Day 7, Part 2 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 7, Part 2

Gabby Logan is joined by Michael Johnson at the London Stadium as world champions are crowned in the men's 200m, the men's triple jump and the women's 400m hurdles.

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This is world domination! Michael Johnson, storming away to another


gold medal! Magnificent, Carl Lewis, history in the making! Jessica


Ennis-Hill is back on top of the world. That is massive, that is a


new world record! The champion of the world! Usain Bolt!


We live in a fast-paced world right now. A lot of things can be done in


a very short amount of time. Particularly within 20 seconds. You


can fry an egg. Make this movie. But some toast. Easy. Complete a Rubik


's cube? No problem. Send a text, brush your teeth, open a bottle of


bubbly. Take a selfie. And what else? Win a gold medal!


Welcome to the seventh day of the World Athletics Championships, if


you have been watching on BBC Two, welcome back. Three finals tonight


with the men's 200 metres one of the most eagerly anticipated races of


this championships and that was not already, what has happened in the


last few days to this man has thrown even more of the spotlight on Isaac


Makwala, that was the end of his time trial, after his reprieve,


tried to qualify for the semifinal and he did that in 20.2 seconds and


then he qualified comfortably in the rain last night. The sun is shining


tonight, the fastest man in the world this year and his great rival,


Wayde van Niekerk, the 400 metres champion, did not look as


comfortable last night in the semifinal but he is a man of


considerable talent, always pushing himself to achieve more. He is


looking to do what Michael Johnson did, be very difficult double. And


Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake has been running well this year, from Great


Britain. As Michael predicts, it could be a blanket finish but could


the British athlete be fighting for the medal? Hear is what is coming


up, the heats of the women's 800 metres ongoing and the men's triple


jump, candy world record bid broken? Then the men's 1500 metres with


three British athletes. The women's 200 metres semifinal followed by the


women's 400m hurdles final, featuring Eilidh Doyle. And the


final event is that men's 200 metres with Wayde van Niekerk attempting to


complete his London double. I very busy evening, a completely different


feel to the absolute deluge we had last night. It did not dampen the


enthusiasm of the crowds, cheering wildly but tonight it does feel more


like summer and Denise and Michael are enjoying that. As we change


channels, the fifth of the heats of the women's 800 metres was taking


place, Paula Radcliffe and Steve Cram calling this


The start list. Mcdonald from Jamaica. The favourite will be


Lipsey. The former world champion is not starting, she has not had a


great season coming into this. She did look like she was coming back to


her best but not here, sadly. The fastest loser spot is a roundabout


the .22 mark. The sixth fastest loser spots available and... Just


gliding across, she has spent entire career 800 metres, from very good


youngster through the junior ranks and she is letting Lipsey control


this, she has had a brilliant year. That is pretty quick. Very quick and


that explains why she normally runs from the front. She is sitting and


we'll see what pays Lipsey will be doing. Hynne on the inside. And the


powerful Ugandan. Ajok on the shoulder of Lipsey. That is as quick


as we have seen. And the Australian, Griffith, on the outside, just 20


years old. Hinriksdottir on the curve. Ajok holding up the rest of


the field. Hynne is looking very good as well, running a good race


and Hinriksdottir is looking for space. That was slower. They will


try to bring it home quickly. Only the top three going through,


Hinriksdottir looking for someone. Right behind the Norwegian. She is


shutting Hinriksdottir out. Lipsey leading and finishing quickly.


Griffith, not enough here. They will have to wait. The top three going


through in the slowest heat so far, sadly for Hinriksdottir and


Griffith, that will not be enough. Lipsey continues to impress, some


great names in the medal contenders but if anyone falters, Lipsey will


not be far-away. She has been impressive all year. That was just a


few moments ago. Before we go live to eat six, Steve can update us on


the results. -- 86. -- Heat 6. The fastest loser spot is still 22.04.


Lipsey showing why. Bearing in mind The Times, it is within the powers


of Tracey to go through, not as an automatic qualifier but as one of


the fastest losers, just outside two minutes. And although she has not


gone below that magical mark of two minutes, she is certainly capable of


running the kind of time to go through. This is the line-up. And


the big threat overall... Hermansson.


Buchel winning the European Indoor Championships in Belgrade in March


for the second time. The African refugee team, Hamann. Alemu, she had


a new personal best this season. And then Niyonsaba, silver in Bergen.


Taking the world title last year. -- in Rio. Second place in the UK


Championships, Tracey and Tracey Sharp looking good in her heat. And


then 48 sacro of Sweden. -- Hermansson. The fastest losers, six


of them going through. 2:02.04 is clinging on. The last heat. She can


run this at her leisure, unless there is something awkward. Buchel


is also a danger. And Alemu, the 20-year-old Ethiopian. Tracey, she


was one of those Secret seven who let the Olympic Flame. And she has


made huge strides forward. Knocking on the door of two minutes and she


might have to do that today. Running this like this is a race anywhere


else. The South African after Semenya. It seems to be moving at a


fair old pace. Alemu. That was a very quick first lap, they know what


they have to run, if they run faster than 2:02.04, they are in the


fastest loser spots. Adelle Tracey needs to stay calm and where she is.


Adelle Tracey hanging on at the moment, looking for that time inside


2.02. Alemu checking for just a moment. Niyonsaba and Buchel, Adelle


Tracey in fourth place and looking strong. Buchel has left the door


open! Tracey trying to get through! Niyonsaba just gets that. I am sure


that we'll be fine for Adelle Tracey to go through as one of the fastest


losers. She was a very big thank you to the South African, who set the


pace, Lofstrand, and Adelle Tracey, just out of third place but that is


a personal best. 2:00.28. That is the way to do it. Still not beating


that two minute barrier but that will come at some stage and she ran


very well, looking with some anxiety, for confirmation that she


has gone through as a fastest loser but she will, clearly. And the pace


at this moment with Adelle Tracey in a very good position, battling hard.


Alemu did check to recover from that clip. She can see the gap opening up


on the inside and she is not fading, holding her form and Adelle Tracey


did exactly the right thing, finishing as hard as she could,


fighting to the line, she does not know when she crosses the line, and


she is clearly inside what she needed. Still battling but just


cannot quite get her shoulder in front of Buchel. It is easy for


Niyonsaba, she knows where she is. It is harder for Adelle Tracey,


running her personal best, she thought she might get through the


inside of Buchel but the Swiss athlete was strong enough to hold


on. And Alemu going through also. Adelle Tracey with that personal


best going through to the semifinal tomorrow. And that is the way to do


it with a personal best! And Buchel offers congratulations. Well done!


And a sense of relief but you must be proud of that performance? I just


really wanted to go out there and give it my all, to do everything I


possibly could, I had the advantage of knowing what others had run but I


wanted to run my own race and do that on the track. You were so


close, just a matter of time? Yes. OK. I just ran my personal best, I


would have liked to qualify automatically. But I am so happy to


get through! Like a kid when you want a lot of goes! Fantastic, you


let the cauldron here five years ago, congratulations.


The women's high jump qualifying is hotting up. 1.94 is the qualifying


for the final on Saturday. Lake has had a good attempt so far. Gives it


a rattle but it stays on. The young British champion will power be need


1.92, maybe 1.94. Morgan Lake is looking good. Let's look at this,


when in the Karlov well. -- running the curve well. It's a good


clearance. KJT. With a foul at this height. Two high jump mats next to


each other, two Brits are in action. 1.80 nine. Yes, that's better. Good


rhythm on that. The last three strides, much better than her first


effort. A clearance of 1.80 nine. Looks like 1.92 is going to be


needed to go through to the final on Saturday. KJT is looking very good


indeed. Really solid clearance, daylight.


Niyonsaba going through. So fast was the last feet that Adelle Tracey,


los Strand, all going through as the fastest losers. -- los


the last Tate really shook things up in terms of qualifiers. Here they


are. Three British athletes going through. Tracey, Lynsey Sharp is


true and Caster Semenya. Three British athletes are into the


semifinals tomorrow. JAZZY MUSIC van Niekerk takes it and


it is a new world record. World champion again.


