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Great City Games

Jonathan Edwards presents coverage of the Great North City Games from the Newcastle/Gateshead quayside, as top athletes from Great Britain and Northern Ireland take on the USA.

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Good afternoon. And welcome to Tyneside for our coverage of the


now world famous Bupa Great North Run weekend. Today's action centres


on the stunning Newcastle Gateshead Quayside, and the third edition of


the Great North City Games, St COMMENTATOR: Andy Turner takes the


victory! That is absolutely fantastic... Once again, the


spectators getting a great view. And a bit of English pride at stake


here. The more support you give us, For the last couple of years, this


match has featured England versus Australia, England winning on both


occasions. But this year, we step it up a notch, as you can probably


tell from this trophy, England becomes Great Britain and Northern


Ireland, and the opponents are the strongest athletics nation in the


world, the USA. The GB captain is Mo Farah, back in the fray after


his heroics in the World Championships. Today, it is the 2


Mile race for our golden boy. Hannah England got a brilliant


silver medal in Daegu. She faces Jenny Meadows this afternoon. It


wasn't the way he might have hoped to win it, but Andy Turner's bronze


medal was a massive achievement. He will be taking on jays and budget


and this afternoon. And we have the fastest woman in the world at the


moment, Carmelita Jeter. She goes over the 150m. Bernard Lagat was


the man who chased Mo Farah home in the 5,000 odd in Daegu. But not


today, as he is in the 1 Mile race. And in the long jump, Dwight


Phillips will be sailing through the air, as ever, with the greatest


of these. This afternoon's of these. This afternoon's


timetable looks like this... The points-scoring system is very


simple, one point for a win, and that is it. Bernard Lagat will kick


us off in just a few moments' time. That will be in the 1 Mile. That is


over on the other side of the We have got Walter Dix, after his


stunning 200m in Brussels last night. We will be reviewing that


during the course of the programme. We have got other theme of ten


going on this afternoon. It is the 10th anniversary of the Gateshead


Millennium Bridge today. We have got 10 medallists from Daegu, and


we have got 10 events. Our two guests know all about ten as well.


It is Colin Jackson and Dean Macey. In fairness, you were 10 times


better than most, so there you go. There have been working with you


all these years, you have never said anything as nice as that.


said anything as nice as that. along! We have just hot-footed it


back from Brussels, perhaps one of the best nights of athletics ever.


It was an incredible night of athletics. When you think about it,


who would have thought a world- leading mark by Usain Bolt in the


100m gets overshadowed by his own training partner in the 200m. A


fantastic performance by Yohan Blake, running the second fastest


time ever in that event. It was like no other 200m we have ever


seen before. Usain Bolt's face was a bit of a picture after that.


think he was genuinely shocked. He had given his training partner a


bit of advice, but he did not expect him to go out and do that.


It was a sensational performance. I'm looking forward to seeing it


again. This is your first experience of street athletics -


what do you make of the concept? is fantastic, it works for TV, 90


minutes of intense action. And it certainly works for the punters.


The weather is not perfect, but the amount of people who have turned


out is phenomenal. I think the competition will be phenomenal as


well. We have got some outstanding athletes, 10 medalists from Daegu,


four champions. Yes, from Dwight Phillips, who retained his long


jump title, which nobody expected, because he had not been in great


form before Daegu. We have got Walter Dix, what he has got left in


his legs after yesterday, we do not know. And we have got Mo Farah, who


has been also more year. I hope he gets a fantastic reception today.


Mentioning Mo, we have to look back once again to Brussels, and


Kenenisa Bekele coming back to form. Absolutely, he opened the show. It


was an incredibly fast paced race. Going under 27 minutes, to hit his


target, was pretty impressive. He is going to go into the winter very


confident. And Mo will be a bit nervous about Kenenisa Bekele, with


the Olympics coming up next year. Moving on to the action now, we


have got the men's 1 Mile, featuring Bernard Lagat. It is over


to the commentary team now, with Brendan Foster, and first of all,


STEVE CRAM: We are going to start with the men's 1 Mile, on the


Newcastle side, if you like. We're on the Gateshead side. It will be a


kind of a horseshoe, all the way down the North bank, coming across


the spring bridge, and then coming back on the Gateshead side, to


finish right in front of us. Three from each team to contest this 1


Mile race. We have already mentioned Bernard Lagat, at the


beginning of the programme. He will be the big star. The man who came


so close to beating Mo Farah in the 5,000m. He will be joined by a Kyle


Miller and Donald Cowart for the USA. For Great Britain, Bruce


Raeside and Andrew Osagie, as well Luke Gunn, normally a steeplechaser.


And do not write off Bruce Raeside, but one would assume that Bernard


Lagat would be looking forward to this race, Brendan.


Forster label yes, there he is, the established athlete. It is a


privilege for these other athletes to be running in the company of one


of the all-time greats. It should be interesting for Andrew Osagie


today. Whenever the milers end up running against the half milers, as


they used to be called, they always try to take them out early, run


them beyond their southern distance. But this is a nice, steady start.


