Day 8, Part 4 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 8, Part 4

Continued live coverage, plus Gabby Logan and Ore Oduba are joined by special guests to look back on the night's action, with Michael Johnson providing the analysis.

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She starts to power and get quickly into her running. Dina Asher-Smith


now into her running. Dafne Schippers a long way back. Can Dina


Asher-Smith hold on? It is Ta Lou and Dafne Schippers! It is Dafne


Schippers, shippers ahead! Ahead of Ta Lou. Dina Asher-Smith four.


STUDIO: Ta Lou Shirai in her heart out. She kept her pressure on Dafne


Schippers, who backs up a gold medal from Beijing two years ago. Kalou


has had a fantastic Championships. This is what you want from an


athlete -- Maria-Josee Ta Lou. She produces her best in the finals. Her


previous personal best was 22.16, which she ran earlier this year.


That is what you want, an athlete that can get to the Championship in


the final race and produce her best performance. It has to be said of


Dina Asher-Smith, no personal best, which you wouldn't expect after what


she's been through, but a seasons best by five tenths of a second,


that's impressive, given what he's been through to come here and from a


season's best. When we were over on BBC One and you were doing the


analysis, you showed us how important it is, the pressure that


she gets off the blocks, Dina Asher-Smith, and the start that she


had. It is the pressure she is able to put back against the forces she


is able to generate on the track, because of her small that she is


powerful and able to hold that position, it is what every spinner


wants to be able to do, get out and then the drive says,


continued to push those forces back against the track. Because she is so


short, she is able to do it a lot longer. With a few more weeks


training, who knows what kind of shape Dina Asher-Smith would have


run herself into. She would have run herself onto the podium! But she has


been working on her strengths. She said that was one of the elements


that was important in her development for the next couple of


years. She's just a natural powerhouse. It will come, it's great


to see her back. It's just staggering how she's done it. I


think her mental strength is what is so impressive. She doesn't get


involved in the hype, you know. A lot of people would have panicked,


being in the situation she is found as often. But she has kept


level-headed, focused on the destination of, yes, I want to be at


my home World Championships. And she did it. The gold again to Dafne


Schippers. At 9am this morning, Daley, we talked about the


multi-eventers. Denise backed it up with the stats. How many women are


competing in the Championships who are previous multi-event is? 28!


Dafne Schippers is one of those. Less of the decathletes, but about


ten of them. She is probably the most high profile and certainly the


most successful since she has moved to the individual events. I'm sure


that the years of training across seven different events will not have


harmed the strength that she has had.


