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Rabat Highlights

Highlights of the tenth round of the 2017 Diamond League from Rabat. Rabat made its Diamond League debut last year when the global series headed to Africa for the first time.

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Hello and welcome to Morocco's capital city Rabat for the latest


leg of the Diamond League tour. If the quality matches London last


weekend, you are in for a treat. COMMENTATOR: Whatever you are


expecting, it will be quicker than you think. Not a breath of wind


inside the arena for this one. This is hard work now. He has smashed it.


A new world best. Thompson will get it, just. He is scrapping for it and


he has got to get it. Harrison has to fight hard and he does so and he


takes it. This is a fascinating race. She is


trying to do it the hard way, from the front. He kicks again and here


he goes. That will blow the cobwebs away. Perfect.


The Anniversary Games was a fascinating rehearsal ahead of the


championships in three weeks but before that we bring you athletics


from Morocco, for the Rabat Diamond League. Your commentators today are


Steve Cram and Stuart Storey. We will start introducing from the


outside but it is a strong line-up with the reigning world champion.


The London winner. Going well. She has not got a great


lane. Russell of Jamaica also going. In very good form at the moment.


Interesting to see what form we have with the twice world champion who


won in 2013 and 2015. She will defend her title in London. The


within's 400 metres hurdles. Doyle is the target for Russell of


Jamaica. Hejnova making headway. Chased by Hejnova on the inside. Her


last run was not good. Doyle going strongly but Hejnova is really


putting on the pressure and she will lead as they come into the home


straight. Russell will have work to do to catch her. Hejnova is tough.


Right on the inside. Cassandra Tate is going well. The reigning world


champion, Hejnova, Russell chasing her down. Russell and Doyle. Hejnova


will take this, I believe. Hejnova get sick, Russell is second and that


was a good run by Doyle. Hejnova signals that the reigning champion,


who will defend her title in London, is getting into good form.


Good competitive form. That was a good race, Steve. Very competitive


in the end. It was. You have a great athlete and her best has been slowly


getting back to the best, Hejnova. The world champion will want to go


and defend that. Russell did not go out as hard as she finished


strongly. Doyle in the outside, lane eight, a tough draw. Finishing


strongly in third. Hejnova making the advancements she needs to make.


Russell did not attack the last barrier. Still closing on Hejnova


but ran out of time. Hejnova is looking strong. A season's best, she


will be delighted. It came at the right time.


STUDIO: London 2012 silver-medallist Nijel Amos is running in the 800


metres. Mitchell-Blake and Chijindu Ujah battle it out in the 100


metres. De Grasse in the 200 metres. Laura Weightman in the 1500 and


Elaine Thompson double gold-medallist looks to continue her


good form. South Africa's Olympic champion Caster Semenya running in


the 400 metres and home favourite Abdalaati Iguider will be roared on


by the home crowd in the men's 3000. Let's see how they fared in


Morocco's capital. Richards from Jamaica, one of the


elder statesman. World bronze-medallist in 2015 and a


national record broken this year and that is another one. Krause is the


Olympic champion, tall and powerful. -- Ryan Crouser. Those credentials


go together to fly this shot out beyond 22 metres. 22.47 is his best


performance. The meeting record, but he had three throws over 22 metres.


That was his third round throw. And then Ryan Whiting comes in. A good


throw for the American. His next best throw of the season. All


smiles, sneaking in to take third spot ahead of Bukowiecki. O'Dea


Richards had three no throws after his.


Just a little bit at the end. The Olympic champion, an entertainer.


Heaving the shot out to 22.40 seven. Just adding another three


centimetres. The first time they have had the men's shot in the Rabat


Diamond League. It says meeting record because it is the first. A


great competition. Ryan Crouser carrying on serenely. Nobody would


bet against him at the World Championships.


The sprinters are already out. A cracking field we have. Martina.


Roto. Su. Ujah from Great Britain. Bledman and Beejay Lee. What a


season Ujah is having, finding consistency. Andre De Grasse, a new


trading partner. Selected for Great Britain for the World Championships.


Ben Youssef Meite, the African champion. Having a great year.


Mitchell-Blake, the British-based sprinter. Former junior champion who


will be contesting the 200 for Great Britain in the World Championships.


They get away cleanly. It will be close on the -. Ujah is going to get


it. 9.90 nine. If it stays and we will wait for it to be confirmed.


