Day 3, Part 3 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 3, Part 3

Coverage including the women's 100m final and reaction to the conclusion of the heptathlon and a look back on the day's action.

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Welcome to BBC Two viewers who have joined our coverage. We are a few


minutes away from the last event of the heptathlon, the 800 metres. Kata


Rita -- Katarina Johnson-Thompson needs the run of her career. It is


possible. On BBC One we will stay here to see this race so Poldark


will follow on BBC One in five minutes. Athletics will continue on


BBC Two. Let's join Steve Cram. Thank you. Let's look at the full


start list. She's in fifth place. Vetter has had a brilliant


competition. There's not much to choose between Vetter and Schafer.


Four tenths of a second for Vetter to get ahead of Schafer. K J D would


have to do something nobody has ever done before. -- KJ T.


These are the athletes in descending order. Look at the personal best.


KJT's personal-best is 2.0 six. The fastest ever heptathlon I can find


in the final was two point 05. Jess has run 2.0 seven. She would have to


go to war three seconds quicker to put any pressure at all on Vetter,


who is not a good 800 metres runner. Rodriguez is in fourth place. She


has a personal best of 2.12. We hope Kat can run quick enough to go into


fourth. Vetter and Schafer look to be too distant, but, and it's a


massive but, the slimmest of chances. Vetter and Chef -- Vetter


and Schafer no medal is theirs. Thiam has been supreme, the Olympic


champion. Nothing spectacular from the first event. Even that hurdles


yesterday wasn't her best, but she's been solid all the way through and


that high jump, oh dear, how much that has cost Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. The final event of the heptathlon, the 800 metres. What


does a coach say? There isn't any other instruction than just run as


hard as you can. To do that in the 800, you have to be sensible. It's


an interesting thought. I asked Jessica to be sensible another of


times and the best of 2.07 summit she ran 59 seconds for the first


400! Salman-Rath has run 28.75 for the first 200. To put that into


context, that's 56 at the bell, two laps of that. 1.52? I don't think


they will run 1.52 so rhythm is important. She has to run a big


personal-best. Win this race, Johnson-Thompson, with the crowd


behind her. She can't affect what happens behind her. The others have


16 or 16 seconds. -- 16 or 17 seconds. Look at Rodriguez. She has


a big gap between herself, she's in fourth place, and she's committed


herself massively. She's gone with it. Schafer wants to put some


distance between herself and Vetter so she can get silver. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson responding. Has she got anything for the last 200


metres? The German is out in front. Can she raise her game? She's giving


it a go. The others are way too close for her to get a medal.


Salman-Rath still leading. Katarina Johnson-Thompson trying to chase her


home, doing her best, giving everything. Rodriguez is fading. We


look for the battle behind. Watch the clock. It's going to be about


2.07. Katarina Johnson-Thompson will be close to a personal best. Here


they come behind. Vetter crosses the line in about 2.19. About 12


seconds. Sadly it won't be enough to affect the medals. It means Schafer


will move into the silver medal position. I don't know whether or


not Rodriguez has moved up... He's shaking her head. Schafer will get


bronze. Thiam the gold-medallist. Not always across the line first,


but another supreme competition from the Olympic champion. A case of what


might have been for Katarina Johnson-Thompson. (STUDIO) she gave


it everything in that 800 metres, but it was just too big a gap for


her. 2.07. That's it for the athletics on BBC One, time for


Poldark. The athletics is on BBC Two. Join us on BBC Two.


The Olympic Stadium in the Queen Elizabeth Park as night falls and


the athletics programme for Day three is drawing to a close. Two


days of events for the heptathlon have come to an end. Denise and Jess


are alongside me, you both know the motion that goes through when you've


put so much into seven events. This is the first time you've seen a


major championship since retirement where you want the one everyone is


hugging! I know exactly how it feels and you're physically exhausted,


mentally drained. This is such a nice moment, to share it with the


girls. You've got through the two days of gruelling competition. It's


an amazing feeling and 40 amp to become well champion at the age she


is, it's incredible. -- and four Thiam. She's a champion. She's had


an incredible two years from 11 thin the World Championships in 2015,


Olympic champion a year later and now well champion. There is some


great talent bursting through and it promising -- aid promises to be an


exciting few years ahead. She has so much potential to come. She hasn't


tapped into all her ability yet. To have Carolin Schafer come through


the way she has, "Months in the last two years, it bodes well for the


event. Katarina Johnson-Thompson will be


reflecting on the two days. She will know exactly what she's done wrong,


exactly where she could have picked up more points and exactly what


she's got to do if she wants to get these seven events together. She has


the talent, she has the potential to get onto the rostrum. It's


incredibly frustrating. I know Kat, she's run, she'll be thinking, what


is it? Whiny again? -- wide me again. People will ask what if she


could have got on the rostrum. Incredible javelin. Kat has to think


long and hard about her progression. Everyone is moving forward and she's


just standing still a little bit. We know she's got fantastic talent, but


for the high jump where would she have placed? What was her potential


now we know the results? Where could she have placed? Definitely a


medallist. I wouldn't say gold, but maybe bronze or silver. She has


changed, she's moved from Britain to France so there's a lot of


information to ingest in the last six or seven months. A lot of


technical changes. She's travelling two welds at the moment. I am


confident with another good winter behind her, the confidence is clear


that it's improving because the second day wasn't bad. Her second


day was good, but it's a tough event, even when you're successful


it's tough and it can grind you down. I worry for Kat because she's


had so many setbacks. She keeps coming back, but the high jump she


can work on, but the throwing and some of the other areas she needs to


get them right to be on the podium. It's not my School of thought that


you only focus on your strengths. You need to address those


weaknesses. Her javelin was much better, but the shot, the model


still is in there. You have to walk in the circle and trust your


technique and she is not there yet. Her best events really let her down,


I think. To see her happy with 6.56, it's not like Kat and normally she'd


be disappointed. These scenes are lovely. The points are in. Steve,


take us through the final result. It was a busy two days for the


heptathlete is culminating in that 800 metres. It didn't go smoothly


for Katarina Johnson-Thompson, as we'd hoped. The high jump this time


was what let her down. Here are the final results. Johnson-Thompson, if


she had gone clear at 1.95 in the high jump, which she did comfortably


last year, she would have been right behind Nafi Thiam chasing the gold


medal. The almost 200 points she lost in the high jump cost her dear.


