Anniversary Games: Part 2 Athletics

Anniversary Games: Part 2

Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the London Anniversary Games at the London Stadium.

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In just a week's time, the IAAF world Championships takes place here


in the London Stadium. Many stars are here and ready to thing June


preparations. Wimbledon takes a rest and the baton has been passed to


track and field. Here are some of the stellar names that will


entertain. What a line-up we have today. This


year's anniversary games is about looking forward. This day is


significant for the British athletes who have not yet booked their place


on the World Championship team. They are running out of time to impress


the selectors. Not only is it important to perform, they have to


reach the qualifying standards as well. Welcome. If you have came over


from BBC Two, thank you frosting with us. A fantastic afternoon


ahead. It has been an hour. I will introduce you to the guests who will


be talking you through. We are joined by Brendan Foster in the


studio and Denise and Paula are still here. Today is D-Day for many


athletes. There is something to prove themselves but the selectors


looking on at this stage, it could not be more appropriate that this is


the stadium they will perform in in London. Some big names will feel


that today is the day to put their names on that list. Anybody for whom


the door is open, to come to this amazingly fast track with a great


crowd and able to visualise what they are aiming for in a couple of


weeks, there's not a better place to do it. This is the best chance to


achieve those times. The men's 800 metres was a mess last week in terms


of selection. Athlete had times but did not get positions. Pick out some


runners. The men's 800 metres as the most contentious. Andrew Osagie is


the only person with a time other than Jake Wightman who is in the


race today. He does not want to do it. Andrew finished that. If they


run at the time today, they do get that automatic discretionary


selection. Kyle Langford finished third and has a chance of running


the time. Andrew Assad Jay Haas to prove himself. Lots of tidying up to


do. We have seen Dina Asher-Smith who has been carrying and have -- an


injury and is recovering. More work for her. Zharnel Hughes looked like


he would be the man to beat when it comes to the final but did not


finish in the top two. He does has the time. When you expect him to be


secure, today is another chance to tell the selectors, I am your man.


Do not leave any doubt in the mind of the selectors. Racing at this


track shows you are in form. He is. He got tighter in the closing stages


at the trials. He has to step up to date and proved he has earned a


spot. It is the perfect opportunity. It could not be better. Have went


through the trials and put themselves in positions and now it


is the time that they have to run. The atmosphere is fantastic and be


stadium looks brilliant. We have already seen some fantastic action.


It is wonderful to be here today. The pressure and the enjoyment. Some


athletes are here to show off and others to qualify. Read about some


great moments so far. One of those that we would not expect, a world


record, before we had lunch. That was down to Tom Bosworth. It is the


one-mile walk. He came here today and smashed the British record and


the world-record. And smashed his own goals as well. Coming into it


quietly talking to the past couple of days, he was looking something in


the 5.4 zero. He was able to get by .3 one. There are some great


athletes in the stadium. Serve -- Sebastian Coe and Denise Lewis. I


wonder how many of them can run a five and a half minute mile.


Sebastian Coe than six minutes 40 mile and were satisfied with that


recently. It is about 2.2 five. Our mathematics are not exact. It is a


quick marathon time. It is about showcasing how quick that looks on


the track. To see the technique in action. Lap after lap. It was


stunning. Never mind a quick marathon, it was equipped mile. I


would be very happy if I could run one mile as quickly as that. And


then we had the emotional moment when David Weir performed on the


track for the last time. It was more a procession than a raise. He was


given the opportunity to say goodbye to the track. The crowd understood


what he has given to Paralympic sport. Six time Olympic


gold-medallist and seven time London Marathon winner. The campaign has


started to getting knighted. Do not be rude on television. He has done


an amazing job. You can see the emotion today. Thank you to UK


athletics forgiving him the chance to perform in this stadium, in


manner, brilliant. I am still trying to work out who could run a five and


a half minute mile. We had so much more to look forward to this


afternoon. Here is a look for you to mark your card. International


performances, British performances. One of my favourites, Kendra


Harrison is going next. The women's 800 metres is the best of British.


The high jump competition is world-class. And we mentioned


Zharnel Hughes trying to secure his spot from London. We have the men's


hurdles. A great women's long jump competition. Dafne Schippers looked


fantastic in the heats for the 100 metres. She is up against the


world's best, Elaine Thompson. And the men's 800 beaters, Jake Wightman


is in great form this season. It all looks like a Laura Muir might be


going for that British mile record will stop and Mo Farah will come on


after that. Let us get down to the track. Katarina Johnson-Thompson is


going in the first of the hurdles heats. COMMENTATOR: She knows she is


outclassed in terms of the hurdles today but she wants to put herself


in this position. Next month, she will be lining up in the stadium in


her first event in the heptathlon with all of the pressure and she


will need to get it right, this very technical event. This is a great


rehearsal for her today. She is up against some of the best in the


world. The first of two eats. We will see a woman in the past two has


got it right in Kendra Harrison. She has also got it wrong in the past.


Johnson-Thompson is now 29. A new personal best in the hurdles this


year. That is the Belgian reckoned holder, just inside 13 seconds this


season. Anne Zagre. This is such a strong event for the United States,


Bridget Owens is not of the highest calibre. Kendra Harrison is at the


very top. Broke the world record here last year. Did not realise she


had done it initially because the timing was not quite right. Kristi


Castlin is outside of, Olympics bronze-medallist but only finished


in sixth place and the American trials. Jasmin Stowers ran 12.47 but


only was in eighth place at the trials. And Nadine Visser, and the


Austrian Stephanie Bendrat. Three to go through automatically in this


first of two hit in the women's 100-metre hurdles. Kendra Harrison


has not lost a race at any distance since finishing sixth in the US


trials about this time last year. 19 successive victories over hurdles


and 200 metres. She missed out on the Olympics which


was the one, two, three for the United States.


It is Kendra Harrison that takes it. The time is 12.40 eight. It is


quick. It is such a quick time and made to look very easy. There are


some very good athletes that she will have to face. Kendra Harrison


on her day is a class apart. You are right, Andrew. She showed that to


us, loud and clear. If anybody was doubting who is the favourite for


the world title on this very track... You do not have to look any


further than this young lady. I shaped -- I think she is technically


better this year. More aggressive over the barriers and more


controlled with her running. It will not surprise me if she beats that


world-record. Look at Kendra Harrison Move over the barriers. Her


world-record is 12.20 seconds. Normally in the women's hurdles, we


would expect a tight finish but not when this junk lady is in the field.


But she is head and shoulders above everybody. -- this young lady.


Technically she is so effective over these barriers. She flicks per lead


leg. She delays it long enough to get a good rhythm with her trail


leg. She pulls it strongly in front of her and does not waste any time


over the barrier whatsoever. She drives controlled aggression. This


is just the heats. She safely made her way through the US trials this


year so she will be in this stadium in three weeks' time and she will be


certainly in the final later this afternoon. The gap between first and


second. Johnson-Thompson was down at 13.45 seconds. ODE: That final is


later born. She is a joy to watch. Let us get back out. The field is of


high quality. COMMENTATOR: Perfect conditions for the field events.


Especially the pole vault. Holly Bradshaw is under some pressure. She


needs this to stay alive. Last attempt. It was not even close.


Holly Bradshaw had three fouls. That look on her phase tells it all. I


think it was a long step at the end, decelerating into the box are not


able to put the energy and force into the pole. It is unfortunate but


this junk lady is concentrating over the next 3-4 weeks about how to get


into shape for the world Championships. Disappointing third


time failure for Holly Bradshaw and knees to consolidate her


early-season form. She has jumped 4.80 metres. Time for the discus.


Last round. Daniel Stahl chasing down the lead of Fedrick Dacres.


Great clash between these two. Showing us his guns. Good work,


Daniel. I think it is close. 66.66 metres is the lead. Got his right


hip onto that. De Laet as his arm comes through. His hip goes on and


his armed followers. He is in great form. 71 metres this year. 66.73


metres. That is a victory. Switzerland, Nicole Buchler goes


clear. The women's pole vault coming to a climax. We still have the


climax to come. And Stefanidi is still involved. But Nicole Buchler


is clear at this height. 4.73, a really solid clearance for Nicole


Buchler. A season's best. She has jumped higher in the past. Fist pump


from her. Heat two of the women's 100-metre hurdles. We saw Harrison


looking so quick. What a day for Yasmin Miller of Derby, 22 years


old, finished second last week in the European Championships. In great


company. Raven Clay replaced Prandelli in the 100 metres earlier.


Sally Pearson, good to see Sally back and running well. The season 's


best was still what she set in Australia. I'm sure she would like


to go quick here, and former Olympic champion, Megan Simmonds,


23-year-old from Jamaica. A semifinalist last year in Rio.


Christina Manning is having a cracking year. The strength in depth


of American hurdling is almost legendary, but she got into the


team. Finishing third in the championships. The final wasn't a


fast affair. Nia Ali, as consistent as ever. Olympic silver-medallist.


But it was Sharika Nelvis who won the other night in Lausanne amidst


some confusion in the commentary box. Pedersen, the Norwegian having


a very good year. 12.75 is her new personal best. Just to remind you,


the top three will go through. They will join Harrison, Natalie


Visser and Jasmin Stowers. The Americans will have four at the


World Championships. Megan Simmonds gets a very good


start. Pearson going well. Raven Clay hitting the first couple of


hurdles. It will be very tight. Pearson hangs onto a top place.


