Day 3, Part 2 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 3, Part 2

Gabby Logan introduces live coverage from the London Stadium, where the heptathlon, featuring Britain's Katarina Johnson-Thompson, reaches its climax with the 800m.

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This is world domination! Michael Johnson, storming away! This is


history in the making! Jessica Ennis-Hill is back on top of the


world. This is a massive world record. The champion of the world!


Usain Bolt! He has saved his title! He might


even save his sport! The champion becomes a legend.


It is Gatlin, Gatlin winning it, right on the death. It was not to


be. This is sport, there are no guarantees. There isn't always a


happy ending. His lane is now empty. And so depends. -- so it ends. Last


night 's 100 metres final showcase the unpredictable nature of sport,


but track and field moves on and be focused tonight shifts onto the


Women's 100 metres and the Heptathlon 800 metres race, who


better to talk about this than Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. The feeling you


get before competing... It is hard to describe. A mixture of nerves,


adrenaline, anticipation. There is nothing you want more to perform


when it counts. He is a one-man world superpower. To come away with


the medal you have dreamt of. But there are no guarantees. This is


sport, there isn't always a happy ending. When the pressure is


building, one mistake can cost you. That is a massive disappointment.


You need absolute focus. Look at that! I will never forget the


staging. The atmosphere. Everybody on their feet. Five years ago, at


the Olympics. Tonight, as the women take centre stage in the very same


arena. She edges away from the rest. This will be their chance. To rise


to the occasion. The world Athletics Championship enters the third night


and the fastest woman in the world will be crowned the best all-round


track and field athlete and also the men's 800 metres medal will be


awarded. We have had so many talking points, drama and magical moments,


these World Championships already are creating headlines. Joining me


in the studio, after a marathon day, Steve Cram. Denise and Michael


alongside and right now, Jess Ennis, she has just come into the stadium


to receive gold-medal upgrade from debut, she was the silver-medallist


behind the Russian. And we can hear the role of the crowd once again in


this stadium. She has been looking forward to this, for her, this is


one of many gold medals. But still, she gets her moment, she gets the


moment to come home. For me, this is her arena, the crowd remember that


night so fondly and this warning of a medal is just rewards for that


purple patch she was in at that time. The winner in Berlin. She went


on to win the worlds, the Europeans and then this, fantastic. We can


listen to the crowd appreciating her as she steps on to the rostrum. The


gold-medallist, representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland...




Jessica is due to have her second baby in one month and the lady who


should be filling the bronze podium, from podium, is not here because she


is also about to give birth! They all competed in 2011. Jessica Ennis


went on to take the title in Beijing and two years later after the birth


of her son... Ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of Great Britain


and Northern Ireland. NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Her coach, Tony, who works as part


of the commentary team, he was the coach at the time as well, and he is


proudly clapping. Very emotional, Jessica. Seeing a woman eight months


pregnant standing to receive medal! This is a magical moment. We have


said this, it is great for her. I hope we do not have too many more of


these, I suspect a few of them but let us share in the moment, this is


one for the scrapbook. And her three-year-old son is here, he will


be watching and cheering, very proud. He won't know what is going


on! We will have in the studio later on. And apparently, she will present


the medals the ceiling for the Heptathlon. Apparently, she is not,


things change fast around your! That was the 100 metres men's race and


that was won by Justin Gatlin and we have had all kinds of reaction and


debates and one of the central themes today is the right to boo and


whether people should be allowed to boo for people who have been given


the right to compete? There was mixed opinion and whether silence


would be the best way to show they are upset with his participation?


They definitely have the right to boo, they have bought the ticket,


they are coming to watch personalities. We are here because


of public opinion, we would not be covering this of the public did not


like athletics and they have the right to say what they like and do


not like. I have never seen anything like that before. I have heard some


ripples of boos before. Remember Italy? This might be only thing but


it may happen a lot more, I do not know. He did nothing wrong. Let us


be clear. That is even worse, in the middle of the competition. Is it


right? To boo? Gatlin, he has become, I said the lightning rod,


for everything bad is bad about our sport, particularly about drugs. It


is not his fault but in the 100 metres against Usain Bolt, he has


had the headlines, under the spotlight and that is where it


gravitates towards. Of course, the guys have said, people came here for


a party last night and the man who took that away from the crowd was


the man... They showed him that not only did we not like you before, you


have spoiled our party. People were deflated, a little bit down. And the


man who had taken that away is the man who has been painted as the


villain. Should people boo everybody who has lined up your previous drug


offences? Does that tell the governing body that we were the


paying public and we do not want to see this? That is one way of looking


at it, I have always been very proud of our sport and how people express


themselves and we have to have this debate because it isn't comfortable,


the drugs is not what we want to see in the sport but that is not what we


want. I don't think people know the facts, it is complicated but that is


the heart of the matter. To a lot of people the result was unpalatable


and opinion is divided, we can get a flavour of how this has been


reported around the world. People came to see Usain Bolt. He is a


legend. He needs no introduction. Bolt is ready.


He gets a pretty good start. Bolt is not going to catch him. Here he


comes. Gatlin wins. It is Gatlin, right on the death, he steals it.


The people who love me, they are cheering for me, the countrymen are


cheering and that is what I will focus on. It was rough, it was


banned down, I will take it like any other championship. I did my best.


We have rivalry on the track and throughout the years, but we will


joke and have a good time, he said congratulations, and you do not


deserve all of these boos. People were shocked that Usain Bolt lost


and understandably so. No matter the kind of form he has demonstrated


early season, he always pulls it out. We were surprised because we


hoped that Bolt would win in his finale and if any American would


beat him, we thought it would be Coleman, he has had a better year


than Gatlin. For the sport, if Usain Bolt lost, it would have been better


if Coleman was a well, this young kid who knocks out the heavyweight


and we have this 35-year-old, with the tarnished reputation and the


wider public just think, no, this drugs cheat has beaten the greatest


sprinter and show man in sporting history. Why would I want to watch


this? He gets a mixed reaction from people, they think he has failed


twice and has been suspended for four ears, people will say, this is


Gatlin, but he is playing on a level field, he is extensively tested.


There would have been other athletes in their sport who have cheated and


competed last night, but this is where the sport has been for a


while, it is simplistic to paint Gatlin as purely the bad guy because


it is more complicated than that. I am hardly going to tell you the


logistic that somebody who has served two bands in the sport will


walk away with one of our glittering prizes but he is eligible to be her,


we have attempted and we did attempt a lifetime ban under these


circumstances and we lost that. In life you pay your bills and you


should be given the opportunity to come back and do your best. It is


not perfect but he has been sanctioned twice for doping and as


the champion but you cannot complain.


He is never going to do this again, he is 35 years old. And with the


extensive testing going on now, at least we hope, it is probably not a


long-term problem, it is just going to be the headline in a story for


the next couple of weeks. I think Gatlin's story is good


because you fall, you get up and you prove yourself. As he said last


night, it was cracked Matic, he I have won but it was less about


beating Bolt, it is his night. And you must give him credit for that.


-- it was dramatic. There are no guarantees, there is not always a


happy ending. Is this appetite we have talked


about to find a villain, and we were part of that narrative going back to


2015, as guilty as anybody else, the media went for him especially in


this country, is that indicative of this modern malaise where people


want something quick? A political solution, a headline that explain


something without digging deep into stories. Well, I think what we are


seeing here is very reminiscent of a political arena over the last year.


People are frustrated and disappointed. They are disappointed


in our tactics because of the doping going on with the Russian situation.


So many athletes testing positive. They want to believe what they see.


When we give them a villain and somebody they can pin that on, it


feels good to boo that person. The problem is, it does nothing to solve


the issue, to rectify the issue. And later, we end up with a situation


where we go, should we have done that? Since -- the same in the


political situation. Anything political in particular? There is


one back home we do not want to get into. It feels good at the moment


but when we give people an outlet for that, they going to take it. Do


they have the right to take it? Absolutely. But is it the


responsible thing to do? That is what we are faced with now and the


sport has to do with the fact that we are having to reallocate medals


and change around the medal ceremony. We can hear a reaction


from our counterparts at NBC, the commentator and broadcaster and four


time Olympian from Trinidad. Great to see you, always.


Interesting night when it comes to the 100m medal ceremony after what


happened last night, what is your take on last night on what we might


see or hear tonight? I don't think you can dictate what people feel.


And we can talk about the merits of if Justin should be forgiven and


everybody should get over it but as he said, in this building five years


ago when he lined up next to Bolt, he was cheered. I think he is being


booed now because he is a threat to Bolt. And I think the British crowd


is in favour of Bolt. It is some of his own doing in his past, but what


you saw last night is because everybody wants to see their hero


Usain Bolt go out in the way they wanted. Is that from 2015 when


Gatlin had a stellar season and it boiled up then? It was pitched in


this country and maybe a little over the top as good against evil. 2015


was the first time we really saw Bolt threatened anti-win macro by a


lane in Beijing and people said, we do not like this guy getting close


to Usain. -- and he won by a lane. I can't help from ace renting


perspective be appreciative of what Gatlin has done. He came to the


World Championships and he does not make the final. In 2012 and he gets


the only US model and the only US medal at the worlds in 2013. He has


got back off the mat every time Usain Bolt and company have hit him


in the face. At 35, what he did here last night, from a sprinting


perspective is as good as it gets. As for you working for an American


network NBC, how have you covered his career in the last few years and


is the drugs think something even mentioned? Oh, yes, we mention it


and we can't win. If we do not mention it, they say, how can you


ignore it? If we do, they say, this is why track and field suffers in


America because you guys talk about drugs. The truth is, I tend to be a


slave to the story and the story has been Usain Bolt and we have to cover


Gatlin because he has been closest to him since 2013, but no matter


what the outcome, yesterday, somebody was not going to be happy.


There are people in the States who feel like the guy has paid his dues


and served his time, what else to you want him to do? I understand. As


always, it is fascinating talking to you, thank you.