Not only that, it builds up your all-round strength, all of your


muscles and stuff. You don't get injured quite enough, so you can


train a bit more. It all helps. She has shown for the last couple of


World Championships, becoming a world champion, she's in brilliant


shape. Could she get much faster? Her personal best is 21.63, you


know, she's got to get back there first. That is the third fastest of


all time behind the athlete in 1988 and Marion Jones. That is a tall


order. What she would probably want to do and her objective from here is


to improve in her 100m, because I think there is a lot of room for


improvement there. Let's look at the medal table and see how that is


affected by tonight's events. Well, those two gold medals for the United


States of America, Emma Coburn, it pulls them even further away from


Kenya in terms of their total. Poland now, with Fajdek's gold in


the hammer, that moves them into third place. South Africa down in


force now. They were in third. Wait Britain still with that gold from Mo


Farah one week ago last Friday. Of course, well done malevolence on


their gold medal tonight from Dafne Schippers. , twitter Daphne,


congratulations, another gold medal and a World Title for you. How


special is this one? Very special. I fought for it and worked very, very


hard. I chased everything, and I'm very happy. Ta Lou pushed you all


the way. When did you realise you had the gold? On the finish line,


because I had to dip. It was a bit difficult to see that I had a gold


medal. After all the hard work you put in to get to this moment, there


must be a sense and relief and joy all combined at once? It's true. It


is so-called micro. Two times in a row, that's very special. What is it


like when you were going round? There are so many Dutch fans


supporting you here tonight, it seems like thousands came out. So,


so-called micro, I didn't know. I was walking around and I saw the


orange and everybody waving at me, it's great. Celebration time


tonight? Tomorrow is the relay. Oh! Enjoy what celebrations you can and


congratulations. Thank you. STUDIO: Dina Asher-Smith has been


working her way up through the mixed zone, speaking to the world's press


and being congratulated. That really is an impressive four. -- four. We


are getting a bit annoyed with saying forth as British athletics


fans. Not because they are not great, but they deserve to be


getting themselves on the podium, those young athletes. For Dina


Asher-Smith, that is a magnificent score for what she has gone through


this year. Michael, talk us through her race and Hirst art? It was


impressive. -- Hoet start. When they came into it, when everybody came


into it, if you look at Dina Asher-Smith there on the outside.


She just got that fantastic start which I'm sure everybody in the race


would have expected out of her. This is what they wouldn't have expected.


They wouldn't have expected her to be able to hold onto that speed and


maintain it for as long as she did, actually starting to close the gap


at the end of the race on the race leaders and all of the three


medallists. Let's might take a look again here. The first part of the


race, we knew it was going to happen, but this is where she really


impressed. These rounds are good fire. It allowed her to improve that


speed and endurance. She is able to really get to a point here where she


can open up, maintain strides and frequency. Open up the start little


bit, used that upper body strength and try to catch those race leaders.


Unfortunately not able to catch any of them. Another couple of that and


she would have been able to catch Shaunae Miller we both are. That was


a very impressive race again. When you come into a Championships, after


watching has been through, and you run a season's Best Buy over five


tenths of a second, that's impressive, you could ask for much


more than that. Very impressive indeed -- a seasons best by over


five tenths. Let's take a look at this race. Looking for Dafne


Schippers, the race leader. Again, she is just so strong. She has got


the strength and the power. She runs very efficiently. She comes off of


here with the lead. We knew that Tully was going to be in there. This


is why Dafne Schippers loses a lot of other people in the race -- we


knew that Ta Lou. Even though she knows that she is under pressure,


she doesn't change anything. She times the lead just white. -- just


right. Shaunae Miller coming up as well. Shippers wouldn't have seen


her, she sees Ta Lou but she doesn't taint anything. Now she takes the


lead just right. You keep doing what you're doing. You see that she is at


the end saying, OK, lean at the perfect time. That is what one might


her that race, and that was impressive. Now, a two-time 200m


while champion. Let's may take a look at dealer again here. We can


get a bit of analysis of her race. We knew she was going to get a


fantastic dart. Already made up with Kimberlyn Duncan on the outside, the


USA. Blazing round the corner. Watch the transition on the inside of the


Ring, now she goes to the outside of the rain, it makes the turn a bit


more dental and it makes you faster -- of the lane. It is impressive,


now closing the gap on the race leaders and almost getting that


medal. Nice and relaxed here, not adding to stress anything. Just


maintaining the speed. She sees that I'm getting closer and closer to the


race leaders. I can't rush it, I can't do anything else other than


what I'm doing now. Keep and maintain perfect for all the way to


the finish line and time the lead. Very impressive. -- perfect form. Of


course it adds to Great Britain is list of glorious fourth. And it is


five now. All young athletes, all with so much


potential and so much future in this sport. But that was a really


impressive race from Dina Asher-Smith after the year that she


has been through. Thanks so much to Daley and Denise. See you in the


morning bright and early, Daley and the Nice. Thank you, Michael, as


well. Another great evening here at the London Stadium. We'll be back


here on BBC One at 9:30am tomorrow morning. I will leave you in the


very capable hands of Ore Oduba with the crowds, no doubt. Good evening,


Gaby, thank you very much. Oh, the crowd is here behind as! They know


that we're on telly, they are very responsible, this crowd. It was this


time last week that it all kicked off. Usain Bolt was like individual


round, Great Britain's only gold and only medal so far. All of the fourth


places, including a very agonising Dina Asher-Smith fourth-place. But


what would they ate bring us? A moment ago, it gave us a drizzle.