Wasn't the cleanest of races. Manning went well. Did Nia Ali miss


out? It might have been quick enough, it looking at the time. Not


as quick as the winner of the first heat. The others were further


behind. Much closer between the top four here, I would imagine they will


all go through. Manning, not somebody when you look at the names,


but running consistently well. Not much between them. This is the kind


of sprint hurdle race we really expect from the women's event. Very


close. You could almost throw a blanket over them. Sally Pearson, I


think she could have run a season's best. She will not be far off. I


think she was getting too close to the hurdles and was struggling to


hold it all together. But a season Park best is still pretty good. But


how tight it is. You can why Kendra Harrison is so far ahead of


everybody else. This is all about silver. She's lent, did one of your


finishes, and Manning stood up across the line. Didn't matter, she


knew she was in the top three. I think Manning will go through also.


She is so far ahead, does it upset everybody else's rhythm? Kenny is so


good, takes herself so far out of the game, that really she doesn't


affect the others in any particular way. They can concentrate on the


battle for the silver medals. That's really strange when you think of


world-class running and world-class performances, that we can just give


a gold medal to somebody. But we always know. There is a top three,


Nia Ali will definitely qualify, as will Pedersen and Castlin from the


first heat. They will be the nine in the final later. The women's pole


vault. Holly Bradshaw out in sixth place. This is the Olympic champion


Stefanidi. A second attempt at this height and comfortable. Showed her


class there. Matches the clearance we saw from Nicole Buchler of


Switzerland. Very consistent, Tony. You see the speed of her on the


runway. It's all about developing the speed and being able to put the


energy in. Much more compact and a much tighter sprinter and carries


the speed into the poll. The Olympic champion setting out her stall in


the World Championships, in this very stadium, just a few weeks to


go. She will go in as favourite. The athletes taking part in the long


jump. Dan Bramble, most notably among the Brits. Ashley Bryant, the


multi-event is starting off. Also Henderson, jumping last. Here is


Jeff Henderson. Round two. He had a foul in the first round. Fast on the


approach. Over eight metres the Henderson. Fifth at the US trials


with 8.28. How has he got away with that? Surely it's a foul. I think he


nicked the plasticine. Did he get one pass the judges? He got the


white flag. The way he accelerates halfway down the runway. This event


is all about speed. And these guys are jumping into headwinds. Eight


point 17 there. The women's 800 metres in the London stadium. Not a


Diamond League event, but has one of the best in the world this year.


Charlene Lipsey in lane six, the American has been very impressive.


Alexandra Bell getting a run out. Oskan-Clarke, a great performer on


big occasions. Fifth at Beijing. A great Strieder. Won the UK


Championships in Birmingham last weekend. And there is Charlene


Lipsey. She and Wilson might be the three to dominate this event. Adelle


Tracey took second by a fraction, taking the second automatic


qualifying place ahead of Lynsey Sharp. Sharing lane four, Laura


Rosler was fourth last year. Esther Guerrero, the Spaniard. Lynsey


Sharp, sixth place in Rio. Disappointed to miss out in Rio.


Angela Petty, the New Zealander. Capable of quickly goes in lane two.


Williams, initially more of a 400-metre runner. Not only Charlene


Lipsey, might be a contender for a medal at the World Championships, we


have a domestic battle between Oskan-Clarke, Lynsey Sharp and


Adelle Tracey, who duelled it out in Birmingham last weekend.


The women's 800 metres under way. Watch how Lynsey Sharp runs in lane


three. She was happy to be boxed in in Lausanne because she felt she


didn't have to waste energy, going wide and making up the extra metres.


She likes to run pretty fast from the offset. Very different watching


Laura Muir and Hassan running the 800 metres at Lausanne, doing it


differently, starting slowly and then picking off athletes. Very much


a proving ground for Lynsey Sharp, racing here today. She needs to get


her confidence back and race well. She needs to put herself in the


right position within the race. She's in a great race against


Charlene Lipsey, who ran so well and so quickly in Lausanne. Lynsey Sharp


putting herself wide in a lot of races. Finally last week she got


into the box. The form is there, but not quite the confidence. Kendra


Chambers, the pacemaker, did her job. As to go in 57 seconds. 57.2


to, nobody really going with her. Oskan-Clarke always judges her races


so well. It Charlene Lipsey just ahead of Lynsey Sharp and moving


through is Esther Guerrero, the Spaniard on the outside. A good race


here. It's bunched up. Guerrero getting elbowed and checks her


stride. Lynsey Sharp in a good position but being tracked all the


time by Oskan-Clarke. Charlene Lipsey, one of the two very strong


Americans with Wilson this season. Lynsey Sharp digging in. Trying to


stay on. Here comes Oskan-Clarke once again. Lipsey with the win.


It's interesting, I'm sure Lynsey Sharp will get a nod for the team,


but once again, Shelayna Oskan-Clarke tends to judge the


races so well. We wonder if she can challenge the big three. Lynsey


Sharp gave it everything and just fading in the final 20. I think


Lynsey Sharp will be selected. We also doing Oskan-Clarke a disservice


when we talk about Lynsey Sharp as number one. She was number one last


year, but this year Shelayna Oskan-Clarke has taken her racing up


a level and has consistently, through the indoor and outdoor


season so far raced well and put herself in the right places in races


raced strongly. Lynsey Sharp may be over committing a little bit and


maybe not having enough elected in the tank in the closing straight to


fight to the line. But Shelayna Oskan-Clarke did that and raced


really well, underlining her selection going to the World


Championships. I think Lynsey Sharp will join her. Adelle Tracey might


be disappointed with her run today. She was impressive in the trials


last week but less so today. A good finish as well. Hedda Hynne, the


Norwegian, just leaking through the gap. The only thing missing for


Oskan-Clarke our times. But a season's best, going under two


minutes for the first time of the season.


Alexandra Bell, eighth place and a season's best time. STUDIO: We have


some music on now, the start of something a little unusual, but


sadly not unusual in. This is the quartet of the 4x400 metres, who


came fourth in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and have since been upgraded


to a bronze level because of the disqualification of Russia. Today


they are going to be presented with that bronze medal. There is a


protocol, the anthem will be played, and they will get to have their


moment. Denise, it's been said by many who have been upgraded, you


never get that moment back, do you? The moment in the stadium when the


adrenaline has been pumping and you race yourself to a podium position.


No, you don't. This is the crime of the drug cheats who rob athletes of


their moment to shine. I remember this four by four. The boys worked


hard. Martyn Rooney battled well. But today has to be bittersweet for


the athletes. It is time that they get the recognition, but it isn't


the same. 'S protocol them. There will be


deeply Grantham the Phantom Manor JJ Watt usually get with a bronze


medal. I wonder what is going through the mind, thinking back to


that day? There is also sponsorship. It could have made changes to the


decisions they make. This mob that will give them something. I think


Martyn Rooney will still be slightly angry. It did hurt. Nine years ago.


He has gone on to have a very good career since. Who knows? It is not


just the funding and sponsorship, it is the belief. When people cheat and


take that away from you there is very little you can see to


compensate. It is about the training. These boys went to the


competition believing they could win the medal out right on the day.


Believing that all the training was coming to the fourth. To get


everything on the track and to be robbed like that, it is tough. Some


of the boys have moved on and have forged different careers. That


moment in the stadium was everything. I mentioned Jessica


Ennis Hill. Hor medal was upgraded. Andrew Steele getting his moment. We


will see so many moments in London. The sport is working very hard, the


new ethics committee to make sure in the future that we don't. To make


sure that people's faith in the sport is restored. And that they can


believe. It is so you have somewhere to go so your case is heard. When


you are robbed, it does not take nine years to get your medal. You


mentioned a list of names. Kelly subaltern. Far too many athletes if


you do not mind me saying. They will enjoy this anthem. ANTHEM: God Save




. Bingham, Rooney, steel and Tobin. The Beijing Olympics 4x400 metres


relay. You can run but you cant hide. The sport will catch it. Let


us get out on the track for some middle distance running. The 1500


metres. Steve Cram will commentate. And will comment on what you are


seeing. COMMENTATOR: I was chatting earlier on. There are two messages.


The positive message about these guys getting the medal that they


fully deserved. It is also about the moment that was robbed from them. We


have to continue the battle to make sure we do not have the ceremonies


in the future, as good as they are. Let us hope we have less of them in


the future. Well done, guys. Good moment for them. Colin and I was


seeing, should they have not came out in the 2008 kit? I still have


got my 1980 tracksuit top. It looks so small hanging in the wardrobe. My


1972 top is very tight. Good to see the guys. We have got the 1500


metres. Let us talk about selection. Charlie Grice, Jake Wightman, George


Kerevan Chris O'Hare. They went to the British trials. Charlie did not


perform well. It looks like Jake Reichmann would get the third spot.


