There is determination and


confidence on her face. She needs 29 seconds in the last 200 metres. I


don't think she will get that. It's a great run, fully 60 metres ahead


of the rest of the field. She is beginning to slow down badly. The


crowd on their feet roaring her on. For minutes on the clock. She's


chasing 4.12. It would be great to get 4.15 or anything like that.


Dibaba, her legs turning to concrete. Crosses the line in


4:16.07. Still fabulously fast, the fourth fastest time in history in


fact... Double-checking, the fifth fastest time in history. It's a


great time. It was set early on with a fast 1000 metres to open. It was a


tough way to do it. She was racing herself when Jenny dropped out at


900 metres. Taking a look at the result, the fastest time in the


world this year by some. Distance. Now the women's 200 metres. Dafne


Schippers, there was a query why she wasn't disqualified but it doesn't


matter now. Marie-Josee Ta Lou of the Ivory Coast, perhaps the


unlikeliest athlete in Rio, fourth in the 100 and 200. Kyra Jefferson


was fifth in the US Championships, a new personal best. Just 22. Sarah


Atcho of Switzerland in lane two. A best of 22.9 came a couple of weeks


back here in Switzerland. Bianca Williams for Great Britain, the


Commonwealth silver-medallist from 2014. Now 23, in lane one.


Pretty good start from Dafne Schippers. Marie-Josee Ta Lou in


Orange going well in lane four. Randy Newman is a good bend. Best


Prandini has a good bend. That's going to because. Great running from


Marie-Josee Ta Lou. Even better from Dafne Schippers. The meeting record


is 22.07, that was 1995. 22 years ago. Schippers came close to


consigning that to history. But it remains history in its own way as


Dafne Schippers winners here tonight. She's just three 100s of


that meeting record. Checking the wind speed, -0.5. Maybe that made


the difference. Marie-Josee Ta Lou ran a great bend, putting her under


pressure. Even there, Schippers from last year or the year before would


have moved away in the last 20 metres. Maybe she is still in heavy


work, trying to work on being strong enough to cope with the


Championships in the round. A season best for the Dutch.


On the far side, the triple jump. Injuries ruined Pichardo's year.


After a great 2015 he was so looking forward to the Olympics. It was his


right ankle. Now starting to find form. Getting beyond 17 metres


again. That's a decent start. I said beyond 17. He has only been just


over 17, 17 .05 this year. But that's an indicator he's back. That


longer, rangy technique of his. That's gone 17.4, a season's best


for the Cuban. What a start for the triple jump. Can Taylor respond? Not


bad, not too far away. Taylor in superb form. Taylor with 17.3 five.


Pichardo! Look at this. He has gone even further. We get the attitude


and the swagger. He's back big time. The confidence is there. Pichardo


extending his lead. I think Christian Taylor thought he might


cruise through the season with just Will Claye to challenge him. He


might have to think again. Christian Taylor in the triple jump now. 17.35


he opened with. He saw Pichardo at 17.5 four. He almost sat back on


that one. He knows it. Frustrating for wristy and Taylor. Gave a bit of


ground away on the board, but just slides back and loses a few


centimetres. 17.48 for Christian Taylor in the second round.


Breathing down the neck of Pichardo, 17.54.


The men's 400 metre hurdles next. Some more familiar names in the


line-up. And the Swiss have their own man to cheer, Hussain.


Karim Hussein a bit slow to get going, lost a bit of ground.


Robertson started well beside him. Jackson went out hard and settled


back again. Frederick 's going strong as well. The Estonian also


going well. Fredericks has gone hard. He has a two-metre lead. Now


in lane for is Robinson coming back. Starting to tie up, Fredericks.


Hussein might just get this. It is going to be Hussein. A huge going


up. That will be a season best. -- the huge cheer going up. The Swiss


delighted their man has come out on top. It often happens with the home


town crowd. You thought he might come third or fourth but he was


given a good lane and at the end Fredericks just fell apart. Robinson


could not deliver on the last barrier. And it was Karim Hussein


who came through. Robinson ran a really good race in a number four.


So strong initially apart from that final barrier. Karim Hussein holding


his form well. The is the winning time. A good


performance from Robinson. And the rest trailing in behind.


