Day 2, Part 2 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 2, Part 2

Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the World Athletics Championships from the London Stadium, including the women's 10,000m and the men's 100m finals.

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This is world domination by Mo Farah.


Michael Johnson storming away to another Gold Medal.


Magnificent, Carl Lewis, that is history in the making!


Jessica Ennis Hill is back on top of the world. A new world record.


Champion of the world! Usain Bolt!


In front of his home crowd, in the city he knows so well and the city


he loves, the track that set him on this brilliant journey. It has never


been as quick as this, it has never been as hard as this! This is


phenomenal racing! The British best. With his heart pounding beneath it.


He is a one-man world superpower, it is gold for Mo Farah.


One of the things that separates the all-time greats from the rest is


their ability to deliver when it matters most. We witnessed that in


spine tingling form last night thanks to Mo Farah and stagnate, it


is the turn of this man. -- tonight. Usain Bolt, of Jamaica. Usain Bolt


is the world junior champion. It is going to be gold for Jamaica!


Usain Bolt is the Olympic champion. He has done it again, a new


world-record! 9.5. It is going to be gold. The


champion becomes a legend! Unbeatable, unsurpassable!


Usain Bolt, three times World Champion!


Magnificent seven, the Odyssey continues!


He has saved this title, he has saved his reputation. He may have


even saved the sport! One last time.


What a night it is set to be in the London Stadium in The Queen


Elizabeth Park. Des two and Usain Bolt night. The final championship


of his career. He has got the semifinals and we hope the final at


9:45 p:m., the man's 100m vinyl, you do not want to miss it. Incredible


atmosphere building here and IM privileged to be part of the


sell-out crowd here, because everybody knows they will see


something special, it is that man Justin Gatlin is, is he going to


cause the upset? Not many can. Usain Bolt has seen the challenges of his


career and he always runs them down. They bombed into each other on the


track inevitably and somebody was more keen to say hello than the


other! That is the way friendships and rivalries go! Usain Bolt never


seems to really let anybody get under his skin and he had this


incredible run of people coming at him. We have all enjoyed watching


those rivalries, but somehow, he has bounced them off. Yes, he just has


that confidence. It is not as if he has come out of nowhere, he has been


in the sport so many years from junior level right the way to the


finishing part of his career. I think that confidence he has and


enjoyment he has for competing and being in front of a big crowd and


performing the way he does, he carries that into every event. Said


last night, Jess, it is about knowing when the time is right to


finish your career, when you are not enjoying competing as much and he is


getting to that point because it was a struggle to get to the line in


Rio. I imagine on this the final day, the emotions inside must be


just, the butterflies and anticipation and excitement. It must


be huge. Just getting yourself ready for a race when his body is getting


tired and it was a bit older, he is struggling to hold it together and


to stay healthy in the season, getting ready for a big and


important race like a World Championship final is huge, but when


you know it is your last race and you so publicly stated that, it has


got to be at the emotions will come out afterwards. Before that, it is


the same showman, the same building it up, involving the crowd, any


emotions will come out may be on the rostrum when he has crossed the line


and not before. There was certainly in motion here when we met as one of


the most incredible 10,000m races ever in a championship final, Mo


Farah was going for his tenth championship gold and he is on his


way to a better double gold on the global stage attention to life. --


potentially. When you have a lot of everybody, the morning after, or


what you want to do? You want to chat the Brendan Foster.


Legend. I tell you what! Time and time again, he has delivered, one


more time for Mo Farah. Honestly, it was lovely.


In front of his home crowd, in the city he knows so well, the city that


he loves, the track that set him on this brilliant journey.


Congratulations, that was a fantastic performance last night, a


pleasure to be there. Ever nervous? Yesterday was different for me


knowing it was going to be the last ten K, I was just quite all


yesterday. People were like, what is wrong, Mo? Early part, it was going


reasonably, you were pretty close, you normally go to the back. I was


pretty close, and you something would happen because the last ten


years, they were saying they would be me on what they needed to do and


they never load up. Now fair play, they followed this year and they


made it one of the toughest championships of my career.


Already orchestrating the crowd because York Strait the races as


well. I am telling the people, I have been nation behind me, what you


have, boys? It has never been as quick as this.


3,000 metres to go and it was hurting, I was tired.


Physically, that race was a bit crazy. 800m to go, I nearly got a


couple of trips. From that point, was like, they are not going fast


enough to beat me, try and control it where you feel good and where you


have something left for the last lap and go for it.


That was always my plan. The British best with his heart pounding beneath


it. Tell us about crossing the line.


It was beautiful, I really enjoyed it. There was that moment where it


will not be forgotten. He is a one-man world superstar! It


is gold for Farah. Excited for next weekend? Arsenal?


No, Mo Farah, 5,000 metres. Physically OK? Some scratches and


bruises, just have to take care of it and dressed and get ready and


think whatever happens happens. It is a new race.


Mo looking smart in his spectacles and very fresh. The morning after


the night before. That is the medal table, let's savour that, it looks


good, Paula? Very good, if it carries on like that, it sets the


ball rolling and it is a great start. I'm sure the atmosphere


inside the camp with the gold medal must have boosted everybody today


will stop look at the fans, pouring in. They are the lucky ticket


holders. If you have a ticket for tonight, you know you are in for a


treat, not just for the semifinals and finals, we also have the women's


semifinals and the 1500m and a fill condiment for Britain. You must be


thrilled. It was amazing to watch last night, so happy to see gestured


back and taking that race by the scruff of the neck. -- Jessica Judd.


Qualifying for the semifinal, she's in a top semifinal and she might


have to do the tonight but she is having fun with her running and to


be surrounded by Laura Muir, Laura Weightman and Sarah McDonald,


looking forward to watching the semifinals tonight. So loaded with


talent, these runners. And running it in a hat tab on, you do not have


to think much about your race strategy, it was a time trial --


heptathlon. In the big sense of the word, you are kind of racing against


yourself. In the 15, tactics is a huge part and I can't imagine having


to run the race and think about everybody else and how I will get to


different positions. Laura does so well and they have just breezed


through Canterbury and looked confident. Excited about the


semifinal and hopeful for all of them. It is going to be tough, it is


one of these toughest races, if not the toughest race depth wise of the


championships. Any other year, the semifinals could have been finals.


Warming up on the track in her shades, which I wonder if she had


those packed in her bag this morning when we had thunder and rain, we


have had everything! The Sun has come out, it is bathed in sunshine.


Looking fantastic. Starting to evoke the feelings of 2012. There has been


reallocation medals already starting these championships and that will


continue throughout. Jess is getting her gold upgrades tomorrow and it


was gold last night for Mo, but tonight for Jo Pavey, it was an


upgrade the Bronze. This is from fourth place in Osaka, the World


Championships of 2007, the Abbey to took the silver bailed a doping test


-- the athlete. That result meant it was Jo Pavey, the European champion


of 2014, who thrilled everybody when she was a relatively new mother out


there and she took that gold. A great Commonwealth Games the same


year as well and ended up in the rostrum on sports personality,


things came late for her in her career but you say, that was 2007.


What would a medal have done for her in her career at that stage?


Exactly, that is the biggest thing people who choose to treat rob from


the sport. It is moments like this and it is changing the race, the way


it would have been run and people's careers would pan out. Jenny Meadows


has spoken about losing medals meant she went away, trained and her body


broke down and she couldn't cope with that, and it is the knock-on


effect. You can never get that back. What cheats take from our sport, you


can never get back and you can't come down hard enough on them in my


opinion. You have got a lot of gold medals already, Jess, you are


getting another tomorrow, 6:45pm is your medal ceremony. An upgraded to


gold from silver. It is ten minutes away from the 100m medal ceremony as


well, so it is going to be a big evening for medals. But I have


noticed the athletes are wearing tracksuits. What you think? Still


debating what to wear. Have they a special maternity tracksuit? No, I


think they wanted me to squeeze into my 2011 tracksuit and I said no


chance! Trying to find something I will fit into. You looking cracking!


Were all here tonight and we will play everybody in and discus every


event that happens. But Michael likes his study time, he's out there


being very studious. Working out. He is listening! Working out what he is


going to say. We will discus the man's 100m. Michael, when you see


his cushion, you know they are coming in the House during the


night, so Michael is and Paula and Jess. Sorry, that was a bit hard! We


have got a great evening in store, this is what you can't forward to.


-- you can look forward to. The greatest athlete ever attempts to


add a 12 gold world medal to his unparalleled collection of his


career in ultimate style. Controversial American Justin Gatlin


was booed during the heats on Friday, can the arch villain spring


a surprise and upsell the finale of Usain Bolt?


Also trying to gate-crash in the 100m is America's Christies --


Christian Coleman, fastest in the world at the age of 21 issue.


He is in top company but could CJ Ujah claim a first British world


medal since Darren Campbell in 2003? Double European indoor champion


Laura Muir at once to break onto the global stage, she is one of four


British runners in the semifinals. With the high profile exit of Jeff


Henderson and the absence of Greg Rutherford, the stage is set for


world leader in South Africa's Hugo manana to deliver.


She struggled in the High Jump today but can Katarina Johnson-Thompson do


well today in the shot-put? Can the Belgian continued to


dominate the day? Here is the timetable tonight, the Heptathlon


with the shot put at seven o'clock and defiant last bit is the 100


metres semifinals for the men, then the stern test from Daniel Stahl in


the discus throw. Can he revisit his form. Four British athletes in the


1500m, headed by Laura Miller, then Luvo Manyonga in the long jump in


the absence of the injured Greg Rutherford. Henderson did not make


the final. At ten past eight, the 10,000 metres for the women and at


nine o'clock, the 200 metres and that is one of the pet events. And


at 9:45pm, Usain Bolt could celebrate his 12 championship gold


medal. It has been very eventful for the Heptathlon, our soul


representative, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, despite huge


promise earlier in her career, is yet to win a global outdoor medal.


The favourite is the Belgian, Nafissatou Thiam, and this morning


we had the Hurdles and the high jump and we have the story. The noise in


the stadium is building because everybody is getting ready for the


Women's Heptathlon featuring Katarina Johnson-Thompson and


everyone has a ticket and they are in for a treat. Not the best start


for Nafissatou Thiam, and alongside her, we have the lead from Anouk


Vetter. 13.30 three. That is not a good start from Nafissatou Thiam.


She never really got moving. Katarina Johnson-Thompson has work


to do, but it is the Netherland is doing very well, Nadine Broersen.


And 12.85 with Nadine Visser. We can think about Katarina


Johnson-Thompson exploding into that event and perhaps some safety in the


blocks because she was cautious at the start from Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. You had a good look at her, how is she looking? Not


the best start and she was looking worrying but she ran a good time. I


think she will take some confidence from that. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson, and we have Nadine Visser in front. Laura


Ikauniece-Admidina losing huge points, struggling with a leg


problem. If you were in the head of Katarina Johnson-Thompson, how do


you improve? Absolutely, that is the key to the Heptathlon, park those


emotions temporarily, stay in the moment and focus on what is coming


up next. The first attempt, 180. Great start for Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. Very relaxed looking Katarina Johnson-Thompson,


passing at this height. Basically, that is a smart move, you want to be


at your best when the bar is highest. It was a tactic she hoped


would pay off later in the morning but having passed at 1.83, she would


fail at 1.80 six. Failing three times here would be a nightmare. One


point 86. No! My gosh! And you can see just how devastating that is.


That is a massive disappointment for Katarina Johnson-Thompson, and she


knows it. Speechless. The competition continued until the


final two operates a shrug athletes, including the Olympic champion. She


has got that as well. 1.85. That was a clean clearance, delighted with


that. Neither could improve on 1.95,... The standings after two


events. And Nafissatou Thiam in the lead by seven points from Rodriguez,


who had a fantastic high jump and create that head-to-head we thought


would be with Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson, by virtue of the fact that both events were good but


not perhaps good enough for her, she is still in fifth place but she


still has the shot put and that is not one of her favourites. She is


well behind Nafissatou Thiam in distance. She is capable of 30


metres and that will get her some points, but Nafissatou Thiam is


fantastic. She is capable of throwing 50 metres. What has she


lost? Let us not say 1.98, but what if we said 1.96? It is massive,


people says the high jump is over weighted, it has been that way for


years but you are compromised, if you are a very good high jump, she


has to dig deep and she knows she can throw 13 metres, it is whether


she has left that baggage behind. She has to come out here with a


clean slate and be aggressive, I want to see her being aggressive.


She is not coming in here... She is such a proficient high jump. Easy,


nothing you would have said was wrong with that at 1.80? You


generally do not think Katarina Johnson-Thompson will get into


trouble, you can always feel she has what it takes to get over. That was


the second? And her jumping ability is incredible, the long jump and the


high jump but she just did not have any rhythm on the runway, trying to


clear the bar before she even had any height. There was devastation,


she knows that has cost her dearly. They worked on her conditioning.


Utter disbelief. We talk about mental state and before the Hurdles


we talked about her ability to compartmentalise and move things to


one side and in Beijing, she was devastated by the long jump and you


put your arms around her and we were back on watching that in the studio


in Salford and that was a real moment. As a new mother out there,


you could see the heartbreak on her face? Every heptathlete knows that


feeling, we were rivals but I knew just how awful it was for her to be


in that position, to have no jumps. It is soul destroying, that is the


event, you have to get through every event, mentally strong and


physically get through. Devastating last year. And Nafissatou Thiam did


that today, by her standards she had an average Hurdles? And she then


does this in the high jump? You always know things will not always


be perfect. You have to accept that, getting the personal best is a


bonus, it is rare, Nafissatou Thiam last year, that was some error and


she has grown into this role. I wondered how she would cope with


being Olympic champion and she has gone from strength to strength, we


saw that at the European Championships and she was supreme


and she has transferred that and she is in a very Nice -- nice move at


the moment. At lunchtime we felt disappointed for her and her


Heptathlon chances, somebody else could have an event that does not go


well and she can pick herself up? Hope is not lost? You will not get a


personal best in every event, you have to decide on those performances


and Katarina Johnson-Thompson has to shorten the gap between those


events, she will not beat Nafissatou Thiam in the shot put, it is making


those gaps smaller to get closer to the medals. The shot put and 200


metres left to come tonight and we getting down to only minutes away


from the men coming into the stadium for the 100 metres semifinals. Some


of them will still be on the track before heading into the cool room.


