Day 7, Part 1 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 7, Part 1

Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Laura Muir are among the home athletes competing early on the evening of day seven of the London World Championships, introduced by Gabby Logan.

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Michael Johnson storming away to another gold medal. Magnificent.


That is history in the making. Jessica Ennis-Hill. She is back on


top of the world. It is huge, it's massive. A new world record.


Champion of the world. Usain Bolt!


We live in a fast paced world right now.


A lot of of things can be done in a very short amount of time.


Particularly, within 20 seconds. You can fry an egg. Make a smoothie.


Butter some toast. Park your car, easy.


Compete a Rubik's Cube. No problem. Send a text.


Brush your teeth. Put op a wash. Make a cheeky


espresso. Pop open a bottle of bubbly. Take a selfie and share it.


Oh, you know what else you can do in that time? Win a gold medal.


Yes, good evening, that men's 200-metre final. The last event on


the track tonight. What a gorgeous night we have been blessed with,


after yesterday's deluge, the incessant rain, the sun has come out


round these parts about an hour ago and it looks like it is here to


stay. The fans did us proud last night. Those fans came out and


cheered on some incredible performances and they are back out


again, to see the likes of Laura Muir, to see Christian Taylor and


there is Laura Muir, she has been at the warm up track because he is in


the first of the 5,000 metre heats that go off round about 6.30. Eilish


McColgan is also running in the heats and they are enjoying the sun,


they have taken off a few of the layer, the hats the, the many layer


of waterproof, gets themselves ready for a high jump qualification and


Morgan Lake of Great Britain and Katarina Johnson-Thompson will


attempt to qualify for that high jump final. Ice-cream, hold my


ice-cream for me dad. That is what I want in life. Someone who holes my


ice-cream. I bet Brendan foster has someone to holds his. He is with us


in the studio for the first time. I am delighted to say. That means we


had to get the cushion out, which you have been defacing, if you


didn't have a moustache then, you didn't have one, you can't add it


now. It is good. It is theres Three for a pound! Didn't cost that much.


It is good having you with us, we have so much to go through and talk


about. Briefly, your highlights so far? Hasn't happened yet. It will be


tomorrow night, or tonight, or maybe the weekend, but I can't wait for Mo


running tomorrow, I am really excited about Makwala, tonight, it


would be a brilliant story if he was to win. The real stars of the show


have been the crowds. Unbelievable. Like the Olympics, in the sport of


athletics it needed this. The Olympics was great for the country,


and good for the nation, this has been incredible for at Lee tick,


thank God for London, the crowds and the organisation, it has been


outstand, you know, we shouldn't sell it short. It could have fallen


off a cliff, you know, it hasn't. Thank God people have got behind it


and it has been wonderful. The show hasn't finished. Absolutely not. We


have a few long days ahead of us, we were talking about the


unpredictability, that has been one of the key features so far. It has.


It hasn't gone to form in many of the races which I think people,


obviously you have your favourites but people that won that weren't,


sort of some of the names that were expected there was people in the


stadium that wanted them to win, you know, it is, it is great when you


have that sort of, you know, variety and we have talked about how many


different countries are winning medals here. It's a global


Championship, it is hard, and I think that sort of shows, it is not


just a leading nations that you expect and have heard about, we are


seeing more and more of that other emerging nations coming up and


starting to medal and with athletes that have committed themselves and


have fans supporting them as well. That just shows what Michael was


saying there, that spread of golds across the nation, and Norway is not


even up there, which is of course the Warholm gold from last night.


You have Norway, Turkey tonight, with Guliyev who could win in the


200 metres. It is highlighting the global nature. That is why it is so


difficult for Britain to win medals, in 11th position there but we are


hoping for more, but I think it is great, this is really, how many


other sports have such a big variety in their World Championship, we do.


It should be celebrated and tonight, Botswana will be hoping they can get


up there, with a certain Isaac Makwala, he is the fastest man in


the world over 200 metres this year. He is in lane two tonight but his


journey has been anything but smooth.


Whatever the result of tonight's 200 metres final. Few races in this or


any other Championships have had such a drama laced build up. Olympic


champion Wayde van Niekerk, heir apart to bolt as the face of


athletic against Isaac Makwala. It should have been that simple. Until


a bug entered the system, on Monday. Tonight at six athletes hit by


norovirus, officials try to contain the outbreak. The spread of


gastroenteritis at the hotel saw Makwala fall ill and he was forced


to withdraw from the 200 metres heats. Was not that sick. I somed on


the bus. They took me to the medical room. I waited about 30 minute,


there was nothing. Makwala was turned away as he tried


to enter the stadium, while the sports ruling body the IAAF put


forward their case as to why he could not compete. Just before van


Niekerk won gold, and sympathised with his rival. Van Niekerk starring


to tie it up. He is looking for the line. Wayde van Niekerk is the World


Champion again. After I saw him crossing the line, it was like,


something fishy, they don't want to tell us, Usain Bolt is out now, they


want someone to be a face of athletics. There is a lot of fingers


being pointed now. I just know he is ill. I have so much sympathy for


him. I wish I could give him my medal, but this is sport, these


things happen and each and every one of us need to fight four


opportunities, it could have been any one of us. Yesterday afternoon


more drama. With his quarantine over, Makwala was given a second


chance in 200, and allowed to run a one man time trial. As the rain


fell, he qualified for the semifinal, making a pressing point


about his fitness levels in the process.


As van Niekerk watched on. LAUGHTER


I think that is a message to the IAAF to say I am fit and healthy. He


only made the final as a fastest loser, Makwala breezed through. So


after a week of twists and turns we got the showdown we came for after


all, just not in the event we most anticipated.


So what have you made of this whole drama, the twists and turns of Isaac


Makwala's story? Well, it has been a real drama, it has been toing and


froing, but at the end of the day, to put it in perspective, the


President of the European athletics association a Norwegian guy, he is


in our hotel and he is in quarantine for 48-hour, he couldn't come to


watch his countryman win the 400-metre hurdles. His can't present


his gold medal tonight. It is 30 year since they won a gold medal in


the World Championships so the quarantine thing is very serious, if


a doctor says you are in quarantine, no matter who you are you are in


quarantine, that is what happened, there has been lots of


misinformation kicking round and that is what happens... But at the


end of the day the guy was quarantined, and he couldn't run for


48-hour, he ran there yesterday, he proved himself to be ready to run,


after the quarantine period was over, but the other thing about it


is, if he had, if the norovirus took, the whole Championships could


have been cancelled. All the athletes could have been taken ill.


None of us misunderstood the message for public health but in terms of


the messages coming out of the IAAF they could have done better A lot of


people could, and at the end of the day, that is behind us and that is


what happened. He is running tonight, the quarantine thing is


still in action, I am giving you an example of it, and to be frank if he


could win this tonight, you know, makes its an amazing story, gives


him something back, he has come for, his manager was telling me, he is


ready to win tonight, that was only this afternoon, so let us wait and


see and let us, you know you can do the inquests after but at the end of


the day this young man is here to try and win a medal. In the other


event. It couldn't have looked more dramatic yesterday. Him running that


time trial in lane seven with the rain belting down, you know, never


seen anything quite like it at a World Championship. A single man


trying to get into the semifinal. He looked good both times. He looks


fantastic, we know he has been in fantastic shape this year. He ran


sub 20 seconds and sub 44 in a single day. He is absolutely in the


best shape of his life and so, you know, the two 200 metres he had to


run, he was able to handle, and it did look dramatic and I think that


you know, the support he had in this stadium, not only for that race but


when he came back last night for the semifinal, when he was announced to


the crowd, was fantastic. He talked about how he has really


Breitscheidplatzed that support which he needed. He has a tremendous


amount of support in his country. Everyone is talking about him. They


have the Makwala challenge where people are doing press ups, all


sorts of books on their back and all sorts of things and it has been


fantastic. At the end of the day, this is a race and it will be a


great race, I think he is in a great position to win it because he has


ran so fast this yore, there are a lot of other athletes that will be


right there, this is shaping up to be one of those really close race, I


think it is going to be a real mad dash for the finish and it will be


separated by hundredths of a second. I am really looking forward to it.


Wayde van Niekerk to throw in a bit of, a bit more drama, looked really


out of sorts for him, didn't he in that semifinal. He looked tired. I


think the 400 metres has taken its toll in the round of the 200 metring


we said it yesterday, the fours he looked shattered, it was almost 2000


is aest in his fatigue, he needed a channel, he set him a big challenge.


