Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix 2016 Athletics

Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix 2016

Jonathan Edwards presents live coverage of the Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix as a host of world-class names compete at the Emirates Arena.

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Glasgow. A city of industry, culture, tradition and hard work.


The 20th Commonwealth Games open. Beautiful, takes the title. Great


memories, serving to whet the appetite for what is to come later


in the summer in Rio. From the Clyde to the Copacabana, this year is all


about Olympic dreams. The time for our finest athletes to go faster,


higher, stronger. Where better to start, then one of the best indoor


athletics meetings in the world. Welcome to the Glasgow Grand Prix.


It is a sell-out crowd at the Emirates Arena. This was a venue for


badminton at the Commonwealth Games, thanks to a clever transformation it


is a beautiful athletics arena where the world's best athletes will grace


the boards. Great atmosphere. The weather is very inconsiderable


outside, but a warm welcome awaits the athletes in doors. There is


propped, going in the long jump. One of the new stars of athletics. Dean


-- Dean Ashton Smith. Wales' best in action in the 400 metres. Good


afternoon to you. Denise Lewis and Steve Cram join me. Great


anticipation here. Tempered by what is going on off the track in


athletics. Lamine Diack, some terrible allegations about him. The


sport reeling from the triple investigations. Russia is banned, no


Russian athletes there. Will they be in Rio. Any


-- Kenya also under investigation. Seb Coe having a difficult first few


months as head of the IAAF. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?


I am not sure. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel. They have


to move forward. The issue is, where do you start? The only ways to


tackle each issue individually. The Lamine Diack situation has to be


dealt with, and the IAAF, they could be criminal proceedings. Not much


that Seb Coe can do about that. But in right processes in place so it


does not happen again. That needs to happen in a short space of time.


Looking at the structure happen in a short space of time.


IAAF, make sure we're never in the happen in a short space of time.


situation again. The issue happen in a short space of time.


has always been around sport, athletics. It


has always been around sport, any worse than it is. You have to


tackle each one individually. You talked about


tackle each one individually. You yesterday their sports


tackle each one individually. You help them become compliant.


Hopefully everybody is waking up to what


Hopefully everybody is waking up to their needs the quick action. You


have to take each action, it has to be effective, and you have to tackle


each issue individually. The Russian one is probably the one which will


move out of athletics. The Wada commission report said it is wider


than athletics. They may not get let back in by the Olympics. There are


rumours there are wider things to come out. The IAAF issue, and


Russia, the decision that the athletes are not here, if they


consider extending that to Rio that is the litmus test of Seb Coe's


tenure as president in the early days? I think you are right, but the


wider athletics community feels that action needs to be taken. If you


asked me whether Russia should be in Rio? It feels like there has been


talk about this suspension, they Rio? It feels like there has been


should be out. There are a lot of clean athletes and coaches doing the


right things, and it would feel clean athletes and coaches doing the


a slap in the face that two months before


back in. British athletics have launched a clean manifesto for


athletics. All of the athletes will be running with these on. Run clean,


and I jump clean. There are other suggestions and recommendations in


the manifesto. These drawing away from that.


the manifesto. These drawing away athletes are nonplussed. Saying I am


always clean, I do not need to put this on. Let's move away from


gimmicks. There are plenty of good things in a manifesto, but it is


collective. We have to do it collectively. Let's not do it in the


media, let's do it in collectively. Let's not do it in the


robust, moving forward, deal with facts, things sustainable in the


long term, not about short-term points to be gained. All of the


athletes they are all going to wear that. Let's take the first steps


towards a better year. Thanks for the moment. Lots more views during


the course of the afternoon. We would like to hear from you. Your


questions to Steve and Denise. Also: Jackson. About the state of


athletics. Get in touch through Twitter, Facebook. We have a red


button forum at the end of the programme. We will put your views to


the team, and discuss a little bit more about the state that athletics


finds itself in at the moment. We put questions to some of the top


athletes competing for the UK in Glasgow. We will hear those through


because of the afternoon. So much to look forward to.


We start with a bang in the women's's 60 metres heats. Dafne


Schippers will use her rivalry with Dean Ashton Smith. Shara Proctor


looking for another big long jump. Seren Bundy-Davies looking for a


strong showing. Laurence Clark heading the British challenge. She


will raise the roof when she goes in the final at 2:20 p.m.. The flying


machines get under way. The world indoor champion, Richard Kilty, Adam


Gemili. Sadly no Greg Rutherford in Glasgow, but the Paralympic champion


is a serious threat to the assembled field. The long jump starts at 2:55


p.m.. She's written's best in the high


hurdles. -- Britain. And fabulous Mo Farah rounds off proceedings at 4:10


p.m.. Loitering just off the track, another couple of former stars, one


is very much still a star. I love that, Gemma Flynn. We are not


loitering. Two Welsh Guards. Dai Greene is training in Tenerife at


the moment. But he is here doing the analysis. Tell us about what you


will be doing. I'm here in a different capacity, going few a few


things on the touch-screen, going through some specifics on the


events. I'm looking forward to the 60-metre flat guys. So my training


partners, looking forward to see how they go against the other Brits.


Want to see Laurence Clark. He has a new coach, so fingers crossed. We're


looking forward to that. The action is starting very soon. Dai Greene


looking very sharp, which is what we expect on the track. The women's 60


metres. It is good afternoon to Andrew Cotter.


COMMENTATOR: Setting the tone for the day, the women's 60 metres.


Dafne Schippers concentrating purely on sprinting now. Getting quicker


and quicker. She has good competition.


Quality again, setting the tone for the day. High-quality meeting in


Glasgow. Dafne Schippers, one of the stars of the show. She's looking to


sharpen up to speed for the hurdles. She's quite well suited to 60


metres, ran 7.11 last year. Just off the pace in Berlin last weekend.


Good early signs for Michelle-Lee Ahye. Then comes Dafne Schippers,


she ran seven seconds flat last weekend to equal the Dutch record.


Paging brought her pure sprinting talent to a world audience. Coming


after Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. She ran 7.19 in the final couple of


weeks ago in Germany. Norwegian record-holder.


Ginny Batam over very good 200 runner. We have Tiffany Mcreynolds,


she has been competing over the barriers in Europe so far this


season. Testing herself over the flat. What a test it is with Dafne


Schippers right in the middle. The sprinters keeping warm, waiting for


this, the first race of the afternoon.


The first three go through automatically to the final. Little


twitch from Dafne Schippers. Not a great start. She turns on the power,


Michellle Wie I in second. Thompson, they were clear of the rest. Always


a question of her starting. If she is to be found at, it will be over


60 metres. She is a big, powerful athlete, was known for the 200. She


was not too sharply away. : Jackson watching that. Safely through, I'm


sure she will get quicker. Absolutely right, she will go


quicker in the final. A little bit twitchy out of the blocks. Cost her


the first 10-20 metres. Really chasing, it instead of concentrating


on driving and working through. Gets good solid, high knees at the back.


That will be crucial to pull herself through this quality field. She


works hard, already has the people left and right. She knows she has to


work quickly, getting into the best part of her running, the back-end of


race. Once she keeps working through from you get the great performances.


7.11 good qualifying mark, sure she will be sharper in the final. She


will need to be sharper, we have the likes of Dean Ashton Smith. Safely


through, Dafne Schippers will go quickly perhaps in the final. Safely


through. To pick up the debate we had, that


is what you do when you focus on sprinting rather than multi-race.


Sprinting is easy. sprinting rather than multi-race.


heptathlon. She knows there is a serious medal, maybe gold-medal


going forward to Rio. Looks great in the convocation, not a great


starter, but like the guys were saying in commentary, shiatsu work


on that, even though we know the 60 is probably the weakest event. Over


the 100, 200, she needs to get the legs moving. If she can run seven


seconds flat, goodness knows how fast over 100. We will catch up with


some field event action. Steve Backley can tell us about the triple


jump. Good afternoon. The crowd who took


their seats early were treated to a decent competition, the triple jump.


This is Karol Hoffmann of Poland. His best jump came in the second


round. 16.50 nine. That was the lead at the time, but it was only enough


to hold on to third-place eventually. -- 16.50 nine. Nathan


Douglas outside the top three. His best of the afternoon, 16.20 three.


This is Chris Carter. From the United States. His last attempt,


this was. His best of the afternoon was his sixth and final jump. 16.6


four. Another was his sixth and final jump. 16.6


A decent jump for the American. It was this man, Omar Craddock, who


took the lead in the second was this man, Omar Craddock, who


This was his fourth round was this man, Omar Craddock, who


let loose a bit and took advantage of a very supportive crowd in


let loose a bit and took advantage very close to that 17-metre mark.


American triple jumping in fine form. World Champion Christian


Taylor from last year possibly threatening the great Jonathan


Edwards's world record. Craddock it was, a win for him. $20,000 as a


result of his Victoria Cross the series. -- of his victory across the


series. Here is confirmation of that win for


Omar Craddock. Nathan Douglas, slightly disappointing for him. Down


on his season's best. Next up on track, heat number two of


the women's 60 metres. Dina Asher-Smith. We are about ten metres


away from her. She gave us a wave and a smile so she is clearly


relaxed. and a smile so she is clearly


ability. A good winter, she is running brilliantly. She's enjoying


her athletics. She's in the right place and the right time of mind.


She took great confidence place and the right time of mind.


she achieved last year, not just Beijing, but the Anniversary


she achieved last year, not just Sub 11. World class. Just a


brilliant race. Watching it back is great. She's still got so much more


potential and she had a phenomenal season last year. Going sub 11,


running brilliantly all season and we look forward to seeing what she


can do. Twinge racking with her studies as well.


Multitalented, Steve Cram. Yes, and talent isn't just about the physical


attributes, it's whether you can handle the big occasion. Dina


Asher-Smith has shown she can do that. She must be looking forward to


this Olympic year. Started with a great indoor season in 2015. Hasn't


run as fast as that yet, but she could do that today. But this is


only the heats. Shippers is through safely. If this race we have the


third, fourth and fifth fastest athletes in the world.


Desiree Henry a very important part of the strong bridge is really


Quartet. Still just 20 years of age. Close to her personal best already


in doors this year. Next to her, Carina Horn of South Africa. A


in doors this year. Next to her, meet at Burlington recently and ran


very well, a new personal best in doors. Then Barbara Pierre. 7.0


nine. Very typical of a good indoor 60 metres sprinter. Very good


starter and next to her, Dina Asher-Smith. A test here. We are


expecting her to be in the top three and go through to the final.


Alongside her, 18-year-old who has just broken the world junior record,


Ewa Swoboda. All of the power below the waist with her. Improving all of


the time. This is sad task, almost broke 11 seconds outdoors last year.


Running very well already. -- Santos broke 11 seconds outdoors last year.


Laguna getting ready for the Olympics in her country. Does the


Bryant of the United States goes in seven. Another diminutive sprinter.


On the outside, Cindy Roleder who will go it in her specialist event,


the 60 hurdles, later. This is a bit of a warm up for her. Brilliant year


for her over the hurdles last year, silver medal in Beijing. That was a


real surprise. Dina Asher-Smith right in the middle. You've already


got an idea of the sell-out crowd in Glasgow. Very much warming to her as


one of our big new stars. But she will have to be good here. Pierre in


lane three, on her left. Swore Boda, the 18-year-old, on her right. Watch


out for Santos of Brazil as well. There are two fastest loser spots as


well. Dina Asher-Smith! The air just faded


a bit after a good start. I was worried about the start, a little


shake of the head from Colin. A clean start and a really good


performance from Dina Asher-Smith. Particularly in the last 20 to 30


metres. Handled the pressure of two athletes who have run quicker than


her this year. Swoboda has been in such good form. The most important


thing is to qualify. These first races are really tricky for


sprinters. I'm not making excuses, I used to do it myself. You're not


feeling up enough to get the energy system is going and get everything


flowing well. She did well to take this victory over athlete faster


than her this year, it's a really good sign and will fill her with


confidence going into the final. A bit more relaxed in the next round.


A good win for Dina Asher-Smith, safely through to the final a little


later. Desiree Henry had a good run in fourth place. I think she will be


quick enough to get to the final as well. Let's hear from Gina.


You always light up the track with your smile and your running and


another fine performance. You've made a tremendous start of the


season. How was that? I'm happy with the start of the season. I wanted a


better start because I know when I start I can start quite well. I


wasn't quite happy with that one today, but considering the time,


it's all right, but I'd like to go faster in the final. We seen this


great friendly rivalry between you and Dafne. Great to see a rivalry in


Europe. It definitely makes a change! I'm really happy with it.


Dafne is an amazing sprinter. To say I've got a rivalry with her is a


compliment in itself. Hopefully I can go faster in the final and it


will be a good race. Speak to you later. Thank you! Not too long until


the final. Just enough time to keep warm, I would think.


A really good performance from Desiree Henry with the new season's


best. I think Carina Horn will also go through to the final, but we'll


clarify that. In fact, we can do that right now, I think.


Skippers and Asher-Smith in the head-to-head billing, if you like.


Both of them safely through. We will clarify that for you very, very


shortly. A bit later we have the men's


60-metre heats. Adam Gemili going in that. He had his troubles last that


-- losses and with injury. Great to see him back on track. Hopefully he


will get through to the final. I think he's got something quick in


his legs for sure. Dina Asher-Smith, not her quickest time of the year,


but she beat swore Boda, this teenage sensation, and it was a


strong victory. It was a strong victory. The young Polish girl


coming to these competitions and running. But Gina looked impressive.