They're going a long the north side of the river, running towards the


Tyne Bridge, that familiar landmark. They will cross over the swing


bridge, and come down the other side, past The Sage, and then along


here, where they will get a great reception in front of us. It is


overcast on Tyneside this morning, autumnal weather, I think we could


say. There is not much wind. If anything, it is probably a bit in


their faces at the moment. But it is pretty still, to be honest. This


race is being run at a steady pace so far. I'm sure it will pick up,


though. Bernard Lagat happy to lead things at the moment. Do you think


that might be because Bernard Lagat has had a look at the times of his


opponents? He doesn't want Andrew Osagie for company along the


finishing straight, don't you think? Yes, pretty sure. But it


will be interesting to see how Andrew Osagie goes. I love to see


800m runners having a go at the 1,500. Andrew has really been


developing as an athlete. He had a lot of injuries in his early career.


He has been developing his strength since then. His coach has been


doing a good job with him. It was a very encouraging performance in the


World Championships. And he will be The only thing about running on the


road, over the 1 Mile, it is so different to the track. The


perception of where you are in the last quarter-mile can sometimes


encourage people to kick a bit early. A slight incline here, as


they go down into the road right along the quayside. Lagat putting


the pressure on now. Andrew Osagie the only British athlete trying to


stay with the Americans. As they head down the quayside, on the


Gateshead side of the river. Three- quarters of a mile to go. Andrew


Osagie running well, can he get amongst those Americans? Bernard


Lagat looks to be untroubled. Silver medallist in the World


Championships in that fantastic, historic race for British athletics,


with Mo Farah winning the 500 -- 5,000m. This was his rival then,


but it is Bernard Lagat who looks good right now. Kyle Miller just


giving him something to think about, on his shoulder. But now, Lagat


changes up through the gears. The former world champion at 1,500m,


don't forget. He comes storming through on the track part. Andrew


Osagie finishing strongly as well. Lagat wins it, Kyle Miller takes a


second, and Andrew Osagie gets third. Pretty swift, that winning


time, 4:06. At the moment, the way he ran that race, he was so


comfortable. Just stretching it, as he needed to. Looking the part,


coming onto the track. And suddenly, he clicked into gear, and there


goes the great Bernard Lagat. Still winning medals, after winning them


back in Sydney in the year 2000. Great man, great friend of Mo


Farah's, and a great athlete to brood. I would say that was an easy


win for him today. When they were in Daegu, Mo Farah's family and


Bernard Lagat's family spent a lot of time together. They are very


good friends, as you say. We will see Mo Farah shortly, but Bernard


Lagat joins Phil now. Thank you very much. You made it


look easy. I felt really comfortable in the race. I wanted


to come here and run so well, and say thank you to the people who


invited me. Brendan Foster... I want to thank everybody for coming


to support us. I wanted to make a good show today. I knew what was


going to be fun. I kept telling myself, I want to have fun. I have


come here all the time, to run in Gateshead. I'm pleased. We know you


love running in Britain, but what about bringing athletics to a new


audience? This is a brilliant idea. I have only been hearing about it,


but when I saw yesterday the way it was set up, and the way a lot of


people were coming, something which is important to me is the kids. The


kids this morning were running, having so much fun. That is the


best thing that I have ever seen. It is good for our sport. A I


really thank UK Athletics for putting this together. It is


unbelievable. These kids are It is good to see him here, he has


obviously enjoyed the experience. He has been around the world a lot,


He has been around the world a lot, Bernard Lagat. Hopefully he will go


away and tell everybody about what he has seen here on Tyneside today.


Good run from Kyle Miller in second, and a pretty good performance from


Holly Bleasdale sales over in this beautiful amphitheatre in the


shadow of the Baltic Centre. Three metres, 96. The opening height of


the competition. You expect this to be quite easy. What a great


holder is on her way. More difficult for Lucy Bryan for Great


Britain. She is only 16 years old. She has lost out there. Youth


bronze-medallist. A baptism of fire for her. Representing the senior


team for the first time. She is a name to watch out for her. Lucy


Interesting to hear from Bernard Lagat. When everyone comes here and


is used to running on the track, they get impressed with the close


proximity to the audience. It is a unique occasion and they enjoy it.


When Bernard said it, it came from his heart. What happens is he tells


more and more people and the audience love it. Bernard Lagat won


today. He was second behind Mo Farah before. Mo Farah was in the


Edinburgh Cross-Country in January. Mo Farah begins in winning style


Mo Farah! It is going to be gold for Great Britain. Farrell wins it.


In towards the home straight, he pushed the leader in the 10,000


metres, will he do it again? Mo Gold for Mo Farah! This time he got


it right. He found the strength to hold on. What a performance from Mo


You never tire of watching that again and again. A remarkable 2011


of for Mo Farah and he will be running in 10 minutes' time in the


two miles. Another athlete for whom 2011 was incredible, Sally Pearson


in hundred metre hurdles. Sensational all season. She did not


end the way she wanted to. She was looking very solid, explosive of


the blocks and she kept working hard. Literally, about halfway, she


just catches the hurdle and that causes her to feel like she is tied


back. Because of that, she lands up flat over the barrier. No chance


whatsoever to recover. It was unfortunate for her. But lost other


diamond lead itself. Danielle Carruthers, she has competed today,


she ended up winning. Interestingly, Sally was distraught afterwards.


Yes, it was sad to see. On reflection, she said to herself at


the end of the day I have had a cracking win and I cannot complain.