Just now it gave us a chance. Also it gave us Colin Jackson, back by


popular demand. Good to see the two of you. We have got the Mintel of


family as well! They have grown, everyone! The Colin Jackson fans are


also there. Few of them! Have you guys had a good they? Yes! A very


long day. I have had an exciting day. Once again, Colin Jackson had


to sprint from the commentary box to get himself here. And we have had


rain. It is slippery when wet. This guy, health and safety committee


doesn't care, this guy! Let's kick-off with the action and go


straight to the 800m. We had three British athletes in the women's race


going for a place in the final. Surely one of them would get it into


Sunday's final, surely? , COMMENTATOR: Still looking nice and


comfortable behind Ajee Wilson. Adelle Tracey has got to fight in


here. Wilson, look at how composed by American is. Bishop similarly so,


the Canadian. These two easing away. Adelle Tracey is on the inside.


Wilson almost cruising through here. Bishop trying to follow her through.


Top two into the final. In the end it was 159 21. -- one 5921. --


1:59.20 one. They went through the bell at 57.80


two. This one was a bit slower. Lipsey staying sharp and in a good


position. Semenya around the outside. At Lipsey is still leading


them out. Working hard. She is blocking Lynsey Sharp at the moment.


Lindsay trying to hold her from that Ben Butcher wasn't able to do it.


Lynsey Sharp finds herself -- round that bend but she wasn't able to do


it. She needs to react and get out behind Caster Semenya. A bit of


trouble for Lynsey Sharp. A fast semifinal. Semenya, comfortable.


Lipsey has done all of the dragging. It is Semenya and Lipsey. And Lynsey


Sharp, this is where she starts to begin. Just ran to the shoulder of


Lipsey, but the American response. The Polish athlete is coming


through. Semenya to the line. Lipsey in second. Got out of it! She is


going to take second from Lipsey. Semenya the winner at 1:58.19. Two


medals, silver and bronze last year at the big game. On the outside,


finishing in poll. Wembley is squeezing out... -- Wambui. Martinez


is trying to squeeze through on the outside. She is timing her season to


perfection. They change gear. Wambui, the perfect place to strike.


Clarke has got someone to do. She's got to get past one of the Olympic


medallists at the very least. She is on the outside. Wambui starting to


pull away. Trying to strike on the inside. Could we be in for a shock?


With one of the big boss might not get through? It is going to be very


tart on the line. -- it is going to be retired on the line. Something to


clear up from the semifinals of the women's 800m. This was the result of


the women second semifinal. Lipsey going through. In real terms, Lynsey


Sharp finished fourth, but then she was disqualified. There was just an


interlocking of arms. There we go. Lynsey Sharp, dubbed the slightest


interlocking of arms. That was ruled to be impeding Charlene Lipsey's


progress. The question is, again, I'm sure there will be an appeal,


but since Lipsey goes through ultimately anyway, has she impeded


her progress? Lynsey Sharp would have gone through with that time is


one of the fastest losers. Anyway, afterwards Lynsey Sharp gave her


thoughts to fill. As far as I'm concerned, I can't remember anything


that was different to any other race that I've been in. I can't remember


doing anything. There are races throughout the season where I've


been affected worse than I think I will affected anyone in that race.