Charlie Grice has elected not to race today and hopes the selectors


can be trusted for what he has so far. Charlie does not have many


options. Kristy Oatley is guaranteed a place. He ran very smartly last


week. I was enjoying Chris Brunt. He had a good race against Mo Farah at


the start of the season. There are two canyons. You could see Vincent


Kibet. And the frustrations that Charlie would have from not running


well last week. He is running in Switzerland on Tuesday. Filip


Ingebrigtsen is part of the family that is taking over. The young


Norwegian ran a junior steeplechase. Watch out for his name.


Please stand up, gentlemen. Back to the Ryan -- back to the line. False


start in the 1500 metres. Charlie Grice in the frustrating situation


to find himself in. The selections will be named tomorrow.


Despite having the qualifying time, it was great to see the four British


men running at 1500 metres. To have such a competitive Championships.


This is a competitive race here. For Chris O'Hare, this is the race he


will face in the world Championships. He needs to conduct


himself well. That is all he needs to do. Learn from this race and


conduct himself. He can go out with no pressure on himself. Ideal for


Charlie Grice, he is the leading 1500 metre runner. He is a finalist


in the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. The progress


that he has been enjoying. Charlie Grice is down the outside. But


progress has been interrupted by the bad race he ran in the trials. He


will be burning with desire to run well today. The men he is running


next to, Chris O'Hare, he is relaxed. We thank the Chris O'Hare


will take a chance and run fast here today. Charlie has slotted in behind


his team-mate Chris O'Hare. Robbie Fitzgibbon is just further back, his


training partner. Bethel Bergen is wanting to press this. Kibet ran


well in Switzerland last night. Paul Marshall has got himself up. Three


British athletes very much in the top six or seven. Filip Ingebrigtsen


moving out. They come through 700 metres. They are heading something


for the 3.35 as long as they do not slow to much. There are two Kenyan


athletes in second and third. Big race between Chris O'Hear in fourth


place and right behind him and tracking him sensibly, Charlie


Grice. He moves ahead of Chris O'Hare. He is telling him he is good


enough. I think he is good enough. He has not won as well this year as


he has in the pass. This is his chance to get in the middle of this.


You can imagine that Jake Wightman on the warm up track will be


watching this. All Charlie can do is run as well as he can.


400 metres to go. Kibet starts to push on. Charlie Grice following on.


Charlie Grice is running strongly, challenging Kibet. Filip


Ingebrigtsen is moving quickly. Chris O'Hare on the inside. He


slightly slowing. Charlie Grice has run a good race. Filip Ingebrigtsen


has struggled so far this year. His younger brother has been gaining all


of the headlines. Charlie Grice is still in a good position. Now Chris


O'Hare finds the gap. It is Filip Ingebrigtsen who has stolen a march.


Kibet is chasing. Look at Chris O'Hare with his blistering turn of


pace. Chris O'Hare trying to get there. He is sprinting for this. He


is going to get it. Chris oche wins at. Three


he got a personal best and attacked too early. He normally times are


very well. What he did not do last weekend, he doesn't panic. He got in


a bad position. Chris does not panic and waits for the gaps to appear. He


trusts himself and his pace and came away with the win. He comes on the


finishing pace. He trusts his finishing. He battles in the


finishing straight. He has not won it comfortably, he did it by working


hard and sticking to it, by crossing the line, leaning forward and


pushing every ounce. There he is moving quickly into the finishing


straight. Charlie Grice had ran a fine race. He was fading away. It is


down to three men. Who wanted to win it most? Chris O'Hare, the British


champion, looking for the post before going to the world


Championships. -- looking for the boost. Superb performance for Chris


oche. Not his personal best but not far off it. Kibet and Filip


Ingebrigtsen not far behind. Chris is now with Phil. Brendan Foster was


talking about getting a boost before the World Championship. It is so


much fun out here. Listening to the national anthem. Watching the boys


get their medal. It gave me a boost. The pace was not comfortable. I was


trying to keep working hard in training. My legs were not fresh.


With 300 to go, I felt fine. I had to push out to get back into the


race. And that determination is something above all else we have


seen from you time after time, that fighting spirit you have got deep


within you. You have to fight for what you want, nobody will give it


to you. If you want to be the best you have to fight for that. What


about being back here for the world Championships with this as a


sendoff? It is amazing. That is going to be more people here for the


Worlds. The crowd no how to get behind us. It will be magical.


Congratulations. ODE: There are some athletes who raise their game. That


was a great display. He puts together everything you need


to be to be a top performer. He is really calm. He judged that


perfectly. He took the bit between his teeth. He was impetuous and


possibly attacked too soon. He timed it to perfection, Chris oche. To be


healthy and racing well, coming into the home Championships. Charlie


Grice had everything to win today. Chris O'Hare had a little bit to


lose. He did not panic. He really deserved that victory. The man they


all aspire to, that led the way to middle distance running for nearly a


decade now, it'll be his farewell season on the track, Mo Farah.


Reluctantly crowd at the starting line. Engines pumping in line. The


green flag score up. It is Mo Farah. He is sprinting away. Bow to his


superiority. Mo Farah wins the gold. He is striking for home now. Mo


Farah is the world champion again. He is the double Olympic champion.


Have you seen anything like that? He is going to get gold for Great


Britain again. The double-double. Any seconds now we will see their


men's 400-metre hurdles with Olympic champion Kerron Clement. The men's


200 metres in includes Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake. And Aries Merritt is


getting close to his best. The Olympic champion in the women's long


jump, Bartoletta. Followed by the final of the women's 100 metres with


Elaine Thompson and Dafne Schippers going head-to-head. Allyson Felix,


another American legend here today. The men's 800 metres features Amos.


The first of two sprint hurdles finals. Cameron Harrison recreate


the record run from this time last year. Laura Muir is after Zola


Budd's record in the mile, 30 years old. Mo Farah will be rounding off


an amazing afternoon in the 3000 metres. We can get out. Andrew


Cotter can talk us through the start of the 400-metre hurdles.


COMMENTATOR: Jack Green just had his introduction. Kerron Clement, the


Olympic champion, not great by his lofty standards this season, only


seventh in the US championships but he's OK for the World Championships.


He has a wild card is the 2016 Diamond League race when. Kyron


McMaster from the British Virgin Islands. What an improvement this


year. Went below 49 seconds for the first time, and then 47.8. Eric


Futch won the US title in Sacramento last month in a personal best time.


We have the one and two from the US trials because Michael Stigler was


second in Sacramento, also a personal best there of 48.2 six. A


very strong line-up. Mamadou Kasse Hann from France. The former


Senegalese athlete. Quincy Downing has the second quickest time in the


world this year, Duran that in Jamaica at the start of June, but


only sixth at the US Championship. No Worlds for Quincy. On the inside,


Jacob Paul. He was second at the UK Championships behind Jack Green.


Green is in lane nine. Jacob Paul looking for the qualifying standard.


Jack Green looking to get down into the 48s. He says he's feels


comfortable at the low 49s. Wants to get back to where he was in 2012.


Can he do it today? Strong line-up. The Diamond League points leader is


not here. Jacob Paul on the inside. Downing, Hann, Stigler, Eric Futch,


McMaster, Clement, Copello and Jack Green.


Jack Green on the far outside running with nobody outside him, but


Copello moves quickly alongside. McMaster in lane six, a barrier is


clattered. McMaster is flying over the opening 200. Jacob Paul looking


for a qualifying standard on the inside. Jacob Paul tends to finish


races strongly. McMaster of the British Virgin Islands is a long way


clear of the rest. He is the quickest man in the world this


season. A little stumble from McMaster. Getting tired now. They


are chasing him down. Stigler and Clement are both coming. McMaster is


tiring. Just so well. Clement said he was struggling a bit this season,


but perhaps he's timing this season as well as he timed that race. A


slap on the backside, celebration Copello. Rate stuff from Clement.


McMaster, we know his youthful exuberance and his talent, but he


got it a little bit wrong in terms of judgment. Just went off too fast.


Clement with a season's best time for victory. The right time to be


turning it on and Kerron Clement is certainly doing that. This is where


experience comes in. Clement has been around a long time. He will


have seen all this in front of him with people going off and tearing


round the first 300 metres and not being able to sustain it. He has a


huge gap to make up, but the young man McMaster stumbled so badly off


that barrier. He fell apart and crumbled. Watching him all away


around, the master has to be very careful trailing. When he pulls his


trailing leg around the barriers he sometimes doesn't clear it. He has


to be careful. In some Championships that will be scrutinised and he


could end up being discovered by. That was a tough 48.12 for him. A


quick race, but Clement, the Olympic champion, takes it.


Stefanidi, unbeaten so far in 2017. The Olympic champion. Comfortable


again. Tony, she's really taken control of the competition. Great


speed into the poll. This is the height she comfortable at. We will


see where she goes next. 4.73, the bar will go to 4.81 next. Stefanidi


going clear at this site. This is 4.81 just to confirm. First-time


clearance for Stefanidi. Looking really good ahead of Morris, the


silver-medallist from Rio. Another field event underway, the


long jump with Dan Bramble chasing automatic qualification of 8.15, but


jumping into a slight headwind. Has jumped eight metres already this


year, just below it there. Hasn't quite got into that form today. His


best so far is 7.4 nine. This looks a little better. Just shy of eight


metres, Tony. Just forward rotating a little bit. Much better speed. 12


centimetres is the difference on the board, a bit of wasted distance.