Or an ad-lib is there. The air is thick with anticipation ahead of the


main event, myself and Colin went through a crowd of nine people deep,


all having their eyes on Usain Bolt and is it fair to say there is an


element of nervousness in the air because of yesterday? Usain Bolt is


not the most comfortable out of the blocks and he was quite vocal about


how he was not very comfortable, that will have caused bells for


everybody but he is a professional and perfectionist and he will put


that to bed and were definitely give him, he would use. If the blocks are


the same, he will be coming out. He will not care about any of the other


competitors but who will be the main challenge? The semifinal is red-hot


and with Coleman for the United States, he was in the same


semifinal, we could see potential medallists going together very


early, they are like heavyweight boxers, there will be lots of this


Sun that going on until the main event! I should have warmed myself


up for that! He is up against the best? That semifinal is very tough


for CJ and he will drive his best, the fastest loser places. This man


likes to put his money where his mouth is, will Usain Bolt do it


tonight? Yes, he will, 9.81! It looks glorious, confident, Colin


predicting 9.81. He has come in two major championships under pressure,


in 2015 there was almost pantomime Theatre with Bolt against Gatland


and in the build-up to the Rio Olympics he told us how he dealt


with that. People loved seeing the 100 metres as the fastest medal in


the world. Going into the championship I was nervous, I was a


little bit worried, the extra pressure people but aren't you


because they were going with good against bad with myself and Justin


Gatlin. I remember my coach saying, listen, the only person I am seeing


showing off more on the occasion that new is Justin Gatlin. When he


comes to the championship, he will always be ready. He always pushes me


to be my best so I appreciate that. Justin Gatlin, he has never been


under so much pressure in his life. He is usually running away or being


chased. I talked to my coach and he said, don't worry, you are the


champion, you have been here many times, just get it done, you know


what to do. Justin Gatlin! Usain Bolt! Usain Bolt!


We are about nine minutes away from the first of the semifinals,


conditions could not be better? I think we will learn a lot in these


semifinals. Yesterday left some questions with Bolt questioning the


starting blocks and questioning his own performance. And that plus the


performance from Christian Coleman left some questions so we will see


things taking shape and we will have a race. How relevant do you think


that rivalry Usain Bolt was so eloquent about, how is that relevant


tonight? It is poignant, it shows you why Usain Bolt wins so many


races when he comes into championships where he is not at his


best, we have seen that time and again and here, he is more


vulnerable tonight that he ever has been in the past. But that is why he


will probably win, he understands how to deal with pressure and he


also understands the effect that pressure has on his competitors when


they think, maybe there is some chink in the armour with somebody


like Coleman. He knows how to perform and produce


the type of performers that he needs to win. Others do not know how to do


that and that is why he will probably win again tonight when he


is not at his best because some of those other people probably will not


produce their best performance. If they are able to do that, Christian


Coleman as an example has the fastest time this year in the world


and he looked fantastic yesterday, if you can do that again two more


times, maybe he can win. We are in for a real treat, but at the end of


the day, look, it is hard to beat him. And that piece about how he


understands the sport and himself as a competitor shows why he is so hard


to beat. Earlier, I was saying to Jess he had almost a struggle to get


to the line in Rio and to motivate and get himself to his final


Olympics, so it must have been a challenge this year. Today, he wakes


up this morning and he knows today is the last day, he must have a


range of emotions to deal with more than normal on the final


championship day. He is a unique individual in that he understands


and he has talked about, we saw in the documentary he feels pressure,


he just knows how to deal with it as a competitor. But as a person, it it


does not matter to him. His legacy is set. Life will continue. That is


not how he lives. Life will continue, it is not the end of the


world. He wants it bad, he wants to win and go out winning. But in the


grand scheme of things, it does not matter to him. And that is a very


unique balance. I can't see myself doing that, I would not put myself


on the line here, I retired on top after Sydney and when I weighed out


whether there was more to gain or to lose, I felt there was more to lose,


it will take my toys and go home! And that is what I admire about him,


he felt, there is nothing for me to prove. I still will put it on the


line and give these guys a shot at me. And he likes that. He feels like


he will give them a shot and beat them. A better reaction Justin


Gatlin from the crowd and there was last night, there was pantomime


BOOING last night. I went out and had a word with the crowd! All


60,000! I think again, if you are going to do that with Gatlin, do it


for all the people who have ever testified that in sport, do not make


him the poster child for what is wrong with the sport. It is a


fascinating 20 minutes for the semifinals, let's get down onto the


track for the first of three semifinals of the men's 100m. Good


evening, Steve Cram. Good evening, everybody. The chair


was on the big screen and in the stadium, it was Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. Rather than for Mr Gatlin, so interesting to see what


his image, when his image appears, what reaction he gets. We have three


races, we have three British athletes. Will one of them make it


through to the final tonight? Hopefully to join Bolt. Hopefully to


give this crowd not only the chance to cheer Bolt and whoever else is in


there. Dasaolu run very well in the British Championships. And he has


performed well all season. Up against him, he has got one of the


fastest men in the world this year, Akani Simbine, Aska Cambridge,


Julian Forte from Jamaica. Justin Gatlin is in six. An Zhenye Xie of


China. Well, he has a habit of running well in South Africa, Akani


Simbine. But not producing it in the championships. That was the case


yesterday. So he is in lane two. On his game, he's very quick. Aska


Cambridge is not the best of the Japanese, we will see Brown, a young


talent, in the next. James Dasaolu, the Croydon Harriers member. Loving


the crowd. He has to finish in the top two, only the top two guaranteed


and two Buster spots, three races the semifinal. Julian Forte, 995 in


qualifying, equalling his personal best. That was special for the


Jamaican crowd and there is a what in here tonight. There you go.


BOOING. Nothing else to be said really. The


crowd incline to have an opinion, in all sports they have those they like


and those they do not. Ivory Coast, having a wonderfully consistent


season chasing the CJ Ujah and others, Meite. Kim of Korea. A new


national record set this year. And Zhenye Xie, not the best of the


Chinese. And the Chinese will have a good Relay team. That will be later


in the week. So three semifinals, Bolt is in the third. This is the


first. Gatlin. He is in six. Dasaolu in four. Meite in lane seven will be


the big threat. A packed house, as you would expect.


A plain start, the quickest on the far side, Akani Simbine, Gatland


running through the middle. It is going to be close. Meite in fourth.


I said if he gets it right, he will be a threat, not as fast as I was


expecting from the likes of Gatlin. Even Meite. 10.6 in a slight


headwind. Pretty good conditions. Simbine winning by 41 hundredths of


a second from Justin Gatlin and that is a good return. Sadly, Dasaolu


will not be quick enough. And he was in fourth place anyway. What did you


make of that, Colin? Meite just held off by Justin Gatlin. Interesting


race. Everybody wondering if Simbine would turn it on and that is exactly


what he did come out of the blocks, taking an early lead. You know when


you go to the first round and you cruise through? You get chopped in


and outside lane. You do not get in the mix. That can cause a bit of a


problem. Justin Gatlin sneaking through for the second place. Much


closer, I was not expecting it to be that close. Expected it to be a bit


faster than that, but it is only the semifinal. Redman will be ready for


that final. It is interesting, I was chatting to the American management


and they were playing down Gatlin saying he had changed too many


things in his normal setup. Not sure he is in the right place mentally


for this and the BOOING can't help. That was not a Gatlin performance


for me in the semifinal stage. No, not vintage. He is getting older,


you have to add that into the equation, and he will all be looking


that always be looking, and searching, but in the final. 10.9,


one of the slowest races he will have run.


The heptathlete out for the third event of seven, Katarina


Johnson-Thompson, huge disappointment in the High Jump. Way


down on what she is capable of, soul destroying, in the words of Jessica


Ennis-Hill. First row, looking to salvage a challenge for a medal.


Down the left sector. Almost stopping in the middle. Around 12


metres. She can go over 30 metres. So a steady start. A little reverse


speed and changing technique. She has made this year. Let's have a


look at that. Not a bad start, she has got a throw in, above 12 metres


is OK. Not setting the world alight and it is not going to make ground


on the position. 12.1. This is one of the contenders for the medals.


Carolin Schafer, of Germany. In third place overall. And you can see


the personal best way beyond what we have just seen from Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. Over 40 metres. Different lines, it is a different


sector. The better throwers on one side of the sector at the end of


this Olympic Stadium. Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the opposite


pool. Based on lifetime bests. Good start for Schafer. Really good


start, lifetime best, 14.84. This is the event leader, the Olympic


champion, Nafissatou Thiam. In full flow. 1.95 in the High Jump, average


in the hurdles. The personal best is her season's best, over 50 metres,


this is the gap Katarina Johnson-Thompson is looking at.


Thiam looking to increase her lead. Got her right shoulder and that,


that is around, over 50 metres. That is a big effort from Thiam, of


Belgium. That is how to do it. It was pretty raw, actually, the


technique. A bit like the High Jump. 15.17. So Katarina Johnson-Thompson


losing more ground on the opposition and not much you can do about it at


the moment. Second of three semifinals in the


man's race. This is a big fellow, Emmanuel Matadi, he raced for the


United States in the past but is representing the country of his


birth, Liberia. Jamaican born Alex Wilson who has been living in


Switzerland since he was 13. Fairly modest in the last round. Yohan


Blake. World Champion in 2011. When Usain Bolt made a false start.


Outside him, this huge talent, 18 years old, Abdul Hakim Sani Brown of


Japan. Father from Ghana and Japanese mother. Bingtian Su,


outstandingly quick out of the blocks. Jak Ali Harvey, the former


Jamaican competing for Turkey over the last two years, finished well in


his heat to come through. This man had to finish well, he started


dreadfully, he likes a show on the start line. And then some noise to,


the Reece Prescod. Such a hugely talented youngster. A tall man, you


can see what happens, you can have problems and growing pains and now


only fulfilling his potential. 10.3 in qualifying, that was in lane two


and now he is in lane nine. Writing the flanks to the final of the 100m,


a big asked. To reach the semifinal, an achievement in itself. Only two


go through, the first heat, the first semifinal, was not quick. An


outside chance of being one of the two fastest losers. Prescod is in


lane nine. Second semifinal of the man's 100m.


Su Bingtian flies away. A stumble from Sani Brown. Prescod coming


through and he gets second on the line. Yohan Blake the victory. But


Reece Prescod is heading to the final of the world's Championships,


what a run once he got into his running! He was flying! He does not


know it yet, but it has been confirmed. He sees it on the screen,


10.0 five. Consistent, consistently quick. He ran so well in the first


round. And what a run he has put together in the semifinal. Yohan


Blake the victory, but most of the cheers inside the stadium for the


man in second place because Reece Prescod is true to the final of the


100m. What a strong performance from that


young man, if he could repeat that, he would be very close. His start


was not as good at the finish is one that Reece Prescod can always


deliver, passing everybody very easily. Only Yohan Blake. Everybody


else, he treated them like, OK, this is my turf, and I will fight


through. Brilliant run. Look at him moving past all except Yohan Blake.


He is tall, he is like Bolt. He needs a while to get into the


running. Popping out of the blocks, that is the way he runs. This is the


way he will improve, getting used to the start, he will have a very nice


progression in his sprinting life, lovely running from Reece Prescod.


Interesting things happening all over. The match touted Japanese


athlete, Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, had a terrible stumble. We can confirm,


these are the tables. , automatic qualification. Here he comes, we can


break off from Bolt as Katarina Johnson-Thompson gets ready for his


second effort in the shot put. Slight improvement. The noise in the


stadium as Usain Bolt enters, ready for the semifinal. The third event


of the Heptathlon, Katarina Johnson-Thompson losing some ground


and this is damage limitation, the shot put is not strong for her, it


is better than, well, 12.37, she needs more in the third round.


Balding macro the stadium erupted when Usain Bolt entered the arena.


We are hoping will be the penultimate time, we hope this is


going well and we would like to see him in the final, you are not


worried about the semifinal? Especially given The Times we have


seen, this semifinal does have Christian Coleman, that should be an


interesting prided to what we will see tonight but I do not think he


will have any problems. He is anxious to run at this point and we


will see something very different from the execution last night. That


was a very good run from Reece Prescod? He has a weirdo start, but


what was impressive is the finish, he was maybe in sixth place halfway


through. And to take second place, if you can get that start together,


he can get under ten seconds. He shows consistency, he can be really


good. His eyes are moving around, you don't tend to see that much, you


used to seeing the affiliates really focused, his eyes were going left


and right, just the way he does his thing. This is a new technique from


the new preparation camp, he is learning so much and he has been


working on his stance. Coming together nicely. Chijindu Ujah next


to Usain Bolt in Heat 3, the final at 9:45pm tonight. Steve Cram,


described the atmosphere. Just below us, around a couple of hundred


Jamaican supporters, very close to the finish line, they have placards


with the silhouette of this man, the unmistakable silhouette with his


pose and the word legend. And some scarves, which were selling outside


for only ?3. He does represent his country so well and there is a great


Jamaican contingent in London to support him. There is a lot of


nervous tension as well, that was very nice bowl from Shuhei Tada from


Japan. Emre Zafer Barnes had to come through the preliminary rounds. And


is this the man to upset the party, Christian Coleman? 12.01 -- 9.82.


Until the American trials, he was unbeaten. Andrew Fisher, another


transfer from Jamaica. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


This is what we have come to see. He is the one they have come to see. He


is the reason why so many people are here tonight. He has called Usain


Bolt. Chijindu Ujah next to him, getting some British support.