It highlights how difficult it really s because it is difficult, he


is going to give his best shot but it is difficult. You talked about a


blanket finish. Are we beings too hopeful. Would Wayde van Niekerk


have a chance of being in that blanket finish? I think, I look at


this and sigh him there in lane two and I look at, you know, personal


best season's best, that is right there. With the other players. I


mean I don't know that van Niekerk's ready to run that 19.8 he ran


earlier this year, Guliyev has looked fantastic, but I think that


this is going to be won somewhere in that under 20 seconds, 19.9, maybe


19.8 but probably 19.9. He has run 19.95. He could get in there, he,


the lane isn't the best but it could be worse, he is in lane two, he is


on the inside of van Niekerk. There is a possibility but I think that


Guliyev, Young is running incredible from the US, he ran 20.12 and looked


very good doing it. So, yes. A long rounded way of


giving you the answer you wanted but I can only give you that answer, he


has to give you the medal. Hopefully he can. Backed up with facts which


we leek, you will see that final at eight minutes to ten on BBC One, and


we can't wait for that. Brendan last night we saw Mo Farah back out on


the track for the 5,000 metre heats, it was wet, it was a little bit


fractious, both of those heats were fractious, what did you make of the


performance and how did he look to you? He said after, and he is right,


the 5,000 metres heats is the hard etc of all because it is every step


is a reluctant step. You don't want to do it but you have to run


12-and-a-half times round the track. This is something which is change,


lots of athletes have not run initially in big fields like this


and the track discipline of giving each other a bit of space has


disappeared. They don't get used to it on the international circuit, but


when they run slowly and they are running in a group, not many know


how to give everybody the space round them so we are getting lots of


trips and accidents and bumps, none of those are Dublin rat, if you do


it deliberately you might end up on floor, so for me, the bit I am


nervous about on Saturday, is you know, someone bumping him, getting


in the way. Think he will run a great race, he is ready, he was


tired yesterday, but always meant lip tired runs the heat, and I just


think, you know, the stadium, Mo Farah, you know, we can't script the


story, it is not like fiction, this is for real and I think for real, he


is going to win it. He said what happened to Usain Bolt


the night after his 10,000 metres final gave him a jolt. He's been so


used to going to major championships and to the two of them work King --


walking away with gold medals, and I'm sure he hasn't taken it for


granted, but he's realised they are human. But there's something in him.


He's won six World Championship gold medals and he's easy-going, he's


nice, fun and relaxed, but behind that veneer a warrior. He is


relentless and ruthless and ruthless and he's a winning machine. He's


just desperate to win. I spoke to him the other day and I said when


they were around you with five laps to go, where you tire? I was just


thinking, he can't beat me, he'll never beat me. I thought that was


unbelievable. He is a ruthless winning machine. With any elite


athlete there has to be a strand of fear, the fear of failing and you


pay attention to that, not for very long, but it's what keeps you in the


game and asking questions of yourself, it keeps your team not


wanting failure. He said to me a few weeks ago that when he left the UK


to live and train in America, the plane was taking off from Heathrow,


he was leaving everything behind and it was a risk. He didn't qualify for


the final in Beijing and was there anything ahead of him? He was


risking everything, his family, life, reputation, money, and he did


it. Tonight in the 5000 metres it's the turn of the women to qualify. A


painful fourth in the 1500 metres final the other night. What a task


ahead the Laura Muir. Some of the fastest women in the world and


everywhere you look, opportunities. The person who has added this extra


frisson for whatever reason is Caster Semenya. What can Laura Muir


do? Is there a medal here for Great Britain? We won't have long to find


out. Laura Muir has gone straight to the front. It's going hard and it's


going quick. There's only one tactic, run for gold. There's


bravery already on display from Laura Muir. It's all about Laura


Muir, she's got the Olympic champion on her shoulder, the Olympic


800-metre champion loitering on the outside. This has played right into


Semenya's hands. I don't understand the slow second lap of 71 seconds.


This is the first big move. Dibaba follows, then Semenya. Laura Muir is


caught out. We've got just over 500 metres to go. Laura Muir looking for


room, getting pushed and shoved. Now Laura Muir cuts. She's been


gathering herself. Can she get close enough? The bell sounds, they are


all in contention. Come on, Laura Muir! Semenya is still coming, but


surely she can't get there. Simpson is coming back. Semenya is charging.


It's going to be the Olympic champion! Simpson is going to get


silver and Caster Semenya gets bronze. Laura Muir was so close.


When you have the medal snatched away from you in the latter stages,


it's gut-wrenching. Gut-wrenching. I gave it everything I could. In the


last 50 yards I tied up and they went past me. I gave it all I could


and that's all I can do. Laura Muir will be running that 5000


metres heat at 6:30pm. A few of her adversity is from the 1500 metres,


Sifan Hassan. What do you make of her chances and what does she have


to do to get to the final? I'm very nervous for Laura. She came for the


1500, her first choice and her dreams were crushed. She's


inexperienced that 5000 metres. This is only her second proper 5000


metres race. In fact it might only be her first proper race. She's


never done a heat before and there are some class athletes. I have


loads of hope, but loads of nerves. She hasn't run an outdoor 5k. It's


not the outdoors, is the talent around her. She is a great runner.


I'm not sure we will see the best of her, we didn't the other night. We


won't see the best of her at 5000. Maybe she is free of some of the


tension. She's not expected to do anything in the 5k. Maybe the


shackles are off. You're right. It's the men's 400-metre hurdles medals


ceremony. Kerron Clement didn't make it three in a row. He was hoping to


be the first man to win three World Championships in a row. That


mandate, Karsten Warholm. -- that mandate.


It was a great race, 400-metre hurdles often are because of the


effort and the fatigue and athletes breaking down in the final 50 metres


also. Yasmani Copello finished strongly. Kerron Clement, the


Olympic champion, in bronze. What a run from this man from Norway.


Taking Norway's first track gold medal at a World Championships since


the great in Grid Christiansen in the 10,000 metres in Rome in 1987.


The president of the Norwegian athletics Association is in


quarantine at the moment, he was supposed to present the medal, but


Sebastien Coe has done it. He is so young and so many medals to win.


World champion. Norway's and from around the stadium. Full.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. What a finish, what a celebration


and what a face in victory from Karsten Warholm, echoing The Scream


of Edvard Munch. He's still just 21. But he is the world champion. Kerron


Clement, the Olympic champion, in bronze. Yes Manny Capello from


Turkey in silver. Karsten Warholm of Norway with that


glorious gold. 21 years old, former multi-event, what a future he has in


this event. He appeared to have distance between himself and the


rest of the field but he still appeared so surprised when he


crossed the line and looked up to the big screen and finally saw he


had won the gold medal. Wonderful reaction. Baby faced! So freshfaced.


The reaction was just incredible. Total, total disbelief of what he


had just achieved. I think he was saying, my goodness, I will have to


wear that Viking hat! I think he was thinking, I hope Edvard Munch, the


Norwegian painter, thinks I've done a very good job of imitating The


Scream, which is what Andrew mentioned. Just to show you how


close he was... If you're going to imitate a


painter, good to keep it homeward bound. Edvard Munch Norwegian of


course. In all seriousness he's a very exciting prospect. It's


refreshing to have a Norwegian victory on the track again. So much


tradition in the throwing. World champions, Olympic champions. What a


performance from that young men. The women are out for the 5000 metres


heat. There is Muir. You filled us with a lack of optimism! What kind


of advice... Brendan is hitting me with his pillow. What advice would


you give Laura? I hope she gets a trouble-free run. She might get the


confidence she needs. It will be difficult. Don't expect too much,


but if she stays trouble-free... You're going to the commentary box,


Brendan. We'll had you down to Steve Cram.


Thank you. Evening, everybody. A beautiful night in the London


Stadium. Laura Muir, I know her camp weren't so happy with the way the


heats have been drawn. It's a tough event and whichever heat you are in,


qualification is never easy. Particularly in the distance event.


We talked about Mo Farah. He was fined the 5000 metres heats hard


work. The top four go through and the five fastest losers. We have


McColgan and Steph 12 -- Steph Twell going in the other heat. Laura Muir


will be facing the 10,000 metres gold-medallist and double Olympic


champion, Almaz Ayana. Maybe you'd rather have run a 1500 metres final


than the 10,000 metres coming into this, but Ayana will be tough. Laura


has to put behind that huge disappointment. Everyone says huge


disappointment. Laura was ranked in the world's top three. It was a


loaded 1500 metres and a medal would have been an immense achievement in


this early part of her career. She wanted it badly. She felt she was


capable. Completely understandable to come so close it was agonising


for her. She's had to dust herself down and come back again this


evening. Just access the challenge of a 5000 metres. It's still a new


event for her, especially at championship level. She's run fast


indoors, but it's never the same. That championship record in Beijing.


The rumour is get there be a league will not line up in the second


semifinal. We'll have to wait for evidence of that. -- Genge said a


Dibaba will not line up. Dibaba would have been one of the


favourites. I can look at all of the names. Hellen Obiri will be taking


on Ayana, most people think that will be a straight scrap for the


gold medal. Plenty of other good athletes. Teferi was second to


appearing in the Shanghai Diamond League earlier this season. Shannon


Rowbury will be well-known to a lot of athletics fans. There's Shannon


Rowbury, no running at 5000 metres. Not having a great year. Decided not


to try to make the American team. Only eight in their trials at 1500


metres. Hasn't been in great shape this year. Top five and Laura Muir


will look at the likes of Teferi, Ayana, Louise Wellings. The


Australian did very well to get through here. If Laura Muir it is


going to do well in this event, she has to learn how to negotiate this.


