European Cross Country Championships Athletics

European Cross Country Championships

Highlights of the European Cross Country Championships from Chia, Sardinia.

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Welcome to highlights of the 2016 European Cross Country


Championships. I don't know about you but when I think of


cross-country I think of mud and went conditions and there was nobody


better at it than Paula Radcliffe, welcome. What can we look forward


to? Good racing, traditionally a very happy hunting ground for us


going to the European Cross Country Championships. Expect more of the


same from the under 20, the under 23 and a senior women. What is


refreshing this year is we have the strongest team we have had for a


good few years, in the senior men's team read by Callum Hawkins and Andy


Butchart coming off the back of a great summer for both of them.


Exciting to see them going in so strong. Great Britain have enjoyed a


lot of success in this event over the years, in fact last year topping


the medal table for the 13th year in a row.


Lots of prospects for British medals.


It's going to be a silver medal for Harriet Knowles-Jones. Taking the


silver medal. Very successful day once more for Great Britain.


Jonathan Davies takes the gold medal for Great Britain.


This years event is in Chia on the Italian island of Sardinia. Men's


and women's races over various distances, for junior, and 23 and


the seniors with two medals up for grabs. The courses pretty flat and


fast, a couple of man-made obstacles, nothing much to trouble


the athletes. Here are some people hoping to do well.


Time for the senior men's race, with the conditions being so warm and


sunny we can expect a really fast race. The British team with the team


captain Andy Butchart, great character. Callum Hawkins as well,


they have been training, Andy Butchart ran away with the trials.


Andy Vernon, Ross Millington behind. Debbie Griffiths. Very strong team.


The Great North Run a couple of years ago, almost gave Mo Farah


affright. Senior men under way. As ever the


cavalry charge of the first 100 metres, never ceases to amaze me


that everyone seems to want to join in but it's a flat and fast course,


really good conditions, summer weather in Sardinia and Andy


Butchart, well to the four already, what I year he has had in 2016,


everyone hoping, particularly he is, that he can continue it. Callum


Hawkins already up there as well. There will be a real challenge from


Turkey, former Kenyan is running for them, particularly Meryem


Great Britain looking to the leaders, then looking for the likes


of Andy Vernon who will always run well in this race, always produces a


good, strong performance. This is a fast start, fast running. These two


short laps completed and out on the big labs now. Grabbing it by the


scruff of the neck. I don't think they have done too much together in


terms of training. But they are well prepared. They had a good tussle at


the trials. Callum did exactly this, went out hard but Andy Butchart a


comfortable winner in the end. Interesting to see how this pans


out. They are both very different, very different personalities and how


they will attack the training and racing, even the styles are


different. Callum Hawkins, you can see how well-suited he is the


marathon running, very economical, contrast that with Andy Butchart's


he almost bounces. It's all so very economical and service really well.


I think on ground like this it can be an advantage because you're not


putting too much of your foot to risk turning the ankle on some of


the lumps in the course. I don't know if I would rather see them


sitting back or is it good to see them taking it to the Turkish


athletes and trying to seize control? Certainly they are not


letting themselves be dominated in any way in this early stage. Andy


Vernon leading the chasing group which is good from a British


perspective. They are all not too far. From a team race they are


following suit, started aggressively, so far so good. Callum


Hawkins just starting to get dropped, Andy Vernon dropping back a


little bit in the group he was controlling as well so he needs to


keep working but a great run from the Griffiths backed up right behind


him by Conner. He was in 17th at the last count but it's the Spanish


athletes ahead of Andy Vernon, he was ahead of them. He has to try to


work with them, stay with that group. Callum Hawkins back on the


back here, back in touch. I am going to go on and on about this transfer


of allegiance, we have Aras Kaya, he ran in the steeplechase.