Brilliant run from Reece Prescod, what can Chijindu Ujah do? Jimmy


Vicaut is struggling with a hamstring injury. But he looked like


he was ready to go fast in qualification. And a bit of a


surprise, Cejhae Greene from Antigua and Barbuda, a 21-year-old, just


outside ten seconds this year. So far, pretty slow and I don't think


he has ever needed to be the fastest loser, at the moment 10.12 would be


good enough, and with Christian Coleman and Usain Bolt in this, that


is maybe what he is looking at. And with Bolt next to him, maybe he can


be dragged through to join him in the final. Here we go, the last


individual semifinal from Usain Bolt. Surely he has to make it


three? Bolt is away pretty well. And


Christian Coleman. Bolt looks across. 9.97. Well, he is through,


but there is a huge sigh of relief from the television stations around


the world, but that is interesting, the first glimpse of Usain Bolt and


Christian Coleman together and the threat looks like it is coming from


this man, not Justin Gatlin. Look at his face? His name is not on there?


The top four does not have his name. But we know, it's all right.


Interesting, just for one second the crowd were thinking, what is going


on? Surely that was Usain Bolt? And his name is not on the computer


screen. His name has disappeared early. Chijindu Ujah... He is on


there, right now. For a little while he had changed his name to Andrew


Fisher. He is not starting well but Christian Coleman is explosive?


Blasting this out. He says to Usain Bolt, this is how I am, if you are


going to hold me back, I will still be working harder for 15 metres


more. Usain Bolt, hauling himself out of the blocks, not charging with


frequency. Checking to his left, he can see Hellfire Coleman is in front


of him. You seem that long stride he has. And in the final, he will have


to nail that start and from a much better position at the 50 metres


mark and go from there. -- you can see how far. Usain Bolt looks and


control, I need to start to pull this all the way through. Still


glancing over there. And Christian Coleman, giving that little glance.


Bolt smiling. So close and yet so far once again? I did not quite get


out of the blocks. Really disappointed with that. It was the


toughest of the semifinals with Usain Bolt and Christian Coleman,


what was the thought process? I knew what I was up against, I just did


not not execute the start. And as for your roommate, Reece Prescod,


what can you say to him about the final? He is full of surprises, you


never know, amazing talent, why not get a medal? Why not? I am going to


get behind him and support him. I wish I could have been there with


him. Thank you for talking to us. Very disappointed last year, this


year it is two hundredths of a final by which he misses the final. And


the fastest loser... Jimmy Vicaut. Shades of Beijing when he got


through to the final but I suspect that is the tussle, Blake will


feature, how much quicker can Bolt get? He has got quicker in every


race this season. These are the qualifiers. Reece Prescod, brilliant


to see him, Christian Coleman, two from the USA and Jamaica. And


Bingtian Su. The second of seven in the high jump. Rodriguez from Cuba.


She has over 40 metres and that is better. Just shy of 14 metres. We


have talked about putting herself into contention for a medal and she


will be one to watch. Very good technique. The left side staying


strong, but shy of 14. And your best ever was 14.60 four.


She needs over 13 metres. She needs her lifetime best. Like a golfer


with a double bogey, she needs to birdie the next hole. She needs to


dig deep for a personal best. She needs to push on. She is not on for


that at the moment, she is on for 6498. Yorgelis Rodriguez is not


doing well, the bronze medal is still there. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson can still get that? I think so. Putting together this


textbook first day, Nafissatou Thiam. As solid start, not like the


Hurdles but was very good in the high jump and she has gone beyond 15


metres. 15.17. Getting ready for this second effort, she can really


go after this, she has that long throw at the points on the board in


this third event. She can really push her right shoulder, this is


where she gets her distance from. Maybe losing the left side little


bit, dropping below. I don't think that is any improvement. And that is


what happens. But the Olympic champion leads the world here. And


at the moment, she looks unstoppable. There is no improvement


14.76. Nafissatou Thiam, fantastic in the shot put and delivering, like


Rio, where it matters most, and building on the impressive high


jump, I'm just head over to the board with Michael. Michael has been


working hard on some analysis. Reece Prescod in the Men's 100 metres


final tonight. He mentioned his start, you said it was strange?


Slow? Just a little bit weird, we can look at him in the semifinal,


Great Run, fantastic, watch here, not a great start, already behind,


at this point he is maybe in fifth or sixth place and this is where


things get impressive. Ready to pick up the speed and come through. Look


here. This is causing it to be weird. His


ankles almost touching, that will not get you much power of the blog


and that is why his start was not very good at all. But again, he was


able to come through it and overcome that, a poor start. To keep his


focus, continue to execute. His eyes on the finish line, and just pick


through the field. Get himself into second place. Amazing performance,


to get himself into the final. Is that something that he could


literally change in a split second? His mother is watching and she text


at him to say his ankles were together on the start box, does that


make a difference? It can make a massive difference because he can


get a better push from the starting blocks, it it is also the way he


came off the blocks. If your ankles touch and you put pressure on the


blocks and that does not propel you forward, it propels you inward and


one knee towards another, you do not go forward. That is absolutely


something. He is young, it could be just a mistake. There's time ever


Usain Bolt has been beating the semifinal or Olympic semifinal --


first time. He could have won that. Let's take a look. Much better in


this race and he had been in the semifinal. This is what he wanted to


do, to come out here and make up for what happened yesterday and he does


very well. No problem with the blocks this time, a better start.


This time, he executes and he takes his time and his more patient. Last


night, he rushed it when he saw he was in trouble. He slows down, he


looks at the screen and he feels comfortable and he knows he could


continue this if he wants and go and win this. But he will be very bit


for the final. And I think there is more where that came from. Does he


will leave a bit. Why would he do that? For his own confidence going


into the final not push that bit? Because he always has confidence and


he does not need to build confidence by beating Coleman who is not the


World Champion and Olympic champion like Usain Bolt. He knows he just


needs to be patient and do what he does and stay within himself. When


it really counts, which is what he always does, then he will put it all


on the line. Ready for the moment, Michael. Paula has joined us, what


we are looking out for? On the track. Laura Muir. She is in the


first of the semifinals of the 1500m, all British women made it


through, all four. Laura is the Diamond League winner and the best


in Britain. That is why we get four women in the semifinals, what race


to she need to qualify for the final tonight? She knows, she just has to


run it like any race, and she always lays it on the line and she puts it,


makes it into a brave and tough race and she will do that. And Jess Judd


as well. Just might have to run another personal best to advance


through to the final, she would just attack this race. They are up


against Kipyegon. Caster Semenya. Dibaba. Any of the year, it could be


a final. Coming through thick and fast and these semifinals are the


highest of high quality. The women's semifinals of the 1500m and it is


Heat 1 and Mrs Steve Cram. Round one was the highest quality


ever in a major championships in terms of the time achieved and part


of the worst you to Jess Judd which made the others have to run quick


because of her frontrunning. Two Olympic champions, Kipyegon and


Semenya. A defending World Champion, Dibaba, also the world record


holder. Laura Muir, the champion in the European Indoors and the


European outdoor champion, Cichocka. Also the likes of Arafi and grace of


the United States. Quality athletes and only five go through. Tsegay


under four minutes this year and she is still only 20. Laura Muir. She


has got a bit of a strapping on her leg. I think she has been nursing a


bit of an Achilles issue. Hopefully, that is OK. Might get a look at that


strapping shortly. The defending champion Dibaba and almost looking


back to her best. Just an incredible world-record. We were not sure


whether she would run the 5,000 and she chose the 1,500 and she might


yet run the 5,000. Personal best by Jess Judd, superb run in the heats,


it you can expect something similar. She knows nothing but to go out and


run as hard as she can. The others will love that. Arafi, Zoe Buckman


of Australia knows this is a tough semifinal, as does Klein. And what


about Caster Semenya? The Olympic champion at the 800m and they have


just ignored her on the start line. The Olympic 1500m champion Kipyegon.


Faith very popular among the 1500m runner contenders. Semenya is a


stranger amongst this group of athletes because this is not her


normal event and most people very surprised to see her contest this as


well as the 800. The semifinal, five to go through, the two fastest


losers from the two. Sitting next to me, you and I both enjoyed Jess,


Rebecca, incredible journey to get back to this form. Yesterday in the


heats, a lot of people saying how much they enjoyed her running. It is


kind of all she knows and I think we will get something similar. It is


really good. An athlete knows her strengths. Even under pressure, the


World Championship semifinal, she is taking this competition and sticking


to her challenge and that is a real strength for the young lady who we


will see a lot more of in the future. Dibaba realises she has got


to get close. This is a loaded field with real talent in it. This could


grace any final and it is going to be tough for Jess. A little bit


tougher... There goes Dibaba, no, it was the other Ethiopian athlete. She


is having a race. Trying to get back but she has lost four, five seconds,


but Jess Judd does not let up. A perfect first lap. Yesterday, she


said her dad told her not to go too quick on the first lap and this time


it is more circumspect. 65, just bringing this up gradually. We hope


she can use her strength, she has good strength and she will know she


is not as quick as many of the other big names. But if she can stretch it


out and get rid of some, it is a test of endurance, it is the impact


yesterday had. The impact that has had on everybody today. Trying to


work on Brendan's microphone. Jess Judd is coming round with two laps


to go. We are watching for the 800m mark. Pretty much giving up,, that


is sad for her. Laura Muir on the inside. Arafi. Kipyegon behind Laura


Muir. I went through in 2.11. Almost identical to yesterday. She is


tiring, she did well yesterday Jess Judd, Laura Muir on the inside and


the middle but Dibaba is where she wanted to be. And look at Semenya on


inside just cruising alongside the other bit champion. Olympic


800-metre champion Semenya and away goes Kipyegon. She decides to needs


to be in a better position in the finishing straight. The poll in the


red and white Cichocka. Laura Muir alongside Dibaba. Jess Judd looks


tired as the big names take it on. A mix-up race, this is Laura Muir and


Jessica Judd fading but Dibaba holds the inside. The Olympic champion is


next to her. This is Laura Muir putting herself in the right place.


Right within the limit 800-metre champion Caster Semenya. 65 seconds


and now the race is on. Laura Muir looks really comfortable. Supremely


comfortable. Kipyegon looks relaxed. Working hard. Cichocka. We know what


Semenya can do. Kipyegon at the front. Dibaba a little anxious, only


five go through. Laura Muir in a perfect position. Kipyegon leading


it. Dibaba in trouble. The surprise is Hanna Klein of Germany. Laura


Muir, Semenya, Arafi. These five pulling away. Kipyegon, Laura Muir,


Semenya, Cichocka and Klein of Germany. The first surprise, the


winning time is 3,56. Two Ethiopians who I would have put my money on


getting through, one is the defending champion and the


world-record holder and the other is a very good athlete, Tsegay, who


crosses the line distraught after falling earlier and Jess Judd looks


tired. A messy semifinal, Brendan. But Kipyegon and Laura Muir,


brilliant. Looking comfortable. Two hard races. Two hard races, Steve.


That is why Jessica Judd is flat on her back and you can see the


strapping on the leg of Laura Muir. Giving consolation to her young


team-mate. Laura Muir looked really good. Really strong and powerful.


That was a lot of action in that race. A lot of talent in that race


and the two British athletes, well done, Jessica Judd. And Laura Muir


trying to help her. That is the Olympic champion, Laura Muir


alongside her looking powerful and looking good. This is Semenya, just


doing enough. And the surprise of the race, Dibaba fading away in the


home straight. Muir looking good. Kipyegon deal a bit champion looking


strong. Here comes Caster Semenya. Klein of Germany, they are the five


qualifiers. And surprise, surprise. The reigning champion takes no


further part, except look at the times, we will have to see, but


Semenya looks good. Laura Muir should feel really confident about


that, a strong performance. I think she is down there now. With Phil


Jones. He is there. She is there. Yet ready for them. Laura Muir.


Both British athletes with me. Are you OK, first of all? Yes, I


gave it everything. I couldn't do any more. Yes. It is OK. You


attacked it like you always do. They wanted to, I was getting kicked a


bit. It was so far. The last 24 hours has been crazy. Everybody has


been lovely. That is why you go out to race. I did that for me. It did


not pay off but to make a semifinal is just, I am over the moon and it


is my dad's birthday so I wanted to give it a good go but it wasn't to


be. Next time. Laura, it shows the camaraderie and the team, supporting


your team-mate. Triumphant on the global stage like we hoped, showing


tremendous form. Thank you, yes. I wanted to get the semifinal, that


could have been a final. Jess did a great job and she was amazing,


running a BB is great in something like this. A bit of strapping on


your calf, at your Achilles. Is it something we should be worried


about? No, my foot is fine, my body was not used to it being back in


spikes, but all good. As you run the race, you said it could have been a


final, as for the final, a quality field, but you look on top form.


Yes, really surprised how I felt. I just felt really good and wanted to


stay out of trouble. A girl went down at one point, the 1500m is


scrappy and I wanted to get the final, glad I did that. We wish you


well, congratulations, Jess, all the best going forward. Thank you and


thank you to everyone at home as well, thank you.


Yes, this is just exhaustion from Jess Judd. We knew she would run


herself into the ground pretty much, glad she is all right. Wobbly legs!


A discrepancy in size but Laura Muir doing a great job, a bit of a crutch


for a while and Jess saying thank you very much. Good friends, the


British quartet get along very well indeed in this event so they will be


delighted Laura Muir has gone through. But the surprise is the


World Champion Dibaba, world-record holder, she has to anxiously wait


and watched the semifinal and Hanna Klein of Germany the surprise among


the big names. Important moment here for Katarina


Johnson-Thompson, her last chance to improve on her second round. She


will throw 13 metres at her best and I really want to see her going after


this. Something around 13 metres would put back into medal


contention, but no. Disappointed with that. What did you make of


that? Perry Street legs and upright when throwing, there was not enough


flex in her legs to use the quadriceps and her groups. Again,


throwing 12.72 in her best performance. This is leaking another


17 points. But again, Yorgelis Rodriguez has also underperformed so


there is a chance for a medal but you have to fight for it. It looks


like Nafissatou Thiam is setting out her stall for a gold medal once


again. 15.17, what can she do here? She threw 14.51 on her best effort.


That 15 metres maybe puts back on course for 7000 points? Hip, chest


and arm, let us see the distance... 15.17... Better than what you dreams


of. I would praise something around 16.9. -- predicts something. The joy


on the face of Sarah McDonald that you find out she had made the final!


