Day 2, Part 3 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 2, Part 3

Continued live coverage of the second day's action, including Usain Bolt's last individual race at a major championships, in the 100m final, and the men's long jump.

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COMMENTATOR: Bolt gets a pretty good start. He's


not going to catch Coleman. Coleman has the lead. Gatlin WinZip! It's


Gatlin! STUDIO:


When you look at that again, welcome to BBC Two and our continued


coverage of the World Athletics Championships, we've just seen


something we never thought we'd see, Justin Gatlin winning the World


Championships at the age of 35. And Usain Bolt coming in third and


Christian Coleman, the USA, coming in second. I was looking at Coleman


thinking, he must have been thinking, I'm ahead of Usain Bolt,


then therefore I'm winning the race. That's the way it's supposed to


work, but not this time. It's incredible, as we said before. Bolt


didn't have to be here, but he's here and he put himself out there


and I think, you know, we say it's not what people came to see, but we


have to remember that this is a competition. These athletes are all


world-class and this is hard. It's not easy. We saw that with Bolt. I


think what was so great about the eye and bold documentary as it


showed how difficult it is, even for someone as good as he is. For him to


come in here, he's done it many times, come in not very healthy,


he's run himself through the rounds. This time, you know, he would have


to have known that my luck might run out one of these days because you've


got to have a bit of luck. He's had great luck when it comes to


injuries. I love it when he starts directing cameras! This is what


everyone loves. The race is over, the meat is over, people are still


here because they want to see that. He could do with it all night and


they may be here until the early morning, because he loves this! And


he knows this is the end. This is the very last time. In a stadium of


this magnitude. It's interesting, when the athletes are being paraded


in, when they came out of the tunnel, one at a time, when he came


out, for a split-second isle saw a look on his face and I thought if he


could his mind. In his jovial way, then a very serious look, for just a


plate second and I thought if I could read his mind, the what he's


thinking right now, this is the last time I'm going to do this. I think


he had to bring himself back and I'm sure that would have been on his


mind, because he loves this. He looks coming out here and performing


and interacting with the crowd. This is it. He loves chatting to this


man. We are with him now. Usain, Usain... Getting messages from up on


top. I know Jamaican TV are waiting for you. Thank for talking to us, we


appreciated. Can you begin to sum up what happened to you outside that


night? Taking the adulation of the crowd but not winning the gold? It's


wonderful. I just thought I could come out and deliver as I wanted to,


it's one of those things. As for the race itself in a semis it seems like


you had a bit of luck, I can take you on the final, and the confidence


had gone up a notch maybe and it didn't quite happen for you. The


start was killing me. Normally I'll get through the round and get better


through the rounds but it didn't come together and that's what killed


me. It didn't come together. I knew if it didn't come together, I felt


like it was there. The fact I didn't get it, that's why, that's the


reason I lost. It's one of those things. How were you able to handle


the emotions of the day? The emotions for others were something,


your last individual race in a major championship. It was rough, up and


down, a little bit stress. I came out here, like any World


Championship and I came out and did my best. And now, your career about


come to an end come you have the relay to come. Is there anything you


want to say to the British public who have got behind you and


supported you through the years? We've loved seeing you. It's


brilliant, it's been outstanding. I could never expect this, they really


stand by me and pushed me to do my best and I really appreciate that.


You -- Usain, we thank you for all the memories. Thank you.


STUDIO: Businesslike, getting on with the


interviews. At some point it will hit him, it didn't end the way it


has always ended for him. In his mind, it's all the same for him, he


doesn't treat the relay any different than he does the 100 or


200 full stop it's still an opportunity to come out and perform,


so I think he will view that as the end for him. I'm sure he will be


looking forward to that. There will be another competition. In the film


which was on again today, I am Bolt, you can see the importance of the


relay in Beijing, with his band of Brothers, it's apparent that he's


not an individual in that team, he's very much part of that team.


Absolutely. He's got that left, so there's one more opportunity. That


will be his last race. There's going to be another competition again.