The sport,, it is not need to see what name you should have, but Aras


Kaya, steeplechaser now running and running well, only got his


allegiance in June this year, not long before the championships. He


went to the Olympics but did not make it out of his heats. He is


running and controlling it with Arikan at the minute. One of the


Spaniards moving through. He went off hard so he might drop. Callum


Hawkins going to the front. Fortunes have switched between Andrew


Butchart and Callum Hawkins, Callum Hawkins turning the screw and asking


questions of the Turkish athletes and Andy Butchart who is struggling


to keep focus, it's a bit over distance for him. It's not the same


as a 10,000 metres or 10K on the road. When he has predominantly


raced over 5000 metres it's a bit of a step up in terms of endurance


Callum Hawkins will have the edge but if he can stay in contact Andy


Butchart has the edge. This is interesting, in the trial at


Liverpool, once it settled down, Callum Hawkins try to run hard from


the front. Andy was able to move away with ease almost. I just wonder


today if he got carried away a little bit, this is probably the


first time he has gone to an event with everyone looking at him,


everyone asking what he has got. I just wonder, we both raised a bit of


an eyebrow as we see the team standings, much closer between Great


Britain and Spain. We thought it was fast and Callum now it has settled


down, his endurance coming through, Andy Butchart looking behind


already, they are well ahead, but it's going to be a long slog in the


lonely fourth place for him. Really interesting shift of hierarchy if


you like, the marathon runner against the track runner and at the


moment the marathon runner looking better. Is it a good time that he is


looking tired and moving back, Mechaal?


Let's hope Andy can compose himself, he's a very tough and brave runner,


we have seen him look in trouble in races on the track and then be able


to find something more and fight back but he's in no man's land. It's


much easier for Callum with the other runners behind him. All three


men in Rio, Callum Hawkins in the marathon, and Aras Kaya in the


steeplechase, that is what Cross country does, brings together all


the disciplines. It's a shame that the world Cross country has been


affected so much partly by the transfer of allegiance rules which


are so lax and allow lots of Kenyans and Eritreans to run for other


countries and make it difficult for European teams and European


individual athletes to contest and figure in a way they used to. Nobody


minds getting beaten by a good Kenyan but when you are racing


against 15 or 20 of them because they represent different countries


that cannot be a good thing for a cross-country as a sport. It's


something we keep going on about but it's because we love cross-country


running and at this level something needs to be done about that rule in


particular because it's the single biggest reason I think quite a lot


of the European and other countries have decided not to contest. Look


here, Great Britain, it is great when your team wins, you get an


individual medal, fighting hard further down the field to win a


medal but they cannot that here. Callum Hawkins in a lonely third


spot, the two Turkish athletes moving away from him, Andy Butchart


his team-mate behind him in fourth. A brave effort from Callum Hawkins,


led at first by Andy Butchart, but he picked up the mantle of trying to


take the race to the Kenyan Turkish athletes and these two are well


ahead of the rest of the European team. Andy Vernon leading the


Spanish men, that will be a crucial battle as far as the team race is


concerned. We have three British athletes before the first Spanish


athlete but the Spanish have four together. Whether it is Griffiths or


Connor, the fourth British man will be crucial. There is Ben Connor.


It's hard to see him picking up a couple places isn't it? But... I


cannot see much change in with the top five, certainly. Then it's all


about those places in the last lap. Spain with four men between Andy


Vernon and the next counter for Great Britain. These are the team


standings at the beginning of the last lap, just five points between


Spain, Turkey improving all the time. All to play for on the last


lap. Callum Hawkins guard, Andy Butchart tiring in fourth place.


Could come under pressure from Carvalho. Decent cushion to the


Frenchman. That looks more than enough for even an tiring Andy


Butchart to hold onto. In fact, where has he gone? Andy Vernon


moving into fifth place in fact. Look at Andy Vernon, strong as ever.


Had a good run here last year, Andy Vernon, the last British athlete to


get a medal in these championships in the senior men forging on. If he


can finish ahead of the Spanish athletes it will do the team cause


an awful lot of good. But at the front a bit of a surprise because


it's Aras Kaya, the steeplechaser, former Kenyan now running for


Turkey. Only given clearance to run for them this July. The Turkish flag


waving, it's going to be a 1- to for them. Polat Kemboi Arikan who won


this race two years ago, this time he has to play second fiddle to Aras


Kaya who takes the gold medal for Turkey and is the European Cross


Country Championships to our wonderful and brilliant strong,


brave bronze medal for Callum Hawkins who finishes top Brit. He


and Andy Butchart, the two Scots attacked hard from the beginning.