She always keeps a head under pressure. A mouthwatering prospect


between her and Schippers. They have met each other is a mini times


indoors and out time. They thrive off the competition, which bodes


well. That final bit later. We are about to be joined by someone about


to compete in the women's long jump. Nice to see you. Nice to see you.


How nervous I do? Actually very, very nervous, but it's always a


pleasure to compete in front of the British crowd. I'm feeling


comfortable and looking forward to a good performance. We were excited


about what you did in Beijing. How much confidence did you take from


that performance? I'm very confident! Sorry... I was


distracted. I'm very confident and ready to go this year with a new


mindset. Leave last year in the past. I need to come in and compete


for 2016. You are jumping phenomenally well. When you stand on


the end of the runway, especially indoors, are you still thinking


about the seven metres? No! Of course not, I have to leave that in


the past. I will leave that in the past because I don't want that to


distract me. I know what I'm capable of. I just have to focus on this


year and be in the moment. Just jump further. Good luck this afternoon.


Maybe even seven metres! We'll keep our fingers crossed. On the other


side of the arena, the pole vault is underway and Steve Backley has the


story. A busy afternoon here. Luke Cutts, this is his first


attempt. He gave it... He goes clear. He's seen his training


partner go out, Adam Hague. His best of the day was 5.40. Luke Cutts is


the best Brit so far in 2016. He's of the day was 5.40. Luke Cutts is


jumped 5.70 already this year. Happy to go clear at 5.60.


jumped 5.70 already this year. Happy quality field. A good start for Luke


Cutts. This is your World Champion from Beijing. A big upset. Shawn


Barber of Canada. He's jumped six metres already this year. His first


attempt at 5.60. In fact out was his second attempt. He was carrying a


fowl at his first fight. He is not flawless. Luke Cutts is ahead of


him. Equals that stadium record. That's a better clearance from the


World Champion. A big upset in Beijing. He leads the world in 2016,


maybe a changing of the guard in men's pole vault. Look


To clarify, the qualifiers for that 60-metre final, we can do that for


you now. It's a straight final in the men's


800 metres. The quickest man in the world is here, Adam Kszczot. A big


threat here. Jamie Webb... Bram Som will be the pacemaker. Kszczot is


the man to beat, from Poland. There's Bram Som. 36 today, happy


birthday. Mohamed Aman, twice the World Champion. He was disqualified


at one stage. Erik Sowinski, Mark English, running strongly. Adam Gee


shot, four races in 2016, four wins. -- Adam Kszczot.


Michael Rimmer goes just inside. Timothy Kitum just inside. Jamie


Webb chasing the UK standard. The Scottish athlete getting the


affection of the home crowd. 1:46.05 the UK standard.


Adam Kszczot, the man to beat. Look out for the times for Rimmer. Can


they get close? Mark English coming down. The Dutch pacemaker looking to


take them through 51 seconds. Learmonth in third. Very experienced


pacemaker. Pacemaker in Stockholm over 1000 metres earlier in the


season. Mark English ran a very over 1000 metres earlier in the


time in Stockholm. He is into shape. Adam Kszczot the man to watch out


for though. Erik Sowinski making a move from the back. Guy Learmonth in


fourth position. Two Americans in second and third. Adam Kszczot


shadowed by Timothy Kitum, the Kenyan. Beginning to ease out wide


now. You can see as Adam Kszczot came past, they were waiting for him


to make the move. Mohammed Aman has fallen. Adam Kszczot easing his way


to the front. Then you have Mark English. A long way clear Adam


Kszczot wins. The time for the winner not going to be UK standard.


For those British athletes. The winner was a long way clear. So


strong. We will have a look winner was a long way clear. So


fall of Mohammed Aman. Adam Kszczot has delivered. Definitely controlled


the race, made his move strongly. Properly wondering where Mohammed


Aman was. Very much in good shape. In pressing so far. Going towards


those World Championship. You can see Mohammed Aman near the back.


Let's have a look at this. Just trying to cut in a little bit too


quickly. Michael Rimmer there. Not his fault, running into the back of


him. He had to recover his own race. Adam Kszczot is away, well clear,


out of trouble all the way through. Mark English making the most inroads


down the closing straits. Not able to make up any on Adam Kszczot. A


bit disappointing to see the effort for Michael Rimmer and Guy


Learmonth. Not sure Mohammed Aman would have got Adam Kszczot anyway.


Very comfortable winner. He ran David Rudisha very close last year.


The action is coming thick and fast. Third attempt at 5.60, under


pressure. He has the go clear to stay in the competition. He does.


That will be a sigh of relief, he was second in the world this year.


Possibly Brazil's best chance of a medal in the Olympics later this


year. Some adjustments to be made. Effective performance. He did looked


out of sorts in his first two efforts. His competition will


continue. Great angle. He drives efforts. His competition will


good clearance, look at the space between him and the bar. 5.93 his


best this year, more to come. At the other side of the stadium, Jazmin


Sawyers, the Commonwealth silver-medallist, first attempt in


the long jump. Just chopping slightly into that. Slight loss of


exhilaration. -- acceleration. Feeling highly energised, this arena


is the impact. Typical of indoor athletics. Maybe just reaching for


the stride. Some tension, I'm sure. She is the first of the British


athletes to go in the long jump competition. A very strong event.


Shara Proctor, we saw earlier. Her manager there. She goes into the


lead. Lorraine Ugen, to follow that. Her first attempt. Second in


Stockholm in the last indoor meeting. Very quick on the approach.


That is a decent jump. As an opener. She has an outdoor best of X .92, in


Qatar last year. Jump well in Stockholm, beating Shara Proctor. --


6.9 to. That was a valid jump, good on the


board, just. Good leg shoot. As we see so often. Some adjustments for


her. Goes into the lead, 6.5 five. We


long jump coming up. We will go back to the track. We're going to hear


from Seren Bundy-Davies. Not the normal sit down chat. We ask the


athletes illustrate down the barrel of the camera, and give us their


answers. Seren Bundy-Davies, the Welsh athlete, looking good. She


keeps getting better and better. I'm definitely in the best shape I


have been any winter so far. PB shape. I don't know what to say. I


think that is for the federations to decide, not individual athletes.


Just try to sort out the sport the best you can. To make the Olympic


team, in the individual and relay. best you can. To make the Olympic


Seren Bundy-Davies, already starting 2016 in supreme form. She feels


she's in the best form her life. Does not want to go to the World


Indoor Championships, held in Portland, in March. She would love


to win this race today. A tough field. There was a switch in lanes.


Jasmine Chaney now in laying two. -- lane two.


The European under 23 champion outdoors last year, she had a very


good season. Jasmine Chaney had two or three years missing a lot of


racing, with injuries. I think or three years missing a lot of


has been growing her hair that long. Very long.


53.09 her best. Stephenie Ann champions in Glasgow, in 2014.


53.09 her best. Stephenie Ann quick 200 metres outdoors, 21.05,


not far off her personal best in Jamaica a couple of weeks ago. Seren


Bundy-Davies ran 24.04 in the 200. Interesting how fast she goes


through 200 metres today. She started the season with a 300-metre


win in Prague. Not particularly quick. She can run much quicker.


Indications she is not yet in the best form. Former European indoor


champion in this event. MacPherson is a big threat to Seren


Bundy-Davies. She has to get out quickly, and control this. It will


be really interesting on this first lap of the two lap, 400 metres


indoors. from McPherson. Seren Bundy-Davies


letting them go. McPherson checks back. Seren Bundy-Davies in third


place. 24.01, that is pretty quick through 200. Seren Bundy-Davies


attacking down the back straight. The crowd loving it.


attacking down the back straight. Commonwealth champion trying to


respond. Some pushing and shoving. Seren Bundy-Davies help them. She


has two last this one out. McPherson just gets it. 52.0 four. Great


indoor racing. Seren Bundy-Davies attacked really hard. She had to get


the elbows out, down the back straight. Maybe they both suffered.


the elbows out, down the back McPherson is strong, very, very


strong. You have to admire her ability to come back. Seren


Bundy-Davies just tied up a little bit. Maybe that bit of extra effort.


If she pushed a bit too hard. Not leaving enough for the last 30-40.


Absolutely spot-on. She had a limited amount of space. She had to


try to get to the front. Before getting to the final third. As they


hit the bell, in a reasonable time. 24.01, fast time. She is exactly


where she wants to be. She has the go past two, really kick. She would


have liked to have checked clear. The legs have a bit fatigued. Now


she's thinking, oh, my gosh. She can feel the lactic acid starting to


creep in. Can she hold on? McPherson, good, strong,


Commonwealth champion, she calls herself through. Great race. You can


see Seren Bundy-Davies does nothing wrong. McPherson was slow to react.


She had to find some room using the elbows. Extra bit of effort to go


wide. You want to take the shortest route around the bend. Just cannot


quite maintain it. McPherson is eight top-class 400 metres runner,


as well as being quick, she showed she was strong. Great performance by


all those women. We have two from that fantastic


race. You've had fantastic success in Glasgow before. How did you


manage to chase her down? It's my first one. I have never run


indoors... My coach told me to go out there and run the first 150 and


just come home. Did you think you'd lost it? You see that target and


think OK, I can still track. I'm a very confident person. I don't think


about losing, I wish think about winning. I'm a winner. I just come


out and do my best. Well done. Tremendous race until the very end.


You tied up. There was a possibility I wouldn't get to the break in the


lead. I got out very fast and two girls beat me to the break. I knew I


had to make a move down the back straight and that's what I did. I


don't really regret it. I'm pretty happy with the two races I've done.


You made a great breakthrough this time last year indoors and went


through to the European indoors, but you aren't doing the world this


year, why not? I loved the Europeans last year. It took a lot out of me


in terms of the outdoor season and it meant I tailored my season


towards the back end. I want to get the individual spot for Rio so


that's why not doing the world indoors. We wish you the best, great


effort today. Thanks. Look forward to the summer for her, she could


have a cracking some of this year. For most people that's the target.


An eagerly awaited moment, Britain's silver-medallist from the World


Championships last year in Beijing, Shara Proctor broke the British


record en route to that global medal. This is her opening jump. The


lead is 6.5 five. Shara Proctor, difficult to tell on the angle. She


said she was nervous to Jonathan in her precompetition interview. She


looked every bit of it. She looked tight. Somewhere around 6.5. We saw


her team-mates go beyond that. Shara Proctor, 27 years of age. Perhaps a


slight difference in expectation. 6.15, she's in third place behind


the other two Brits in the round. Across the other side, from one Brit


to another, Luke Cutts. Last attempt in the pole vault. He's got it! Luke


Cutts, at the third time of asking. 5.70. Equals his season's best. The


pressure is on. He delivered. Congratulations. We've come down to


the warm up area just for a bit of geography. The main arena is 20


metres that way. There's lots of things I miss about athletics, but


the warm up and Rhea is not one of them. That's funny because I did.


This was the place where I got myself really into the zone. This is


where it starts. The preparation for what you're going to do out there


starts in here. It starts on the journey into the arena. You look


around, there are athletes from all different events trying to find a


little space. You have to jostle for space. As a young athlete, coming


somewhere like this, it's not that easy. You do need to be confident.


This is my bit of track. Absolutely. The problem comes when you have


sprinters driving, working on their technique. You have the hurdlers


drilling and doing their things. Jenny Meadows I just saw jogging,


getting ready for the 800 metres. You have to find the space. You have


to get into the zone and think about what you want to achieve in the


race. Now for the men's 1500 metres. If I was running indoors, I'd still


warm up outside. Anyway. Clutterbuck and a manual going for Great


Britain. -- Emanuel. Suleiman recent broke the 1000 metres indoor record


this week. And Iguider from Morocco, world and Olympic medallist. A lot


of talent in this 1500 metres race. Some Brits trying to qualify for the


World Championships in Portland in March. Two pacemakers on the


outside. Iguider and Sulayman Bah X to each other. Iguider has already


run a very quick 3000 metres this year. At 1500 he's no slouch.


Suleiman in Stockholm the other night ran very well. Superb


performance indoors, the new world record. Broke the record of Wilson


Qipco do. Tom Farrell will be hoping to run the 3000 metres in the World


Championships. He's moved to third in dual times list in that event.


Lee Emanuel is no slouch at 3000. He is having a go at what he would


consider his best event, 1500 metres, particularly indoors. US


-based, but back home attempted to make the team. Dale Clutterbuck on


the inside. He's been racing quite a bit already this year and getting


close to the qualifying mark. He's run a new personal best. The


qualifying mark is 3:39.5. A fast pace likely to be set by the


pacemakers. A little bit of pushing and shoving there. Hannes gotten a


bit of a push with Tom Farrell towards the back of the field, but


they've down. Souleiman has gone very close to the pacemakers,


showing his intent right from the beginning. Iguider not too far away.