She let Danielle Carruthers go on and take it. There is a Carruthers,


she was on the same flight as Colin. Dawn Harper as well, it should be a


with Sarah McGreevy on the inside, Carruthers is getting ready. The


British athletes have a very tough race in terms of the opposition.


The Olympic champion, two medallists, silver and bronze from


World Championships from the USA. Let's look at the start list: the


championships this season, her best set some years ago. She seems


relaxed and enjoying herself. She is next to a former Olympic


champion and bronze-medallist from Harriers club coached by the best


coached in the world, Malcolm Arnold. Danielle Carruthers, second


fastest in the world this year. And the world championship silver-


medallist, 12.47. Sally Pearson, the Australian has won 12.28. It


shows you how good the Australian has been over the course of 2011.


This will be very tough for Great Britain to get in amongst the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


second. 12.74. That is very quick indeed for these conditions. Dawn


Harper really came through strongly at the end. A fine run by both


Americans. The Britons, third and fourth place but that's what we


expected. These two have been almost


inseparable. Harper missed out to Carruthers for the silver medals at


the championships. Carruthers screens and she goes over each


A tremendous performance and race, entertaining the crowd. That is


what she said yesterday. That was the goal. For the US to do a good


job. They are so close, you get to touch their hand. And that is the


difference, face on. I was smiling, but he won the game face! What a


couple of days you have had. I am happy. I have had three hours sleep,


I got here at 1030. I warmed up. I am happy. Have you reflected on


watch achieved last night? really yet! I have not had time to.


I would take a vacation when this is over. Great to see you here,


thank you for coming from Brussels. Bleasdale, four metres, 16. She is


a powerful athlete. Still young. Lots of potential. She goes sailing


over. On paper, she is the best athlete but these are difficult


conditions. You can see some rain lying on the run up. A great effort


by the Blackbird Harrier. She was disappointed with the previous


performance. Four metres, 12, first comfortable. At the higher heights


she may meet on to a stiffer pole. Holly Bleasdale has the advantage


between Holly and Becky. Great Britain have the advantage at the


on the Gateshead side. On the Newcastle side, we are getting


ready for the women's mile. Eight athletes in this, four from each


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


British team is concerned. There Brussels last night. Jenny Meadows,


of course, after the disappointment, she felt she underperformed in


Daegu not making it to the final. She was in a tough semi-final, they


all were. Jenny Meadows looking forward to being tested over longer


distances here. Ms Hannah England is very tired, she said -- she


should start as favourite. It is always interesting to see


Jenny Meadows. It is always interesting to see how they cope


moving up. Jenny says she is getting better over longer


distances. We are yet to see that. Hannah England, a fantastic


performance in the World Championships. She is settling them


down, Helen Clitheroe behind them, a good 10,000 metres earlier in the


year. She has run consistently over the summer. We expect Helen have to


have a shop workout today and to turn out for the first half


marathon tomorrow. Jenny Meadows looks comfortable and controlled.


And a palette of Great Britain on the inside, 400 metres behind them


and the United States getting in amongst them. They look like the


team race, the British athletes. Hannah England has had a busy time


since silver in a Daegu. She went back to Canada for a friend's


wedding last week. She missed out on a couple of racing opportunities


but perhaps saved her best for last night. A good back-up performance


from Hannah England after silver. She said she is looking for the


consistency closer to the four- minute mark which she felt capable


of that has not produced. You expect Hannah England to run


again well today. Helen Clitheroe is experienced athlete, she knows


her way around this distance. She has been consistent over the summer


and will make them run for their money. She is taking on Hannah


England. The British athletes are leaving the four Americans. So far,


two results and the Americans have won both. This could beat Britain's


first win in this match. Helen Clitheroe has decided it is for


real and is testing them. Helen Clitheroe, in the lead, Hannah


England behind. Jenny Meadows who insists she would be a good runner


in the Mile has a chance to prove going that fast, I'm surprised at


that they have opened up a gap like this. Gunner will be the one who


will have the best chance of winning, if she is in this position


medallist, and you can sense that she now has that confidence. That


is what winning a medal does for you. Helen Clitheroe running


strongly, she's determined to keep Jenny Meadows behind her. Looking


over her shoulder, but they're within the last 440 yards. Pallant


has just drifted off the pack. It is between these two now. Helen


Clitheroe looking behind, deciding to make her move. She's having a go


now. Hannah England has not really started kicking yet. There's a


right battle going on for third spot. Jenny Meadows going pretty


well. So, victory assured for Great Britain. Hannah England stretching


away, but Helen Clitheroe still pushing her. Just a couple of


metres between them. Hannah England stretching out a bit, the world


silver medallist, pulling away from her teammate. Helen Clitheroe will


go again tomorrow in the Great North Run, as Brendan was saying.


Hannah England likes this race. This is the third time she has come


to Tyneside and won on the roads. It has been a superb year for her.


What confidence that will give her for next year. She is great talent,


has been for a while. She's finally beginning to realise that talent.


Between these two, Helen Clitheroe stretches, but Hannah England


response. She has to dig deep, because she ran hard last night.