Andy, fourth place, Pete Hawkins in the trials. And the timing his


efforts supremely well. In issuing in fifth place. That will be an


anxious wait for the three reddish men as they turn around to see who


will cross the line. Where is Connor, Griffiths... Three Spanish


athletes coming in. It will come down to 1-2 points in the end, Great


Britain leading the team race at the start of the last lap, Salami got


ahead of Connor. Gritting his teeth. Making sure no one comes past him.


Connor may well have given written a good chance of the gold medal.


Griffiths coming in just a couple of places behind. One very tired


athletes. That was Kabbalah who dropped back. It is a Turkish number


one and two, Kaya winning ahead of Arakan. A surprise, Hawkins taking


the bronze medal at ahead of Andy Butchart and Andy Vernon. Connor,


good performance finishing 16th. Great Britain looking like they will


be confirmed as the gold-medallists in the team race. Close in the end.


At surge from Andy Vernon in particular getting ahead of the


Spanish athletes making it a four point victory for Great Britain and


Northern Ireland. Turkey improving dramatically to get the bronze.


Ready to go, the senior women under way. A test of eight kilometres.


Flat and fast. Great Britain will be hoping that today, individually and


in the team race, they can perform well. I think the team is a very


good team. A lot of people said at the trials it wasn't perhaps the


strongest but look at the experience, that may well be the


case but given the standard of the field, they have every opportunity.


With the experience of Steph Twell and Gemma Steel, one or two others


are hoping to back them up. No real out and out favourites in this race.


Finola MacCormack from Ireland well to the fore. The Turks will


definitely be a danger. Can. Grovdal of Norway well to the fore. Bobocel


from Romania settling down. Got out well. The two former Kenyan


athletes, running for a turkey information, almost. I think, a


second remaining athlete moving up, packing well at this stage. They had


that little short lap, 500 metres. Onto the long lap, round about 1500


metres, five long laps ahead of them. The Brits, a little further


back. Two Turkish athletes. They are at the front. Have decided not to


hang around too much. Well spread out. You can see Gemma Steel and


Steph Twell perhaps being caught out a little bit in the sense that they


sat back and are trying to move through fairly quickly, they are


running together. Pippa Woolven and Katrina Wootton, married recently.


That is going to be crucial. The Turkish runners set out with real


intent. This is a familiar, I don't know... The former Kenyan athlete,


closest to the camera, only giving Kieran Steer run for Turkey in


March. The IAAF have had other sorts of things to do with but they have


to get a grasp on this change of allegiance scenario which is still


going on. And I know the rules are the rules, we have had people change


allegiance to Great Britain but when people move and live in a country,


we have got people who have done not but when you do that and you are


still spending all your time in your former country, as one or two of


these do, to use an example, let's try and construct the race little


bit. MacCormack, Grovdal, Twell making her way through. Gemma Steel


having a much better run. Then I think it's about Walden coming


through. The one going not quite so well, a really good trial race,


Charlotte Arter. She was really good in the trial.


Here is the battle for third. Finola had a big win recently. Beaten


12-macro Ethiopians and runners from Kenny, doesn't look like she will be


able to take on these two today. There she is, Grovdal behind her,


with another good year. It's good when you watch young athletes, as


juniors, progress and keep progressing, keep getting better.


She picked up a medal in the European 10,000 metre Championships


last year. But she is gradually moving up to the longer distances


and things as well, the half marathon. Contesting that bronze


medal behind these two. Can, Akda, well ahead. Forcing the pace. Steph


Twell in that little group, Bobocel still in there, doing well. Finola


MacCormack of Ireland leading the chase group. Grovdal from Norway,


Steph Twell looking strong. Working hard to stay with them. Bobocel


happy to let others do the work. The gap looks as though it might


increase. The European 5000 and 10,000 metre


champion from Turkey in the lead at the moment. From her team-mate whose


trying to hang onto her as much as she can. Ireland doing well,


McGeehan, the 1500 metres specialist moving well through the field. Great


Britain keeping Turkey inside but it will come down to the battle is a


little bit further down the field. On that lap, Kaya moving up to 16th,


up there with Pippa Woolven. Britain could do with Wootton and


Wilson working together. A lot of good athletes on the field.