Great reception for her. She has to channel that, not get to carried


away. Hopefully have a nice clean run.


Can of Turkey. 14.56 this year. Reh, we enjoy watching her, but Obiri,


what a season she is having. Obiri, Olympic silver-medallist in this


event last year. She is running better than ever in


2017. Then Chelangat, had a good run at the world cross country


Championships, a couple of seconds behind Teferi earlier in the year.


So here we go, 12-and-a-half laps of the track. First five, and then


there will be five fastest loser sports from the two heats available.


And it will be interest, I can't really see the big names here,


Ayana, Obiri making it a fast race. Laura won't want it to be a fast


race but the slower it is it brings others into equation, as we saw in


Mo's heat that first heat. It helps the second heat, in terms of fastest


loser spots but Laura Muir will think about a fastest loser spot.


Top five, yes, it is a tough heat but she is good enough to finish the


top five here, and any 1500 metre runner will always enjoy a slower


5,000 metre heat. Brendan has made it in world record time. We had the


stop watch on, a mere four minutes and 32 seconds for him to make to it


the commentary box. Well done. That is my best time, Steve. I'm really


proud of that. I tell you what, I am looking at this race here, and we


are looking at some athletes who are committed distance runner, and we


are looking at Laura Muir, who is a great runner, and I think Laura Muir


is really strange, I think you will understand this, but, 1500 metre


runner, moving up to the 5,000 metre, having only run one seriously


indoor, you were in those position, you had a little go at 5,000 metre,


imagine your second serious 5,000 meeter run being in the heats of a


World Championship, how would you approach that one, do you think?


Trepidation. If you look at the history over the years of the 1500,


people who moved up to it. I can remember John Walker making the move


in 1984 and people like Eamonn McColgan, David Moorcroft, there are


is plenty of success in people moving up. It is that great mix.


Helen Obiri was a top 1500 metre runner. She has left that behind


her, but she is still brilliant. She could have run the 1500 here. Laura


Muir has all of the equipment, and what she needs to do is approach


this as you were saying, you don't want to do it every step of the way


is a reluctant one, but wait till gets to the last three or four laps


and you are fine. Really, she is in here with not quite the expectation


on her there was at the 1500 metres. That is behind her now, she ran a


race that was so close to a medal, fractions behind a medal so she is


here now, she has not got a weight on her shoulder, pace is being set


reasonably well. There is Helen Obiri who beat her here in London a


few weeks ago, and she is settling in there, tactically, she knows


enough about the tactics of the race. I hope it is a reasonable


race. I hope she doesn't get into trouble. She will be strong in the


later stains. She has a kind, you would look to Mo Farah, why wouldn't


you look anywhere else. It is slow, steady. 15.20 pace which is easy for


most of the women. Not to expend energy in the early laps covering


moves you don't need to cover. That is the key. Mo is good at deciding


that. Laura is getting ant is, wanted to move up. The only time you


want to be in the top three or four is in the last two laps, and that is


when you need to make a move. Don't waste any other energy than you need


to. When When she approaches the 1500 metres she talks about being


worried about some of those who are faster over 800-metre, here she is


in the 5,000 metres, she doesn't have any of those concerns so maybe


the lack of pressure on her, in a hard race here, and if it became a


hard race, I think that would acquit her well. Right next to her is this


amazing Ethopian athlete, Ayana. She came here, broke the world record


Rio in the 10,000 metres, she the raining 5,000 metre World Champion.


She ran astonishing over the last 5,000 Mears in the 10,000 metre


erase. Here she is again, red yes toy prove to them all she is the


best. Ready to try and win a race, these two athletes, Obiri and Ayana,


either side of Lauren, those who are going to be serious competitors.


Whatever happens tonight I am sure they are going to go through and the


big race on Sunday. Watching this I am sure with great


interest, Paula in the studio, and a 73 they are not going at any real


pace Paula. There is plenty of talent. I probably would have done


something to string it out at some point but that point doesn't have to


come yet. 73 seconds, is what, I mean it is outside of 15 minute pace


but it is not jogging either and it will be starting to ask questions of


some people in this race. Laura is doing the right thing, she doesn't


need to be moving up and done as much as she is. She can relax and


wait for someone like Suzuki to take it on and keep the pace, moving this


is a tougher heat, so they should be trying to run quicker, given the


second heat has the advantage. Steph Twell, Eilish McColgan in that


second one. I wouldn't be surprised if Stephanie Twell tries to run 15


minutes. They will speed up, and Suzuki is trying to not wait that


long. This lap could be the quickest of


the race so far. Watch when the clock comes, they are tightly packed


there. Just watch the clock as they go


through. That was the quickest by a couple of tenth, 73.04. She hasn't


really done anything at the front. Just keeping the pace going. And


Laura, where she has been. Just getting a comfortable run there,


happy to sit in the pack, no need to do anything else at this point. No


need to do in addition at all. Just track Ayana, that is enough. That


will do you. Follow her. She is good enough. She will make a move, as


they come down the home straight. And see the lap scorer. Seven laps


to go. In this first heat. The women's 5,000 metres.


The World Champion in there. Right next to Laura Muir. Laura Muir


should take comfort from that. There is too many for the moment. The pace


isn't desperately fast, so it should be comfortable running for her, it


is also comfortable running for a few of the others as well.


It has been steady, 3, 4, 3, 4, through the first 2,000 metre, the


time of 6.08. It is just starting to warm up, one or two towards the


back, Reh at the back. She is a very good runner, but she has only run


15.10. That is operating close to her best. They still have chances,


it is enwho it starts to get twitchy, you start to get into,


beyond half way to approaching. And they are just beyond half way. So


then you look at the score. Once it gets down to four to go. People like


robe Britain, not being in the best of shape this year, but certainly


Ayana has a great kick, Teferi can move as well. Gives others a cans,


you might not reckon on, even the likes of Krumins or Wellings, people


who the Canadian, -- Seccafien. All happy with this steady pace. Well


the Scottish flag cheering for Laura Muir, she did give them a run for


their money the other night. I'm sure if it comes to being tough


and strong, and brave, you are going to get another run from Laura Muir


tonight, for certain and hopefully, on Sunday night in the final of the


5,000 metres. Ayana holding herself back on the outside, in the Ethopian


vest. The other Ethopian, Teferi, she was the silver-medallist in the


last World Championships. Interestingly there, I think it was


if I am right it was a Ethopian one, two, three, and she was second,


Ayana and Genzebe Dibaba, so, they are all in the race. Dibaba not


quite the force she was before. Obiri relaxing in the front, with


Suzuki and Can. Rowbury just in a good position there, Laura Muir, she


is OK. It is slowing even more, I mean, not disastrously slow but 3.05


for one thousand. Obiri is thinking enough is enough. She is not kicking


or pushing it on. Just moved ahead of the Japanese athlete who has a


stint at the front. Everybody is involved. At the back is... Necks


time round they have four-and-a-half laps to go. There is another 73.


Look at Ayana. Almost stepping across Teferi. She follows her, we


are thinking it is going to start Teferi, almost pushed to the front.


Can. Laura Muir just watching, moving up to Obiri, Rowbury looking


for a bit of room. It is just warming up a bit. It is warming up.


In this zone, when it comeses to four laps to go, they can start


thinking about making a move. When Ayana skipped into front Can came


round with Teferi, with four laps to go in the women's 5,000 metres just


beginning to stretch. We have three British athletes, Laura Muir in this


heat and Simone Bolelli. Here is Laura Muir -- Eilish McColgan. The


others will look at the pace, and they will see that these athletes


aren't going especially quick, I will give them confidence. There has


been a lot of bumping and I am wondering whether it is because


these athletes run in a circuit. They run fast with pacemakers and


they are not used to running in groups, I have seen much more of it,


this event, than in the past. I agree. Look at Teferi, just


pushing for a bit of room as soon as Ayana moves town the shoulder. Laura


Muir is fine where she is at the moment. Krumins, just moving up on


her shoulder, Laura has run well so far. Hasn't got too excited. When


the moves have been made she is pretty much stayed close, not


panicked. So three laps to go then. Laura Muir for the first time once


again, a bit of room now, knows that they start to really push, you can


just easily glide away. That is what you want. You don't want a big kick


on the last lap. A bit of pace applied by the good athletes, take


them away from the rest. Hopefully you can get to 200, 300 to go. A few


more need to drop off for that to happen. There is still enough in


that group. The big names are there. Obiri, Laura Muir, Krumins is there.


Can. Lozano, she is at the back of that group and there is plenty


there. Top five, the only ones you can be guaranteed of progressing.


That is a bit faster. 12.12 for 4,000 metre, now there is a group of


about ten there. We need to whittle down the numbers and Ayana is come


on the shoulder of Obiri. I wouldn't be surprised if we see something


similar to this in the final in a few day's time. Those two together,


I think are the two dangers, there could be a classic distance race and


Ayana wants to be in the front. She can't revisit it. Laura Muir is


taking closer order and running sensibly as they come up to two laps


to go. But there is still a few too many for comfort. Laura doesn't need


to get into her contest with Ayana and Obiri at this point. She just


needs to make sure she finishing top five. Lozano starting to struggle.