Drops his head and comes in early. Keep his chest and head up and he


will have a better chance of getting up to the 8.15 he needs. 7.8 four.


Looking to get himself fit, Greg Rutherford. Dan Bramble hoping to


join Rutherford. Henderson, his compatriot. The two Americans out in


front. Michael Hartfield was seventh at the US trials with 7.94, such is


the strength. He would make the team in any other in the world. Apart


from North America. Michael Hartfield, quick, isn't he? Quick


and a much flatter trajectory at take-off. We saw Dan Bramble go up


and down and stole a bit. This chap carries more speed across the board


and carries it into the pit. 7.99 for Hartfield. Nicole Buchler to


stay in the competition and match the clearance of Stefanidi. She has


two fouls, this is a final try. Can't do that. The red flag pops up.


Even without taking off, that's a foul. New territory for her. That


would have been a lifetime best. But it was a good performance ahead of


Morris. Stefanidi takes the win ahead of Nicole Buchler. Morris, the


reigning world champion, same height as Holly Bradshaw. Zharnel Hughes is


coming up next in the men's 200 metres. He came fourth in the trials


last week in Birmingham. He had the qualifying time. He had a fantastic


heat, but it didn't quite happen for him in the final, Denise? It didn't.


This was a man looking so easy in the heats and for all intents and


purposes he ran a really good turn. Just where we are expecting him to


kick on, he panics. The panics, sees Talbot and Mitchell-Blake and then


others go past him. I think he overcooked it. He can't overthink


the race today. He is quick enough, he has the talent. He has to enjoy


the race and prove to the selectors that he is a worthy candidate. His


shoulders are rocking and rolling and he's starting to fight at this


point. He needed to stay relaxed and perhaps he would have secured a


better position than he did. He'd had such an exemplary run here.


Looked absolutely relaxed, his running style is so natural. What


would be successful for him today in terms of doing enough for the


selectors? Is it to take the scalp of his potential team-mate


Mitchell-Blake to show his racing is on track? The danger for him is that


he shouldn't get into the race in battle. Not focus on the domestic


battle. He is gifted, he has trained well. He looks the part. He has to


do attacked the bend and just stay relaxed. The selectors will know he


can perform on the big stage. Fifth at the Beijing World Championships


in 2015. What will that stand in terms of his credit when they think


of whose name will be on the selector's sheet? Steve Cram. He is


out in lane nine. He will hope he can run his own race here. If you


are looking for new names in athletics, Fred Curley. A superb


season in 400 metres, the American champion. A massive talent. His


first ever Diamond League meeting. Christophe LeMaitre, well-known in


Diamond League meetings and a European bronze-medallist.


Mitchell-Blake is in superb form. Most of his racing in the US but is


now staking a claim as a big member of the British team. Dan Talbot


having a great season. A great runner on the bend. In the form of


his life and getting closer to the 22nd mark, which would be the holy


grail for the 200-metre runners. Isiah Young has made the


Championships for the US in recent years. Never performs well there.


Produces fast times but rarely runs well at the championships. Rasheed


Dwyer from Jamaica in lane two. Tougher as we move to the inside


lanes. Another sub 22nd man. And Commonwealth Games champion as well.


And Martina, another well-known figure in European 200-metre rowing.


A former medallist. 33 years old, on the inside. No Adam Gemili. So for


Zharnel Hughes, stake your claim here, run your race, run fast, and


hope the selectors see that as a performance to merit selection, and


Adam Gemili will be hoping he gets more time. Mitchell-Blake and Dan


Talbot, no worries for them. Looking for good performances against


world-class opposition. Ameer Webb, the American champion, in lane four.


Yeah, well, we were almost heading for that. I was watching the outer


lanes. Colin, it was a long time before they went to the set


position. I know we have to wait until everybody is ready but you


think it was Isiah Young. It was uncomfortable watching that. It was


really long, an extremely long time. I was trying to look at what the


officials are doing to see if they were checking peoples fingers. It


was really tough. You have good eyes still! Isiah Young, he's in lane


three. Lane one was all so close. Isiah


Young coming up as a negative. Must have moved before. The pressure pad


is very sensitive. They are checking it out.


is going to get gold for Great Britain again. The double-double.


was a very long holder before they went to the set position.


It is very tight. 20.14. Fred Kerley would be delighted if he got second.


The others were around 20.3. That is your winner. It is interesting. When


a 400-metre runner can come to the 200 metres and run a personal best.


You have to think, what is wrong? It is an event that has not come alive


for me this year. He is the main contender to take the gold in the


World Championships anti-is a great 400-metre runner. He is an


phenomenal 400 metres ship. And he has ran 19.84 for the 200 metres. He


is head and shoulders above everybody. The three British


athletes were very close. Mitchell-Blake and Danny Talbot. It


has Danny Talbot is fourth on the screen in the stadium. I do not


think that is right. Mitchell-Blake surely is fourth. It is close for


Zharnel Hughes and Danny Talbot after that. Good run from Fred


Kerley in second. It might well be Hughes ahead of Danny Talbot. We are


having some problems in here with the technical aspects of this. The


result is appealing on the screen are not correct and some of the


media have been struggling with some of the results. That is how we see


it. Mitchell-Blake confirmed in fourth place. That British battle,


Hughes ahead of Daniel Talbot. Is that good enough? Let us pose the


questions to the man himself, is that good enough for the selectors


to give you the third pick? I think it was good enough for me. Hopefully


they can select me and give me a chance. Myself and my coach have


some bits and pieces to work on right now. I trust that everything


will be fine for me. I will come to the World Championships and the


liver. You read on the outside lane, lane nine, what is going through


your line on what you need to do? It is getting off the bend and staying


focused. Not going to close to the inside lane. After that, stay


relaxed in the home straight, power my way through and hold on. It is


their frustration and you could not get the place last week, you have to


go through this process? It was frustrating. On that today, I did


not execute the race I wish I'd could have. I messed up coming


around the bend. It cost me in the home straight. I am in great shape.


It is for me to go out and prove that at the World Championships. We


wish you well. Thank you. Have a good day. COMMENTATOR: In the last


round of the long jump. Henderson went from fourth to first in the


Olympics last year. He is already in the lead at these anniversary games.


This is the last jump. It looks to be bang on the mark that he set in


the second round. He is in shape but not guaranteed to go to the World


Championships. If he does, he is a contender. I think so. If you look


at his speed. The way that he gathers his stride, he stands up on


the board. Look at his leg speed. He is running into a headwind. Just not


able to generate the speed that he needs. This is the pet that took


Greg Rutherford to gold five years ago. Let us hope he can return to


action from that angle injury. -- ankle injury. He has won the


competition. It is one, two, three for America. There is the final


result. Some unravelling of the best Americans that will contest for the


World Championships. Bramble looks to be a long way off. Another great


field event. Look out for Marriott Mass at Skinner. She is competing


unattached. Mariya Lasitskene is the unattached athlete. Morgan Lake is


easily capable of this. More like it. Some nerves from Morgan. She


will be happy with that. The competition continues and she can


settle in. She might have needed that as a secular. Morgan Lake, 1.80


clearance. Morgan Lake cleared 1.96 to take the


British title last week. We know she is in form. She jumped 1.93 in


Switzerland during the week. This is 1.85. Moving up to watch what she is


capable of. Very good. Perhaps she has settled on? I think so. I think


it is difficult coming from Switzerland. Finding your river am a


little bit in this stadium is something she will have to get used


to. Last year she jumped nine times over 1.90. And apart up and coming


star, Vashti Cunningham. She is the daughter of Randall Cunningham. The


great quarterback. Her dad was a great superstar, Philadelphia Eagles


quarterback. Her coach will be happy with that and so does she. Some


absentees from the men's 110 metres hurdles. Jake Porter goes for


Britain. So does David Omoregie. Michael Thomas from Trinidad and


Tobago. 13.33 this season. Eddie Lovett is from the US Virgin Islands


now. A couple of Americans in this line-up. Jarret Eaton was fourth in


the indoor Championships. Seventh at the US trials. And the Birchall


Harrier, Jake Porter. Finished third in the UK Championships. That was


won by David King. That is Garfield Darien. 13.09 last month. Fourth


quickest in the world this year. And Milan Trajkovic from Cyprus is just


inside him. He run well in the Paris Diamond League race. Aaron Mallet


from the United States in lane two. David Omoregie just takes it. 13.44


four David Omoregie. That was untidy from if you athletes. It was very


noisy. You can see the scattered debris on the track. David Omoregie


was the least untidy of all. Just about taking it. Decent finish as


well from Jarret Eaton. It was close. Little look across from Milan


Trajkovic. Three go through automatically. You have described


that so well. It is the body on the track. It is pure carnage. Look at


all the hurdles that abound. Lots of athletes have clattered the barriers


and have taken them out of the race by hitting the barriers. We remember


that David made that crucial trial at the -- crucial mistake at the


trials. More than capable of getting the automatic place. He pulls


himself through antiques this heat which is important. It will give him


a goodly drop in the final. He just needs to run a clean race, do not


put yourself under pressure. I think we will see him return to this


stadium. He will be back for the final in about one hour. Look at him


again. You might see some barriers getting knocked by all and sundry.