We can't wait. It's at 9:50pm tonight. Starting shortly, the men's


triple jump final. It is a record that our very own Jonathan Edwards


still holds. We will hear from him shortly but firstly let's go back to


Gothenberg and the summer of 95. Jonathan Edwards, the world record


holder, with his first round jump. Oh, it's huge, its massive! My


goodness. That is fantastic. We could see history in the making in


this very first round. Oh, my goodness gracious me. 18.16, a world


record for Great Britain and Jonathan Edwards. The crowd


anticipating something special once again. Jonathan Edwards of Great


Britain. Oh, it's a tough act to follow but he's done it again, I


don't believe it! I suppose you have to say, once you're in the groove,


nothing can go wrong. But I'll tell you what, that is even further.


There it is. Jonathan Edwards has made history again. And he has Saaid


his second world record in less than 20 minutes. -- he has set his second


world record. Jonathan Edwards, the world record-holder, going in the


third round. It is a huge jump again. Christian Olsen and the rest,


eat your heart out. The world record-holder is performing again.


Memories of Gothenberg in 95. 17.92, again one of the longest jumps in


history. Edwards is the world champion.


Jonathan, such fantastic memories of Gothenberg, how vivid are those


memories to this day? I member it most from Paul Dickinson's


commentary, I've done it again, can't believe it, and that goes


through my mind when I think about the record. It was a surreal


experience, I never dream of not just becoming the world champion but


breaking the world record twice and even now when I watch it I have to


pinch myself. And holding the record to this day. Did you think it would


last this long? I hoped I would break it in subsequent years and


spent several years thinking I would but didn't do it and I've seen


various athletes, one jumping over 18 metres in Moscow a few years ago.


And Christian Taylor now. I'm still holding on by my fingernails. Now


working for Eurosport on the other side, looking at Christian Taylor in


the final tonight, do you think he's in the shape to challenge your


record? If I'm honest he's not in as good shape as he has been


previously, he had a good 18-metre jump in the Diamond League but the


conditions were really good. They lost in his last competition in


Lausanne. I was speaking to Dwight Phillips who is working with the


IAAF, the Olympic champion, and he thinks that will Claye is in better


shape and it may be his turn. But they may spur each other on to what


could be a fantastic competition. Whatever happens, he's going to come


through and talk to you. What is it like we view as the champion of old,


meeting the champion of the current state, the world record-holder and


the man who would like to beat you? We get along very well and he has


always been very respectful of me and my achievements and I am of him


and his achievements. Were he to break the world record it will be a


bit weird. The truth is, I don't mind if he breaks the record, I just


prefer not to be here when he does it! Because then I'd have to speak


to everyone about it and that isn't much fun. He's a great athlete and


he beat pass if it does it I'll be delighted for him. And there is


Christian Taylor in the warm up area. Conditions are better than


they were 24 hours ago. He's wearing a wristband with 18.30 on it,


cheeky! That's what he needs if he's going to get the world record. Will


he get it in conditions like this, Steve Backley? Jonathan's assessment


was honest, I know he's quite biased, but it isn't the best


conditions. I met a family today who said they are coming to watch the


world record in the triple jump today, they very specific! That's


his biggest challenge. This is what he is chasing, this is the Jonathan


Edwards' world record. Amazing that it was 22 years ago. His biggest


weapon was his speed on the runway and his ability to transfer that


momentum through the phases, retaining the speed. He could do


that because he was so strong, he could claim 150 kilos, his body


weight was 75. His step was slightly shorter, five metres 22, but look


how far his jump is after that, he really gets out. Massive jump into


the pit. But it 11 times your body weight going through the floor.


Jonathan's dump that day was behind the board. Here is Christian Taylor


in Beijing, on his way to his world title. Much more even going through


the phases, Christian Taylor. Also active on the floor and space to


spare. The hop, 5.96, so slightly shorter than Jonathan but this is


his big weapon, his massive step, nearly six metres. He compromises,


maybe a bit less in the third and final phase, losing 67 meet --


losing six centimetres. Both of them happy to continue their momentum


through the phases and that is the key to world-class triple jumping.


Christian Taylor goes into the competition clearly as the favourite


but watch out for Will Claye, Jonathan Edwards mentioned him. This


is the start list. A couple of names, low-end ski, Centrowitz and


the British representative also. Torrens is running well. Bustos.


Andre doesn't start, he ran in the 800 metres. 19-year-old Josh Kerr.


Three men from one athletics club representing Great Britain in the


1500 metres. Edinburgh athletics club. Chris O'Hair, Josh Kerr and


Jake Wightman. Josh Kerr perhaps with the toughest one here. He also


has Manangoi and Kiprop, the two very good Kenyans, and Suleiman, in


days gone by, from Djibouti, the indoor champion. Not going as well


these days. Josh Kerr, what a year he's had, he started, went off, some


pushing and shoving, he went to America, having a good collegiate


career, coming back to the trials, qualifying. He got the qualifying


time as well by the smallest of margins, 100th of a second and here


he is in the World Championships running in the heats. It's great,


Steve, the 19-year-old athlete starting on a career that we hope


will be a long and fruitful career. And the three Scots are carrying our


hopes for qualification through the first round and then the Sunni final


and into the final. Josh Kerr, this is where you learn -- and then the


semifinal. The place is steady and comfortable, it isn't a Diamond


League circuit event, the pacemakers, which is why you get 63


seconds for the first lap. Very slow for these guys. The Olympic


champion, Centrowitz, and the three-time Olympic champion, Kiprop,


the canyon, who hasn't been in the best shape this year. I was chatting


to him and he said, don't worry, I love the World Championships -- he


is from Kenya. He always says that. The man who is in really good form,


Manangoi. Manangoi is a big danger. Kiprop, three times the world


champion. He makes you nervous, if you are a coach you will be extra


nervous but sometimes he's unbelievable. Occasionally, less so.


Which one has turned up tonight? The Olympic champion in the blue vest,


Centrowitz. This is one that he'll be wanting to take, qualifying


culpably and CB journey like he did in Rio, leading to a gold medal


again -- and see the journey. This is a tough heat. A very tough heat.


They've gone very slowly here. The six fastest losers. Josh Kerr. A


good finish, that's why he would be too bothered. He probably thinks his


best chance is a slow finish because he's fast, he's a strong boy, 19


years old, not fearful. Each reader looking for some room. Just pushing


through -- Iguider looking for some room. 500 metres to go. It is


starting to warm up. They are all moving up. It's going to be tricky,


very difficult to call. Centrowitz is cruising. Here comes Kiprop, the


champion, accelerating like mad. 2.53 at the bell. Very slow. Kiprop,


is that going to be enough? He's in the position he wants to be.


Manangoi is telling him where he wants to be. This isn't the Kiprop


as old. He can't beat Manangoi as easily as that, Suleiman as well.


Let Madejski is moving up on the 800 metres specialist -- Lewandowski is


moving up. Josh Kerr is going to move the Olympic champion,


Centrowitz, if he happens a chance. Iguider as well. The top six are


going through. Josh Kerr struggling. Into the home straight, they have a


chance. Benitz, the German as well. Iguider is there. Maybe the Aussie


got there. What a Venice! That was incredible. Well, Josh Kerr was run


out of it in the end -- what a finish. A chance being taken by the


big names. The biggest chance, the biggest shock was the Olympic


champion, coming absolutely last. He's not been in very good shape,


has he? He hasn't been going well but that's amazing, how it went.


Hard to call and hard to read and hard to measure! Lewandowski,


Manangoi, Iguider here coming. Look at them, six of them will qualify


and its changing all the time. Kiprop is trying to hold it.


Manangoi looks decent. Just on the edge of the picture, Mekhissi.