Laura Weightman, she has made the last two Olympic finals. Can she


make her first world final? Not a happy hunting ground for the World


Championships but she has the quality. Perhaps not the great star


names of the first eight, another world champion


with Jenny Simpson. She took the title in 2011. Fastest in the world


this year, Sifan Hassan. Perhaps the favourite for the title, really


surprised to see her struggling. Mind zacro with her left thigh


heavily strapped. And Meraf Bahta from Sweden. High quality. Can Laura


Weightman find a way through? The two fastest losers as well. Genzebe


Dibaba is not our Kent. Laura Weightman will want a decent pace


for this one. -- not out yet. She is trying to encourage the pace. Not


trying to set the pace on her own, leaving space on the inside, she


looks comfortable and strong, Jenny Simpson... With mind zacro on the


inside. She knows the time, she can do 4.5. And as one of the fastest


losers, that is a big advantage for her. Sifan Hassan is under the


tutelage of an American and is a lot stronger. But this is very good


running from Laura Weightman but nobody is responding to her? We were


looking for a decent pace. This is Besu Sado trying to get herself into


a better position. This is familiar for Sifan Hassan, loitering but she


will make her move, she had a blistering finish in Beijing a


couple of years ago. Could not quite get back to Genzebe Dibaba. She has


a great change of pace and she sits at the back, like Mo Farah, waiting


for her moments. Jenny Simpson, the other American, upfront alongside


Laura Weightman. Laura Muir, the Diamond League winner, but then look


at Sifan Hassan, she is a lot smoother and stronger. Off the front


from the German. Making this sensible move and that is a burst of


speed. Can she keep going? Error in pursuit are they know how good she


is. She is prepared to try to win her way through the hardware. She to


get out from the front in her heat. Just scraping through after leading


all the rest of the accolades and look at that gap she has opened.


This elfin figure. Sifan Hassan coming back to the front of the


chasing pack, Besu Sado making her move also. They hit the bell.


Konstanze Klosterhalfen will be hurting soon. But Sifan Hassan


leading the chase. It doesn't really matter, five left to qualify and


then the fastest losers. Look at the speed of Hassan. And Besu Sado


speeding away. On the bike straight, Laura Weightman battling it out.


Trying to hang on as the pack close in. She will pay the price, as


Hassan comes past. Jenny Simpson is there. Laura Weightman trying to get


past Winny Chebet. Here comes Laura Weightman, looking for the gap on


the inside! And Laura Weightman is coming. Jenny Simpson! Laura


Weightman takes fourth place, just ahead of the Moroccan. She judged


that well and is smiling, she is into the final of the 1500m. She was


not frightened by Hassan and Meraf Bahta. Laura Weightman ran


unmeasured race and she has her reward. That was not a conventional


way to qualify for a final, you can tell Laura Weightman that her coach


was sweating. That was a very strange race went Konstanze


Klosterhalfen went away, that is Laura Weightman putting pressure on


the bike, Konstanze Klosterhalfen fading away, Hassan is powerful and


Meraf Bahta is equally strong. She has to do this almighty run in the


home straight and she is beginning to do it. Winny Chebet struggling.


Accelerating and suddenly, thank goodness, Laura Weightman finding


something in the last 50 metres. Sprinting through. So close to fifth


place. And her nervous coach, Steve Cram, is delighted, as he should be


but he will not have run many races like that because sometimes that can


go wrong for you. Struggling for a little bit at the back but when she


got into contention... Will, dear Alex Pike that was messy. -- old,


dear. The first smart thing is not to go mad and we thought she was


going hard but there were too many people for my liking, some great


athletes, Besu Sado, Winny Chebet, everywhere there was danger but what


you will know with Laura Weightman is she has guts, she is strong and


she likes hard races and she has found some extra pace this year and


that is what she did at the end, and for me, this is when you think she


will dig deeper than anybody in the home straight, everybody does but


she will fight to the line. In 2012 in London, she got to the final by


100th of a second by sticking through and she is doing a little


bit of the same today. She is watching that fast finish, to make


your way through, into the final of the World Championships, she has


been an two Olympic finals before. A little bit of applause and she is


talking to fill. She has been watching the replay and she heard


what Steve Cram was saying. We always have known you have had


determination? This year I believe in myself more, I have never run a


race like that before in my life. I knew it would take a great race and


I cannot believe I did that! I was so nervous. But the stadium and the


crowd is incredible, I knew I had to catch three or four. I was gaining


places, to finish in fourth place, over the moon and so thrilled to


make the final. And the role of that crowd, that was all for you? There


is no greater feeling than competing in front of the home crowd, I love


the stadium, I cannot wait for Monday. What can you achieve? After


the race of your life tonight? Anything is possible if I keep


believing in myself, the matter what happens, I will come out with a good


performance. Well done, all the best. Safely through, there we are,


confirmation... Jenny Simpson alongside running a very good race.


Tidying things up. Sifan Hassan will be the favourite, Lecabela Quaresma,


Laura Weightman. Sara Vaughn in ninth place. These are the finalists


for Monday. Laura Muir, Caster Semenya is also in their and Jenny


Simpson, Genzebe Dibaba will go through as one of the fastest


losers. Completely out of sorts but she might have a chance to recover


from Monday and Laura Weightman is also there. Next on the track, the


longest of the Women's races, the 10,000 metres but we will know in


two hours, who is a world champion over 100 metres. There is one man


who feels he is pure gold. We first time, that is a good start from


Powell, Usain Bolt streaking away from the field! That is superb, this


is a new world record! Away they go, Usain Bolt going past already,


blasting around the top bend, Shawn Crawford tried to handle him.


Streaking down the home straight. What is a time? It is gold and a new


world record. I do not believe it! Absolutely brilliant! Get set...


Powell was the quickest but Usain Bolt is getting into his stride,


pulling away, he is going to win the gold. 9.64, the champion becomes a


legend. That is a clean start, Bolt out of the blocks really well, Blake


has a lot to do, look at him go, three metres lead, coming into the


home straight, here comes Yohan Blake but he will not catch on,


Usain Bolt is going to do that. Gold all the way. 9.32. Bolt has been


left in the blocks, Gatland is leading. Usain Bolt is going to take


it! 9.80, the magnificent seven and the Odyssey continues! He gets away


well. Already away, the grass is running well. Usain Bolt, on his


own, as he has been throughout his career, running away from everybody.


Running to what he would love to be able to do as an athlete. This is a


gold medal, his eighth gold. Six individual gold medals in his


Olympic career, we will never see his like again. Sun setting on his


career tonight. The stadium grappling with anticipation. He is


in the final, one hour and 45 minutes away, the last time he will


be on the blocks in a major championship. Doubts always around


him at this level, but it is about his attitude and pressure. Is he up


for it? He certainly looks up for it. Who will challenge him all the


way? Christian Coleman, maybe Reece Prescod of Great Britain. But he


always seems to know how to win. That final is at 9:45 p:m.. It is


Bolt night and also heptathlon evening as well, the shop but under


way. The 200m coming up shortly and the men's Long Jump final is around


the corner. And there is a man in the House tonight who is not out


there jumping, but he certainly put himself into athletics and World


Athletics Championships history, he is the reigning World Champion.


Olympic glory came first, followed by a European title and Commonwealth


gold last summer. Out in front at the World Championships. And he


looks set to complete the set. In the fourth round, he is looking to


extend his lead. That is big. That is a huge jump. It is a mammoth


jump. Greg Rutherford in the fourth round. The pressure was on. 8.41, a


seasoned's best. Rutherford takes gold here in the Bird's Nest.


Rutherford completes his Grand Slam. It is unbelievable!


Are not many more people that have crammed more into the last five


years this man. The smile is still broad despite the injury and they


all still be in the stadium! If you want to swing round to look at this


lot. The Greg Rutherford fans in the House. This man will spend every


single moment he can signing autographs and taking pictures, he


is a gentleman. Let's start positively and talk about the


memories of this place from 2012. They must come flooding back? Yes,


the most amazing thing being here every day, this crowd is about


27,000 people less than it was five years ago that it feels louder.


Every moment I see a Long Jump are warming up and getting ready to go,


I am just desperate to put on my kit and say, don't worry, I am here, I


am ready. Sadly, it is not to be. This is a new experience for me


being injured and is talking about it rather than being in it. But this


place is one of the most wonderful tracks in the world and I am


thrilled I can be here in some capacity. Everybody loves watching


this, EU more than anybody. Those images. You got two babies now, but


the time of your life? Definitely, I look a lot younger and I had more


sleep, you can see by the face. A bit more grisly, I am ageing


quickly! London 2012, for me, is the defining moment of my career and the


greatest moment ever in my career. Having my children is more


important, obviously, but athletically, you aim to become one


of the best in the world. That is what every single British athlete


wants to do. Every athlete wants to become the best in the world and I


have been very fortunate I have had my time doing that. It is not over,


a very keen to come back and the fire in my belly watching this over


here and getting ready to go is getting me going. If he had a


jacket, he would be unzipping it now and ready to go. You are desperate


to be at the anniversary Games and performing here and you held of the


decision. Why could you not be out here performing? Sadly, this year


has been one of those old-fashioned Greg Rutherford years and I have


been dogged with injury. I had an injury in my back which caused


problems. And the ones that have been documented more recently, two


ligaments in my ankle popped. That is less than ideal when you need to


run down a runway and jump. There is a hernia in migraine. Some tracking


them up this year! Very keen to see the back of them. I will have to go


for surgery on the train. I have been in this situation before. After


rehab, get ready for next year. Been there and done it and you will come


again. But the disappointment is we will not have either of the last two


Olympic gold-medallist because Jeff Hansen went out yesterday, so what


do you make of the competition here? If you are competing, you would win


easily, but who should we look out for? This is a fascinating Long


Jump. I think the favourite has to be Luvo Manyonga, he has been


jumping so well and he is on something we all hoped, jumping


regularly over 850 at the start of the year and that is important to


boost the event. Henderson is out, but he is one of the only ones left


with experience of winning a major championships. Without him, it mixes


it up. I spoke to Dwight Phillips and former Olympic champion from


2004 and he reckons Lawson has that but he is American and he would


always say that! A spicy bentonite. If it is any consolation, you will


not be competing but at least I get to watch this with my friend which I


never thought I would get to do. Very quickly. Beyond this, you are


having the surgery, have you put any timeline on when we might see you


compete and jump again? Yes, absolutely, I will take the indoors


seriously for once and when you get ready for the summer coming you


train through the winter, but I am going for it and there is the World


Indoor Championships. I held all four outdoor Championships and they


do not have the two indoors. There is a world and it European Indoors


and if I can win those two, there is nothing I have not won and that


motivates me. That is a target, a UK comeback. We will have the wires go


into Grant Brie possibly and you might see me jumping. Dashed the


Glasgow Grand Prix. Meanwhile, we have a Long Jump.


Good to have you back. That World Championships, the indoors, it is in


Birmingham in March. So exciting Greg says he will jump indoors


because we do not see that very often and he has the intention of


coming back into big-time, tuition. Looking forward to the women's


10,000m in a fume moments. Paula is definitely the person to talk to


about that. But Laura Weightman, that was a gutsy run and she said it


well, I'm not normally picking people of like that on the home


straight. No, Maura is discovering that about herself. She has


discovered she is quicker than she thought she was this year. -- Laura.


She was digging deep as she always does and you was finding something


and she was seeing something coming back, she saw Klosterhalfen coming


back. But she went away from her in the last ten metres. We'll have done


her confidence so much good for the final. She just wants to go in and


have fun and see what she can do. That is a race that is a nightmare.


Seemingly no plan. And so you can easily get eaten up in a race like


that through no fault of your own. That is the kind of race where if


you are not calm and you have not got your stuffed together, you


really get into trouble. People going at the front really hard and


is dying and coming back quickly. People falling over. And chipping.


She needed to keep out of trouble and stay on her feet and keep


fighting freight route of the last minute. The most important thing you


can do in a round is keep fighting until the last round. A double order


Laura which is fantastic news and it be an incredible race, Laura Muir


raced beautifully and she sailed through to the final. The women


coming out for the 10,000m. The name on the page jumping out every time


is Tirunesh Dibaba. Twice Olympic champion, like Mo Farah. She is also


an Arsenal fan like Mo Farah. She does not have the doubles record but


imperious at the 10K, you can beat her tonight? Ayana can and she did


so commit singly in Rio last year. I have not seen either of them race


this year on the track. We need to get an idea how they are looking


over the first couple of laps. Is it going to go off as quickly as Rio?


That was the fastest championship final and probably race we have ever


seen. Ayana had the most incredible race and that was a morning session


in Rio. A very unusual 10K final. This is the most traditional place.


Tirunesh Dibaba might as well be wearing a crown, distance running


royalty. Yes, when she first came onto the scenes, for so many years


we called her the baby faced destroyer. Is 31 now and it seems


that she has been around forever because she was winning major


championships in 2004, 2,000 five. She has changed and she has been


away and started a family, but still coming back extremely strong and she


probably ran fastest and surprised herself with health asked she went


in Riyadh last year with 29.42. It would be destined because Ayana runs


so hard and so quick. This is the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and making


it look very straightforward, the five K victory. Yes, she did. She


dominates and she has the Arsenal, very like Mo Farah over the 10,000m.


But he does not win by that kind of margin. No, he likes to leave it a


bit later. She does not launch an attack until late in the race, but


she does it with such speed and so much better than the rest of the


field in so many races that she just moves away and has a large cushion


by the end of the race. As always with the 10,000m, there will be


races within a race. Plenty to get your teeth stuck into, Brendan


Foster and Steve Cram. Intriguing race in prospect, one of


the all-time greats, Tirunesh Dibaba. Ayana would love to be


considered in that position eventually, but if she bit? How has


her injury affected her? Is there anybody in this very good Kenyan


team capable of upsetting the Ethiopian script? And what about


surprise medals? We saw Emily Infeld pipping Molly Huddle last time, the


two Americans in a scrap for third and fourth. Infeld celebrating a


little early, the drama unfolding behind the front two. A lot to look


forward to, really good conditions for the 10,000m run. If there is


such a thing. One of those sentences you should never release a! And we


have got Beth Potter in this. -- never really say. Now moving on to


the Triathlon. Charlotte Taylor. Trying to look down the line. There


is better. -- Bath. And Jess Martin. Anyway, Tirunesh Dibaba introduced


to the crowd. I don't think they do too much together nowadays. There is


Dibaba and she is fine and fit and healthy and training well. We heard


the rumours she has not been going quite so well. We shall see very


shortly. So these Kenyans will be hoping they can take it on. Jebet


Tirop. A youngster really when she won the championships, 21 now. She


has not got the fast times. All three Kenyan is capable of running


fast. Yasemin Can face Laura Muir at the Indoor Championships in March.