But the difference that medal makes shows here. She knows she can win


this one. And she has got the talent as well. I would suggest


that we are going to be excited about Hannah England running next


year in the Olympic games in London over 1,500m. Jenny Meadows finishes


in fourth. There's the talent and the application. Hannah England


finishing off a great couple of weeks. She really is in great form


now. She wins this race for the third time. A good performance by


heaven Clitheroe, and she will be happy with that. A really good run,


and a busy weekend for Hannah England. It will be busy for Helen


Clitheroe as well. The winning time, 4:39. Not super-fast, but that


doesn't matter. I think our winner, Hannah England, is now with


Jonathan, and Jenny Meadows as well. Jonathan, and Jenny Meadows as well.


That's right. Hannah England, Brendan said in commentary the


difference that a medal makes, try to sum it up, what difference it


has made to you. It is just really fun. Even warming up, people were


still saying congratulations. It is just such a nice thing to have.


Honestly, did you think you could win a medal going into Daegu?


thought maybe if the race went absolutely perfectly. But it did


not hold me back, I still ran with the most confident I could.


have had a busy time since coming back from Daegu. Yes, I went to


Canada to be bridesmaid for my friend, the now based in Brussels


last night. But this is the third year in a row that I have won this


race. Sometimes in your career, you suddenly think, maybe I can achieve


more than I have never achieved before. How do you assess your


situation going into the winter? know I'm doing the right thing. I


have got confidence, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.


Hopefully I will get into that Olympic final in the best shape


possible. Jenny Meadows, just to bring you in. Obviously, a very


different experience in Daegu for you - what do you look back on,


what do you make of it? The 800m this year was a very, very strong


event. Obviously, I was hoping to get a medal in the championships,


so not to make the final was a massive disappointment. It is easy


to make rash decisions and think, it is back to the drawing board.


But in reality I don't think I did much wrong. Just a couple of


changes, just to make that 1% difference. I need a bit of a


bigger buffer zone to make for a qualify for the semi-finals.


Running 1:59, like I did, who are still a world-class time, but you


need to be running 1:57 consistently, to give yourself that


buffer. Today was the first part of the plan to helping me improve next


year. My coach thinks I need a bit more strength. I'm sure this 1 Mile


Robles gave me that today! Maybe I will do some indoors, to a couple


of 1,500s, take the emphasis off running fast all the year round,


making sure I peak for the Championship. Well done to both of


you. We are going to go over to the other side of the River Tyne now.


Over to Phil Jones. Thanks. I'm here with world


champion, yet again, Dwight Phillips, getting ready for the


long jump. I wonder what you think of the set up here? It is


definitely a great set-up. It is a great atmosphere, to bring


athletics to the street. The casual fans, we can gain more fans from it,


so it is great. What about this raised have run up, and how that


affects you. It is cool, it is not quite long enough for my approach,


but I'm going to give it a go. what about the prospects of this


being seen in the big cities in the United States? It would be great to


bring this format to the United States. Athletics is one of the


biggest sports there, running is one of the biggest sports, and this


would gain a lot of momentum for our spot in the USA. It is great to


see you being a part of it here. Well done again on the world title.


Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. one world champion to another, next


up, it is Mo Farah. He has been on Tyneside for a couple of days doing


some promotional work. Phil Jones caught up with him.


If somebody said to me, you will be world champion, I would definitely


take that. To come away with gold and silver, it is absolutely


amazing. It is what an athlete's athletics career is all about,


getting as many medals as you can. It is very exciting moving towards


2012. I have got to keep doing what I do, not getting carried away by


anything. We always thought you had the talent but maybe not the belief.


In the past we talked and you said, I hope I can do that. But that has


all changed, you are the man. I am putting that behind me. As an


athlete, you have got to be confident. I am a lot more


confident. I have had a great year. I am happy how it has gone. But it


is all about 2012, so just, keep training, keep injury-free. But


confidence has made a big difference. As for being back home


now, this is your official competitive homecoming this weekend


- how are you looking forward to taking part here, in the 2 Mile?


am really looking forward to it, I have always competed here, this is


going to be my fifth but also this will be my last race, so it will be


nice to get it out of the way, hopefully end on a high, and then


enjoy my time off. You will get another fantastic reception from


the crowd, no doubt. They have been fantastic all year. Yes, there's a


lot of guys out there and some supporting. Here, anybody can come


along and support. They do not need tickets, it is great. It will be a


nice battle for us with the USA. STEVE CRAM: What a year it has been


so far for Mo Farah. Can he rounded off in style here on Tyneside? He's


the man they have really come to see, I think. This 2 Mile event


starts on our side of the river, just up from us, just down by The


Sage. In this sort of company, for Mo Farah, the two miles should not


be any problem whatsoever. But he has been a bit tired these last


couple of weeks, because of the fact that he is the world champion,


which brings with it a whole host of interview requests, people


wanting to spend time with him, TV shows, radio shows, etc. He's


polishing his sunglasses now. BRENDAN FOSTER: He is polishing his


sunglasses. You always have to do that when you come to Tyneside,


Steve! Well, we have not quite seen the sun yet, not quite, anyway.