Reh is at the back. Rowbury will be a danger. Krumins is having a good


race. Those are the buns that Laura needs to make sure she finishes


ahead of. Can can't really kick and the Turkish athlete on the inside.


Ayana. Obiri can move in the latter stages. Laura Muir is a 1500 metre


runner, she doesn't need to race them. She is doing the right thing.


Keeping in touch. Fifth is all you need to be. That is all. For an


inexperienced 5,000 metre runner she has run a good race to this point.


Showing an ounce of tiredness as the others stretch at the front. There


is Laura Muir in fifth place, he is in the qualifying place, she has to


hold it but she will have some speed at the end. Rowbury is coming up and


the two of them are, there goes Ayana with a lap to go. The bell


sounding. Obiri right next to her. Krumins there and there is Laura


Muir, in a good place. She is working hard, Laura Muir.


Shannon Rowbury will be a danger here, only five to go through, he


needs to try and get away, because two people are still chasing her.


Laura Muir is just looking a bit tired. She surely can raise the game


a bit. Checking back on to the inside. This is going to be a long


hard run in for Laura Muir, she is looking tired. Ayana, Obiri, crumb,


Teferi and a gap. Rowbury is not far away.


I fear for Laura Muir here. She looks spent. Ayana, Obiri, Krumins,


Teferi and Kiprotich go past Laura Muir. She has to keep going and hope


the second heat isn't as quick. It's a very, very tired Laura Muir coming


in. She's going to finish seventh. 14.56 and Laura will be 14.50 nine.


It will be an anxious wait. -- 14.59. That's a very, very tired


Laura Muir. Brendan, your prediction was right. The task that she set


herself in January, her and her coach, doing the double. I is felt


that was a little premature at the time. That's been the plan all the


way through. She missed a couple of weeks in June with an injury. At


it's the emotional draining of trying to go for a medal in the 1500


metres, when you're so close, to come and pick yourself up. She can't


even get up, she's given absolutely everything. I hope she's OK. No


medics out there. Laura Muir starts treading water. Here comes Sharon


Rowbury. Laura Muir, I've never seen her distressed like this before.


She's got nothing left. Qualification, first five to go


through. She's in seventh place. I'm not sure she would want to run the


final now because she's having real trouble even getting onto her feet.


No problem for the winner. No problem for Ayana. A really tired


Laura Muir. She's distressed. Ayana and Obiri comfortable. Kiprotich


comfortable as well. Teferi as well. Krumins. Shannon Rowbury. Laura Muir


looked OK with about 500 or 600 metres to go, then a little sign of


tiredness and this is an exhausted Laura Muir. She has run herself out.


To go down to the ground as such is unusual for an athlete of this


calibre. She's absolutely exhausted. She is now up and walking around,


but look how tired she is. You'd almost wish her not to qualify. She


has a spike mark, but that's part of the trade. She is a tired young


athlete. The future for Laura Muir, she will be a great athlete in the


future, but she will be extremely disappointed tonight. And we are


disappointed for her. We'll let her recover as much as she can and will


try to chat to her. Her time was 14.59. A decent time. But she's such


a good athlete and it's such a shame to see her in that situation.


Whether or not she qualifies, I know she's had a problem with her


Achilles as well. We can confirm the result. The top five... Krumins was


the surprise. Rowbury did what she needed to do. There are five fastest


losers spots. Eilish Mccolgan and Steph Twell to


come, but it's not looking good for Laura Muir at the moment. Let's


speak to her now. Laura is OK to talk. You gave it


your all, but we've never seen you quite so exhausted after a race. Are


you feeling OK? Yeah, fine. It's a long way and! It's not what I'm used


to after the 1500, but I gave it my best shot and that was really fast.


I imagine I will get through to the final. Will you be in shape to come


back for the final? Yeah, I went into this positive I could qualify


automatically, so I will go positively into the final. Is it as


much a mental thing as a physical thing in terms of getting yourself


up from the 1500, what happened and then back for this. A bit of both,


but mentally I was fine. I had to put the 15 behind me. I was fourth


in the world. I came into this really positive and I felt


recovered. It was the last lap, the legs went. I have three days until


the final. I hope you got the credit you deserve from your performance


the other night. It was wonderful and you've seen that now. It was


hard to take at the time. Fourth, no matter how out of the blue it comes,


it's a way is difficult to take. Is the highest place I've ever achieved


in a global championships, even though I missed out on a medal. You


are new to 5000. What will you do between now and the final if you


should make it to get right? Recover. I recovered pretty well. I


will get on it even more. I've not won a 5k since January and that was


indoors, this is different. I know what to expect for the final. Thanks


for talking to us, we wish you well. Paula Radcliffe is alongside me


listening to Laura. Give me your assessment of her first outdoor 5000


metres of the season. This hate was definitely tougher than the second


heat. She didn't do anything wrong. The first couple of kilometres were


slow and then it really picked up. You can see she's hurting. I'm


relieved she was hurting because it was hard because I was worried her


Achilles was bothering her. She's run really fast. She's just tying


up. She's got those two quick 1500 metres in her legs. Don't forget


IMI. She had a 14.24 in her legs coming into this. -- don't forget


Ayana. She's done the double many times. It is a tough ask. We are


talking about how tired Semenya will be coming into the 800 metres. For


Laura Muir coming into the 5000 metres, it is a hard ask and she


tied up in the final stages. She needs to recover well, keep her


fingers crossed that she is a fastest loser and we will watch with


interest. Only seven in the next race have run under 15 minutes as a


PB. It would be a very, very quick race to knock her out. It would. If


there are seven women who are capable of doing that. She is


sitting in the second fastest loser spot at the moment. She's in a good


position. For her psychologically going into a final you don't want to


qualify as a fastest loser. We saw Andrew Bishop jogging in last night


in the last of the fastest loser spot and that's the advantage of the


second heat. She seems very relaxed, her attitude is I'll see what


happens. That seems to be the perfect way to be. Let's look at


what we've got for you this evening. The second 5000 metres heat is


coming up. Can Christian Taylor finally beat


Jonathan Edwards's world record? Isaac Makwala will be in the 200


metres final. If you want the second screen option while the athletics is


on, we have live and exclusive coverage of the US PGA Championships


on the red button. The fourth and final major of the year from Quail


Hollow Country Club. Rory McIlroy is the pretournament favourite.


Coverage will continue all weekend. A little bit of news coming from


this hate. DNC Dibaba, who did not look herself in the 1500 metres


final, is not appearing on the track. She will not race. Not a


great surprise. She didn't run well in the 1500 metres. Sifan Hassan has


a score to settle by qualifying for the final here. Let's go back to the


commentary team. Not a surprise that Dibaba isn't there. We'll talk more


about Dibaba. Kipkemboi was second in the Kenyan trials. The Diamond


League meeting in Rome produced the fastest race of the year over this


distance at the start of June. Most of the big names were there. There


is Steph Twell. Great to see her on this stage again, where she deserves


to be. Such a talented youngster in 2010, 20 11. She was getting up to


world class and had an injury in a cross-country race in Belgium in


2011. Broker ankle and it's been a long way back. But she's getting


close to her back again. Eilish McColgan, the family has a gold


medal from the World Championships. Liz was the world 10,000 metres


champion in 1991. Without Dibaba, hard to see if there are enough


women to make it fast enough for any fastest losers to come from this


hate. McColgan has been running very well. Since she abandoned the


steeplechase, it she's been finding her form on the flat and getting


quicker. McColgan and Twell both have a chance if it's a bit slower.


That first heat wasn't quick that the first three kilometres but they


finished strongly. Laura Muir confident she will make the final.


The odds are she probably will go through to the final, but you never


know. This is the perfect scenario for these athletes. We saw yesterday


the men's 5000 metres, they know what time to run. They need to run


14.58. If they're best time is within 15 minutes, they can set off,


run steady and run close to 15 minutes and then qualify as a fast


loser, which would unable ten of these athletes to qualify. That's


what happened yesterday in the men's race. The second heat had a lot of


talent, but the guys worked together, it shared the pace and do


what was needed to qualify through time. We have two British athletes.


Steph Twell coming back to form. Behind her, jogging on the inside,


Eilish McColgan. You said earlier there was a medal in the family.


That was a great medal from lives. I listened to your commentary at the


time. One of the best distance performances by a British athlete.