The first barrier, straight into it. That is the most crucial. We want to


generate speed. We do not want to make any mistakes for the first


three hurdles. After that if you crash into them it is not too bad


because you already have your pace and verve. A clean race is still the


best race. He defeated some good quality athletes in Garfield Darien.


And Jarret Eaton. The three who qualify are David Omoregie, Milan


Trajkovic and Jarret Eaton. Personal best for Jake Porter in seventh


place. Mariya Lasitskene, neutral athlete,


in brackets, Russian. 1.85. Look at that. She is dominant on the Diamond


League and is unbeaten this year. She was the world champion last


year. She is the favourite to take the world title again this year.


Matthew Hudson-Smith. Ran a superb race at the British trials last week


in the 400 metres. He went under 45 seconds. He is the only person who


has cemented his place. Martyn Rooney is European Champion. He is


designated to be eligible if you brush to have the qualifying time.


And the man who surprised everybody, the man who won the European team


Championships. Matthew Hudson-Smith in lane five. Michael Cherry


insight. Matthew Hudson-Smith stopped and then tripped. It looks


like he felt it was a false start. Let us hope he is OK. Big gap in the


middle. Martyn Rooney trying to chase down Rabah Yousif. Martyn


Rooney has been smooth through the first 200. And also Michael Cherry.


Kevin Borlee trying to get into this. Tony McQuay is the one going


well. Look at Michael Cherry. The storms away. Good performance from


Renny Quow. Closest to the camera. The best of the British athletes.


That will be another quick time. Renny Quow keeps getting better.


They are not going to the World Championships but the two of them


ran so fast that the American trials and that not have to go so quickly


to win today. That was earlier as he made the


transition from BBC Two to BBC One. Phil Jones has news on Matthew


Hudson-Smith. And it's good news. When Matthew stumbled out of the


box, he initially clutched his hamstring. Looked like it could be


trouble, but as he walked off, he said it was no injury, he was


embarrassed more than hurt and he will be fine to be at the World


Championships in London. Just checking behind to see the men


lining up for the second of the 110 metre hurdles heats. It's good news,


Denise, when we saw earlier we thought there was panic for Matthew


Hudson-Smith. It is good news. He had injuries last season but he's


fit, great, the winner of the trials, so he has is qualifying spot


anyway. That's good. We can get down there and Steve Cram can talk you


through the second heat of the men's 110 metre hurdles. COMMENTATOR:


Going back to the 400, Callan with another personal best. -- Cowan with


another personal best, doing himself a lot of favours for selection.


David King goes in lane two in this one, winner of the British


Championships, going to the World Championships. Shane Brathwaite, the


bronze-medallist from the Commonwealth Games, 31 this year,


not quite going as fast as he would like. Aries Merritt, what a good


year he's having. If you are not aware, this man had a kidney


transplant adverse comeback in superb form. Devon Allen had a


pretty obvious. In Paris. An American football talent, now


focused on athletics. Ali Karas won the trials. If you do that in


American high hurdles, you're not doing bad at all. Still has to run


the times to go with that. Yet to break 30 -- 13 seconds. Wenjun Xie


of China. Nicholas Hough of Australia, and then Koen Smet of the


Netherlands. The top three and the three fastest go through. We had a


messy race in heat one. With this one, three Americans, you would be


surprised if it's not those three. But you never know.


This race suffered from the withdrawal of Pozzi and McLeod was


going to be here as well. The guy who won in Paris, and surprised


everyone, he was another one hoping to be here. The defending champion


isn't here, but will be when they come back in August. Devon Allen


right in the middle, lane five. Two team-mates either side, Aries


Merritt and Aleec Harris. Devon Allen gets the best start.


Being left a little bit is the American champion. These two pulling


away with Brathwaite, who will be the top three. 13.24. No


histrionics. Fairly straightforward. What on earth happened to Harris?


Maybe Colin saw, he never got going. It left Brathwaite able to come


through for the third spot. We can pick up with Harris. Aries Merritt,


Olympic champion and world record holder. All of that in the two or


three years, and then going through something which in anybody 's life,


a kid in transplant, but he has come back consistently good, Colin. I


spoke to him just before and just after his transplant and he's always


in a positive mind frame. He always felt he could return, and return he


has. One of the things Harris has, he's blessed with a flawless,


smooth, liquid like technique. He glides over the barriers. He made it


look like a huge gap between him and the hurdles, that's fine. What you


don't want to do is raise or lower your centre of gravity. Keep it as


close to your sprinting form as you can, and he managed to do that. Long


legs and he's the world-record holder. Wenjun Xie will go through


as well. Probably too from the other heat that will go through as fastest


losers, to the final. Morgan Lake, 1.9 zero. Second chance. That's


better. She ran at that. A little bit bouncy, Tony. I think she's


struggling to find her rhythm. Those failures in competition like the


World Championships will count. A little wobble there, again over


1.90. Again, showing consistency here. First round of the javelin.


Elizabeth Gleadle of Canada. Season's best of 62 metres. Just


accelerated on that. That's a decent throw. I thought that had stalled,


but the javelin levelled out mid-flight. Her eyes are up in the


air. The javelin follows that, but somehow lined it up. It looks like


Elizabeth Gleadle could be closing down her lifetime best, that was


64.93 a couple of years ago. She knew she got that right, Tony. The


tattoo says keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars. I


think she was looking at the stars there, higher than you would say.


But gets it out with a good opener. Season's best, Elizabeth Gleadle


takes the lead. Ashley Cunningham in the high jump. She's already had two


fouls. Good. Whatever was the problem on those first two attempts,


she has managed to sort it out. She's only 19 years of age. A young


indoor champion. Hugely talented American. Maybe she will be around


for many years to come. And maybe this year's World Championships.


Cunningham continues in the women's high jump. The women are out for the


100-metre final. The heats were earlier today, the silver-medallist


from the Rio Olympics, flying Dutchwoman Dafne Schippers. She


looked amazing in this hundred. She was gliding, when she's in top mode


she's beautiful to watch. Gliding past everyone. A new season's best.


I was worried about her earlier in the season. Even watching over the


200 where she did not seem like the Dafne Schippers of last year. But


she has put that behind her. Running a fast time earlier in the week. But


over 100, when she runs smoothly, I think she's great to watch. She is


looking strong, quick. Over the last few weeks you might have looked


heavy and slow, but this should be a really good final. Used to be a


heptathlete and made the transition a couple of seasons ago to focus on


the sprints, 100 and 200 metres. Elaine Thompson, I don't know what


this means and the difference it would make to her time, but I was


reading after the race, where she looked great, that she was only in


racing flats, not spikes. That can't be true. That would be incredible.


As relaxed as she is to get through. She might do that in heats in 1500


metres, but in 800 metres, but she wouldn't do that, surely. She might


be nursing an injury, but usually you do not see that in sprints, not


at this level. You would expect her to have her spikes on now and


pushing for her very best. It's time for the race and he is Andrew


Cotter. COMMENTATOR: Unlike the men's sprint we get that chance here


to see the best of women's sprinting coming together. Dafne Schippers is


a little bit further down the list. Oliveira Santos, already won in


Lausanne during the week. Morolake Akinosun. The American is one of


four women to go Lo 11 seconds this season in this line-up. Daryll


Neita, there is a British tussle between her and Asha Philip.


Okagbare-Ighoteguonor, she finished strongly in her heat. Also in the


long jump. Dafne Schippers, another great 200-metre runner. Schippers


has always been powerful, looks even more muscular this season, but when


she gets her speed up she's very hard to catch. Michelle-Lee Ahye


looks distracted, but focused, I'm sure. Second fastest in the world


this year, running 10.82. Alongside, is rare to see her in lane seven,


but she just jogged through their feet, Elaine Thompson. Schippers has


never beaten Elaine Thompson over 100 metres. It's not a bad lane for


Thompson, she is next to the flying starter, Asha Philip. She needs to


go closer to her personal best of 11.10 to get closer to these


runners. And Murielle Ahoure is a nonstarter.


Just trying to see... I think Elaine Thompson is running in flats again.


Colin Jackson is looking and saying, I think they are flats. Maybe she is


protecting something. Her feet or Achilles. Asha Philip is away very


quickly. Thompson now leaving her. Schippers looking to come through.


The American is looking to come through. Thompson gets it, just.


10.95, into a little bit of a breeze as well. Thompson takes the victory.


I think she wanted that to say, with three weeks' time on this track,


can't go with a psychological disadvantage of being beaten here.


