Day 8, Part 3 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 8, Part 3

Gabby Logan presents continued live coverage from the London Stadium, including the finals of the women's 200m, the women's 3,000m steeplechase and the men's hammer.

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It may be a short walk to the starting blocks. But the journey is


long. Some may have travelled here further than others. But that's only


if you're measuring in miles. The journey is something you live. It's


early mornings and endless drills. It is feeling the pain in the wind


and the rain. It's missing out. But you wouldn't have it any other way.


MUSIC There may be twists and turns in the


road. And you may question if you can get


there. But everyone has the same


destination in their sights. It's a case of who will arrive first.


Hello, good evening and welcome to the London Stadium for night eight


of this wonderful World Athletics Championships. A week ago tonight,


Mo Farah stormed the first gold of the Championships. Since then, wait


Britain have not won a medal. Dina Asher-Smith is the first chance


tonight. Can she get herself among the medals? We shall see. That race


goes off at 9:50pm tonight. And it is the final final of the night.


There is lots to come between now and then on BBC One. The men's


hammer final is about to get underway. Britain's Nick Miller is


in action. It is the final event of day one of the decathlon, the 400m.


The steeplechase final is just before 9:30pm, before the evening


concludes with the final. Dafne Schippers, the reigning champion,


start as favourite. Dina Asher-Smith couldn't walk let alone run six


months ago with a broken foot, but she continues to defy the odds, can


she claim in middle? -- a medal. I'm delighted to say that we have been


joined, Daley, Denise, Michael and I by Greg Rutherford. You enjoying


these Championships? I am. It's very different to be talking about it


than actually being out there. I have been every day in the mixed


zone. Normally I would be walking through it and talking to people


every day it's been really interesting. It's difficult... Some


athletes are trying to recover, and you are trying to grab them! Some


have been a bit awkward, but most have been lovely. Maybe that is


because it has been a very unpredictable Championships. I


imagine there's quite a few people walking through the mixed zone who


might have expected to do a bit better as they came off the track.


That has made it very exciting. We haven't seen as many amazingly fast


times, distances etc, but we have seen brilliant moments. One that six


out at the moment is Miller in the fore. That is something that


everybody is slightly confused about what happened. The more the


following day she was fine. She could be contested to win that local


tonight. An amazing Championship so far. One I'm really enjoying is


expected to. At the moment, the women's long jump competition, if


you are with us on BBC Two you will have seen most of that, it is drawn


to a conclusion. This is the leading jump, as we sit here now. Brittney


Reese of the United States of America. She put together a great


jumpy, Greg. She is one of the dominant forces the long jump. And


somebody who are classed as part of the big three, with Spanovic and


Bartoletta. As we are seeing here, Klishina is having the meat of her


life, never having won a world or Olympic medal, she has been over


seven metres before. She is now mixing it up for a medal. It's a big


one. Obviously she is competing at Willo Flood. It's fascinating to see


what happens if she gets top three -- on that note flight. And if she


makes the top of the podium, it will be the first of the air in a


athletes, who are not affiliated, who have been allowed to competing


at -- the dispensations. Klishina spends most of her time in the USA.


She has been deemed fit to compete here. Let's get out of the final


round of the long jump final. Steve Fulcher walk you through it. --


Steve will talk you through it. COMMENTATOR: The lead is Brittney


Reese of the USA. Bartoletta is one last chance to retain her World


Title and deprive her team-mate of the lead. Seven metres and two


centimetres for Brittney Reese. And a very average series so far for


Tianna Bartoletta, but it is improving as she goes. Last chance


for the reigning champion. Fast NB approach. Oh, now then. That's her


best jumpers or fast NB approach. Her best jumps of foreign


competition. I think it is going to challenge that lead. It may put her


up into the medals -- of the competition. Bartolotti much more


committed there. -- Bartoletta. That is the one thing she has going for


her. She'd rate so much speed, nearly ten metres per second on the


runway there is a book she'd rate so much speed. She keeps her feet up


high and hangs on to the landing. It is 6.97 for Tianna Bartoletta. She


goes up into third place, and pushes Lorraine Ugen down into fifth place.


So, then, she moves further away from the levels. Can she climb back


up the leaderboard? Look at Lorraine Ugen, the last chance. Over striding


again. A bit shy of what she needs. Oh, that's disappointing. I thought


she may have been able to muster something that in that last round.


Just has been pushing her run-up back and over striding. You can see


her reaching. She doesn't quite get to the board. They will have moved


it back because she was so close. 30 centimetres there. That's always a


problem. You move the runner-up back and then your eyes take over and


used to fill the space in front of you with that over striding. Really


unfortunate -- you start to fill the space. Lorraine Ugen, no improvement


in the last round, has to settle for fifth place with that 6.70 two. --


six .72. She shows massive potential and I'm sure she has learned a lot,


somebody to watch going forward, for sure. Lorraine Ugen, 25 years of


age. Beginning to believe, maybe. So, then. Klishina, two centimetres


behind the lead. Brittney Reese. Seven metres on the button in the


fifth round. In the last round, in pursuit of a gold medal. Good


height. And good distance. Oh, did she is that back there is likely?


Maybe. The gold-medal line just beyond that seven-metre line. Good


job from Klishina. She has cemented herself that in the silver medal


place. A little thing on the board with the bent knee. Her right elbow


may have cost us valuable centimetres. A good job, she has


jumped really well through this competition, Darya Klishina. But it


looks as though it's a silver medal. 7.02 would ask questions of Brittney


Reese in this last round. An agonising wait for her. There is


Brittney Reese watching on. A good poker face. She knows that Spanovic


in fourth place... 6.83 full Klishina. No improvement. So then,


only Spanovic is left to challenge, to get back into the medals. She is


in fourth place with 6.90 six. -- six .96. Last jump from European


indoor champion. It's a big one. Wow, look at that! Really close


tussle for the medals. And Spanovic may have saved her best for last


year. 6.96 is her best. That's might have a look at this. She runs and


accelerates. She strides on the runways... Very good board. Will it


be enough to beat Brittney Reese? Will she go to fall into the medals?


Spanovic waiting. It is 6.91. Outside of the medals. That confirms


victory for Brittney Reese of the USA. Amazing fourth World Title. And


America have been so dominant. Brittney Reese and Tianna Bartoletta


between them. Well, it wasn't quite the firework competition that we


thought about. It was very close indeed. Centimetres, just two of


them between gold and silver. And Brittney Reese has bought the


opportunity to jump with no pressure is all in the knowledge that she has


claimed the victory here. And can let loose. Fast NB approach,


Brittney Reese, last jump, big foul. It is possibly how long is definite


-- fast on the approach. It won't matter, she has the gold -- it is


possibly her longest effort. Brittney Reese, big victory there.