The athlete at the top, Thiam, world champion.


This is a look back at the pole vault that took place a few moments


ago. Ekaterini Stefanidi, the Olympic champion. Unbeaten in 2017.


She's been flawless again this evening. 4.82. She is so consistent.


Not her best clearance, a fair rattle, but the bar stayed aloft.


She just finds a way of winning. She is not necessarily the best on


paper, but she wins time and time again because of her consistency. As


it turns out, she didn't know it at the time, but that was the gold


medal winning jump. Morris passed at 4.80 nine. -- 4.89. She adds another


gold medal to her outstanding collection. Sandi Morris had to


settle for silver in Rio and same result here. She had to go clear


here at 4.89. She got a bit sideways on that. Silver for Morris.


That was all a few moments ago. 4.91, the bar has been raised to.


The championship record is 5.01. 4.91. Wow! That is a world leading


jump and it underlines her dominance. Icing on the cake. She's


already won. That's a really impressive jump. No one really


doubted it. The world leading jump so far was hers at 4.80 five. Gold,


on top of the world in every sense. Ekaterini Stefanidi. A failure at


4.89 but then 4.91. A fist pump from her coach. Gold for Greece. It's the


kind of consistency that brings medals. A hug from Sandi Morris in


silver. It's all getting rather busy now.


It's time for the 800 men. Three very tough semifinal is coming up.


Adam Kszczot Boland, the two-time European champion. Polish 1500


champion. Our 1500 champion, Elliot Giles, but he's better at 800. He


will know how tough the task is with only two to qualify. Nijel Amos, one


of the favourites for the gold-medal, back to the sort of form


that saw him chase home David Rudisha in this stadium in 2012.


Isaiah Harris of the United States. The Americans have three very good


runners in the semifinals. Rotich. Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich. Named


after Alex Ferguson. Guy Learmonth, a month ago you might


not think he was going to be here, because of the season he was having.


He went to the British Championship, came in the top two, got the


qualifying time and got through. And so did Elliott Giles. The other we


haven't seen in Kevin Lopez. Top two, two fastest through to the


final. Kyle Langford goes in the next one. They will want to have


somebody take it up quickly with Amos in this. Ayouni has gone


quickest through the first 150 metres. Amos now coached by Mark


Rowland and he will want to control this. Rotich. A bit of pushing and


shoving. It is slower than they wanted. It is the Kenyan Rotich in


the front. It almost has to slow down. This is a difficult task for


the two British athletes. You want them to get amongst them. Get as


high as they can and hope the basis fast enough. The two qualifiers will


be very difficult to beat. The first two and two fastest losers. 52 for


the opening lap and Amos following Rotich. Giles is in a good position.


Behind them Learmonth, who has been running well. Harris coming out


wide. Rotich is pushing and shoving and Amos pushes out. Learmonth gets


himself out. The Poll striking for home. Two Brits in fourth and fifth.


The Poll is doing what he does best. He wins it. Amos second. I don't


think Learmonth obviously technically has still got an


opportunity. Brendan, you know, when they run 53 or 52.95, this guy puts


himself in the right place. Learmonth was fifth in the end.


They're both out. Fifth and sixth. You look at your semi and you see


how tough it was, they did well in the heats. I don't know what else do


you do. You're right. Rotich there Amos on the outside of him. Amos is


running into the outer lane. Amos is a real


talent. The two British runners are doing well. Moving into fifth and


sixth. But the pace wasn't fast enough.


I would be surprised if any other than the top two will qualify.


Here are the times. Rotich will have an anxious wait. Kszczot and Amos


safely through. The time of 1. 46. 49 for Rotich looks vulnerable. Tom


Walsh of New Zealand is having a good competition here. Here is a


look back to what he did in the third round. He is in the lead with


21.64. Used to work 30 hours a week as a body builder. That was a slight


improvement. The Americans at the moment, Kovacs and Crouser sitting


behind the Kiwi. Times it perfectly. Really good example of rotational


shot put technique there from Tom Walsh. He is only 1.85 tall. Very


fast, very powerful. And this is Kovacs's response in that round


three. Another big effort from him. Suffered with a groin injury all


year, the raivening world champion -- reigning world champion. He is


down on what he can do. Much quicker, more athletic in many ways.


But it is down on Walsh's throw. He is in the silver medal position at


the moment. That was a throw of 21.66. Very close for the medals.


Three throws remaining. This is the second semi-final. And


Kupers does not start. That is to the advantage of others. Kupers


would have been challenging. The others have a greater chance to go


through as one of the automatic qualifiers. Kyle Langford waits for


his introduction. He knows he rode his luck to come through. Can he


find something, and get himself closer to the mix with a couple of


hundred metres to go? He is going to find something special to go


through. But he has given himself a chance.


The Americans have three runners through. What a good run from


Kszczot. Lewandowski has also been a great strength for Polish middle


distance running. Windle third at the US Championships and with the


pedigree to move through here. Brandon McBride, the Canadian


champion was second in Monaco. Korir, no David Rudisha. But this


man for Kenya, what a talent he is. Gakeme of Burundi. Alzofairi, the


new Asian champion. And then Kyle Langford waits for the noise of


60,000. This track brought his personal best in the Diamond League


meeting last month and he will need something beyond that go through. To


give himself a chance and get himself close. Not rely on a kick


finish. Which would have served him well in years past as a junior. But


this a far bigger stage. The second semi-final in the men's 800 metres.