Very slight headwind. It has gone to 9.90 eight. That will move him


alongside Jason Gardener in the British all-time list. CJ Ujah. His


best of the season. His starts have been good this year. It is the way


he has been finishing lately. Meite got a good start put on pressure.


The measure of the man is he was not fazed by that. Meite ahead. He gets


into tunnel vision and makes his way to the finish. Lovely high hips. A


beautiful run by Ujah and he the Saab ten second clocking. Ujah,


cool, calm, and the last 30 metres, drifting ahead. Meite, they have


raced each other a few times this season, and they have had differing


results but CJ is showing with a 9.98, a new meeting record, winning


again and that is a big win for him. What will that do for his confidence


in the World Championships? An awful lot, I would presume.


STUDIO: This year the disciplines cover men and women put it follows a


championship model with the first ten meetings acting as qualification


for finals in Zurich and Brussels. At each of the 12 qualification


beatings athletes are awarded points for ranking from first to eighth and


the top athletes at the end will be awarded a starting place in the


winner takes all final. The men's 800 metres and what a


line-up. It will be a competitive race. That is the line-up. Amos has


been going well. Som the pacemaker who always does a good job. Nijel


Amos. Wedding in London stop he really has had a poor start to the


season but come good. My goodness, world junior champion and is now


making an impact. Let's see who in fact makes the


headway into the back straight. Amos has been charging to the front and


establishing the tenor of the race. Donovan brazier in third. You have


Bett them. The rest trailing. It looks pretty quick and Amos, Steve,


has taken it on and this time, the American Donovan brazier not letting


him go too far nor is Bett. Amos is getting back to his best. He is a


massive talent. The confidence has been building, which is why he is


doing this. He asked Som to go hard. Brazier is within range. Amos, who


have the magnificent run in second place behind David Rudisha in the


Olympics, he has suddenly come of age this season. Having a poor


start, running 1.47s, 1.48s and now Bett has him in his sights. Coming


through also Brazier, making headway as they have 200 metres to go. Amos


under threat from Bett. Can he hang on? Amos, Bett is second, Brazier


fourth and the youngster on the inside, the 20-year-old going


strongly. Bett in second place. Brazier in third. A quick one again.


Amos, Bett, Brazier. Steve, it is becoming a habit, the winning habits


and the way he is running, he takes it on. He lacked confidence at the


beginning of the season but in recent races he has set himself up


and gone for it. Not afraid to be at the front. He knows he has had good


times and he is building on it. He has taken out hard, inviting them to


go with him and when he knows he is as strong as this he knows he can


cope with that. He slows the third 200 and everything is, we have got


you and close in. Brazier had to make too much ground. You cannot set


off when the field is this good. A young guy, 20, the American, a


massive talent, who will get better. Bett is a massive talent, as well.


Amos then goes away. Comes into the home straight, the arms flailing.


The action we love. He has the ability, the strength that allows


him to do that, a hard way to run it, go out hard, slow, and go again.


Second round of the triple jump competition. Really a super split in


the middle, to give her the range. That is 14.21, following a 14.18, so


she starts off well. Kimberly Williams, a couple of times and


Olympic Games finalist, twice the World Championship finalist as well.


She was six in London, 14.48. Still going strong. Good balance. That is


roundabout 14.5. It's 14.31, 14.02, the second round is no job. Caterine


Ibarguen leads to Billy Williams, based in Birmingham, trains at Aston


Villa. Within two centimetres of the Olympic champion. Now Caterine


Ibarguen, round three. A massive middle phase from her. That's


better. Not as far as she wants. She knows that's an improvement though.


White flag, all right on the board. Very good indeed. A centimetre to


spare. The sort of range she has here, just maybe decelerated a


little bit. Holds it together so well.


Huge step there. Caterine Ibarguen, 14.51. There it is, Williams took


second, 14.31, Paraskevi Papachristou with the jump that you


saw. The world champion in the pole vault in action here, Shawn Barber.


Had no vault, his first Moult-macro. 5.40, the height he is attempting


here. Yes, well, Barber, that was his second attempt at 5.40. Won the


world title in Beijing. That looked a good clearance, actually. The


national champion again this year. He was fifth in Eugene, and third in


Paris, just to give you an update. But he did win the national title.