She led from that third-round jump. Brittney Reese, they say it only


takes one jump. Brittney Reese only got two legal jumps out of the six,


but she got the 7.02. Brittney Reese has won a World Title every year for


five years in succession. And there's another one. Brittney Reese,


champion of the world. STUDIO: Congratulations to Brittney


Reese. High-quality long jumping. But really showing that Lorraine


Ugen, who has been knocking on the door, Greg Rutherford, of seven


metres, you have got to get over that seven metres, at least within


touching distance, to get on the podium. Definitely. The women's long


jump is one of the strongest events at the Championships. You look at


some of the girls in there, they are some of the best ever at women's


long jump. Brittney Reese has a PB of 7.30 one. She is an exceptional


job at -- seven .31. A worthy winner against might. We have been hearing


all kinds of things about conditions here. We were under the impression


that it was a quick drag, maybe that is because we were here on warmer


anniversary game nights. -- a quick track. Some of the distances have


been a bit down. Conditions on conducive to speed power events


anyway. It has been called, the wind has been swelling. I was watching


the long jump at the start for the women, they were having quite a lot


of headwinds. I mean, it's no good for sprinting or jumps. I think the


distance runners will probably like it a bit better because it is cooler


and they can push a bit harder. Fundamentally, if you are trying to


run fast, jump long. These are the conditions to do that. These girls


have gone a fantastic performance. I haven't said good evening once more.


Daley Thompson is with us on the sofa tonight alongside Denise and


Michael. Although these conditions might not be conducive to distances


and times, it doesn't seem to be stopping by USA collecting more gold


medals. Things just getting better. We had two of them on the sofa this


evening. Kori Carter and Christian Taylor. And there's another one.


There are two muddles here. The bronze medal, and Brittney Reese --


two muddles. She is just an icon now of the women's long jump, she has


won so many titles that I've lost count. The American team is doing


fantastic. You know, there have been some misses there as well but


there's so much depth with that team and that really allows them just to


rack up the medals. OK, it is time to get going on the track for the


men's 400m of the Digard long, it is the last event of day one. Let's


remind you of the standings because it has been a while so they were in


action. They were doing high jump at 5:30pm. That left the leaderboard,


if you like, looking like this. Cameron Meyer of France has -- Kevin


Mayer of France has had a great day so far. The 400m is in the burst of


those heats. Andrew Cotter is calling this one for you.


COMMENTATOR: Mikel dude is goes in this one, as he did in the 100m. He


hasn't run this year, too quick for many of these athletes. Because he


hasn't run one this season, he gets put first up. The French athlete


downing 20 Six Place at the moment. Thomas found a platinum.


He is not too far away from his wife's personal best. Kevin Mayer


got off to a flyer. A big personal best. Very close to PB in the long


jump, the shot put. Just a centimetre a way in the high jump.


That is why he leads by 109 points from the Germans. So, outside those


might you have got the Estonian athlete and the Japanese, 30th. --


outside Dudas. In terms of overall standings, Cameron Meyer is first --


Kevin Mayer is first. And the Estonian athlete in lane seven is


eight. The quickest man here will be the Frenchman.


So Kevin Mayer chasing down a personal best. And already making a


move on Maicel Uibo, the east tonian and also as expected Mihail Dudas,


the Serbian, who has won 4747 before. He's striding away from the


best. Mayer begins the long, long hunt for Mihail Dudas. That long


stride, almost more suited to 400 metres. Mihail Dudas, and Mayer.


Kevin Mayer looking for a 48. 28. Mayer is finishing the stronger of


these two at the moment. Dudas is beginning to tire.


Smiles and celebrates. These two, a little bit too good forest of this


field because they hadn't run 400 metres, hadn't registered times this


season. So put into this heat. But Dudas and Mayer, a class apart.


Dudas from 13th place and Kevin Mayer, he's clear at the moment.


He's 109 points cleerp. He's a very good 400-metre runner. Some in the


fourth heat who could put a bit of pressure on. But that time from


Kevin Mayer, which we will clear up in a moment, I don't think many will


make up much ground on the silver-medallist. But now the


strong, strong favourite for gold here.


You said you were in the mix zone. You have to get down there for your


next shift. What has been your highlight so far? I really loved


watching the win actually. I think the fact he'd only done the event


two years. He was a decathlete before that. Someone who is 21 come


out of multi-events win a world title. The time was not that fast.


What a brilliant story. Thank you very much, Greg. Let's


have a reflection on Kevin Mayer there - that 400 metres. Started the


day strongly, ended it very strongly. That is the best way.


Establish yourself, let everybody know you are in great shape. What I


was looking for is when he was competing last year in the Olympics


he was the favourite. Now it is a different ball game and a different


menialty. He shows he is really strong after four events. He's


enjoying carrying that cloak of favourite, isn't he? And not having


Ashton-Eaton there. He wants to prove he's the one. He absolute will


I wants to be the man. For lo so long there has been the main man,


who has been a great champion, but he knows that, I guess in world


athletic terms, his per for mans last year got overshadowed. That


medal got lost in the greatness of Ashton-Eaton. He's come in on a


mission. I think he's set out and laid out his determination and what


he wants to prove to everybody is, actually am the new guy, a new man


and watch what I can do. He's got to contend with Boss, who was in the


studio the other night, who will give him a challenge.


The champion, lying in fourth, going into the 400 metres. What have you


made of him today. World champion twice. He's 33 now. And to be


honest, he's amazing. He's producing season's bests.


As I said, you cannot ask for much more. You will see him in the 100.


He looked really good. Started the day well with a 10. 75. That, as I


say is a season's best for him. And considering he's 33 years old,


he is running really well. 168 points for that. A great start


as we learn from Christian Taylor, the man who is the American team


captain. Motivating his team. Trey has been around for so many years.


He's had injuries that have prevented him really proving what


he's got. He's been consistent over the years. He's strong. He's got


some strong events and this kept him in the game this one. He needed to


pull out a big one for that shot put. He was under pressure. 800


points he got there. He's, I'm surprised, I don't think


many people thought he would come back to this level. Not just


physically and start doing television in the US as well and


moved on. He's done a brilliant job of getting back into it, getting


himself healthy, into these championships in medal contention.


What does he need to do here to finish his day with some confidence?