There is Jess Martin on the back row. The third of the British


athletes. And world cross-country champion Irene Chepet Cheptai, this


time in Kampala. The Ethiopians did have a trial which I went to. And


the top three, they just ignored and they have got Tirunesh Dibaba and


Ayana. But are they fit and healthy? The women's 10,000m final. 25 laps


of the track and we had Mo Farah to chair last night. With all due


respect, Beth and Jess and Charlotte, the crowd will be once


more looking forward to a real tussle tweet Ethiopian and Kenya but


can anyone else get in amongst it? -- between. We had a world record,


Brendan, in Rio last year. I don't think we will get I don't think we


will get a world-record tonight, but we did not think we would get one in


Rio. It took us by surprise as we went round. Tonight, real drama in


the 10,000m last night and drama in this event in the later stages. Not


as much British interest at the sharp end, I feel. There definitely


will not be. And trying to sort themselves out, they look as though


they are doing two laps of the track before they go on to the marathon


course, just jogging around and taking it easy.


Tirunesh Dibaba essay, the five times world champion on the outside


and they go, steady, almost jogging, but eventually they will get going


and the race will really take off. Here are the finalists for the Men's


long jump, Greg Rutherford watching on. This is a very mixed group of


continents. Asian, European, Africans. Yuhao Shi rounding things


off, just 18 years old. The only American left in there is Jarrion


Lawson, he went out in qualifying. Fouled in the last round of Rio with


his hand, and it potentially was the gold medal winning jump. The lead is


7.80 nine. 428 secret. Fast on the approach. That is big. 23 years old,


Greg Rutherford mentioned him as a contender for the title. They know


the South Africans are strong. But Jarrion Lawson... Cutting the


Sandwell into eight metres. That looks in excess of even 8.40. Very


good balance and rhythm, that was a very tidy first round. Exactly what


he would have wanted. And that is a season best, 8.37. Looking back at


one of the earlier jobs. Luvo Manyonga. Is that the scream of the


champion in the making? He has troubled background. He came from


poverty in South Africa, losing out on Olympic gold by just one


centimetre and that is a big jump but red flag. That was the earlier


jump, look at this, qualifying yesterday. He is very good on the


board, look at him driving his knees, great position of his heels,


keeping his upper body upright and does not rotate and crash into the


pit. That was 81 seconds, this is more


like a marathon. And not even a very fast marathon! They went through the


first kilometre in what would mean 35 minutes for 10,000 metres. People


at home might think they could do that! That is OK, 10,000 metres does


not always have to be so fast, it has one of the greatest proponents,


Tirunesh Dibaba, her first title in 2003 in Paris, where she is, I have


always enjoyed watching her and I remember looking at some film of


action, just the way she runs, so efficient. Somebody said she


eventually would end up as a great marathon runner and we are starting


to see that. 14 years, top of the world, winning 5000 metres and


10,000 metres titles and this burgeoning marathon career. When he


was your style, I was watching her and she does not look very good at


this pace. She looks good at a proper pace and she was shuffling


along, but looking like anything special and deciding she was a


little bit bored with this but remember in London? The 2.17


marathon, coming in and winning in the 10,000 metres, only running two


marathons in her life, both in London, she loves running here and


she appreciates the British crowd and she has the most medals of any


female athlete in the history of the World Championships, and going all


the way back to 2003, arriving as an unknown Ethiopian and she has been


called the Queen of distance running and that is a title she carries


pretty well. In Manchester, wedding 10,000 metres pretty easily and in


London and I am sure she will run well tonight but whether she will


win or not, that is why we are here. Watching Michel Torneus moving


around. There she goes. For the first time coming to the front. I


think the first question for a lot of people watching is, is Almaz


Ayana OK? That is 3.20 eight. Early stages. Very slow, maybe some pace


being introduced but we have a cracking long jump final going on.


Yes, really hotting up. Ruswahl Samaai, lifetime best, the


second-ranked South African behind Luvo Manyonga, who had that foul


earlier on. The first round. Chasing that lead of Jarrion Lawson. And


that is big. That is over eight metres. That is a good start for


Ruswahl Samaai. Buying in the Olympics last year. Second on the


world list this year behind his team-mate. And he has made the


better start. He carried the speed onto the board, that suspension.


Only eight centimetres to spare, that is a great shot, working hard


to counter the rotation and stretching as far as he can into the


sand. Disappearing out of shot. Second place, 8.25. Here is the past


champion, the winner in 2013, Vanessa Chefer, one of a handful of


athletes who are competing as neutral because of the blanket ban


on the Russian team. He was cleared by the review board in July so he


has got himself ready. Can he retain his title? He is ever so bouncy


whenever he gets things right. And this is a demonstration. His


season's best is 8.32. Unbeaten this year but has not been outside of


Russia. He has competed with all sorts of injuries over the years,


and he is one to take very seriously. That was a big first


round. Nothing blistering. Aleksandr Menkov is still favourite, the lead


is Jarrion Lawson with 8.37. And he goes into second place with 8.27.


Here is a little look at the discus earlier on. Look at that. Close to


70 metres from Daniel Stahl. Enormous distance. For this big


band, two metres tall and 50 kilos. He really retains his width. He is


very consistent this year. 69.19, going into the lead, was Daniel


Stahl. The Lithuanian was second best. He then did this! Look at


that! Almost bang on the 70 metres line. Just shy of an enormous


championship record from Andrius Gudzius and that took the lead in


the second round. And it is still the lead as we get to the end of the


final of the discus. Andrius Gudzius ahead of Daniel Stahl and a lifetime


best from Mason Finley. What a time to do it! Back to the long jump.


Their main man, Luvo Manyonga, what is going through his mind after that


foul? We didn't get to see how much of a foul that was. But Lawson is


very quick, collegiate champion, Luvo Manyonga is the fastest on the


runway so far so let us see how they can pull things together. 8.65 is


his world lead. What has he got in the second round? That did look a


little bit tight but that is big. Way beyond the lead of Jarrion


Lawson. That looks closer to nine metres and eight metres. I thought


he looked tight on the take-off. Out look at how calm and collected he


was, getting out of the sand and winking at the coach. He gathered


himself. Perfect board. With six centimetres despair, what a


wonderful shot of that hitch kick, that was huge from Luvo Manyonga.


8.48, taking the lead in the second round.


So, Luvo Manyonga, relief after that foul. Order is recent. And order has


resumed in the 10,000 metres final. The first 3000 metres have been


pretty pedestrian, almost ten minutes, and the pace picked up and


all of a sudden things have been broken up, guess who? The world


record-holder, Ayana, throwing in a quick lap, this is about 300 metres


of hard running. And the other Kenyan who has that gap. Because


Tirunesh Dibaba was slow to react, she would not have that acceleration


and Ayana decided enough is enough, that is 68, Matlab, they were going


so slow. As a distance runners sweep past, you big man, Daniel Stahl,


gets ready for his last attempt, trailing Andrius Gudzius from


Lithuania, both over 69 metres. This has been awesome but Daniel Stahl


needs to find more to take the gold medal. Another big hit? It stalled


badly and has dropped short of 65 metres. Silver for Daniel Stahl. And


that is the champion. Muted celebration, he has another through,


you maybe would have expected the big man to challenge the lead. That


pat on the bike from the Swede. He is happy with second, Daniel Stahl


was expected to take the title. And Andrius Gudzius, huge lifetime best.


69.20 one. Two centimetres ahead of Daniel Stahl. The pleasure of


walking into the cage, knowing he is champion of the world. What a


wonderful feeling this must be, looking at the championship record.


What has he got? Another big throw for Andrius Gudzius. Enormous! Maybe


not quite as far as his best, he did not quite like it. 69.2 one. And he


takes gold from Lithuania. -- 69.20 one. And this is the chasing group.


Chasing for third. Beth moving onto triathlon with success already,


winning in Cardiff are delighted to win the British championships. Based


in Leeds. They are picking up, a lot of them tried to go whenever the


race broke up. The leader is on the far side, the world record-holder


and Olympic champion has ripped the supplied. Almaz Ayana has stolen a


march and it is more than that, racing away and add a superbly quick


pace, the sort of pace you would not see in the 5000 that kilometre,


2.49, no wonder even the great Tirunesh Dibaba has attempted that.


They cannot go with this. Nobody can live with the pace of the


world-record holder. Her first race of the season, waiting to see her


arrival. She was supposed to run a race and it was cancelled. She was


supposed to run recently in Monte Carlo and that was cancelled and


here she is now after training in Ethiopian, another 68 second lap.


Running so much faster than the early part of the race. In the


chasing group, Dibaba has caught up. And looking down the field, there is


the leading British athlete Beth Potter. And it is a strange race.


But this is a very impressive athlete. Great piece of frontrunning


and Paula will be enjoying this in the studio. That has ripped the race


apart. No one can go with that, it is within the world-record pace. No


wonder she is so far ahead. It is faster over three kilometres the


most of these girls are capable of running. So no wonder she has not


been challenged. Can did and she is paying the price. Tirunesh Dibaba


never reacted. Almost as though she knew what the plan was and what


Ayana was trying to do and she decided to wait and run the race for


the silver medal and she has got herself into that pack fighting for


the silver medal. Yes, just on the back there. I was hesitating on


Alice Aprot Nawowuna. She took Ayana on on the first half of the race and


she faded as Ayana kicked on and got faster and faster to that incredible


world-record. Look at the gap she has. This is phenomenal. I bought


these three Kenyans might give her a race for her money but that is not


the case, they have had to let her go. She is way out in front and it


is about silver and Bronze. Nobody in the history of distance running


could have lived with her over the last couple of laps. We do not know


what will happen in the later stages as we get the laps ticked off, but


running remarkably quickly. And she did something similar in the felt


thousand metres in Rio and they did catch her and she did come back. --


5,000 metres. Now there is only one thing standing between her and


victory, her own application. Going so much quicker, so far away from


this field, she has destroyed them. Destroyed this field. Can she keep


going chasing that group, Tirunesh Dibaba?


Right, Jarrion Lawson is in second place behind that Nick Abbot of Luvo


Manyonga. The American. 11 centimetres behind. That is a season


best, massive crowd. Very supportive of the Long Jump despite the absence


of Greg Rutherford. Lawson, round two. That is another big effort.


This may challenge the lead of Japan -- Luvo Manyonga. What a competition


in the early stages. Six jumps for the top eight. Wilson may have


extended the lead of Manyonga on the Gold line, the South African.


Perfect on the board. He has got his eye on it and orientated himself


well. Jarrion Lawson is putting together a good series of jumps


here. That bodes well for the rest of the competition. 8.43, a season's


best again in the second round. This is a young man we got to know a


couple of years ago, he took the Bronze medal in the last World


Championships, Jianan Wang. He is 20 now. 8.14 in the first round. Round


two, good on the board, that is a big effort. Wang is putting himself


in contention. Lots of athletes fancying Bess. It could go a number


of ways. The Chinese looking good. It is interesting the man in the


yellow Hat, Huntington, the coach Turner Mike Powell. Perfect on the


board. Keeps his technique nice and simple. And body up in the,


stretches out. Holds his chest up. Just drops up behind his feet. There


is more to come, this competition is hotting up. 8.23, in fifth place in


the second round, it is tough out there. This is the celebration for


the discus. The big man from Lithuania in the middle, with a


massive lifetime best, Gudzius. Daniel Stahl had to settle for


silver. A beautiful sunset over the East End of London. I'm looking


towards this fantastic venue. And the excitement that we had here last


night is building again for Usain Bolt. This 10,000m final has got


people enthralled because the world-record holder and the Olympic


champion Ayana has put so much distance between herself and this


incredible field. Now almost half a lap ahead of the pack. She has just


run 3,000 metres in about 8.33 in the middle of a 10,000. Unbelievable


distance running. We have seen something tonight the like of which


you have never seen before. Never seen anybody destroy a field as she


has done. The slow and early pace and she picked it up and picked it


up. You look at that time, Steve, the 3,000 metres time in the middle


and you wonder, can she possibly keep going at this pace? When you


look at this field, you have two world cross-country Championships,


the steadfast is 10,000 metre runner in their and five times World


Champion Tirunesh Dibaba. And when she looks across the track, and you


will see how far she is. There is the chasing group down the home


straight. And there she is. Halfway round the top bend. When she gets


back down, she will be able to look down the track which lay and look


across and right opposite when she gets to the halfway line, they will


be passing the halfway line on the other side. I think she is going for


the new world-record, which is the record number of athletes slapped. I


will ask our word. The stitch and to find out. -- the number of athletes


lapped. The group after that, the Kenyans and Dibaba, the rest of the


athletes are within her sights and she is using them to keep her pace


going. So Ayana looking more tired but she has so many athletes to a


mat with five laps to go. I reckon these four might be the only four


she does not lap. She has come halfway down the home straight as


they have gone down the back straight. That is the chasing group,


the fifth fastest 10,000m run of all time is leading that and Ayana is


looking at the screen. She will not get too much information because the


athletes are spread around the track. Last night, we saw a


fantastic distance race. Competitive distance race and a great victory by


Mo Farah. Seeing the other end of the scale of distance running here.