This sport is hard and the Americans, the Japanese, the Brits,


we'll all be out there, not giving anything to Usain Bolt. They're not


going to let him have it, they'll try to take it away from him.


They've seen he is fallible. Let's look back at the race and pick out


any moments. Yeah. So I think that he talked about the start. It wasn't


great, but he's never really had a great start, but here's where think


it really fell apart for him. He just wasn't able to close the gap.


This is typical. We seen this many times. Once he gets up into his


running, at this point, is usually when he can start to take advantage


of a long stride and close the gap and he wasn't able to do it and the


first time we see him there grimacing, starting to tighten up.


It's something Usain Bolt has never done before, that Lynn benefit a


little bit from being out of the mix and running his own race -- Gatlin


benefited a little bit. He's a veteran, he's been around since


2004. We've never seen this from Usain Bolt, never seen this look in


all of the archives, you will not find that! Never. He's never had to


do that. He wanted it and he wanted to go get it and sometimes what


happens is he's a great technician, a great tactician, he can put


together a race strategy, he knows what to do, but when you come under


that pressure there is nothing new well -- there's nothing else you can


do except for go to your athleticism, which there hasn't been


anyone better than him, so that's what he did and you can't blame him,


anyone better than him, so that's what he did and you can't blame him,


that's all he could do at that point, just make like you are back


in the schoolyard, just try to beat the next kid. That's what he did.


We've never seen that before. The kid of course who beaten today is


the man who two years ago in the World Championships in Beijing was


painted as a real villain, the pantomime villain. The crowd here


also decided they were going to boo him every time he appeared here, but


at 35 years old, having won his first gold medal in 2004 in an


Olympic Games, he won his first gold in a World Championships today. We


spoke to him. We appreciate you coming to talk to


is after one of the biggest Victor Ruiz of your career. Does it feel


bittersweet, the reception from the London crowd? It's not about the


crowd, I took it out through all the rounds, I stayed the course. I kept


my energy through the semis, I came to the finals and did what I have to


do. The people who love me are here cheering for me. They are at home


cheering for me, my countrymen are cheering for me. That's what I focus


on. You have family tonight here, you got emotional on the track. It


must have boiled up all at once for you. It's a surreal moment. I


thought about all the things I would do if I did win, I didn't do any of


that. It was like almost like 2004 all over again. I won by a little


margin and to come across the line and have that excitement, it's still


an amazing night because it's Usain Bolt's last race, he's had so many


victories and ceremony losses, to be able to have to run against him


through the years, you know, this is amazing. It showed what a great man


he is as well but in the moment immediately after the race, he was


the first person to come over and embrace you. I mean, we are rivals


on the track and we have a rivalry on the track throughout the years,


but we joke and have a good time. The first thing he said to me was,


congratulations, you worked hard for this. He said, you don't deserve all


these booze. He inspired me throughout my career. He's an


amazing man. Justin, we appreciate your time. Congratulations on the


gold medal. Thank you very much, thank you.


STUDIO: He served two drug barons in his


career. There have been conversations about what could


Justin Gatlin have been without coming to that? He had so much


natural talent and if he'd only let himself find out through his natural


talent, obviously a great athlete but tainted always because of that.