MacCormack who was at the front of the group, now Bobocel who's gone


back and trying to ask questions of the three others in the group and


see if she can get rid of one of those. Is it Finola struggling to


hang on or is it because she was moving wide to find better ground?


No doubt about the leader, contributing moving her way from her


compatriot, whichever way you look at it and opening up the gap. Actor


starting to fatigue, I don't think she's ever in any danger of being


caught by the group behind her, but the gap consistently growing. Here


it is. A real scrap. Good names, good athletes on the track. And I


think Finola particularly is thinking, I have got to shake off


and put my foot down and try and shake the soft. She is no slouch at


the end, she will fight hard. But she will be worried about the


closing speed all of one or two of the others. It shows the key point,


the key interest of cross country and it's bringing together the


distances. Finola moving up to the marathon but known for her Cross


Country pedigree, Steph went to the Olympic Games, world junior champion


over 1500 metres and battling it out, still all to play for in the


closing stages. Gemma Steel, moving well, Katrina Wootton behind her.


You have Pippa Woolven there, Kaya from Turkey in between them, but


that was 16th, Katrina 14th, they have Kaya between them, also where


Steph Twell finishes in this group, eight points behind Turkey. We


entered the closing stages. No doubt about the gold-medallist. Can, right


out in front. The battle for the bronze medal is on. Those four


locked together. Gemma Steel trying to give chase a little further back


but gaps behind these four and with Turkey in positions number one and


two, cubicle. Grovdal trying to break this group up, a big surge


from the Norwegian. Steph Twell not quite able to respond. Grovdal


making her first real bid out of that group for the bronze medal. And


it's a significant one. Steph Twell trying to hang on. Look at this from


Grovdal. I think what we are seeing from her at this year is a renewed


confidence. Maybe she has kicked a little bit too early but I think


she's timed it right, a strength she hasn't had in previous years as


she's grown older and worked on her strength and that's what's helping


her over the closing stages but no doubt about the winner. She won two


titles on the track at 5000 and 10,000 metres, the first time she


worry best for Turkey and now she is the European cross-country champion,


she and her team-mate will come through to take the silver medal.


These two a long way ahead of the rest of the European field. The two


former Kenyan athletes now running for Turkey. They will look to see


where their team-mates finished, a real good scrap going on for the


bronze medals at crocodile from Norway wins. -- Grovdal. A good


performance from her. Bobocel coming very quickly but not quick enough,


the remaining taking fourth. Fionnuala McCormack from Ireland,


Steph Twell hanging on and keeping going.


Good performance, great to see her continuing on her comeback trail.


Steph Twell six, Gemma Steel we are expecting. Lost a couple of places.


The remaining going past. Gemma Steel will come, I think that's 11th


or 12th. Tricky take the gold and silver. Good performance from Steph


Twell. Sixth place. Not quite good enough to take the


team gold medal, and that goes to Turkey.


The defending champion in this under 23 race is Great Britain's Jonathan


Davies and he leads a team that is a little bit inexperienced in this


meant's team, the best way of describing it. Be interesting to see


how they go, I guess the news in this race is that the prerace


favourite, or would have been, is a Turkish transferee who won the


senior race last year, meant to be dropping back into the under 23


ranks but we are told he has been injured. I think that leaves the


race open. The meant's under 23 is under way. Just over eight


kilometres. They will do a short lap and five longer labs. And Great


Britain with high hopes. Jonathan Davies the defending champion. The


top three from last year all in this, he had a great scrap with the


Spanish runner. Plenty of time for the athletes to move through. Alex


George with the headband wearing number 100.


Baz, I wouldn't imagine, going to remain in that position. They are


flying over the top. Decided to not put their foot down. The spikes just


not quite finding the grass. And he just stepped forward and lost his


balance. Still early stages. Very early. Alex George running well.


A bit of a gap between Alex George and the leading group, and oddly


enough, the Turkish athlete is drifting back. Jonny Davies getting


closer to the front of the pack. There is a good illustration, Ellis


Cross, a group ahead of him off five or six athletes, it'd be great if he


could get into the pack and picked off one or two. That's exactly what


you want, your fourth counter advancing further down the race.