This fellow, well, his third and final attempt at 5.40, Raphael


Holzdeppe. He is world champion in 2013, silver-medallist in 2015, and


needs this. And he's got a! Let's say it was ragged! There was nothing


beautiful about that but the end result of a clearance. A third


attempt clearance. He's got a couple of failures that will work against


him, of course. He charged in there, desperation on the top. He left hold


of the poll and flowed over the top. It's a good clearance, he is capable


of so much more. Here's the Olympic champion, Thiago Braz. He's finding


it very tough to get back to the form we know he has. He's gone from


the competition. Remember, this is a man that cleared 6.03 in the Olympic


final and was a very surprise winner there. He's on home soil in Rio and


really performed well. You could see the potential there. He's got the


height. You just drops down onto the bar. The timing not quite right.


He's had his injuries and problems and is struggling to get back.


GABBY LOGAN: Next bit the men's 200 metres,


including Andre De Grasse, the Olympic silver-medallist. He


finished second to Usain Bolt in Rio and will be hoping to go one better


at next month's World Championships. Joining him at the start line is


Ameer Webb, who won the 200 metres at the USA outdoor track and Field


Championships last month, which resulted in qualification for


London. He'll be joined by Zharnel Hughes, who had a disappointing


fifth place finish at the Anniversary Games last weekend. Can


he hit form here on the tracking Rabat?


COMMENTATOR: We come to the men's 200 metres.


It's a tough one, as one would expect at this stage approaching a


major championships. With Andre De Grasse in the middle lane five.


Olympic silver-medallist, twice Olympic Games medallist and he


really is a man of the present and right inside him is Ameer Webb of


the United States. 20.09, won the trial at 20.09, into a headwind, so


that was pretty tough. This is Warren Weir Ross Jamaica. 27 now,


world champion silver-medallist in Moscow, third in the national


championships in Jamaica in 20.39. The men's 200 metres.


Away this time. Warren Weir got away well. Rasheed Dwyer going strong.


Andre De Grasse has a lot of work to do. Andre De Grasse charging through


the inside. He's going to take this one. He takes it in the end. He gets


it ahead of Ameer Webb, who really dominated on the bend. Powerful it's


a meeting record, 20.03, and he didn't have the best bend but his


transition was good and once he started to get into the straight he


looked so Boeing. He looked totally in control -- he looked so flowing.


He stood up to the pressure that a Web put on him, he came passed him


but it didn't faze him. He sat in and gradually worked his way to the


front and took it beautifully. Andre De Grasse, Ameer Webb and Zharnel


Hughes, what a good run he had from the inside. Yes, he did well in


League One. I'm going to be harsh, I'm waiting for something from Andre


De Grasse. We keep hearing how good he is. You want to see that some 20


consistency. He was very good at this point of the race, his best bit


of the race. He should have been in a better position coming off the


bend. Ameer Webb is in a great athlete, he hangs on to third spot.


A very good distance, Fred Kerley running brilliantly at 400 metres.


I'd like to see him dominate a bit more, Andre De Grasse. If he's to be


a gold medal contender, the one everyone is going to look to, saying


he's the man to beat, we want a bit more. Others are starting run


quicker 200 metres. 400-metre runners are running quicker. I want


him to step up. This time yet, it's the middle of July and he's probably


saying be patient, so let's be patient. Men's jump, early stages.


The long jump, of course, in such rude health. It's a cracking event.


It's dominated by the South Africans. This was the top man, but


no longer. Getting close to the eight-metre mark. I'm sure they'll


be wishing the number one in a world well, but they might think there's


an opportunity. Mokoena begins with 7.9 four. This is a real talent,


Lawson. An 8.50 jumper last year. A man who knows that on his day he can


take on anybody. Early stages here. Make the final in Rio, finished just


outside the medals in fourth. It was a night of big competition. Lawson,


just outside the medals. That's better. The Americans have so much


talent in the long jump, but at the minute the South Africans are


leading the way. Set them back a little bit. Is good to see a and


closed at 8.7 zero. This is world-class. But that's about an


eight-metre mark, isn't it, and we'll see what he's got. 7.9 nine.


-- 7.99 will stop here's Samaai. My goodness me, he really got on the


board. That was a good, powerful lift. Second in the national


championships behind another jumper. There is such a depth of talent in


South Africa. He's very powerful on the runway. Just a little hitch


kick, enough to eradicate the rotations in the air. What's he got?