You would have made it as one of the two fastest losers. Can you go and


counter protest, maybe? I will definitely go back and look at it


with British athletics. I honestly can't remember anything. I've been


in a lot of scrappy races this year, I would put my hands up and say that


I did something, but I can't even remember where it would have been. I


don't remember anything. Lynsey Sharp obviously devastated


after that race. As it stood, no British athletes would go through to


the 800 metres final on Sunday. However, in the last half an hour,


Lynsey Sharp was reinstated and put through to the final with nothing


more than a slap on the wrist. I don't know - obviously she's


devastated about that initial result, but the lesson is, don't


link arms with your opponents. I think in fairness she was lunging


forward with the shoulder there. She interlocks with arms and pushes the


American across the line. I think it is very supportive. As demonstrated


here. Have you ever seen anything like that? Not in 800 metres in that


circumstance. If we See people impeding it happens in front or when


you are cutting across. Especially that crucial moment, where to me, I


don't know about to you, it seems obvious shi shoves the American


further in front of her. I don't understand why they say that is


impeding the athlete. She's driving her shoulders forward. You think it


with us the right result? Is anything going to beat Caster


Semenya? I would say, no. She's got to be


running high off that 1500 metres. I don't know if she expected to get a


bronze. This is now her favourite distance and, if I am honest, when I


have seen her on the sir it is she's run it anyway she's wanted to.


Speaking of the 1500 metre, the women's semi-finals got under way


today as well, featuring Chris O'Hare and Jake Wightman. Here is


what happened earlier tonight. Wightman is on the outside... Frees


himself from all the trouble and goes a surge and a rise in the noise


of the crowd. The Moroccan, Wightman in a good position at the moment.


Blocked on the inside. The jostling starts and the elbows start to fly.


. Wightman is in a good place there. He S now moving like a sprinter down


the back straight. A few strides took him...


More freedom and besides him you have Ajok.


Wightman looking to finish strongly. Wightman is struggle and the group


leaves him. Wightman is not going to make it.


Chris O'Hare is his shadow at the moment.


Willis, O'Hare. So the top seven at this pace will


go through. Let's hope that Chris O'Hare can


work in the back straight and give himself a good run at the finish.


They are coming at it both sides. They have to hold that position.


Lewandowski working hard to be able to strike. His 800-metre pace will


tell here. Chris is in a good spot. He's not panicking. He's smart about


knowing where he needs to B top seven. Look at this from Chris


O'Hare. Lewandowski eases him out. Cheruiyot, Willis... Fast finishers


on the outside. These are your top five.


Willis under pressure. Chris O'Hare into the final.


A steely run by Chris O'Hare, Toni. Yes. I will hand this one - I will


hand it to Colin. Yeah, absolutely. I would be honest,


between me and you and the lads here, there is a sneaky bet going


that this event could see Norway getting their second gold medal.


And Colin has got the inside track. OK. Thank you very much, Colin. You


can tune into that 8. 30pm on Sunday night. On to the women's long jump


because going into tonight there was a potential medal home with Lorraine


Ugen. She qualified third. However, there was a story to be written by


the American, Brittney Reese tonight and she wasn't go away without


getting a fourth outside title. Great speed there. Great lift.


Reaching out with the feet - fantastic jumping. And she is a


fourth world titdle - a woman who is a stalwart. She's won four or five


world titles in the last five years. It is incredible. Over seven metres


there. A personal best of 7. 30. She walks off as cool as a cucumber.


Absolutely as cool as a cucumber. It was an emotional win as well for


her. She was given that win as a tribute to... And the neutral


athlete behind her. Superb jump. The Florida-based athlete there, who is


Russian. That is the coach there, who would have been happy with that


performance. What I am pleased about with her, she's always knocked on


the doors for these championships. We all knew what she was capable of


but today was her day. It was good to see that. I was speaking to Greg


Rutherford, he thought that Spanovic would come away with the


championship. Bartoletta went from fifth to sixth place through to a


medal. She was, probably for me the favourite for this competition, the


amount of speed she can generate on the runway. She struggle in the


earlier part of the competition. She came through to win a medal. I was


told, Colin, it is nice to see you, but I have to go and watch her jump.


Her coach? Yes. And Lorraine Ugen who missed four out of her five


jumps were no jumps. This was one of the only ones she registered and not


good enough on the night. Superbly competitive individual. Well capable


of winning a medal. Wasn't to be today. Wasn't to be.


Her family earlier today were all looking forward to it - little


Annabelle and little Nathaniel - not to be on the night. I am sure the


family had a great evening, anyway. Shall we look forward to the


hurdles. We look forward to this. Bar ret and Porter went out earlier


today. The women who went through to the semi-finals tonight, boy, did


they make it interesting! Cleanly away. A good start. Clatters


that first barrier. Sally Pearson, so smooth. Away from the rest, oh


Sally Pearson, the Olympic champion of 2012 - what a run. 12. 54.