Lee Emanuel just moving up. In between him, the Kenyan 's, Bergen


and Kibet. Iguider, I watched him in the 3000 metres. That


and Kibet. Iguider, I watched him in Stockholm. He was very strong


and Kibet. Iguider, I watched him in he'll be looking to get as


and Kibet. Iguider, I watched him in Souleiman as he can. He will have


seen the world Souleiman as he can. He will have


strong he looked and they will want to get as fast as possible. A really


quick pace being set. Maybe too fast through 400 metres. Wieczorek


front. But when Tim, Reuben Bett, who is pretty good at this kind of


thing. They are settling down. For the likes of Farrell and


Clutterbuck, through and about 57, 50 7.5, which is much smarter. Lee


Emanuel is the better placed of the British athletes at the moment, but


they are well spread out. When you have a field of this size, it's good


that the pace is hot early on just a have a field of this size, it's good


string it out so there's less pushing and shoving. Lee Emanuel


opening up some daylight to the guys behind him. Hannes is moving around


now. Wearing the headband, Hannes. He mixes cross-country and indoor


racing. A very fast 2000 metres a world-class, recently. The bat group


may have run this a little bit smart. Just starting to catch up. --


back group. A 32nd lap. Reuben Bett will try to pick up the pace.


Souleiman in second. You can see some yo-yoing of the pace taking its


toll. Souleiman was almost chopping his stride, trying to stay but Hind


Reuben Bett. Now they have a chance to stretch out a little bit. Ten


seconds slower through 1000 metres than he ran in Stockholm. This will


feel easy to Souleiman. Iguider is there, the two canyons. Emaunel is


well-placed. -- the two Kenyans. We'll Iguider be able to hang on to


Souleiman? He's stretching out early. 300 metres to go. Still a big


group around the outside. The Moroccan attacks Souleiman.


group around the outside. The to respond. This time round they


will hear the bell. Iguider at the front and then Souleiman. Emaunel


moving into fifth place. Souleiman will have to work around Iguider,


who can be very, very strong in the last 200, he's shown that in major


championships. Souleiman can't get to him at the moment. Look at


Iguider, he kicks away again. Superb running from the Moroccan. Souleiman


left trailing in his wake. He can't catch Iguider. Iguider... Souleiman


in second place. Kibet might have just nudged third. Lee Emanuel would


have got a qualifying time, I'm pretty sure. That was very


oppressive. He's so strong, Iguider. 5000 metres strength. When he leads


out like that, he is quick as well. I think Souleiman was too confident.


Souleiman was very confident coming in. Iguider was watching Souleiman


and waiting for him to make his move. When Kibet tried to come


around the outside, it prompted Iguider to launch his kick and he


was running away and strolling -- showing how strong he was. I


was running away and strolling -- think he realised how much of a gap


he had built up on the last lap. Very, very strong. When I watched


him race in Stockholm, the same thing. But he was able to respond


and keep holding from the front, which is a very, very tough thing to


do, particularly indoors. The last man standing in this pole


vault is this man, Shawn Barber. He's won the competition. He's got


it! That's the highest jump ever seen here in Britain. You can go


through the record books to surrogate hugger. UK allcomers


record. -- Sir Guy Boka. Luke Cutts, 3006 at another previous height.


He's in second place. -- three fouls at a previous height. A very


controlled and precise clearance. He really looks the part. Recently


crowned World Champion. Very consistent. He's a great competitor.


Good support here in Glasgow for the World Champion, Shawn Barber.


Only an hour into this meeting and lots to enjoy so far. We've been


joined by dyed green at the green screen. You've been looking at the


starts of the men's 60 metres hurdles. What have you been looking


at? I've looked at a few points. This is the World Championships last


year. Look out like his knee is into his chest at the start. He wants to


get as close to the start line as possible to get his strides in.


MacLeod does eight strides. You can see the difference. He's having to


really stride out, a lot more turnover. Each athlete is different


when they do these things at the start. These are some of the things


you have to practice. Lawrence Clarke is running at the weekend.


Lawrence is doing eight strides into the first hurdle, his opponent


seven. I know Lawrence has been playing around with the idea of


seven strides, but for his physicality, he should stick to


eight. It works better for him. If you are striding out to seven


strides into the first hurdle, you have to turn over thereafter to get


through strides in. It's a different rhythm. Some of the things these


athletes have to overcome. We've had a tweet from Martyn Rooney, British


team Captain Lars dear. He says you're a beautiful man with a


shapely beard. Anyway. Let's head outside the men's 60 metres hurdles.


I think it looks awesome! The first of two heats. Let's tidy up the


result of the men's 1500 metres. Just to confirm that Lee Emanuel in


fifth place, that is a qualifying time for the World Championships.


That will please him. Disappointing perhaps from Tom Farrell. Dale


Clutterbuck did not finish. The winning time was a stadium record.


A couple of things to look out for here, not just the qualifiers for


the final. Can David King... He's so close to the qualifying standard at


the moment. How will he go, Dimitri Bascou is the quickest in the world


this year. Alex Al-Ameen, former Essex Beagles man who now competes


for Nigeria. There is David King, the Plymouth athlete. Just 100th of


a second outside the UK standard. Dimitri Bascou setting the pace this


season. His run in Berlin was the quickest in the world for four


years. What a lot of good French hurdlers there are. Yordan O'Farrill


from Cuba, who has an Irish grandfather, in case you were


wondering. Omo Osaghae of the United States, won the world indoor title


in Poland a couple of years ago. Not showing that kind of form recently.


Tyrone Akins used to compete in the USA. For the past 18 months he's


flown the flag of Nigeria. Jake Porter, the Birchfield Harrier,


outside, in lane eight. Looking to try and beat his personal best, 7.90


five. The first of two heat, the first three go through


automatically, and the three fastest losers. Canting strides. You can


tell how close the starting blocks are to the line. Dimitri Bascou, in


lane four. How quickly can David King go, in lane three? First heat


of the men's 60 metres hurdles. Cleanly away. Low out of the blocks.


Dimitri Bascou leading. Jake Porter with a good run in lane eight. Those


two were well clear. Yordan O'Farrill just keeping it that time.


I would have expected a faster time. At time of 7.40 one. You expect 7.52


qualify automatically. Even if you are coasting, very rare you vanish


to lose two tents. To lose are coasting, very rare you vanish


itself, Yordan O'Farrill, nowhere are coasting, very rare you vanish


year. Two long striders, going into the seven straight approach.


year. Two long striders, going into not look very quick, but effective.


A close race. Definitely Dimitri Bascou has some more in the tank.


The most important thing for these guys, to feel what it is like to get


into the groove, getting into the race and competition side. Those two


well clear of the field. David King did come through for third place.


well clear of the field. David King Get another chance, the final three


automatic qualifiers. Good run from Jake Porter outside. We will wrap up


the results in just a moment. In the fourth round of the long jump, Shara


Proctor, after a fourth round of the long jump, Shara


round jump. 6.50. Still in third fourth round of the long jump, Shara


place. Chopped into that one. Shara Proctor slightly out of sorts and


stop she has jumped X .91 this year. The best so far this afternoon 6.50.


stop she has jumped X .91 this year. Five centimetres behind the lead.


Five centimetres separating the three Brits. She still looks a bit


tentative, to me. A bit tight. A little nervous. She has content of


the lead, 6.57, in the fourth round. Two jumps remaining. The second heat


of the men's 60 metres hurdles getting under way shortly. There is


confirmation of the first. Jake Porter may still go through to


the final with a personal best. The way well, but in the end only


one winner, the Red Arrows. Lawrence Clarke giving in the second heat of


the 60 metres hurdles. The 60-metre flat coming up later. Shara Proctor


struggling in the long jump, also Dimitri Bascou in the first heat of


the men's 60-metre hurdles, not the race we were looking for. No. You


can see Dimitri Bascou, let's highlight them. In the middle,


running 7.41 this year, very fast time. The French have had some great


hurdlers over the years. Let's have a look at the start. Coming out of


the blocks, looks like a stumbling little bit for me. Into the first


hurdle, yes, a bit in front. In the first drive phase, looks like


stumbles. Not see this move. Pulled away a bit on the either side. First


round, not too bad. Doing the seven strides, needs to be more efficient


with his steps. There is a danger with the seven strides, you are


pushing too hard, your tips can get lower, not getting into the strife.


He came out, his hips were low. You can see he was muscling, trying to


get it. Trying to get over with his hips being low. Not a great start to


the race, and they are so quick indoors. Lawrence Clarke coming up


next. He spent time with him last night. What sort of shape is Ian? He


had a changing training environment? Not only has he changed environment,


he has moved to another country, learning a new language to talk to


his coach. You can always become complacent in your training


environment, was not working for him. I wish all the best in new


setup. Enjoying life, training be Dimitri Bascou. It is a work in


progress, he will not be at his best until the summer. Trying a few new


things. It is a great move for him. Changing environment, sometimes


athletes are not brave enough to make those decisions. He will have


seen, things have not gone well. He had injuries, needed to move on,


great move, going to France. I hope it does pay off, it is a bold move.


Very technical event. I know his new coach is very technically minded.


With the Olympics and the World Championships at home coming up next


year, I know he's training outdoors a lot. He favoured the indoors a


lot, in Britain. He is surprised it rains in the winter as well, or that


time indoors. Paris, what is not to love? COMMENTATOR: Absolutely.


Working with Dimitri Bascou. He ran well in Berlin last weekend. It is


all about peaking. It is a big athletics year, looking to Rio, a


lot of athletes decide not to do the world indoors. Looking to peak later


in the year. Hard to maintain the level of excellence one CD peak. --


once you do peak. In might not be the quickest track, we have seen


some sluggish times so far. That is the line-up. Lawrence Clarke has the


British standard already, 7.65, running that in Berlin last week.


The competition for him here. Koen Smet has equalled his personal


best this season. Ague injuries and his young career, just 23. Lorenzo


Perini is the youngest man in the line-up, 21, former European junior


medallists. Kevin Craddock, not running the times he was three years


ago. 7.46 back in 2012. Only a thing in the heats in Berlin. The new


personal best in Indiana last month, for Somerville. Lawrence Clarke,


stalwart of the British team in the last few seasons. Now based in


Paris. This is the man Lawrence Clarke edged out for a place in the


Limerick final in London. O'Donnell, the Irish indoor champion, the man


on the inside. Jake Porter is one of the two fastest losers at the


moment. Three goats are automatically. Porter ran 7.61 on


Wednesday. Clarke goes in lane six. Insiders Somerville. Three to go


through automatically. Looking to book their place in the


final, just before four o'clock. Ague twitches, but away fairly


clearly. Clarke going along nicely. She the Chinese athlete coming


through nicely. Then Clarke and Somerville. Very strong second half


of the race from Wenjun. Smiles all round. Craddock will have to wait


and see. Clarke safely through. Good, confident qualifying round


from Lawrence. When you have not won, always disappointed. He will


think he can run faster than that. Typical of Lawrence. Most important


thing to get through to the finals. Everybody expecting the middle of


the field to do all the work. Wenjun, just sneaking through. Did


not have a good start, but then bounding his way through. The key


thing is the River Minh Hai heard the link. You have to get into the


groove and read as much as you can as quickly as you can. It seemed


like the Chinese athlete did not get into it, that's all about you is the


individual. Let's hear from Lawrence Clarke. This is building up, the


form you showed in your last race. Feeling far more enthusiastic, the


first few races were horrendous. All to do with a starting pattern. Feel


a lot more comfortable. A long time in the blocks. Why did you feel that


change was necessary in the first place? The theory is, you do seven


steps, you save energy for the outdoor backend of the race in the


110, but you have to be exceptionally strong. My training


partner Dimitri Bascou has legs two inches longer. Colin holds the world


record with eight steps, it does work. Overall the move is working?


Very much so. Dimitri Bascou, training with him, he ran 7.41 last


week. Second fastest European. He is world number one, I'm in the right


place. Good luck for the final. A bit of technique taught, and the


mention of Colin Jackson's world record. 22 years ago. Not a


blistering time behind Wenjun, who finished strongly. The times are


going to knock out, sadly, Jake Porter. Just confirmation of the


second heat. Koen Smet and Kevin Craddock will go


through to the final. Lorraine Ugen chasing that lead off


Proctor. Fourth round, hitting the Lorraine Ugen chasing that lead off


ball well. That is better. In the fourth round. Fifth in the World


Championship 's last year. Lovely stride, maintains speed


through take-off. Perfect, almost, on the board. Lorraine Ugen is


likely to challenge the lead. Waiting for her mark to be measured.


She looks happy. She should be. Wow, that's a great jump and she takes


the lead. Across the other side, Shawn Barber, the 21-year-old


Canadian sensation. Third attempt at 6.0 one. No. Wasn't that close


either. If the truth be told. But a great performance all the


either. If the truth be told. But a first-time clearance of 5.8


Here is confirmation of that pole vault competition. An allcomers


record for Shawn Barber. Good performance from Luke Cutts, equals


his season's best. Lots of you have been getting in


touch through our red button athletics for. -- for.


Questions about the state of the sport, comments, and what you've


been seeing here today. So far the action has been outstanding. The


latest thing we saw was Lawrence Clarke. What did you make of it?


Solid run from Lawrence. He's been playing around with seven and eight


strides. Eight strides today and it definitely suits him. I think he


starts pretty well. He's over the first hurdle very well. You can see


his upper body and his trailing arm, his left arm. He is losing some


speed of the hurdle. Other guys go past him. He's struggling a bit.