Korir, the 22-year-old talent can afford to sit at the back and let


the others watch. Just seven going. Kupers is missing. Two places and


two fastest losers and there is a chance to be a fastest loser, it


wasn't a fast first semi-final. A new stage for Langford. He has also


got the biggest support he will ever get. Now the key to this race is to


keep going at this sort of pace. They know 1. 46 is a time all they


can run faster than. There is some talent around Langford. He looks


good. We saw Kszczot steal this one and his team mate Lewandowski


getting ready. This is an important part of race for Kyle. He has got to


stick to his task. He has some rare talent around him. He has to hold it


there and let's hope he can do that. The crowd try and lift him. Kyle


Langford digging in. But Lewandowski coming past him. He is trying to get


back, but ahead of them a few paces ahead McBride and Korir. Two to go


through and the rest looking for fastest losers placer. Korir is


starting to struggle a bit. His head is bobbing as Lewandowski hunts him


down. Korir is in trouble. Lewandowski chasing and Kyle


Langford gets second place and goes through to the World Championship


final! He has done it. He has run it. What happened to Korir? That is


not a concern for Kyle Langford. Because he has judged so many races


in the past perhaps not so wisely. But that one was judged perfectly


and Kyle Langford's record is a place in the final. Well, a truly


deserved final spot. The men's 800 metres, one of Britain's favourite


events and it is great to know we will be represented in the final. I


don't like the finals going out without British athletes. I wouldn't


have liked the men's 800 without a British athlete. When he was


introduced there was a roar. But there was such a roar in the home


straight. It wasn't for McBride, who has run famously. Korir, we expected


so much from him and in the finishing straight he is propelled


by the fact he is in the straight and chasing down Lewandowski and


Korir. He has been a junior winner and this is the best race he has run


in his life. Second place in the semi-final and we are looking at


some athletes ahead of him who should have been ahead of him. But


there was a switch and another gear for Kyle Langford and a performance,


I'm delighted to see the young man, 21 years of age, and that roar, he


will never hear the like of that again. This was a fantastic


performance. Great finishing speed. Holding his form, holding his style


and he made 60,000 people very, very happy. A great performance by the


young man. A controlled performance in the finishing straight. Korir,


who promised such a lot, had nothing left in that finishing drive.


McBride was comfortable. Langford into the time. Well done, Kyle.


Brilliant. He said he was going to run his heart out and he did that


and he will go through to the final. Brendan saying brilliant, I think we


all echo that. Describe that last hundred metres for you. Well, I feel


a bit shattered, I was thinking stay down, good contention, see what p


happens. I was feeling good. But I got a bit cramped up again. With the


group. And... Got to the last hundred I felt good and me and John


it was before, we were doing a drill with cones and it was remember the


drills, keep your knees up and I did it. I brushed up on the the mistakes


yesterday and showed I'm still learning. I had a bad run yesterday.


Better today. What about the realise that yourself a World Championship


finalist in London? It is my goal to get into this final. From the start


of season. It has been rocky. Burr I'm here now and -- but I'm here


now. Well done. Thank you. What a run and Kyle Langford will go


through to the final. Brandon McBride ran an impressive race. It


is not all over for Korir. He might be in the final, because he is one


of two fastest losers as it stands. Just a reflection on that


heptathlon. This is Belgian's first gold medal in the World


Championships. It's taken a long time, they've had some great


athletes, but Nafi Thiam wins their first gold medal. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson in fifth place and cheese chat -- chatting to fill.


Fifth place in the world is a tremendous thing normally. But with


the talent you've got and the kind of athlete you are and the kind of


high jump you could have achieved, it's what might have been. It always


seems to be that way with me. I've got a lot of talent and I feel like


one of these days it will happen for me. I knew it was always going to be


difficult bouncing back. I feel like I've done a good job trying to find


myself and now I feel a bit defeatist. I've tried to change my


attitude and I feel like I came back and showed that even though I had a


difficult time in the second event I'm a fighter. You had a stellar 200


metres and then released wrong second day. Maybe long jump you


could have found more, but generally a really good second day. The first


time I've ever thrown over 40 in the javelin three times in a row. 800, I


haven't had a time like that since Moscow in 2013 so I'm happy with


that. The long jump is solid but I know I'm better than that. Denise


Lewis talking about the big change you made going from Britain to front


and taking in that information, technical changes. Not only the


mental attitude but the technical side as well, getting it right is


gay. It's been stripped down, my mental attitude. Bas macro getting


it right is key. London 2017I wanted it to come together, but I feel


positive for the future. We appreciate you talking to us. All


the best. I hope she can take something from


this. One or two shocks already in the 800 metres. Kyle Langford into


the final is the best shot. This has Donavan Brazier, one of my favourite


athletes to watch at the moment. Kipyegon Bett, the world junior jab


before. Bosse will be a danger. Aman not in the best of form. Andre is a


good runner. He was fourth in the world junior Championships in 2014.


This guy broke the United States junior record which belonged to the


great Jim Ryan. He's been under 1.44 this year. A really nice looking


runner. Mohamed Aman, world champion in Moscow in 2013. World Indoor


Championships on two occasions as well. Michal Rozmys.


Let's have a look at the introduction for peer Ambrose Boss.


A bit of a character. Watch this. -- Pierre-Ambroise Bosse. That's his


own tribute, that's nice. Here we go. This is the last of the


semifinals. Two fastest losers. 1:45.90 three. One of the preevent


favourites for tenure, will he go out? It will depend on the pace they


set. None of these are natural frontrunners. Bosse will want to sit


there. Bett has gone to the front. It's what happens from here. If they


go to slow from the next 300 metres, the fast time will go and they have


slowed. 24 seconds and then they slowed. The last heat is an


advantage because you know what to do. They are capable of 1.45. Four


could qualify from here. Bosse on the outside. A genie and hasn't


automatically qualified in the men's 800 metres yet and that's a


surprise. -- a Kenyan. I'm a bit worried for brazier. Bosse


is in good form after some injury problems. Have they got enough to


kick? Where is brazier going? Looking in trouble. He's such a


talent. Bett kicks from the fund. Aman finds something. It's all about


the clock. Donavan Brazier with a terrible run. Bosse may have done


enough. We may have all four. We'll just watch the clock. Kipyegon Bett


may have just made sure that his two team-mates, Ferguson and Emanuel


career have not made it through to the final by going quickly.