I wonder how this will be received throughout the world because Usain


Bolt is truly global. Yes, I think he'll be overshadowed by you -- by


Usain. It's a difficult situation. We all wanted to see Usain win and


we've had our troubles within our sport with drug-taking and we're


trying to come out the other side now, so for this victory it's kind


of a one, but I mean for me, just to see Usain here one as time was


incredible. I just wish all the best and want to see him go on and do


other things with his life now and enjoy retirement. In the United


States, this be, because he's obviously huge there, Usain Bolt,


but Justin Gatlin being a citizen of the United States, will this be


received warmly? Will they feel slightly bittersweet, because


obviously Coleman would have been a better successor, perhaps? I think


that in the US I think first of all athletics isn't nearly as, its


overshadowed. We've got four Premier leagues in the US, with MBA, NFL,


hockey and baseball. Athletics just doesn't really sort of resonate and


it doesn't really get much attention. I think that a lot of


people within the track and field world and the athletics world and


the US, I do want to get into the two drugs bans but if you are


interested, it's because he served two drugs bans that bothers you so


much, look at the man and judge for yourself on the first band. I'm not


going to get into whether or not it should have been two or one, I don't


care how many bands you served. If I've got a problem with any athlete


who has stoked. I've got a problem with it whether it's two one. People


in the states in America, know about who are in the athletics world, they


know about the first ban and they know what it's about and maybe some


people in America probably give him a pass on that. They know Usain Bolt


and they love Usain Bolt. They would have preferred to see Usain Bolt


when this. Anybody around the world wanted Usain Bolt to win this, no


matter what country they are from, he's just that sort of star. But I


think as far as Gatlin is concerned, most people are going to want it to


be over. They are sort of tired of it and ready to move on. And maybe


he will decide now he's finally put his arm in his head, his Demons to


rest. He said, I finally got over the line after 2004. We're going to


go back down to where Phil had moved on from his mixed zone position


because Usain Bolt left and came back again because he wanted to have


a look at his race. I've been in those positions a few times, he's


such a student of sprinting, before he speaks to you he wants to analyse


the race himself. I'm not sure if Phil helped him through this. Maybe


a job is on the line. Let's look. Here's the race, you were talking


about a job is on the line. Let's look.


Here's the race, you were talking about the start and how disappointed


you were with it. You're watching it back now. Tell me what you are


thinking. When I got out, you have to transition and I don't think I


got the power and the transition right. Then I started tightening up


at the end, which you should never do. I knew if I didn't get the start


I was going to be in trouble, you know what I mean? I knew that and


that's exactly what happened. I was saying to my coach, hopefully I'll


get my start and we've did a few run-through is and I felt smart, but


I can't say much, I didn't execute when it matters. Was it anything to


do with the blocks situation? They are not the best blocks. I'm not


fully comfortable in those box, but you can't complain about what you


get. You have to work at what you have. I did my best. That was a


great moment as well, when he's been booed, Justin Gatlin, it's a


disappointing result for the crowd for obvious reasons, but you were a


great gentleman to go over and give him a hug. You yes, he's a great


competitor. Justin Gatlin is always at his best, you have to be at your


best and tonight I wasn't. I respect that about him, he competes to the


end. I really appreciate competing with him. He's an excellent person


as far as I can tell, he's always been good and the banter we have, a


good person. You are great athlete but you're an even better person


yourself and tanks, Usain. All right, problem.