Fighting into little bit and that's why he's losing out. But an


excellent start. I'm sure he can improve. Something to work on for


the outdoor season as well. He was talking about the fact he didn't


feel he had long enough legs the seven strides, but he's a big guy.


He's pretty tall. Generally it tends to be the speed in between the


hurdles. Technically he isn't that bad, but the upper arm swing, you


want minimal movement. The key thing is your arm will always come back.


If you keep your hand in tight so is not flailing behind you, you don't


want that. It creates the rotation in the upper body. You want to keep


as tight as possible to minimise the movement and make yourself as


efficient as possible. It's something he can work on long-term.


I'm not sure he can turn it around for the final. He is quite as smooth


hurdle. He has quit cadence, but he needs to work on being taller. His


legs aren't that long. Don't ask me how I know that. One of the most


remarkable bits of hurdling news is from the other side of Atlantic.


Harry to merit, bronze medal in Beijing, went home to have it did


need transplant and he has run his fastest ever time to start the


season. Incredible. He would have had to start the winter building


from the ground up, starting with really basic work. Building on it


for weeks and weeks. Who would have thought he would have competed in


doors let alone competitively. He's a great ambassador for the sport,


the outdoor world record-holder and exciting to see him back. Time to go


back out onto the track and an event that will raise the attempt more


than ever because it features Laura Muir. The hometown girl, Laura Muir,


will be cheered to the rafters. An exceptional women's 800 metres.


Laura not wanting to go to the World Championships. This is the result of


the 60 metres hurdles. Laura Muir up against a world-class


field. Lynsey Sharp, the other great Scottish 800 metres runner, will be


running at New York tonight. Interesting to see whether Laura


Muir can steal back the Scottish record that Lindsay recently broke.


Selina Buchel, a great outdoor season. Jenny Meadows back in good


form. Hejnova moving up. Adelle Tracey has the qualifying time.


Bishop, silver-medallist in the World Championships. Jozwik of


Poland on the outside, who is the fastest in doors this year. Laura,


after a fifth place in the World Championships last year...


Listen to this cheer. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. 22 years of


age, great summer in 2015 and wants to do more in 2016. She will want to


finish on a high in this, her last race. Adelle Tracey and Hejnova


Schering allayed. Meadows sharing with ritual. -- locale. Jenny is


very pleased with where she is. She will be at the trials next week and


will hope to qualify and go to the world is in good shape in March.


Christina Hering on the inside. You saw Buchel waving. I mentioned her


prowess in doors. You look at the likes of Buchel Jozwik, they set off


the pace a little bit. The pace asked for by the American on the


outside is 58 seconds through the first 400. That Scottish record is


2.3 exactly. I'm sure that's in her sights. Maybe sup two minutes. The


first 200 they need to settled out. Pushing. Laura Muir coping with it.


The pacemaker glides to the front and they settle down through the


first 200. Pretty straightforward, around 28 seconds. Jenny Meadows


slotted into fourth position. She had to put up her hand a little bit


and persuade Buchel to move forward a little bit, she was blocking the


root Jenny wanted to take. Now the race is well strung out. Laura Muir


would love to go under race is well strung out. Laura Muir


and take the Scottish record back. She prepared well in South Africa


and looking good so far. Jozwik was tracking your and husband straight


past her. The Polish athlete who leads the world rankings. Starting


to bunch up a little bit. Melissa Bishop... Jenny Meadows in a good


place. Look at the pole in perfect position. Now Laura Muir moves up


into fourth place. Laura Muir looks comfortable and relaxed. Melissa


Bishop, the world silver-medallist, leading. Laura Muir being cheered by


this crowd. But Jozwik is tracking her. The noise is deafening in


Glasgow. Can the local girl get the win? The Scottish record is in sight


as well. Bishop is striding away. Muir will be strong, though. Jozwik


in third place. Here she comes. The crowd are trying to get behind her.


Look at Bishop, striding away. The time just outside two minutes. Muir


takes second. You have to hand it to Bishop, that was a dominant


performance. We were all hoping Laura could find a little bit extra


at the end. I think Laura could find a little bit extra


pleased with the shape she's in. Running two minutes indoors is an


excellent place to be in federally. Bishop underlining what a great


season she had last year. She beat a good field. That was a very, very


strong field. Well done to Bishop. You can see the difference that


silver medal in Beijing made to Melissa Bishop. She runs with a lot


more confidence now. She attacked on that last lap. Laura Muir had done


everything right at this point and you thought she would have the


strength to close the gap, but Melissa Bishop was just too strong.


Lawro new Jozwik was coming up close behind her. Buchel was going


backwards. Laura just needed to keep running strongly to the line. She


wasn't going to make any inroads into Melissa Bishop. But she was


able to hold off Jozwik. She might not have broken the Scottish record,


but it is a personal best for Laura Muir. I think Bishop, in our


excitement watching Laura, Melissa Bishop was very, very good indeed.


It's going to be a great event in the world indoor Championships. A


disappointing run from Jenny Meadows, but Adelle Tracey running


well again. 2.2. Looks relaxed, Bishop. Went to the front, really


strong in the last 200 metres. Left one or two others trailing. Buchel


disappointing after a good 1500 recently, thought she might have


been a bit stronger. What a tremendous reception this


crowd gave you. You didn't disappoint them. Personal best. Tell


me the race from your perspective. It was tough and fast. A lot of


girls in the race. Great to be in a competitive atmosphere again and


really enjoyed it and competitive atmosphere again and


great. How does the indoor race fit into your overall training programme


and projecting forward to the Olympics? This is my last indoor


race. Important to go out on a high. A solid block of training ahead of


Rio. You performed well in Beijing, what did that do feel confident?


Huge. 2014 was hard so I had to come back with a bang. I did that.


Huge. 2014 was hard so I had to come different bars in the air because


its Olympic year? Definitely. It's just crazy. Every


its Olympic year? Definitely. It's you're thinking about it. So


its Olympic year? Definitely. It's performance and good


its Olympic year? Definitely. It's forward. Cheers. She should be


pretty happy with where she is in terms of preparations for Rio. Get


back to a bit of hard work and altitude training over Easter and


into April and we will see her in the summer. Melissa Bishop with a


stadium record. A personal best for Hering. She finished very strongly.


A disappointing run for Jenny Meadows, but that will be an


interesting event at the trials next week in Sheffield.


Round five of the women's long jump. Shara Proctor has seen her lead


taken away by Lorraine Ugen. Proctor, what can she do to respond?


It's going to be close. She likes it. The first time we've seen her


animated after any job. She just had to relax a bit. Looks like she was


in her own way in the previous jumps. That looked better. That


looks close to seven metres. Proctor waits to see... Yes. By


three centimetres. One jump remaining. Straight up then.


Lorraine Ugen. In the fifth round. She has seen her lead taken. That's


a good job. Again losing a tiny bit of ground by cutting the sand with


her right foot. Lorraine Ugen looks as though she's responded well. The


big jump of Proctor. Good extension up from the board. She really


reaches away from the board. A bit of space to spare from Ugen. Really


drives up hard. That right foot still needs a bit of a tidy up.


Costing her a tiny bit of ground. But it's good, she likes it and she


takes the lead. 6.80. A lifetime best with one jump remaining.


Special competition in the field. One more jump to go. Just one chance


in the women's 60 metres final. Dafne Schippers to the right, Dina


Asher-Smith to the left. Denise and I with Dai Greene on the green


screen. You've been looking at the semifinals, what have you picked


out? This is Dafne. Her start wasn't very good. Her first step, when the


foot hits the floor, it is a little bit in front of her and she can't


push off. The steps afterwards, there is a higher frequency


thereafter. Standing up very early. Very good running mechanics when


she's upright, great need left. In contrast, Dean at the start. A


little twitchy in the blocks. -- dealer. Far more dynamic position.


You can see the shape of her back is far more efficient. She had the best


start in that race of anyone. Lovely mechanics when she's up and running.


Fluid runner, very, very smooth. Probably chilling a little bit after


a good start. Interesting to see how they go in there final. I anticipate


Jena to get out front and Schippers will try to pull her back. It's


whether they have enough time to do that.


Everybody is talking about it, the difference between running super


fast and getting into the medals. That is the aim of the group, to get


the contacts down quickly. Full stop it is risky. The feat calm down, if


they are not active and you on the spot. You are in the air longer with


that long for stride. The first ride is almost too long. Needs to pull it


in the foot contact is better. It is practice, practice, practice. It is


difficult to come back from those errors. Mouthwatering contest in


prospect, Steve Cram. COMMENTATOR: These two taking centre stage, some


other very good athletes in this. Daphne skippers so close to going


under seven seconds. Dizzy read Henry -- design


Still just 20 years of age. Still improving. Not quite as quick as a


personal best this year. Pretty happy to be in this final alongside


the silver-medallist in 200 metres in Beijing. Many think this young


lady has the ability to step into the shoes of Shelly-Ann


Fraser-Pryce. She does train River. Regularly under ten seconds


outdoors. 7.12 this season. As we have said, Daphne is a real star of


athletics at home and abroad. Dating a famous DJ back at home. She has an


entourage of around seven or eight there, including her mum and dad.


Dean Asha Smith's parents often travel with her. She is


acknowledging this great crowd here. Another great young talent. The


smiling either Svoboda. Powerful sprinter from Poland. 7.07 in Poland


recently. Came close to meddle in the World Indoor Championships in


2012. Carina Horn, good performance in the heats. Personal best of this


year 7.19. The South African is in lane eight. I wonder how quick they


can go on this track in Glasgow. Maybe a little disappointing in the


heats, you don't know what these athletes are saving. Dean Asha Smith


will always start a bit quicker. Watch out for Thompson and Svoboda,


can she find that 7.0 four. Pretty good start from dean Asha


Smith. Serve over getaway well. Dafne Schippers will take it.


Thompson perhaps second. Dean Asha Smith faded badly after a distance.


Daphne holding that left hamstring. Let's say this track is not as quite


quick as the athletes may like. It is as quick as we have seen here, in


terms of the athletes producing this year.


7.01. Thompson may have got second. Just confirmed she did. What do you


reckon, Colin? Plenty of good athletes here. Dean Asha Smith got


off well, then did not get going. -- dean Asha


Dafne Schippers is a real class athlete. She is showing herself to


be the real class of the field. For me, that is a huge step she is


taking. She can hold her form with all this pressure.


I wonder how that pleasing for you, you are doing in


time after time? Very happy winning this event, it was nice. Really


strong field, you are still running 7.01, shows there is more to come?


strong field, you are still running possible. I hope to run the best


race in Portland. We will see. Some people are targeting the World


Championships indoors, some are not. Why does it work for you? Why does


it work to do the indoor season? Very good to do the tournament,


because the start is not my best part of the race. I can work on it,


training, and competition. You got a great reception from the crowd, what


is it like, people knowing you as a global athletics superstar? How has


your life changed? A big global athletics superstar? How has


from before. It is nice. It is not always nice, but OK for now. I'm


sure the pressure comes with it. You are doing so well. Congratulations


today. Just holding the left hamstring, precautionary.


if she just didn't know. Just doing if she just didn't know. Just doing


enough to get the win, moving on. if she just didn't know. Just doing


Once she gets in front, if she just didn't know. Just doing


ease away. That is a huge status in the world of athletics, you can be


with the best in the world, just easing in front of them. Not the


time of the year to take risks. You don't win any Olympic gold medals in


February. It is a stadium record and another win.


We saw Shara Proctor have her last attempt. Slightly shy of the


leaderboard. This is the last round. The Mele effort. After consecutive


fouls in rounds two, 25. Straight legs. Goodspeed on the approach.


6.53, her best so far. 6-point 80s the lead so far. She stays in third,


but a better jump. Good stuff, from her. A little bit better, she says.


Here are the results. Lorraine Ugen taking their win, a


wild card going towards the World Cup Macca indoors. -- going towards


the World Indoors. Great to see long jump in such a


good state, mainly thanks to you two. They do feel there was


something missing for you today? I am lacking a bit at the moment.


Happy with my form. Came out, for the best I can fight. Happy for


Lorraine. I'm happy the wind went with British competitor. Ready to go


back to training. The World Indoor Championships are on your radar. The


win must do you a lot of good. There must be a feeling of belonging now


Esmat last year people were saying, who is this girl? The more I


compete, but my face out there, people know I'm a British jumper.


Performing like you all are, what is it like to have a friendly rivalry


in the country, sparing you one? I love having other British athletes


to compete against. I will have Shara Proctor, and other good


jumpers. Is that how you feel? Happy with the friendly rivalry. More


importantly, I hope we can motivate other British jumpers to come up. If


we can do it, they can also. I hope it is a big motivation. Great


message to send out, well done, both of you. Onto the first of two beats


in the men's 60 metres. We have the world indoor champion, Richard


Kilty. We don't have anybody in lane three. Trayvon Bromell, one of the


big draws, a very late withdrawal. We have Kim Collins in lane four.


The Canadian called up in his heat in Berlin last week. Seems to be


fighting fit now. Bright talent, another tool sprinter. Ran 6.60 in


Finland at the start of the month. Inside the UK standard. Kim Collins,


not far-away from his 40th birthday! Still outstanding. Have and are


raising run a 60-metre Victor Ruiz. -- he had an amazing run. J Morris.


Winning the 60 in Poland just a week ago. Was third in Stockholm behind


Kim Collins and Michael Rodgers. He has his work cut out, made slightly


easier by the absence of Trayvon Bromell.