I think he's got to run close to his personal best. The high jump was


good for him. His shot put was OK. He's not going fantastic. He's not


going so bad. He can gain some confidence if he runs really well


now. It is weird for you, I imagine watching these 400-metre races,


because it's so different to the men's 400, with respect, Daly. These


guys have competed all day across a range of different disciplines and


then they have to run a lap as fast as they can. It is tough. It is


tough because the strategy has to be completely different from a world


class 400-metre runner who is coming in fresh. These guy vas to take into


congum gum -- have to take into context what they have been doing.


You only have so much left at the end of the day. How do you manage


that efficiently to get to the finish line with zero? Absolutely.


Michael has hit the nail on the head. The nice thing, you have to


spend days together. It is not like being a sprinter where you do the


100 and you spend two minutes with everybody. Here you spend the whole


two days. The other thing that Ashley has to do, he runs about


46.5, 49.5 and, if he gets anywhere under 49.8, he's doing well.


Let's get down to the track and Steve Cram, in these days of people


being kind of suspicious of each other, to see two people sharing a


bottle of water there shows great trust between these athletes.


None of you have sat next to Andrew Cotter obviously in the commentary


box - no sharing of water, or anything. Trey Hardee outside Ashley


Bryant there. Trey Hardee is having a good day. He's in fourth place.


He's had seasons best. Tricky conditions here - the veteran. These


guys, as Daly said, all running about 49 seconds. Trey Hardee has


run quicker. There's only 36 points between second and fourth. Second,


third and fourth. Ashley getting a good cheer from the crowd.


Trey Hardee, the only one in this field who can have any thoughts


about a possible medal. What a story, I guess, that would be.


The two Germans. I guess Trey Hardee will look for


something, as will Ashley Bryant. If he could get low 49s, that would be


great. It is a bit breezy today around the


Olympic Park. You can see the wind just fluttering


there. Hardee well out of the blocks, for a


33-year-old he started quicker than anybody else and left Ashley Bryant


behind. Will he pay for that? Settles down and out. Further


outside Braun of the Netherlands has started quickly.


Trey Hardee set the pace. Ashley Bryant struggling a little bit.


Passed him through 200 metres on the stagger. Now Trey Hardee checking


back a little bit. Has he got anything here on the home straight?


The others will chase. He might have overcooked this a little bit through


the first 00 metres. He is a -- first 200 metres. He is a strong


man. Dubler comes through. Trey Hardee fighting through the last


five, ten metres. Hardee may well have gone sub 49. Will not be too


far away. He set out as though he was 23, not 33.


And found a bit of pace. With the 400, it is a tough event at the best


of times. But at the end of the day, it will always be hard. Toni, are


you watching this? Yes. I am. 400 metres. I think it is one of the


toughest things to do. 400 at the best of times is a hard event. Maybe


overcooked it, Trey Hardee there. He's a 47. 5 man at best. But you


cannot read a lot into that. I think what Trey would have gone is not


gone through the motions, but done enough to get through the American


trials in order to be here. He's gone out hard. I was speaking to his


coach, who is here, well Paul Doyle is his agent more than anything.


They are hoping for around 8.4, 85. He could be -- 8.5. He could be


there or thereabouts when they decide the medals at the end. He's


run well. Ashley Bryant a season's best for him in the 400 as well.


Hardee, out of four events has had season's bests including the 400.


The men's hammer about to get under way. Nick Miller did well to make


this final and has a chance. It is a wide-open competition. Two Poles


expected to do well. Miller hoping for big things. So


then, into the second round, and at the moment it is Quentin Bigot of


France in the lead. 76.22 in the first. That is a throw


that will take the lead. In this second round Poles throwing over 80


metres. Just feeling their way into this competition. Maybe a few


nerves. It was heaving with rain in qualifying. The hammer thrower threw


well. Great Britain's Miller after a foul in the round, he qualified in


the wet. Looking to repeat that kind of performance, needs to relax, find


some rhythm early in this competition. This looks good. Oh,


fell away. Did he save it? I think he did. It's not a bad throw though


at all, considering he was off balance. That bodes really well,


gold and silver medal lines just behind him.


Sokyrskii just shy of Miller's record. He's thrown better than


that. His season's best this year is around the mark. So Nick Miller in


with a chance here. Good second throw from Miller.


So here is the Olympic champion, somewhat of a surprise last year.


Pawel Fajdek going out in qualifying in Rio.


Nazarov, 35 years of age. Hammer thrower's tend to mature later than


other athletes across other events. Glove on the left-hand.


7. 2 62 hammer. All about sitting back wide, getting that power.


Didn't quite get the acceleration there, or did he? Well, that's a


throw just shy of the gold medal line, if those lines are accurate.


Like a wind surfer, sitting back on the sail, have to sit back and keep


that large orbit. We are in this second round and it looks like we


are waiting for somebody to take control. Goes into second place.


Earlier this evening, Brittney Reese of the United States jumped 7.2 to


secure her Third World Championship gold. She's got indoor gold and


Olympic gold. She delivered again. And Phil caught up with her


afterwards. jet, I congratulations! You held for


fingers up and you are celebrating. It's an amazing achievement, can you


believe it? No, I can't! I had a tough couple of weeks with the death


of my grandfather, I had a hard time getting over it. He was the reason


why I got on the track. I know that I needed to come out here and put in


a performance for him, not just for myself. I'm glad I got my four for


him. That is a great tribute to him, you're victory is a great tribute to


him. I know he will have a smile right now. Is for the couple of


years you had of injury, you bounced back for real. It says a lot about


your character. Your loss says a lot about your character, you are a


strong person as well as a talented one. I've been through a lot, but I


know that I can do it. I'm still in top shape, I'm still a contender in


this event and I'm going to continue to get stronger and stronger until


I'm done. Condolences on your loss. But you have paid the perfect


tribute your grandfather tonight with that so few and really excited


about that. Well done. We are into the third round of this


men's hammer final. Nick Miller findings of a ninth place. Only


eight will make it through to the second half of the competition and


get three more throws. His best so far, 75 metres 78. He needs more. He


is capable of more. Somewhere close to his British record might be


needed here. That's a big shout from him. It's a long throw. Look at


this! Great Britain's Nick Miller right in amongst it. Between the


gold and silver medal lines there. Well, we know he's brave enough.


He's committed enough. He's capable enough of going all the way here.


Especially at these distances. It's 77.31, Miller goes into the silver


medal position in the third round. Beautiful throw.