Phil Jones. Let's see the kind of reaction they are going to get when


they come out now into the stadium for the 100m men's medal


presentation. I genuinely do not think you are going to get what


people think. I think they said that bit last night. I have a suspicion


it will be more subdued and there will be some reaction.


I have never seen a stadium not react to Usain Bolt. That is


reaction. Once they got over the booing Gatlin, it was a celebration


of Bolt and his career. I think the British people are fair and they


have set their bit. It will be genuinely surprised if it is as the


Severus. Let's wait and see. We have to keep remembering that this has


been totally forgotten, the Coleman story, young kids, comes into the


first championship and he beats Usain Bolt as well. His performance


was outstanding and I look forward to seeing what he can do. This is


the moment we were waiting for. Sebastian Coe said it would make him


feel queasy in 2015 if Justin Gatlin beat Usain Bolt.


Gold-medallist and World Champion, representing the United States of


America, Justin Gatlin. Ladies and gentlemen, the national


anthem of the United States of America.


APPLAUSE. Well, it was definitely mixed, more subdued than last night,


the booing, and now the cheering. I think people in the emotion of last


night, it was Bolt losing to the man and when they realised who it was,


because they did not start booing until they realised. It was just an


outpouring of that emotion. There was a bit of that again tonight, but


then also respect for him as an individual and his performance. I


keep saying it is about what he represents, less so than Justin


Gatlin himself. The British media, ourselves included, have educated


the public a little bit. But that sign says it all. I am never going


to sit here, I am sorry, I will never be an apologist for Justin


Gatlin or what he represents, really sorry. Never apologise to anybody


here. But how is it that Justin Gatlin stands out so far above, in


your mind and other people's, above the other drug cheats? Explain the


difference. I have talked about others... Marion Jones. But come on,


Marion Jones. Seriously, on air... Let's talk about today. We have a


responsibility in the media, surely, this guy here... I think I said


yesterday, one man should not carry the hate and one man should not


carry all of the law. That is what Bolt represents. On the other hand,


if we acquiesce all the time, which is what we have done, we are all


responsible in our sport for allowing this situation over a


number of years to arrive. We let our federations be badly run. We let


people who were meant to be working after our sport ride roughshod over


all the things we hold dear. And we are partly responsible for that. And


now we are in the media and we also, I think we a responsibility within


reason and is reasonably as we can, to educate people. I don't disagree


with you, but I think we have done a poor job of educating because we


created a story that was not accurate. We created a villain and


heroes story that created most of this. Eating 2012, the facts Justin


Gatlin was in the stadium in 2012 and nobody booed him is proof -- I


think in 2012. In 2015 when Bolt got close to Bolt and people were fed up


with the drug situation, we created this narrative and we did not do a


good job of educating people about all of the people, all of the drug


cheats in the sport and how they have gotten away with it. And what


the Federation have not done, we did not educate them about that, we just


gave them a representative. Absolutely, we have compounded the


problem, let's face that. At the same time, we have to recognise the


sport is trying to clean itself up. The fact that the time yesterday was


really slow, we have not had a 100m slower than that since 2003. 2003


was a slow 100m, right? That question was put to the three of


them in the press conference, where the times slow because drug testing


is better? He took the inference you are accusing us of being drug cheats


but I get the point and it is well made. And that is a good thing, we


are improving slowly. I think Sebastian Coe said it, more money


would help. The Federation being stronger would help, but I come back


to your point, Michael. I have only ever tried to deal in facts. I don't


know Justin Gatlin very well, were not know if he's a nice guy or a bad


guy. The other people who I might suspect and there might be some here


who could be cheating, I can't say anything until they have failed a


test and they have been given a ban and your parities have dealt with


them and that becomes a fact. Because Gatlin is in our faces a


lot, that gets repeated and repeated, more so than a guy who


missed 12th in the discus. That just happens. It is not the fault Gatlin,


he is in the 100m against Bolt and inevitably he has had more coverage


than most so probably you are right, inevitably, he has become the


villain and people have decided to make him the villain. I hope I have


never called him a villain, I have just said, this guy has failed two


drug tests. I tried when I am commentating in the Diamond League


and the rest of it, to mention that where it is relevant. I can't all


the time, would never get any commentating done. You know what I


mean. Yes, I think you have presented him as a villain. I think


we have presented him as a villain. And I think that was something that,


you right, we have responsibility to educate and if we had done a better


job of educating and we need to do a better job of educating the bans on


all of the goings-on with regard to doping rather than painting it --


any net on one person because they believe and that person is gone,


everything will be great, and it will not. That's true and we have


not been honest, I say we loosely. For many years, decades,


unfortunately. And now we are under the microscope and we have to


address it or else we will lose our fans and sponsorship and that is


what kills the sport. We are at a critical points now and that is why


this is really important. Any positive is this debate is being


driven, on the agenda and people experienced like yourselves are


having these conversations. Bearing your laundry in public. This will


continue to run. We will talk about this but Steve, you have a job to do


tonight, I will tell you what is happening. They will get started


with Women's Pole Vault, with Holly Bradshaw aiming for her first global


outdoor medal, she competed in 2012 and came fifth, Elaine Thompson and


Daphne Shivers will want to progress and then the men's 400 metres


semifinals. Just after eight o'clock, it is the Men 110m Hurdles.


At 8:35pm, the men's shot put. Then the climax of the Heptathlon and


Katie G trying to upset the odds by winning a medal. And then we have


the men's 800 metres. We end the evening with the Women's 100 metres.


Can Elaine Thompson when her maiden individual title? You might have


heard some roaring in the background and that was Holly Bradshaw being


introduced to the crowd. She knows their stadium very well. She enjoyed


herself in 2012? Yes and no, she was sick, she came away bitterly


disappointed. But she has a real opportunity, she is that much away


from being the best in the world, four centimetres separating her from


the rest of the best, the Greek girl in the pole vault, she must use this


energy in the stadium to her advantage and not let this way her


down. At the year, she absolutely used the crowd to Will her on. She


is great at that. 5.81 would be ridiculous here at! She settled the


new British record, she is confident and as long as she gets her runway


accurate, the drive and planned, she is flying. And the climax of the


Heptathlon, the women have been going hard over two days, starting


with the 100 metres Hurdles yesterday, we will bring it up to


speed with that. Do we have any up-to-date on that? The long jump?


This is Katarina Johnson-Thompson this morning, one of her best


events. She knew exactly what she had to do. There is going to be that


starting issue of the last World Championships but she made good on


her first job, it was clean. And that was a very nice opening for


her. Her technique was solid. We know she can jump close to seven


metres, but that accuracy on the board has lettered down so many


times. She had such a difficult time in Beijing with this event, it was


good to get through this? This will be a confidence boost, we were


worried, how the championships might affect mental state going forward


because we know she has incredible physical talent and this is just


about her emotional and mental state in a big competition so this will


be, no matter what happens, a positive thing for her. After


yesterday. For her going forward and this gives her the ability to build


on this, instead of being completely let down from the entire


championship, whether she gets a medal or not, she can say, that one


issue, it was the long jump, this time it's the high jump and I have


to figure that out and she can look at those issues with coaches and


where she has been let down. But there is a consistent thread. She


went from fourth to third place and then an event, not her strongest,


but she had a great javelin? How would she respond on the day when it


is inherently her worst of the two days, normally. This time she


managed to make the second day very solid. That was a good long jump,


really good javelin, by her standards. And over 40 metres. Her


season best, and psychologically, what we were talking about is her


ability to compartmentalise each event, this has been done and I will


move on. She said she absolutely did that. We were talking last night, I


wish we had that one error, Jess was talking about her progression and


the way she approached the pressure and expectation of talent and her


potential and it was very much, I didn't talk about scoring 1000


points, just winning the next championship and being the best I


can be. Great advice. Our conversations, whenever we have


them, we talk athletics all day long! Vetter had a magnificent


javelin and this could affect whether Katarina Johnson-Thompson


makes it onto the rostrum. This was the turning point. She is a great


javelin throw, she set personal best earlier in the year, but 58.41 is


stunning. She is slight, her father is coach. And she uses her body to


perfection. Great hero. Almost 50 metres more than Katarina


Johnson-Thompson throws, moving her into third, Thiam still in the lead.


And then Schafer and Johnson-Thompson is done there.


Realistically, she needs a 17 second sowing. All they need to do is run


to their abilities, Katarina is one of the best 800 metres runners but


this is a very tall order. And 17 seconds is very challenging. It is


and Rodriguez could include her personal best. We will see them at


nine o'clock. Always a wonderful side, the 800 metres, the band of


sisters at nine o'clock. And we can go out there because it is the


Women's 100 metres semifinal. Neita in a line-up of some veterans,


comfortably the youngest at 20, she turns 21 later this month. She ran


very well in her first-round heat, it was not far away from her PB.


This is a very good line-up, Schippers, the Adelaide from the


Ivory Coast doing very well. This is how they are lining up. Schippers


just a little bit off her best. We would expect Stevens to be the


strongest there. And this is the first track event. We are talking


about doping suspensions. Baptiste has had that. She had the world


bronze six years ago, the Trinidad and Tobago Adelaide. Runner-up in


the 100 and 202 is, behind Elaine Thompson.


So, Daryll Neita, with that familiar welcome to the stadium. Capacity


crowd. Stevens was the runner-up in the US trials. Has undergone under


11 seconds yet. Be world champion over 200 metres, Schippers, she ran


10.81 that year. She has not looked quite as sharp but this girl, fourth


place in Rio, Ta Lou. Very quick in qualifying again. Checking over as


the leading campaigner from the Ivory Coast. She ran an astonishing


time, Lalova-Collio. Third in the Jamaican championships, Jamaica has


four sprinters in the semifinals. And two going here, including Levy.


Two through automatically and two fastest losers over the three heats.


Britain with three representatives and Daryll Neita starting things and


we have Kelly and Baptiste in the second. Stevens in lane five. The


first of the semifinals in the Women's 100 metres. Not a bad start


from Baftas skippers. Stephen is struggling. -- from Schippers.