Anna beat destroying a field and running at the sort of pace we have


never seen anybody run before in the middle of a 10,000m race -- an


athlete destroying. They are helping her now because she is working her


way through and when she comes past, look how well she is going and how


strongly. We are witnessing the night, Steve, one of the greatest


distance runs in history. A world-record in Rio, because


Nawowuna went out hard and she couldn't maintain it, but Ayana


could. Tonight, the first part of the race was pedestrian. It started


to pick up slightly and away she went. The last one was a 2.54. She


is getting tired. But it is the distance she has put between herself


and this other group who are the best in the world. The best of the


rest. And they are now 230, 240 metres behind Ayana. I think she is


going to win the gold medal, I wonder whether the 5,000 metres is


within her site and whether she starts to think about that. The


harder she goes here, the more recovery she needs to make. She has


got this race won, she looks comfortable, she is slowing a bit, I


wonder whether she is going to go back for the 5,000 later in the


week. Looking at the screen all the time and all she will see on the


screen is herself. There is no other athlete in the shot. She is halfway


down the home straight. The other athletes are not even halfway down


the back straight. She three laps to go for Ayana, and we are witnessing


a little piece of history. The final time the statistics will only show


how good this was when we analyse it. We are lucky, we have got Mark


Butler, the top statistician in the world, giving us this information.


And he says we are witnessing a piece of history. She does not need


to run now, there is the body, that is Ayana. Looking in front of me and


the other athletes are just coming in. The far side of the track,


Ayana. Nearside of the track is the chasing group. Tirunesh Dibaba in


fourth place. And in the history of distance running, Tirunesh Dibaba


has never been beaten by this much in her history which started in


2003. She won five gold medals, she has run great races and average


races, she is running an OK race tonight but she is some -- seeing


something she has never seen before. You are right. Last year, although


she was distant from Ayana, she was only 25 seconds behind her. It is


going to be more like five is -- 45 seconds this time. I still think


Ayana may not lap the rest of them before this chasing group because


that is definitely slowing down, but what a performance from Ayana. The


speech she is moving that in contrast to the other 10,000m


runners. And don't forget, these are the best in the world. You have the


Kenyans and the Ethiopians, they are the best from around the world. And


they are getting completely pulled apart by Ayana. It must be soul


destroying, these are decent athlete and Ayana is coming past at a pace


they can't relate to. Looking at her now, she looks as though she is


running slightly downhill, she is going so well, she is absolutely


brilliant here. Look at how she is passing them, look at how quickly


the gap opens. I was talking to her manager yesterday and I said, how is


she running? He said, don't worry, she will almost be as good as she


was last year in Rio. Well, you got this one right! She is coming round


now this time and she is hearing the bell. Superb piece of frontrunning


by Ayana. Plenty of athletes and some have moved to get -- to let her


through. A race between Agnes Tirop on the inside and Dibaba just


hanging in there. In the days of old, Dibaba would have unleashed a


great sprint on the last lap to win a gold medal but it is her


team-mates doing it this time. Dibaba borehole to get a medal and


join her on the rostrum. But we have time to savour Ayana -- Dibaba will


hope to get a medal. Having destroyed the field and shown a new


level of distance running, nothing to worry about except she will enjoy


the Wells title but she will collect in a few yards time, and a great


race going on behind her, but she does not care. The crowd is rising


to a wonderful piece of distance running. The Olympic champion, the


world-record holder, Ayana of Ethiopian is now the World Champion!


Fabulous running and look at Tirunesh Dibaba now, reminding us of


the great days when she would run for gold, this time she is trying to


run for silver. Agnes Tirop is hanging on to her, the age-old


battle of Ethiopian versus Kenya. They have dropped their team-mate,


so these two will get a medal, who is going to get the silver? Dibaba


takes a look at the screen and she sees Tirop is still bad. Does Tirop


have anything else? Dibaba not as quick as she used to be, but she


might be quick enough. Tirunesh Dibaba is going to make it an


Ethiopian one and two in the 10,000m. Silver for Dibaba. Tirop


takes the Bronze for Kenya, but a long way behind the winner Ayana.


In big sprinting for the lesser places from almost all the other


athletes, probably only six or seven of them were not lapped by Ayana and


she only started running after eight laps but my goodness she did and I


am delighted for Tirunesh Dibaba, that little smile, giving Ayana that


little hug. Any questions about the fitness of Ayana completely blown


away. Stunning performance, and a different way to last year when she


broke a world record but in many ways just as impressive. Ephemeral


the impressive distance performance by Ayana, a delightful performance


by Dibaba in second place, another gold medal for Ethiopia and the


British athlete, Beth Potter, coming through right now. Her career might


unfold at the triathlon. That was a strong performance on an evening


when everything went into second place with a performance the likes


of which we have never seen before. Well done, Beth Potter. In the third


round of the long jump. The South African is the Commonwealth


record-holder with 8.60 five. The Olympic silver-medallist last year


is in the lead. Round three. Another big effort. And another white flag.


He has the run right. Luvo Manyonga living up to expectation. He carried


that niggle from the Stockholm league, he hurt his ankle, but


Nu'uausala that as he puts in a very impressive series together. Look at


this. The wind on the bike straight is picking up, earlier it was minus


and we can see 1.2 metres, wishing him onto the board. Look at his


arms, getting in there. Dropping his feet early. That right foot. That is


8.32 in the third round for Luvo Manyonga. Very supportive crowd,


very knowledgeable, as ever. The jumpers enjoying that. And Jarrion


Lawson from the United States, 8.43 in the second round. Was that good


on the board? It was. Will this challenge the lead? Yes. What a


competition! He rushed that flight, whirling his arms around quickly and


he came in for a premature landing. RP goes, and he pulls himself down


below his hips, if he stretched he would have sailed and travelled in


the air longer. Premature landing but that is 8.40, no improvement in


second place. You feel there is more to come. The second rank South


African, Ruswahl Samaai. 8.25 in the second round. And second in the


world. Look at the way he runs, punched and lower, he could stand up


tall. And express himself. You can see those hunched shoulders. Getting


the white flag. Shopping into the board. The wind is picking up,


people will have to make adjustments, the stronger the wind,


the more that will push you in. It circles down and into the ground,


like a forward roll into the air, he needs to hold up his chest. May be


more to come from Ruswahl Samaai. Fighting that forward rotation


created by that slight outer body position. A shorter step is like


getting tripped over and that causes the rotation. It was not in front of


him, where it needed to be. We can reflect on that 10,000 metres


performance by Almaz Ayana. Replicating her run in Rio in terms


of streaking away, in her own way. That was on a different level. That


was dominance. To run 3000 metres in 8.33 is quick anyway. In Monaco,


eight .30, Ailish McColgan just behind her. But backing that up, I


would love to see with the last 5K was because she finished with 30


point 16. And setting off at the marathon pace and no wonder she


destroyed the rest of the field and she lapped everyone, finishing 47


seconds ahead of the silver medal, and that was Tirunesh Dibaba! But


somebody just turning up. She lapped pretty much most of the field,


including the bronze-medallists from Beijing in 2015. What can she do in


this sport? She could go down? She could make a fantastic marathon


runner? The world is for oyster in terms of middle distance running?


She can destroy the field like that, there were doubts about her fitness,


she is in shape or she is not, she is in phenomenal shape. She can be


very competitive over 3000 metres, 5,000m she could probably challenge


the world record and the marathon remains to be seen but on that


basis, it could be extremely fast. Just over one hour away from the


final of the Men's 100 metres. Beautiful scenes overhead in the


stadium. The rain has stayed away, there is this stunning sunset, going


down on the championship career of Usain Bolt, littered with gold


medals all the way, including a particularly magnificent seven.


Usain Bolt, here he goes, streaking away already. Watch the clock! That


is gold and he has done it again! Did you world record for Usain Bolt!


Away cleanly, Bolt gets a very clean start. An excellent start from Brian


Shawcross but this is all about Usain Bolt, three metres, five


metres clear and away he goes. Another gold medal. What is the


time? I cannot believe it. Once again, there is no mishap, as was


last Sunday night in the 100 metres. Gold is into the home straight.


19 .42 seconds, the fastest in the world this year. They get away,


DeGrasse gets the best start but Usain Bolt is going to get there, he


will take it again! Nine .70 eight. That was a clean start, getting out


of the blocks very well. Bolt going around that bend. Here comes Usain


Bolt. Changing through the gears. Bolt eases off, 19.66! Bolt gets


away pretty well, as does Rogers, bold and Justin Gatlin, Bolt gets


it? I think he has! Usain Bolt! Cracking start, Justin Gatlin is out


quickly but so is Usain Bolt, going to be very close in the home


straight and Justin Gatlin has not caught him. Surely Usain Bolt cannot


relinquish this? He is going to win this bank almost a big margin that


he probably could not believe. They are his magnificent seven individual


world championship golds. Will he be adding to those? But those seats,


make sure you have the snacks ready, this is going to be phenomenal, the


atmosphere is crackling. And this is a line-up... Two Jamaicans, Bolt and


leg. And sixth -- Christian Coleman. And Reece Prescod really has been


the most incredible story, his meteoric rise, winning the National


Championship title to qualify back in July, in early July, he threw


himself centrestage and said when growing up people said he should be


a 200 beaters and 400 is runner because he is very tall but he is


making a pretty good go at 100 metres. What are confident entry


into this level! Bill Jones caught up with him. Reece Prescod, the


21-year-old British runner. I don't tend to over complicate things, I


look at the good things aren't so bad things and I work on the bad


things. That is a pretty good start. It is going to be close, DeGrasse


winning it. I came seventh, that was not great because I wanted to win


but these guys have been on the circuit for years and I am three


years younger than all of them. I took that attitude and went back to


training and worked harder and it came right at the trials. Once Reece


Prescod gets moving, he is incredibly quick. Quick start. Look


at Reece Prescod, finishing very quickly! He gets it! He will go!


Coming away from the middle was a great experience and I did my race


well, I felt I could continue that permit them going into the World


Championships. If you analyse something, it becomes a problem in


your head and you just analyse that one thing. Keep things simple. For


it all to come together for you in the year of the World Championships


in London, is that an added bonus? It was a blessing, under 23, London,


OK! London is out there, that will be the dream but I will stay at the


under 23s to stay happy. And I got the qualifier! I prepared for that,


I got to the trials and I put my race head on and London was there,


British champion! A lot of boys said that I have skipped the queue!


Normally you go for the junior and I have taken the fast track. It is


good. Do you go in there with nothing to lose attitude for the


World Championships? I definitely think so, I am 21, quite young, if I


can keep racing well, that is what it is all about and if not, I will


go back to work again and come back stronger. When I hear them drawing


my name, I just embrace it, I just run. That was just before these


championships, such prophetic words because that is exactly what he has


done, he has embraced this experience. And he is at the start


of his career, just 21, all of that excitement and relaxed. On this


amazing stage and he did not expect to be here at this time and seeing


him run like that, it gives you goose bumps!


When somebody comes through as a trial, as a surprise, and then


produces again and again, it bodes well? He is thirsty to run, he is


happy in this environment, he will have to enjoy this and he will raise


his game. It is the 200 metres time for the Heptathlon woman. Steve Cram


can update you. Surprise surprise, the Olympic


champion Nafi Thiam leading things, city Cheptai going well and


Rodriguez had that brilliant High Jump. Katarina Johnson-Thompson down


in 13th place after three events. She really needs a good 200m to


finish the day and a high. Just to give her a glimpse that tomorrow


could be better. And we have got four races and these are the


athletes in the first of the four. Based on their ability. Very good in


the shot-put, Sharon Day-Monroe. But the highest of the current standings


is Nadine Broersen, she is in sixth place, in main eight. And anything


under 25, they will be delighted, only a couple of personal bests


under 25. Lecabela Quaresma in lane six.


So the first of four races in this women's heptathlon. There is


Quaresma. Broersen will want to finish with a good 200 here.


Greenaway. Broersen did get a good start and started quickly. Sharon


Day-Monroe trying to get on terms with the American. Sharon Day-Monroe


in second place and coming through quicker. Broersen fading a bit here.


The American is putting her under real pressure, it is going to be


tight on the line. Sharon Day-Monroe might get this by a fraction. And


that is a good run from Broersen as well. Quicker than her season's best


for Sharon Day-Monroe. A pretty solid enter her day. Good Shot Put


from her moving her up the standings and a decent run and Broersen


looking up at the clock. Tony, Broersen is in sixth place. A


reasonable 202nd day for her? Not as strong as it has been in the past. A


higher scoring athlete than we have seen in recent years. And losing


quite a substantial amount of points on her personal best. Started well


with a great drive out, coming off the turn. And with about 80 metres


to go, you can see her blowing hard. Struggling when Sharon Day comes


alongside her. Yes, she ran a good bend and ran out of steam the last


50 metres, Broersen, having put herself in a good position. A good


bend in lane eight. She might look back and think, she might expect a


drop down from the current position she is in, in sixth place. Just in


terms of totals. It bit of daylight between herself and eighth place. We


will have to wait and see. So, Broersen the second by 100th of a


second to Sharon Day-Monroe. 890 points for the American. If you are


joining us, this is a look back at the leading Long Jump, compelling


final, there is your event leader Luvo Manyonga of South Africa, in


the second round will stop and will bring you win in a second, Tony,


that is 8.48, five centimetres in the lead. We'll Manyonga think he


has done enough with three jumps remaining? It is strange, Steve, you


may have found in conditions that the first round is very competitive,


first people find their way. And people tend to go to sleep a bit


through rounds three and four. And even five. Once they get the round


six, people know, you are fighting for the medals. Maybe we will see a


dip as they get used to it but I think they will be going for it hard


in the last round. Well, queueing up behind you


including this man, Jianan Wang. 25 centimetres only behind the lead of


Manyonga. Wang in round four. Just decelerating may be slightly. No


improvement for the Chinese athlete. Wang is just 20 years of age, his


season's best is his lifetime's best, 8.29. Almost the same in


second round. In fifth place, Wang, good on the board. He shows really


good discipline. Stretching and driving at maximum speed and maximum


effort to be within a centimetre or two of the past scene. Well drilled


and well practised. And Wang... At the moment, Aleksandr Menkov is in


the Bronze medal position. Silver medal at the moment is Jarrion


Lawson in second place, the American in 8.43, just five centimetres


behind the lead of Manyonga. Wang may be wondering what he can do to


get in amongst it. Samaai. Tony analysed this athlete a couple of


jumps ago and noticed him being slightly hunched over on the


approach, let's see if he can stand tall and use his posture to govern


-- to good effect. Samaai, round four, looks better. That is better,


you knows it. Red flag, he ran off the board so much better. His foot


was to underneath before, he stretches put out further and a bit


too far and ended up in the plasticine. The starting to get it


right. That tease him up for the rest of the competition, he knows he


is capable of challenging for the lead, Samaai. His team-mate Manyonga


out in front with two jumps remaining.