This is the women's high jump. A good clearance, she really found


some form in the Diamond League and is continuing that here, Sofie


Skoog. She is now in the lead. Next to go is Kamila Licwinko. She


was a world indoor champion back in 2014. That puts her in equal first,


just her third jump of the evening. Maria Lasitskene has seen Sofie


Skoog and Kamila Licwinko go clear and no problem at all for the


Russian, still only 24. She could yet threaten the world record. There


was talk of it at her press conference. The world record


standing from 1987. Morgan Lake going well as well. She is in fourth


place with that. Third attempt for Alessia Trost and


she gets it. She has been struggling as well this season but she also


goes clear at the third attempt. In fifth place. Christian Taylor has a


fight on his hands this evening. Here he is in round three. Just


sitting back on that a little bit. But getting better, but does not


make the board. Has given away 20 centimetres. And this third round


effort, he is chasing 17.5 four. Two inches shy of Pedro Pichardo.


There is that 5,000-metre field. The Ethiopian, Edris. A fabulous win in


Paris on Sunday. There is Chetegei, great strength. Another man to


watch. And the powerful American, True.


The pacemakers have been asked to head out at 62 seconds per lap.


The middle section is where things normally start to come unstuck, it


takes great concentration and confidence to go hard in the middle


of a 5000. Edris the man in great form, looked supreme in Paris. His


final: metres in Paris, world-class. I saw him earlier when he ran the


10,000 metres. And really that day he did not look very good. He got


tailed off in the later stages. But he has bounced back. Certainly


staking a claim for the 5000 metres. I do not think you would get in the


10,000 metres team. But great form as you said. And he has got that


pays you need at 5000 metres as well. So I'm intrigued to see how


far, how quick he can go. I like to watch the Ugandan, Chetegei. Sadly


he fell apart at the world Cross Championships. He got so excited


with one lap to go and almost had to walk across the line. But he is a


great talent. I expect to see him on the 10,000 of the World


Championships. He is a developing talent and still young. They have


got a real talent on our hands. I would be intrigued to see how he


goes tonight. Here we go with two laps to go. A good penultimate lap


and then a big last lap. Four men still in contention, a really good


race being set up. Really enjoying this. I love to see a front runner


trying to break the field. And one by one they are starting to feel


this. 650 metres to go. That last lap when they went through the line,


it is still Chetegei doing all the work. Edris still looking relaxed


with wonderful leg speed. Watch him in the middle of that trio. And in


third place an astonishing run from Barega. It is the far more


experienced runner dropping back in fourth place. Edris getting his nose


in front for the first time. 13 minutes to go, heading for a world


lead I'm pretty sure. The youngster having a cracking race. Chetegei has


nothing left to give. Can Barega hang on to Edris? I am sure he has


another year to go but what has Barega got? I think there is more to


come from the little Ethiopian. The youngster behind him hanging on over


the last 300 metres. Chetegei losing ground. But Edris changing gear and


kicking away from the youngster. But Barega still has speed. Edris checks


over shoulder and he is going to take this, no doubt about it. 12.5


five. That was fabulously quick from


Edris. A great race tonight, Barega announcing himself on the world


stage but a great performance from Edris. A personal best from young


Barega in second. Number one in the world and easy for


her as well, the first to go clear and others beginning to struggle at


this height. This is where everyone else has been found out this year in


the high jump. She is the only one to challenge. Making it look so


easy. Now we have Sam Kendricks going over


it again tonight. A first-time clearance at five point 87. The


gauntlet thrown down to the two men behind him. Wojciechowski, and that


is beautiful. The world champion back in 2011. That was quite a


surprise. He was a winner here in 2015, Wojciechowski. Looking to


clear for his second attempt, Renaud Lavillenie. He would become second


equal along with Wojciechowski. My word! You know what, he gave that


such a clatter. And it has stayed up. Six metres getting relentlessly


closer. The way it bounces around the uprights, I cannot believe that


it up. This man Simbine, third fastest in


the world. Alex Wilson, coached also by the


same coaches James Dasaolu. Justin Gatlin getting a good start.