Lewandowski will be hanging onto the next time. Bosse and Andre, third


and fourth here, we'll go through to the final. That's a shock. Brazier


has gone. Cheruiyot has gone. Correa has gone. It's opened up. It has


opened up. Some athletes you expected to be on the rostrum aren't


even in the final. Bett is the only Kenyan in the final. He wasn't going


to be beaten. Aman of Ethiopian has been struggling with his form, with


everything. Bosse keeping to the task. The Brazilian athlete coming


through as well. Brazier out of it. Bett looks good and strong. Aman


always looks under pressure. Bosse has done well to get back. Andre


from Brazil has come through. The good news is there's one Kenyan in


the final, there's always a Kenyan in the final of the men's 800


metres! And a Brit in the final. We can look forward to the men's 800


metres. Bosse and Andre, fastest qualifiers. That's the event leader


in the shot put final, Tom Walsh. Just three throws remaining in the


final round. Stipe Zunic of Croatia is guaranteed a bronze medal. Can he


improve? Kovacs is ahead of him. It's not going to threaten. I think


he might have fouled. He looks pleased with that. The Croatian is


the national record-holder from earlier this year. A former world


junior kick box champion so he can do what he likes! Nobody will stop


him. He moved to athletics in 2008. He tried javelin and then shot put.


Zoo Nick, bronze medal. Slightly surprisingly. Crouser probably the


biggest upset so far. He's in sixth place. His competition is over. His


best of the evening was 21.20. Last chance to challenge the lead of Tom


Walsh for Joe Kovacs. Massive! But it's a red flag. He doesn't like it.


He's not happy. The American reigning champion. We need to see


this. I'm sure the man with the red flag is right. It's just an


emotional response. He hit the top of the stock board. Not in the


recovery but during the throw. That's as close as it gets. Over 22


metres. Joe Kovacs has to settle for silver. What a dramatic end to the


competition. He's really not happy, but it was a foul. I wouldn't like


to tell him! Shall I pop down and have a word? Here is the champion of


the world. Bronze medal last year at the Olympics. A brilliant series. He


left his best until last as well. What an excellent finish.


Congratulations from Kovacs. What a victory that is. A surprise victory.


22.03. Bronze last year. Gold ahead of two highly fancied Americans.


America have been so dominant in this event in the past. Joe Kovacs,


Reese Hoffa, Adam Nelson, CJ Hunter. A long list of American world


champions. But not good enough today. Tom Walsh of New Zealand


finishing off with his best of the evening. A gold medal. Kovacs, a


controversial end. He had to settle for silver. I didn't think he would


accept it at one point. It was a long effort, 21.66. Nice to see a


New Zealander, a member of the Commonwealth, winning a gold medal.


Commonwealth Games in Australia next so he won't have far to travel.


Well, great gold medal for New Zealand. Where is the gold medal


going in this 800 metres? This was the result of the last semifinal.


Donavan Brazier, I'm told his shoelaces were undone all the way


through. That was a surprising performance from the talented


American. It means that Britain's Kyle Langford, 21 years old, has


made it through to the final. Amos is the favourite, but who knows what


might happen. (STUDIO) Kyle Langford's parents run


a Chipi. If you go in tomorrow, you might get an extra large portion of


chips with your fish! This music signals that it's time to get out of


here. At 9:50pm, the fastest woman in the world will be crowned. Let's


have a look at the eight contenders after the three semifinals.


Barry Jose Ta Lou, 10.87. -- marry Jose Ta Lou.


As expected, Thompson easing back. What about Sam Cross?


Elaine Thompson of Jamaica is the outstanding candidate. Those trying


to beat her are two athletes from Trinidad and Tobago and two from the


Ivory Coast. Dafne Schippers of Europe holding up the European flag.


It's interesting how the global swing in sprinting is happening. Who


can beat Elaine Thompson? Her effortless style, Michael, and the


way she's cruised through the heats and semifinals she looks unbeatable.


Looks impressive. Marie-Josee Ta Lou has looked very good this year.


She's been very consistent. She will be quick out of the blocks. She's in


lame four. Elaine Thompson has most of the big names, Tori Bowie being


the biggest, to her right. We could see a situation like Justin Gatlin


last night where the surprise comes from the far side of the track. Tori


Bowie is running great and she will have something to say. Elaine


Thompson, it's her race to lose and she executes pretty well. I haven't


seen her put a foot wrong in these championships. She does what is


expected. She has that very jovial, relaxed mindset and emotional state


before she gets on the blocks and then it's all business.


It is Jamaican independence day and I think Thomas is head


and shoulders over everyone. I think she could give a good race. It is


the big walk on. Are you a fan of the showbiz entrance. I do like


watching them. But I don't know how much I like doing them. Baptiste


giving it some. She is enjoying that. A lovely smile and she is


milking that. Tori Bowie. She's gone. I'm just so nervous when I


come out. I don't want to smile. No smile from her!


Ahye always likes some show business. Santos of Brazil. She has


had a great Championships. A huge personal best. We will have to watch


for her as well. They just want to get to the start line. They want to


check their blocks and get into the zone. What can this girl do, she has


an electric start. Can she hold her form. I think she can. She held it


at the end. But it will be difficult against this woman, she will be


coming. So many contrasting styles and ways to run the event. She does


it the best in terms of style and two contrasting style, Ta Lou and


Schippers. And Schippers, the way she has run through the


championship, Michael. She Schippers has been laboured and has not been


sharp. Maybe she has got race sharp leading into the final. We will see.