6.67 his best. Angel David Rodriguez, six times the Spanish


champion. Has been around for a few years, well not compare to Kim


Collins. No Trayvon Bromell, sadly, in lane three. Would have been a


very interesting contrast. Are to go through automatically, and


the three fastest losers in the two heats.


Cleanly away, good start by Collins. Morris chasing. Kim Collins a long


way clear. 6.50 one. Quickest time for him this year. We know the track


is quick. Kim Collins not far-away from his 40th birthday.


He exploded out of the blocks. That is all you need to do to qualify at


that level. The gun goes, good reactions, ten metres, 15 metres,


look how fluid Kim Collins looks. Richard Kilty looked across, but it


was up and across because he was a long way back. Second quickest time


in the world this year, only Asafa Powell has run faster. Effortless,


flawless, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Who would have thought


that man is close to 40 with running times like that? You saw the effort


of Joe Morris alongside him rip large on his face. Collins looked


utterly in control. Season's best time and a long way clear of Kilty


and Morris. Catch me if you can, Young guns.


We're looking forward to the men's long jump final. That is Markus


Rehm. Eight metres and 40 he jumped last year. Greg Rutherford jumped


eight metres and 41 to win in Beijing. Rutherford isn't here. One


of the most fascinating events we will see this year -- this afternoon


tea wants to jump in the Olympic games. Don't forget to keep getting


in touch on the red button. Markus Rehm coming up very, very shortly.


Before that, Adam Gemili will go in the second heat of the men's 60


metres. Before we see that we put him down the barrel of our Q and a


gun. Adam Gemili with a perfect 200


metres to win the European Championships. Simply superb. I'm


fielding in really good shape and excited to get out there and


compete. Athletics at the moment I believe is in a good place. Still


lots of improvements to make, but we're getting it done.


I think it's a bit radical to eradicate all world records, but


there are some with question marks. I'm not involved in that decision so


I'm thankful for that. I think it's a real shame to ban all


athletes, especially those doing it the right way.


Keep working hard and doing great things for the sport.


I want a gold-medal. Every athlete wants to be the best. I would like


to get a gold medal, or a medal at least. Nice stuff from Adam Gemili.


That whole British athletics suggestion of raising the world


records. It's a good talking point. Maybe a good pub game is which ones


you think are clean and which ones aren't! That could be a lot of fun.


I don't know about that. It doesn't feel like that is the total answer.


You need to take incremental changes, sort things out as they


come. I don't feel personally about eradicating the world record. You


don't want to eradicating the world record. You


not. British athletics wanted to create debate. They may be


not. British athletics wanted to IAAF were moving slowly and they


wanted to move the agenda on. Maybe make the public think more about the


issues. Move the agenda, but it has to be in the right way. Carte


blanche wiping out records, I don't think that's the right thing. Great


to think that's the right thing. Great


few problems last year. You're going to look at the race where he ran


fast and also got injured. We haven't seen Adam for a while. He


got injured last year in Birmingham. haven't seen Adam for a while. He


He doesn't have the best start, to be honest.


Adam gets left. 20 metres into the race and he's already given up a


metre or so. Adam is pretty much upright at this point. Look at the


head-to-head, Bracy in the centre. Look at his feet, how low he keeps


them to the floor. That's such a good thing to have. Adam isn't quite


as good. I know he's working on that with his new coach, but he has a way


to go. I think he's made improvements over the winter which


is why he's run so well indoors. They are ready to go.


A lot of attention on Adam Gemili. We shouldn't forget that Sean and


three is quicker this year. He will go in lane five. He sexually ranked


in the world's top ten this year. Great start to his indoor season.


Adam Gemili has his work cut out just to be best of the Brits. Mike


Rodgers, great exponent over 60 metres.


The Jamaicans have the luxury of already having had an outdoor


season, some of them. He's run a 60 metres outdoor, reasonably swift.


We've already seen what would be required from Kim Collins. Adam


Gemili, first real big test against good opposition. Mike Rodgers in


between the British athletes. 30 years of age now. Collins has gone


quicker than his season's best. We aren't sure about this track yet.


Kim has shown you he can run fast. This is Safo-Antwi from Enfield,


having a great season. Kimmins. I was going to say 30 years of age.


When you have Kim Collins, you can't mention DH. Sure McLean the United


States. The other end of the scale a little. -- Sean. 23 years of age.


And then a 19-year-old from Shaftesbury. The European junior


champion over 100 metres last year. Just underlining the continuing


talent that Britain can be very happy with. Kilty is three. Top


three and the top two fastest losers will join him. Kim Collins already


through. This could be a little tighter, the second heat. Rodgers in


between Gemili and Safo-Antwi. We haven't had a full start yet


today. You know what that means. --. Start.


Safo-Antwi wins and Gemili fourth, for me. It will be down to the


clock. He continues a good season for him. Gemili fourth and he now


knows that might not be quick enough. Colin will help me with


qualification times in the second. It was fairly tight. He was fairly


close. If I remember rightly from the first one, Collins was so far


ahead and the Big Apple hide. -- and a big gap behind. Rodgers is always


quick at 60 metres. a big gap behind. Rodgers is always


a good start... You're right. Right from the very beginning you said


this would be a more competitive race and it very much was. Sean did


very well. A lot of athletes around him who are very strong. Not just


strong in this race, but through the year. What they've produced in the


past. For Sean to be so dominant, he'll keep that good head about him.


He just continued what he's been doing all year. That's the most


important thing with all athletes. You have to remember how you've been


training and put the performance into the race. He might be all


right. He hasn't even been given forth. I think he was close enough.


Yes, I can tell you it's just come up on our computer. Very close for


fourth and fifth. Fourth and fifth from this race will go through.


Great that you're through with that time. Not the best race for you, but


you have a chance to rectify it in the final. Absolutely. I'm still


quite new to 60. Having a bit of fun with them and trying to get


competitive. I haven't really raced since June. Good to be in the field


and competing again. I have to think of the bigger picture, which is Rio.


But happy to be through to the final. Great to see you back, all


athletics fans are happy to see you back. Great to see you in such good


form, Sean. Top ten in the world and a performance like that. I'm in good


shape. I put in the work over the winter. If you do that you get the


results. What do you do between here and the final? What do you have to


go through? I'm going to cool down, rest a bit, play some music, get


relaxed, see the physio and go again for the final. Another performance


like that in which you could take the victory. Wicked, that's the aim.


All the best for the final. Cheers. I hope he's not taking a selfie!


Genuinely hope he's got that turns the other way around. He's enjoying


himself in the packed crowd and why not. A great performance from Sean


Safo-Antwi, stealing the limelight from Adam Gemili. He has been in


great form this year and that backed it up. Gemili will go through. Just


confirmed the qualifiers. Kim Collins easily the best. It would be


a brave man to predict anyone beating him if he gets away


reasonably well. You could throw a blanket over the rest. Kim Collins


will start as the favourite. Markus Rehm just getting ready for


the men's long jump. Being introduced to the crowd. He is a


single leg amputee. He will be a contender for a medal at the Olympic


Games and that's his aim. Here are his thoughts on qualifying for the


games. Paralympic long jump champion Markus Rehm has big ambitions. He


wants to compete in the Olympic Games as well as the Paralympics in


Rio this year. The so-called blade jumper who competes using a carbon


fibre blade as his Rayo that grow lower right leg has been breaking


records. My gosh, that is absolutely huge! In October last year he jumped


eight metres 40. That was further than Greg Rutherford in the London


Olympics. This summer he wants the chance to win his own Olympic medal,


but the German athletics Federation believes the blade gives him an


unfair advantage over able-bodied jumpers. Some people say of course


you have to jump further because you have a leg like this. Are you


serious? Why of course? A good few years ago you said it was great that


you can do sports, great you can jump. Now I have an advantage? Where


was the point when it changed? The coach of one of Britain's most


famous Olympians, Jess Ennis-Hill, says it's open to debate. It seems


to be throwing him further into the pit. Is that an unfair advantage?


That's the question. That's for somebody at the IAAF to look at. If


it would be so easy to jump with a prosthetic leg more than eight


metres or 8.40, why can nobody else do it? We have professional athletes


as well with the same handicap and they have the same technique, the


same prosthetic leg as I do. Why is there


a big difference? He needs to provide scientific data to prove his


case and hopes the IAAF will act quickly with the Olympics less than


six months away. I think it would be an amazing chance to show what


Olympic athletes are able to achieve. I would like to represent


our sport. Thanks for speaking to us before your competition. How much of


a distraction is all this potential qualifying for the Olympics away


from just competing? Well, yes, it's around a lot at the moment, but I'm


just trying to focus on this competition. I'm very happy to be


able to jump here. Amazing athletes. I hope I can focus on this and show


my best. How do your competitors feel jumping against you? The talk


about whether your prosthetic leg is an advantage or disadvantage, what


do you think about their views? Christian just met me in Q 's last


week and we had a conversation. We talked about the whole thing. We


both were quite relaxed. I just try to show people that


both were quite relaxed. I just try don't force it much. I just love to


compete. I just try to show a nice performance.


This lady, from Germany, a revelation outdoors last year,


already a good start to the indoor season. Have not seen anything this


year from her. Josephine started the season with an 8.57 3000 metres.


That would be quick enough to qualify, she needs to do it in a


women's only race issue of the qualify for the chaplain chips. Can


she qualify today? Formerly ran for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games.


Alan Kirk, from Swansea Harriers. Maureen Koster, bronze-medallist


from Holland, also in the race. Incredible outdoor season last year.


She has not been that quick. I would still say


Krause a tall ask for Madeleine Murray to take them through. 4.18 is


considerably quicker than they have run in this race. Not much


willingness to go with the pace. Just checking over her shoulder to


check how many of the field are going with the pace. Someone must've


asked for it. It would have been better to ask for a slower pace, and


let the race play out. In this race, Barber broke the world record


earlier in the week. Then followed it up with an 8.22 in a 3000 metres,


second fastest in the record books. There have been fast time set by the


big names. As Paula said, this is a quick pace for this team. You can


see why they are little reticent to go with the pacemaker at this point.


We saw him injured due to the Crown. Markus Rehm, the Paralympic champion


in 2012. He has the honour of opening up the competition. That was


way behind the board. Around seven and a half metres. It will be a


valid jump. He looked as if Peter Garth along way behind. Planting his


prosthetic leg hard into the ground. A long way from the board. Only


measured back to the board. Losing valuable centimetres. Getting a jump


in early. Good discipline. 7.54, decent start for Markus Rehm. Across


the other side of the Stadium, Isobel Pooley. Good attempt from


her. My apologies, 1.80 four. The previous high was 1.80 to. -- 1.82.


This pace is adding up to nine minutes, actually a good pace. If


they maintain this pace, they will speed up, you would expect. As long


as they can keep going at this sort of pace. Stephanie Twell will look


for a good run. Sadly the 1500 metres


for a good run. Sadly the 1500 this pace. Not too fast. A real


opportunity, she knows she has run 8.50 seven. She knows she is in


shape to do it. I hope she can get close this afternoon. It needs a few


of the girls to wake up to that fact, start doing some of the work.


Madeleine Murray has done a good job, checking over her shoulder,


steadying the pace. She kept it ticking over. The pack was further


back. Just outside her pace. Stephanie Garcia sitting in second


place, she woke up, pulling them forward. The girls looking to break


through need to really start now. It looks as if Moultre is limping. She


needs to stay with the pace. Looks as if she's struggling, not sure


there was an altercation. She is about 30 metres behind them, keeping


going. We are at the front, Garcia leaving, the pacemaker dropping out.


Stephanie Twell running really well. Sharing fourth place. Chepkwemoi on


the outside. Krause very close. The Polish athlete also doing well.


Eleanor Kirk still in the race. Moultre struggling. Chepkwemoi once


they get closer once the pace starting to pick up. Krause taking a


bit of a stumble. Not sure whether she tripped on the heels of


Stephanie Twell. It is obvious that Krause was trying to extricate


herself out. We have seen Isobel Pooley go clear


this height of 1.80 four. 31 years of age, she is the last to try.


this height of 1.80 four. 31 years oldest athlete in the competition.


The next height will be 1.80 seven. The bar will be raised to three


centimetres, as the competition continues. Daniel Gardiner, the


Leeds City athlete. This is his first attempt. Sounded


Leeds City athlete. This is his board. Good jump. Great all-rounder.


European junior added a cap along. Competing just in the long jump


today. -- at the decathlon. Good balance, good leg shoot, I like it.


Great start for him. Six attempts for all the athletes. A lifetime


best for him. The race for the 3000 metres when warming up. Stephanie


Twell doing well, hanging on. It is served nine minute pace. That would


mean Stephanie Twell could get a qualifying time. Garcia has been at


the front for a long time. Stretching them out. They went


through to calamities at 5.5 seven. -- two calamities.


400 metres to go. Stephanie Twell just sitting on the shoulders. She


is really running a great race so far. She's a bit blocked in. Garcia


has done a lot of work dragging the field to the fast time. This is the


best run I have seen from Stephanie Twell on the track for a long time.


She's back in with some of the world's better runners. Koster


moving up now. There are seven women with a chance. Stephanie Twell has a


qualifying time in her sights. The qualifying time in her sights. The


Scottish Crown cheering her run. Koster kicking hard. Then Krause.