It looks as though that's going to challenge the lead. 8.2 one. He rude


moves up the rankings, the first place.


The women are out for the 1500 metres, 14 athletes, one pacemaker


in there. Here's the lady in form, the Polish, Nelly Jepkosgei. Laura


Weightman run 4.1 this year. Very competitive women's 1500 metres


here. Away they go. Jenny Meadows in all blue on the outside will look to


come across and set the space for at least 800 metres, maybe up to 1000


metres. It looks like the Moroccan has slotted in quickly, Rababe


Arafi. Others are being stretched. Jenny has gone off pretty quick


through the first 200 metres. The crowd getting excited with Rababe


Arafi in second place. Nelly Jepkosgei moving up on the outside


as they come through 300 metres completed, three laps to go. It will


interesting to see what happens with Shannon Rowbury, she's a three times


Olympic Games finalist. Really, she has the credentials. 4.05 this


season. 4:01.61, I'll get it right, 4.0 161 this season, but she's a


3.56 competitor at very, very best and that was in 2015. Jenny Meadows


perfectly right on the nose, 63.4 for the first 400 metres. Tucked on


the inside is the fast finishing hole. -- Samaai. They need to make


sure the gap doesn't close. They are beginning to queue up there. Jenny


Meadows just watching to try to see if they can coax the field with her,


as they come round with two laps to go and a bit of a gap. She's wanting


to control the rest of the field, if you like. Yes, I guess they running


about 4.3, but it will speed up towards the end as we get into this


part of the race. The pace, Martinez now looking to get a little bit


closer upfront. Just looking at the way the fielders bunching, it might


have slowed a little bit down the back stretch. Its load on the second


lap and it's now slowed again. Laura Weightman of Great Britain itching


to go. They are bunching. Rabara because the traffic jam behind her,


didn't take the pace. Nelly Jepkosgei has moved up behind the


bridge. She's decided to stretch this out because they slowed right


down. Brenda Martinez, Shannon Rowbury trapped on the inside, so is


the Pole. Laura Weightman leading as they come round to take the bell but


they hole have chances here. Yes, let's see what sort of place there


on as they commented the bell at three minutes. I think this is going


to be quicker and if Laura Weightman can hang on then well, who knows,


but they are still all queueing up, it can go either way here as Judith


Kiyeng starts to move up and stay close order. The British champion,


Laura Weightman, stretching them out. Rababe Arafi trying to go past


on the back straight. The USA runner trying to close the gap. Nelly


Jepkosgei moving on the outside. They are looking to finish quickly


here. It's Rababe Arafi, the local athlete, in the front, then


Martinez, then Nelly Jepkosgei. Look at the crowd response to this.


Rababe Arafi attacking from the front, then Martinez, Weightman.


This is Angelika Cichocka doing what she always does. It's Angelika


Cichocka. 4.1 the winning time. They lost the time in the middle of the


race, came back strongly at the end and this is what this young lady has


become very good at. She's winning races. I remember doing this in


Stockholm last year and Angelika Cichocka is becoming a threat in


these races. She knew what she was doing and


Martinez was pretty well spent at this stage and Rababe Arafi, who led


for most of the race paid the penalty. Rababe Arafi went for it


and you would expect that in front of her home crowd. Get inspired is


the BBC Sport campaign to help you get active. You can find


inspirational stories from people like you as well as hints and guides


to help you give something a go. There is also an activity finder to


help you find something to try near you. Just get up, get inspired and


get active. The crowd are getting involved with


this. Listen to the crowd. Lovely. Very straightforward technique by


Berrabah. A Moroccan in front of his home crowd. What has he done? He hit


the board perfectly. That is as good as it gets. He has a lovely hand


technique. Gets the long position and that is an eight metres jump if


ever I saw one. Really attacks the board. He gets the lift. Once you


hit the board, how high can you jump? You get the length of the jump


from that. 8.14 for Berrabah. Jarrion Lawson of the USA. Lawson,


second round. That is a good one. That is huge from Lawson. He stands


up out of the pit as though that was, OK. I think that will challenge


the lead. He was fourth. 8.30 three. That is a season best for the


American. All of them legal jumps. The wind is not helping, completely


still. Rushawl Samaai. He is the man to challenge. 8.33 is the target.