STUDIO: He likes being called a good person,


he suddenly realised, I'm no longer an athlete, it's could be a good


person. That's a nice accolade, I'll take that. We still there chatting


to the world's press and giving his take on that race and no doubt


answering the longer questions about his career and what he'll do next,


and we can't wait to see what he's going to do next. I thought it was


interesting he knew, he said, I knew if I didn't get my start I was going


to be in trouble. He's a different athlete this year. That wouldn't


have been, the previous Usain Bolt, if I got a bad start, no problem, I


can overcome it. I think he knew he wasn't in great shape this year and


I wonder as well whether or not now, in hindsight, whether it was a good


idea, because to keep going this year, I remember when I decided to


retire after 2000, it was specifically because I felt without


any more motivation, no more things to do, that really get me going, I


felt I'm probably not going to push it as hard in practice. I'm probably


not going to be as hungry, I'm probably not going to be as


aggressive as I need to be to produce the sort of performances I


had been and I wonder if that was the issue. I don't get the sense who


are we to say, that he regrets it, because he genuinely loves this


place, doesn't it? He comes here a lot and enjoys it. There will be no


regrets. When you are younger you take it for


granted you breeze through training and you know you will perform well


in the summer because you worked hard. When owe goat the age where


you are picking up injuries you doubt yourself a bit. You rely


heavily on technique and what you have been able to do, and obviously


Usain has not been able to do that this year, it has put doubts in his


mine. I don't think he will have regret, he will appreciate being


back in the arena and on this stage performing with this incredible


crowd. I can't wait for the relays. Plenty more to come before all o


that, we will be back here tomorrow morning of course, 9.30. But for the


next is a minutes I will take you outside into the Olympic Park where


we will have more reaction. Good evening to you. Hi, we can't end


this evening on a downer, Colin and Denise are with me and some of the


50,000 strong crowd have made their way outside. Say hi everybody! They


are all here. They are all here. They have been chanting Colin's


name. Denise's name and they might have been another boo or two when it


came to my name! Guys, it was a bit of an anticlimax and anyone watching


that I am Bolt documentary, there was a line in there, any time that


Usain Bolt doesn't win, it feels like there is part of us that is


missing. Colin, he was gutted. He said it killed him he couldn't bring


it together. He would have been very disappointed with that. I think he


didn't perform the way he knows he can. You know, even if he is not in


the best shape he didn't pull the race together that was good enough


to win it. I think he will look at clock and think, I was capable of


9.91 today and I should have brought it home. He will be disappointed


with that. Do you know what, if we can't judge him for this one


performance, this is one of the things he will adore about the fans,


they applauded him on a lap of honour. He did 147 laps of honour


since 2002. He was not going to go home without doing 148. Even coming


with that bronze medal, he went round and the crowd appreciated it.


We have to mention Justin Gatlin because she the World Champion, and


you came over here and you said that is sport. And for his turn round he


has had, it is redemption, the London crowd didn't receive him too


well. For him it is huge. A massive moment. Has been through the mill,


which ever side of the fence you are on, whether it is just for his


previous actions, it is sport, and you know, watching him on the track


tonight, he was crying. He really was crying. And that moved me,


because I think he has worked hard. He still has to train as hard as


everyone else. He still had to turn up and deliver. Justin Gatlin is the


World Champion, but I think we should do the ceremony of at least


putting Usain Bolt's face on one of our boards. Go ahead. It is not the


one we wanted. It doesn't want to go on. He will have to for now, of


course in a week's time, the man they are all cheering for could well


be hitting in the gold medal position, in the four by 100 relay.


Let us recap some of the other action, we spoke a lot about KJT


heptathlon and a bit going into Rio 2016 wasn't a great time. Going into


this one, 100-metre hurdles. Great start. Colin. I think, I was


impressed in the hurdles. She set off pretty well. She does seven


strides. That tells me she is working on this event to improve it.


She lost her personal best. If she hadn't clattered the barrier it


would have been the best she produced. To be only four hundredth


off your personal best you have to be happy. It is is a great start. We


have been talking about her confidence and really attacking the


heptathlon this was just the start she needed.


When it came to the high jump though, it was the opposite of


attacking it. It was, it was a disappointing way to go out of that


event. The second event of the summer. For one of the best high


jumpers in the competition, someone who has the British record, this is


her attempt at 1.80. Going over at 1.806789 Pretty comfortable. She


moves to her first attempt. Knocks it off. You don't think there is a


problem here, she is competent. She should get over second attempt.


Nearly does. Clips it off with her heels, at that moment I started to


panic for her. The nerves set in. She has to clear this. She knocks it


down. The devastation was there for everyone to see.


It is a hard way to come back from. We did see that face in Rio, didn't


we. It, she is a girl when the nerves set in, when it looks like


things are going against her. Some time, everybody is trying to will


her on but she is not the one who wants to get to the next stage She


is learning about herself and what she the do. How, I think she


breathed, she was bitterly disappointed but I think know she


looks at it as not individual vents but one, if you start gelling the


fact I can make a mistake here but I can come back and return and perhaps


put myself back into the position where I with sneak a medal she is


doing the right thing. She is learning as she is going along. .


She has to, she has to have that bounce back ability, when things


don't go well she has to pick herself up. She did innocent the


shot though. It is hard. She was probably city thinking about the


high jump. She probably has almost given up. It is one of the events


she does not enjoy. She still hasn't found form. She changed her


technique, she goes into the 200, an event she is confident with, the


fastest person in this heat. And she dominates. She ran a strong turn and


it was a race against the clock. This was like a time trial for her.