I would not want to call that from this position! Williamsz sneaking


into that sixth spot. Kerr was not far behind but given there were so


many ahead of him, I fear for his hopes of advancing. I have gone two


horse races occasionally and you never see a photo finish like that!


That is as close... Giving it was so slow, you could not have thought


Mekhissi would be in seventh place, there. The first round of the triple


jump final. Alexis Copello from Azerbaijan, in the lead. 17.16. Will


Claye. Looking to get his mark in, to give his team-mate, Christian


Taylor, something to think about. Will Claye, the first round of the


triple jump final, hitting the ground hard, that is a big job.


Beyond 17 metres. But is a good start. Excellent start. Can we see


the replay? The hop, that league needs to be directly underneath you,


the hop and the step, slightly bend at the knee and slightly ahead of


him. 17.54, that will take the lead and give Christian Taylor something


to think about. Great start from Will Claye. Can Johnson-Thompson...


? The bar has been raised. 1.92. She will need this at the first attempt,


more likely. That is good! From KK J. -- from Thomson Johnson. I have a


suspicion that might be good enough to take through to the final. That


would be great. Morgan Lake on the opposite side. Catherine Thompson


Johnson out Katarina Johnson-Thompson. The first time


clearance is just so important, 1.92. The main man. The Olympic


champion, twice. Their world champion twice. Christian Taylor.


Looking for support. He knows the mark from his team-mate, Will Claye,


17.74, is the lead. -- 17.54. Round one. Well, that was tentative. Very


heavy on the ground. I could hear that slapping the ground. He did not


time that right. I think he was leading with his foot but a very


heavy landing. Yes, he collapsed on the first phase and that killed his


forward speed. Lots of space on the board and a bit of a timing issue


for Christian Taylor, and that is a problem of building yourself up as


the record challenger. His team-mate will play out in front, that is his


mission this evening, to claim another world title and Christian


Taylor in fifth place. With 16.90 seven. Just talking to his coach,


also the Dutch coach. It is a question of keeping the leg straight


and maintaining speed over the top, 12 times body weight, through his


leg, close to one time. That is what you will do if you put your foot in


the wrong place, it will cause you to buckle just a little bit. Morgan


Lake. She has seen her team-mate, going clear at 1.92. The second


attempt was a foul. Morgan Lake... Badger! Great clearance from the


youngster. -- better. She just had a little bit of a tweak and a bend, it


was not as smooth, but this is much better, driving freely, what a


fantastic drive that is. Well up and some good clearance, excellent,


second time clearance at 1.92. It was the tightest of finishes with


two tenths of a second between the top six. I fear for the others, that


has given the other two eats something to aim for, 3.46, that is


pretty comfortable. Kerr is in the fastest loser spot and the Olympic


champion was last. Chris O'Hare getting ready to go in the 1500m, he


is really in the form of his life. There are couple nonstarters. From


Ethiopia and Morocco. 13 starters. Kwemoi. All of those fast times set


in Monaco. Musagala, he will also be a big threat, he was a finalist in


Rio. Andrews, winning the US title. Holusa can finish very quickly. And


that is a game face! 3:33.61, he ran in Monaco. He really ran with such


heart in 2015 to make the final of the World Championships and then


faded in the final but he is a different athlete, as is Willis.


Maybe his better days are behind him is still a very good racer, just has


not had the pace as in recent years but twice and Olympic medallist. And


off they go. The second heat of the men's 1500 metres. The first was not


quick, it was a very interesting race but nobody will want to take


that risk, someone set a decent pace. I think it will be quick. 3.40


six. You just have to run steady in the early part and that is what they


are doing. Chris O'Hare, another Scotsman, living in the United


States, he is representing Scotland and Great Britain tonight. Steve


said he thinks he is running well this season and we should see


something exciting from him over the next couple of days. The first job


is to qualify here. This is not as challenging as the first heat. But


still some very good manners. The canyon is the third fastest in the


world this year and he looks like he is putting himself in the position


to join his team-mates, there are two Kenyan qualifiers. Enzema,


there. He will not be there for long. And Andrews not far away. Very


talented American. At the moment, Chris O'Hare sitting in the engine


room, he runs tactically very well, sometimes his place ultimately saves


towards the end but he's now has the pace to match his tactical brain. He


is in good stead, behind him the experienced New Zealander, Willis


and the Australian, Gregson, both very good athletes in every sense.


3.29, the best time for Willis a few years ago. And 3.31, 425 pacro. You


just need to get that position. You are looking for experience, Chris


O'Hare, running nicely, another trip, two athletes, it is starting


to disturb me. They are running too close to each other. Chris O'Hare


noticed it was getting cluttered and crowded and the pace has dropped, he


moved on to the outside. Douma was just outside the medals in Amsterdam


at the European Championships. But this is a good position. Chris


O'Hare has to hold on. He will have to come from a very long way back.


He is just behind Chris O'Hare. He cannot take any chances. Chris


O'Hare has got the pace and he is in the right position. And Ryan


Gregson, the American. Six going through automatically. Chris O'Hare


judging the bunch. He will have plenty of pace. Willis in seventh


place and here they come once more, quicker than the first heat. And


down goes Douma from the Netherlands. How cruel for him! The


victory went to Bahrain. Dirty Den pacro. That was cruel for Douma,


trudging across the line, he was so close and in the next one of the


qualifying places. The pace was not lightning fast. Too many people


involved on the bike straight. Chris O'Hare. Holusa accelerating and look


at the black vest of New Zealand, Willis running between the runners,


giving them that bomb. And Douma from the Netherlands, he looked


comfortable. And here came Willis but looking over his shoulder, Chris


O'Hare, there is not much left to do, and there is that trip. They


might want to look carefully at that. Willis cruising through. But


that one... Well... It was Musagala. He is looking across and I think he


was tripped by the Ugandan athlete moving into quickly. Just what I


would say, I think he made that himself. He is looking around too


much and he catches Musagala first and in correcting himself, he then


hits Douma so I do not think they will advance him. They will clear


that up. Chris O'Hare is safely through and he is talking to fail.


-- Philip. As always, great effort. What have you added to your game to


put you in such good stead? A baby! Truthfully, my son, Ronan, and my


wife, my home is more of the motivation than before. And it is


just so easy to get up in the morning and work and go to bed


exhausted, even though you know you are getting up again in a couple of


hours. But having them has been huge for me. I cannot thank them enough.


In terms of your performance, you have stepped things up, you do like


those grounds. And there is plenty more to come? To be fair, I got a


little bit excited today, at 400 I thought this was slow and the Kenyan


boy did a good job so I had to go quicker to get past him but I still


felt comfortable. 100 metres to go and I knew I was in. We wish you


well for the semifinal. I appreciate it. Thank you.


It has been a knockout day in the Premier League.


This is Daniel Sturridge, around the goalkeeper and his chorus! That


could be a crucial goal! -- and he scores! Football is for all of us.


O'Hare never copy your hero's haircut! If you want a second screen


action, we have coverage of the US PGA Championship, the fourth and


final major of the year. Coverage of that all weekend on the


BBC. We are here all weekend as well and we hope it will stay as lovely


as it has been tonight, dry, perfect conditions. Are they perfect, Steve


Backley, for the high jump and triple jump? They are very good


indeed. Will Claye made a good start, 17.50 four. If it wasn't for


his team-mate, Christian Taylor, he would be the double Olympic


champion. That must put some spice in the pit of your stomach. Second


round, looking to extend his lead. Oh, it's a big jump. Game on. Will


Claye really taking it to his team-mate, Christian Taylor. Looking


to extend that 17.50 four. If you look at his foot, leading with his


thigh, really pulling underneath. How he maintains his speed, just


holding it up. Reaching out, lovely position there. Well, Will Claye,


17.50 two. Maybe losing a little bit in the middle. He's in the lead.


Christian Taylor, then, the undisputed champion of the world.