So, Aleksandr Menkov, and authorised neutral athlete, in brackets,


Russian. So Menkov in the opening round had 8.27, followed by two


bowels. Fourth round John as he rolls in casually into his run. More


discipline in the final steps, but he made a mess of that and he knew


it was a foul, no improvement. Menkov in third place, this is your


event leader, Manyonga, is still out in front and getting ready for his


fourth attempt. And here is your leader in the heptathlon as well,


Nafi Thiam readying herself for the final event, the second of the four


heats. Not a great 200m runner but she is the leader and she wears the


green name. A new personal best this season, and warmly received by the


London crowd. Not too many in this round-up will the cheer in the medal


shake-up. Katerina Cachova of the Czech Republic. Thiam of course


leading. Guest only in Grit Sadeiko in 18th place. The best of 24.


Alysbeth Felix up Puerto Rico in lane five. These women running in


the 20 fours. Katarina Johnson-Thompson will go in the


fourth heat, there is Eliska Klucinova who is that that the


moment, consistent in the remaining events without being spectacular.


The 19-year-old European Junior Championships silver-medallist


Geraldine Ruckstuhl. But down in 14th at the moment and in 12th place


is Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida. So this is all about the Belgian Nafi


Thiam, who is still in line for 7,000 points. If things go according


to plan. I think Carolin Schafer lease after the first day but


Thiam's javelin is outstanding and that will be the difference between


those two. So Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida on the inside. Geraldine


Ruckstuhl of Switzerland... And Tamara de Sousa of Brazil on the


outside. All about the time for Nafi Thiam,


200 is not her best event. Round the bend she comes. Grit Sadeiko running


strong. Chasing down the time. Evenly matched, and a good round on


the outside from Tamara de Sousa. 41 -- Thiam flinging herself at the


line. Fractionally behind Thiam's personal best. Pretty much as we


expected, she has been close to, without threatening her personal


best in all the events so far, but that is good enough to keep ahead of


the rest. But Carolin Schafer is in the fourth heat and she might lead


after day one. But Thiam will not be too displeased with what she has


run. Obviously, she would have wanted a personal best, but she is


doing just about enough, Tony. I think so, the time she has produced,


a couple of tenths outside her personal best. It is still


conditions so difficult for her. The conditions earlier this year were


perfect with the breeze behind. The time she has run, from my


perspective, you have only lost 20 points, 24.57, only 17 points, so a


really solid performance. We talked about her not being a great 200 run


or 800 runner in the final event, she does not look very fluid out


there but she is a power athlete. Yes, if you look at the way she


runs, not a lot in front, she weaves her foot on the floor a little too


long so it picks up behind her. Not the best angle. Rocking and rolling.


Needs to be a bit stronger and improve the techniques of the power


she does have will be much more efficient. But again, consistent


throughout and we will see the difference in terms of 200m from


Katarina Johnson-Thompson who is a world-class 200m runner. But Nafi


Thiam just outside her personal best and will not lose much ground. We


will watch what Carolin Schafer can do and Katarina Johnson-Thompson in


the fourth round. Cachova, of the Czech Republic.


Thiam just a fraction behind and outside her personal best and she's


talking to fill. A successful day for you, how would


you assess the day from your perspective? It was a good day? I


did some medal performances. Like the hurdles. The shot-put. I think I


didn't do any mistakes. It was pretty solid and I am happy with the


200m. Really it is the event I mess up a little bit, so that is good. Is


that the most important thing in the heptathlon when you are competing in


this? We saw our own Katarina Johnson-Thompson only clearing in


the High Jump 1.80, it is not to make a mistake like that? Yes, I


think so. It is the challenge to do OK and then some big performance in


some events. But it is really easy to do a mistake, so that is what is


horrible in the heptathlon. You always look so composed, keep it


going tomorrow, well done today. Thank you, I will try.


Usain Bolt squeaking away from the fields, it is gold for Usain Bolt, a


new rails -- record for Usain Bolt, Bolt is going to do it again, Usain


Bolt! We are getting closer, just under 32


minutes to the 100m men's final here at the London Stadium, in The Queen


Elizabeth Park will stop and the athletes warming got and is doing


their last-minute preparations out on the warm up track. Reece Prescod


of Great Britain who got himself into that final with a magnificent


run, he has performed brilliantly in these championships since winning


his national title in early July and is taking it in his stride, the


21-year-old. Christian Coleman has run the fastest time in the world


this year, the American, not a lot of experience in this event but he


has looked like he was born to this, is he going to push Usain Bolt all


the way? Justin Gatlin knows exactly what it is like to be on the biggest


stage, he has been the protagonist of Usain Bolt many a time, can he


push him one more time? It is the last time they have a chance to take


the biggest scalp and the man perhaps who knows him best of all is


Jamaican team-mate Yohan Blake. grass taking their time, and wearing


sun hats, feeling the cool London area as the temperature drops that


the London Stadium. Back to the track and the 202 is. Steve Cram?


Just one more until we see Katarina Johnson-Thompson, we have the


athletes in third and fourth, we have Anouk Vetter from the


Netherlands. Certainly, Anouk Vetter and Yorgelis


Rodriguez are in a scrap going into tomorrow. They are well matched in


the 200 metres, although Anouk Vetter has a better personal best


although this year and there was only five hundredths separating


them. You know when Rodriguez has had a day like today, she might find


something extra. Her season best, 24.16. Anouk Vetter will have


something to run out. There will not be that much between them unless


something goes dramatically wrong for Rodriguez. Caroline Agnou from


Switzerland in lane three. And Hanne Maudens from Belgium. If there is a


chance for Katarina Johnson-Thompson, we need her to run


a superb 200 metres, they were asked only what that means but if these


two run fairly well indeed, particularly Rodriguez, if she works


on the great day she has had today, that would just take that bronze


medal position away a bit further as well.


Rodriguez climbing out of the blocks, but the best, Anouk Vetter


starting more quickly. Also going well is Odile Ahouanwanou. Rodriguez


is starting to fade, as is Anouk Vetter. Well, Rodriguez and Anouk


Vetter not as quick as they might have liked. Odile Ahouanwanou liking


her performance and why not? That is a personal best. Excellent running


from her. Only, I wonder if Rodriguez, when you have the


adrenaline coming, she did not come out of the blocks? She stood up, did


not really react to the gun. And for some reason, it is something that a


lot of heptathlete stood, driving your shoulders into the lane and you


must set this up for 200 beaters, you cannot just expect to run 200


beaters, you have to drive from the beginning. We still have a great


long jump final. Steve Cram? We have indeed. Jarrion Lawson. The massive


crowd loving this long jump final. The American, 8.43, trailing the


South African. What has he got in round five? That is a massive


series, he opened with 8.30 seven. Backing that up with a .40 in the


third round. It is not look as though it is going to impress on


that lead, the gold and silver lines almost on top of each other, five


centimetres apart, there is no improvement, it looks, for Lawson.


Teasing things for the third round. That is OK, he has one more chance,


but Luvo Manyonga might have more to give, this man is unbeaten in 2017.


Serious jumping, he has been prolific, jumping in XS of 8.60 on


occasions, and who knows, he might be capable of more. There is a


slight following wind, no one improved in round four. Luvo


Manyonga, round five. That was a big effort, and again... May be no


improvement as the 200-metre heptathlete is wait to go. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson in the next heat, Luvo Manyonga, no improvement with


8.48. He has equalled the distance of Aleksandr Menkov with 8.47 and


with only one job remaining, you just feel there might be some more


drama to come. It always produces. He is in the lead here, Luvo


Manyonga. No improvement at 8.17. And there is one job remaining. Onto


the final heat of the 200 metres for the Heptathlon women and 11 probe is


one of the fastest in the field and she will have to produce close to


her personal best to get a serious form before going to bed. She is the


fastest by a long way and this is against the clock, about motivation


and how much she will want to fight to move up the leaderboard. And not


force it? Don't get too dense, understand she can come away with a


positive note from 200 and put the other events to bed and start fresh


tomorrow. She has it in her to run a very good time tomorrow. We can go


to the commentary team, the final heat of the 200 metres in the


Heptathlon. She is the fastest by some distance in this event over the


rest, in fact, her 22.81 gives her -- was into the headwind and that is


the second quickest in any British athlete this year, only Desiree


Henry was faster. She is ordinarily world-class in the long jump and the


high jump, they carry her, but if you slip up in any of them, you will


suffer. The high jump Sir Achilles fielded a hand there is no other way


to put it, it has been painfully disappointing today for Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. Carolin Schafer is quick as well,


this season. Katarina Johnson-Thompson, that high jump


just took the life out of her. Whether we can see a real drive in


this 200 metres... Don't put too much thought into that minus wind,


the crosswind helped them around the turn. It still registered as miners


with the wind gauge, 50 metres up the home straight but here is the


opportunity to put all Banks and distress into this race. And move


forward through and get the additional points you need. The


crowd will try to lift Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Promote outside


chance of a medal for her. But there has to be something very special.


Erica Bougard, 22nd at the moment, but the women from Germany could


push... The long jump, the javelin and the 800 metres tomorrow. Kendell


Williams, she is a good 200 metres runner, Ivona Dadic could get close


to the medal positions at the end of the first day. The Austrian is in


eighth place. Second in 200 metres in the Heptathlon equates to about


100 points and Vanessa Chefer at the moment is 72 points behind


Nafissatou Thiam and Katarina Johnson-Thompson, can she get close


to her best and take a leap up the rankings? The final heat of the 200


metres in the Heptathlon. There is an aurora from the crowd to


lift Katarina Johnson-Thompson as he attacks the first 100 and takes


chunks out of the opposition, driving on, chasing down the time,


Carolin Schafer running strongly but Katarina Johnson-Thompson lifting


and pushing and drives towards online, the wristy huge gap to the


line is quick, 22.81, -- 22.88, not far from her personal best. She will


move up the rankings and put yourself in some position where she


can make some challenge on the second day. You can see the drive


and are working and you can see her smiling, she has confidence in the


200 metres, she drives as a very strong athlete, lifting her knees on


the home straight, that is the drive, the body position, standing


up early for me, working the bend really hard. Then just as she comes


off, picking that point and running at it, her arms working, the other


girls are suffering, they don't have her strength, when she is open and


free. She is striving, she starts to reach and rock a little bit,


driving, there, across the line, 22.86. Great performance. Get those


head underneath and get taller, she needs to work her feet better, they


need to bounce off the floor as she moves around the turn. Not quite the


horizontal flight position you would want. She is a high quality 200


metres runner, in a different league to the rest of the heptathlete 's


and she will move into fourth place at the end of the first day, she is


not great with the javelin but a good long jumper and a very good 800


metres runner so in a good position to challenge at the end of the first


day. The Men's long jump coming to a climax with round six. This man


could change the order of the medals. Ruswahl Samaai, had to play


second fiddle to his team-mate, Luvo Manyonga. Chopped badly but that is


a very big effort. That might improve his performance, it looks as


though he stuttered slightly in the end. He did not look optimal for


Ruswahl Samaai, he will be pleased with bronze, he just chopped,


sticking that short stride in. If he got that right, well, Ruswahl Samaai


has jumped very well indeed. 8.32, that is an improvement and that


keeps him in third place, guaranteed. I have checked, he is


not guaranteed because the man to follow, Aleksandr Menkov, has been


pushed to fourth place. He can wrestle that back. Great support


from a huge and knowledgeable crowd and that is why athletes love to


come to Britain to compete. Menkov, previous champion. 2013, his


lifetime best of 8.56, when he took the world title. 8.32 is his best


this year over the same distance. And that is Luvo Manyonga. Looking


composed, he knows they are coming after him.


Nervous time in the Long Jump competition. Menkov, four fouls.


This is the opportunity. Runs fast on the runway, accelerates into the


Long Jump. Mary is -- never simple technique, he just brings his leg


through. Menkov, last round, so approach, but he accelerates hard.


It is shy and it is a foul. He encroached on the board. That is his


team-mate, Luvo Manyonga, congratulating his team-mate Samaai


and a Bronze medal. Menkov has to settle for fourth. Well, Menkov is a


neutral athlete. Now he is competing in a neutral vest. No time to


elaborate on that now but athletes take so much pride putting on their


national best, a neutral athlete maybe feels different at a World


Championship is. Samaai celebrating a guaranteed Bronze. Now we can give


him that and no that nobody can take that from him. Two athletes yet to


jump so the silver and gold may still change place. But South Africa


definitely have two medals. There is your event leader, Manyonga, out in


front. He is enjoying himself! I think he is as pleased for Samaai as


he is for his own situation. Writes... Once again, Jarrion Lawson


turns to the crowd and so does the event leader. Great stuff, great


camaraderie between the jumpers. And Lawson can do this. Lawson of the


United States needs to find five centimetres only, faster going on


the approach. It is big. Well, it is a white flag. As he did in Rio last


year. He dragged his hand back into the sand. This time, it looks like a


Queen entry into the sandpit. -- clean entry. 8.44, Lawson has to


settle for silver. Four centimetres shy of gold, but it guarantees a


gold for this man. And Samaai is away with his nation's flag. And


Luvo Manyonga is reduced to his knees, what a journey! Talk about a


troubled past, the American celebrating the silver. Manyonga


came from the townships, a poverty stricken background. A social drug


addict, reformed. Sports saved him. Lawson, the American, silver medal.


Manyonga guaranteed gold, what a wonderful story! Champion of the


world. Silver last year, Manyonga in the last round, does not need it. He


has already won. It is a huge effort! But it is a foul. That is a


shame. It just shows you just the talent. Standing before us. Well, a


unique celebration. Fantastic stuff from Luvo Manyonga! A sound angel.