She is out of blocks, Ta Lou to the left. Ta Lou quick and fluid and


Schippers starting to labour and get tight in her shoulders and she slows


down quicker than Ta Lou. But again Ta Lou, this is what we are going to


see in the final. Got great drive phase, gets a great start. Much more


efficient. Denise talked about whether she can hold that. She did


in the semi-final. She started to open the gap. We will see if she can


do it against the others in the final. Elaine Thompson who, has the


most natural, beautiful, if you want to copy any style in this


Championship, you would go for her wouldn't you? It is not the quickest


start. But just at this point she is pulling a bit to the right of the


lane. That is significant in a semi-final. Quick out of the blocks.


Great drive phase. But effortless here. This is what you want. The


more efficient you can get down the track, with speed, which she has,


the quicker you're going to run. That is what with we see. She can do


it better than anyone and it is nothing something you can


necessarily coach. It is just a natural stride and natural body


position that she has and technique she has and it is a great weapon for


her. If you have been a Jamaican sprinter in the last decade, you're


lost the spotlight to a certain Mr Usain Bolt. Perhaps if she was from


another nation she would have g more recognition. With the events of last


night it is time for her to shine and with no gold medal they would


love it on independence day. Yes they were quiet last night. I spoke


to my uncle and they were quiet. This is the moment they can make a


difference. Andrew Cotter take it away. COMMENTATOR: A less familiar


look to this final. Two from the Ivory Coast and two from Trinidad


Tobago and only one from the United States and one from Jamaica. But it


that is Jamaican in lane 6 who all will be trying to beat. Elaine


Thompson starts as the clear favourite. Tori Bowie behind her in


Rio. Ta Lou impressive in qualifying again. Thompson waits in two. First


to be introduced is Kelly Ann Baptiste. World bronze-medallist in


2011. She has served a drug ban. Back and running very quickly. And


Michelle Lee Ahye there. Marie Josee Ta Lou delivers on the big stage. In


Rio, a personal best in five of her six races. And what about Santos of


Brazil? A huge slice off her personal best. The south American


record. But where there was Usain Bolt last night, Jammeh can turns to


Elaine Thompson. The Olympic champion over 100 and 200 in Rio.


Not doing the 200 here. It is all on this. Tori Bowie will run the 200. A


good start, she could get close to Thompson. It has not been a great


day for Americans qualifying on the track. Murielle Ahoure goes in lane


8. Had one very quick time this season of 10.83. And Daphne


Schippers, just a shade off her very best. She will go in the 200. If she


can get a quick start and get herself moving in the latter stages,


she could challenge for a medal. 50,000 or so will fall silent for


the final track event of this evening. Baptiste and Ahye and Ta


Lou, Santos, Thompson, Bowie and Ahoure and Schippers.


Thamp son with a stumble and she has gone. Ta Lou will take it. The


golden boy who falls to earth, but the gold belongs to Ta Lou. What an


upset and Elaine Thompson was nowhere in it. Marie Josee Ta Lou


rules the world in the women's 100 metres. In fact, no, Torre Bowie has


been given it on the line by 100th of a second. Ta Lou thought she had


it. I thought she had it. But Tori Bowie will get to her feet and see


she is the world champion over 100 metres. Elaine Thompson offers her


congratulations. What happened to Thompson? And instead it is Tori


Bowie who turns silver from the Olympics into gold. So many


questions for Thompson. But it is Bowie's gold and we will watch the


replay and wonder what happened. From the gun Ta Lou is out. We


expected that. She has to hang on. Bowie has the ability to claw her


back in. We saw that in the semi-finals. She had things in the


bag. But Elaine Thompson could not get in the race. Huge surprise.


United States takes the men's 100 and the women's 100 metres. That is


a dip from Tori Bowie to take it. What a way to win it. Elaine


Thompson, you think she is going to pick up. But there was a bit of a


half wobble there from her. Yeah, it looked like she missed a stride,


missed a step and that was part of her acceleration and she was just


left completely left. What is interesting, she cruised through to


a time in the semi-final that was faster than what won that title


there. So she will be asking herself exactly what did go wrong. Marie


Josie Ta Lou may have thought she had it. But it gold for the United


States and Tori Bowie and you think of the dip from Miller in the 400 in


Rio to take gold from Felix. That was as much due to tired legs. But


that was a perfect dip. Gold for Bowie, silver for Ta Lou. And it was


Daphne Schippers who sneaks in to take bronze. Would that have been


the first three, would you have said that would be the first three? Well


Elaine Thompson not in the medals and she is talking to Phil. A great


surprise for us, what about you? I'm feeling great. I mean, I have to


give the three girls a lot of credit. I tried to ex-cute. I


planned it too. But I'm healthy. Was there anything in particular that


didn't go right for you? Well I tried to get a start. The first run,


I got a start, but I don't know what happened. I will have the look back


and watch. I had a good race. In terms of quality of field, you know,


you run with these girls on the Diamond League circuit and you beat


them all the time. So... Can you quite put it into context? Well as I


said, it was a strong field I have competed with these girls all


season. I have to give Tori and Ta Lou credit. Thank you for talking to


us. You're welcome. She is remaining very sanguine about it. But that was


everyone saying who can beat Elaine Thompson. Just there, she falls


back. She seemed to lose a stride. It is whether when she was extending


one bit and one bit went shorter. But whatever happened, it completely


confused us all. Let's see if there is any specific. She gets out well.


You don't expect her to fly out of the block. Just something gives to


Elaine and stops her. Ta Lou is driving hard. Bowie is running hard


to the line. Knowing she has that opportunity. The camera goes to Ta


Lou, she thinks she has got it. But by 100th of a second. How close that


is. But the gold goes to the United States. Ta Lou almost celebrating


and not dipping for the line. That cost her. Silver for Ta Lou, which


she still celebrated. A great bronze for Schippers.