But he's being asked questions in these early stages. Very modest


start for him. He slapped the ground hard, maybe trying too hard. Talk of


a world record, potentially distracting. He's got to take care


of business here. Round two. It is long, that's a big jump. Much


better, much better on that one. On the first phase he didn't collapse


as much, really pulling his foot underneath. Still not happy, though.


Leading with his thigh, pulling, a little bit of a collapse, not much


of a step phase. He could get more. Very smart shoes for tonight! It's a


big occasion, Toni. Taylor is looking to defend his title. It's


going to be close, this. Waiting for his measurements. 17.50 seven. So,


great news for Great Britain from the women's high jump. A big smile


for Katarina Johnson-Thompson because the clearance we saw, taking


her through to the final. That's on Saturday. As does Morgan Lake, so


two Brits are in contention. Lasitskene looking very impressive.


Two British athletes are in contention. Four medals on Saturday


in the high jump. Excellent news, two flew to the final. Can we get


another British athlete into the mains semifinal in the 1500 metres?


Sadly Josh Kerr has already gone but his clubmate has gone through, Chris


O'Hare, and here is another one, Jake Wightman. He's so looking


forward to this. He is against this young man here, a great talent,


Cheruiyot. Manangoi has gone through. The top six, four Jake


Wightman. That's the task here. He's got some very good athletes in here.


Ingebrigtsen, but on a normal day he would say that in the form he's in,


winning the Oslo Diamond League, he'll be thinking that he can beat


most of these. Berglund is a bit of a committed front runner. He's


looked at the clock. 3.43, we can get 12 through here if they all work


together. Going out with real intent. He has, and why not? It is


much to their benefit. Jake Wightman has really come on here. I was


impressed with his run in Oslo when he won the 1500 metres in the


Diamond League. I'm sure that his father, Jeff Wightman, the stadium


and answer, will be excited -- stadium announcer. Jake Wightman is


in a good position. Steady pace being provided, that is the way to


do it. Running in the 800 metres. Following Berglund, the tall Pole.


The big kickers, the likes of Mechaal, Tesfaye on his day, Mathews


moving into a better position. They are happy to sit off a little bit.


Struggling to make the team and only just qualifying, Al Khan -- Elkaam.


Jake Wightman moving to the fund, he doesn't want this to slow too much.


-- to the front. If they keep going at this place, they could all


qualify. That is the advantage of the last heat. Look at what is


happening in the other heats. 3.43 is enough and this pace can easily


do that, so a load of them could qualify. They know this and they


will know more when they come to the bell. Ingebrigtsen in the Norwegian


vest, just moving back inside. You don't want to find yourself boxed


in. Just extricating himself very nicely. Wightman is in a good


position. He has Cheruiyot, the world junior champion, on his


shoulder. Berglund finding himself squeezed out. Here comes the


Spaniard, Mechaal. 2.44, they've only got to run 59 to get a fast


time and they are doing it, already motoring. That lap was 58. On his


way now. Come on, Jake Wightman, you're doing well. He looks


comfortable as well. Not many people challenging from behind. Cheruiyot


with that slightly awkward action of his. Wightman is looking good,


Mathews on the inside, Ingebrigtsen is staying patient, as is Mechaal.


Starting to pull clear. Berglund coming back into it. Jake Wightman


being cheered home. Mathews is there, Ingebrigtsen, Mechaal,


Tesfaye. They will go through, those six and fastest losers behind them.


Just watching the clock. Even all the way back to the one who just


crossed the line, Debjani, it's going to be tight. The three


Kenyans, the four Kenyans, the favourites, one of them perhaps


losing his place. Jake Wightman is safely through. Well-run, Jake


Wightman. There they are. They know how fast they are going. These


athletes look at the split times, they look at the clock, they know


that six will go through automatically and they know they've


only got to run 3.43, to qualify. Jake Wightman holding the inside.


Just next to him, one of the Kenyan favourites, he's got no problem, as


is Ingebrigtsen. I think those first six are in a group and the next five


behind them, all of them will qualify. So they've done it


sensibly, running steadily, running well under 3.43, so that whole


group, 11th athletes on that, we'll go through to the men's semifinal.


The news is that the next of the fastest losers, chrome Ooi -- Kwemoi


will go through. It will be tough in the semis, I suspect it may warm up.


We don't want to see much of that slower running. This heat was a bit


stronger. Let us see how Jake assessed his performance. Let's get


that assessment. This is new to you, this stage and you put on an


accomplished performance. How did it go? We got lucky with that heat, I


knew that if the pace was quick enough there would be a lot of


fastest losers. Getting through was the main aim, the top six. I've got


pretty good and relaxed, nice to get through. That's the key, taking to


the stage, proving that you belong and you look like you do. I hope so,


the first round is always going to be the test and I felt good there


and I'm confident I can go well in the semis. What is it like to have


your dad as the stadium announcer, announcing to everyone, Wightman,


qualified? It's good, I'm used to it now, he's always there and I know he


has the best date to watch every race. That's good for a coach! Is


the right thing for him to do and as a dad he will support you, as do we.


Thank you very much. The lead in the triple jump final is Christian


Taylor and his team-mate, Will Claye. This is the second round.


Nelson Evora, 34 years of age now. Seems to have been around for ever.


Took the Olympic title in 2008, depriving Phillips Idowu. This is


his second round effort, chasing the two Americans. So, that was a little


back of 17 metres. His job is in third place. We are in the third


round now. Evora, previous world champion as well. So he has some


pedigree and he's amongst the medals again. He's always so consistent.


Good on the board. Once again, great shots there of the leg shoot. And


Evora going really well indeed. The Americans on proving to be a bit of


a handful, as expected. We can go all the way through the first page


here, Mathews, Cheruiyot, Ingebrigtsen, Wightman, they all


went through by rights but they were followed by the next five because of


that fast heat. All the way through to 11th place and then it was close


because Debjani, three seconds behind, nearly going through, but


Quesne Moi -- Kwemoi going through into the semis. We're just seeing


this man in the second round. Here we are in the third round. Position


three, the top right of that caption. Taylor leading ahead of his


team-mate, Claye. 17.57 is the lead. Evora is chasing, he is capable but


not on this occasion. Evora's national record, 17.74, in 2007. Ten


years since he was at his very best. At 33, he's still going well. Third


as we stand, closing in on the halfway stage. These and conditions,


we've got -- these are decent conditions. A slight following wind.


The temperature has clocked off a little bit. Talk of world records


maybe disintegrating. No improvement for Nelson Evora. There is a good


angle to see the view that the athletes take, 40 metres back from


the take-off board. 30 metres short of the sandpit. A hop, eight Skip, a


step, rather, and a jump. Taking them into the pit. Will Claye, two


jumps, two centimetres apart. 26 years of age now. Two bronze medals,


he's had. He's in silver at the moment. Third round jump, it's a big


one, its massive! Will Claye has taken the lead. It's a white flag.


That's a better job. We talked about carrying momentum and that's what he


did there my goodness, his first phase was incredible, reaching,


pulling back under his hips. That's absolutely superb. He carries his


speed, really running off the board. 11 centimetres to spare, so it could


have been even bigger. We have a showdown. The Americans are


exchanging the lead almost every round here. 17.57. Before that, now


it is 17.6 degrees. Looked perfect, didn't it? It really did, the first


phase really pulled him in, keeping his speed. You want to leave the


ground and ten metres per second going into the final phase, nearly


as quick as the sprinters in the 100 metres final.


We can look at the qualifiers for the semifinals of the men's 1500


metres. Two Brits going through, Jake Wightman part of that quickest.


And Chris O'Hare, looking very comfortable.


Kwemoi also goes through. The semifinal is tomorrow.