It is difficult when you are on your own, but she really went from gun to


tape and she was rewarded with a great time here. She was happy be


the end and really, sighs of leaf. Happy to finish the day on a high


note. She spoke to Phil after that 200. I saw the look of determination


on your face with that 200-metre, like all your angst was coming out.


You put yourself in fourth and kept yourself in medal contention. That


is incredible, considering the high jump didn't go well, and that is one


of my banker vents, I didn't expect to be in fourth place overnight. So


I am pretty happy with that. It says a lot about you and your character


you are rebounding from the event, we have seen you jump 1.98. How have


you rebounded? It is hard. I went back to the hotel. Had a little cry.


Thought about going back to Liverpool. But if I learned anything


from Rio it is a seven event, and it was only event two, and last year I


give up after jumping 1.98. I won't let that happen again. You didn't


and it seems a surprise you found yourself in fourth place now, and


obviously you have a strong long jump strong 800 metres to come. Has


that changed your perspective? Anything can happen in heptathlon,


so will I make sure I don't let the high jump happen again. Long jump is


one of my good events. I want to focus on that and get only points


back in the bag. We wish you well for tomorrow and well down for


rebounding the way you have. Topsy-turvy day but great to see she


is still positive. You never know what happens, but the woman of


course to beat is going to be... It is about not making mistakes. This


is another event where she is supreme. We saw that clearance


there. And saw what it meant to her. Delighted. I think that is the 1.95


clearance and you know, since she has become Olympic champion she has


got better and better more confident and trusting in herable. The shot


put consolidating that. This is one of the events we saw she pulled it


out. She had a ball elbow. We thought the throwing would be down.


She has been able to find that magic extra that is needed. She wants to


be steady. She mentioned she wants to be steady and get that one-off


performance in one of the other event, one of her favourites are to


come. The javelin. Yes, and not KJT's favourite event but like she


said long jump. This was the standings come the end of the day.


Schafer in first place and TH -- Thiam in second. There is a medal a


as possibility. I didn't expect her to be so high. She ran a great 200,


that will give her confidence, hopefully a good night's sleep and


she is back in the game. She could well billion back in the


game. Come on, you guys are lovely. Your know I love you, but we have


some friends, some of the fastest people in the orb Yana region. Come


on over. -- let us school scoot over. Say


hello to the UK. -- Oceania. Say hello. Hi my name the Patricia. I am


from the cook I land but I live in Australia. A PB and a national


record. Congratulations. An incredible feat. What is your name.


I am from the Northern Ireland and I run the 100-metre. Did you get a PB?


Yes. All the PBs today. What about you? My PB, I have just got my


season best. It is great to have you with us. I am from Tuvalu. I run the


200 metres and my season best. A season's best. Was it the best in


the country as well? Yes. Of course it was. We only get the best in this


region for you. I know it is chilly and you have been staying up to have


a quick chat. Thank you all of you for coming down and talking to us.


Our sprinters from the orb Yana region. We have chance for KJT to be


on one of the boards. She has to fight. She has nothing to lose at


this stage and everything to gainful I think a medal for her would be


fantastic, but she has got to nail that long jump. Solid javelin and


run her heart out in the eighth. Cop Colin, ghees, thank you, one last


wave from our friends down there, if you don't mind. And a Jamaican fan


or two. It may not have been Usain Bolt's night. Justin Gatlin is the


World Champion but there is only one hero of athletics, he is the one,


the only Usain Bolt. Let us all do the Bolt to finish. There you go.


See you tomorrow. Good night. One last time.


It's Gatlin. Right at the death. This is sport. There are no


guarantees. There # Everybody dance... #


Whoa! # Clap your hands,


clap your hands... #


Gabby Logan and Ore Oduba introduce continued live coverage of the second day's action, including more analysis and reaction from some of the medallists and those close to them.

Usain Bolt's last individual race at a major championships, in the 100m final, is sure to generate plenty of talking points, as will the men's long jump.