Picking up places. Jonny Davies leading, and the men behind him in


contention for the gold medal in the team race. Trying to keep the pace


moving, where he has succeeded in getting Ramos to drop off the back


of the pack without intentionally turning the screw too much, he won't


want the group behind to close down too much, but he has to be aware of


what he wants to keep in his legs in terms of strength to be able to


cover moves, to be able to make a strong move of his own when he's


ready do that. I think the longer this place allows Yemanberhan Crippa


to still be involved it is dangerous. I think he can burn it up


at the end. He's been hanging on for a while but will be growing in his


own confidence for a while, the Italian at the back, two-time winner


of the junior title. You will start to feel confidence growing as they


enter the last lap. Two many people for comfort, too many and with a


chance. Solomon, the surprise package from Sweden pushing on. He


heard the bell and made a strong move, caught some of them out a


little. Jonny Davies struggled to be able to go with it, he is gathering


himself now. It's broken up the pack. I think some of them were not


expecting the move to come so early going into the last lap. Solomon


made a bad mistake coming over the bump, I don't know if he caught his


foot at the top but he stumbled and almost fell. Recovered his balance


but allowed Issac Kimeli to get to the front. Now he is the one turning


the screw a bit more. They are all aware that Yemanberhan Crippa is


still there. They are kicking hard, they can see the finish line, Issac


Kimeli 's who are so many times we've expected to do well, the


Belgian with a great turn of pace moving away, it's an LA kick for


home from him and he still has running to do. Carlos Mayo trying to


chase down, the Spaniard took silver last year and it looks like he's


getting it again this time. It's going to be Issac Kimeli from


Belgium. The European silver-medallist on the track at


5000 metres in 2015 is going to take gold at the European Cross Country


Championships in the under 23 race. Carlos Mayo, another silver medal,


Yemanberhan Crippa, good move up the under 23 takes bronze. Jonny Davies


in theft, good defence for him. Solomon sixth, then Ramos. Great


Britain will be hoping, as we see Alex George coming in, losing a few


places to a play which will mean Italy will take the team race. The


question of whether or not Great Britain can take the silver. Alex


George across the line. Looks as though the next counter for Great


Britain will be Ellis Cross. The question is who will be the fourth.


Is it going to be Alex Short? I think so. It will be tight, I think


we have got a team medal, but whether or not it is silver or


bronze that will get sorted out. Alex Short 20 Fifth Place, the


fourth counter. Confirmation of the win. That will be celebrated back


home I am pretty sure. Alex George and Ellis Cross running


well. Ellis Cross in particular coming through the field very strong


way in the latter stages. Alex Short in 25th to be Britain's fourth


counter. Italy finishing strongly. Belgium the surprise silver. Great


Britain and Northern Ireland with bronze.


The British team, Rebecca Murray, Jessica Judd is really starting to


come back into good form, good to see her full of smiles, that is a


strong British contingent. Alice Wright at the back, based in the


States. The under 23 women's race gets underway. Just over six


kilometres. Four collapse. Great Britain with high hopes both


individually and certainly in the team race -- four lapse. I'm


intrigued to see if Jessica Judd and Rebecca Murray can figure


individually. Sofia Ennaoui Poland is a familiar name, track will


recognise. Lots to look forward to. Settling down, not to quit at the


beginning. Anna Gehring on the inside. The British pack deciding


not to set off too quickly. Rebecca Murray weaving through the field,


Jessica Judd still right up there, Alice Wright very committed in these


early stages, right up there, contesting the lead. Charlotte


Taylor on the left-hand side. Also very close indeed. Good performance


from her at the moment. Four laps. Watching Jessica Judd going


over the hay bale, she has the longest legs and maybe struggled the


most going over, she was not comfortable over the bumps either.


Those humps are bonds in the course are more suited to the smaller


athletes who are almost able to jump over and skip up and down the other


side, the likes of Alice Wright and Sofia Ennaoui, for the toll the


runners the stride pattern does not always fit into the gap. Alice


Wright looking good, Charlotte Taylor well to the fore, Sofia


Ennaoui the prerace favourite in the white and red shorts of Poland.