He saw his team-mate launching the implement 91.2 metres. Rohler in the


second round. And that is more like it for the Olympic champion. And


things shaping up. And that is Vetter. The longest through Everett


in qualifying, his team-mate, this will be a very big battle between


the Germans, but Rohler is looking a little bit off tonight. That is over


83, he can take his shoes off. So, Christian Taylor maybe not quite


going to plan for him. Not quite the script that he had written, coming


into this stadium with 18.30 written on his hand. Talking about world


records, he is not looking like his normal, silky self. There was talk


of fighting for the title, that surely has to come first. Before we


see Christian Taylor, this is the young man from Cuba. Lifetime best


of 17.4. Hitting the board good. Heavy on those steps. And that was a


foul. 491 zacro. He is in fifth place. -- Andy Diaz. Bringing Tony


in here, what would you say to Christian Taylor? He is a class act.


Just give him confidence, he has six jumps, just keep relaxed and run


fast on the runway, the speed you generate and really work that off


the board and maintain that through the three phases. He has so often in


the past delivered his best when exactly in this situation, he is a


great competitor. But he is trailing Will Claye. 17.63 is the lead for


Will Claye. Christian Taylor, six centimetres behind. Jonathan Edwards


watching with Greg Rutherford. His world-record was 18.29. Christian


Taylor, fast with the runner-up, that was good, that is a very big


jump. Wow! We know that he can compete and he has shown us again,


that was a great jump from Christian Taylor, this is going to be close.


He just prepares a little bit, poles are little bit ahead of him, bend


knee. But still... He got away with it. 11 centimetres. He needs those


first two phases to be around about 11.8. He takes the lead by five


centimetres! Look at that but three remaining. The women's 200 metres,


this is how they line up, Dafne Schippers lining up alongside Deajah


Stevens. Kirt was disappointing in the 100


but this is for stronger event, she won the US title and Dafne Schippers


has a great chance here. Bronze in the 100, she has been running


stronger in the two. Jilek winning her heat, although Tony was supposed


to run and she pulled out. And Sashalee Forbes, the 21-year-old


from Jamaica. And on the inside, the South African, Justine Palframan.


Outside Deajah Stevens, we have Ivet Lalova-Collio from Bulgaria. Sarah


Atcho and Anthonique Strachan. A reminder that Bianca Williams and


Dina Asher-Smith go in the third semifinal. Two going through


automatically to the final tomorrow. Look out for Dafne Schippers and


Deajah Stevens, who can challenge from around them?


Absolute silence and that Laura from 60,000 people, Dafne Schippers


powering away. Rebekka Haase in a decent position. Look at Dafne


Schippers! Around the bend, looking around already, comfortable, moving


towards the final. And strolling across, Deajah Stevens gets second


place and as easy and time as you could hope for from Dafne Schippers.


We talk about running around the bend and Dafne Schippers mastered


that. She really did, very smooth out of the blocks, and to me, that


is the best I had seen her running all year. Lovely running, attacking


that very well, knowing that she is focused on Deajah Stevens. And then


just coming off this bend supremely well, showing why she was the winner


of the world title. She is the defending champion and looking very


smooth indeed. Looking forward to that final, it is looking great.


Some of the pressure is off. The 100 metres bronze was unexpected, Helene


Thompson choosing not to run and suddenly Dafne Schippers is one of


the favourites for the gold medal and looking so good. It has not been


in great season for her, compared to two years ago but suddenly she looks


great again. I am very excited about what she can do, she is all control,


there. Deajah Stevens was struggling to keep pace but she goes through


along with Dafne Schippers. And then Ivet Lalova-Collio. That might be a


struggle for the Bulgarian. Only two fastest losers.


Short, smiley and short again! The new British record! They have the


bronze medal! She has captured her first. I had surgery and then get on


with it, I need people to cheer for me! Don't just randomly cheer Dina!


By! The British record-holder, fifth in the last World Championships and


she is in Heat 3. We should have added on the reigning world


champion, Dafne Schippers, she looked so comfortable. Yes, she


looked tight in the 100 metres, she did not look comfortable and in the


preliminary rounds, she looked robotic but she looked early good


here, we are starting to see some of what we could see when she won the


World Championships, running that incredible time, the third fastest


of all time in history so we do know what your potential is that she has


come under a lot of pressure but the likes of Elaine Thomson but with


both of those out, she is more comfortable, really comfortable


around the bend, powerful athlete but with good speed. And here,


controlling this race from start to finish, already at 60 metres, able


to shut at down. That'll be great in terms of the final and coming into


that final with energy to spare. At 60 metres, shouting that down.


Watching her throughout the season, she looked really heavy, some


improvements in the Diamond League but the way she was moving, she was


not the crisp Dafne Schippers we are expecting. She has been doing


things, she changed her weights programme, she continued that longer


into the season so that rhythm and lighter feeling has been missing


until this stadium at the Diamond League, she ran in the 100 metres


and that is the first time I thought she was looking good and now she is


looking great! Shaunae Miller-Uibo is back on the track after pulling


up last night and we were guessing all kinds of things, muscle cramp?


Hamstring? Did she stubbed her to? And she was in fourth place. And she


is fine again? That is a word I got, she suffered cramp in that race,


that is what we thought caused her foot to head the track, and she


tripped and lost momentum, I am sure she is disappointed but she is ready


to run, she ran a personal best in the 200 metres this year and in Lane


7, that is great for her, there will be no ill effects left over from


yesterday, she should get through this easily. And Bianca Williams


from Great Britain. That is a big ask for her? Yes, at best, that is


the Commonwealth Games. She would have had a chance, she is in Lane 3,


and from the first semifinal... The time for third, the first two go


through and if you came third in this in 22.8, you never know. But


Bianca Williams is going to have to go some because a bunch of women


will be attempting the same thing. Including Edidiong Ofonime Odiong.


And a second chance for Shaunae Miller-Uibo after getting things


horribly wrong in the 100 metres and falling apart over the last 20


metres. Not as much as Rio. Simone Facey, the 30-year-old, --


32-year-old, she will be in danger, as will Mujinga Kambundji. If she


has the American, Kimberlyn Duncan, inside her, you would think she


would be the one to go through. Her personal best was a while ago and in


competition yesterday she looked better than most. Bianca Williams


needs to go here. In the heats she was slower. And Semoy Hackett from


Trinidad and Tobago. Very different conditions to last


night. It looks beautiful. The London Stadium. The Olympic Park.


Fabulous venue. It has been filled to the rafters. For most of the


sessions. The men's 200 but is final tonight, and the women in the


semifinal, attempting to make the final tomorrow night. Bianca


Williams from Great Britain in Lane 3, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, the Olympic


400 but is champion, in Lane 7. The top two going through. -- Olympic


400 beach is champion. -- metres. Lane 8. Rosangela Santos fell out of


the blocks. She knows what is coming to her. She had a sensational 100


metres, really exploded but she just fell out of the blocks, that is


nerves more than anything else, all of the action happening inside her,


she will be thinking, will they be kind? No!


That's positive thinking, if she's standing there wondering if there


are going to be kind. As you said, Colin, just nerves, falling forward


there. She's wandered off, she's not even waiting for the red card. This


is Alexis Copello of Azerbaijan now. Used to be for Cuba. Just shy of 17


metres there. In joint fourth place with 17.60. That won't trouble the


medallists in the fourth round. So, Miller-Uibo is in lane seven. Only


one athlete outside her. Odiong. Former Nigerian, now running for


Bahrain. Kambundji, very good 200-metre runner. Being going well


over the hundred as well. Bianca Williams is going to have to chase


Duncan and Kambundji, hope she can get involved.


Safely away this time. Miller-Uibo, and never the sharpest out of the


blocks. Kambundji going well, Williams is in sixth place. Look at


Kambundji. Nowell Miller-Uibo will surely get going. Could be quick.


Duncan. Duncan and Miller-Uibo, between them. Facey getting third.


Made it look comfortable in the end. Different to what we saw from Dafne


Schippers. She's ever going to get out of the blocks that quickly.


Those long legs of hers seemed to take a while to get going, cruising


the bend and then she releases into the home straight. Bianca Williams,


well, expectations were that high. Duncan coming through nicely --


expectations weren't that high. Here is the winner. Congratulations. Just


doing your laces. What is it like to get back out on the track, after


what happened last night, get it out of your head? It feels good to be


back on the track, I just want to watch it away and focus on the 200.