None of those names, with all due respect, would-be athletes to


frighten Mo Farah. But I'm sure they will be enjoying the


opportunity to run against Mo. Maybe afterwards we will be able to


get his thoughts on Kenenisa Bekele last night, mind you! Brendan and


myself and have no the whole of Great Britain have been waiting a


long time for what we saw this summer. Last summer was great, but


this summer has been, well, almost unbelievable. The world best time


in the 10,000m at the beginning of the summer. That set the tongues


wagging, could he win the World Championships? He went brilliantly


in Monaco over 5,000m. Then the question was, how will he go in the


double? Brilliant race in the 10,000, just losing out, but then


coming back in fantastic style to take the gold medal in the final of


much you will have enjoyed, as much as anybody else, the performances


are macro on the track this year, but particularly the fact that he


turned it into a world title in the end. Everyone was saying it was


going to be difficult. Yes, and I thought he had a great chance in


the 10,000m. He beat many big names in that. But unfortunately, he


found a young Ethiopian who was faster than him on the last lap


that day. But the thing for me was the way he came back and recovered


from that 10,000m. He has got a fantastic team around him. I marvel


at what they did and how he came back. He was even better when he


came back a couple of days later in the 5,000m, then he had been in the


10,000m. It was a real pleasure to watch a British athlete winning a


world title. Mo Farah has been promising a lot. He has had a long


journey, starting from the time when his schoolmaster found him out


at Feltham Community College, and then helped him along. And then


Alan Storey, then UK Athletics took over. At the end of the day, he's


so excited about next year. He was here yesterday, he could not


believe how many people, including the athletes, came to was for his


autograph. Jo Pavey came and asked for his autograph and he thought


she was joking. She said, no, I'm not. He would not give her his


autograph, by the way! STEVE CRAM: The other thing is how


much of a journey he has been on, as a person. He was an exuberant


character as a youngster. He will admit that he was not always as


focused as he might be. In the last to or three years, he has been a


very, very good athlete for six or seven years, he should have one the


European Championships back in 2006, but he's a different person now.


has got so much confidence now. I remember as a kid, we were


commentating on the world cross- country in Ostend, and he was one


of the favourites, and he finished 17th. He came and knocked on the


door of the commentary box, when we were commentating on Paula


Radcliffe. He said, I have just finished 17th, do you want to


interview me? That is why a lot of the athletes love Mo, because he


has been a character in the team Farah enjoying the chance to run in


front of a British crowd. He is going to Somalia to visit relatives


after this. A bit of a break before back into heavy training for next


year. A couple of weeks off, he said he was overawed by the


reaction. He said he went to Arsenal and in the changing an area,


someone asked for his autograph. He is a modest young man, personable


and such a talent over the years. We have been waiting for this to


happen, it has happened better than we dreamed. It could not happen to


a nicer guy. He is getting used to enjoying the crowd cheering him on.


They are coming up to the mile.. Then, they would take off from


there. Andy Vernon are struggling a little bit. He is another world


champion, he won the World Student Games in the summer. He has had a


good summer. A personal best over 5,000 metres. Getting tails of a


little bit. This is the second time over the Millennium Bridge. They


really are being stretched out now. Mo Farah, no problem for him. But,


the others... JJ Jegede and Jeff Mo Farah, he is having a gay which


is good to see. When you get an athlete at the top of his form, you


know he has been moving around the celebrity circuit but he has been


training as well. You know he will be on the down after World


Championships. If you are a distance runner, you want to take a


chance. Ryan is stretching Mo Farah. -- Brian Olinger. The crowd will be


the past. We have seen in here on good days and bad days. Today, he


is happy to enjoy it. Turning under the Tyne Bridge, they will swing


round to come across the swing bridge. The athletes swinging


across there and Mo Farah is now in the position he wants to beat. We


know how fast he is at the finish. He is definitely going to make this


a big occasion by producing a sprint finish. He is being


stretched, he is probably hurting a bit. Distance running does hurt. He


has not used his sunglasses yet! He is moving into overdrive. It has


been a good effort from Brian screen and the cry went up when Mo


Farah hit the front. He is not too far away, working hard. Glancing


over his shoulder. A quarter of a mile to go. When he gets within our


side, you will hear a big roar from the crowd. It will be a pleasure to


welcome home the gold-medallist from the World Championships. Mo


Farah, European it double winner. Silver in 10,000 metres. Gold in


5,000 metres. It is a pleasure to reel off those titles. Now, he is


in his glory days. You do not get many of these in your career, let's


hope the purple patch last for a few more years. Mo Farah, easing


his way to victory. He has won on three occasions. It will be a


fairly comfortable fourth victory. Not exactly unexpected. Jeff See


takes third spot at the moment. A little look behind. He blows kisses


and waste to the crowd. What a wonderful reception. Great


Britain's world champion coming place. J C taking third. -- Brian


Olinger in second, Jeff See taking third. Mo Farah can put his feet up


for a while. He has been enjoying some of the plaudits. A little bit


more attention and celebration for him over the next few months. Then,


back to hard work and looking forward to summer next year. We


will be hoping he can reproduce this form. He will not be blowing


kisses in London 2012 but fantastic if he did! We want to know he is


back and ready and on great form. He has renewed confidence as world


champion. A little wave from the medallists, the 5,000-metre


champion wins the two mile race. Another victory today, but slightly


different for you today. I wanted to come back home, I love Newcastle.


A great crowd here. You need a break and deserve it! What does the


next few weeks hold? A break and then slowly start the season slowly.