The Kenyan turning on her 1500 metre pace. Chepkwemoi, with 50 to go.


Koster. It is going to be tight. Chepkwemoi wins it. A big personal


best for Stephanie Twell. Well inside the world qualifying mark.


Really, really good inside the world qualifying mark.


form. She is a good season on the road. Ennaoui may have


form. She is a good season on the the end. A smile on her face, she


had a look at the club. A UK record indoors. She knows she was not too


far away there. She has always been strong. Showing good track pace.


Really, really good performance. She must've loved that. You can see,


Paula, good to see her back there contesting the last 200 metres. You


could see the smile on her face, the way she close on the last lap.


Holding on as well as she could. Ennaoui had a bit more in the home


straight. Putting yourself back into contention. You know Stefanie gave


it everything. Hanging on to keep yourself ahead of the athlete


behind. A big personal best. It will have done her confidence the world


of good. I need to correct myself. It was a Scottish allcomers record


for Chepkwemoi. Ennaoui almost coming through. Really pleased for


Stephanie Twell. We have Sheffield to come, what a return to form on


the track. She is with Phil. Steve Cram talking us through the race. At


the end of the race, great return to form on the track for you. The best


we have seen for a long time. You must be over the moon. Yes, it was


about feeding the atmosphere of the track, it was chopping in changing.


That is what I needed, happy to run such a fast time. How has the winter


gone? Looking for indicators to catapulted forward into the outdoor


season? This is more of a product of training then tinkering, getting


ready for it. Happy as a tuning up for the summer to come. Please do


that, taking it forward. Another Scottish Crown? I heard them


cheering, I was hoping to come off the bend, coming through. Small


stepping stones to get back with the girls. Really happy.


Congratulations, well done. I am really pleased. Great to see her


running well. Still in the first round of the men's long jump


competition. Chris Tomlinson. 34 years of age, Texas-macro five.


Committed on the approach, as ever. -- six foot five. Let's have a look


at this. Good on the board, I think it is. Maybe cutting it short


take-off. Does not quite finished a drive upwards. Good leg shoot.


Second in the world indoors eight years ago. Second place today.


Season's best, though. Xinglong Gao of China. Lead the World


Championships before Greg Rutherford took a firm grasp last year and he


ended up in fourth place, Xinglong Gao. That's a big jump for him.


Concluding the first round. Have a look at this. Maybe some space to


spare. Cycling through the air. Arms following the legs. Looks untidy,


doesn't it, but it's very effective. Waiting for his measurement. That


takes the lead. That's a lifetime best for him. He goes into first


place. Look at all those personal bests and


the stadium record for Chepkwemoi. Stephanie Twell in the all-time top


ten for Great Britain. Still to come this afternoon, we


have the women's 60 metres hurdles final with Tiffany Porter and Lucy


Hatton going for Britain. And then the men's 60-metre final at 4pm. The


speed merchants take to the track. Who will prevail in Glasgow? At


4:10pm, Mo in the men's 3000 metres final. A record maybe, but certainly


victory in his sights. The final of the men's 400 and


another very strong line-up. Chris Brown and a couple of British


involved as well in terms of Sebastian Rodger and Jarryd Dunn.


Rodger only has the qualifying standard. -- already has. There is


Jarryd Dunn. He won the individual title at the European Team


Championships in Russia last summer. Those are the Britain's. Calvin


Smith, a very famous name in athletics. Famous father. Great


sprinter. Calvin Smith Junior, third quickest in the world this year.


Chris Brown, seasoned campaigner, 37 now, former world indoor champion.


Maslak, the current world and European indoor champion. Also had a


good win in Ireland on Wednesday. Rusheen McDonald, the Jamaican,


running indoors for the first time. Went horribly wrong in the


semifinals in Beijing and didn't even make the final after an


incredible time in the first round. Calvin Smith, his father a former


world record-holder and a great 400 metres and 200 metres runner.


Pavel Maslak in lane five. He ran so well in the European indoors last


year. Native to the Czech Republic. Away they go. Two lapse of this


indoor track. A strong start from Calvin Smith outside Jarryd Dunn.


Maslak started quite slowly this time. Rusheen McDonald on the far


outside. Maslak wants first place. He wants to be out in front and has


to go out wide. Chris Brown holding him out. Maslak hits the front ahead


of Chris Brown. Finishing strongly is Calvin Smith. McDonald is going


back. Maslak gritting hard and digging deep. He'll come through to


take victory. A strong finish from Jarryd Dunn, who takes third on the


line. Maslak certainly finished the stronger. A season's best time for


him. Calvin Smith... Maslak, after a great duel with Chris Brown for the


lead through the bell and around the top bend, but eventually takes the


win. Chris Brown faded. Dai top bend, but eventually takes the


was watching that, what did you make of it? I thought it was a great run


from Maslak. He was being squeezed out by Chris Brown, making him run


further than he wants to, but he has better speed endurance. Maslak is


pulling away and Chris Brown goes backwards. The two Brits at the back


and making their way forwards. Not the best lane draws for them. They


were always going to struggle on the first lap and they gave up too much


of a lead. Maslak manages to maintain his speed. Chris Brown


fading at the end having given so much in the middle part of the race


just to keep Maslak behind at the bell. A good performance and a good


time. A great finish as well from Jarryd Dunn. Maslak took the


victory, but Jarryd Dunn equalled his personal best. This man will be


defending his title, Pavel Maslak. Able to look round to the clock to


see what he's done. Just outside 46 seconds. He's a great indoor runner


in particular and he takes the victory ahead of Calvin Smith.


Jarryd Dunn coming through strongly for third place and Chris Brown


fading. Maslak a very, very impressive winner.


This is the second round jump for Markus Rehm. If he can get it right,


he can certainly challenge the eight-metre mark. Quick on the


approach again. Good height from the board. He does get up well. That was


very much better. Close to eight metres, possibly. The world


record-holder with a .40 in winning the IPC World Championships last


year in dough half. -- 8.40. The lead of Gao, he might challenge


that. A personal best indoors for Markus Rehm. Second place.


Impressive from him. Andreas Otterling of Sweden. Opened


Impressive from him. Andreas 7.50. 29-year-old Swede. Looks


Impressive from him. Andreas an improvement for him. He's been


unbeaten this year. He won in Stockholm in the


unbeaten this year. He won in jumper. Great drive.


unbeaten this year. He won in get that balance and it looked very


good. It is an improvement, but only enough for third place. Isobel


Pooley, the Commonwealth silver-medallist. We saw her go


clear in the second round. silver-medallist. We saw her go


has been raised. Yes! Very good. The perfect start. A blemish free card


from three attempts. Three clearances for Isabel Cooley.


Disappointing last year, carrying an injury. This is exactly what she


wanted. -- Isobel Pooley. Her competition continues.


Lots more to come from Isobel Pooley. From one British high jumper


to another and in name you may not have heard. Chris Baker was jumping


a week ago in the Czech Republic. He went into this competition with a


two metres 28 personal best and then he went this -- did this at two


metres and 36. What a clearance! Such a great reaction. When you're


getting into 2.36 territory, you can win championships. That puts forth


on all-time list. Steve Smith, bronze-medallist in the Olympics,


2.30 eight. Dalton Grant. We've got a graphic to introduce Chris Baker


to you. 25 years old, sale Harriers. So far not the best of championship


performances. The common wrath games in Glasgow wasn't bad. But if you


look now at this graphic. This is what that height would have won at


recent games. It would have won gold last year. Silver in the Olympics.


He has had championship experience, which is great, but if you start


jumping those hearts consistently, the confidence it brings, it bodes


well. -- those heights. Looking forward to Mo Farah coming up. He's


just getting warmed up. The last time he was in Scotland for -- was


for the greater number across country. He came second. He wants to


come here and met he wins. Don't go anywhere, to one is coming up


shortly. -- Mo is coming up shortly. And now the 1500 metres.


We had a great men's 1500 earlier. There is a favourite in Sifan


Hassan. Mary Cain of the USA trying to rediscover some sort of form.


Great to see Hannah England back. Alison Leonard moving up for the


indoor season again. Normally an 800 metres runner. Plenty of interest


here. Any of the British athletes who want to go to the World


Championships, 4.13 is the qualifying time. Alison Leonard has


already done that. And Sarah Inglis is in the field. Always interesting


to chat to Sifan Hassan. Great to chat to her about the state of


current athletics. She's a really top-class distance runner. She will


have to go well here. Her first indoor race of the season. There's


Mary Cain. There is Sarah Inglis, who's just been outside that


qualifying time by just a 10th of a second. Scottish athlete. Won the


Scottish universities indoor Championships in her last race.


Hannah England. She was in that world record race in Stockholm.


Alison Leonard fresh from a pretty good performance in Ireland


recently. And Arafi and Cory McGee. Quite a few of these athletes were


in that world record race by Dybala. Women don't run the mile so much and


you try to equate their times. Do Barber won that race by 11 seconds.


What do you reckon that time is worth? 3.56 is what she went through


in... 4.4 maybe? OK. Hassan has slipped in quickly behind Wafula.


They've asked for something that Hassan has asked for, she wants to


run under four minutes or close to form on its. She doesn't quite know


what shape she's in. Initially the pace was going to be a bit quicker.


They've set out with good intent. Two Ethiopians and one former


Ethiopian. Hannah England, Sarah Inglis, Alison Leonard, the three


British athletes, at the back. You can see straightaway, 32 seconds for


that lap. A lot of girls do not want to run that quickly over the first


couple of laps. We've seen a couple of groups getting detached. It was


the three we expected to figure. They are starting to get a little


bit of daylight over Cory McGee in fifth place. There you go, through


500 metres, around 80 seconds. Right on four minute schedule. 64 seconds


per 400. Hassan following Wafula. The difficult part will be what she


does now. She doesn't mind going to the front, each we've seen her in


great cross-country form. The rest starting to close up a little bit.


Arafi is in that group, and Mary Cain trying to get closer. They are


quite well strung out. Wafula takes another look behind and is almost


inviting Hassan to pick this up. I think she can feel Hassan on her


shoulder, feeling good, almost wanting to get passed and she


doesn't want to impede her. Now would be a good time for Wafula to


step off the track. She's done her job.


Hassan knows the calibre athletes sitting behind. She did tire up in


the summer, she does not want to overcommit, but would love to come


away with a victory. They went through 800 little slower than they


would like. Still capable of bringing it back to four minutes. A


big gap to McGee. Hannah England the best of the niche athletes. Going a


bit wife, Hassan, not sure whether she's trying to encourage her


through, not used to running indoors. Running a greater distance.


Three engine metres left. 31.0 eight. Hassan has not got this one


Three engine metres left. 31.0 won. A great race between these two.


Well clear of the third placed athlete. Hannah England is in fourth


place. Hassan working hard. Desperately trying to hold on.


Hoping that she has Elizabeth left. Hassan is strong. Now it is three


metres. Hassan has this race won. Looking at the clock now. She wins


it. Hannah England loses out on fourth spot. Another Scottish


allcomers record. Just lost it in the middle, after 400 metres. Two or


three slower laps. I think she will be pretty happy with that.


three slower laps. I think she will yesterday around four minutes would


be good. A little bit of a better run for Hannah England. Hassan,


she has DeBarber to think about. She'll be thinking about what she


can do to close the gap to DeBarber. What she can do to control the race


in the way she did. She looks better over the last 100 metres, when she


started moving away. Maybe overcooking it at the end, she was


tiring up. There was no way she was going to catch. A good win for


Hassan. I'm sure she will be absolutely delighted. Hopefully we


can hear from her. We can. Wonderful performance. Always great to see you


run, you performance. Always great to see you


talented. How would you assess the performance? I'm so happy to run 4.0


one. I am happy to run in London. In Glasgow. If this is no good, cannot


wait to see when you are very good. We have seen what DeBarber


wait to see when you are very good. this season, what is it like when


the bar is being raised, you know you have the step up to the mark.


She has done fantastic. I don't know what to say. I am just thinking


about myself. Thinking about myself. As for your year ahead. Are you


targeting the World Championship Saint Portland? I am targeting the


World Championships. Beyond that, big year, Olympic year. What kind of


confidence did you take from you World Championship performance last


year. I'm new athlete, just one World Championship, two years, I


will get more experience, tactics, everything.


will get more experience, tactics, year ahead, good performance today.


A good win for Hassan. Good performances further down. Hannah


England, the best of the British athletes. New personal best for


Alison Leonard. Those two looking good for the two spots available


next week for the championship in Portland, for those who want to go.


The bar has been raised in the high jump. Alessia Trost. First attempt,


made light work of that. First-time clearances at the four Heights for


her. Eagles are seasoned's best. Twice European under three champion.


-- under 23 champion. Spencer, the oldest athlete in the field. 31.


Made that not very easy. Two athletes clear at 1.90.


As we look at the replay of Spencer, the Pan American games champion of


2015. A tiny raffle. Marcus Rehn, best so far of 7.82. Looks quick.


That is a long way. That may be beyond eight metres. The magical


mark. I was chatting with his coach, the 2009 world champion, his coach


since he was about 16 years of age. This is a big jump from Rehn. 8.10.


Lifetime indoor best. He goes into the lead.