Gold and Bronze for South Africa. Some edging the American Lawson will


stop -- sandwiching. Brilliant stuff. It went exactly as the form


would have suggested. Gold for Agnes Tirop -- Luvo Manyonga. Cheering for


the champion. He is the man, gold and Bronze. Brilliant, brilliant


stuff. Not the dramatic end we maybe would have hoped for, but Manyonga,


well, we need to know more about that back story and Manyonga takes


gold. That is the confirmation. A world gold medal and 8.48.


These are the standings after the first day of the heptathlon. Leading


by 22 points, Carolin Schafer, behind Nafi Thiam. Rodriguez in


third. Katarina Johnson-Thompson just behind Rodriguez. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson better in the Long Jump and 800m and a weaker javelin


compared to the Cuban so we will see what develops on the second day.


The London Stadium here in the heart of the Olympic Park in East London


looking magnificent. Evoking all kinds of emotions reminiscent of


2012. And if you have just joined us on BBC One, a very warm welcome to


the second night of these World Championships. 24 hours ago, we


witnessed the greatest British athlete ever Mo Farah and 24 hours


on, we are about to witness depleted greatest athlete of all time, who


transcends his sport, who is about to run his last individual


championship race. Usain Bolt, of Jamaica.


Usain Bolt is the world Junior champion.


It is going to be gold Ford Jamaica! Usain Bolt is the Olympic champion!


He has done it again! A new world record.


He is running away, he is going for gold. The champion becomes a legend.


And he is going to take the gold again.


Unbeatable, and the passable! Usain Bolt, three times World Champion.


Magnificent seven, the Odyssey continues.


He has saved this title, he has saved his reputation. He may have


even saved his sport. One last time.


Can he is silence them one more time? The indoor track just


underneath the stadium. It is the penultimate place the athletes go.


And Usain Bolt looking as calm and charming as he always does in those


moments. The cheering behind us, he has not come out, don't worry. A


very British thing just happened, I have never seen it in athletics


before, a Great British streak at! We are not going to show you.


Michael is bemused, it doesn't happen in American sport. More


importantly, is Usain Bolt going to be the man streaking ahead this


evening? Are you confident from what you saw today and yesterday he has


everything to pull together and the challenges in the semifinals? What


we are about to see is a fantastic competition and that is what some --


is so great about athletics, accommodation. People came to see


Usain Bolt because he is a legend like people came to see Mo Farah


last night because he is a legend, but they also got a fantastic


addition must night and we will see that the late because Christian


Coleman can challenge Usain Bolt. At the end of the day, Bolt is ready,


he looked great in the semifinals and confident and much more pleased


with himself today than he was yesterday. But he is not going to be


in the same rage at 9.6, it is more like 9.8. Excited to have Reece


Prescod involved, he has come through so well from the beginning


of the season and the challenges, but for you, Coleman is the man who


can push Bolt all the way. This is what he has got. Coleman is


fantastic and he ran a very good semifinal with Bolt. Both in the


middle of the track. He pulls away from the field quickly


and he would have to hold that to avoid this. Bolt coming back, which


he did. You can see Coleman jumps out and he gets a great lead, but


Bolt is not fazed by it. It bit of a gap, but he has seen that before and


he feels confident he closes it and he does, and he uses up at the end.


Not necessary for him to win this. I'm sure Coleman probably let up a


bit as well because he knew he had the victory at hand and he has


qualified for the final. That is where the runners will


emerge for the 100-metre final, the men, and that man has the job of


leading them out. Each final has their own spectacular entrance and


some of the athletes, as you can imagine, milk the moment more than


others. Others look more nervous. Former European champion Vicaut of


France. The mascot trying to distract them. Bolt of course paying


attention, as he always does to any frivolity. He does not look to


stress, Usain Bolt will stop no, he never does, he never looks stressed.


And I think most of these guys, the veterans have learned that is the


thing unique to Usain. Do not try to duplicate it. You saw Coleman doing


the right thing and being in front of the pack so he does not have to


look at Usain Bolt or see him so relaxed and be intimidated by that.


This area right here, that is what I miss. That area right there, that is


where some of these races can be won and lost. Christine Coleman is right


there beside Usain Bolt, but he looks poised. The good thing about


the US system is that you do get a lot of championship experience. A


lot of college and university championship experience. So he could


just duplicate that here, he has entered those rooms before, just not


at this level. He has not looked to like this experience, Coleman. He is


a great college athlete in the winning everything this season he


can at that level, but a break from his intends raising in the season


and looking fresh and experienced. Denise. Yes, but as Mike says, that


is the moment when he believes in himself. The collegiate system is


one thing, but entering the track at the World Championships when you are


one of the favourites against the man of the moment, the man of the


era, that is a different story. Let's listen to the roaring, Reece


Prescod is coming out first. The crowd are going to absolutely love


his presence here. CHEERING.


A very languid entry into this stadium. Would you prefer him to do


some high knees, Michael? I would like to see more from him, but they


call it the walk-out, I guess. That is impressive! He has given us


something different in every round and he has delivered again. I don't


think Vicaut will give us much. Strange way the walk-out, how it has


changed! It is much more showbiz! He was not going to do the walk and


absorb more of that. It is important not to lose your focus. This is fun


and entertaining for the crowd, but it really about staying locust. This


is a big deal. It is and I like the way that they introduced the guys --


staying focused. Running out and getting the crowd into it. And there


is one more. CHEERING..


He might not miss the training and the hard work, the winters, but he


is going to miss that. The adulation. You always miss that


feeling. But you know what it takes to get to that point and I don't


think he would be missing the next year. Well, it really does feel in


here like the excitement levels have gone up a notch. Denise looks like


she is feeling incredibly nervous because everybody wants to see a


results to lift the roof here and be a fitting to be to a man on the edge


of winning his 20th global gold in Olympic and World Championship


history, a nice round number, Steve Cram!


Yes, he is pretty good at being perfect. If you are going to design


a superhero, he might be six foot five, he might be physically


impressive, he might have a bit of charisma, he might be brilliantly


reliable. You might give him a name as well, something like, I don't


know, Bolt. He fits the bill. When you think about it, the weight of


expectation, any athlete carries it for themselves and it is huge. For


their coach and their family. This guy is carrying the weight of


expectation of the world for years now every time he walks out onto the


track and he delivers. What a sight that is! The stage, the final stage


for Usain Bolt. The last time we will see him as an individual


athlete. Well, for most of his career, his main rival has been the


clock and he has punched it in the face many times. But I guess time


has now just about caught up with him and he has to remember what it


is like before he was brilliant, before he was unbeatable.


And try to remember what it is like to try to win just one more time.


Akani Simbine, Justin Gatlin, Yohan Blake, Reece Prescod, Christian


Coleman, Jimmy Vicaut and Bingtian Su. What a wonderful moment for


Reece Prescod, representing his country. Bingtian Su from China. The


Chinese record-holder. Joint European record-holder over 100


metres, Jimmy Vicaut from France. He needs no introduction... Listen to




Nail in the all-time top ten, Christian Coleman, 21, from the USA.


Akani Simbine, fifth place at the Olympics last year. He ran 9.89 last


year and the only time bold faulted with the fault -- false start, it


was this man, Yohan Blake, who took gold. So many times the silver


medal, so many times he has followed Bolt home, Justin Gatlin. Loving


every single moment of this, Reece Prescod from Great Britain, the last


time Great Britain won a medal in this race, it was Darren Campbell,


working behind me for our colleagues, who won the bronze medal


in Paris. We hardly knew about Usain Bolt back then. Just one more time.


The Men's 100 metres final. Bolt gets a good start, Christian


Coleman is leading him, he is not going to catch at the moment and


Christian Coleman has still got the lead and Justin Gatlin has got it!


At the death, Justin Gatlin steals it. Bolt never got there. It is


Justin Gatlin! Definitely. They are all looking! BOOING. That is a very


nice gesture from Gatlin considering the reaction of the crowd, they so


wanted their man to win, it was not to be. I thought he got out


reasonably well, Christian Coleman got out there brilliantly. And all


the while, Gatlin came through with 9.92, that will mean a lot for him.


And for this man, so it ends. His lane is empty and an empty feeling


for many people in the stadium, I am sure. This is sport, there are no


guarantees, there isn't always a happy ending. Tears for Justin


Gatlin. His day finally arrives. Perhaps at the most inopportune of


times. In the day that he wins the gold medal, all eyes are elsewhere,


the headlines will be interesting, I am sure. And now, the chanting


starts. And the celebration is not of tonight, not of the gold medal


missed tonight but of a career that will be unsurpassable, of his


performances down the years, of the joy he has brought to so many. That


is what they wanted to see continuing tonight but it was not to


be. But goodness me, what moments he has given us and what history he has


made. There will never be another. I am trying to approach that race...


Bolt, Christian Coleman, we thought that Christian Coleman was going to


win this... The man in the shadows, he came out of the shadows, almost


the pantomime villain of this, he came through to win. Justin Gatlin


did exactly what he did at the US trials to personally Christian


Coleman, everybody thought he would become the US champion and Justin


Gatlin just snuck in to take the title and he has done the same thing


here. The world champion with 9.92, Justin Gatlin, who would have


thought that? Michael, did you think that? I did not, I thought that Bolt


would be challenged but I thought by Christian Coleman, I did not believe


it would be Gatlin. Bolt was under pressure. I thought he was under


pressure. He did not have to be here and you must give him credit, he


came out here and he put himself out there, giving Gatlin and others the


opportunity to beat him and I am sure lots of people are upset but I


can guarantee you that Usain Bolt will not be upset. He is a


competitor that he will know that life goes on. Yes, and this sport


will go on and goodness me, we will miss him. This will be the race that


nobody will replay. He came out of the blocks pretty well, just did not


get on terms quickly enough with Christian Coleman. Watch Gatlin. The


closest to the screen, he keep striving hard, remembering what it


takes to win championships and thinking, I am not going to repeat


last year. Maybe, Colin, I was talking to the Americans are here,


they said he won the trials because nobody was watching him, they were


watching Christian Coleman and others and he has done the same


tonight. And he has not raised as many times on the circuit as when he


was flying, if you can remember that. Perhaps, as he has got older,


he has become smarter at racing. He was away from the action, he did not


know where Usain Bolt was, nobody on his shoulder, he was getting on the


shoulders of people. Working hard from the garden to the tape and he


ended up surprising the world by taking this title. Huge egos, out of


the blocks. Always good, technically. He works hard at the


drive, all of the phases, very well. -- here he goes. With this huge


boost, Steve, when he lined up... And when he finished. In his mind,


he wanted to silence the crowd. Look at that response. Let's see what


that does. We should explain, for some who maybe have not been around


this sport for a very long time, Justin Gatlin hard two lengthy drug


bans. Obviously the popular version of Justin Gatlin is as the villain


of the piece and he has had to play that alongside Bolt throughout his


career and that is the gold medal he has craved, Justin Gatlin, 9.92...


And I have never said this before, the bronze medal to Usain Bolt of


Jamaica. Usain Bolt taking his lap of honour,


and honourable, incredible career and that is what this is all about,


the crowd showing their appreciation for the joy and thrills he has given


them over the last decade. And this is Usain Bolt showing his


appreciation to this crowd and city that has given him so much support


over the years that which he calls his second home. He loves the


support that he has gotten from this crowd, his relationship with the


fans has been amazing and I think he would want to go around and sign


autographs and take pictures and show them just really how much he


appreciates the support they have given him over the years. Justin


Gatlin knows that he is painted as the villain. He heard the crowd, but


he was bowing down to Usain Bolt. We did talk earlier in the evening,


that he could be the protagonist. How do you feel? Last year, you


would an American, so many people said, because you have won the gold


before, silver must feel disappointing? But you are full of


joy? Absolutely. There is disappointment, we wanted to see her


moaning but he performs and entertains every time, like Michael


says, he has come here to thank the public for their support over so


many years and he will be happy, he has had the most amazing career and


for us to witness this and watching him end his career, it is not gold


but an incredible career. The fans that have come here to see him, the


Jamaicans that live in the UK, getting to see their hero in the


flesh and as you have said, he did not have to come here, he could have


retired in glory? That is one of the things are spent so much about him,


he is not afraid to come back and put it on the line. He is not afraid


of the possibility that he would come here and he was not healthy,


the possibility he would end his career losing. I put the pressure on


myself, I only deal with the pressure I put on myself and the


expectations I have and not others. Nothing will overshadow the amazing


career that he has, I think the last image of Usain Bolt that people will


have will be Beijing, the double Olympic and world championship that


he has accomplished in the 100 and 200 and the amazing Relay. And being


a great sportsman and show man and someone who has been unique and a


great ambassador for the sport. Hugging, kisses, celebrations of a


wonderful career. And I don't think many of us have got our head around


the fact that we will not see him racing in a major championship


again. It is sad, leaving the sport myself was emotional but to see


somebody like Usain Bolt not being a part of this sporting arena any more


is very sad to see is time for him to go. Christian Coleman look so


relaxed in those semifinals and you perhaps felt this could be his time.


Anyway, it would have felt more satisfactory if it was him at the


top because you would feel that the new king had been launched and is


back Christian Coleman has a bright future, it was just a long season


for him and one race to many but still a great performance from him,


coming to these championships as young as he is and getting the


silver medal and he will be able to say, I beat Usain Bolt! He goes


professional? He has signed a huge contract a few months ago with Nike


and he is also a very good 200 metres runner. It was not what we


thought we would see the seasoning and so many people got that golden


ticket, to see gold number 20 from Usain Bolt, he has held this sport


together like glue in so many ways as well but sport doesn't always


have a fairy tale ending, it is certainly not predetermined and


tonight we all realised that Usain Bolt is human after all. Join us


next on BBC Two... ..this season,


the whole game in full It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League. The second half, Jermaine,


very much...


Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the World Athletics Championships from the London Stadium, with reports from Ore Oduba, analysis by Michael Johnson and Steve Cram, Andrew Cotter, Brendan Foster and Steve Backley among the commentators.

Athletes competing include Usain Bolt, seeking a fourth 100m world title, and British long jumper Greg Rutherford. Katarina Johnson-Thompson completes the first day of the heptathlon in the shot put and 200m, and 1500m medal prospect Laura Muir and defending 10,000m champion Vivian Cheruiyot are also in action.