10.87, astonishingly quick from Ta Lou, just a fraction outside her


personal best and a season as my best and she is a serious contender.


We will see what Elaine Thompson and the rest will run. Impressively


through to the final at 9:50pm. Neita was in a good position but


unable to finish things off. Schippers has also qualified


automatically. Very well balanced race, driving well, went through all


of the phases accurately and when you do that but her talent, there is


not much Schippers can do to bring her back and when you look at that


finishing time, it is clear, this young lady will be ready for the


final. Through automatically and the big disappointment, Stevens, Neita


was quickly up on her. For a very big semifinal, she has done well,


finishing in fourth place. 11.16. Setting herself up for the rest of


her career. Unlikely she will still go through but she has a chance


because she was fourth and the two fastest losers go through. We can


hear from Daryll Neita. You wanted to give yourself a chance and you


have? Hopefully, I have to wait but fingers crossed. Maybe, who knows?


You have found this rich vein of form and consistency and you are new


to this. It is just the momentum of last year, getting the medal in Rio,


that has given me so much confidence in my individual and I am praying


for the best. And you have embraced the crowd and they have embraced you


back! Thank God for the crowd! The loudest cheering of my life! Fingers


crossed and all the best! Waiting for the following semifinals, what


an amazing run from Ta Lou. Schippers also threw at ten point


98. Holly Bradshaw, pacing up and down, getting herself ready for the


pole vault final. She is up with the best in the world, her Heights


compare to some of the greatest currently on the international stage


and with the home crowd, who knows what she can achieve? She knows the


importance of competing at the home championships. She spoke to fill.


You are one of those athletes within the team but the experience of


London 2012 and you get to experience the World Championships


in London, what is the thought process? I am so excited, I remember


London fairly well, finishing sixth, and to come out of the stadium and


be proposed to and I am married, with a different name, it is crazy


and it holds lots of special memories and every time I go back to


the stadium it gives me goose bumps. She has proven she can deliver on


the bigger stages. Comfortably through to the final on Sunday.


Flawless evening for Holly Bradshaw. The best position I have been in for


a long time, better and stronger and technically the best I have been.


When it comes to a major championship I will step up my game,


I have proven that with Beijing and Rio. Two British records this year.


Oh, she has got that! Unbelievable, Holly Bradshaw! I love


major championships, it what -- it is what I was born to do, it is what


I love doing. Holly Bradshaw, she is somebody, we


do not want to put too much pressure on the situation, Denise, but would


you say hopeful of a rostrum finish if it clicks in place? She is one of


my predictions! I have let the Kat out of the bag! I am really pleased


with how she has but been performing this season. Inconsistencies at


times but mentally a stronger athlete. The injuries and the


setbacks, she knows what this means and she is hungry now. Yes, I would


agree, Denise. I think she is right there. It is not guaranteed and


certainly not going to be easy, it is going to be a tough competition,


but she has the ability to get amongst the medals. And she has got


a great attitude, I looked at the interview earlier this week we


showed off her talking about her experience over the last couple of


years and how she has mature and she sounds very confident and I think


that approach will kick in. If it kicks off, that addition, it will


create a fantastic atmosphere in here tonight. You may have seen a


fantastic moment when dangerous get Ennis-Hill got her upgraded gold


Medal from Daegu. Welcome to the studio, Jess, but back outside for


the women's 100m, it is Heat 2 and that lady Elaine Thompson the double


Olympic champion is the favourite and looking fantastic, Steve Cram.


I have put my best shirt on, nice of you to notice! Desiree Henry has


found herself next to the Olympic champion. When you look at this


heat, if she really nails this, really nails it, if you look at the


semifinals, this is, despite Elaine Thompson, look at the rest of those


names and you would not be frightened by them. Swoboda will be


out quickly. Desiree Henry next to her, a manual of Canada. Santos and


the young Arianna Washington. And a 23 champion Swoboda. Desiree Henry,


21. She has relived so many times lighting the flame here in 2012 and


she has sampled this atmosphere. Elaine Thompson has looked supreme


all season, really looking forward to watching her race here, as she


got something special? Even in the semifinal. Immanuel having a great


season, a personal best in the heats. A good 200m runner. Finds


herself right in the middle, the Brazilian Santos, the South American


record-holder, quick out of the blocks. Another one who ran a


personal best to qualify. Mujinga Kambundji, we all got to know her


well in Zurich in 2014, for good reasons and bad when she dropped the


baton in the Relay in front of a home crowd. And she did rise to the


occasion, and she knows of a home crowd can do. 21-year-old Ariana


Washington. Making it through in the American trials to third place. And


the South African record-holder, Carina Horn, in lane nine. It is


tough qualifying at this stage. Just to guarantee the two fastest losers


spots, Daryll Neita was fourth, you never know. It doesn't quick enough,


but you never know. Desiree Henry, this is the time to produce the race


of your life. 11.9 is her season's best. 11.6 was her personal best set


last year. Something like that, might not be too far away. Swoboda


away quickly on the far side as expected and so is Elaine Thompson.


Henry with a good start. Some toss. As expected, Thompson leading. But


what about Santos? A cracking run, into a slight headwind? I was


wondering how quick she would go, that is pretty quick. Santos was a


revelation, 10.9. And that is a new national and area record, a new


South American record from Santos, no wonder she screams of delight.


And Thompson must have thought, I am running 10.80 and there is somebody


behind me, what is going on? Desiree Henry is fifth, run out of it. Her


best runs were early in the season and she has not been able to repeat


that, Colin. Thompson and also Santos, that was a surprise. Shall


we talk about Elaine Thompson first? This was a hugely impressive


demonstration and sprinting. Look how easy and relaxed she looks. It


is like she is just floating on air, beautiful runner to see. And Santos,


she got out reasonably well, not electric. And she just concentrated


on what she wanted to do, which is qualified. The gun goes out, Elaine


Thompson by 30 metres says goodbye to the rest of the field. Look at


Santos. Focused, pumping her arms and working hard to the line, not


taking any risks. It is a semifinal, you want to be the top two, she


worked hard and was rewarded with a massive record and personal best


10.19. Two contrasting styles, on the right is Desiree Henry and it


looks like she is really working. Compare that to the beautifully


fluid running of Elaine Thompson. She has shut down, her arms have


stopped pumping. And Elaine Thompson runs 10.84. If conditions stay the


same, this final could be sensational, Steve. Lovely to watch


Elaine Thompson. 10.84, and Santos must improve her area record. And


still hanging in as the fastest loser is Mujinga Kambundji. Sadly,


neither Desiree Henry or Daryll Neita makes it through to the final.


You could watch Elaine Thompson run all day, are you born with that


ease, can you coach people to look relaxed even if they are working


hard to looks relaxed? That is something that makes her special.


She has such an easy sprinting that just allows her to be able to relax


throughout this entire run. Once she comes out of her drive bays, she is


just now... This is an early round, but she will not looked different


from this in the final and that is the discipline, she does not stress,


she just glide through and creates turnover. More so than most other


sprinters. That is her weapon. The contrast with Henry, is that fair?


What Colin was saying, the effort she looks like she's putting in,


there is not much more you can do. There is a lot of Henry Candy. One


on is doing something completely different. The first rule is


symmetry and she has one arm going far out to the right and the only


one doing that, and every time it comes back, it pulls her this way


and she has to fight it to go back the other way. That is happening all


the way down the track. If you had an aerial view of her, she would be


doing this. That is a problem. Easy to correct, she is a fantastic


finisher and she has great speed. I would be surprised if her coach is


not working with her on that. I stole that from Denise, actually! I


like it when you give the credit, that is good. Said it so you do not


have two, Denise! You now say what he said! Yes, and everything else!


Jess, we loved seeing you getting that mental and it was so emotional,


Steve was in the studio as well and it really did look like it here in


UI, but it looks like you were taking in this arena for one more


time. Yes, it was strange because it felt like I had forgotten that


feeling of the podium and the crowd. I kind of hard and coming into the


centre of the arena and hearing the crowd cheering one last time for me,


I was like, I'm not going to cry! I felt really emotional. Just seeing


my son. Yes. Could you see him from the rostrum? Yes, I was blowing him


a kiss. It was a really special moment. I asked Steve Cram if he had


commentated on anybody eight months pregnant on top of the rostrum and


surprisingly, he had not and he put that down to your emotions! May be,


it will be on the Question of Sport. I did think that! It was brilliant.


No better way to sign of my career one last time in the stadium than


soaking up this crowd. You should have got it in debut in 2011 but if


you can't get it there, you have to get it somewhere else and getting it


in front of this crowd -- Daegu. It took a long time and wouldn't I


would love to have it in that emotion -- in that moment when


emotions were raw, but no better way to receive it than in the stadium.


You are backstage ready to come out when the 100m men were getting ready


and did you see those guys? Was there an atmosphere? Was it normal?


Usain Bolt was dancing around, enjoying himself. Coleman


congratulated him. There was not really an atmosphere. It seemed OK.


But I obviously heard the booing again. It wasn't as loud as last


night but it did ring out it was a bit when he first stepped out onto


the podium, interesting to know what goes on behind closed curtains.


Thank you, Jess. We will be chatting more throughout the evening but now


it is the final of the 100m semifinal heats and Asha Philip is


out there, the European indoor champion. She had this inside lane


for her heats and she ran well. It personal best, looking close to that


and perhaps even better to have a terms of going through. You personal


best this season for the Swiss runner, Salome Kora. Trying to find


somebody who might be able to challenge Elaine Thompson, she looks


shoulders ahead, but maybe the US champion Tori Bowie can lift


herself. The silver and bronze in Rio in the sprinting. Running 10.90


this season. Okagbare. In sprinting, the Commonwealth titles are hard to


earn. What a run at Gina Luckenkemper produced in the first


round! 10.95, the quickest by a German woman since 1991. Marie-Josee


Ta Lou looked good in the first round. Trying to join her fellow


countrywoman in that final is Ahoure. A silver in the World


Championships in Moscow a few years ago. Natasha Morrison, the fourth


Jamaican sprinter competing, Facey is out. Elaine Thompson goes


through. And Ahye. Her time in the Trinidad and Tobago Championships


stands out, 10.82. A race which was very quick and a time that stands


out from the rest of her times this season. All perfectly normal. Solo


effort. So Asha Philip and Daryll Neita and


Desiree Henry and -- tried and could not make it to the final. Philip


goes in lane two. Salome Kora Switzerland next to her.