-- wash it away. What happened to you, clearly not an injury? It's


kind of weird, I had the race under control. I looked up at the screen


and I misplaced my foot and I ended up losing balance. It happens, it's


a part of sport. Hopefully everything will fall into place. And


then you come out tonight and you perform like that, obviously a great


contender for this, which is some consolation? Definitely, we've been


training for this for so long. I put in a lot of hard work. I'm focusing


on the 200. A tremendous way to bounce back. Well done. Thank you. I


was watching how she was going to come out of the blocks, whether she


was going to drive. She won't be able to do that against Schippers in


the final because she knows that Schippers will start faster than


that and she will be a higher calibre than these athletes that she


is dealing with quite come to be here. Even though Duncan came


through and the final stages, Schippers will be out there. She


will have to focus and get out of the blocks. So, Miller-Uibo and


Duncan and can bogey, getting ahead of Facey by 100th of a second. --


Kambundji. The men's triple jump final was


billed as a head-to-head between this man, Christian Taylor, but next


up on the runway, Will Claye, with a very impressive series. That 17.63,


by the way, looks further and he landed further into the pits but he


dragged his foot back. So we know that capable of more. Optimistic in


the fourth round. Second place at the moment. Fast on the approach,


going good through the hop. The step. Another good effort. A scream


from Will Claye. I think it's shy of the 17.63 he's done so far. His


coach telling him to look at the screen, to see if maybe there is a


repeat. Pulling back underneath, slightly bent knees, losing some


speed. Letting out a scream of frustration, he knows he can go


further. And he has, he jumped 17.91 to take the US title. He's gone over


18 metres this year, albeit windy. No improvement for Will Claye, he


stays in second place. Right, Christian Taylor, maybe that lull


from Will Claye will be the impetus that takes this man further into the


lead. Already leading with 17.68. He could take the handbrake off now and


let loose. Round four. Massive through the hop and step but he


collapsed slightly? I think shortening the running into the


board, just tensing up and running into the board. He's in the best


place to be. Because of that third round jump he will always go after


Claye which means he's going to be able to respond to whatever Claye


does. Just robbing a bit with his shoulder into the pit stop Christian


Taylor is the defending champion -- his shoulder into the pit. Taylor is


in the lead but you feel that there is more to come. The end of the


fourth round, no improvement in that round. The 200-metre start line,


readying themselves for the last of the semifinals. Just before


Asher-Smith, just to confirm what she has to do. The qualifiers,


Miller-Uibo and Duncan. Just inside 23 seconds, she could be in the top


four but she'll want to be in the top two. Absolutely, there's a good


chance that four qualifiers may come from this semifinal. Asher-Smith is


good enough to do that. Rose from Brazil, a sub 23 second runner. --


Rosa. This may be a danger here to Asher-Smith, Gaither. Looking very


good in qualifying. Emanuel, the Canadian champion over the 200 and


100. Ta Lou had the 100 metres in her grasp but it was snatched by a


-- snatched away by 100th of a second. Very good in qualifying for


the 200. Here is Dina Asher-Smith. Fifth in Beijing a couple of years


ago. A couple of months ago, no thoughts of a repeat of that, she'd


barely started running again after breaking a bone in her foot in


February but she is on the way back, getting faster and faster. Matt


Frei, from France, still a junior. -- Estelle Raffai. Williams going in


lane two. Asher-Smith, in Monaco is a few weeks ago things started to


come together and she started running the times. She was the only


runner in the 200 metres to set a season's best and qualify, fourth


quickest coming into the semifinals. 22.96 and 23 seconds from Kambundji,


the two fastest losers at the moment. Asher-Smith is certainly


capable of that. She'll be targeting a top two finish.


Look out for Ta Lou. Asher-Smith is moving up well outside Ta Lou. Ta


Lou responding now and Asher-Smith, they are so parading themselves.


Emmanuel has work to do. Dina Asher-Smith and Ta Lou are clear at


the moment. Ta Lou takes it, Asher-Smith holding on for second


and she goes through. Going through to the final. She couldn't keep pace


with Ta Lou but they're in mind where she's been, she's into the


World Championship final. The famous Asher-Smith smile is seen again. Ta


Lou will have a chance of gold, after she just failed in the 100 and


Asher-Smith will be in the final as well. Their winning time in all


three heats is exactly the same, the first two work 22.49 -- the first


horse times worth -- the first two times were 22.40 nine. The work


Asher-Smith has had to do to get to this stage, she put herself in


contention early. She thought she was going to tag onto Ta Lou for as


long as she can and having that positive mindset has clearly seen


her through to the final. Brilliant from this young woman and I'm


excited to see what she's going to do when she has had a full winter


behind her. Damage to her foot in the indoor season. Thought that her


outdoor season was a write-off but here she is, sprinting with some of


the fastest women on the planet. Brilliant to see that, really good


and exciting. Asher-Smith will have a big smile for a long time, that's


for sure. Ta Lou looked good, though, out in front. You look at


Schippers and Ta Lou and Miller-Uibo, they will be the


favourites for the medals but when you're into the final, anything can


happen. She worked hard, put herself in good position round the bend and


cruise down the home straight. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


Just as we suggested, four will go through from that semifinal because


Ta Lou and Asher-Smith qualified automatically. Emmanuel and Gaither


also good enough. 2000s of a second. But enough to go through into the


final. Asher-Smith will be there in the final tomorrow night. These are


the qualifiers for the final. Schippers and Miller-Uibo and Ta Lou


will start as the favourites, two Americans as well, but Asher-Smith


is into the final. That makes good reading, Tina, seeing you in the


final from where you have come from, truly remarkable. I'm so happy.


Things I was doing in that race that I wasn't happy with, especially the


straight, but I can work on that for tomorrow. I'm so over the moon, I


didn't think I would make the final so I'm very happy. Can you put it


into context, the position you were in a few months ago. I completely


broke my foot, which wasn't great, I needed surgery to put two screws in


and spent six weeks not doing anything, not putting any weight on


it and gradually increasing weight. For six months I was pretty much out


of walking, then I learned how to walk, jog and run underwater, then


on the ground, then sprint and here I am! It wasn't that bad! I'm


joking, I wouldn't recommend it. Now you're in the final, that's an


achievement, what would satisfy you in the end? Running a better time


than I did here. That's time for me isn't particularly great but in


context it's pretty good. I would love to get in the mix a little bit


but we'll have to wait and see. The ventilation is. Thank you so much


congratulations. We are in the penultimate round of the triple jump


and this is the bronze-medallist as we stand, Evora from Portugal.


17.19. That might be better. Now come -- no, it is a foul. At that


time of the competition when you are pushing a bit harder. I think so,


you want to establish yourself in the middle positions. Claye just


stalking back and forth, trying to get his head together, get his


motivation together. You get the feeling that he knows he has to do


something here to put Taylor under pressure. There is Taylor, who


completes the fifth round after Will Claye jumps. He has the world record


in scrapped on his wristband, 18 metres 13. The world record is 18.29


at Gothenberg in the World Championships. Shy of that this


evening for the Americans. Taylor is in front. Claye, round five, going


in pursuit. That is a very big jump again for


Will Claye. Well, it might be just shy... But this tees up the last


round. Just five centimetres separating both Americans. Watches


feet, falling behind, his feet reaching out. And 20cm to spare on


the board. While big could that have been? Just dropping in. You can add


20cm to this. Look at that, that would have taken the lead. That has


to give him confidence. Christian Taylor will know exactly what is


going on, for me, he is trying to force it. He just has to trust it.