It was the best I'd ever seen. Mo Farah has done a few since! But it


was still one of the great performances. A dish is coached by


Liz. I was really pleased when she gave up the steeplechase because I


used to hate watching her in that. It was tough for her. She was a


finalist in the Olympic Games last year, that was the first step in her


journey and this is another one. I'm sure she will be more confident


today. First five. She can run 15 minutes, I'm sure, anyway. She may


not have to do that. She's got a great finish which has developed


over the last few years. Steph Twell wants to be in amongst them, it


she's a strong runner. She loves to push the pace, she loves true


distance running and she's excelled over the roads and on 1500,


cross-country. She's run a lot of good races over the year. Molly


Huddle looks over her shoulder, 800 metres completed, 2.31, that's not


good enough or fast enough, so she's gone, chase me. Molly Huddle is the


10,000 metres champion. The last World Championships in the 10,000,


she eased up to the line, allowing Emily Infeld to snatch the bronze


medal and Hoddle was devastated. She has lifted the pace now. Nabeshima


second in the Japanese championships. Dibaba, it's not a


surprise she isn't here, Shields so poor in the 1500 metres, finishing


12th in the final. She's nothing near the form we saw for her a


couple of years ago. Molly Huddle beginning to stretch away, but


Dibaba would not have been a threat. Dibaba went into the Olympics in


2016 saying she would double up with the 1504 5000, but in the end


contested only the 1500. She has form in threatening to double up but


not doing it. Hoddle has thrown down pace.


She buzz eighth in the final. She is a real distance runner ark strong


distance runner, she has decided can run is a minute, and run close to is


a minutes today. If I do that, it is up to you to decide whether you come


with me or not. There will be some who just fancy the best chances with


the kick, so they don't want it to be quick, sitting in that group


behind, whether they are going to go through as fastest loser, some will


think my only chance is to get in the top five, so I am happy for it


to o bit slower and let huddle go. The other thing is that there is


something in at he ticks when you are track running for you feel there


is safety in number, if you in the second group and the leader is


doing, you look round and say is she doing it correctly do I stay here,


settle? Instead of five qualifiers, I will setting for fourth and Eilish


McColgan -- Eilish McColgan running strongly. Her sprint finish has been


impressive. She has improved her speed, she is powerful in the last


couple of hundred metrers she would be safe in a reasonable race, her


and Stephanie Twell pushing it along together. They might as well keep a


strong pace, if they possibly can. They don't have to lead, there is a


difference between running in the front and leading, trying to break


away. They don't need to break away. Molly Huddle has done that, she is


30 or 40 metres clear coming down the straight. Eight lap tots go for


the American. The strong American 10,000 metre record holder, and


also, the rest of them, well, settling together. Six seconds


behind the pack, there is about six seconds or so behind Molly Huddle.


You can see the gap Molly Huddle the American has and leading the pack


are Stephanie Twell and Eilish McColgan. She has a decent kick, she


starts to wind it up to the end. She finished fourth in the Monaco


Diamond League 3,000 metres and rand quickly, she can go fast. It is an


interesting race because Huddle has taken it out and everyone is safety


in numbers in staying the the pack here. Yes, I understand what Molly


Huddle is trying to dosm she was disappointed with her eighth


position in the 10,000 metre, she has that in her leg, she has moved


up to the marathon and she is thinking I don't want to leave 24


down to chance. I don't want to leave to it a last lap burn out


where I will get pushed out and I am a better 5k runner than these girls.


She is getting to get rid of some of the debris that is left in her legs


after that 10,000 metres and she is taking herself clear. I am surprised


that some of the girls in this group didn't try to go with that a bit. I


understand why certain girls are sitting back, the likes of Eilish


McColgan, she knows she is finish fast, there are others who might


have enbenefitted from going with the pace. Huddle on her own at the


moment. It will 10,000 metres champion. She has that gap now, she


threw in a 20.58 kilometre and the rest sitting back, at the pace of


the first heat. They were running 3.05, there is Grovdal not far away


from Eilish McColgan. The Norwegian. Who can run very very decent times


indeed. The European Championship last year, over 10,000 metre,


Stephanie Twell in a good position, Hassan waiting just now. Look out


for Gidey. She has run 14.33, she was third this that Rome Diamond


League, third in Shanghai, she might be a threat come the final. Still


the lonely pursuit of the sort of long distance runner Molly Huddle.


Eilish McColganing looks comfortable, she looks comfort in


this position and with the pace, she looks really relaxed. Concentration


on her face, not worrying about what is happening behind her. She is


right to do that. She can have confidence in her last couple of one


metres. Grovdal following her, on the inside Stephanie Twell. Steve


reminded me how well she finished in British Championships and how well


she ran over the last couple of hundred metres. Laura Muir is


sitting there waiting, she is second fastest of the five fastest losers


so far, this pace for this second round is slower than it was in the


first round. Maybe Laura Muir will get her confidence growing, they are


going to struggle to get close to her time. Not too many of these


women have gone below 15 minutes and Laura Muir was thaw in that first


heat. 14.59. Eilish McColgan and Grovdal. Fading


after tray trying. The gap remains the same ssm Molly Huddle coming out


in front. Hills, a former steeplechaser of Australia sitting


near the back. She could challenge. She has plenty of strength. At the


moment the pace is beginning to lift a fraction, it is slower than the


first heat. No doubt about that. That gap remains the same. Huddle


out on her own. I think Huddle is running faster but that doesn't


affect the other positions, the group clearly is slower than they


were before, but Eilish McColgan moving strongly there, in fourth


place, opening up gaps now, Hassan is following Eilish McColgan, and


those four in that second group, they are starting to stretch out a


little. Now, Stephanie Twell needs to concentrate now, because this is


starting to get serious. Ten minutes of running already, Eilish McColgan


in a good place there. The third in that group, remember, Molly Huddle


is down the track and Stephanie Twell looking further down the


field, just beginning to lose contact there. So Stephanie Twell


really needs to be trying to dig in here, there is too many ahead of


her, the pace isn't strong enough overall. So I am getting nervous


now, for Stephanie Twell, she looks pained in her expression with four


laps to go, she is in trouble I think. They are creeping past her,


she is in danger of being spat out the back of this group. Just that


lift in pace. Eilish McColgan in a good position and Hassan on the last


lap, she tiptoed down the back straight and crept past a few people


as well. She is fourth in that group and coming up alongside Eilish


McColgan and Molly Huddle. She remains 40 metres clear. She is


having to lift the pace to maintain that gap. Eilish McColgan looks


comfortable at the moment. Eilish McColgan does look comfortable. She


is taken the shortest route too. She is on the inside. She has never had


to move at all. Now, the good news is that Stephanie Twell really


working hard here. She has gone through a bad patch. She Eames to be


trying to close that gap. There is no chance unless she gets on the


back of group. One thing about Stephanie Twell she will give 100%.


She needs that few yards, just get on the back of the group and that


will be making it easier, come on Steph, that, oh, she's worked hard


there, and suddenly paying the price for it.


So hard to get back in the group once you start to lose contact. Now,


Coneo comes past and her spirits will sink a bit and her body will


feel more painful. She is losing contact. Eilish McColgan looking


strong, third from the front of the second group. The second group along


way behind Huddle. This has been an impressive run. She is beginning to


wear an expression of discomfort but she has put in a huge effort here.


And just over three laps remaining, just over two laps remaining rather,


and through 4,000 metres in 12.07 so slightly quicker than the first one,


that is because Molly Huddle is out in front. The rest are slightly


slower. Beginning to lift the pace. Eilish McColgan still maintaining


contact but only five go through automatically. This second group now


beginning to move. Eilish McColgan is in there. On the inside, as she


has been all way through, her long stride, and Molly Huddle is taking


it out and she is taking a gamble. It looks as though it is a gap than


will pay off. Has Eilish McColgan got the strength to keep it going.


Another 600 metres before she can unleash her fast last two hundred


metre, she is there, four of this lot will qualify. Let us hope Eilidh


can be one of then. Molly Huddle has run a time trial, 15.09. She is


likely to be inside that. Gritting her teeth. They are edging closer


now. Edging closer. About 600 metres remaining in this 5,000 metres and


Eilish McColgan just beginning to slip back now as Gidey passes her,


and the second American as well. Houlihan made the final in Rio, won


the US title. Tucking in behind Eilish McColgan. She does have


speed. She leans forward and gets that long stride stretching out. She


can get up to a fair old lick, but Gidey, out in front of her, now, I


think only five go through. Huddle may be caught in the closing lap She


is looking at the clock, the group are chasing, Eilish McColgan is on


the back of the group. There she is, she is now in sixth place with five


to qualify, as of right. Now, she would have a bit a chance to go as a


fast loser, she would want to concentrate here, can Eilish


McColgan show the pace. Over the last 200 metres we have seen her do


before. They are closing down slightly on the leader, Molly


Huddle. Eilish McColgan is sixth there. But she is holding them, she


is working at it. It. Molly Huddle has life in her leg but that gap is


closing. Hassan and Gidey. And also Grovdal of Norway. Eilish McColgan


trying to get there as well alongside the Kenyan athlete,


Kipkemboi who digs in Huddle in a bit of trouble. She may be spent.