Asha Philip is off to eight good start and can she hang on as Tori


Bowie comes back. Hanging in there. But it is Tori Bowie who gets it.


Ahoure second. And pretty much going to form, out very quickly is Asha


Philip, she always is over the first 50 and fading in the second half and


Tori Bowie coming through, a great 200m runner with high speed. Ahoure


taking the second automatic qualifying place and Asha Philip


will not be going through to the final later this evening.


She will be disappointed, she did what she could do, she kept herself


in contention, it was around that 60 metres mark and then the quality of


the field put the pressure on and when people move as quickly as they


did to Asha, you can understand that Bowie, the eventual winner, she beat


Thompson before and surprised everyone, very relaxed, not


stressing at all. This 100 metres has been set up for a very good


competition. The slowest, although it is relative, with Bowie coming


through, easing towards the end and that relaxed sprinting style to


occur through the last 20 metres. Ahoure getting second. 10.90 nine.


And Ahye is confirmed as one of the fastest losers. Asha Philip,


disappointing, they are, in 11.19. Elaine Thompson is heading the way,


Sidorova Brandywell. That is a huge personal best for Santos. And for


the Brazilian. Then Bowie. Who can challenge Elaine Thompson? That is


that 9:50pm this evening. After the semifinals, we have the line-up and


we will move over to BBC Two by then. Where is it? Thompson against


the rest? It is Elaine Thompson against the rest but Ta Lou is


running fairly well, you have a Jamaican, an American, two Ivory


Coast and two Trinidad and Tobago athletes, the changing of the guard


might be taking place with the Jamaicans, they are struggling to


find people outside of Elaine Thompson. Holly Bradshaw, we can


watch that pole vault competition. You know all about the energy in the


stadium, what advice would you give to her? She is in a very good


position, she had some injury problems this year but has come out


very strongly, the crowd can help people get those heights and what we


have seen from the documentary, she is strong and confident and will


have taken comfort from qualification. She will use the


crowd and the adrenaline. We can go outside, we will hear your voice on


this. With Tony and Steve on commentary. Holly Bradshaw getting


ready. Choosing to pass on the first two heights. Some very big


challengers for the gold. This will be tough. Holly Bradshaw has 60,000


people on her side. Bradshaw. Only one other Apple it has not jumped


yet and that is the Olympic champion. Holly Bradshaw joining at


4.55, her first attempt. It went a bit sideways but that is good stuff!


Well, she got herself over, the most important thing. That was a clean


first jump and a good start. That is what you want, jump clean at the


earlier heights, that means you do not knock off the buyer, you clear


the bar first time. That is how the medals will be decided, she just


decelerates a little bit, you can see that little judder. Miss timing


that a little bit but a first-time clearance is a first-time clearance.


It was not quite right but she got over and that bodes well. I am just


looking at that again, the pole is not out early enough, we want to see


on the step before she takes off, but her right hand is high above her


head and the left-hand is pushing the pole away. We can look at a jump


earlier this year. Manchester, firefighters and the first is to get


out quick, running fast from the back of the run-up. Getting to run


quick, then strong in the middle, getting your head up and get ready,


setting yourself up for this plant, getting the feet down quickly. A


little bit like the long jumper. And really swaying fast into the final


stage. Which is all about our process and it is great to see that


clearance, look at just how far over she is in Manchester. 60,000 people


sharing her in the Olympic Stadium. Really optimistic about her chances


in this pole vault final. Holly Bradshaw, she can rest, the next


height is 4.65. Only one athlete not involved yet, and other athlete


getting ready his Kylypko from Switzerland. Season 's best of 4.70


three. There are lots of athletes who fancy possibly getting a medal


here. And it is the execution of technique, rhythm, balance, this is


a real gymnastic, athletic event. And very technical indeed. Lots to


consider, the wind might be getting in. You might see the effect of that


slightly, with the flags around. That is the 100 metres start, they


are running across the top bend of the stadium to the pole vault Matt,


you can see the wind on the yellow flag held by the official. So,


Buchler. That is not the start you want. You have given a length of


time, the clock was counting down, she had seven seconds to start her


run. Not necessarily complete the vault and as she was running, she


was not comfortable and she has bailed out. Holly Bradshaw waiting


for her next attempt of 4.65. There is a capacity crowd and some


enjoying the late slivers of sunshine at the London Stadium and


Graham Carlin is lining up in the World Championship semifinal and he


is outside some very tablets. There is a lot of taping on the inside of


his left leg but he has been running well. The world record-holder,


initially supposed to be lining up in the first semifinal, would have


made things ridiculous. He has been shuffled out, replaced by Allen.


Allen comes in and this is a very high quality line-up.


The Borlees have been a staple of the scene, Kevin is running slightly


faster this season. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Dwayne Cowan. He is in the semifinal of the championships. This man is a


new power of 400 meet is running from America. 43.70 this season. In


Lane 6, the 21-year-old Jamaican champion, Allen. Gardiner, usually


the boy wonder. This man is even younger, 19 years old. London. 44.47


this season. And Omelko. Those middle names are


brittle to try to qualify from. The power of Kerley, just 22. Cowan


readies himself for the semifinal of a World Championship. The first


semifinal of the men's 400 metres. Cowan is not worried by Kerley.


Kerley making his move, Gardiner, that languid style putting pressure


on Allen. Cowan fading a little bit. London, he is a long way back, look


at the style of Gardiner as he fires down the home straight. The Jamaican


is coming through. The Americans run out. It is Gardiner, 43.90 from


Gardiner, he has gone hard in the semifinal, but the final is not


until Tuesday. 43.90. No wonder London and Kerley were struggling to


keep pace. Allen judged things well. And it is Allen and Gardiner who go


through. Michael Johnson will be impressed. 43.89 is the official in


the first round, Cowan was shocked, I was running fast and was unable to


get into the mix, that was unbelievable. We can look from the


blocks. Kerley, third from the right, you would expect him to be


one of the stars in the middle of the track. The youngster, Gardiner,


you can see that Cowan is running very hard. And he just hits the wall


very early. Kerley is still in it. Gardiner, relaxed but pushing hard.


He never lets off the gas. I have got Kerley on my onside, his fastest


time in the world this year. And a very good run from the Jamaican


athlete as well. This is fantastic running, it will take its toll on


him. The great thing about these heats is tomorrow is a day off. We


can look again, that is Allen, he gets out really hard, really working


out. At this point, you have to relax, you do not slow down but you


relax your shoulders. Look at the contrast with Kerley, looking more


relaxed. And here it is all over for Cowan, he was running too hard,


maybe there is an issue with his hamstring as well. Kerley will be


disappointed, he did not expect to have to run this heart. Cowan


struggling at this point. Kerley were struggling to get alongside the


22-year-olds, Stephen Gardner, this is a new national record. And Allen,


that is a huge chunk off his personal best. And the great


American hope at the moment, Kerley, we will have to see if he is one of


the fastest losers. We have seen the height of 4.55. The defending world


champion, Silva. Her first attempt at the same height, 4.55, just. She


has had a very inconsistent season so far.


The fourth best job of all time when she gets it right. I have talked


about afflicting intention and silver is very much one of them. --


athletes in contention. Wobbly start and a clearance and the second


height of 4.50 five. Next, the men's semifinal and it is the world-record


holder Olympic champion van Niekerk aiming to do the very tricky double,


as Michael Johnson knows, although it was stuff in your day, more races


in six days. He has six races in six days. These guys have a rest day,


but he has not, will that affect the way he races this 400m quizzed Mikey


has the 200 m tomorrow. It will do. He has to make sure he wins the


heat. He has a much easier heat than the first heat. Controversially,


potentially, he was originally drawn in the previous heat which is


probably going to go down as one of the fastest semifinal heats of all


time. But we hear there was an appeal and he was put into the


second heat and replaces Nathon Allen, who was in the first heat,


the Jamaican who finished second, so that is controversy because he will


want easier heat because he is doubling. As is Isaac Makwala and he


has not been able to change his semifinal round. You do not want


athletes federations dictating to the organisers which heat you one


jot athletes in. They would have had a good point that the first heat


would be stacks, but if that is the way the organisers positioned it, it


is how you finish in the preliminaries, a son who the


athletes are. And he finished second. I believe he did. So we will


find out what happened, but that is a little controversial. It opens the


door to other people protesting. It could take out Fred Kerley, he will


probably get in, but he had a tough time. OK, Steve Cram, take it away.


Thank you very much, and to pick up Michael's point about the times, we


will mention the redraw in a second, but van Niekerk, the only one I can


find the semifinal run under 44 seconds was a certain Michael


Johnson in 1999 in the semifinal and I think he went on to break the


world record. But a target has been set for van Niekerk. He has got this


very good athlete from Botswana, Baboloki Thebe, inside him. The


Olympic runs medallist from London in 2012, Lalonde Gordon, he would


good in qualification, just outside qualification, like his old self.


Boniface Ontuga Mweresa, from Kenny. Came through as the fastest loser.