Lovely. That is a good jump. That looked about the same. He is shy of


the board. Did not get as much of the board as the rested, well,


Lawson. Lovely. I think that will challenge the lead. 8.30 one. Two


centimetres down. 2.27 for Robbie Grabarz. That is nice. Looking in


nice form, Grabarz. Nice rhythm going into the bar. Tied for the


Olympic bronze medal in 2012. Not too far away in 2016. 2.20 seven.


Andriy Protsenko goes clear, as well. Three men clear. All going


clear at second attempt. It is a slightly odd setup for the high


jump, tucked up in the corner of the quadrant. Very close to the


finishing line, so they are kind of running towards the crowd. The crowd


are loving this, particularly with Gianmarco Tamberi, the Italian. He


has had a lot of injury problems which resulted in going to hospital


and he is gradually coming back. He is the European champion. Almost a


season's best for him. 2.18 and 2.20 in his previous competitions. 2.28


gave him hope. STUDIO: Elaine Thompson is looking


to build on her win at the London Anniversary Games. A time of 10.94


mean she is unbeaten in 2017 and even won with trainers rather than


spikes. Her main competitor to night. Blessing Okagbare. Great


Britain's Olympic relay bronze-medallist lines up, Neita.


She would need to run a season's best to stand a chance. The women's


100 metres. The double Olympic champion and all of those likely to


be here, there, or near the World Championship final. Okagbare six


times African champion. And Baptiste, we have not seen too much


of her. Seconded her national championships. This is one of the


better-known athletes over 100 and 200. The Olympic champion over 100


and 200, Elaine Thompson of Jamaica. Marie Hose said to -- Marie-Josee


Talou has been thereabouts. The women's 100 metres.


Thompson has a good start and Williams going well. Talou on the


near side and Thompson wins. Talou in second place and a photograph for


third. 10.80 seven. A new meeting record and my goodness, that was a


good race. It was for half of the race and then the burners went on


and Elaine Thompson, once again, shows the class she has when it


matters. She is only going to run the 100 in the World Championships,


we are told, so to emphasise on that race, the rest better watch out.


That is impressive. She has a 10.71 this season, but that was very


impressive. Did not get the greatest start. Williams of Jamaica got away


like a bullet. When it came to the race proper in the midfield, it was


Talou and once again Elaine Thompson. She gets a good start,


Thompson but Talou, going quicker in the middle of the race, then she


gets alongside and Thompson said, you are not winning this, I am going


away again. Good performance from Talou. I love Thompson, really, and


in full flow, still looking relaxed. Talou fighting a little bit.


Michelle-Lee Ahye coming through for third spot. They can see why


Thompson is the best in the world. 8.30 one. That looks better. A big


smile on his face. Challenging the 8.33 second round jump of Lawson.


Not sure what happened there. Samaai, lovely technique. Gets the


rotations, avoids the heavy rotation, and that will challenge.


8.35, he has gone into the lead. He was down by two centimetres and is


now up by two centimetres. Good performance. The American, what can


he do? The finalist in the long jump. Fourth in Rio with 8.20 five.