Jessica Judd not too far away. Great Britain looking in excellent


position for the team race. The Germans also in there, including


Anna Gehring. They have completely two laps. Pack of nine or ten.


Jessica Judd a little bit of a gap if you like. So it's Alice Wright,


Charlotte Taylor contesting the lead with Sofia Ennaoui and Anna Gehring,


Sofia Ennaoui the prerace favourite looks comfortable but this is strong


running from the American -based British athletes. Rebecca Murray


leading the chasing pack in fifth at the moment but a good 25 metres


behind this lead four. Anna Gehring having a very good performance, as


is Sofia Ennaoui, Alice Wright working hard, look at Rebecca


Murray, moving away, you feel as though there is more to come for her


in this race if she can just keep in contact with them and then maybe in


the last lap see if she can run some of them down. Two British athletes


in that group already. The British athletes under pressure now as they


enter the last lap in third and fourth. Charlotte Taylor moving


ahead of team-mate, she beat Alice Wright in the cross country in the


States in early November. The NCAA event. Maybe that's a good indicator


of form. She moves into the bronze medal place. I think she moved


slightly ahead of Alice Wright but what Alice needs to do is maintain


contact and of the British girls can work together it might be one of


them in front tyres. Sofia Ennaoui looks like she's rocking a lot more


than she was in the early stages, some of that is the ponytail she has


behind her which makes it look worse than it is, but in her face as well,


she's trying to get alongside Anna Gehring to let her know she is still


there but Anna Gehring is making her heart and you can see it on her


face. The British athletes, Charlotte Taylor with the four or


five-metre gap on her team-mate Alice Wright, third and fourth.


Rebecca Murray in sixth place at the minute. Jessica Judd the fourth


counter for Great Britain. I think we will be OK. A real scrap going on


for the bronze medal. Alice Wright has managed in the closing stages to


find something a bit extra to get ahead of her team-mate. But it's not


over yet. Does Sofia Ennaoui have enough in the tank, can she muster a


bit of us as Sprint? She is gathering a little, she will have


walked the course, they all will have, they will know the twists and


turns into the finish but has Sofia Ennaoui saved enough to be able to


come back in the closing straight and what's going to happen for the


bronze? Granz having a look behind, some tired athletes including


Jessica Judd but this is the battle for gold. Sofia Ennaoui is the first


to strike, she can see the finish line and no response from the


German, Sofia Ennaoui takes a look behind, the prerace favourite has a


ten-metre lead and the track speed is too much for the German, Sofia


Ennaoui of Poland takes the gold medal in the under 23 race. Bright


performance from Anna Gehring, a surprise silver medal for her and it


will be Alice Wright leading Great Britain, she will get an individual


bronze medal ahead of her team-mate Charlotte Taylor, great performance


from Alice Wright. They are both based in America, great addition to


the team, takes the bronze medal ahead of Taylor in fourth.


Sofia Ennaoui of Poland sprinting to the title. Brilliant performance


from Alice Wright to take the bronze medal ahead of Charlotte Taylor.


Jessica Judd the fourth counter. It confirms the position as champions,


Great Britain on top once more in an event they have dominated over the


years, the last ten years. Germany doing well and Italy taking the


bronze. STUDIO: Two more races to come but later tonight highlights of


the Premier League football. And on Tuesday you can see the Super League


show review of the 2016 season. COMMENTATOR: The under 20 women,


short lap of 500 metres they will go around now and then a long lap of


around 1500 metres, two short laps and it's not that far so the real


mix of good track athletes, those who are better on cross country as


well, tends to be, a junior women level they are good at both.


Konstanze Klosterhalfen right up the front. The British women, right up


there from the beginning, packing well. You have to get out there,


this sort of distance you cannot hang around and think I will work my


way through, it's too short and quick. Absolutely, especially on a


course as twisty as this one, you have to get out hard and get


yourself well placed in the early stages because this is not a race


which will slow down or settle at any point. The main contenders we


expected to be up there, like Konstanze Klosterhalfen, immediately


to the front, backed up by her German team-mates. Harriet


Knowles-Jones well placed on the inside and keeping an eye on where


she knows the main danger will come from.