Let's listen to the roaring for Hudson-Smith. Britain's number one,


he but he needs to run like that and he possibly got carried away in the


heats and he went out hard and he faded. You still run of 45.3 which


is not great by his standards. Does she still ran. He is in lane two


against the world-record holder and Olympic champion and former Olympic


and World Champion LaShawn Merritt. At this level, the semifinal, only


the first two make it three. So inside is Baboloki Thebe. LaShawn


Merritt outside him. Whoever lead to the heats, it doesn't matter where


you look, there is challenge is, van Niekerk starting hard, Addis you


would expect. Gordon in the red has gone quickly through 200m. And now


the Botswana and coming into it, Baboloki Thebe. Hudson-Smith going


well. Van Niekerk has to change. Matt Hudson-Smith, can he get that


going? Van Niekerk just wins it. Hudson-Smith just loses out to


Abdalelah Haroun. This is warming up! I have been looking forward to


this 400m for a one-time! Thebe throwing himself into it. Godunov.


All of them want to be this man, van Niekerk. And what a run from Matt


Hudson-Smith! What a time to produce his season's best. Not ask any


better. I think we will get Michael to talk about van Niekerk.


Yes, Steve, van Niekerk does not run this as smart as you would want him


to or as he probably would like to given that he has a double, a 200m


preliminary tomorrow, trying to run the six races in six days. He runs


well here, he has his eye on Merritt. He feels he is in good


shape. He does run good here and he wants to out of this curve as we


have talked about all week with a weed. He looks to his left and you


have to see what is happening and he should have seen his inside and he


has to react now and this is hard, kicking into another gear after you


have shut it down and restarting the engine is difficult and takes a lot


out of you and lactic acid opens up and that is a tough way to run it.


Two days in a row now, I'm sure he will be disappointed with that. But


a great time, another good qualifier. There we go. Matt


Hudson-Smith on the inside. Running a little bit better than he did the


other day. This is good, and Thebe with an impressive run and he is in


the mix for a challenge on van Niekerk, Steve talked about. With


Isaac Makwala later and Fred Kerley if he gets in. Matthew Hudson-Smith


running better today than he did yesterday. Learning from that


mistake, that is what you want to see. He gets out hard and race pace,


this is good running, getting around the bend. His eye on those athletes


in front of him. He drew lane two which gives him a perspective on


everyone else. A nice long stride. I would like to see him a little bit


more relaxed on the back stretch. Now starting to kick it in. Perfect


textbook 400m running. Running the first 200 quickly and putting a bit


more effort into it around the bend and position yourself as best you


can amongst the race leaders, which she does. One of the things you


notice here which is great is that he does not look any different at


that point compared to the beginning, he is tired, but he can


hold technique and form and remain efficient throughout until the


finish line. Great running, Matthew Hudson-Smith. Well, sadly, it is a


tenth of a second shy of a fastest loser spot, it is brutal at this


stage and the quality of the semifinals are there for you to see.


That was a good run, a season's best. The winner, 44.22, by a tenth


of a second was the world-record holder and he spoke to fill.


Safely through, you are headlining this, what is it like to be a part


of this? It seems like every time we race, somebody breaks 44 seconds, so


it is good competition, I have to be always on my a game. What is the


story behind the redrawing of the semifinals, with costs the first


word happy new and Kerley and Gardner, that seems expressive. I


think you see much whoever changed it because I was not ready for the


heats, but it was a surprise to me as well. So it did not come from the


South African team? No, not at all. You have safely gone through and you


have a busy week, what kind of targets and personal targets have


you set yourself? Honestly, I'm just trying to get through the rounds. As


Conservative as I can. And hope for the best. The crowd love you here,


we love watching your run, all the best. Thank you, take care.


Back to the Pole Vault. A new height of four metres and 65. We have seen


McCartney get a foul, as has Angelica Bengtsson. Morris goes


clear. Another athlete who is a massive contender for the title is


American Sandi Morris, the world leader and Olympic silver-medallist


and lost on countback last year to a great athlete Ekaterini Stefanidi.


Morris is off to a great start with three clearances at her first three


heights and the only athlete so far to go clear of this new height of


four metres 65. Well, these tough semifinals keep


coming in the 400m. As we see Gil Roberts of the USA being introduced,


an idea of what is required here. You have to run 44.5 if you are not


in the top two to make it through. The new name from Jamaica Demish


Gaye. Then this man here, is he going to upset the party Mr Mark


Isaac Makwala has seen his partner pushing van Niekerk to the limit and


he will be thinking, thank you very much. The Italian David Re, from


Italy, he will be delighted to be here, I think. He has a look around


and he thinks, goodness me! The Belgian record-holder, Borlee. The


personal best goes all the way back to London. And as ever, brilliant


indoors with another indoor title this year in Prague in front of his


home crowd at the European Indoor Championships, Pavel Maslak. In the


world record race in his homeland when van Niekerk broke the record


earlier in the season. And the others we did not see, Jamal Walton


of the Cayman Islands, he is a massive talent, out on the outside.


In Peru, he ran at the Panama Junior Championships and he backed that up,


with 44.05. He is only 18. And to add a little bit spice, Cedenio. And


Gil Roberts. Just two to go through. Makwala a little slow out of the


blocks, but he has got the speed, 200m Bees, and moving up and Roberts


who has started quickly, the USA athlete in lane seven. Two on the


outside. A big gap appearing, Borlee trying to close the gap and nowhere


is it Pavel Maslak. It is Makwala now, Makwala. And look at Makwala.


And he continues to go away. Really impressive indeed. And Gaye, that


lovely action of his holding it together. And Makwala has time to


look around. 44.30. Roberts is third. The clock ticked on too


quickly for the American. We will tidy that up. Makwala, the winning


time 44.3. Gaye of America continuing to improve and Gil


Roberts is out. Well, all three Americans had been ousted from this


400m final. That will not please you, Michael, but this is warming up


and looking like a cracking event moving to the final on Tuesday. It


really is and this guy Makwala was always going to be one of the


challenges to van Niekerk. That is beautiful, perfect form down the


back stretch, no jerking around. No wasted motion. Just extremely


efficient here. He turns it on as you talked about, Steve. This


transition from 250 metres to 300 of the bend is just beautiful. Taking a


look around, now he can relax and float and glide to the finish. That


is the 19.8 speed over 200m, that is what it will get you and very


impressive running. Easing up about 20 metres from the finish line,


44.30. Nice and smooth, looking at the screen and checking out the


competition and making sure he continues to grab the lead. He will


double in the 200m is well liked van Niekerk, but shaping up to be an


incredible 400m over the next couple of days. It is, Michael. I did you a


disservice, your country, Fred Kerley has made it through and the


other three have gone out. You are correct, we know already he has


declared for the 200 m tomorrow, Makwala. So, 44.30. Roberts is not


quick enough to go through. We can look at who will be lining up


in the final. 43.80 nine. Nathan Allen. Personal best. Then van


Niekerk, Makwala and Kerley. Maybe with Gardiner, I will not say but


van Niekerk is still the favourite. The pole vault. This is the


favourite. She goes clear. She has waited for one hour before joining,


Stefanidi. 4.65 her first effort to get involved in a highly competitive


competition. We have Holly Bradshaw waiting for the wind notification


from the coach, he will let her know when the wind is optimal. 4.55,


slightly scrappy clearance and the bar is now at 4.65, that is better,


she came down on that. It be interesting to see back. She will


get two more chances to stay in contention. She stays in bronze


medal contention even with that. She needs to drive the pole in. There


are different stiffness is, this differed the pole, the quicker it


recalls. We have another ceremony for the competition last night, the


long jump. One of two South Africans on the rostrum. He jumped superbly


well. In the absence of the previous champion, Greg Rutherford. The


Olympic champion went out in qualifying. This man,, Lawson, took


silver, someone to watch going forward. Proving he can compete when


the pressure is on. But this was all about one man. This man. He is about


to receive his gold medal from an abject poverty stricken background.


And he stands on top of the world. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Doing the dab. A very popular gold medal for a man who recovered as a


social drug addict a few months -- a few years ago, sport saved him and


he is the champion of the world. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


The biggest smile in the stadium on the face of a new man to many


people. Manayuvo losing out on Olympic gold but going one better


here. Ahead of Lawson. Look at this. He just keeps his chest up, holding


the upright position, cycles his arms and a lovely landing. He has


dominated all year, he has jumped 8.65, he came here as the favourite


and stood strong and Manyonga is the champion of the world.


An incredible story and a wonderful long jump competition. The


semifinals of the men's 110 metres Hurdles are coming up and here are


the heats from the earlier sessions. Just a little bit on the edge,


trying to get into his running. It is the insider. Running out into the


headwind over McLeod. He takes it. Kim moving nicely. Allen also moving


nicely. King falling back. There was a salute to the crowd from Allen.


Merritt away pretty well. Pulling away from the rest. Just pouring


over the Hurdles. Clear of the rest and 13.16, he makes this look so


easy. Away cleanly. Pozzi in front, moving well. Pozzi takes it from


Xie. And the noise from the crowd will greet that British victory.


Shubenkov not having the best start. Parchment trying to finish strongly.


Ortega eventually got himself going on the inside. These are the


qualifiers for the final of the men's 110 metres Hurdles. Merritt


looked very smooth. Not giving it his all. McLeod, the Olympic


champion. Pozzi winning his heat. McLeod qualifying second fastest


from the heats, going in the first semifinal. Steve Cram... What an


interesting semifinal the first one is, you have the Olympic


gold-medallists and silver-medallists, the defending


world champion with Shubenkov, you have got the American champion,


Harris. Ortega from Spain, goodness me! That is the way it is. The world


semifinals. We will expect the competition, four of the fastest ten


in the world so this is a hard one. Masuno from Japan. The Olympic


silver-medallists, Ortega, competing for Spain. He did not perform in the


European indoor Championships. Trajkovic from Cyprus. You saw that


clip of Newman. He did not fight Allen. But he is in great shape. And


here he is, the Olympic champion. McLeod. One blot on the landscape


this year was in Paris when he had cramp. Any time you win the American


110 metres Hurdles championships you have done well. Harris did look


lackadaisical -- Shubenkov did look lackadaisical in qualification, he


cannot do that here. Authorised neutral, the Russian. We have got


three races in this round. Again, the top two and the two fastest into


the final tomorrow night. I will whisper this, we have not had any


false starts... Yet! Away they get safely, Darien gets a


good start along with McLeod. Darien is leading and look at this,


Shubenkov could be back into this but Darien hangs on behind the


Olympic champion. Shubenkov got left a little bit at the start. We talk


about... Holly Bradshaw is about to go, we will chat in a second. Holly


Bradshaw waiting patiently during that race. She is still waiting. She


must start before the clock gets to zero. 39 seconds left. I'm in


charge! That this signal start getting ready, 23 seconds on the


clock. She is frowning. I think this is making the wind and bigger factor


than it is. She has got ten seconds on the clock. And counting... Five


seconds to go. She goes. Second attempt at 4.65. Slow on the band


again. That unravelled in those 30 or 40 seconds. She had just one


minute, she waited a long time, the yellow flag goes up with 15 seconds


and she did not get her pole out early enough. And she poles down a


little bit too much, she gets a little kick, it just does not work


for her. Just one more attempt but there is still a bronze medal for


her if she can continue to go well. Two fouls. Five seconds on the


clock, she will have been rushed. For me, detention, negative tension


during the build-up, I am not sure about that. Shaking your head?