Round five. To extend the lead. He does not. Surprised? The double arm


shift, just preparing for the board and he decelerated. Let us have a


look, thumbs-up. Still in the lead, five centimetres, two inches between


him and keeping his gold-medal. He goes up a little bit and lands


heavy. That is what does it in the final phase. Just not quite timing


it as well as we know he can. He did burst through with massive 18.22 in


Beijing, he can turn it on by the flick of a switch. It is not over


yet. 17.68, with just one jump remaining. Fascinating triple jump


but as they go into the last round, I think Jonathan Edwards can rest


easy they are not threatening 18 metres, let alone his world record.


That 200 metres, but run by Dina Asher-Smith was very impressive but


as you can see, we are one! This is thrilling! The action packed stadium


and the action on the track. The 400 and is hurdles, the final. And there


are three runners clearly with the quickest times, are they the three?


I really think so, Zuzana Hejnova is running as great but not as good as


she has been in the past, Dalilah Muhammad, Olympic champion, running


consistently, she had a couple of issues with the hurdles earlier in


the season at the Diamond League but other than that, she has been


running fantastic. And do not count on it Kori Carter. Really fast this


year. Anything can happen when you have a personal best of 52.96. It


will be tough for Eilidh Doyle. That is a tough place but she did well to


get here. She knows what she's up against, she is aware of the


competition, it has to be about her technique and form and getting that


stride pattern perfect. If she wants to leave the track feeling like she


has given her absolute best. She has been a great captain and ambassador


for the sport and we are all rooting for her. She has plenty of


experience, championship experience, she knows how to do this. Olympic


finalist last year, bronze in the Olympic Games, part of the Relay,


the 4x400 metres, she always pulls out her very best. That is why she


was chosen as the team captain. And very popular in the squad. She has


been brilliant from what I have heard, her positivity, experience


and honesty, it is not easy to raise your game in these kinds of


situation but if anybody can do it, she can and she knows it is all


about technique. Any potential interloper? Clement, he thought he


would take three gold medals back-to-back. I can see a situation


with Kori Carter going off heart. Or she goes hard and they start to


pressure and try to catch her. And they make mistakes and take


themselves out of the race. She is somebody we have to look far. They


will all have their eyes on her. Kori Carter could be one of them. We


can go to the commentary team for this one, Colin Jackson and Andrew


Cotter. And that is Kori Carter. We have highlighted the three potential


medallists with Kori Carter, Dalilah Muhammad and Zuzana Hejnova. Eilidh


Doyle on the inside. Three Americans, women's high jump going


as well. And the Canadian, Sage Watson. But look out at Lane 4 and


Lane 6. Zuzana Hejnova going for the hat-trick of world titles. Eilidh


Doyle really delivers to their potential and ability and she comes


into major championships ranked eighth or ninth in the world and she


gets to the finals so that is a very big achievement in itself. Three


World Championship finals. And the Olympic final. And she always gets


the very most out of her ability and she does not mind the inside lane,


we have had a couple of good runs from her, this year. She starts in


Lane 2. On the outside, it is the first of the three Americans. It


used to be the case that Kori Carter band quickly in the United States


but not overseas but she did win in Monaco. Sage Watson, the 23-year-old


Canadian, at the University of Arizona. Ristananna Tracey, she was


fifth in the Olympic final in Rio. And she carries the hopes of


Jamaica. This is the defending champion, going for three world


titles in a row. Zuzana Hejnova said this is the first time in five years


she is without pain. And she has her old coach. Cernjul, going for


Switzerland, bronze at the European Championships in Amsterdam last


year. The favourite, the Olympic champion... Dalilah Muhammad winning


the US title with the quickest time in this event in six years, women's


high jump was part of that very quick final as well. Bronze at the


World Championships in Beijing a couple of years ago but most of the


noise will be reserved for the captain of the Great British and


Northern Ireland team. Her third successive World Championship final.


Can she found something from the inside? Women's high jump outside


then Beitia, Lea Sprunger, Zuzana Hejnova from the Czech Republic


going for her third title. Ristananna Tracey, Watson and Kori


Carter on the outside. The final of the women's 400m hurdles. And away


they go, Cunningham, two lanes outside Beitia, she is flying


alongside Cernjul and Beitia LivingWell, Eilidh Doyle has ground


to make up but she has to go for strength in the latter stages.


Beitia leading, that is a good run from Furlani, the Americans rising


almost together. Kori Carter on the outside, Zuzana Hejnova with ground


to make up for Beitia. Beitia, her head is shaking, leading into the


home straight. Kori Carter is challenging, Zuzana Hejnova is


tiring out. Beitia and Kori Carter will take it! And by Anderson's! A


champion, from Dalilah Muhammad, then Demireva -- Ristananna Tracey.


It is an American but not the American that we thought. And what


runs the outside from Furlani, who is the champion. -- what a run from


the outside. From Kori Carter. Congratulations, good job. Carter


was really focused on the start line, she could barely smile during


the introduction, she wanted to come here and do well. Eilidh Doyle.


Everybody congratulating each other. The surprise, for me, was Zuzana


Hejnova, I thought she was going to come out stronger in the backend of


the race but it is going to be deaf -- when somebody is running 83.


Ristananna Tracey, personal best, Carter a couple of years ago fell in


the semifinals, that is what can happen, she got everything right


here. Pretty much even in the race but Carter had more pace towards the


end. On the bike straight, Beitia committing herself, she thought


Zuzana Hejnova would be the big threat so she stepped on that


quickly and this time, Carter, cruising along in her own world and


because she is running in her own space, she is keeping very focused


and aggressive, she comes onto the home straight and probably feels, I


feel very strong, no accidents in my stride pattern, everything is


running smoothly and when that happens in a race like this, the


result is a world title. If we had offered Zuzana Hejnova that time


beforehand she would have taken that and The Times in qualifying were


pretty poor but in the final, the Americans stepped up. Eilidh Doyle,


to make the final is a great achievement and she smiles. USA,


one, two. And that looks likely in the men's triple jump as well. One


less this man from Portugal can improve by -- unless this man from


Portugal can improve. The last jump in the competition. He lost his


balance and went forwards. There we are, the tale of the women's 400m


hurdles, personal best for Ristananna Tracey. The Olympic


champion settling for silver. That was a great run from Carter. Eilidh


Doyle in eighth place. That was the bronze. Just two jumps remaining,


possibly the final act of this riveting competition and the


situation that Will Claye will have creamed off last night, he will have


expected Christian Taylor to be in the lead at this stage and there was


that he has to chasten down. Asking for some quiet. That is a surprise.


That is the clock, he has to begin his run before that gets to zero. To


improve on his silver medals position. He rushes it. He snatched


at that and that is a foul. The previous jump, he had 20 centimetres


despair. Gold Christian Taylor because Will Claye is shy of that


17.68, disappointment in his cab. Christian Taylor, it looks like he


was composing himself by the last jump, as so often happens, thinking


you have to expect the competitor to go ahead if you and Will Claye has


not. So, then... The stage is cleared. Christian Taylor has


retained his world title. And he gets a freebie. He can let loose.


Not to be tonight but it's a gold medal for Christian Taylor.


Brilliant jumping. Maybe not the best we've ever seen from him but it


was a good series. Possibly better from Claye but Claye having to


settle for silver. There is your champion. Christian Taylor, three


times champion of the world. He is undisputed, the best in this current


era. But still, Jonathan Edwards' world record eludes him. He needs


good conditions for that. Christian Taylor, an American 1-2.


STUDIO: World champion for the third time, Christian Taylor, incredible


achievement. There is a element of sadness because he wanted to do


something special in front of this crowd, he loves competing in London,


doesn't he, Denise? I've never seen him so emotional. He puts a lot of


pressure on himself. He's a true champion. He focused and driven.