Daniel Williams had a terrible start. Didn't look settled. Hits the


first hurdle. Manning is away. She's hurdling


terribly. She hits the first barrier. She'll


have to come from deep here. Harrison trying to get there.


Nelson... She is not going to get there. 12. 6 h. Is she quick enough?


Is she quick enough to go through? These are the qualifiers then -


Pearson looks good. Dawn Harper Nelson. Four Americans in there.


They had the top three at Rio in the Olympic Games and they have four


going in the final tomorrow. It was not without drama and Colin,


to start off with Kendra Harrison - did not see that


I watched here in the haelts this morning, she clattered the second


hurdle. I said, you have to watch that because of timing. It is a


little sense of her timing was out. In that semifinal it was very clear


that her time was out. Will she get her timing back in time for the


final? It will be a really tough call for her. I hope she has a good,


restful sleep. She needs to switch her mind off and go back to the


Diamond League. Sally Pearson - the commentary - perfect hurdling


tonight. Of course I did. Perfect commentary, perfect race. It


is great to see her return to form. What I have seen with Sal is her


technique is nice and sharp. She feels confident with her technique


that is allowing her to drive hard into every one of those hurdles. If


she is inspired tomorrow even with Kenny ripping, Sally may have


enough. We are ripping it up tonight! We had a high jump


competition and the heats of the men's competitions earlier today.


Robert Grabarz, London 2012 Olympic medallist five years ago. He had a


couple of errors. But he made the clearance. This was his second


attempt of 2. 29. Robbie, an Olympic gold-medallist in 2012. Probably the


most seasoned member of the team. He's come back from serious


injuries, knee injuries. Cleared it second attempt. Really thought that


would be enough. But then the competition tightened up. Qualifying


was 2.31. A couple of people could have knocked him out. He was in


11th. Then what does he do. He clears


2.31. He just... I go through a semi heart attack. He's as cool as a


cucumber. There is he with his dauthern. The crowd, see! Could


potentially see, what do you think about Barsham making a world title.


Could have driven a bus through the gap Robbie can sneak a medal if he


can keep his jumps clean. He could be there. They usually hand out two


or three bronzes. They are kind. Like to share it


around. Nick Miller - we had his face prepared to go on this. After a


-- on this board hear. -- on this board here.


His third round throw. He's outside the top eight which would give him


another three. Big effort. Four turns, spin... That hammer is about


60 kilos or more. Travelling over 60 miles per hour more like. There he


is. He responded magnificently and went into a medal position with this


throw. So, this is the winner. This was the guy - Fajdek, who made a


hash in 2016 in Rio, but wasn't going to make the same mistake


tonight. He can generate so much more speed into the hammer head. He


just moves it faster. Absolutely fantastic. And a great victory for


him. A little disappointed for Nick Miller. He performed as well as he


could. He was superb. Well done Nick Miller. Possibly the best that could


have been expected with him tonight. Shall we finish with the hedgehog?


Hero doing his thing. One more time! I mean, genuinely, I really hope to


meet him one of these days. Hanging out with the Jamaican fans. Hero,


the hedgehog, a man who in the next couple of days will be missed,


mostly by that soldier. But you know, brothers in arms - if you get


close then what? We showed this last night, but he hadn't read the health


and safety manual. He shouldn't be unleashed on a camera. If you saw a


wonky shot it is down to the hedgehog. Enough of him - these guys


have been patient and lovely. Let's go and meet the people. Colin, you


lead the way. These are the important people in our coverage -


they make everything worthwhile. We take selfies, we write autographs as


well. The relays start tomorrow. We are on in the morning. Happy


weekend. We'll see you.


Continued live coverage, plus Gabby Logan and Ore Oduba are joined by special guests to look back on the night's action, with Michael Johnson providing the analysis.