A how good he does your mind turn to next year? Definitely, you have


to forget about it and focus and 2012. It is a big year. I have to


stay positive and do what I'm doing. How are you enjoying the attention,


I noticed the swirl of attention? Yes, nice to see so many people


giving the support. I really appreciate the support.


appreciate you being here. Thank Well done to him. If they


comfortable run. Brian Olinger had There were a few star turns last


night in Brussels in the sprint. 100 metres and 200 metres, we start


with the 100. Usain Bolt world's leading time. Struggling a little


bit. Yes, he has been struggling all year, his start has not been


explosive. Usain Bolt is critical of his own performances. He looks


seriously at what he is doing. He struggled out of the blocks. We


know he is tall and rangy but he takes time to get into his running.


He was up against someone he knows knows the first three or four


strides of his 100 metres is a vital to take on his training


partner. 9.76 was what he was chasing. He was eclipsed. It is not


often you say that about Usain Bolt. Blake, 1926. The Usain Bolt told


him how to run their race. speed at which he finishes over the


last 50 metres is incredible. This guy looked like he could carry on.


Everyone after Usain Bolt said it was down to his village large --


physiological make-up. Blake has thrown it into the dustbin and said


I don't care. I can train and run serious times. Let's look forward


to next year. Tyson Gay will be coming back and the Jamaicans. We


could see a final with four guys going under 1905. And he could have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


beaten the world record, amazing to go back to the top of the


leaderboard. This is a team event as well. Reasonable conditions


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


to the season for Harry. He goes back to preparing for the Olympic


selection next year. Maximum points for Great Britain. They will lead


the United States in the team match, 3-2 at this moment in time. The


crowd having a brilliant time. They are watching on the giant screens


as well. A good run considering some of us had the luxury of a


9:30am flight from Brussels. He had to get up at 5:00am to go via


Amsterdam. A long route. A good performance, to be honest. A


following wind. Christian working hard to stay with him. The


sprinters were disappointing in Daegu generally speaking. A good


A new lifetime best for Jeff Porter. The first and second-placed


athletes are with Phil Jones now. A bit of friendly rivalry there?


course, we like to beat each other. I'm odd enough to talk for myself


now. I can give him a bit of stick. Don't pick on me, I am the old guy.


It cannot last the whole season. How did you think you performed?


was all right. I ran in Brussels yesterday, so, really happy to get


off the plane and have some fun here. Once again, it goes to show


what kind of event this is. When you look around you, it is amazing.


It brings a different dimension to athletics. You have been around a


long time, and this is the best crowd we have seen down here. I'm


sorry! This is the best crowd we have seem a here, you must think


this will just grow and grow? is amazing. I came here when it


first started, and it has come on leaps and bounds. This would be


perfect in Cardiff. Cardiff council, if you're listening, we have got to


have this event. This is a fantastic competition, and a but a


4.27. Becky Holliday drives that Barre in. Yes. It was Holly


Bleasdale who had the advantage at 4.12, but now it is Becky Holliday,


at 4.27. Absolutely superb, by the American former gymnast. She took


up pole vaulting after she finished her gymnastics career. She had been


very successful at gymnastics. She changed at the age of 16. She's 31


now, and in the best form of her life. She has done for 0.60 this


make sure she gets this height. Becky Holliday has got the


advantage at the moment. A little bit of wind... Very powerful runner.


Close, but not close enough. So, the American Becky Holliday


definitely has the advantage. STEVE CRAM: now, we go all the way


to the top of the track for the 150m, and we have a stellar field


in this women's race. We will be seeing the world 100m champion, so


here. She was also performing in Brussels last night. We would like


to see our British sprinters doing a bit better on the world level,


but the American sprinters have had a really, really good season.


Carmelita Jeter finally getting that world title. She has wanted it,


but it has been denied by various people over the last three or four


years. She has been Supreme for most of this season. 10.76 last


night. Colin was saying that might even have been her best run of the


year. So, a tough task for Britain's best here. Aniyka Onuora


certainly came away from Daegu with her head held high. Abi Oyepitan,


and Dawn Harper, who we saw early pretty well, got to the semi-final


in Daegu, about as good as would have been expected for her.


Carmelita Jeter, second in the 200m, but the gold medal in the 100m,


which was what she really wanted, and of course gold in the relay.


She had another battle last night against Veronica Campbell-Brown.


But she was so strong in the latter part of the race. Abi Oyepitan,


still really on the comeback trail. She has not quite moved on this


summer, which might be a bit of a disappointment for her. But it is


good to see her here. And Dawn Harper, for the second time, full


of smiles. She will not be able to hang on to as a here, I would not


think, unless Carmelita Jeter is very, very tired. She was on our


flight, and looked a little Felipe, but why not? I'm sure she will be


wide awake year. The world best for a straight 150m, set in Manchester


a couple of years ago, set by Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, could


the moment. Carmelita Jeter has got some work to do. But now, Carmelita


Jeter turns it up a couple of years, and moves ahead of the rest. Aniyka


Onuora gets second. 16.51, which would technically be a world best


for a straight 150m. I think the wind reading was OK, just looking


around for confirmation. Yes, it is. It looked to me as if she only


really got going with 70 metres to go. She suddenly realised she had


better get a move on. I think when Phil Jones talked to her, she might


confirm that she really did take it easy out of the blocks. On the far


side, Aniyka Onuora, and Abi Oyepitan, both of them ahead. But


then the class of Carmelita Jeter showed. She always looks relaxed.