She's not a hanging around. She's not waiting. Harriet Knowles-Jones


moving into second place. The rest of the British contingent doing


well. Great Britain looking good. They clearly do, the winner last


year, defending her title, looks as though she's heading off towards


that gold-medal, a scrap going on behind Harriet Knowles-Jones, still


in second place. The rest of the British pack, Quirk, having a great


race, 17 years old, will be one of the counters. Silver for


Knowles-Jones last year. Great Britain leading the team race. You


can see confirmation, Victoria Wear and Quirk in 10th place. Phoebe Law


is the fifth counter. The top four well up there, Britain looking safe.


Good scrap for second place, Harriet Knowles-Jones looks as though she's


struggling a little bit to hang onto Moller. A big gap to Harriet


Knowles-Jones, whether at the two of them think they have a chance of


closing the gap but can Harriet Knowles-Jones hang on? She will have


to. There is the leader heading towards her second European


cross-country junior title. She has that action on Cross Country, no big


knee lift anything, she is tall, long legs, a good action for Cross


Country. It is, and potentially for the road, food, smooth, level


action, starting to turn her ankle a couple of times and she's pulled it


back. The girls will probably feedback that the route is testing.


She decides to pop onto the turf carpet to put her arms aloft,


Klosterhalfen defending her title supremely well, much more


impressively than last year. This year, she wins it comfortably.


Moller, big improvement for the Danish girl, Harriet Knowles-Jones


needs to keep Owen, a bit of danger from behind. Very, very tired, just


about going to hang on. Harriet Knowles-Jones adds a bronze medal to


the silver medal last year, really good performance, we are watching


for the rest of the British team. Looks like Amelia Klerk, 17 years


old. -- Amelia Quirk. What a brilliant run from the youngster


from Bracknell, the second counter. Victoria Wear is the third counter


and Gemma Holloway, looking like she will cement the gold medal for Great


Britain with her performance, coming in 11th.


Some really good performances from Amelia Quirk, Gemma Holloway and


Victoria Wear. Securing the team race. Great Britain and Northern


Ireland with 33 points. The Dutch team taking the bronze


medal, great performance from them, Ireland down in 10th.


The under 20 men's race under way. Sprinting through the first couple


of hundred metres. Straight out onto the big love for them, four the


labs, six kilometres, it will settle down in a moment. -- big lap.


Taking a little while to settle down, no big favourites, no wonder


you can kind of go, that is the one to beat. Some interesting athletes,


the Brits already moving to the front. This young man, saw him


running superb times on the track, I think he's three minutes 42 for 1500


metres which is even quicker than I ran in those days, looks like he's a


better prospect than his brothers, running quicker than them. Setting


the standard at the front very early. British guys trying to move


their way through and give themselves a good position as things


try to settle a little. Incredibly busy summer for Alex, mixing the


bike and the running with great success, fabulous 2016. Recently


named at the sports aid foundation awards for the one to watch from the


future and got his award from Mo Farah.


Going to be a bit of a tug-of-war between athletics and triathlon for


his talents, for the time being managing to juggle them both very


well. And he's been pushed and tripped, as we were talking about


him and knocked again. Her lad! I hope we get a replay. Watch here.


You go. Just got clipped by the Turk. And gets head again. As he is


coming up, the Irish guy ran into him and put his knee into his


backside and sent him headfirst down. We'll have knocked the wind


out of him but hopefully not injuring him. We could do with some


of the other guys getting to the front and trying to slow it down.


They might have seen the team standings, very tight, four points


separating France, Spain, Great Britain. Chiappinelli had a disaster


in this race last year. A bad run but look at this. Muhammad Muhammad,


about half way round deep and ultimate lap, when they complete


this they will have another lap to go but look at Muhammad, is he


closing the gap? He might be. Certainly increasing the gap hugely


on the chasers behind him. We know Ingebrigsten will be a huge


challenge. Still a fair bit of running to go. Japan-mac the in the


lead, Muhammad in second place for Great Britain. -- Chiappinelli.