Waiting for the wind. The coach and athlete relationship, you trust the


courage to give you information about what the wind is like at the


box 30 metres away. You will rely on that. Or you override that and you


go. We don't know what that relationship is like. This is just


one of a bunch of factors and the wind in the stand and down there, it


is tiny, it was a factor in 2012, the exact same scenario. When she


came to the stadium, she will think about crosswind, but all year, this


is how they train, always talking about it, the other thing is they


train a lot indoors in Cardiff, do they get outdoors enough to feel the


wind and understand crosswind? I had the same situation with a decathlete


my coach, we go outdoors and the crosswind is pushing the pole away


from you. Instead of being able to control it. We worked together on


these things. We have to have trust in this relationship because there


is a medal on offer. And she still has a chance of a bronze medal but


she has one more opportunity at this height of 4.65 to stay involved.


Nervous pacing up and down from Holly Bradshaw. We can just look


here... This was the red-hot semifinal, so


many people with the potential of going through. Omar McLeod edged his


way through and he did not stress himself, knowing he has the leg


speed to match his technique. So through quite comfortably. That is


sweat and waiting time but I think at least one of them, Sergey


Shubenkov, is the favourite to go through, but let's see. This is


McLeod, fastest in the world, under ten seconds as a sprinter. Numerous


occasions under 13 seconds this year with the 110. His technique has


improved a lot, he brings his trail led troops quicker than he did


before, much more consistent, a good balance now. Bless his trail leg


quicker. It was a very quick first semifinal. Taking centre stage for


much of the crowd here in the second semifinal is the man in lane six.


Pozzi. An outside chance of a medal, first to try and make the final. So


much can happen in the hurdles. But a very high quality line-up. Hansle


Parchment delivers on the big stage. That is Matthias Buhler, the winner


of a seventh German title this year, 30 years old now. Came through from


the first round. The 21-year-old Cuban Iribarne. Cuba's pedigree in


this event... Also in this line-up is Yidiel Contreras. Looking good in


the first round was Devon Allen. Shane Brathwaite of Barbados. 27


now, A in the heats. Well, he is finally injury free and enjoying his


finest year and enjoying these moments, can he make the final? Runs


five years ago in the Olympics and silver at the World Championships.


When we talk about the big stage, Hansle Parchment loves these


occasions. Yidiel Contreras, a Cuban who now runs for Spain. A seasons


best in the first round. I just outside the medals last year in


Amsterdam, Czykier. He did run 13.28 this season, not near that in the


first round. Andrew Pozzi ran a clear race to win his heat, he said


afterwards he needs to step it up further in the semifinal and go


faster still. Those times in the first semifinal were very quick.


Sergey Shubenkov and Orlando Ortega still hoping to go through as


fastest losers. Only two go through over the three semifinals and it may


require a top two finish to go through. Second semifinal. Pozzi out


and Brathwaite moving well. So to Allen and Pozzi train the country.


Pozzi hits the front. Over the final barrier, it is so close! He is run


out of it, I think automatic qualifying place. Only 13.28. Pozzi


was there leading the way with a barrier to go. But he may have been


edged out of that. It was so tight on the line, but Pozzi, does he


know? Sometimes they know as they go across the line, you can feel the


vests out in front of you and Brathwaite is given the victory.


Parchment second, so Andrew Pozzi not going through the tomorrow's


final in the 110 m hurdles. Devon Allen has been given third. So not


going to be good enough for Andy Pozzi and that was painful. What a


great race it was but not good enough for Pozzi. We knew it was


going to be competitive and tight all the way. Look at the centre of


the four lanes. Very close on the season's bests. Allen are clashing a


bit with Brathwaite and he left it open for Pozzi. He classes that


barrier, causing a bit of stress going into the tenth hurdle. Just


snatching back, just 100th of a second. And that is what he has


missed out on. That is it at the finish and was entirely that


penultimate barrier because he got himself in a great position, running


a clean race in the first round and he knew he had to go faster here and


he paid the price, straining for the second to last hurdle. He will be


really annoyed with himself, he just came off the barrier. Equipped it


with the lead and betrayal which causes the dragging the fact. She


clipped it. So short to the final hurdle and he just misses out. He


will be disappointed. Fine margins, Pozzi misses out and he is talking


to Phil. Andy is clearly disappointed to


discover you have not made it through to the final and it was the


penultimate barrier that did it? Yes, I felt like I had a slow start


and I was behind. I came through well. I just lost momentum on the


last hurdle. How would you put the emotions right now into perspective


considering you have been here before in far worse circumstances


and the you have had? I mean, simply, it is not good enough. To


not make a final. It is just not good enough. You know, the


standards, they are good here, fast time to get into the final. The fact


I'm not one of the eight is tough. We appreciate you talking to us,


thank you. It makes cruel leading for Pozzi.


All down to that second to last barrier.


American Devon Allen also misses out. Brathwaite and Hansle Parchment


going through automatically and Pozzi missing out in the final.


Well, a bit of geography, the hurdles in the background. But in


the foreground, it is this thrilling women's Pole Vault competition,


Holly Bradshaw getting ready for her third attempt at 4.60 five.


Meanwhile, this is an authorised mutual athlete cleared to compete


from the Russian team with a failure, Olga Mullina. So she goes


out. Bradshaw is next up. We have seen Alysha Newman going clear. I


talked about potential outcomes for Holly Bradshaw, but if she does go


through and improve, she is a contender for any medal. Making the


assumption Sandi Morris and Ekaterini Stefanidi waffle is so far


and possibly favourites for the gold, but lots of drama to come.


Scott Simpson has taken a back-seat, no, he hasn't. So the same routine


begins. What has she got to do here, Tony? It is straightforward and


simple, you need to clear the bar. Sorry if that is too simplistic! She


needs to run on the runway and get the pole out and be very strong. The


idea is you push the pole the way, do not pull down on top and do not


force the bend, push it out. Holly Bradshaw a third attempt. At 4.65,


she has to get it, and she does! Yes! Willing to jump to stay


involved. In front of 60,000 people. Really enjoying that clearance.


Holly Bradshaw. Why did she not do that in the first round? Well, Tony,


what was different with that jump? I think she ran better and she got the


pole out better. Still a bit bent and she is drifting to the right.


The top on is a bit bend and the bottom hand was better. Much better


view. Watch the right-hand, the backhand. There it is. Slightly


bent. And the poll lines in the blocks, and she needs to straighten


that up to soften it and allow her to get higher. It is about timing


over the bar. Well, that is the reaction of Holly Bradshaw and this


is the reaction of her coach Scott Simpson. Yes, slightly more muted,


but Holly is one of only seven athletes who has gone clear at this


height so a lot of action to come. Another ten centimetres will be


added. Holly Bradshaw very much involved.


British success but a lot of the crowds deflated at the Pozzi missing


out on the second semifinal. This is the last semifinal. Xie Wenjun in


four. Silver-medallist Baiji, the Hungarian in five. Eddie Lovett of


the US Virgin Islands, a season's best time in the first round. A lot


of people will move that affection and support and this man. Aries


Merritt winning the limit title here five years ago, so much has gone on


in his life since then. And he is back running close to his best. The


Canadian Johnathan Cabral. He needs to go faster and he can go faster.


And Alkana. He has got one of the quickest times in the world this


year, 13.11. But a long way from that in the first round. Things went


wrong in his heat. We also did not see $:/STARTFEED.. So Olympic


champion Aries Merritt from 2012, the world-record holder. Johnathan


Cabral in Cabral. -- eight. Two go through automatically. The last of


the semifinals of the men's 110 m hurdles. A good start in the middle


by bhaji. Merritt so pure over the barriers. Baji running well. It is


Aries Merritt and Baji, Baji just takes it. Not as impressive from


Merritt in the semifinal as it was in the first round, a good run by


Baji. To take that. The fastest loser comes from both the first


semifinal, so Sergey Shubenkov and Ortega go through. So only those two


going through. Yes, Baji in the green in the centre of the screen


having a good season, solid all the way through in this competition.


Aries did not have the same start as he did this morning. Not so


aggressive into the barrier and he did not run of the first one very


well so he had to do a bit more work to put himself into the second


position. And then he can switch off and do his normal rhythmical running


which is pretty good. One thing about his return to form, it has


been something else. He has been battling with his illness and he has


to battle to get his fitness up and get the technical work together. So


as a fellow hurdler, I marvel at what he has achieved, it has been


absolutely fantastic and he is in another final. In case you are


worrying -- wondering what we were talking about, so much has gone on


in his life since the World Championships in Beijing, he


announced to a struggling with a kidney disorder. His Sydney donated


a kidney and he had a transplant and has come back to a position of


strength. Not running the same time, but he is safely through, Baji, and


we will confirm the finalists shortly.


Back to the Pole Vault, America's Sandi Morris, a clean sheet so far.