Hassan passes her Gidey. Grovdal as well. Huddersfield is going, Eilish


McColgan is there. Houlihan, the United States, and Gidey will take


the victory, Hassan to qualify and it is so close, it is five from six


people here, dipping for the line, Eilish McColgan goes through, just


ahead of Grovdal, and it will be the Norwegian, I was going to say who


misses out but with that time she will go through. 14.59 the winning


time. And Stephanie Twell a lodge way further back. But Eilish


McColgan has done it, and she will go through, so too will Laura Muir,


with her time from that first heat although it was close in the end,


because 14.59 the winning time here. A slight difference there. Eilidh is


sitting on the track, Laura was lying on the track and Stephanie


Twell disappointment there for Steph. Coming through in 15.41. She


will be very disappointed with that. But also, let us look at Eilish


McColgan, really really good performance there. And true McColgan


family spirit in that finishing straight. She is looking up there,


she is looking for the clock. She is looking for the results board. Shale


gassing her head. I don't think she needs to be. The slow result coming


and there she is S fourth. Relief on the face of Eilish McColgan, she


deserved it and it's a personal best time for Eilish McColgan. Well, you


can't do any more than that. Mum will be jumping up for the clock.


She is looking for the results board. Shale gassing her head. I


don't think she needs to be. The slow result coming and there she is


S fourth. Relief on the face of Eilish McColgan, she deserved it and


it's a personal best time for Eilish McColgan. Well, you can't do any


more than that. Mum will be jumping up and down somewhere, saying "I


told you so." She is going to be great Eilidh and she is heading that


way, a bit of leaf as well, but what a finish it was. Love to read her


lips there but she is saying something, she should be happy with


that. World Championships, there is Molly Huddle. Looked to have done


enough. There Hassan following her and looking in sixth place coming


into the finishing straight. There is Eilish McColgan. Battling, like


she would. Like you would expect her to do. And the other American coming


up on the inside. Liz, Eilidh looks on the inside, sorry. Working hard.


Four of them in a line this is crucial, sometimes it is is a bit


brutal but as they come there, Eilidh McColgan, she needs toe have


at least one of them behind her, and there leaning and pushing for the


line, she leans forward, and there it is s qualification for Eilish


McColgan, in a personal best time, well done to her. Molly Huddle,


passed there. Grovdal, battling on, Huddle has gone to piece, McColgan


coming now, two are clear and what a battle this, and so close, it is too


close to call, at this point, but you really have to keep going. She


has to dig deep, battle on and there it was, just enough, lean Eilidh,


well done, all those years of practise paid off today. There it


is. The head on shot. What an effort from McColgan. This time, it is just


a fraction outside Liz McColgan's personal best. 14.59.56 and Eilidh


not too far away. Not far away from the 15 minute barrier. Grovdal will


go through as well as one of the fastest losers and so too will Molly


Huddle for all that effort. Eilish McColgan removing any doubt on going


through. She is talking now to Phil. A very delighted Eilish before me.


You showed such determination. I knew today would be tough, I was


ranked seventh in my heat so to get top five would be hard. I did a lot


of the work today trying to push on the pace. At worst I wanted to be


fastest loser. I did realise we were running 15 minute pace. I'm so much


more confident this year, training is going well, I haven't had


injuries. I feel like it's come together at the right time and today


was amazing. I thought I can't let this go. London 2012 I was so


scared, today I was really pumped up with the crowd, I'm older and more


mature. The experience at previous champs has come through today. You


get to embrace the crowd again in the final. What would satisfy you in


the final? I would have said a PB but I've run a PB today! I can't


believe that was 15 minutes. 15.07 is eyeballs out from the start


usually! I think with people like Ayana, it's not going to be slow. To


run a PB, I'd love to run 14.40 and take a big chunk off. It will be


amazing to be there with Laura. Two Dundee Hawks in the final, doing it


for Dundee! Congratulations. Couldn't believe it was 15 minutes,


she says, but it was. Molly Huddle, for all that effort,


leading it out, gets her place in the final. And Laura Muir will go


through from the first heat into the final, which takes place on Sunday.


Look at that blue sky, everything feels better when the sunshine 's


and everything feels better when you get two women running like that.


It's going to be a Dundee ding-dong in the final. It's great to see them


in there. Great to see Laura Muir making it through as a fastest loser


because it was on the edge for a while. To see Eilish fighting and


committing, we've always known the talent is there and she can finish


strongly, but she tends to sit back and give herself too much to do. She


didn't do anything wrong in that race. She was in the right


positions, didn't use too much energy that she was working hard and


it will do her confidence good to run a PB. There's a bit of grit to


her, she wants to knock her mum down the British rankings! So good to see


her fit, she's had so many years troubled with various injuries when


she was attempting the steeplechase. This year we've seen a very


different athlete. Time for the women's 400-metre hurdles medal


ceremony. What a dramatic final it was. Shaunae Miller-Uibo in the lead


and then pulling up with what appeared to be cramped. Phyllis


Francis took the gold and Steve Cram was commentating.


It's the first time Phyllis Francis has beaten Felix in six meetings and


what a time to do it. Felix, thanks to Mark Butler for giving me these


stats, a full set of medals for her now, equalling the record of Meli


knotty. The youngest ever 400-metre hurdles medallist taking the silver.


The Olympic champion not even making the rostrum. She'll be back tonight


in the 200 metres semifinals, but for Phyllis Francis the moment of


her life. A new personal best to win the gold medal. Allyson Felix, as


ever, gracious in defeat. It was a very dramatic race. We are


getting used that around here. Unpredictable finishers, dramatic


races, it's not going with the form book and it makes for a very


exciting championships. We had that last night as well because Norway


won their first gold at a World Championships for 30 years. I have


that winner next to me now. Karsten Warholm, congratulations on that


400-metre hurdles victory. A fantastic victory and we loved your


reaction when you crossed the line. You seemed genuinely surprised by


your victory. I was. I knew there was a chance for me making it, but


it's always a special feeling when you are the first over the line, and


with the atmosphere here, I truly couldn't believe it. Kerron Clement


was going for your third World Championship, you stopped that party


and you stopped a lot of experienced hurdlers. You're relatively new to


the event coming from multi-eventing. 400 hurdlers often


say it's there and experience event. You need some years. It's also good


to be a bit stupid like me and go out hard and hoping for the best.


Yesterday it worked. I think that enthusiasm, that youth, maybe that


lack of expectation, it's wonderful to see somebody saying, I'm just


going to give this a go. Absolutely. What would be your approach from


here? You are so young. Being a little stupid! Just going for it was


what it was. How will you approach the future now you have that under


your belt and you are a world champion? Consistency is very


important when you race the 400 hurdles. There's not so much room


for mistakes. I need to work on my rhythm and make it more stable so I


can do these times often. We are going to relive the race, but a


treat, we have Norwegian commentary. You will have to translate.


I think he's said... I've no idea. I can imagine it was quite an excited


commentator. Tell us what he was saying when you crossed the line.


They are saying it's an incredible achievement. Norway is not a great


track and field country. It's big for us to have a track champion. I'm


very proud to say it's me. We are delighted for you. Will you stay


with us? Great. It's the start of the women's 800-metre heats. Steve


Cram will pick up with the first of these.


Talking about Scandinavians, your visa limped -- Lovisa Lindh, who has


been running very well this year, doesn't start. A suspected stress


fracture, sadly for her. Ajee Wilson, one of the favourites for a


medal. We've got three British athletes


coming up. Oskan-Clarke, sharp and Adelle Tracey. The first three and


sixth fastest. I expect all our free to negotiate fees eats and I hope


they do. Ajee Wilson, the new American record-holder. She ran a


fabulous race in Monaco just before these World Championships where she


almost beat Caster Semenya. The 23-year-old is a huge talent and


she's started fairly quickly. Verstegen on the inside. Wilson


moving nicely into the lead. The Commonwealth bronze-medallist looked


a real prospect a few years ago. Ajee Wilson decided not to mess


around. Paula is with me. I'm not sure she broke Brendan Foster's


record so he can keep the glory. These 800 heats aren't too


difficult. They are not too bad. This has been made easier by the


fact that Paul Lovisa Lindh has not been able to take her place. Wilson


trying to control it from the front. Her training partner, Charlene


Lipsey, will be in one of the later heats. She was outstanding in


Monaco. Yarigo moving on to her shoulder and pushing her hard. The


first three will qualify. They don't really need to push too much.


Verstegen trying to chase Balciunaite. These two moving away.