Simbine was with him. Meite coming through. Justin Gatlin gets it. It


is close. 9.90 six. Just 100 slower than he ran in Sacramento. A good,


close race with many in contention. Under ten seconds, Meite. The same


with Simbine. When you get the World Championships, getting into the


final is going to be down to hundreds of a second. A typical race


from Justin Gatlin, he loves the battle. Some great talent coming out


of Africa these days. The Americans and Jamaicans not getting it all


their own way. Kim Collins left way back, never got a sniff. Justin


Gatlin on top again, Meite right in there and the season continuing to


go well for Simbine. Going back to the women high jump,


this is the second attempt and she has gone clear. Equal fifth highest


jumper in history. That has been on the cards for Maria Baasit scheme.


-- Maria Lasitskene. Really coming into her own. But back to the triple


jump, turning into a ding-dong with Christian Taylor and Pedro Pichardo.


This is his round six jump. Christian Taylor could not improve


in the third round. And he has been beaten, Pedro Pichardo is the


champion. That looks even further. 17.60,


improving by six centimetres. He has only gone over 17 once this year,


but has done it three times tonight. It puts in the next for the World


Championship. With Dibaba completing the mile, there was a rare


appearance in the 800 metres for Niyonsaba. Laura Muir was racing for


the first time since May because of a stress fracture. Niyonsaba is the


woman to beat in this one. The women's 800 metres ready to go.


Hassan in the form of her life. She's a sub two minute 800-metre


runner. Sum is a former champion. Struggling to hang onto the shirt


tails of the others now. Charlene Lipsey, great run at the European


Championships, qualified for the World Championships. The European


indoor champion will get a great cheer. Buchel of Switzerland. Laura


Muir, had an injury scare for a couple of weeks, her first race back


since May. At 800 metres. Will run the mile in London on Sunday. Young


Ethiopian Alemu will try to hang onto the pace. The Olympic


silver-medallist Niyonsaba. Lynsey Sharp was disappointed to finish


third at the weekend. She wants a quick performance here.


A pretty good pacemaker usually, Usovich. Laura Muir will probably


find herself in last place when they break. The two 1500 metre women


right at the back. I'm pretty sure that's not where they will finish.


Usovich comes across through the first 200 metres in a swift 26.6


seconds, that's a little bit quicker. It's what Niyonsaba wanted.


The 800 metres runners have gone with it. Niyonsaba has gone out


almost suicidally fast, running 20 seconds in the first 200. Laura Muir


at the back of the field will pick up bodies on the second lap. She has


gone as quick as she wants to go. They come through below us.


Niyonsaba has the pack breathing down her neck. She probably went


through in 56.8. There will be some tired athletes in the home straight.


They have all committed to it. Even Laura Muir at the back of the field


was under 58 seconds, I would think. Charlene Lipsey has got involved on


a near side, trying to find elbowroom. Hassan making good room


on the outside. Laura Muir trying to move up. Lynsey Sharp try to hold


off the Scot. Niyonsaba looking good at the front. Charlene Lipsey is


attacking the inside of Niyonsaba. It's been awhile since any of the


three Olympic medallists were beaten. Niyonsaba pulls away again.


She will win this. Charlene Lipsey in second. Then Sum, and then the


two 1500 metres runners, Hassan and Laura Muir going through well. The


two 1500 metres runners were smart, didn't go hard in the first 200.


They have been rewarded with great times, close to personal best I


would say for Laura Muir. It's a big personal best for Charlene Lipsey as


well. She has taken some big scalps, the likes of Sum and Hassan, who ran


a personal best. A national record for Swede in a sixth.


Great 800. This is Sam Hendrix at 5.93. The second attempt. That's


good! Stays on. He was well over. Just hit it coming down, but it


stayed on. Off he goes. Sam Kendricks, the darling of the crowd


at Lausanne. Beautiful clearance. Just as Iraqi himself around it,


either his chest or arm, gave it a rattle, but he knew he had the


height. Sam Kendricks in such good form.


Third attempt, this will be a personal best, and he gets it. Well,


he's following Sam Kendricks, working off him, if you like. The


crowd loving this. Wojciechowski in great form. A season 's best and


personal best at the end. It was a clean clearance. Lavillene with his


third attempt, 5.93. No. He doesn't look the confident man we know. He's


under the microscope a little bit. Certainly under pressure from Sam


these days. To the final track event of the night, the men's 400 metres,


which sees Olympic and world champion Wayde van Niekerk in action


over 400 metres for the first time outside his native South Africa


since his record-breaking run in Rio. His time of 43.03 beta Michael


Johnson's long-standing world record. Johnson also hold the


meeting record here in Lausanne with 43.6 six. Canon Van Niekerk better


his time again? It's time for the one lap for the men, the 400 metres.