Look at Ingebrigsten, 16 years old, from Norway, leading and his lead is


growing. Powerful running. He led early on and he let Chiappinelli get


away. The battle for sober and bronze is not over, Muhammad sensing


he has a chance if he could raise a little bit of a sprint but here is


the winner. -- battle for silver. The track specialist winning in the


country, great performance. Chiappinelli, the prerace favourite


taking the silver medal for Italy, a well-deserved bronze for Muhammad


hammered. Great performance. -- Muhammad Muhammad.


This is beginning to look like success for France in the team race,


going to be tight. Alex Ye after having that unfortunate fall, not


the race he wanted. Ingebrigsten, the winner, very


tired, great performance from him. For Alex Ye, a case of what might


have been after about four, finishing 11th. France winning the


team race. Pretty comfortably. Another hugely successful day and


Paula, no individual old medals, turkey did beat us this time, we are


not top of the medal table at overall, fought were your thoughts?


Pretty good day. Very good day, the highlight for me was seeing the


senior men's team step up, when the championships and the manner in


which they did it, Callum and Andy Butchart to get to the Turkish


Kenyan is but they weren't intimidated. Not afraid to go out


and give it their best. To try and beat them. That was the biggest


takeaway, great to see Jessica Judd coming back, Steph Twell coming back


and making her mark. But building forward, the encouraging thing was


the consolidation and strength and depth on the men's side. On the


wider context, in commentary be mentioned one of the issues that


sport is facing but in cross country, the transfer of allegiance


issue is one that will not go away and we saw it in evidence today. And


that's something that needs to be looked at. It was key the IAAF got


the reform process through last week to get the integrity unit


established and working because one of the things they'll look at is the


transfer of allegiance, to make sure we make things clear by people


trying to spectate and watch and not have people jumping around with no


real clear allegiance to the country. You mentioned the week that


the IAAF went through the reform process or started it. How important


was this week, you mentioned the integrity unit, new kind of


governance rules that have been agreed, what is that going to mean


for the sport? It was vital that we got the reforms through. Had they


not, I think it would have been the final nail in the Coughlan for


athletics moving forward. It needed to re-establish itself and establish


its credibility. -- coffin. The executive board, the fact that


things can be passed quicker, the integrity unit will take in-house,


deal with sanctions and won't have the delays that we've seen. Just go


a huge step forward in restoring athletes confidence that they are


being looked after number one in this sport cos they are the number


one and the IAAF as a federation should be looking after the rights


of the athletes, primarily. Part of the process is the attitude to anti


doping. The McLaren report, the second part of that this week, more


damning evidence around Russia and what it's been doing in athletics


and other sports. This stands the IAAF took a year ago, looks as if


comparative of the IOC did, they now, I guess, can stand and say at


least we made that stands. I think it vindicated the stands that


athletics took and has shown with the mass of evidence, nothing new


came out of the report, it was more the amounts of evidence and the


scale of deception and fraud committed, I think that underlined


the weakness of the position of the IOC last year and puts the onus on


them, in order to restore credibility to the Olympic movement


they have to make huge decisions going forward, in my opinion, any


sporting championships shouldn't be going near Russia until they can


prove they have turned things around. There are other countries


that need to be looked at. A year of turmoil in athletics as well as in


the wider sporting context but some good things for 2016. Yes, some good


things that happened, the continuation, if you like, of the


documents of Mo Farah and Usain Bolt in distance events but we saw new


faces in the heptathlete, Laura Muir breaking through with world leading


performances. All of that is good. Today, Andrew Butchart continuing


bad step forward, Callum Hawkins, exciting for the future and looking


to next year, sell-out stadiums in London, hopefully we'll have packed


stadiums every day for morning and evening sessions and will talk about


the arena instead of what's happening in the bureaucracy around


it. As Paula said we can look forward to 2017 but this is the end


of coverage for 2016. An awful lot to think about, remember, good and


bad. That is the end of the coverage was of the European Cross country


Championships. See you in 2017, lots to look forward to. From Paula and


by self, goodbye and Merry Christmas!


Highlights of the European Cross Country Championships from Chia, Sardinia. Great Britain's women have enjoyed huge success in the team event winning the last three titles in a row, while they have also claimed individual medals at the last three championships. 2015 also saw medal success for the British men who won team bronze, while Jonathan Davies claimed the under-23 title as GB topped the medal table for the 13th consecutive year.

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