16.50, the time has been confirmed. If ever you want to take up


sprinting, this is the way to do it. Carmelita Jeter, world champion and


one of the big favourites for an a Olympic title. We can find out just


how easy it was, or how difficult, how easy it was, or how difficult,


with Phil Jones. We have just been watching the race


back. What did you think? I have never run a 150 before. It was


definitely different. I'm excited to be here. I heard you only just


flew in this morning? Yes, I flew in about three hours ago from


Boston. How did you get your body right for the race? I tried to get


as much rest as possible last night. I'm really just running off


adrenalin right now. Good an exhausted but I wanted to be part


of this. Now, is it time for reflection on what you have


achieved this year? I will go home and sit down and reflect on


everything. You have done us proud throughout the year, racing in


Britain. Yet another victory today, and we look forward to 2012.


definitely looking forward to to the under 12 as well. Thank you so


much for having me. -- looking forward to 2012.


STEVE CRAM: It is a long season for the Americans. They have their


collegiate trials at the beginning of the season. She has done really


well to maintain high standards we have the long jump, and a


beautiful amphitheatre for everybody to enjoy it. This is


Jeremy Hicks of the United States. Good take-off, sales through the


air. This gives the spectators an absolutely Birds Eye view of just


how fast these guys run. 7.84, good start for the American, Jeremy


Hicks. We have seen the women over 150m, and now we are going to see


the men over the same distance. I think one of the most unlucky men


in world athletics at the minute would have to be Walter Dix. Double


Olympic sprint bronze medallist, double world champion, but got


absolutely thrashed last night by the world 100m champion, Yohan


in Zurich. Walter Dix, ran the fourth fastest time in history for


the 200m last night, but got beaten by a couple of metres by Yohan


Blake. It will be very interesting to see how fast he can go. Marlon


Devonish, 35 years old now, difficult to believe. He has been


around for such a long time. The British record-holder for this


distance, 14.88. And finally, another very fine the Prime


Minister from the USA, Maurice Mitchell. The US Collegiate


Champion over 200m this year. Even in the World Championships, in the


heats, and also in the relay. But of course, the USA did not fit in


that dramatic final, in the 4x100, so they did not get a medal. But an


intriguing line-up. The experience of Marlon Devonish, and Walter Dix,


one of the fastest combination sprinters, over 100m and 200m, the


world has ever seen. The world record, 14.35, by Usain Bolt in


2009. Marlon Devonish gets away well. Walter Dix has got work to do.


Maurice Mitchell on this side going well. But here comes the class of


Walter Dix of the USA. Absolutely flying. 14.65, unofficially. That


could well be the third fastest time in history. I'm sure, like


Carmelita Jeter, following an early flight this morning, a bit shorter


than Jeter, because he only had to come from Brussels, but nonetheless,


he was looking sharp. STEVE CRAM: I think he's still in


shock from that race last night. The's capable of running faster


than he did here today, but nonetheless it was a good run.


Marlon Devonish will not be far off his best ever. In fact I think he


may have just nicked a hundredth off his British best. Walter Dix,


now the fourth fastest man ever at 200m, but he was still a long way


200m, but he was still a long way from winning yesterday. Over to


Phil Jones. Walter Dix, first of all,


congratulations on that amazing performance last night. Now, you


have had time to reflect on it, what did you think of it? It's


definitely going in the right direction with my training,


progress for 2012. I found some flaws in my race last night, which


will set me up perfectly for next year. It gives me a great sense of


achievement, a great sense of motivation. Marlon Devonish, if we


can bring you in, as a great athlete through the years, what was


your take on what happened last night, Yohan Blake decimating his


personal best? Absolutely phenomenal. I watched it, and I


thought, oh, man, I'm up against Walter Dix tomorrow! Absolutely


amazing. I do not mind getting beaten by somebody who can run that


quick. I was in the mix for a while, but... Has for this particular race,


what is your take on what it is doing for athletics in this


country? It is great, it is important to have a different angle


on athletics. You have got the track, you have got cross country,


but this is a nice new angle. You can see, it is a massive crowd.


They get to feel the essence of how quick we are running. Yes, coming


through the last 50, I could feel the crowd starting to lift me


through, because I was starting to feel tired. It definitely helped me.


Back on the north side of the River Tyne, we can go back to the long


jump now. This is the fifth longest jumper in history, Dwight Phillips


of the USA. But he has been having some problems with his run-up. He


has done a lot of fouls. He stuttered into that one as well. I


hope he is not injured. He's looking a little bit out of sorts.


It has been a busy season. This event who are still being led by


his teammate, Jeremy Hicks. But unfortunately is another foul for


We have been discussing, different surface for the athletes, they are


used to running on algal services but here it is like indoors. Yes,


and she can take more speed. For Dwight Phillips, he hits the board


with such speed. The timing has to be perfect. He is coming off a


surprise world championship win. We thought he was injured as well, he


was fantastic. He is probably a little bit flat. One event left to


go. The trophy has already gone to America. It wasn't like last year


when Andy Turner won a to beat Australia. He has had a good year.


His last 18 months have been a sensational, as far as I'm


concerned he can sit back and say he has done well and let's prepare


for 2012. To deliver again a great performance. Like lots of athletes


here, an interesting journey to get in Gateshead.