Tremendous noise inside the stadium for Nick Miller. As we move on the


third of the four heats of the men's 400m capital. The German is sitting


in third place at the moment. He is settling in. We have seen that


montage of Daley Thompson winning the gold in the first war


Championships in Helsinki. His father is a competitor rival. I say


a rival, he never got close! Anyway, in the bronze medal position at the


moment with the last event of the first day of the decathlon. Rick of


Rijkaard is a decent 400m man. The quickest man may well be in lane


eight. Also going well, Kirk Felix in the inside and the green and red


of grenade. Fifth place at the moment. Ukrainian, Cazenove, inside


his line. Rico Fry and trying to keep pace with some very quick men.


-- Praught. Rico Freimuth is finishing strongly.


Rico Freimuth Reading his teeth and digging in as the Japanese athlete


fades away. Rico Freimuth is going to take it 48-42. A seasons best


time, that is something for Rico Freimuth. Down on his personal best.


Really it is how he has been running this season. He knows that is a


decent time to produce a season's best. 48.41, slower than Kevin Mayer


run in the first heat. He will lose a little bit of ground on Kevin


Mayer. But it is him trying to keep pace. Kaczmarek was tied on the same


number of points, a very quick 400m runner. Rico Freimuth did what he


had to do in posting a decent time to put him in a very good position


at the end of the first day. Well, there's Nick Miller. What an


effort from him within 24 centimetres of his British record in


that third round. He goes up into the medals at the halfway stage.


Great performance from the Brit. One of two very capable Polish hammer


throwers watching. 76.54 in the second round. Expect more, because


he is ranked two in the world behind his team-mate this year. Wojciech


Nowicki, round three. Good angle, good positions. He hooked it. Is it


going to stay in the sector's it does, just. And it's going to take


the lead, I think, if the lying is beyond that gold line for Wojciech


Nowicki. Nothing still to really scare Nick


Miller, I have to say. Throws of 77, even 78 metres. He looks capable of


doing that. Nick Miller's British record, 70s .55. You may need to


improve that -- 77 .50 five. The French athlete, he served a


two-year drugs ban, I should share that with you, Quentin Bigot. He


likes that. He's got onto this. Around that, oh, right on the


medals. You could throw your hat over one, two and three here. It


looks as though it is a throat that might push Nick Miller threat off


further down the pecking order. -- push Nick Miller further down.


Nothing that should scan it Miller. He can go beyond all of these guys.


I know he believes that he can. 77.46, an improvement for Quentin


Bigot. Miller down to fourth place as we stand. Three throws remaining.


Just 15 centimetres operating Nick Miller and that middle zone. --


separating. I spoke to him at the British Championships, he said it


was up to him to get his arms long, accelerate the ball down through the


bottom and out. He had a tendency to bend his arms and shot as a


conference which slowed the hammer. But we have seen some great hammer


throwing from him today. That is the talk of Gustavsson, his coach, also


the bronze-medallist last year. Sophie Hitchon, Nick Miller, can he


medal here at the World Championships? That would be some


performance. As the attention turns to the


Olympic champion, Dilshod Nazarov. It really close tussle this is going


to be for the medals. As the Tajikistan Olympic champion settles


at the back of the circle. Wind it wants around the head and start the


full term, settling, the knees bend, exhilaration. He doesn't like it.


It is a big effort? Name at just around 75 metres. No improvement for


Dilshod Nazarov, he stays in fifth place. Some frustration. Frustration


gathering for the Olympic champion. Knees extended, driving up, looking


to finish that. He maybe doesn't feel, it is very much a feel, rhythm


and balance event. You do get a lot of feedback from the forces that


come through the body. Dilshod Nazarov not liking that. No


improvement. So, the Polish athlete is expected to take the victory


here. But he is in seventh place with 77 metres and nine centimetres.


He is unbeaten this year, though. Maybe he just needs to relax. He


messed up last year. Can he happened twice? A big shout from him. He


likes it a lot. There is the best throw we have seen so far. Finally,


Pawel Fajdek getting it right and putting it possibly out of reach.


Well, reigning world champion, Pawel Fajdek, he is fallible, though, as


he showed last year in real, not making the final. -- last year in


Rio. It opened the door for Dilshod Nazarov, one of the last Olympic


Games. But here at the worlds, he takes the lead. Nick Miller, now in


fifth place. But the medal is still within his grasp. And he has three


more throws to get back in amongst those medals. Really close


competition. Nick Miller right in amongst it. Well, we now have the


final heats. Two athletes, Bubba Ruger has not been having a good


day, the German, at all. Nos a prize that he doesn't like it appear.


The man who was at the start of this final event on the first day, joint


second place, the German, he has just seen from Earth -- he has just


seen Rico he ran a good 400, keeping himself


in contention. Gavin Williams of the USA. -- Devon Williams. That is a


personal best. He set it this year. 48.4. Two empty lanes. Then we go to


the Estonian athlete. Another one to have run a personal best that the


400 this year. And everyone, the Olympic bronze-medallist -- and


Damian Warner. Distant from the medal Chase at the moment. He needs


a very good 400 here, one. At the moment not contending the way he


would have liked. Dazzle Boaden of Austria on the inside. -- distilled


burger. As they dropped the end of day


Warner is so quick, such a fast man. He didn't produce a particularly


good time at the 100 early on. What can he do here in the 400? And


Kazmirek, can he put a bit of distance between himself and his


competitor? Oh, Kazmirek has got thicker outside


him, and Victor -- has got Victor outside of him. Now moves into his


stride nicely. Williams sees him disappear through that first 200m.


One going well, near the inside on lane three. It's just the Canadian


and the German -- Warner going well. It looks as though Kazmirek might


want to touch this. One, as the stag unwinds, might just have the lead


coming into the home straight. Kaczmarek and Damian Warner. Look at


this, Kazmirek moving away. As Damian Warner starts to fade a


little bit. Watch the clock, 47.2. A season's best for the man who missed


out on the medals in Rio. He was behind Damien won on that occasion.


He is doing himself the power of good here. That is an excellent 400m


the finished day one. -- to finish day one. He will be still in touch


to some expense, but importantly for him, putting distance between


himself and his competitor. Kazmirek looks like a proper runner. I


thought he had given too much energy going down the back straight with


that effort. But he has surged past the man on his outside. He had


plenty in the final 50 metres. These are heavy men, powerful athletes. It


really starts to pay off over the past 50 metres. Kazmirek, rewarded


with a very good time. STUDIO: We are about 35 minutes away


from the final track event of the night, which is the women's 200m


final. And Great Britain has its that event. Lena Asher-Smith. Lining


up, she may be quite petite in size -- Deena Asher Smith. But she has


bags of personality. Short, smiley, probably shot again


because I am really small. You can't really see it from here, but I'm


really small. The new British record... Great Britain have a


bronze medal! She has fractured her foot. I had to have surgery. Chaka


Hahn love screws in it and get on with it. I wasn't too happy with


this, especially my straight -- -- chuck a couple of screws in it and


get on with it. She goes in lane eight at that race.