The final of the men's 60 metres hurdles. Dimitri Bascou and Yordan


O'Farrill have such a good duel. Kevin Craddock, his


powers slightly on the wane. 7.83 in his heat. Sneaking through. There is


David King, he wanted to find that UK standard of 7.65, some way off


that in the heats. Maybe the producing blistering times. Dimitri


Bascou, known as the quickest in the world this year. Just as it was in


the heats, he has the lane inside Yordan O'Farrill. World junior


champion. Just 100th of second behind Dimitri Bascou.


Lawrence Clarke just trying to change something up, moving to Paris


to train. Terence Somerville, 7.59, in Bloomington, Indiana this season,


last month. Koen Smet worked hard to make the


final, but not there. Dimitri Bascou just bettered by


Yordan O'Farrill in the heats. They may be the men to beat. What can


Lawrence Clarke produce? Can taking get close of the qualifying


standard? -- close to. Dimitri Bascou, he twitched. The gun


sound advice. -- sounded twice. A couple of athletes were mentioning


long gaps on the block. Let's have a look, it was a clear twitch. Already


moving from the blocks. Lots of people could be worn. They may just


do a general one, he may be fortunate. He was very edgy. He may


have to tweak the senses in the blocks. -- sensors. Nothing so far.


Well... He wants to say something. Somebody does need to say something,


quite quickly. Name three was mentioned. Just a


yellow card. One more, and would be. -- be off. Was he fortunate? Dimitri


Bascou, escaping. Silence inside the arena. Kevin Craddock from the David


King, Dimitri Bascou, Yordan O'Farrill, Lawrence Clarke,


Somerville. They gave this time. Dimitri Bascou


out of the open. Temp once takes it. Dimitri Bascou faltering. -- temp


once exit. As has happened to so many hurdlers over the years. He


fell foul of his stumble coming over the final barrier. Not to be in


Glasgow. Wenjun finishing so strongly, to take it. Taking it with


a seasoned's best. 7.6 three. Let's think of why that problem happen.


Was it because he switched off, not concentrating? Let's watch the race


from the go. Again, the set. concentrating? Let's watch the race


Bascou feeling fortunate he was not disqualified. Yordan O'Farrill


clattering the first barrier. It leaves an open space, could have


kept going, but guess what, he caught the final barrier with the


trailing leg. Once that pulls you back, no chance to recover. Nice and


smooth, approaching the final barrier, watch this. He drags it.


Puts him down. He is out of the race. Let's have a look, head-on.


Great start from Yordan O'Farrill. Gets that barrier to close. He clips


it, loses all the momentum. Dimitri Bascou nice and focus, working hard


in the driving over the barriers. He catches the last one, throws him


completely. Costs in the victory. Lawrence Clarke, clean and tidy.


Just does not have the raw speed of the others. Dimitri Bascou, the


final barrier his undoing. As was the first four Yordan O'Farrill.


Wenjun outside, taking the victory. Kevin Craddock came through for


second place. There he is, that should've been my race.


David King still looking for the UK qualifying standard for the world


indoors. Isobel Pooley looking to join Trost and Spencer who went


clear at this height. She's knocked it off once. She's in third place.


clear at this height. She's knocked clearance. Great jump from Pooley. I


chatted with her coach earlier and he said he'd be happy


chatted with her coach earlier and There you go! Season's record.


Offering words of wisdom from the stand. Great clearance for Isobel


Pooley. Markus Rehm at salute lead --


absolutely jumped a massive jump in the last round. We are now in the


fifth round. Very quick on the approach. Another big jump. Did he


cut the sand along way back from where he landed? I think he did. It


was a big effort from Markus Rehm. He's in the lead. He wrestled that


from Gao in the fourth round. The only athlete beyond eight metres.


You can see the flex in the prosthetic limb at take-off. The


force is massive. Another big jump and I think he cut the sand short of


where he could have been. Another effort over eight metres and he


remains in first place. Isobel Pooley. Second attempt. She's


gone clear! Isobel Pooley! Isobel Pooley. Second attempt. She's


athlete to go clear at this height. We've seen Trost and Spencer knock


it off in their first attempts. Goes into first place. Brilliant effort


from Isobel Pooley. An indoor lifetime best. She did 1.92 last


year indoors and she's added a centimetre on this, her second


attempt at 1.9 three. Her timing is coming back.


Next up on track it is Tiffany Porter. How did she do under the


bright lights of our interrogation? Tiffany Porter running well,


hurdling smoothly. Gold at last for Tiffany Porter. She is the European


champion. I am in PB shape. It could be better.


No. I need more information. I'm glad


that's not my call. I'm very hopeful and good luck.


That I do my very best and athletics is highlighted in a positive way.


Lots of diplomatic answers. In terms of this indoor season for her after


Beijing disappointment, important. Very much so. She's been racing well


so far. She's good, she's strong. She's good indoors. This is where


she attacks and we see the best offer. High hopes. Will or King for


a big performance. -- we're looking. She described her


last race is pretty awful, back in the US. She started the season


pretty well, under eight seconds. Lucy Hatton won a surprise medal at


the European indoors last year. Our four best ever 60-metre hurdlers at


the moment if you add Jessica Ennis-Hill. Serita Solomon as well.


Cindy Roleder, Brion performance last year at the World Champion


chips to get into the medals. Lucy Hatton, European silver indoors. --


World Championships. Serita Solomon ran quickly last year, but didn't


get the nod for the World Championships, which many beat


people felt was a bit harsh on her. Sharika Nelvis, so quick indoors and


outdoors. 100-metre hurdles. She could win this. So good Harrison.


She's been in good form this year. I watched her running a good race


recently, in Karlsruhe. Then we've got Nia Ali, who won the world


indoor Championships last time it was held two years ago. She'll be


defending that title, or will she, in Portland. Pretty sure she will


be. Tiffany Porter in the middle. A very competitive field. The European


champion. And the British record-holder indoors. Then we've


got Castlin, former US indoor champion, won in Ireland recently,


good performance in Berlin as well. Cindy Roleder, incredible year last


year. In Beijing, somehow came away with the silver medal in the


100-metre hurdles. Ran in the 60 metres earlier this evening. Lucy


Hatton. That qualifying mark for the British athletes to go to Portland


is 8.10. All three of the British athletes have already done this, but


only two can go. Tiffany Porter will want to be much better than her


performance in Boston. Seventh on that occasion. But the Americans in


this race, and of course Roleder, particularly the Americans will be


tough to beat. Nelvis, Harrison, Ali.


Harrison all the way. The quickest athlete in the field so far this


year wins with a pretty dominant performance right from the


beginning. This young lady is showing she can do it in the 100


hurdles, 400 hurdles and 60 hurdles as well indoors. That's not a bad


spread in terms of her hurdling ability. Tiffany Porter having to


settle for third. Didn't get out as quickly as she would have liked.


Harrison was always leading and never gave up the lead. No, Steve.


Harrison... It tells you how dominant she can be at 60 metres


hurdles. She absolutely smashed the final barrier and still won quite


comfortably. Watch this performance. She clipped the first hurdle, but


still managed to run off it well. She smashed into the final barrier.


It threw her to the left, but she was still so dominant that she could


take victory in that manner. Bang! Really aggressive into the first


hurdle. Keeps working hard. Watch the final barrier. She rocks a


little bit, but she is strong enough and confident enough to take a good


victory. Let's look at Tiffany Porter on the left hand side.


Getting under eight seconds was always going to be her goal. She


knew she was going to be in a competitive field. Good, solid


hurdling. Solid performance. Owner what she will think about it all in


all, but I'm pretty pleased. Well done, Tiffany, on the rostrum again.


Well done indeed. A tremendous performance, under eight seconds.


One blip in Boston aside, you've had a positive start of the season. I'm


pretty encouraged. It's been going pretty well, relatively consistent.


I'll hopefully do better next weekend. What is it like when you're


lining up in a race like this against the kind of field you're


likely to face in Portland and the world Champion chips? Absolutely.


The hurdles is away so exciting. Always such a high level of


competition. Really pleased to be amongst the best and hopefully we


can put on the great show in Portland. Thanks for talking to us.


Thank you. Running up under eight seconds is good. Harrison Levien in


supreme form. Stadium record again. Porter finished the race


particularly well. Really good women's high jump


competition unfolding. Alessia Trost of Italy. The first time failure at


this height. Pooley has gone clear. It stayed on. Trost goes back in


front. She'll take the lead. She has only had one failure. Pooley had


two. But the same height, 1.9 three. -- 1.90 three. Maybe nor to come


from the 22-year-old Italian. We go across to the only other athlete


from the 22-year-old Italian. We go remaining will stop Lavern Spencer


of St Lucia. remaining will stop Lavern Spencer


goes clear. Three remain. A Saint Lucien, an Italian and Isobel Pooley


of Great Britain. Levern Spencer goes into the lead. Sites that well,


fixes her gaze on the bar. More to come, maybe. 1.95 is the next


height. Coming up shortly will be the men's


3000 metres featuring this man, Mo Farah. Double Olympic champion. Just


signing in. He has to go through the normal protocol. Can't wait to see


him on the track in the Emirates Arena. He's coming up very, very


shortly, at 4:10pm. Before that, the fastest race of the day.


He was laughing as he lost out the red arrows, but he's got his


He was laughing as he lost out the full in the final as he struggled to


qualify. We can look back at the semifinals. We have Kilty and Kim


Collins. Very similar styles out of the blocks. They put a lot of force


into the floor when they are going forwards. At this point they are


quite similar. Neck and neck. Collins is pulling away, he looks a


lot taller at high speed and that's where guilty has lost out. Both very


good starters and they put pressure on the rest of the field. This is


the second heat. Add here. And also Sean. Adam has lost his back


position, slightly round in the shoulder. Sean very dynamic, leaning


forwards. Taking a metre out of him in 25 metres. At this point it's


about maintaining your rhythm and your form. Adam can't quite pull it


back at the end. He needs to work on your form. Adam can't quite pull it


that five to 20-metre part of the race. Tim Collins, the old man,


they've got their hands full. They certainly do. He looked majestic. We


talk about technique a lot, he personifies just how good his sprint


it technique is. Easy and effortless and running well. We haven't focused


on Sean, but he looks the best of the bunch from a British point of


view. He certainly does the new name on the scene I'll be interested to


see the lane draw. He's the best British hope unless Kilty can


produce something big. The men's 60-metre final. Let's show


you that lane draw. A fascinating race. Kim Collins was


a long way clear of the rest, so impressive in his heat. In terms of


times behind him, it was a pretty even split.


Can somebody get close to Collins? Adam Gemili does not see the 60


metres season as the be all and end all, just a bit of fun. A smile on


his face. He's just looking to get races, have a nice indoor season,


peaking later in the year. He had the injury late in the last season,


with the hamstring problem, he will be careful. Doesn't want anything to


arena to ruin Rio. This is the start list. Michael Rodgers wasn't too


impressive in his heat. Michael Rodgers has been having a


great battle with Kim Collins indoors this season. Just a bit off


his best in the heats. At his best, he can push Collins. I'm sure it is


the man Collins will be worried about. Adam Gemili, a smile is never


far from his face. Such a great 200 metre man. 60 always going to be the


most difficult of the sprints for him. John is a great starter. Kim


Collins turns 40 at the start of April. Lets enjoy his age, not


mention it again. He has been the quickest in the world this year. He


did win the world title 13 years ago. Safo-Antwi is flying in doors


this season. 6.59, in his heat, talked about the great winter he had


training. That is the same time Richard Kilty has managed this


season. The defending champion does not get to go to the world indoors


as of right. Kilty has to earn his place. It is pretty fair to say


Safo-Antwi and Kilty will be representing Britain. Joseph Morris


goes on line seven. Julian Forte finished well in his heat to take


his place in this final. Julian Forte on the outside.


Safo-Antwi goes in five. Kim Collins, strong favourite, in four.


Adam Gemili goes into macro. Michael Rodgers in Lemoine. Look out for


Michael Rodgers, in Lemoine. -- lane one. Shortly has better than he


managed in the heat. The final of the men's 60 metres.


Collins away beautifully. Safo-Antwi. Kilty coming back.


Collins has it. Sean Safo-Antwi takes to win. 6.5 six. That is the


time. The quickest he has managed this season. It brings him victory.


What happened to Kim Collins? Not something for Safo-Antwi to worry


about. We reiterate, 6.50 six. Great victory, kept a cool head. Came


through an ticket. Everybody will look at Kim Collins to see what


happened. He pulled up quite early in the race was stopped he is


grimacing. Getting treatment. He will be very disappointed with that.


He was running so well. Completely different, compared to Richard


Kilty, please with a seasoned's best. At the end, one, two for Great


Britain. Collins goes. Richard Kilty finishing beautifully. Great


performance from the two British boys, doing exactly what they needed


to. Work hard, kept going. To the victory. Kim Collins, on the right,


pushes out well. We see him grimace quite early. His calf muscle might


go at about 30 or 40 metres. The shoulders going a bit further back.


Grimacing a lot. He will be really upset. He was flying in the


qualifying rounds stop the contrast in qualifying, so smooth,


controlled. Sean Safo-Antwi was there for the victory. Not much more


than a bit of discomfort with Kim Collins. We have with their three


British athletes. Starting with the winner, we spoke before, you said


you might be sharing the victory spoils with Kim Collins, you came


out on top? I guess the hard work pays off. I focused after the heats.