The first ago at this new height that is wide. She is one of the


contenders to take gold here. She said she thinks she is capable of


something in excess of five metres in a precompetition interview. And


that is good evidence to suggest that we should believe her.


The difference between Morris and Bradshaw is she goes straight


towards the 12 o'clock, straight up, Holly goes towards one o'clock.


Great shot of the champion, Stefanidi. 4.75, to match the


clearance from Morris, and she does. I mentioned earlier that Stefanidi


and Morris are the favourites, we can expect a battle here, they look


like a class apart. At these heights that are beginning to eliminate some


of the best. We saw the New Zealand Olympic bronze-medallist going out.


Holly Bradshaw! 4.75. First attempt! That is close. The crowd is really


getting into this. Holly looking to her coach for immediate feedback.


Same again, really, as she changed her pole? Would you go stiffer? It


will recoil quicker. Just that little kick, it might have hit the


bed on the left-hand side, as the pole hits the back, as soon as she


gets that out, that higher step down before, curling to the left. That


just left double kick. The bend arm at take-off. That could have been


taller. That first bend. Her right arm is bend above her head, and that


has given her a slightly unclean bend to the pole. She is too far


under the pole and the pole is not out early enough. Straight left arm,


straight right arm, that is what you need. So, adjustments to be made for


Bradshaw. She has two more chances at 4.75. The tall German. The


athletes will be changing to stiffer poles. And Ryzih, she looks like she


could not handle that. She bails out. She did not time that. This is


an event about timing, as you bend the pole, you want your take-off leg


to swing long and underneath and go into that classic handstand


position. This is the result of the last in the semifinals in the


Hurdles. Baji taking that from Merritt. These are the qualifiers


for the final, tomorrow. The Olympic champion, McLeod will be the


favourite. Dorozhon is there. Parchment. Pozzi just missed out.


But Merritt will be there and he has been speaking to fill. Well done. We


talk this morning, how did you perform? Pretty good. I wasn't as


aggressive at the hold in my warm up, I have tightness in my hamstring


so I gradually warmed up and hoped that it loosened up and did so I


just tested it to make sure it would not fall off! All systems go, it was


fine, but I do not want to injure myself in the semifinals so I wanted


to be conservative. But it was solid. You need to be in one piece


because it is going to be quite a final, we know what McLeod is


capable of, but this is stacked. Yes, we hardly avoid each other! It


definitely will be interesting. No secret 's out all! You love this


place and maybe that will give you an edge? We will see! Holly Bradshaw


in this pole vault, that was a real clutch jump at the previous height,


cleared at the third time of asking. The bar is at 4.75, we have seen


Morris going clear. And Stefanidi. Silva is next up, the defending


world champion from two years ago. Only one foul so far, once at the


previous height. This is all about not carrying those failures. That is


what rockets you up the leaderboard and only Morris and Stefanidi with


clean sheets. Silva is in third place. But there is more to come.


Bradshaw in sixth place but all things can change with this new


height. Silva is looking really unsure, her clock is about to run


out. In fact, it did as she was watching. She was forced to go by


the clock. Waiting for the optimal wind. As we could see with Bradshaw.


Silva in a similar situation to Holly Bradshaw. Bradshaw waiting for


another field event, the shot put final for the men. And this will be


a tantalising competition between the Americans. Bukowiecki, the world


indoor champion. This promises to be a real battle. Here is Tom Walsh


from New Zealand. Olympic bronze in Rio last year, has a season 's best


in excess of 22 metres. In a warm up meeting. And fast as ever. That is a


solid start for the Kiwi. Just shy of the 22 metres line. He does not


look pleased with that. The 25-year-old. He has proven he is a


really good competitor, Tom Walsh, with the past couple years. Taking


that bronze medal, second in the Commonwealth Games, he takes the


lead but it is early days. Right, then. 4.75. Newman. And that was a


foul at the first time of asking at 4.75. This looks like it will be the


critical height. Potentially, the medal earning height, if Holly


Bradshaw can go clear. Only two athletes still to go clear, Morris


and Stefanidi. Holly Bradshaw, the normal routine of looking at her


coach, Scott Simpson. Sixth and fifth place in the last two Olympic


Games. World indoor bronze. Seventh in the World Championships two years


ago. She is a serial achiever on the biggest stage. And here she is,


mixing things up with the best in the world. She has broken the


British record twice in the summer. He is just pointing to the wind that


will be a signal that she understands. You are good to go.


Holly Bradshaw, the crowd is massively in support and can they


left her over this height of 4.75? And bring her back into a medal


position? If she goes clear, that will bring her into third spot. The


foot down quick, tall on the take-off but slow on the bench. This


time with the rock back, not driving, when the pole is vertical,


you go vertical. That is what you need, go back across and have a


little chat with her coach. She has proven she can do it on the third


time of asking, she did that on the previous height. She will have to do


that again because that was the second foul on 4.75. She cleared


4.81 in Germany a few weeks ago. And 4.80 in the Manchester City Games.


She has cleared hides higher than this. But this is different, the


World Championships, the pressure is on. That is a lot of conversation


from a coaching point of view. I don't know what you were like in


terms of getting feedback but when I stood a defence, I still try to do


it, two points, short and sweet, that is all you can handle. I think


you are right, two commands is optimal but this is a tight


relationship, Holly Bradshaw and Scott Simpson. Look at this, this is


a very high carry as the pole is planted. Slightly bend again at


take-off, maybe Andrew Black. Her feet are too close to the take-off.


Difficult to see with the scoreboard in the way. This is a better angle,


wait, right now, she starts to rock back to early, the pole is bend. You


want to drive longer. Time that rock back later so when the pole goes


vertical, she can go vertical, simple fix. That is probably the


discussion they had. Just a little bit of time. Back to the shot put.


Kovacs. Big rotator. Well, chasing that lead of 21.38. I would expect


some of these players will settle into this. Six throws from the top


eight. And Kovacs is highly anticipated to be a big contender,


he goes into the lead. 21.48. Here is the big man. The Olympic


champion. From last year. Crouser. He is one of the tallest and


heaviest of all athletes, 124 kilos. That is a lot of body to rotate


around that circle. He have to wait for that, he doesn't like it.


Showing some nerves. He may be wanted to just get one throw to book


his place and get through the cut. Only the top eight will make the cut


after three attempts. Find your rhythm early. That is the key and


Crouser is looking nervous. In third place with 21.07. Behind Kovacs.


Holly Bradshaw. These are the moments where medals are won and


lost. This is a chance to maybe think about what she needs to


change, what input has the coach given me? And then execute that. The


Heptathlon sweeping behind, the first heat of the final event of the


Heptathlon. Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the third and


final heat. When the medals will be allocated. Thiam expected to get


gold in that. Before that, another British athlete in action. Holly


Bradshaw, as we watch Silva. If there is any athlete capable of


dealing with the pressure, it is her. One of the most experienced,


the clock will be an issue, the wind is coming into their faces. Silva.


Much lower carry. Well... The second failure for the reigning champion.


Questions asked of her. In third place as we stand. The shot put.


Storl. Capable of challenging for the lead. That is Kovacs.


That is down on what he is capable of, twice World Champion in the


past. He has dominated in years gone by. A smile, he knows that is not


anything like what he is capable of. A lot of athletes rotating, the old


style, now he is gliding, the big German. A nervy throw, a lot of the


athlete spinning out. The power. So a foul from Storl in the opening


round. Well, Holly Bradshaw is waiting. Alysha Newman of Canada,


third and final jump. I was going to say it is low on the approach, it


looked as though she decelerated, very deliberate. And the Canadian is


out. She is in seventh place, it you can see Bradshaw is in sixth place.


And this, well, one of the most important jumps of her life. This is


the moment she has practised for, she has streamed about. And all


those long winter months of training, to her head right here and


right now. This is your time, Holly Bradshaw, go clear and you may get


yourself a medal. A clearance would put her in a really solid place, a


failure and she is out. Really simple, do or die situation. Go, go


coach Simpson. Right. Holly Bradshaw, the Blackburn athlete,


striding out, third attempt at 4.75. It is better. Oh, that was her best


attempt! She looked over it. But it is a failure. At 4.75. Sixth place.


Similar to what she has done at major championships in the past, but


there was a chance. It was a big chance. It looked like a better


chance. I think so, but you can see how the pole is still bent and she


is trying to go vertical, she is missed timing the rock back. Really


unfortunate, great competitive vault. Look at the height. Looking


at it from this angle, she could have cheated, it is not cheating, by


moving the stands forwards. If they had been there the forwards, she


could have cheated her way over it, because you can adjust them, it is


allowed, it is not really cheating. The pole has not uncoiled so the bar


is closer to you. Look at the high point. The bar is in the wrong


place. That's soft vault, no, a lack of bend and she should have pulled


the stands forwards. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and they apologised.


Yes, disappointing for her, but Holly Bradshaw, a third time fairly


at 4.75. Sixth place at a World Championships is something to be


very proud of. STUDIO: Holly Bradshaw, what a


shame. We all jumped up and we thought that was it, she was keeping


us on the edge of our seats. Sadly, she is out that competition after


such a early season, in particular that British record she got in


Manchester. Back in June. She's disappointed because she knows she


is better and she could have been pushing for the medals, Denise.