At the beginning of this year she broke her foot. Couldn't walk. Took


her six weeks to get back on her feet. She's made these championships


and this final. She was fifth in Rio, of course last year and fifth


in the last world's. But that woman there was first last time she raced


200 metres in a World Championships. And Talu had a wonderful 100 metres.


She took away that silver medal. Stevens of the United States also a


really, really strong 200-metre runner. She'll look to push herself


amongst the medals, as will Kimberlyn Duncan of the United


States and Crystal Emmanuel of Canada.


Nick Miler looking to extend, well if he controls this and the hammer


doesn't hit the floor, he can start again.


Right, needs to compose himself. There's his clock. He did well there


to save that. And give himself another chance.


Just looking to get rid of that dizziness which will be in his head


or spinning around two or three times. He will use all the clock


here. He's 20 centimetres behind his season's best. Less than a metre


behind a silver medal. Miller, no, no, no, fourth attempt.


All unravelled just a little bit. Two attempts remaining.


As long as he keeps the hammer head turning and keeps it off the floor


outside of the circle, he has to go again. As Steve mentioned, it is


difficult with dizziness and is there enough time to compose


yourself? A lot of effort goes into those turns. Unfortunately there he


tried to start again, but he's still in the competition, he's thrown


really well. So I am sure there's more to come from Nick Miller here.


So Nick Miller eyeing up in front of him, as we see Quentin Bigot of


France. Sokyrskii, a neutral athlete, Fife


centimetres short of Miller's record and the poles out in front. Medals


are within reach of Nick Miller. And boy, does the British team need


them. So here is Sokyrskii. Fourth place


so far. Transferred from the Ukraine to Russia in 2014. It is bad timing,


isn't it? Sokyrskii. 77. 50.


So then, with two throws after this one to conclude this competition the


throwers just looking to, well, there is a metre ahead of Nick


Miller that he needs to find. Sokyrskii is one of them. Just


centimetres ahead of the Brit. So then Sokyrskii looking to move up


the medals. Can he? A bit flat there. Got his angles a little bit


wrong. It is over 75 metres again. But only just. He found it anyway.


Sometimes this happens, nobody has done much A decent throw, but no-one


else for a while. A foul from Sokyrskii. I know you probably can't


hear this at home, but the stadium's gone a bit quiet. When we had the


action on the track and there was music, we just have a slow Erith


them to it. -- slower Rhythm to it. You cannot


see this off camera, but the mascot, Hero The hedge hoj, maybe he can


liven up the stadium for us! There he is. Don't do it! He's done it.


Well done! So it is a strange atmosphere in the


stadium. This might be good for Nick Miller. He needs to compose himself,


slow down. Thinking clearly under pressure - a big factor when it


comes to delivering at major championships.


Well, Steve, while Nick Miller prepares himself, the steeplechasers


head out for their final. There's Emma Coburn. The Olympics for


Coburn. These World Championships for Krause. Can either get among the


African contingent which is so strong here? Emma Coburn is getting


married later this year, on my birthday. Thought I should remind


you at this point. Poland in gold and silver, as was


expected on paper, at least. Of course, that doesn't make any


difference, and its distance is within reach of Nick Miller.


Nowicki, round four. A big scream, big shout from him. I don't know


why, because it was no improvement. Just maybe trying to wake himself


up, get emotionally involved back in this. Huge forces - of course we


cannot see them, but massive. These guys lift some of the biggest


weights in the gym of all the athletes.


78. 03. Still in second place. No


improvement for him. Expect this to go far - he is in the lead and once


he's out in front, he can settle. He's released a big throw again


here. Fajdek has released it on that


80-metre line. So might be a slight improvement. He knows he's leaving


the door open for his team-mate. Possibly others if they can come


join them. Nowicki has a season's best. So, still there. 79. 81 to


consolidate his first place. So Miller knows what he needs to do.


He is still in fifth place - a Bronze Medal at the moment is 77.


67. Miller will need to throw a British record further than he's


ever thrown before and he's got two throws to do it.


Can Nick be our hero? There's Hero The Hedgehog.


A few other people around here he might be able to take the jobs of.


Well, another distance final. : 5,000 tomorrow night. Mo Farah. Got


the women's 5,000 as well. The 1500 for men. 800 for women and this


steeplechase final here and this lady here, the world record holder.


Emma Coburn ran brilliantly, the American, in Rio. Coached by her


partnership. Getting married later in the year. Diro, such good


athletes here. Jepkemoi will hope she can keep her


title. Two years ago, seems such a long time ago now.


This young lady has a prospect here, Celliphine Chepteek Chespol - a


medal at the junior cross-country championships earlier in the year


and has run under nine minutes and she's only 18.


The women's 38,000-metres steeplechase final.


Away they go. Just over seven-and-a-half laps of the track.


They don't take the water jump on the first lap.


Quickly the USA. I will bring Paula in a second as I watch them go


around that bemed. You see the cones that are out, some controversy, she


was disqualified in the qualification for putting a foot on


the line, on the water jump. She's not in this final. Probably two


Americans. That was deemed harsh. We have seen it over the last couple of


championships. They have definitely kept a close eye on where the


athletes place their feet around that bend. She barely brushed the


line. Maybe a little bit unlucky to be disqualified. That


disqualification stood. It means that her training partner and


team-mate was the only representative of that training


group. There are still two American girls here in this final, with Emma


Coburn leading that American challenge. They will have their work


cut out to keep up with the Kenyan and Bahrainiian challenger. We are


keeping an eye on Nick Miller, he will go shortly in the hammer. In


fact, he's heading towards the circle now. Steve, there he is down


in the... Well, he's waiting to go into the circle. What do you reckon?


Well, he needs to really set a rhythm in this round. He's just seen


a neutral athlete go into the Bronze Medal position with a throw of 77.


98. So the medal that Nick Miller would so dearly want to attain at


these World Championships is moving slightly further away from him.