It has been quite a journey for you. Yes, I raced in Slovakia last night.


I have to get up at 1:40am to get a bus to Vienna airport, a flight to


Brussels and from Brussels to here. A baggage trolley crashed into the


plane so we were delayed in Brussels. It has been a long trip!


Hopefully, tomorrow will be worth it. These particular events have


been did you over the years. Some great success. Yes, I seem to run


well at these events. It is nice to take athletics out on the street to


a completely new crowd here do not necessarily know everything about


athletics. They just see how fast people can run and high how -- how


high the hurdles of. It is nice to be so close to them. It gives you


extra... It makes me run faster. I love it! Tomorrow will be


A great year for Andy Turner and also for the eventual world


championship, Jason Richardson. it was impressive to see him. We


recognised he was a consistent hurdler which will be the most


important thing when people are under pressure. His coach John


Smith has had many 110 metres hurdlers and I am surprised he did


not have a world champion until this man. He has worked hard and


produced a good hurdler. He will be quite a threat next year in 2012.


Steve Cram would describe the race for us but first confirmation of


As far as the 150 metres was concern, the third fastest time


ever for Walter Dix. As he said, in great shape to go back to the USA


to train. Marlon Devonish in second place. Maurice Mitchell in third.


Nothing we can do about the American victory, we have saved the


best quality race to the end. William Sharman, David Oliver, Andy


Turner and Jason Richardson. A good line-up. Sharman, a decent


performance in Daegu overlooked by Andy Turner's medal. And building


on his Commonwealth silver from last year. I know he is still not


happy with where he is at. He is setting high standards for himself.


A bit of a way to go to get close to the medals. What has gone wrong


with David Oliver? Superb in first half of the season, looking out of


well, he has not been bragging. He said he does not like to brag. The


high hurdles of full of dramas. This man, Jason Richardson, is the


world champion. He had a good run in Zurich and Zagreb. Maintaining


his form. He will be wanting to Tennant and -- Andy Turner and Will


close view of the precision came out of the block before they


went off. A good view of it from behind them. Let's see what the


Marks & Spencer's. Although was slowed. Aquarius. Not even rising


yet. As he comes up, watch and he turn his back foot. The back for it


is what has triggered the false start. -- what is the starter


marksman going to say? A green card. Interesting. It is a bit of fun as


well. Maybe some leeway allowed by the starters marksman. I think all


of the was slow to rise. -- all that the rules are that a false


start, immediate disqualification normally. It is up to the


clipping some of the hurdles. He has been suffering with a sore


Achilles. Richardson, if you said at the start of the season, he


would be able to win it dominantly over David Oliver he would have


looked at you with surprise. He really has developed as the year


has gone on. And certainly vindicating the title of the


world's best here today. Absolutely. 13.16, that would


surprise the American. Andy Turner had problems. David Oliver perhaps


having one of his best races for while. That is a new City Games


record beating Andy Turner last Jason, a fine victory. It is


amazing, I love the idea. What a year you have had. Can you believe


it? A great season, consistent season. This is another element to


that. I could not ask for more. At this level, you lose the team


aspect. We you spread the word back then? Absolutely, Facebook and


Good to see him and another good There is the match score. USA


taking the trophy with seven points. Alongside me we have the British


captain and the world champion. You have enough trophies this year! A


remarkable year, at the beginning we showed a video in Edinburgh in


January in the freezing cold, could you have imagined he would be


standing here having achieved what you have? Not at all. If you said


to me after Edinburgh you can have one medal I would have settled for


that but to come away with two, I am over the moon. How difficult was


it coming back after the 10,000 metres, everybody said, you


anticipated winning, how tough was it? Really tough. Well across the


line, coming so close to gold, talking to my coach, going through


things. I wanted it so badly. saw some fantastic sprinting but a


great 10,000 metres. Bekele back on form. Did it affect you? The


greatest distance runner the world has seen. How do feel? It was great


to see some come back from injury, he is a great athlete. Watching the


race I was surprised he ran the time. At the world's he could not


finish it and was in good shape. It is unbelievable, the turn around. I


was pleased with my training partner. I knew all along he could


run close to what I run. I was so pleased about it. A fantastic year,


stunning to watch you. Get voting for this man for Sports personality


of the year. No trophy for my Ferrar, there goes to the Americans.


Dwight Phillips, a very good win for the Americans. It was an


endorsement of the format. Yes, they have a thoroughly enjoyed


themselves. For most, it's a new experience. They are happy to talk


and congratulate the meeting. It has been a real positive think for


the event. How much have you enjoyed it? As a punter, it's


fantastic. To see these guys running, and Mo Farah, fantastic to


be here. We are back on air tomorrow for the Great North Run.


9:30am. Mo Farah will be starting in up. Something to look for two.


Tens of thousands running as normal. Next weekend, Paula Radcliffe back


Following us next on BBC One, Rebecca Adlington featuring. And


after that, the triathlon from Beijing. Fantastic scenes on the


quayside. The junior games are still going on, coverage of that


Jonathan Edwards presents live coverage of the Great North City Games from the Newcastle/Gateshead quayside, as world-class athletes from Great Britain and Northern Ireland take on the USA. In 2010 the home nation recorded an exciting 5-4 victory over Australia when Andy Turner won the final event, the 110m hurdles. The competition promises to be just as tight this year.