He has come on a bit since then. And that look good. He hit the board


well. He had been standing out there a long time and I do not have -- do


not know how much that took the edge off. A good hit on the board. He


struck it well. 8.17. That will not challenge the 835 lead. Good


competition, appreciated by the big crowd in the home straight. And


there is the result. 8.35 enough for Rushawl Samaai. The race on the far


side about to get under way is the 3000 steeplechase for men. El


Bakkali of Morocco could feature in this race. He has been going well


and won in Stockholm. Kipruto. Still not broken nine minutes. It might be


the time to have a go at it. If they are going to take this on, the field


will split early, I would think. The pace they were looking at was 2.38


for the first 1000. The pace going out very quickly. There was no clear


declaration who was taking the pace in this race. I think we can see


where it is going at the moment. Kipsang the second of the


pacemakers. And then the champion himself, Kipruto. Leading the field


at the back. Very interesting to see what happens now with Birech. He has


latched onto the back of the Olympic champion. 2.29, Robbie Grabarz. His


third and final attempt in the high jump. No, no, Robbie, he had that


problem in Shanghai and I spoke to him in Shanghai. He injured his


ankle and it was bruised and he said it took awhile to get it back and he


now needs one or two classy performances to set himself up for


the two classy performances to set himself up for the 2.30 advanced


jumps. This is the third and final for Gianmarco Tamberi. I think he is


European champion. He is. Not clear on that particular day. He has had


injuries and surgery. He is desperate to come back but the time


may be running out. With others at 2.38 closing in on 2.40, it might be


too much for him to come back. Andriy Protsenko is a 2.40 man at


his best and he has struggled this season. They are finding 2.29 a


stretch. Finally, somebody goes over. Andriy Protsenko, third


attempt, he takes the high jump competition on a little further. Not


much of it. His backside just scraping over it. Not the best


competition in terms of height achieved with only one man going


over to .20 nine. -- 2.20 nine. The third and final attempt. He needs


this badly. No. Of course, these events always end up in failure.


5.70, in second place. Pawel Wojciechowski in the lead. It is


good to see him coming back. He has had problems. World champion in


Moscow. A silver medal in Beijing in 2015. He is a good competitor in


championships, but he has had in form. Nothing positive in a


constructive way. Lisek next up. Nowhere near that, Piotr Lisek has


gone as well. The 5.75 is really finding them out.


Raphael Holzdeppe, 5.70 on the second attempt, but failed three


times at 5.7 five. Third attempt at 5.85, looking good, Pawel


Wojciechowski. He's got it. Brilliant piece of vaulting.


Just look at that again. Each charges down. Left-hander,


incidentally. Five point 85. He passed at 5.75, passed at 5.80, he'd


already won at 5.70, with Raphael Holzdeppe are taking two attempts.


That's an emphatic win, passing the two Heights, and taking a third


attempt at 5.8 five. That's a very, very good performance.


Leading the trailing group is a more secure Ruy. These two are now away.


They went through a slower lap. They went through in 5.24. The crowd are


getting into this. Two laps to go. Where he was hanging on, he's trying


to take the race by the scruff of the neck. Soufiane El Bakkali, he's


no slouch, but he's trying to run away and already two metres appears.


He looks very confident. He is gradually made up the difference. He


got behind him a bit but he gradually made up the distance and


it's between Soufiane El Bakkali and Gary is the code Ibehre. I wonder if


the home crowd can help them take this on. A musky Ruy -- Amos Victor


Riu is way off at the moment. They will speed a bit towards the end,


that's for sure. I wonder what Birech will do, attack on the water


jump? No. He's just got to be careful he doesn't get too carried


away too early. The crowd are going crazy! He's hurdling well, this is


the main thing. He's picking up distance off the barrier and he was


smart. On the water jump, attacked the Kenyans. He hears the bell. He


has a six or seven-metre lead and it's starting to look as though this


could be a massive victory in front of the home crowd here. Soufiane El


Bakkali leads. The 19-year-old Amos Kireev you in third place. Soufiane


El Bakkali was second in Rome, he won Stockholm, he's getting used to


winning. That's good news for the local crowd. My goodness me, the


crowd noise here is emphatic and he's moving away even further. A


fabulous, fabulous run by the Moroccan. He promised much and he's


delivering. Just over 100 metres to go! The celebrations, the personal


celebration begins. Let's watch the clock. His personal best is 8.0


five. He's looking very, very close. 8:05.13, a personal best, by four


one hundredths of a second. A personal best. Birech in second. It


was a competitive race, but I've no idea what happened to the reigning


Olympic and world champion. I've no idea what you said, it was so loud!


I couldn't hear anything! Raising the roof, Weller wasn't one, but had


there been one it would have disappeared. A personal best. If he


hadn't been waving to the crowd it could have been a bit more. A huge


performance. He's putting himself up there is real contender.


The women's 400-metre athletes out on the track, a great feel. There's


Caster Semenya, the Olympic champion at 800 metres. I'm told she is


looking for a very fast data grid in Monaco next week in a Diamond League


on Friday. This is an ideal way for her to sharpen up for that.