But he is capable. It is still within half a metre of his British


record. And half a metre of his season's best. So really close. I


think close enough to really believe, really believe - that is


what he's got to do. In this penultimate throw of the


hammer final. Can Nick Miller throw a throw to get


himself into the medals? Two spins before four turns - it's fast, his


time - it is a big throw for Miller. I thought that was better. Maybe


just lost that release there. It looked quick. Fell away, lost his


balance. Hopefully he got some sort of


feeling there that tees him up for the last round. Just leaning back


there, off balance slightly. And Nick Miller, no improvement. It is


76. 16 though. So, one throw remaining.


Still needs something up towards 78 metres to get into the meadles. --


medals. So one more throw for Nick Miller.


We have had drama all over the place in this steeplechase. It has been


around that lady there, number 11, Chepkoech. I said you don't take the


water jump after the start, but the next time around, yes, you have.


Hold on a minute! She's gone all of the way back now. She hasn't cut any


corners and she's taken the water jump. Whether or not she'll be


disqualified, I don't know. Anyway, she then absolutely legged it to


catch up and then took about 200 metres and then this happened. So,


she took one or two down with her and then got up again and tried to


catch the field. The problem for her is the race was up and away and


running. Chepkoech started to push the pace


already. And she's now back in that second group, if you like. So we


have seven that have broken away. Chepkoech leading them. The world


record holder. The Kenyans will be working together here. Chepkoech,


the defending champion and the two Americans. And Yavi trying to hang


on in there. She is having a phenomenal race,


Chepkoech. She has already used those surges of adrenaline couple of


times to get as of back into contention, and made mistakes. The


race mean well was moving on each time she has managed to get herself


back up there in this group that is breaking away. They went through the


first kilometre in three minutes and two, then they have picked it up.


That is why it has all stretched out. Emma Coburn trying to her mum.


A team-mate with her. But the youngster, Chespol, in second place,


just following the leader. She clattered into the barrier in Paris


in the Diamond League. That's what we're talking about Wow! That is how


Campbell got disqualified last year when Chespol didn't take that


Quansah properly. They are being very strict on this. You bet the


Americans will already be that little bit there when Chespol


almost, as she went past the corner, did she stand on the line, did she


cut it? Let's have a little look. Coming from the corner... No, I


think she was all right. She's obviously been warned and want and


won by the Kenyan federations. I think she's all right there. -- and


warned. Emma Coburn still there. This pace has turned into a pretty


quick race. Emma Coburn hanging onto the back of that group. Courtney


Frerichs behind her is having the race of her life. I have been


looking to see where Krause is, and she is way back. She was impeded on


the second for Chepkoech. It definitely impeded and affected her


race. At the moment, Emma Coburn is hanging in there and Courtney Frears


taking it better than her team-mate. She has only run nine 9.19. Just


inside three minutes for the second kilometre. Very fast indeed. This is


even Emma Coburn's best. She looked up at the screen. She knows that the


Olympic champion is ahead of her. Chespol, this brilliant and, the


18-year-old does behind. I would be thinking, if I was Emma Coburn,


surely Chepkoech, I don't know if she realises what Chepkoech has had


to do. The defending champion is tucked in there. She might be


thinking, I only have to beat one of them in front of me. She has to


believe that she knows she has a strong finish and she will be able


to use that over the final lap. It depends how much they use in energy,


trying to stay with Jebet's surge. It looked as though Chespol is spent


now. The 18-year-old has been in very good form. She has fallen off


the pace. Jebet trying to run away and wear them down. Trying to get a


gap year. She's still got her defending champion in fourth place


at the moment. Look at the American. Emma Coburn looks good, comfortable


and strong. From bowler Colorado. She won a medal last year. Her


team-mate is having a cracking race, but she is coming to take the medal.


Her hurdling technique is better than that of the other two, but does


she have the endurance pace to stay strong enough of this last lap?


Courtney Frerichs is still there. Jebet catches the heels of


Chepkoech. Emma Coburn, her team-mate has got past her and is


thinking, what a nerve is going on? Look at Fredericks, she's going for


this. All of a sudden, the world-record holder is gone. Four


women, just two strides between them all. Chepkoech finally starts to


fault. It is two Americans against the defending champion, what a race


this is! Emma Coburn on the inside, takes the wall better than her


team-mate and the defending champion, Jepkemoi. Emma Coburn has


got one more barrier to take safely. She's over it. This is going to be a


superb performance. Another shock at these Championships. It's the USA,


Emma Coburn, the gold-medal. Courtney Frerichs the silver. 9:2.5


nine. -- 9:2.5. She is inside the American record. They move up both


of them onto the all-time list as well. The 1-2 in the steeplechase.


Not for Kenya, or Ethiopia, or Bahrain, or any of the countries


which have the North African runners running for them, for the USA.


Courtney Frerichs cannot believe it. What testimony, Paula, to her


partner? The two of them have worked together for the last 12 months or


so. Said it was about time you started coaching me, I believe in


it. Courtney Frerichs can't believe it. Sometimes when you do that,


people question it and think it is to close a relationship. But


goodness me has it pulled through. It definitely has. Whoever said the


steeplechase was not a dramatic event? There was so much drama in


that race. Chepkoech, she just... She made so many mistakes you can't


even start to list them in that race. Emma Coburn kept her head. She


ran the race of her life, as did Courtney Frerichs, who took it to


her. She probably knew in fairness of that last lap that she didn't


have the speed of the final lap that Emma Coburn had. She laid it on the


line and did the work to take the questions and be able to ask those


questions, and she hung on bravely, and it really was their hurdling


technique that counted, I think, over that final lap. You made the


point about Chepkoech, she had missed the water jump, run 30 metres


more than everyone else and has had a fall. Only at this point did she


fall off it. The difference, Paula, when this happens, Cockburn, no feel


for this last, watch this. -- Emma Coburn. Great technique. Courtney


Frerichs as well. This is the first Championship record of these World


Championships in London. 9.02. Goodness me there will be a public


inquiry in Kenya! Now, while we are watching these we


may be getting some news which could be good news about Lynsey Sharp. I


will bring that to you when we confirm it. That Emma Coburn and


Courtney Frerichs, an unbelievable 1-2. Gold and silver for the USA.


That will be celebrated in bowler, Colorado, I'll tell you, never mind


in the USA. -- in bowler Colorado. Superb.


STUDIO: Well, that was an incredible race. We've had so many surprises


already in this Championship. That is another one. We're still waiting


to confirm the news about Lynsey Sharp. We will do that, we will can


permit as soon as we can. But Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs. We've


seen some celebrations, there's another one. Look at those images!