That's his coach, they've been through these Olympics, World


Championships together. They have set the bar very high. But it's


great, another World Championship title, he's fantastic. What do you


think about his approach to the world record? Typically what


happens, as we've seen, when an athlete has the potential and they


know it and it's being talked about, they will shy away from it but he


unashamedly puts it out there that he once make it, he talks about it


openly. I think it's true, so much pressure on himself. When Jonathan


said the world record he didn't know it was going to happen. These guys


are out for the 200-metre men's final. Let's get the crowd reaction


to Mitchell-Blake. Young will be out in a moment, I'm


sure they'll give him a good reaction, he has been the people's


favourite. He has. That world record last year in the 400 metres was


fantastic. You look at what he has done to follow it up, under ten


seconds 100 metres, under 20 seconds 200 metres, Weld best in the 300


metres. He's got an amazing talent. People like to see that. CHEERING


Wow! Almost as loud, if not louder for Makwala. Surely a great


reception for the 400-metre champion. This crowd are so


knowledgeable. So supportive, they are so loyal, coming out in all


weather but they also know athletics. They know athletics and


appreciate it and that has been the case since before even I was


running. And athletes understand and appreciate that, which is why they


liked running here in London because the crowd is so knowledgeable. So


many age group track coaches and club coaches, PE teachers who love


athletics and they come out and support it. And athletes feel that


and they know it. This crowd also have followed the stories of these


athletes this week, and really understand who has been through


challenges and what is going on with the sport right now and they are


showing that. And with that man, Isaac Makwala, his road to the final


was a bit different. On Monday night when the rest of the guys were out


in the 200-metre heats, he was said to be too six to compete, after some


twists and turns, the IAAF allowed him to do some time trials which he


came through in flying colours and then he lined up in a semifinal, and


he looked fantastic, quite frankly. We have to remember where his


strengths are, he is first and foremost a 400-metre hurdles and


they are used to doing these back-to-back races. They do it in


training. He has high speed endurance. The has fantastic speed


and he will put van Niekerk under huge pressure. I think he is feeling


it, I really do. Van Niekerk, I agree, I think he is feeling the


fatigue. Van Niekerk is going to put pressure on him. The problem for van


Niekerk is that Makwala is going to be out in front of him on the


outside lane and that he's going to be blazing around the turn. What do


you do about that as a 400-metre hurdles becomes down to the 200


metres and can't match the speed? How patient do you be to hope that


your speed endurance is going to come through? He will realise that


he has speed endurance but this died does too because he's a 400 metres


specialist as well and that's problem for van Niekerk.


Mitchell-Blake, growing up in Ilford, moving to Jamaica when he


was in his teens and they called him richest there, that was his


nickname. He went to in America which is why we haven't seen as much


of him in recent years but he has great talent, Steve Cram and this is


a great experience, a chance to get in the blanket finish and then, who


knows what? The line-up for the 200-metre final.


From the outside. Webb of the United States. The American champion, he is


there to be chased. The brilliant challenge from Japan, Sani Brown, 18


years of age, in lane eight. Hasn't been mentioned by most but a lot of


people think that this man is the one to beat. Richards, Trinidad and


Tobago. 20 years ago when the title was on Mac in 1997 by someone from


there. Can he repeat that? -- when the title was won. Setting fire to


the rain, which is what he did yesterday, Makwala, in qualifying


for this final. Can he win Botswana's first medal as a male?


What about Guliyev? Again, not mentioned by many but he won't be


far away, he'll be in the mix. From Azerbaijan, running for Turkey.


Young, the first time here in the final. Van Niekerk attempting the


double. 400 is and 200 metres. Has he got anything left in his legs?


You have to go back 30 years for a British medal, John Regis in 1987.


If the crowd could help it, then they'd love to see him somehow to


get Bass Matt Crossen how to get amongst these 200-metre runners


here. Mitchell-Blake is on the outside in lane two. Van Niekerk and


Makwala, the two fastest in the world coming into these


championships, but Richards and Guliyev have shown what they are


capable of. The 200-metre final. Richards gets a good start and so


does Makwala. On the outside, being chased by Sani Brown. Mitchell-Blake


is trying to chase van Niekerk who is in this as well. Guliyev in the


middle. Just leading. Which is coming up. It's going to be very


tight on the line. Who's going to get it? It's Guliyev! The man from


Azerbaijan, who moved to Turkey, has come through. He was banned from


running for three or four years and he couldn't come to the Olympic


games in 2012 and couldn't take part in this stadium then, but he's come


here in 2017 and has become the world champion, Turkey's first ever


gold medal of the World Championships. All around him, the


names were there, van Niekerk, Makwala, Webb, they were very close.


Richards was trying to charge in as well but it was Guliyev who came


through the middle and won it. He was always a danger. Van Niekerk and


Richards. Van Niekerk has been given the nod by 1000th of a second. We've


had some shocks at these championships, I'm not saying it was


a shock because van Niekerk was tired. He is delighted with silver.


Well done to him and also young Richards as well. Mitchell-Blake was


fourth in the end, running really well in lane two. Coming off the


bend, you don't often see races where five, six, seven men had the


chance of winning. I've got a big smile on my face because it was such


an exciting race. You couldn't have called who was going to come down


the home straight and take the title. I think Guliyev knew that he


had the capability, she has been strong through these championships,


through the qualifying rounds, he's powered his way through -- he has


been strong. Taking the title, through a classy field, these are


the top 200-metre runners in the world at the moment. At this stage


you couldn't call who was going to come off the bend better or


stronger. Makwala, van Niekerk, Guliyev. This is where Richards


makes a charge. You could feel that everybody tightens up and he's going


to dash for the line. Mitchell-Blake coming in. This was a really good


quality 200 metres. We like seeing this. Makwala dropped off. The top


three did something special. All of them trying to keep their form, not


asking for more, they're just trying to maintain what they've generated


already. Makwala, he's off the pace now. Richards. What was the


difference between van Niekerk and Richards? One 1000th between silver


and bronze, fantastic. Well, he is wearing the Azerbaijan flag, not the


Turkish flag. He moved to Turkey because of their better system. He


had a big argument with his own federation because they sat down


with him and said no, we'll help you and they made him offers to stay but


he decided to go to Turkey. So it's a goal model for Turkey. Look how


close Mitchell-Blake was in lane two. Charging and charging. Webb


falling away at the end. Three of them almost in a line, it was so


close and Mitchell-Blake, another fourth place for Great Britain.


Michael, you were watching? I am, Steve, watching Mitchell-Blake here,


struggling around the corner but when he gets off the bend he's got


some good speed endurance, trying to chase these guys down and he's able


to do that because a lot of people on the far side started faltering,


Makwala being one of them. Young faltered, just not enough left for


Mitchell-Blake. You can see the difference, van Niekerk, he has nice


technique, not a lot of rotation of his torso. In contrast,


Mitchell-Blake on the right-hand side, rotation in his torso, trying


to get there. Fourth is a good performance for him, he's had a long


season this year in the US, preparing him for these sorts of


championships. Guliyev has been consistent throughout these


championships. We thought that Richards, another young talent, from


federal and Tobago, coming here, these guys have been running


personal bests to get to the final and they have run out of energy --


from Trinidad and Tobago. And what Makwala did with those two races


yesterday. Van Niekerk getting in there for the second place, Silver


Medal. Kudos to Guliyev, great performance from him.


A much improved Richards from Trinidad and Tobago. Mitchell-Blake,


superb run from him in fourth, very close again, yet another fourth


place for Great Britain but he can be pleased with his performance.


STUDIO: Thank you, Steve. Yet another nation on top of the podium


because Turkey get their first goal. Guliyev has looked dangerous through


these championships -- getting their first gold medal. Not a real


surprise. No, it was always going to be tight and I thought that Guliyev


and Richards looked the best through the rounds, they've been the most


consistent and they ended up finishing first and second. Thank


you, Michael. We're going to lead BBC One now. We have the news coming


up. We're going to continue with reaction to the race on


It's been a knockout day in the Premier League.


..this season, the whole game in full


It's been a knockout day in the Premier League.


Gabby Logan is joined by Michael Johnson at the London Stadium as world champions are crowned in the men's 200m, the men's triple jump and the women's 400m hurdles. There is also coverage of the women's 200m semi-finals. Steve Cram and Andrew Cotter provide the commentary.