Cleanly away. Shaunae Miller-Uibo starting quickly. The Olympic


champion. Quinn are hate is chasing her down. Natasha Hastings, with the


long locks, in between the two of them. The Olympic champion is 23


years of age, trying to chase down on the outside. Quanera Hayes is


trying to get back into this. Caster Semenya miles behind. Shaunae


Miller-Uibo has a lead over the American. Look at this, Shaunae


Miller-Uibo goes away as Kwanda Hayes starts to sink. Surely Shaunae


Miller-Uibo, look at the time. It's not quite the world lead and it's


not even a seasoned's best for her. We'll wait to see what it gets


rounded down to. A couple of hundreds outside, it's a new meeting


record. What was impressive for me was she went out hard, certainly. By


going hard then it looked as though they might just start to make up a


little bit of inroad into the lead, but she went away again in the last


50 or 60 metres. Indeed, that was a very quick first 200 metres. She had


that 21.91 national record in Eugene over 200 and gives her confidence. I


think she was testing herself. By the time she got a 300, she had to


gain and then again, the margin of victory was what impressed me, not


just the time, but the margin of victory in their end ahead of


Hastings and Hayes, the two Americans.


Our last event on the track, the men's 3000 metres, 7.5 laps of the


track. Again this has been set up a little bit really, hoping for a home


win. We've already had one. The crowd noticing him on the big


screen. Safely away in this 3000 men's last


event. The two pacemakers are rating to get to the friend. They are


pushing and shoving. Oh, dear me. This lad gets ten out of ten for


enthusiasm! He's even having a fight with the pacemaker to get to the


front. They've set off at a fair lick. Way too quick, 28 seconds.


This is all for Iguider, hoping he will perform as he has in recent


years. His record at major championships is very good. He's


slotted in there. We will get a check at the first 400 metres. It


looks swift. We were looking for something about 60-61, and he went


through at 58 there. , maybe 59. The race is really on. Iguider takes on


Mechaal. The other Moroccan in the red and


green. The crowd is starting to get excited here. 500 metres left to


run. Iguider on the front. Trying to get back to close the gap that has


appeared with the top three. They come round take the bell. Iguider


leader. Bouqantar and a good position. Iguider is the favourite.


Bouqantar are still there. They are trying to close the gap, trying to


get in it. Struggling at this point. Look at Mechaal, the big kick.


Iguider Halsey Loft-macro, this is what he does well. Listen to the


crowd! The Spaniard has a look behind. Huygens see the two as they


start to move away. Iguider with a metre lead. He attacks again. The


crowd wants them and the ball away and Iguider will do that. Moving


away from Mechaal. It's going to be a consecutive victory for Iguider in


Rabat. Iguider over the years, it's stood him in such good stead, that


finishing burst. He can't take on Mo Farah and one Rojer of the others


but he still going to be a threat. 30 years of age. The man who, in


front of this sort of crowd, certainly producing a big


performance against. It is a seasoned's best for him, not as fast


as last year. A big personal best for Bouqantar. Personal bests for


quite a few of the athletes behind as Iguider takes the plaudits.


Iguider winning with the seasoned's best, lots of personal bests all the


way down to seven. That's quite impressive, most of it came on the


last lap. A big win for the home crowd. You know what they say,


points win prizes. There were plenty of prizes tonight. Mainly it was


confidence that was won. Eilidh Child third, Mitchell Blake said,


Laura Weightman force, but it was the win for CJ Ujjawal Ub that was


the most impressive, 9.9 take the cross of -- across a good field.


He's performing consistently well. We saw what a home crowd can do for


athletes' performances. When London comes around in a few weeks, there


will be British athletes who rise to a higher level than their world


rankings. GABBY LOGAN:


That's all the action from Rabat but there's plenty more top sport coming


up on the BBC. On Thursday night there are highlights of the Open at


Royal Birkdale, HP BBC Two. We have live diving coverage from the World


Championships this week on the red button on the BBC Sport website and


the swimming World Championships begin on the 23rd of July BBC 24


5pm. More Diamond League highlights on Saturday from Monaco. Following


that the focus will be fixed on London for the World Championships.


The countdown to Friday the 4th of August continues. London, are you


ready? Mo Farah wins the gold! It's a mammoth job. -- jump. David


Rudisha is going to win the world title. It's going to be Dafne


Schippers. Laura Muir has smashed the British record. Usain Bolt! I'm




Gabby Logan presents highlights of the tenth round of the 2017 Diamond League from Rabat.

With the trip to Morocco coming three weeks before the World Championships in London, the world's best athletes are desperate to find form in north Africa.

Rabat made its Diamond League debut last year when the 14-meeting global series headed to Africa for the first time.