That is utter disbelief. Courtney Frerichs, where did she get


that from? That was brilliant. We are into the last round of the men's


hammer final. Valeriy Pronkin. The neutral athlete. Chasing the two


Polish throwers, Nvidia on -- no Wakey and Fajdek. -- Nowicki.


Oh, it's very long in terms of the levers that he used. It is a big


throw. The challenge is just beyond the silver medal line. It is on the


edge of it. This is going to come down to the smallest of margins. He


is one of the tall throwers. Kept his levers well there. And his


balance, we talked about balance early year. A really good example of


that. 78-16. Pronkin separates the Polish droves. Nick Miller, you know


exactly what you need to do to get the bronze medal, -- Polish


throwers. Nowicki, beyond his British record. Millot needs to turn


faster and be stronger with it than ever before -- Munua. More forces,


of course. He needs some quick turn the. Oh, it's hitting the cage. Oh,


I'm so disappointed for Nick Miller. He really went for it and it ends in


a foul. The coach is not happy. He knew that was an opportunity. Sixth


place for Miller. The fast free terms of course, the more force


there is, the more he is leading back to counter it, his head in his


hands. He knew that he had a throw in excess of his lifetime best in


him there. But he just couldn't find it in the last round. His best,


77.31. So, disappointment for Miller. Nowicki of Poland has been


pushed down into bronze by that through of Pronkin that we just saw


two throws a go. Fajdek is out in front. Nowicki, either set for


bronze or improve his evening's work and the colour of his medal. He is


guaranteed bronze. Can he find more? It's long. Oh, he's not sure about


it. No, you won't. So, Fajdek again takes a goal. There he is. -- takes


a goal. As we've seen on a number of occasions, getting ready for his


final throw. His first reaction is necessarily a celebration. Poland


one and three, Pronkin, the neutral athlete, in silver. And Pawel Fajdek


retains his World Title. Nowicki hands the victory to his team-mate,


Pawel Fajdek. Well, we can now confirm that news about Lynsey


Sharp. She has been reinstated. She's received a conduct warning


from the jury of appeal. It has been reinstated. And that time of 1:59.47


means that she is in the final is the fastest loser. Let's remind you


what happened. Lynsey Sharp was in a battle down the home straight with


lips each of the USA. -- with Lipsey. Lynsey Sharp and Lipsey were


fighting for third spot. Lynsey Sharp.


fighting for third spot. Lynsey Linked arms unintentionally,


apparently, I think to keep her balance. She pushed away off Lipsey.


The two of them did qualify as fastest losers. Originally they had


been disqualified. She had been reinstated and is in the final.


We are at the halfway stage in the decathlon. And Kevin Maher has had,


well, his best first they ever. The Frenchman silver-medallist in Rio


last year, he is 43 points up on what he did last year for that


French record. And it is day two, even better. For the final event in


his second day, he has had a lifetime best this year. He has been


given something to think about. Five events to come tomorrow.


STUDIO: The excitement is building here in the stadium towards the last


event on the track, the women's 200m final. Michael has gone over to his


touch-screen corner, I will head over there now. It is a very


exciting final. It just occurred to me then, Dafne Schippers has got the


bronze medal in the 100m. She is a 200m brushless. Then you have


Miller-Uibo, this is where they should be meeting, this is the event


you would think it is perfect for a head-to-head. It turned out to be a


good head-to-head matchup. Miller-Uibo in the 400, that didn't


materialise. That look at both of them, starting with Dafne Schippers.


A world champion at 200m. 21.63 in a fantastic race. She is a really


strong athlete, tall ranging. She runs pretty much at even pays, the


200m here. Coming from the 100m. They are already starting to slow it


down. You see the mph going down. She has already got the lead. She


established a good lead of the pit. She ran a hard bend, she always


does. Right here coming off, starting to look round, with the


100m to go on, still in that semifinal. A world-class field. That


was impressive. She looked really good. I would say that she probably


looked best in has a final ESA they. So she is in a great position going


into this final. Let's look at Shaunae Miller we bow here. You can


see how she runs it, which is a bit different. A bit different approach


coming from the 400, you would expect. She wrote it hard. But she


is not running as hard around the bend. She waits until she comes off


the bend. And now she starts to put on this speed. You can see the speed


going up, up to 22, 20 2.3, now she starts to relax as she establishes


the lead in the first ten metres or so after coming off that bend.


That's a little bit of a different approach. I would expect that in the


final... Clearly nothing wrong with her tribute in the 400m in the


semifinal. Dina Asher-Smith, an incredible year, really. Injury at


the beginning of the year, unable to run. She has run herself in the last


few weeks into some kind of shape. What have you made of her


performance so far? She's so small, she's able to


generate the power you need out of the start. So a really good


semifinal here. It shocked us all a bit to see her come around the bend,


at this point n the lead and starting to fight down the home


stretch. Unlike the last two we saw, she's got to run the whole thing. We


saw some fatigue there. The forces you want to generate are here, where


you are pushing back against the track and she is able to hold that


position much longer than most people because of how short she is.


You want from here, to shoulder to hip, to knee, to ankle. You want to


generate that force as long as you can. Because she's so short, she's


able to do it for longer. That is a real weapon for her. They didn't run


the 200s in the trial. They were not sure how her foot would stack up.


Here she is, and as always with these finals there is the showbiz


razzmatazz and the athletes take to the course. We expect she'll get a


huge reception from the home crowd - craving some kind of success here in


this stadium. We've had so many near misses. What do you feel - could she


run herself into the medals? She's in lane eight, which Michael


suggested, she's going to out really hard around that bend. So it is just


whether she has the discipline not to overcook it on the turn. And


leave herself something in that last 40 metres. What we didn't see in the


semis. You have to watch for Ta Lou. She's in lane four. She's run a


personal best this year. There she is. If anything that we have seen


over the past week is anything to go on, the things we have seen, it is,


it hasn't been the big ones and this one and Miller-Uibo we have talked


about, it may be those outside the medals or potential bronzed whofl


have gone and got that. Do Do you go and save something for


the end of the race? Something that is missing from her is speed and


endurance. I would hope I could hang on. She kind of had to go for it in


the semis. Like a normal season, she would know where she was with her


fitness, but she's still testing that. Is this going to be too big an


ask for her after the season she's had. Let's see Dina Asher-Smith,


fifth in Rio, fifth in Beijing. In front of a home crowd. What can she


do. Andrew Cotter and Colin Jackson. THE COMMENTATOR: That would have


been a distant dream a couple of months ago - anything will be a huge


bonus. Now the rain starts to come down here. This is the line up for


the 200 metres. Those three in the middle, Marie-Josee Ta Lou, Nick


Miller and Dafne Schippers will be very hard to beat.