Dafne Schippers bested at the line by Elaine Thompson. It's rounded


down to 10.94. Asha Philip didn't get her best start this time. Elaine


Thompson was smartly out. Again, the wind into their faces, 1.4 metres


per second. A season's best time for Okagbare-Ighoteguonor. Below 11


seconds. Schippers would have loved to get her first victory over 100


metres over Elaine Thompson. Still the woman to beat. And it's the


window I have been impressed with, the women running under 11 seconds


into a strong headwind. We are looking at performances around the


10.8 mark in good conditions. Looking closely at her shoes, quite


chunky heels on them. It could be that she's in flats or something


similar that. She has run 10.94 on a pair of old Dunlop Green flats. If


Dafne Schippers can't beat her with that sort of position after 30 or 40


metres, it is unlikely to come. Elaine Thompson coming back, not


sure if she is struggling, but good enough there are. Good enough


indeed. In with Dafne Schippers and Elaine Thompson. Being in this


stadium ahead of the World Championships has given you a taste


of what's to come. It's perfect. I love the atmosphere. Great people


here. It was a good race is the green in terms of your form building


to the World Championships, are you aware of who you need to beat? Of


course. I will work on the last parts and we will be OK. Look


forward to seeing you at the World Championships. Elaine Thompson, well


done. You came bursting through in typical style. We saw you were


running in flats, are you all right? I'm OK. I'm not comfortable in my


new spike trainers. So I'm doing it in these flats. I'm trying to get


used to it, even though it feels weird. I just want to execute. After


the double gold medal success in Rio last year, you are the big star of


athletics. How are you looking forward to the World Championships?


Really looking forward. The track feels great and the crowd is


awesome. I get that drive already. Trying to pave the way to the


Worlds. You know you will get incredible support here. You said in


2012 that you will feel the same love. You know that a lot of


Jamaicans are in London. To feel the crowd, I just want to execute and


give them all my love. Great to see you here and we look forward to


seeing you back. ODE: She is an effervescent


personality. She was in trainers, practically. She must have some


spikes. They are not ordinary trading shoes. They are very light


and will suit her. This is a woman who has ran 10.70 so we do expect to


see how move through the field that we expect too. Very relaxed and


beautiful running. Clearly confident. Such incredible upper


body strength. And courage. You look at Dafne Schippers, different body


type. Elaine Thompson is very light. She glides across the floor. She is


beautiful to watch. Dafne Schippers is a powerful runner and makes great


use of her stride length. I think she looks really strong. She is


possibly racing in the racing flats with the carbon fibre plate. You


certainly feel like you are sprinting faster than them. There


must be some sort of Spike grip on the bottom, surely, to run that


quick. The sprinters are so sensitive to the changes in the


footwear. For her to run that quickly, it is pretty impressive. It


is ominous for one month's time. Let us get back to the high jump and


Steve Backley. The high jump is hotting up. Erika Kinsey, the


relatively unknown Swede. Looking to clear the new height of 1.94 and


does, just. That is a seasoned's best for her. That will go into the


lead. First time clearance. Mariya Lasitskene. The world leader goes


clear also. That is the first time clearance. She has knocked the bar


off at a lower height and will be in second place to the Swede. She


jumped 2.06 the few days ago. She is in great shape.


COMMENTATOR: This is an interesting race because of the appearance of


Allyson Felix. Natasha Hastings did her best and did not make it into


the team. Some new names in the American team as we head towards the


World Championships. Allyson Felix is the defending champion so she did


not have to contest. She has only run one race this year. She ran the


200 metres at the American Championships. Really interesting to


see how Allyson Felix does. Shericka Jackson has finished in third to


Shaunae Miller and Allyson Felix at the US Championships. Novlene


Williams-Mills is 35 and still running well. Emily Diamond cemented


her place at the World Championships work the fine run behind is a Lee


Clark. She is not here today. Those two have made the team. And we see


this young lady. Shamier Little. Roulette 400-metre hurdler. She is


now ninth best in the world ever at 400-metre hurdles. And Verone


Chambers on the inside. The British scenario, Perri shakes Drayton,


continued her good return to form, 32.7 Elliott in the week. Young


Nielsen has the time. She is going to the under 20 fees.


Only Emily Diamond in this for Great Britain. Allyson Felix in lane six.


The world champion. Interesting to see how well she goes here.


Cleanly away. Jackson inside Allyson Felix, trying to chase through the


first 100 metres. Those two away quickly. Allyson Felix already


making ground on Natasha Hastings. Hastings try to hold onto the collar


of the American. Jackson is getting closer. Allyson Felix relaxing


around the bend. Courtney Okolo is taking it to them. Allyson Felix now


starting to dominate. She moves into the home straight with that lovely


action that she has. And no Allyson Felix is stretching away from the


field. Shamier Little doing well in lane two. Allyson Felix will win


this from Courtney Okolo and then Shamier Little. Quickest in the


world this year. I was interested to see how well she does. Shamier


Little was running well. Those two are the standout 400-metre runners.


Is Allyson Felix still capable of dropping a time? That is your


answer. Yes. She looked very impressive, especially in the last


120 metres. Good performance. She had a great battle with Shami --


Shaunae Miller. Allyson Felix, there were questions about how she could


run. She always looks so impressive. She has a grace. Ale of running. She


is not slowing down over the last metres as much as you would expect


to. Good run by Shamier Little. The hurdler has got great strength


coming down the stretch and was impressive over the flat. This is a


great angle to watch the style of Allyson Felix. She has got a long


stride that does not tighten up. When she comes round the bend, she


opens the stride length without increasing the cadence. Her speed of


exploration is very deceptive. -- of acceleration. Well done, the world


lead, you must be thrilled? I am rounding into shape so I am happy.


You have the automatic spot on your World Championship win, you did not


have to compete in the trials, how have you planned it? I wanted to be


gradual this year. A very tough last year. Just easing my way into it.


How did it feel being back out there, the London atmosphere. I love


racing here, felt good to be back. And for the World Championships,


adding to gold medals. I am still enjoying the sport. I am still going


to keep fighting hard. We wish you well. Good luck.


COMMENTATOR: Morgan Lake, the British champion, under pressure.


Two files. I was expecting more. That did not look bright. Seemed to


lose them. Put in a big stride and then tried to run at the bar. Ended


up running straight at it instead of maintaining the curve. Not the


free-flowing movement that we saw at the Nigel Championships when she


cleared 1.9 six. -- National Championships. The long jumpers are


right. That is your starters. Johnson-Thompson. That is a great


field. This is Christabel Nettey to get


things under way in the first round. That is around 6.60. Reasonable


start. Christabel Nettey, 26, Canadian. The men jumped into a


slight headwind. The athletes can expect that. She goes into the lead.


6.63. I've felt she was busy on the runway. She was oscillating forward


and back. Johnson-Thompson, first round. Bang on that leading mark.


What is your reaction? I think from that point view, running better than


previously on the runway. She dropped her feet in early. It was


lazy. Just finding her marker. There is a lot more. You can see the track


out as she follows, there is lots of energy. If she stays up in the air


and brings her chest down, hold the landing position, she can get more


distance. Good opener, in second place. There is an intriguing men's


800 metres coming up. Intriguing for the men. So much still to sort out.


Why is Jake Wightman going for this today? I think Jake has made a


decision for his preparation moving forward to London. He was


disappointed with the result and the trials. He turned out when lots of


people did not in the European team Championships. He came back tyre


that the trials. He has decided to race best that the World


Championships, he needs 800 metres now. You can assume he will not be


up for selection for the 800 metres at the moment. Andrew Osagie needs


to be swell. Elliot Giles needs 18. Kyle Langford needs a time. If they


get it, they put themselves into the reckoning. Should be expected quick


race? COMMENTATOR: They are expecting for the quick race. The


British athletes involved. Asbel Kiprop, he is having a bash at the


800. Bram Som is the established pacemaker of the circuit. He has


been asked to do 49 seconds. Nijel Amos is back to form, won the


Diamond League in Paris, medal behind David Rudisha in that famous


race five years ago. Never the prettiest to watch but looking good


again in terms of times. Andrew Osagie was involved in that final


and dragged along to personal bests. He would've liked that UK


Championships to be quicker. He has the standard. You could get into top


two. Donavan Brazier of the United States. 20 years old. That is


Kiprop. Very tall figure. Nicer Elliot Giles to share a lean with


the great man. Asbel Kiprop was the Olympic champion in Beijing's over


1500 metres and the World Championship the last feedback


times. And Adam Chris Scott. Great a hundred metres runner. Very fast


finisher. Erik Sowinski. Jake Wightman, the Dream Mile. It was


such a high quality field that he defeated. That is why he is in prime


position to go to the World Championships at 1500 metres. And


Mark English from Ireland has been quick this season. It will be a


quick race if the goal with the pacemaker. Bram Som. Elliot Giles


looking for the qualifying time. What can they manage? The final of


the men's 800 metres. Kyle Langford was disappointed in Birmingham, just


outside the top two. And Andrew Osagie was in fifth place but he is


better than that. All the main British protagonists in the 800


metres are here. Bram Som reads them out. This is fascinating from a


British point of view. Kyle Langford is pushed by English. On the


outside, the tall figure of the three times world champion over 1500


metres. Asbel Kiprop is moving. If the pace is 49 seconds, it is too


fast for most of the field. Nigel Amos, the Olympic silver-medallist


in second place. They are being sensible, not going with the


pacemaker. Nigel Amos is capable of living with that but still quick for


Nigel Amos. Asbel Kiprop in fourth place. The British contenders are


doing what they have to do, hanging back. That is right. Can Nigel Amos


do anything like he did previously in this stadium? Two races, one for


selection for the British athletes. And the race at the front is


different. Nigel Amos in front and Donavan Brazier as well as Asbel


Kiprop. Nigel Amos stretching out his stride. Nigel Amos is coming


away and looking good. He was the silver-medallist five years ago and


might be a contender in three weeks. He will take the victory with a


quick time. 1:43.19. The British athletes might of been dragged along


for that qualifying time. That was great to see. Remember that


great race we saw here against David Rudisha. David broke the world


record and ran one of the great races of all time. The interesting


thing from a British point of view, Elliot Gyles ran strongly, he


qualified. Almost ran a personal best. Behind him, Kyle Langford has


come through and he looks quick as well. We're watching Amos, a


controlled athlete, the Olympic silver-medallist. At the same time,


in third place, the tall figure of Asbel Kiprop. Amos looking good


there, and that makes this an exciting return to form. Should be a


great race in this stadium, maybe not like we had last time around,


but interesting race. Elliot Gyles with a personal best, I'm pretty


sure. It has just been confirmed. Elliot Gyles with a personal best.