STUDIO: Tori turning silver into gold in another dramatic 100-metre


final. Two nights running, Michael Johnson, a Jamaican has been


overturned by an athlete by the United States. That was a fantastic


race to watch. Beside the fact of who is winning the races and the


personalities and all of that, this is fantastic to see. This is what


people should want to see with athletics, competition, there is


nothing better and nothing gets people on their feet like a race and


a finish like this where you don't know who is going to win. Tori Bowie


a great race. Kalou, we said she would be in it. She is going to


regret she didn't have it a bit of a better lean and an ability to get


across that line before Bowie. But fantastic race. I think that Elaine


Thomson, she held her drive phase a long time. And then when she


realised that, she had to come out of it quick, as opposed to being


patient and when you bring your head up, it throws all of that forward


momentum back and we saw her stop making momentum and making a gain on


the field and going back. I think she will be able to see that as she


said, just not sure what happened. But she will look at the race and


will be able to see what happened when she reviews it and will know


that was a mistake. We will look back and see if there is that


defining moment. There did seem to be a recognition almost in her face


that happened. But it is the heptathlon medal ceremony. Jessica


Ennis-Hill has been around this and Denise. Many times. Two days of


hard, hard graft and work and it is great they get their medals tonight.


Steve Cram? Yes there is nobody happier that Anouk vetter, a new


national record for the Netherlands. A gutsy 800 at the end. She didn't


get a personal best in that. She was passed by Carolin Schafer. What a


developing athlete she is. What a year she has had. Not as many points


as she scored before. But solid all the way through. A good 800 metres


to finish. A good javelin. Never really challenging the Olympic


champion. Nowhere near 7000 points this year pitch she didn't need to


be. Belgium's first ever world title. Nafi Thiam. 6784 points. What


a talent she is. Her high jump, 1.95, not as high as she achieved in


Rio last year, but didn't need to. She was able to stroll the 800


little bit. For the first time in the World Championships, the


national anthem of Belgium. You get the feeling we're going to


hear that jaunty little tune a few times over the next few years


because she is still developing, still improving. She didn't need to


be at her absolute best that these World Championships. A word again


about Katarina Johnson-Thompson, surely her time will come one day.


There was a medal there. 6636 was a great performance from there to in


bronze but it was within reach for Johnson-Thompson. Nafi Thiam adding


to her Olympic gold by becoming world champion.


(STUDIO) thank you, Steve. Jessica Ennis-Hill is with me. We always say


it when we sit up here and watch the last event, there is real


camaraderie, this sisterhood in the heptathlon where you guys have to be


fierce rivals for two days, but we know what you've been through. It is


a unique experience and that's something I miss. You come together


and celebrate what you've achieved over the two days. There's genuine


respect for each other. To see those three girls on the podium, how hard


they've worked this year, particularly Thiam, Olympic champion


last year and coming back and backing it up this year and becoming


world champion isn't easy. We hope Rodriguez and Johnson-Thompson


pushing her, how much can she dominate? Have they got an


incentive? I think they will push and continue to improve. I don't see


anyone beating her at the moment, it she's got so much more to come and


she's so young. I see her dominating for a few years. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson spoke to fill afterwards and she was quite


philosophical and quite pleased with the fact she had managed to in her


head put to bed the disappointment of the high jump and get on with it.


What advice would you give her? What does she need to do? Her interview


was great and she was taking the positives. She's determined athlete.


She will go away and work hard and she will hopefully come stronger. I


would say, take what you've taken from these championships, like every


Championships, to learn from it and to continue working in France, which


is a new experience for her. It can take one or two years to make the


change. She's got to trust in what she's doing and come back and


believe she can perform and get on the podium. You've watched her from


a very different perspective. Have you seen a growth and an increasing


maturity from where you've watched here? It's a very different


viewpoint. I was competing alongside her and I didn't see much detail


like you do when you're sitting here. I definitely see a difference


in her. She's disappointed, but you can see she's taking the positives.


She's not being defeatist or thought, this is it, I've not jumped


the 905I'm used to jumping, I'm going to call it a day. She's


carried on fighting. Do you see the difference, Michael? Not so much.


Not as much as I would like to see. I'd like to see a bit more. Let's go


back to the 100 metres. We can have some analysis to look in particular


at Elaine Thompson. I don't know if we should be completely shocked. She


put down a 10.71 this year so she was the favourite. Tori Bowie and Ta


Lou are obviously great competitors and will challenge. I think she held


the drive phase to long. Each athlete is driving out of the


blocks. You will notice that Tori Bowie is starting to come up, but


Elaine Thompson is still down. She realises she's held it to long. She


jerked her head up and all the momentum goes backwards. Now she's


trying to catch up and the pressure is on. Like we saw with Usain Bolt


last night, now you're under pressure and that nice, relaxed,


easy form we typically see she's struggling to get back into it.


Against this field and with the sort of gap that Ta Lou and Chloe already


had, it was impossible to catch up. How pleased I you've Tori Bowie?


She's been working very hard, she was close last year and she's a


fantastic athlete over 100 and 200 and this was her time. She too good


vantage of the opportunity and ran a season 's best when it counted.


That's the difference between Bowie and Thompson. Elaine not even close


to her season 's best and Tori Bowie running a season 's best. Let's see


what that has done to the medal table. I think you'll be quite


pleased, I know you're not parochial, but it's looking good for


the United States of America already.


Tonight was a bit as appointing for Great Britain in terms of potential


medal targets. -- a bit disappointing. You would have had


hopes for Holly Bradshaw, Thomson Johnson -- Johnson-Thompson. I think


this could have been a really great night and unfortunate to see how


Holly performed in the final. She could have got a bronze medal. Kat


could have got a bronze medal. But it's Championships. With athletics,


it's the process. You train for however long, all those hours and


those months, and it's these one-off moments we have and if it doesn't


come together, it doesn't come together and it's not happened for


us. We've loved having you here and seeing you tonight to pick up your


medal from day goo. What are you up to in the next month? I'm going to


kick back and relax! You're welcome back on the sofa any time you like.