Dina Asher-Smith ran the same time in the semifinal. And Deejah


Stevens, she can finish very strongly, so too can the two women


here. Dafne Schippers, when she gets


going, such a powerful sprinter. Bronze in the 100 metres and Nick


Miller, the Olympic 4 -- and Shaunae Miller-Uibo the Olympic champion.


Shaunae Miller-Uibo, the Olympic 4 -- and Shaunae


On the inside Crystal Emmanuel. Flying a few weeks ago. 22. 50, a


new Canadian record. And Emmanuel goes on the inside.


For this final event of this evening here what can Shaunae Miller-Uibo do


after that 400 metres? She will not falter as she did over the longer


distance. Dina Asher-Smith goes in eight.


Ta Lou left a little bit there. She'll power and get quickly to


running. Dina Asher-Smith out quickly. Now come Shaunae


Miller-Uibo. Schippers, Asher-Smith, can Asher-Smith hold on? It is Ta


Lou, Schippers. It is Schippers ahead. Ahead of Marie-Josee Ta Lou.


Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Dina Asher-Smith. Fourth at the World


Championships. It is 22. 07 for Dafne Schippers - the champion


defends her title. Bronze in the 100, bronze in the 200. She is


champion again. She knows she is fourth. They say it


is the coolest position. Bearing in mind what she's had to struggle


against this season. Schippers is unbeaten in the 200 metres. I am


very pleased for Dafne Schippers. But Dina Asher-Smith is something


incredible. Think of the whole process that she's gone through.


Time and time again, she has to battle through physically and


mentally, and she ends up in fourth place running a strongest race of


the season when it matters, going 22. 22. That is just phenomenal. I


can not describe to everybody how impressive that performance is by


Dina Asher-Smith. I can imagine how frustrated she is, Andrew, the fact


that she knows all the work she's missed and how close she was to


getting the medal. She will be disappointed, we know that. But boy,


oh, boy! We knew she would get out quickly. She took a huge amount out


of the field over the first 60 metres. No messing about. Out of the


blocks well. She's so experienced. Even tho eshe's young. She loves


this event. She works hard around that turn but kept a cool head the


whole way around. Look at Dafne Schippers - batting in the middle of


the field. She wants to hang on to this title, doesn't she? She was not


going to give it up easy. Straining at the back end, but doing enough to


hang on to gold. I think of 2013 and the silver-medallist in the 100, and


Marie-Josee Ta Lou denied by 300ths of a second here in the 200. That


must be cruel for her to take. The Americans, Kimberlyn Duncan and


Deejah Stevens would have come past Dina Asher-Smith. The time she's run


there, 22. 22 and so close to that Bronze Medal. So close. Painfully


close. But I hope this is really inspiration for them more than


anything else. Because she's worked so hard to get to this position.


Unbelievable performance. Through the rounds, learning every single


time and wow, wow, wow! What a wonderful run by her. I hope she


really appreciates what she's done. Dafne Schippers ahead of Marie-Josee


Ta Lou, Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Dina Asher-Smith talking now to Phil.


You are incredibly frustrated. I was coming down the home straight, I was


like, I didn't know I was in this kind of shape, but then to see that


I missed out on a bronze by 700ths. When you have broken your foot it is


really not that much. I am quite frustrated, but at the same time, in


like reflection I am really happy to have done a 22.22 with hardly any


training. So, yeah. When you were in the blocks what were you hoping to


achieve? I didn't even have placings in my mind. I know it sounds silly.


I was happy to be here. I thought focus on your aim and go for it. I


did and I was coming down the home straight. And the crowd were getting


louder and louder. I thought it means it is going well. Keep going.


And I did. Fourth - my best finish ever in a world final, but, so


close. In years to come, but I just wonder,


we've had so many fourth places in the British team, this one is a


stand out in that everything you have gone through, the broken foot,


the surgery, the pins in it and now here you are forth in the world. I


am so happy honestly to run 22.2. It is faster than what I did last


season. It is getting close to my PB. I am over the moon. We've had a


lot of fourth places. Lots of the fourth places have been by people so


young, they probably have another decade in them. They not have got a


medal today but they are ones to watch in the years to come. I want


to say thank you to all the people who got me back in track, to Martin


and obviously my coach, who just believed in me every single sfep of


the way. I honestly would not have been able to bang out a 22.2 if it


was no t for their belief and hard work. Thank you, guys. Thank you.


Yes, indeed and, as we were talking about there, fourth place - some


fourths are worth celebrating. Half a second quicker than she was in the


last round. Dafne Schippers defends her title


with that great run. A fascinating run for so many reasons, Michael. An


amazing race. We knew Dina Asher-Smith would get out quickly


over there on the far side of your screen sand -- screen and she did. I


talked about Ta Lou and how she's had a fantastic championships. The


battle was down the home stretch. Schippers did a fantastic job not


tightening up. Let's look at Dina Asher-Smith here. She ran the right


type of race. We talked about that before the race started. Go out and


go for it or safe something for the end. And she went for it. And what


happens is, we saw a little bit of fatigue at the end of that race in


the semi-finals, but the more you do this, the more your speed endurance


increases. There's nothing like a race to help you with that. She went


in there today, the speed endurance was there because her body's


basically saying, oh, we did this yesterday. I can do this and that


was a fantastic race. Congratulations to Dafne Schippers.


A few years ago she was competing as a he athlete, then she switched to


the sprint and she has been so dominant in the 200 since. She's a


great 200-metre runner too. An incredible backing up that victory


of 2015. She really was majestic there. We have seen how difficult it


is for a defending champion to actually defend at these


championships. She made it look great. She's strong. She's mentally


tough and hungry. Ta Lou - I am really impressed with Ta Lou. She


must have been disappointed after the 100 to come so close and to come


out here and to be only again a couple of hundreds away from the


gold. She's had a great championship.


She has. It has been a great night for the United States. They take


another two golds tonight. Brittney Reese in the long lump and the


steeplechase. We will get more reaction. We are switching over to


BBC Two right now. We are leaving you BBC One viewers with the news.


If you want more athletics reaction


Gabby Logan presents continued live coverage from the London Stadium. The evening concludes with the women's 200m final, and the medals are also decided in the women's 3,000m steeplechase and the men's hammer.