He has the qualifying standard and when he gets his breath back he will


be chatting to fill. World leading time for Nijel Amos. That's the


qualifying standard. Elliot Gyles will be here. Good race and good


times from the British athletes. We can hear from a couple of them now.


We will start with Nijel Amos. What a race that was, after all your


injury problems it must delight you. Coming to this stadium, for me I


just want to keep my moment to live here. Every time I step here don't


want to change anything. You have been through some trouble sometimes.


What's been the key in getting you back to this kind of form? I kept my


faith, kept on praying and working hard and knowing one day things


would come together. You had your Olympic silver here. We wish you


well for the World Championships in a few weeks. Thank you. Elliot


Gyles, a qualifying time and a personal best. You will definitely


be on the team. It's great. I was some way back, and I thought I was


in the place for a 39 five. It took me by surprise. A bit more


experience and hopefully I can latch onto those guys and not try to push


on when I felt the gap was made in the first lap and nowhere else. I


need to learn a bit more. APB of 1.3 four. I don't know when I will wake


up, it is I'm dreaming. I need to start winning and go from there.


Well done on getting that time. We will see you back here soon. Guy


Learmonth is here as well. Equally delighted, sharing the delight with


your mate Elliot Giles. What's it like when you go to a race like


this, a race within a race sometimes and you need to do a specific thing.


I have never run these times before. I have lost my breath and voice, I


apologise! Don't want to get too carried away. Felt good at 600,


faded a little bit. Just hanging in. I knew it was quick, so gave it my


all in the last hundred. Next time I will just keep progressing.


Hopefully not on the door of 1.44 soon enough. It's a breakthrough and


I will be back here next month. I'm over the moon. Maybe a bit quicker,


but it's a huge lifetime best. I'm absolutely delighted. You are part


of the record contingent from Scotland. We wish you well for


London. I just want to say to my coach, Henry Gray, he's really


believed in me in the last few years. There have been ups and downs


and he stuck with me. And my little brother has been my pacemaker the


whole year. Thank you so much. It's kind of cleared up some things, that


race. We know Guy Learmonth and Elliot Giles definitely take the


first two places because they were first and second but it leaves a


selectors' headache. It's a selectors' nightmare. It's great for


men's 800 metre running in Great Britain, four personal bests in that


race. Elliot Giles, it's great for Guy Learmonth to pass the selector,


but he was the last British racer across the line. The selectors have


to pick from the youngster Kyle Langford coming through, who is


scarily good but very erratic, and Andrew Osagie. It's the quickest men


in the stadium today at the AA Anniversary Games who will be going


next. We can cost a Steve Cram with news from the start line.


COMMENTATOR: He will be wanting to show that the third spot should be


his. Rhys Prescott was a surprise winner. James Dasaolu is here. CJ


Ujah was very fast in the semifinal of the British Championships but


didn't run. Adam Gemili is sitting in the wings. Who can take this and


push their case here? James Dasaolu, quietly went about his business at


the trials. I think he thought he would win but Prescott came through


late. James Dasaolu is in the team. We have Beejay Lee, don't know too


much about him, a new American name. Unlike Kim Collins, 41, who has been


around for a long time. World champion of 2003 and still running


fast. A very popular man. Richard Kilty, illness meant he missed a few


weeks at an important part of the season but wants to stake a claim


for a place in the relay squad. Harry was third at the championships


himself individually. Again, an event where plenty of qualifiers,


James Dasaolu, Prescott, they got their spots. CJ Ujah, who to be fair


is having a very good year, very consistent on the Diamond League


circuit as well. Pretty impressive in Rome. Second in the Oslo Diamond


League. This is not a Diamond League event here. But he will want to win


this, to be fair, CJ. He's in lane four.


Well... Joel Fearon? We didn't mention him at the start. Had a


cracking year last year. He will be the least disappointed not to make


the team because he has other things to think about, the Winter Olympics


coming up. He's part of the Bobsleigh squad. Colin, what about


this, is it the far side? I couldn't see it. Kim Collins was rocking and


rolling, not stable in the box in lane eight. Interesting to see what


they say. Beejay Lee is just having a word with one of the starters


marksmen. Being gas to get back quickly. At the moment there is no


indication there will be a disqualification. But the Burchfield


harrier, Joel Fearon, fifth that the British Championships, looking a


little sheepish. If it's not a false start, we will see if we can get on


with this. Just waiting to see. Which colour? I am teasing you a


little bit, it will be the black and red will stop here we go. Colin is


laughing. It's the card of doom, really. It is, but I think he knew


anyway. Joel Fearon has already walked off. We have the American


Brandon Carr is in round two. Then Harry and CJ Ujah, the British


athletes. Isiah Young, James Tisolo, Beejay Lee, Kim Collins and Richard


Kilty in his first race back. Harry gets out pretty well. CJ Ujah.


Brandon Carr on the far side was quickest. It's going to be CJ. He


gets it from James Dasaolu. That might be enough. You suspect that's


just a continuation of the season for him. Consistent around the ten


second mark. Would look to get sub ten with the wind slightly


following, but good, solid, consistent 100 metre running from


this man. We are not the selectors, but it makes it difficult for them


to look anywhere else. I would say not to look further than this young


man. He's had an exceptional year. Sometimes we get carried away with


times. We think people should be under the ten second barrier, but


ultimately the most important thing is to come to these big races and


take the victories. And if you can win on the Diamond League circuit,


people start to know your name. They recognise your performances, and


they fear you. CJ is coming here, running consistently around the ten


second mark. And he's taking the victories. Those are by far the most


important things. It's nice to see him return from that little problem


he had at the trials. He has put that behind him and I would say


fingers crossed that's more than enough to impress the selectors.


Harry faded a bit. James Dasaolu coming through strongly at the end.


Good enough for second. He's running pretty consistently as well. I think


you will be pretty happy with that performance. 10.06 coming up for


him, a season's best. CJ coming through with another win of a good


opposition and confirming his very good form. Just outside ten seconds.


We will confirm the result... 10.02 equals his season's best. Harry in


fourth. Richard Kilty on his comeback in seventh. Equalling the


season 's best and taking the victory. No doubt you are heading to


the World Championships. Hopefully, we will have to see. It was a nice


race. Unfortunately I didn't get to race in the final. I would love to


have raced in Birmingham. You were really disappointed not to be able


to do that final. I was in fine shape. I wanted to come out there


and hopefully grab a personal best. But there are bigger things that I


can move towards. Last year you wanted to push hard in the semi. It


replicates what you need to do in the World Championships. I have been


running fast every round out this year. You need to do that. That's


what we are getting in place and hopefully I can do it at the World


Championships. It's showing. Every time you come out you hit your


stride and get consistently fast times. He will go under ten again


soon. Definitely. I didn't get a good start, but with a bit more


sharpness in a few weeks. Very well done today CJ. We look forward to


the World Championships. A second attempt in the high jump.


Comfortable clearance, one of the most dominant, as we were saying


earlier, looking for another victory here. Unbeaten through the year.


Good clearance at 1.97 to take her into the lead with daylight to


spare. As you would expect when you jump two metres and six centimetres,


fifth on the world all-time rankings. First round of the long


jump for Spanovic of Serbia. Round one. Just shy of the seven-metre


line. A little frown on her face. Is she OK? We saw her put together an


amazing series at the European indoor Championships. Limping away


from the first round, Spanovic. We will have a look at this. Tony, I


don't know what to make of it. It's a long effort, but clearly not


comfortable. We are seeing that from her expression as she comes out


limping, holding herself down, possibly a problem with her ankle.


Maybe that's why we haven't seen eight great deal of her this season.


Still a season's best. We hope she's OK. Vashti Cunningham of the United


States looking to go clear. Last chance, and does. Good high jump


competition brewing up with the two main contenders going head to head


now. Lasitskene and Vashti Cunningham. 19 years of age, third


time of asking, showing competitive mettle. Good clearance at 1.97.


Morgan Lake went out at 1.90. A solid week.


These will be the athletes contending for medals at the world


Championships. Over to the javelin. Sara Kolak was the surprise Olympic


champion. She is over 65 metres comfortably. She has had a good


week. She had a personal best in Switzerland a few days ago. 68.43.