We've loved having Jess here. It's been great having you here. Think of


us while you're kicking back! You'll be watching! I'll be watching. Thank


you. I think we should head outside and find out what's being discussed.


Lots to discuss and I want to thank Jess for being part of the coverage


and giving me tips for having children. Chaos was the word she


gave me so thanks for that. Interesting day. Denise and Colin


with me. Up and down day for the British athletes, unexpected results


and lost to discuss. We have our troop of supporters watching us on


the way out from the stadium. Either they really like ask or they just


don't want to go to work tomorrow. Either way it's lovely to have them.


Let's talk about British athletes and a little bit of disappointment.


We've seen Nafi Thiam take a world title, truly deserved, but Katarina


Johnson-Thompson should have been on one of our boards. She ended up in


fifth. Where would you like to start with today? The long jump for me was


a solid job. We know she can jump much further than she produced


today. But it was tired legs. That issue of two fouls from the last


World Championships. It was about getting a safe one in. You see her


reaction. Please, please, please let it be valid and it was. Nice to see


her trying to push that positivity. Nice to see the fighting spirit


because that's what she needed to display after such a disappointing


first. She said afterwards that she was really happy to throw over 40


metres in the javelin. She said she was really trying to change her


attitude. It's difficult for her after injuries and disappointments


at major events. It's the first time I saw her smile so much Gerry


McGarvey addition which was nice to see. Perhaps that's a starting


point. It could be a breakthrough in the way she feels about her


performance. She needs to get her mind right. It's seven events and


not one event and she is gelling them better. I'm hoping she's


finishing it with the right frame of mind. It may not be a medal, but if


the mind is coming together, it's a good start. It's the best starting


place. It doesn't matter what talent you have, you have to get physical


and mental in harmony. She's improving. Her coach said to her, I


want you to be free through the heptathlon. I think she has


displayed that despite the disappointment. She got involved


with the girls, this is always the lovely part of the heptathlon. She's


got a little rice smile. I know inside she'll be bitterly


disappointed. -- wry smile. She should be disappointed because we


want her to move on. It's not always easy to go to a new country, new


coaching, she's changed so much. For her to compete the way she did and


end up with a bit of a smile is a solid start. We were hoping she


might deliver for many a year. It doesn't just come like that and


hopefully she will come good in the end. Somebody full of consistency,


delivering time after time, let's talk about Nafi Thiam. So young, so


astute and so good. So good and so confident. I always wondered how she


would cope with the pressure and the expectation. She is now the poster


girl of Belgium. This was probably not a vintage hurdles race for her,


but it was solid and that was all she needed to do in the first event.


High jump, always guaranteed success for her because she has competed in


single in this event. She delivered. 1.95. As we were watching the high


jump, the commentators were talking about her taking on the heights.


Maybe that might affect her physically. If you are on a positive


role, it takes the momentum through for the other offence. Absolutely,


she displayed another good shot put. There are no weaknesses. That's what


you want from the champion. A Habitat light that can aways keep it


together. -- a heptathlete. Her 200 and hurdles speeds are coming on.


You do forget how young she is. She's doing all right. More than all


right. Bags of talent. What about the progress in just two years.


2015, 11 thin the World Championships. Olympic gold and


world gold in two years. We'd all like that but we haven't got that


talent. The three of us, I haven't got that talent! She's already hit


7000 points. She could really dominate for a long time.


People forget she was the European bronze-medallist and we have been


watching her for a while. It is not having those weaknesses. A big


50-metre throw. That kind of talent and she is just starting. She is


still learning. We have got many years of watching that Nafi Thiam.


This was the last event, 800 metres. She had already done it. She run an


eight the way I would. She takes her time. It must be a pleasure to be


running the 800 thinking, I won't be that far behind and the title is


mine. Well, Catharina Johnson Thompson did everything she could to


stay in contention. Fifth wasn't too bad. The disappointment was easy to


see. But Nafi Thiam was the world champion. Congratulate wakeses to


her - congratulations to her. And Denise can put a second face on our


pretty thin gold medal board. It got these guys going, Denise doesn't


have to do much to get them going. Yesterday she showed us more than we


all thought. And they have come back. And pole vault and again


someone who we hoped might doing something special in Holly Bradshaw.


You come into the wormed Championships and she -- into the


World Championships and she had been making some strides. This was a


crucial final jump and we touched on the physicality of it. In the past


she has failed at the crucial moment. Here she did a good


clearance and I can see her thinking, why didn't I do that the


jump before? It was such a clean take. The jumps were going to count


her out. We will see. It was 4.75 she went for. That was telling in


the end. It is a height she should be able to do in her sleep. She is


more than capable of jumping this height and she was so close. Those


early failures at 4.65 cost her a medal and it is the decisions you


make in split moments that can take you out of the medals. But she will


learn from this. There is more to come from her. As it happened, Holly


was inconsolable, because it was that clearance at 4.65. On count


back, had she cleared it earlier she would have got bronze. This was her


reaction straight after knowing the result. But we were watching when


she was doing the jumps, her coach and they have a certain language. He


was making hand signals. The time was all counting down. We were


thinking, just jump. But they have their routine. Us as watchers can


get flustered with that. Ten seconds is a long time and we were watching


the clock and she was checking to make sure it was the right time to


move. In the end she would have made the call. She is the athlete. She is


going to make that call. I see a lot of her training in Cardiff. She


trains in the same gym I train in. She has improved so much physically


this year and her attitude has been spot on. Personally I'm a bit


disappointed. But it does set her up well for being a bit more hungry and


not making those mistakes again. So it is not the end for this year.


Still plenty to come. Catriona Stefanidi, is the Olympic champion


and showed everybody why. She has been in formidable form. Unbeaten in


the Diamond League. Today, she rose to the occasion again. Jumping 4.91.