Yes, a shame, it is so technical and so many factors to consider, but she


gave it her best shot and she had the height but it wasn't meant to


be. It felt like she was really putting a lot of emphasis on her


coach and his opinions, Michael, when she was going to go and watch


was doing. She was not in her own head. I would ordinary say that, but


having listened to her earlier, I get the sense that she is an athlete


who can do that and who can listen to the code and also who knows when


she is going to overrule the coach and go, you are doing your thing,


but I need to get going because now is when I am in it. For a lot of


athletes, I might say, yes, not so much interaction, but this seems


like her mindset is a little different and she can handle that so


I will not question that. It you find yourself looking over the Tony


at certain times and other times feeling more the need... Yes, the


Pole Vault is a technical event and you need your coach to support you


and give you feedback. There were definitely occasions I looked the


Tony for advice at other times, I just had to almost block everything


out and trust my own ability and what I have done day in and day out


and go and do it. Not overcomplicate things. I think sometimes, that can


make it difficult. We are about ten minutes away from the 800m, the last


from the heptathlon, two gruelling days for the women, the seventh


event for Katerina Johnson-Thompson and the rest of the field. The story


now to bring you up to speed. Well, the noise in the stadium is


steadily building because everybody here is getting ready for the


women's kept tabs on featuring none other than Great Britain's Katerina


Johnson-Thompson and everybody has a ticket here and they are in for a


treat. Going well indeed, not so good from


Nafi Thiam. Work to do for Katerina Johnson-Thompson. But Nadine Visser


going well for the Netherlands. Johnson-Thompson much ground to make


up and 40 trees grow gets it. It is all about the time.


You had a good look at KJT, how is she looking? Yes, she did not get


the best start and looked worrying. But she ran a good time. I think she


will take a bit of confidence from that.


Best attempt now. 1.8-0. Great start from KJT.


She has chosen to pass. It is a smart move, you want to be a job


best when the bar is actual highest. It was a tactic Kat hoped would pay


off in the morning but having passed at 1.86, she failed at her attempts


and 1.86. Three fails here would be a


nightmare. Johnson-Thompson, 1.86, last attempt.


No! Oh, my gosh! That is a massive disappointment for


Johnson-Thompson, she knows it. Olympic champion Nafi Thiam showed


her class to jump in the first place after two events at 1.95. If KJT


needed a confidence boost Commission would not expect it in the Shot Put.


At best at the major championships suggested she might be turning the


corner. It is damage limitation. A season's


best from Nafi Thiam and a personal best from Germany's Carolin Schafer


meant there was an exciting battle for gold. Under the lights, it was


time for the 200m. She comes driving on, chasing down


the time, no competition from the rest. Carolin Schafer is well


running strongly and running well, but Katerina Johnson-Thompson lists


and pushes and strides towards the line, a huge gap from the rest.


A Portu hundred from Thiam meant Carolin Schafer spent the night at


the top of the standings. A new day, new hope for KJT. First up, Long


Jump. Is she hungry enough to jump the


jump of her life? She needs it. Come on, Kat! It is a huge jump, KJT may


have just jumped right back into contention for the medals here.


The Thiam and Schafer battle continues at the top and for KJT,


the slightest glimpse of a medal. And there were to be more reasons to


be cheerful in the javelin. It is over 40 metres. Exactly what she


would have wanted. A monstrous last throw sent Anouk


Vetter in the bronze contention. The longest ever in a World


Championships heptathlon. Only a sensational 800m will do for KJT.


She is a very good 800m runner and she has a fantastic, potentially one


of the best in the field, but a big gap now between her and the top


three positions and it really looks like she is too far away. I would


have to be a 17 second swing for Katerina Johnson-Thompson to get


herself into those medal places. That throw from Anouk Vetter in the


javelin today has put her right back in contention. Let's go back out the


Steve Backley with news about a Pole Vault competition. Yes, it is news


about the Holly Bradshaw situation. She couldn't have been closer. She


is distraught. After seeing what happened afterwards, she realises


that the 19-year-old Venezuela has taken bronze with the same


clearance. Clearing it on the second attempt, Holly Bradshaw on her


third. That has cost a bronze medal. In simple terms, it could not have


been closer to a medal for Holly Bradshaw, but she is in sixth place.


She is heartbreaking day she is heartbroken and sobbing,


inconsolable. Denise. It is hard when you come into a championships


fit and ready and mentally sharp and do not deliver what you expect


Commission wanted a medal and she was capable, but this is sport. I


imagine you want to start again. She knows what she did, she knows she is


ready, and at this point, is alone. She does not have anybody that and


it is a very lonely place. It is and you are right in the centre and you


can't control your emotions when you feel like that. You just want to


roll it back and you are thinking, what could I have changed? That


moment has completely passed. It is devastating for her. This is, these


are the situations that are very different, you want to roll it back


because you know exactly what you could have done differently. But


this is sport and you can't roll it back. And you have to learn from


this experience and move on. But it affects you as an athlete when you


know exactly what you could have done. And I think that Holly will


take this and learn from it and be able to move forward with it.


The last runners for the heptathlon, 800m, those imposition to strike for


the medals. It was the top four going for the podium finish and


Katerina Johnson-Thompson has just done, she has loved herself with too


much to do. It really will go back to the High Jump were potentially,


over 100 points is left out there. Yes, she came back fighting, and she


came back with the Shot Put which was not great, but sensational 200


m. The game today, she has come back strong and it was great to see the


throw in the javelin. But the High Jump is a high-scoring event and it


just went so wrong for her. It is and it is heavily waited, but in the


past, that has stood her in good stead. She has a personal best of


1.98. Here she is, Denise. I think it is hard. Just let her take the


APPLAUSE. It is one thing she will do, run her heart out in this 800m,


that is all she has got left. That is not trying to paint a different


picture, it is the reality. She is fast and she can go out in style.


She can cross the line first and give the sense of the crowd


appreciating the last two days. Why colleague, Michael, she will feel


she should have done differently. She should have done more. The


question is, will she be able to go back and pinpoint exactly what she


could have done differently throughout this competition that


would have made a difference and will she be able to pinpoint that


and see the consistency and where the failures have come from in her


major competitions and take that forward? That is the question. That


is the Olympic champion Nafi Thiam who is well in the lead. She is not


the strongest in this event, but she has enough to retain that gold Medal


and to make herself the Olympic and World Champion. I think Thiam has


shown she is the most amazing athlete, she has conducted herself


throughout as the champion Shias, fantastic this competition. Nafi


Thiam, the Belgian athlete, who is in the lead, leading the way in this


competition. She is in a fantastic position after two days. And the


Olympic Stadium where she burst onto the scene, Katerina


Johnson-Thompson. Welcome to BBC Two viewers who have joined our coverage


of the World Athletics Championships, a couple of minutes


away from the last event of the heptathlon, the 800m. Katerina


Johnson-Thompson needs the run of her career and she needs others to


be below par to make it onto the podium. It is possible and BBC One,


stay here to see this race and the conclusion of the heptathlon.


Baldock will follow and the athletics will continue on BBC Two.


So out onto the track to join Steve Cram.


Thank you, and let's have a look at the start list. She is in fifth


place, as we have said. The athletes ahead of her, if anything were to


happen, Anouk Vetter has had a fantastic competition and Schafer


and Thiam in medal conditions. Not much between them. Thiam is safe in


the gold Medal position. KJT would have to do something nobody has ever


done before. We will go through these one by one. Williams on the


outside. For the trees grow. Klucinova. The athletes in


descending order. -- Nadine Visser. Look at the personal best, that is


something to note. I was going to say that Katerina Johnson-Thompson


has to do something nobody has done before in the sense that her own


personal best is 2.76. The fastest heptathlon in the final of the World


Championships was 2.57. fastest ever heptathlon I can find


in the final was two point 05. Jess has run 2.0 seven. She would have to


go to war three seconds quicker to put any pressure at all on Vetter,


who is not a good 800 metres runner. Rodriguez is in fourth place. She


has a personal best of 2.12. We hope Kat can run quick enough to go into


fourth. Vetter and Schafer look to be too distant, but, and it's a


massive but, the slimmest of chances. Vetter and Chef -- Vetter


and Schafer no medal is theirs. Thiam has been supreme, the Olympic


champion. Nothing spectacular from the first event. Even that hurdles


yesterday wasn't her best, but she's been solid all the way through and


that high jump, oh dear, how much that has cost Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. The final event of the heptathlon, the 800 metres. What


does a coach say? There isn't any other instruction than just run as


hard as you can. To do that in the 800, you have to be sensible. It's


an interesting thought. I asked Jessica to be sensible another of


times and the best of 2.07 summit she ran 59 seconds for the first


400! Salman-Rath has run 28.75 for the first 200. To put that into


context, that's 56 at the bell, two laps of that. 1.52? I don't think


they will run 1.52 so rhythm is important. She has to run a big


personal-best. Win this race, Johnson-Thompson, with the crowd


behind her. She can't affect what happens behind her. The others have


16 or 16 seconds. -- 16 or 17 seconds. Look at Rodriguez. She has


a big gap between herself, she's in fourth place, and she's committed


herself massively. She's gone with it. Schafer wants to put some


distance between herself and Vetter so she can get silver. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson responding. Has she got anything for the last 200


metres? The German is out in front. Can she raise her game? She's giving


it a go. The others are way too close for her to get a medal.


Salman-Rath still leading. Katarina Johnson-Thompson trying to chase her


home, doing her best, giving everything. Rodriguez is fading. We


look for the battle behind. Watch the clock. It's going to be about


2.07. Katarina Johnson-Thompson will be close to a personal best. Here


they come behind. Vetter crosses the line in about 2.19. About 12


seconds. Sadly it won't be enough to affect the medals. It means Schafer


will move into the silver medal position. I don't know whether or


not Rodriguez has moved up... He's shaking her head. Schafer will get


bronze. Thiam the gold-medallist. Not always across the line first,


but another supreme competition from the Olympic champion. A case of what


might have been for Katarina Katarina Johnson-Thompson gave it


everything. It was just too big of a gap, a brilliant run. And that is it


for the athletics on BBC One, time for the final of Poldark. The


athletics continue on BBC Two. ..this season,


the whole game in full It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League.


Gabby Logan introduces live coverage from the London Stadium, where the heptathlon, featuring Britain's Katarina Johnson-Thompson, reaches its climax with the 800m. Other events include the women's pole vault final, and the semi-finals of the women's 100m and the men's 110m hurdles and 400m.

Ore Oduba and Phil Jones report on the action, with commentary led by Steve Cram and analysis from Michael Johnson and Toni Minichiello.