I suspect Yarigo will tire in the home straight. Ajee Wilson just


eases away. Verstegen finishing very quickly. Yarigo picks up again and


keeps daylight between herself and Balciunaite. Wilson wins. Just


outside two minutes. Garry Gilliam and Balciunaite. There are six heats


to come. Fastest loser spots available. Usually if you run about


2.01 you have a chance of going through in the first rounds. I don't


expect them to be super, super fast. Wilson is in great form and made


that looked very easy indeed. Women's high jump qualification is


underway with two Brits in action. Katarina Johnson-Thompson. First up,


Morgan Lake. Opening height of 1.80. Just 20 years of age. She's got


experience beyond her years. Looking for a clean start. Morgan Lake


looking more confident and comfortable this year. 1.96 in the


British champs. Katarina Johnson-Thompson returning to de


event that cost her a medal in the heptathlon. Good start for her. The


same height as she cleared in the heptathlon. Her campaign in the


individual event gets off to a clean start. Next fight will be 1.85. This


was a really good clearance. Daylight. Almost clipped it with her


heels. High jump qualifying continues. We still have Karsten


Warholm, for me that act -- 400-metre hurdling gold medal. A few


years ago you were messing about with the javelin, multi-eventing,


European junior champion. Did you just want to do everything? Yeah. I


was always looking for things that motivate me. I like challenges. I've


always found it interesting doing various events. It's fun to learn


new things. You might have found an event that suits you! Yeah! I've


fallen in love with the 400 hurdles. I can get used to days like


yesterday. When you crossed the line, you bore a very strong


resemblance to a very iconic image from an Oslo painter. You might know


where I'm going with this. Edvard Munch's the screen. We wanted to


make sure it was as alike as we thought. -- the screen. That's


funny! The first thing you said was, where's my pillow? Next time you


come we'll get you a pillow. You like it here? It's really cosy, such


nice people. I've finally got to meet Michael Johnson. You made a


beeline for Michael. You've been exchanging knowledge. We talked


about the 400-metre hurdles, you have a very good 400 PB, 44.8 is


Evan. You could have been in the final. -- 44.87. I need to learn to


produce more races after each other. I get really tired. That speed will


help your hurdles. There is much similarity, because


you need to be fast to run fast time at the hurdles as well. So yes. Tell


us a bit about the reaction from back home. As I said it is 30 years


since there have been a gold medal of course, since the 10,000 metres


in 1987. What is the reaction at home? The Papers are writing a lot


of stuff. For me it is new and I appreciate it. It is very nice with


support and it motivates me, now my task is to keep my feet on the


ground and keep working for more. Because I love doing this. This has


given you a big taste of the success that could be yours with hard work,


and more of those great Viking hat, I am sure you have a big collection


of those. Every Norwegian boy does. We are drinking from those. Did you


have a big party last night? It was kind of small, just the way we like


it. Simple. It was fun. Much sleep? No. It was hard for me to sleep. It


was much adrenaline, I was just letting the moment sink in. And I


know, if you can give Michael a bit of -- give him a bit of advice


Michael? It sounds like you have it figured out. Keep your feet on the


ground. It sound like you have it figured out. Do what you have been


doing. The only thing I would suggest, have a big party when you


get back home. Sounds like good advice. I am going to listen to him!


It is start of a beautiful friendship. Thank you for coming up


and speaking to us and congratulations. Thank you.


Congratulations. Let us get back outside. The second of the women's


800 meet metre he's and calling this is Andrew Cotter.


Thank you. Here they are up in the lovely studio with their assorted


soft furnishing and we sit down here on a hard bench and await the second


first round heat. If you look at the line up it is useful. By no means


straightforward procedure for Oskan-Clarke. Bishop is in there.


Tuei. Martinez as well. Oskan-Clarke, she might not have the


times of Lynsey Sharp. But what she is is a very good racer, she has


proved that Championships, UK Championships and in the world,


Storey, there is Martinez, took silver in the 800 in Moscow, four


years ago. Inside her, Bishop. What a talent


the Canadian is, silver at the last World Championship, fourth in Rio.


Behinder, the big three of Semple, Semple will go in the next heat. The


Polish champion, a good 1500 metre runner. Won the 1500 and there is


Tuei, who was third at the trials going on the inside.


Three British athletes involved. Sharp and Clark still to come.


Oskan-Clarke about to begin her campaign in the women's 800 metres.


Three to go through automatically. It is a tight affair. A very useful


line up in this heat. It is. It is a very useful line up. You have the


likes of Cichocka. She has that in her legs. Bishop, one to watch.


Martinez is very dangerous, and always controls the race, as does


Oskan-Clarke, she is very very good at producing her best at the


Championships and then consistently improving that through the round,


sow will need to be at her best and will need more in the later rounds.


She made the final in Beijing, great improvement, by almost two seconds.


Guerrero, she has won the last UK championship Oskan-Clarke. Stepping


away from a bit of bother. Guerrero taking it out through the bell and


Bishop getting jostled. Mart needs in a good position. Oskan-Clarke in


fourth. At the moment three to go through only, automatically.


Guerrero tries to stay out if front. Guerrero has decided to make this


fast and give herself a chance of a fastest losers place. Oskan-Clarke


needs to stay with Martinez and Tuei is coming hard on the outside. Six


heats overall and Oskan-Clarke beginning to look a bit pained there


at the back, just checking herself, running into the back of Guerrero


out in front. Bishop, Tuei, Oskan-Clarke moving through. She has


a good strong finish. Three to go through, only automatically.


Martinez and Bishop, just giving herself a bit of room there


alongside Martinez. The crowd are roaring Oskan-Clarke to this finish.


Has to get in the top three. Mart needs might be missing out.


Oskan-Clarke comes through, Bishop and Oskan-Clarke will take third


place, she will go through to the semifinals and it was Martinez who


did much of the work in that heat, who paid the price, and slipped back


to fourth. She may still go through as one of the fastest loser, six


over the six heats but a good job done there by Oskan-Clarke I take


that back. Cichocka is not that tired. She ran that really well and


judged it as did Oskan-Clarke. She didn't do any more than she needed


to. She didn't panic when she wasn't in a great position. She kept her


head. She reacted #12edly, moving in behind Cichocka. You would think she


would find room to come through and gran the third position, she notices


that Martinez is losing ground and is losing ground quickly and it is


Cichocka who is finishing the fastest. Oskan-Clarke found space on


the inside, finished strongly and in the end Cooley and easily qualified,


as first three outright and Martinez is the one who has to wait and see


for the fastest loser spots. A surprise from Martinez, although she


has run-in consistently this season. Spent down the home straight and


will have wait and see, because it is Cichocka, Bishop and Oskan-Clarke


going through to tomorrow's semifinals, Oskan-Clarke judging it


well, and talking now to Phil. Well done. Tremendous performance.


Describe the race first of all it looked messy at points? It was a


really messy race, but, I was in a bad position, coming down the home


straight on the first lap, and I was thinking my goodness, but don't


panic, just get yourself in position when you get back on the straight.


Really didn't open up, but I had to just dig deep down the home


straight, had to get in that top three.


So I am happy with that. We know that of you from previous


Championships at home and abroad, you are a great racer, you know how


to get through. I hope so. That wasn't particularly great, but, I am


just glad I'm threw. As for the quality we have seen it there, that


is round one. It will only step up. It is going to get harder.


I kind of have to treat the first round as if you are going to run a


PB. It is tough. Tough. I am glad I made it through. It will be tougher.


We wish you well for later. Thank you. Confirmation of this


second heat in the first round of the women's 800 metres.


Mart Ness was second already, -- Martinez. Second fastest loser, but


a lot of heats to come. Men's javelin qualification under


way. And the world leader this man, second ever is his 94-metre and 44


centimetre throw from this year. 83-metre line is out. That is his


view from the back of this run up, Vetter, very powerful. Quick on the


approach. He has given that a slap. Look at this. This is huge. You have


to be kidding. That is over 90 metres. In qualifying. Vert, that is


enormous. I am trying to think the best ever qualifying marks, no-one


goes beyond 85. That is incredible. The 83-metre mark, is auto


qualifying. Any over that doesn't count for the final. And Vetter, has


just made a massive statement there by throwing in excess, look at that


91.20, the longest ever qualifying throw. Amazing stuff. The other end


of the stadium. High jump. Morgan Lake. 185. That is what it will


need. First time clearances between now and up to 92. I think she will


secure the qualifying height. I think first time clearances


throughout. Looking good. Leaning away from the bar. Drives up


comfortable height for her, considering how high she has jumped.


Not even taken her tights off. Just warming up. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson good start for her, one metre 80. That was the same as


she did in the heptathlon. Putting demons to bed here. 185 first


attempt. That is a better clearance than she


did in the heptathlon, so that is nice and comfortable. A bit straight


at the bar. Really needs to lean as if she is riding a bike round the


corner. Leans in and goes. So continue looking comfort --


Katarina Johnson-Thompson is looking comfortable. Good conditions here


and Yego will have seen that huge throw of Vetter. Autoqualify Kenyan


Yego, the reigning World Champion, slight deceleration there but he has


got on the this. Good throw. Just over that autoqualifying for


Yego. He will have his work cut out to defend his title. Three Germans


looking really good indeed. Vetter, the Olympic champion and Hoffman are


the three leaders in the world. Yellow strapping on the inside of


his right leg, so probably an adductor problem, so job done. 83.57


Yego. Auto qualifying. Caster Semenya in her second event


of the Championships, having taken the bronze medal, snatched it away,


if you like from Laura Muir. Great performance in her first


Championship, 1500 metres for Semenya. This her main event. For


which she is Olympic champion and former World Champion, so she


against Jozwik. Althan za will be good, runs very well in the rounds,


although he season's best is only, I say only 1.51.1. She will be


dangerous when it is round the two minute pace. Petty. McGowan, I don't


know too much about her. Leblanc and Goule the others in this.