I fancy the meeting record is under threat. Michael Johnson ran 43.66


here in 1996. Van Niekerk, the world champion, record-holder, the


reigning world champion as well. Van Niekerk going out fast. He set a


personal best in the 100 just a few weeks ago. Van Niekerk moving past


the man outside him very smoothly, Michael Cherry. Van Niekerk going to


200 metres in around the high 20s. Hasn't blasted the first 200 metres.


Looking like a measure run from a Van Niekerk. Makwala going strong,


possibly heading to the last 100 metres. Van Niekerk striding away.


Eating up the ground and easing away from Makwala whose stride is


shortening. Great run from Baboloki Thebe in lane three. It's a meeting


record for Van Niekerk. He wipes away the 21-year-old meeting record


of Michael Johnson. A solid opener from Wayde van Niekerk. 43.62 is a


time beaten by only four other men in history, Johnson, Reynolds,


Warner and Watts. All men of faith previous error. -- all men of a


previous era. He has shown he's in very fine fettle. I believe the 43


second barrier will fall this year. Comfortable win for Van Niekerk. You


have to enjoy watching him. He will develop into the big star that the


sport needs, just because of his performances. He's not as outgoing


as Usain Bolt or anything, but on the track, he's sensational. Hats


off to those chasing him down. Makwala and Baboloki Thebe. But they


can't stay with him. His sprint form is beautiful. That action, he's not


a fatigued 400-metre runner. He's charging, looking at the clock,


thinking, how fast am I running? Beautiful run from him. Surely


there's more to come. He will be delighted with the time but I'm


positive, as you said, come the World Championships big-time, throw


in a couple of others. He's gone quicker than Fred Curley, the very


good American. Great run. He looked relaxed, Van Niekerk winning that.


43.62 for the South African. Baboloki Thebe, brilliant running


from the 20-year-old for second place. Having cleared 2.0 six. The


world record in the women's high jump is 2.0 nine. Neither of the two


previous attempts have been close. She went over 2.06 at the second


time of asking. You could almost hear a pin drop in the arena now.


Third and final attempt at the world record. No. The best attempt of the


three but wasn't close. But it will come. Her 11th jump of the evening.


Fatigued beginning to creep in. Came in at 1.84, that was a testing job.


She wins by several heights. This is to join a very exclusive


club of more than six metres for Wojciechowski. It's been a good


night for him. That was a bit better, but I don't think he ever


really believed it. A smile on his face on the way down onto the mat


and why not? A new national record, equals the meeting record. These two


have entertained the crowd superbly tonight. America's Sam Kendricks


winning the men's pole vault having cleared the previous site in the


least number of attempts to round off a thrilling field competitions.


A brilliant night in Lausanne where some of the sport's new stars


announce themselves ahead of London. Sam Kendricks is a showman in the


pole vault. 22-year-old Sara Kolak is already Olympic champion but


tonight became one of the best javelin throwers of all time. Laura


Muir was the standout Brit, a new personal best in the 800 metres,


signalling good things for the season for her. Morgan Lake was


fourth in the high jump. But Wayde van Niekerk was the most impressive,


making 400 metre running look as smooth as Swiss chocolate. More


top-class athletics on the BBC this weekend. Join us tomorrow for the


London Anniversary Games. That's all from Lausanne. Join me


next Sunday will we will have the best of the action as the Diamond


League moves onto the Moroccan capital of Rabat.


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'From the heights of the Scottish Highlands


Gabby Logan has all the action from the Diamond League as the tour moves on to Lausanne.

On the track, world record-holder Wayde van Niekerk runs his first 400m of the season on European soil against a stellar field. Meanwhile, the USA's Justin Gatlin and Jamaica's Asafa Powell battle for the gold in the 100m.

Dutch star Dafne Schippers takes on American Tori Bowie in the hotly anticipated women's 200m and world champion Genzebe Dibaba tries to break her own Diamond League record over 1500m.