Calmed down. Kamen executed. We have the three of you lined up. British


Calmed down. Kamen executed. We have sprinting in rude health. It is


evolving dramatically. I congratulate Adam and Kilty, it has


been great fun. Richard we know you deliver in doors, the reigning world


indoor champion, coming up. Not far off of that kind of form. 6.40 nine.


The last two years I have started slow. Delivering when it mattered at


the championships. I had a great time, well done Sean and Adam. Great


time, exciting to compete at that level. How exciting to see three in


the top four. Coming back after a bad injury to perform well. It is a


real honour to come and run here. Feel lucky to be invited. I'm the


least 60 metres runner out of all the British athletes. For British


runners do come first and second, I'm just happy to be fit and running


again. Well done, plenty of entertainment. A word on Kim


Collins. Going away with an injured hamstring. Running so fast, close to


his 40th birthday. Phenomenal athlete, very refreshing, we love


competing against them. Laid-back, funny character. Funded compete


against. It is a shame he has gone out injured. Injuries are terrible


things. I wish you the best in his recovery. Well done to all three of


you. Can I just say, a good friend of mine, the voice of Middlesbrough


Football Club, Alistair Brownlee, passed away with cancer. I wish is


family, and the rest of Middlesbrough best wishes. He was a


very good friend. Bad news this weekend, best wishes to his family.


Very well put. Richard Kilty, Adam Gemili Sean


Safo-Antwi, all in there. Sad to see Kim Collins, hope his injury is not


too severe. British success in the men's 60 metres. Will it be the same


in the 3000 metres? Mo Farah taking to the track. He lost last time out


in Scotland, looking to put that right. Quite a 60 metres, his


appointment for Kim Collins, world indoors coming up. That is a blow?


We heard Richard Kilty speaking hired him, he is great for the


sport. What a 60 metres, and bodes well for the British


sport. What a 60 metres, and bodes through, really competitive. Pushing


each other on to greater times. Good to see


each other on to greater times. Good mix. He knows how to run indoors.


Certainly does. Let's focus on Mo. Double Olympic champion in London.


Certainly does. Let's focus on Mo. it for granted, Olympic year, likely


to come out and win it. He has to do the work. He puts himself in the


to come out and win it. He has to do best possible shape. Gets his


to come out and win it. He has to do in the right frame of mind. Let's


see what he can do indoors. We have a red button forum after we are


fair, from 4:30 p.m.. Get in touch a red button forum after we are


via Twitter and Facebook. We will hopefully speak to


via Twitter and Facebook. We will happens. All your questions, Steve


Cram, Paula Radcliffe, Colin Jackson. Should be good. Mo Farah,


back on track in the 3000 metres, Steve Cram. COMMENTATOR: Mo Farah,


where he likes to be. Just back from an altitude trip to Ethiopia. We


should've seen Charlie Driessen, but he picked up food poisoning on the


way home. Mo is 100% fine. All the rest of us can look forward to a


great performance. It is a good field. As ever. Some good Kenyon --


Kenyan runners. A good pace will be set for May Marin. He lost one


cross-country race this year, one indoor race. His next race should be


at the world half Marathon Championships in Cardiff. A real


mix. Let's hope this one goes well. There is the full field.


So many fans, coming to see what he can do. UK allcomers record of 7.32


.4 three. Mo's British record 7.3 one. Choge has been


running very well lately. I was watching him training in Ethiopia.


There is Wolde. I was out running last night, only do it a few times a


week. He was running by the river in Glasgow. Tom Lancashire, one of the


British athletes adding Kenny. Away from Mo, for the likes of Tom Moore


we had a very quick 3000 this year. Tom Lancashire, 7.50 is the


qualifying time required. Tom Lancashire, 7.50 is the


he's not interested going to the world indoor jump in ship. Is he


interested in a fast time? The pacemaker setting off quickly. --


World Indoor Championships. The pacemakers have been asked to go


bang on 7.30, ballpark. Mo settling in straightaway in third. No


reluctance to follow the pace. Pretty close to going through his


two mile record last year. 7.30 three. Very capable from him. It is


whether he feels the pressure on the back of his leg. Any came down from


outer Jude on Thursday. It depends how much the travellers taking out


of him. -- came down from altitude. He really want to make this one can.


The time will be good for him today. Giving him a good indication of


where he is out. Just underlining the pace they are going out, only


six men have ever gone under 7.34 a 3000 indoors. The world record,


incredible 7.20 four. That goes back quite a few years. Haile


Gebrselassie second fastest of all time. Mo Farah one of the few men to


go under 730. They are looking for around 30


seconds for each lap. Just slipping a bit after a good first two lapse.


Even half a second a lap suddenly puts you out going to the last 400,


by five or six seconds. He will want to make sure they do as good a job


as they can, and he is as close as it can be, if he wants to run under


7.30. He will also be aware of the calibre


of the athletes behind him. He'll say knows all about Augustine Choge.


Although he's been around at the top level for over ten years, still in


very, very good shape. Already had a couple of victories over 3000 metres


to his name and would duly love to beat Mo Farah today. Ben Blankenship


is taking closer order as well, looking good. He's having a great


race, he's moved in behind Choge. Wolde is moving up onto the shoulder


of Kipruto as they start to get really stretched. Mo Farah trying to


urge on the pacemaker. The first kilometre was a couple of seconds


too slow for 7.30. Let's assume we get a big last 400 to 500 metres


from Mo Farah. He can still pull the time back. Rono looking a little


tired now. A little bit quicker. Farah looking good. We can see the


trio of English guys going through in their own little race, a bit


detached from what's going on at the front. Mo Farah takes the race by


the scruff of the neck now. Choge was the only one able to respond


quickly enough. Blankenship is closing the gap slightly. Not a


decisive move yet from Mo Farah, maybe trying to test out how the


other guys were feeling. They are still lapping pretty close to what


they need to do. He's gone through the first half of the race. Six laps


to go. Mo Farah with company. Choge, former Commonwealth champion, in


very good form this year. One of the few men to have gone under 7.30.


Then we have Blankenship and Wolde. Recently broken the Ethiopian record


for the mile so he has pace as well. Farah is there to be shot at. He now


needs to run away. Has to try and force the pace. We know he can be


quick in the last 200. Easier for the others if Farah has done all the


hard wake. Looks like the pace is slowing. Mo probably thinking...


Koech has come back to these four and Mo is definitely slowing the


pace down. I think he took advantage of the screen. He was able to check


who was there and who was sitting on his shoulder. Any thoughts of the


time has gone out of the window and he just wants to concentrate on


winning the race. Blankenship almost able to come through on the inside


and take up the pace a little bit as it settles down. He settles in on


the shoulder of Choge and thinks more about the victory. If this was


the summer and 5000 metres or 10,000 metres race and I wouldn't be


concerned. But it's indoors, it's February and Mo will obviously be


rusty. He wanted an easy race, not in terms of time, but when he was in


control. He doesn't have that control. Wolde feeling confident. He


has good 1500 pace. Koech still trying to hold on. Choge will always


be dangerous at the finish, but I don't think he has the pace Farah


has. A little bit of a shunt from Choge. Ten one takes control again.


-- Mo takes control again. Choge doing what many athletes do, not


allowing Farah to control this. Blankenship giving this a good run.


A brilliant performance from the American. Farah looks tired. He has


checked behind. 400 metres to go. This is where he's normally at his


best. Choge still leading. Just a yard between them. Wolde starting to


struggle to hang on. He's rallying a little bit. There goes Farah.


Doesn't want to believe this to the last 200. Stretching away. But Choge


picks up his pace. Blankenship trying to do the same. Surely Choge


can't hang on to Farah through the last 200.


can't hang on to Farah through the up. The crowd now responding to Mo


Farah. He keeps checking behind. Four or five yards between him and


Choge. Attacking again down the back straight. Farah has got this one.


Choge closing again. Half a yard straight. Farah has got this one.


looks around once straight. Farah has got this one.


keep working, but he's got this one now. Mo Farah stretching away. It


won't be a record, but it is a win. His first of 2016. Let's hope it's


not the last. Turns around and knows he's been in a good race. Had to


work hard to beat Choge. Blankenship of the USA ran a great race, so did


Wolde. That was hard work. He wanted perhaps the fast time when he stood


on the start line. He perhaps the fast time when he stood


about 1000 to go that wasn't perhaps the fast time when he stood


to happen. Then he decided to just go for the win. He had to reassess


and go really hard over the last 300. He didn't want to leave it to


chance. We know he's in heavy training, he's doing all the work.


Half marathon is his next race. It's not always easy to come into one


track race indoors at a different pace to what you've been running,


but it was good enough to win. First win of the year and let's hope it's


not the last. I don't think it will be. He demonstrated the ability he


has too adapt his race plan and think on his feet. He started that


race and attacking for a fast time, but he realised mid-race he


race and attacking for a fast time, have it in his legs. He didn't want


to run the risk of having nothing left in the closing stages so he


checked back. He had the race really taken to him. Blankenship ran a good


race, Choge challenge them. Choge just didn't have the extra gift Mo


had. He didn't have the zip Mo could turn on at the bell. He will have


put in a lot of miles Andy would have been thinking with half a mind


on the half Marathon Championships in Cardiff. What was most important


was he could come here and come in Cardiff. What was most important


with a victory. This is where he did the damage going into the last lap.


He made the gap grow over the last 100 metres. Choge thought he was


reeling him in and it gave him more impetus. He knew Walder was closing


on him as well. Farah checking behind him, but he knows he's got


it. He has to keep working to the line. 58.9 for his last 400, 29 for


his last 200. That's not the normal Mo Farah speed. He didn't need to be


as quick as he has been in the past. It's a win and I'm sure he's happy.


Steve saying you're pretty happy after a win like that. Tactically it


was a choppy race. Yeah, it was a messy race. The beginning was quick.


It slowed down a little bit. I was looking at the time. You don't think


about times with a strong field like this. You try to win the race. I


knew from two coulomb at as we were down by five seconds. -- two


kilometres. I slowed down a little bit to win the race. How concerned


are you in a race like that, I saw you pushed a couple of times,


feeling the contact, you've been cut on your leg. I've got a few cuts,


but it happens. The most important thing is to win the race in front of


the home crowd. What was this crowd like? You always get a fantastic


reception. Is it important to hear the noise to spur you on? They are


really involved. We get great support. Charlie, my training


partner, and Adam, it would have been nice to have them here, but it


was different. Now I'm looking forward to seeing my family and my


kids. That's one thing I've really missed over the last six weeks. I've


been training hard and grinding, a lot of heavy mileage, so I'm really


excited to go home and see my wife and kids. Six weeks away is a big


sacrifice. We'll see you next on the BBC at the world half marathon in


Cardiff. The world indoor Championships? I'll definitely


missed the world indoor Championships in Portland. Just


concentrating on the world half marathon. See if I can get a title.


That would be eight global titles. We wish you well. Congratulations


again. Enjoy the celebrations. Thank you, everyone. Goodbye. I think that


was hard work for Mo, but he can be happy with the win. Stadium record.


As Steve was saying, a hard-fought victory for Mo Farah. What an


atmosphere in the Emirates Arena and the perfect finale to a great


afternoon for the sport here at the Glasgow indoor Grand Prix. As he


mentioned to Phil Jones, he will be in action at the world half Marathon


Championships in Cardiff. Before that, it's the world indoor


Championships from Portland. Please keep getting in touch with us


on the red button. Just to tidy up the long jump.


Markus Rehm of Germany with that huge effort. Fabrice Lapierre nearly


caught him in the last round, but the Paralympic champion has a win


today and the debate continues. Should he be allowed to compete in


Rio? Another field event concluded during


that race. The women's high jump. Levern Spencer wins. A great


performance from Isobel Pooley. Surely the confidence boost she


needs going into such an important season.


Just time for you to tell us the British athletics performance of the


day. Two athletes I couldn't separate. Lorraine Ugen in the


women's long jump at new personal best indoors for her. And also Sean


Safo-Antwi in the men's 60. Running supremely well to take that victory,


super British performances. Great to have you with us. What's next for


you in terms of the summer? I want to say thank you for having me


first. I've had a great time. I'll carry on training towards Rio, going


to Florida in a few weeks to train over there. Stay around for the red


button. We'll be back very shortly. What a year we have in prospect.


That's what it means to him! Gold for Great Britain!


A true festival of running, as ever. Breaks the world record! So many


excited runners setting off. It's going to be close! I've got to tell


you that's good. He's just done what he does best. What does it have in


store for us this year? That's a huge jump! It's a perfect day.


Jonathan Edwards presents live coverage of the Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix as a host of world-class names compete at the Emirates Arena, which is staging the event for the first time.

Double Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion Mo Farah will be in action in Glasgow, along with Britain's Olympic and double world heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill and Greg Rutherford, who currently holds the Olympic, world, European and Commonwealth long jump titles. Rutherford will be competing against Paralympic star Markus Rehm, who jumped 8.40 metres on his way to becoming world champion last year - so a fascinating battle lies ahead in that event. Also competing will be Britain's fastest ever woman Dina Asher-Smith, who will renew her rivalry with Dutch sprint sensation Dafne Schippers in the 60m.

Commentary comes from Steve Cram, Andrew Cotter and Steve Backley.

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