I was chatting to her coach the other day after the 1500 metre final


he was saying how tired Caster Semenya was after three hard round,


three heat, the semis weren't easy, it was a tougher qualification than


he is an us the peated and a hard 1500 metre final. She finished


quicker than anybody else, 57 odd but started her run too far away to


take the gold medal. She is back now, a couple of days to recover.


Just cruising into fourth place there, is Goule, taking the first


200 metres. Jozwik as well, fifth in the Olympic final last year, but


isn't in that great form this year. I am not sure if she has been


injured by Almanza is racing bet her year than last year. Jozwik was


common Jan, a lot of the British athletes were training in the early


part of the year, and the Poles were all down there. And really hasn't


had a good season. She is sitting off the pace and struggling. Goule


attacking hard, Almanza and Semenya top three to go through.


Petty as well to try and stay with this, but Semenya is cruising, we


have never seen her as tired as she was after the 1500 metres. This more


her comfort zone. She won't want to run any harder than she has to. She


will sit and watch and wait. Petty of Canada trying, of New Zealand


trying to get there, the Canadian is just fading right at the back there,


so it is Goule, Almanza, Semenya with petty close enough to make,


stay honest the home straight. Semenya glides forward, up to the


top two and look at Jozwik, closing quickly, Goule will be putting


pressure on the inside. Semenya wins it. Then Almanza and Jozwik. That is


the three if you had looked at the list, normally, the question mark


was what sort of shape is Jozwik in? Certainly when they run 2-1 she is


good enough to get through. Left it late.


She did leave it very late, either she's very confident or she slightly


misjudged it because she shouldn't have left that is much room as she


did in the home straight. But she snatched third and Natalia Goule was


one out of it and will have to hope she set up the race well unearthed


by running hard enough to give her a spot as a fastest loser. Semenya did


no more than she needed to. Almanza looked good and we'll see how she


progresses. The fastest loser spots, let's hope it doesn't affect Sharp


or Trent C -- or Tracy. That was the slowest of the three so far. Semenya


just cruising. It's the semis where it will get really, really


interesting. No surprises so far in the 800 heats. Winning time,...


The Premier League is back. Match of the Day turns on Saturday. --


returns. I can't believe that's back, it doesn't seem to minutes!


The Premier League underway this weekend. Golf underway as well, the


US PGA Championship is from Quail Hollow in Carolina. A man with a


very low handicap is out doing a bit of commentary for us tonight, Steve


Backley. I know you love your job, but you'd love to be out there as


well, wouldn't you? That would be nice! If only. Back to


the real world. This women's high jump, pre-event saver at --


favourite, Maria Lasitskene, has been hugely dominant on the Diamond


League circuit this year. She won two years ago. 1.85 first attempt.


First jump of the evening, just warming up. Looks fairly nonplussed


about that. A bit of a confused look because she gave the bar a tickle.


Comes off the ground really well. Drives are, great spring. A little


bit casual because it is well within her range. She can jump well over


two metres. Vashti Cunningham, 19, world indoor. -- World Indoor


Championships. Close. Difficult to see from that angle. Carries a lot


of speed in the wrong way. Tends to lead in with her arm. I think she's


absolutely perfect. Huge daylight between her and the bar. Ladies well


capable of jumping much, much higher. This is a face that's been


around for a few years. Tero Pitkamaki, 34 years of age. He's got


the full set from World Championships. World champion in


2007. 91-metre man at his best. We've seen better do that in the


first round. This is a look back at his first round throw. Launching


himself at that. I bumped into the Finnish macro contingent on the


weigh-in. Good throw. They were slightly negative, they felt the


Germans would run away with this. Looking at Vetter's throw, you can


see what they are saying. Pitkamaki robber believes the strongest of the


Finns. Such age addition in Finland. Champions at every level in every


major. Pitkamaki one of them and he will be a contender. Over 85 metres,


comfortably through. 85.97 and that takes in through to Saturday's


final. Readying ourselves for the fourth


heat in the women's 800 metres. Three to go through automatically


and Lynsey Sharp will fancy her chances. She made the final in Rio


and that was some achievement. Two stages to go through before getting


to the final here. Firstly looking to get to the semifinals tomorrow.


Marina Arzamasova is the defending champion, but I'm not sure she will


content here unless she finds something special because this


season has been wretched for her. No real form. She's running five


seconds slower this season than two years ago. Doesn't seem unhappy


about it! Lyakhova of Ukraine. Nakaayi of Uganda does some


pacemaking in the Diamond League. Is it time she consistently goes below


two minutes? 1.58 dead on this year. Lindsey Butterworth of Canada. There


is Margaret Wambui. A great triumvirate of women's 800 metres


has been Semenya, Santiusti and this woman, Wambui, still just 21.


Santiusti of Italy and Mulugeta of Ethiopian, 21 years old, Indian


side. She won the Ethiopian title. -- on the inside. Wambui ran very


poorly in Monaco. She did win Kenyan the title, third in Oslo. A very,


very poor run in her most recent outing in Monaco. Let's see how she


fares here. The fourth of six seats in the first round of the women's


800 metres. Lynsey Sharp starting pretty quickly, she likes to set a


good pace. Wambui usually waits a bit further back down the field.


Lynsey Sharp deciding to set off at a fairly high pace. Seeing what


develops thereafter. Wambui looking comfortable at the back. I'd like to


see Lynsey Sharp run with confidence. So far this year she's


been lacking confidence. She's been racing well but in the closing


stages she's not be making the right decisions and she needs to do that


in the qualification. Wambui Bhui -- Wambui, she went out far too fast in


Monaco and then jogged in. She has had a useful season apart from that


adoration in Monaco. She's beginning to make a bit of a move. Mulugeta in


a good position as well. Arzamasova started well. Sharp in a good


position at the moment and the noise will grow. A bit of a jostle. Wambui


making her move down the back straight. Wambui getting into a good


position. Three to go through automatically. Arzamasova, perhaps


her form this season has been alive because she is looking strong at the


moment. Look out the lie ACCA over from Ukraine. -- Lyakhova. Lynsey


Sharp looking for a gap in the inside. Here she comes. Wambui steps


on the accelerator as well. Arzamasova might be in trouble.


Wambui takes it, Lynsey Sharp can ease down now. Coming through


quickly as well was no tidy, the Ugandan, on the outside. -- Nakaayi.


Very good run from Lynsey Sharp, a carriage in to see that acceleration


off the bend. -- encouraging. And she didn't panic and that will do


her a lot of good going into the next round. She judged that well.


She didn't panic. I was watching her coming into the last 200 and she was


looking ahead, checking the gap would open. Probably surprised to


see Arzamasova commit as hard as she did. She hasn't been in good form at


all this season. You can see Lynsey Sharp checking and making sure the


gap is there. She's in a position where she can respond. She knows


Wambui will finish fast and she knows the space will either open up


on the outside of the insight and she was able to come through and


finished strongly. Arzamasova was tying up badly. Look how far back


Nakaayi comes in from. She was closing hard and fast. Arzamasova is


tying up badly and Nakaayi can come through on the line. The first two


comfortably through. Look at Arzamasova. She's just wading


towards the line and the defending champion, who has not been in good


form, I don't think we'll go any further. Quite comfortable looking


from Lynsey Sharp. Doesn't look to have given too much of her energy in


finishing second of the automatic qualifiers. Let's hear from Lynsey


Sharp. That result makes good reading. You


always grow through a season and you're doing it again. It's not the


most fun way to run the season, but you have to trust the process and


trust the plan my coach has. Anything in particular you wanted to


bring into the championships? I've had a couple of boys to train with.


Really appreciate that. That's helped a lot, training with people


instead of on my own. Having made the Olympic final last year, you


know what it takes to get through, but this is a stacked event. What


you take from now on the semis? You can only think of each round at a


time. In the 800 the semis are tough. As for your own confidence,


where do you think it is compared to last year? What has the Olympic


final done for your belief? This season has been funny, a bit up and


down. I've persevered and got back to almost my best. I'm deathknell


Lee in my best shape ever so it's all about executing it in a race. We


wish you well for the semis. Denise is back in the studio. Good


to see Lynsey Sharp safely through. Brilliant. She's had an up and down


season. That doesn't always breed confidence, but she looked very


relaxed. She has such championship experience. As long as her head is


in the right place, the fitness will come together as the right time


because she does deliver when it counts. We are shortly going to be


crossing over to BBC One on this fantastic evening over the London


Stadium. We've had a wonderful evening so far but there's so much


more to come. The women's 400-metre hurdles and at 9:50pm the fast show


and what promises to be an unforgettable Benz 200 metres final.


See you on the other side. -- men's 200 metres final.


Van Niekerk takes it and it is a world record! World champion again.


Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Great Britain's leading female distance runner Laura Muir are among the home athletes competing early on the evening of day seven of the London World Championships, introduced by Gabby Logan.

Muir, having already competed in the 1,500m, is joined in the 5,000m heats by compatriots Steph Twell and Eilish McColgan, while Johnson-Thompson attempts to reach the high jump final just four days after finishing the heptathlon.

It is also the qualifying phase of the men's javelin and the first round of the men's 800m.

Steve Cram leads the commentary.