A huge jump. With all the pressure. All the expectation. It was nice to


see it. I was around some of the Greeks, they were going ballistic


when they saw her going over. It is great to see good athletics, when


sports people are doing well. She is at the top of her game and


delivering. This is why I love athletics, because you know you


cannot predict which country is going to win, you have got a whole


host of different countries getting and vying for medals. It is an


international event. Congratulations to Catriona Stefanidi. Colin, it is


your moment. He is going to try and do what Denise did. Stefanidi on the


gold medal podium if you wouldn't mind! There is more! We like that.


I'm not the one to call it. But I think Colin won that one. We have


got three gold-medallist on our podium. Before we move on, shall we


hear from Holly Bradshaw. Oh, we haven't got her any more. She has


gone. But she was very disappointed. There was so much going on today.


And there was one competition that is hotting up, the men's 400 metres


is one to watch. Kerwin mustn't be fazed by Kerley.


Kerley beginning to make his move. Gardiner putting pressure on Allen.


Kerley and gardener. Look at the style as he fires down the home


straight. Allen coming through. Only two to go through automatically. The


Americans being run out of it. Gardiner and Allen and Kerley will


have to hope for the top. He has gone hard in the semi-final.


LaShawn merit outside. Who redrew the heats have given us a nice one.


There is challengers. Van Niekirk has started well. Gordon in the red


has gone quickly through 200. Smith going well on the the inside. Hudson


Smith is right in the mix. He is past van Niekirk. Can he keep that


going. Haroun finishing quickly. Van Niekirk wins. Hudson just loses out


to Haroun. He has the speed and great 200 metres speed. Robinson


started quickly, the USA athlete in lane 7. A big gap appearing. It may


well be the action is in the outside lane. Roberts will try and react.


Makwala continues to go away. And that lovely action of his holding it


together. Makwala has time to look around. 44.30. Roberts third. 43.89,


a new national record. . Allen with a personal best. Maybe those four


with Gardiner, I don't know. I won't say. Van Niekirk is the favourite.


But it will be a brilliant race. Everybody here is looking forward to


the 400 metres final on Tuesday. It will be a hot ticket, of course van


Niekirk is the man to beat, but he won't have it all his own way? No,


remember, he doesn't have a day off. He has the 200 metres, but Makwala


is doing the 200. So they're battling for the double. Who will


win. Will bit from the Bahamas? Gutting for Matt Hudson Smith, who,


one place oud, out, or he would have been in the final. Before you joined


us, we talked of women's 100 metres and another shock, another Jamaican


we were expecting to win. Still trying to work out what happened.


She was the favourite and I have never seen her run like this. We


have to question is something wrong. But a great victory from Ta Lou.


Look at that reaction. But this was the winner in the end. What... It


was a perfect dip from Tori Bowie. If there was an great timing of a


dip that was it. She will have to recover from that to run the 200.


Sometimes when you pitch like that, you can knock yourself out. There is


a bit of strachs on the should -- scratches on the shoulder as well.


But she doesn't care. Well done on a wonderful performance. A gold medal.


What is it like to be world champion? Thank you so much. I mean


it is a wonderful feeling like... I'm so happy and... You know I feel


like the hard work has finally paid off. I couldn't be more happy. The


night is perfect. It is like it is still trying to sink in, seep in


maybe? Yes, I'm sure once I leave the track I will go, am I really the


world champion. It hasn't sunk in. But I'm so grateful and thankful and


tonight is one of best nights of my life. What a dip as well! What a


night, most of things I have won have been with with a dip. So now


the dip's the night. Are you, you are in one piece. You have had some


treatment and you're OK. I haven't had treatment, I'm a bit sore, but


nothing major, just bruises. We want you to celebrate pain-free. That


won't happen, but I will be fine tomorrow. Enjoy it. Thank you. She


went from exhausted to disbelief to hysterical to feeling the pain,


Denise, but she is holding the stars and stripes proudly. It was a


surprise win, but you have got to deliver on the day. It was a


surprise. It was close. But Bowie was the bridesmaid last year at the


Olympics, golden girl tonight. Well done to her. Next an event close to


Colin's heart, the 110 hurdles. Harris got left. Darien leading. And


Shubenkov coming back into it. Darien holds on to second behind the


Olympic champion. Left a bit and Allen going through. Pozzi hits the


front. Ove it is so close. He has been run out of it I think of


automatic qualifying and only 13.28. Four to the line just about together


and Pozzi was leading the way with a barrier to go. But he may have been


edged out of that. A good start by Baji. He is so pure over the


barriers. Baji, in the middle, running well. And it is Baji taking


it. A look across. Not as impressive from Merritt as it was in the first


round. Tomorrow's final, McLeod will start as favourite. Shubenkov is


going through as one of the fastest losers.


Colin, before the Championships, the Jamaicans would have had probably


lists of guaranteed gold-medallist, all sprinters, two haven't


delivered. Omagh McLeod has more pressure on him now? Yes he is the


No 1 sprinter. So he is looking better technically and much more Sol


Sid and consistent. -- solid and consistent. So much disappointment


for Andrew Pozzi, who in his semi-final was that close from


getting his place and leading before he clipped a hurdle. He was just


that, it was just that ninth hurdle. He hit it with his lead and trail


leg and he probably lost 400th of a second and he is out of final. And


unfortunately for Andrew, another British disappointment. But so much


to look forward to on day four. They're also hanging out. Have you


all had a good day? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. If they say so ewe have to


take it as read. Join us again tomorrow.


Coverage of the World Championships continues, including the women's 100m final and reaction to the conclusion of the heptathlon, in which Katarina Johnson-Thompson hopes to succeed the retired Jessica Ennis-Hill as world champion.

The fastest woman in the world is crowned, with reigning Olympic champion Elaine Thompson the athlete to beat.

Double Olympic champion David Rudisha continues his title defence in the semi-finals of the 800m, while the men's shot-put champion is crowned.

Commentary is led by Steve Cram, with analysis from Michael Johnson. And Gabby Logan and Ore Oduba - alongside special guests - look back on the day's action.