Her left foot strikes down hard on solid. The Olympic champion has


found a groove. Good timing after her surprise when last year, putting


together a textbook season. Timing her run into the World Championships


perfectly. That is close to 70 metres. Waiting for this distance to


come up. It is 67.83. It takes the lead. Jazmin Sawyers in the long


jump. Into the third roundabout. For best so far of 6.39. That is in last


place. She needs lots more. She looked to be laboured on the


approach. Not quite comfortable. It is kind of the way that she jumps.


She comes in that pays. As soon as hush shin becomes vertical, she


becomes vertical. She goes up and drops short. She needs to have a


flat take-off and to carry her speed. 6.44. The final of the


women's 100-metre hurdles. This is an example of the strength of depth


of the Americans. There are six Americans in the final. That is Miya


Ali. Silver-medallist last year at in Brazil. Sally Pearson. Gold here


five years ago. She has had injuries over the last couple of years. She


had a terrible fall in Rome where she injured her wrist. And then


hamstring problems. Kendra Harrison took the world record of the


Bulgarian but missed out on the World Championships. Jasmin Stowers


was just eighth in the US Championships and she missed out on


the Olympics as well. Christina Manning, third in the US trials. She


will be heard any few weeks' time. But Sharika Nelvis will not. 12.53


this season as her best time. The Dane Vilas from the Netherlands. She


has got heptathlon experience. -- Nadine Visser. For her to make the


final was something of an achievement here. Six Americans, one


that Norwegian, the Australian Sally Pearson and Nadine Broersen from the


Netherlands. Harrison was in lean six when she


set the world record last year. How fast can Harrison go is the


question here. Sally Pearson, what a run. Dragging


that out from her memories of days gone by. That was Sally Pearson not


quite back to her very best but what a run from the Australian to give


Harrison quite a raise. Kendra Harrison is the winner again. 12.39,


she will be the woman to beat at the World Championships. Great race.


Looking down on the track, that is Jasmin Stowers who crashed into the


barriers at the back end of the race. These women run so quickly, it


is unforgiving, you just have to clip it and that throws you


sideways. Sally has sprinted quite nicely already, 11.25, this year.


She lost some of her technical ability at the back end of the grace


which makes a big difference in terms of performance. That was a 12


point four performance from Sally Pearson. Harrison clattered one of


the barriers in the middle of the race. She battled to get back into


it. She could feel the presence of Sally Pearson but would not get --


let's Sally get past a shoulder. Harrison ran smoothly. Great run


from Sally Pearson. Harrison clattered into that barrier. She


dropped off the side of the hurdle. She still maintained her poise and


belief that she can get back into the race. Focus again and


concentrate. That was an ugly way for Jasmin Stowers to finish and she


smashed into the floor. That was a terrible fall. Harrelson taking the


victory ahead of the season 's best for Sally Pearson. Sally told me


that she has to -- often catch a flight. Congratulations on this


return to form for you. I cannot believe it. I knew I was in good


shape when I ran 11.2 if you weeks ago in the 100 metres. I was trying


to get my rhythm right. Kendra Harrison has done amazing things.


And she has put the belief back into our bed for the females. I am


excited that I have been able to prove to myself watch it I am in.


And you have a chance to get back here for the World Championships,


the place where you won the gold medal for Australia. England is


special for me. Not just because of the Olympics but I am welcome, my


family is here and they get to see me run. I am just so happy. You


deserve to be happy. Go catch your flight. Thank you to Sally. She was


very generous to you. She is a great inspiration for you, you are taking


the sport to new heights? She pushed me as much as I pushed her. I hit a


few barriers. I could feel her next to me so we both gave all we had.


What is it like to be in the place where you set the world record and


you have 121 in a row since then. I am blessed to be back. To have an


injury one month ago and to be on such a fast track. And about in such


great plans. I am so excited, my second World Championships. I am


going to give everything I have. Good luck for the World


Championships. COMMENTATOR: Good win for Kendra Harrison. Good news but


that -- Jasmin Stowers after that fall at the last barrier is OK.


Mariya Lasitskene, the Russian, she has one file at this height of two


metres. She has got it. The only athlete in this field of a lifetime


best higher than two metres. She has cleared two metres in 20


competitions. No other athlete has done that hate this year. She


continues her dominance. That secures the victory and another


diamond lead when four Mariya Lasitskene. She is competing as a


neutral athlete. She was cleared by the IAAF to compete this year.


Vashti Cunningham for a lifetime best by one centimetre. She got too


close to the bar and had no space. She hands of the victory to Mariya


Lasitskene. She has a poker as ever. That is her celebrating. Cunningham


in second place, 1.97, she is rounding into good shape as well.


Last round of the javelin. The lead for the Olympic champion, Sara


Kolak. The previous Olympic champion in the last round has really let


loose. That is a big role. She knows it. She is appreciative of some


support here, Barbaro spor tag of, champion here five years ago. --


Barbara spor took over. That is how to do it. She has a six feet, two


inches frame. 72.28, not quite out to that distance. It is a confidence


booster going into the World Championships. 68.2 six. She takes


the lead. Back to this long jump competition. We saw a Ivana Spanovic


retire, she was frowning. Johnson-Thompson had 6.61 and a and


then she had two Phil attempts. She was far beyond the board. She is


only long jumping this afternoon after the sprint hurdles. Fourth


round for Johnson-Thompson. Again the undercarriage coming down early.


I think so. She did not really have the speed. Following two fouls,


where she struggled with the runway, she is getting back on the board.


She still has 20 centimetres to spare and that would relate to 60


points in the heptathlon. It is about getting the run we acted it.


This is a good points scoring event for Johnson-Thompson. This and the


high jump. 6.47, just behind her first effort. 6.61 is her best


effort so far. GABBY: this is to update June that


Jasmin Stowers did get up and walked off the track. She took a nasty fall


and that 100 metre hurdles race. She looked like she had given herself a


nasty hit to the head. I am sure the medical team are checking over but


it is great to see her walking off. Let us get down to the track. We


have the men's 110 metre hurdles final. COMMENTATOR:. A Leighs Mallet


is a very popular figure. -- Aries Merritt. Devon Allen, twice the US


collegiate champion. Jihadi false start in Paris in the diamond lead.


He was disqualified. -- he had a false start. David Aldridge takes


the applause of the crowd. Shane Brathwaite of the -- of Barbados.


And Jarret Eaton of the United States. There are some absentees.


The US champion did not make it through. You're missing McLeod.


Otago as well. The field is weakened. It is a chance for David


Domej is to show what he can do. Aries Merritt not quite back to his


best. The best that he had in 2012, he was outstanding.


13.11. Aries Merritt looking good. He knows he has run quicker in the


past but it is good to see him winning again and smiling again. He


will challenge at the World Championships. There are some big


names messing. 13.09, it was rounded down. He will be a contender in the


World Championships. He knows how to win. This was the


home of his victory at the Olympics. Flawless performance from him. All


Aries Merritt needs to do is concentrate in that final when it


comes to the World Championships, because he makes very little mistake


is. When it comes to the backend of the race on the pressure is on, if


you can keep your technique solid, you will have a good opportunity.


Again, the first barrier was the undoing of David Omoregie. From then


on he was chasing the race. Far too much to do. He will be disappointed


with that. He would love to be in a race like this and be competitive.


He has the capability and talent. Smashed the first hurdle and tipped


him all over the shop. He spent his whole time recovering instead of


focusing on the barriers he was going to approach next. A complete


contrast to Aries Merritt, who was flawless in his performance. David


Omoregie looking elsewhere. There is the result, Aries Merritt with a


season's best to take the victory. This must conjure up so many


fantastic memories every time you step on this track. Of course it


does, I won Olympic gold in 2012 here. I couldn't be more thankful to


be running here at this time. You picked in 2012. You've had more than


your ups and downs on the way back. Only a couple of years since major


surgery. Here you are with a major contender for gold. There are a lot


of great athletes out there now. Me running in 12.80 has raised the


standards. A lot more people are running 12 and 13.0, but I'm really


confident in my training and we are picking at the right time. We will


have six weeks of speed work by the time we come back for the World


Championships. We will see if Omar McLeod is back for Jamaica. He's had


an injury problem that should be fine. Do you see it as the two of


you going head to head? Of course, he's an amazing athlete and very


fast on the flat. He's switched coaches, working on his technique.


He will be a major contender, as is everybody else. Andrea Pozzi is


running fast, Lee Valley of Jamaica is running fast. -- Levi of Jamaica.


Next up on the track is the women's mile. Laura Muir is going for a


British record that is held by Zola Budd. The 1500 metre record holder,


got that from Kelly Holmes last year. European indoor 3,000-metre


record holder. Can she get this today in preparation for the Worlds,


Paula? She's definitely capable of it. She will undoubtedly have


watched Dibaba run quick plastic. That would be in her sights as well.


But she has Jenny Meadows pacemaking. Laura doesn't really


need a pacemaker, she is capable of pushing herself hard on her own, but


she has Jenny there. Watch out for Jenny Simpson and Kate Grace as


well. She ran a quick 800 metres in the week. Talking about doubling up


in London. But with the 1500. Yes. This promises to be competitive with


Jenny Simpson in there looking for a US mile record as well perhaps.


Steve Cram. COMMENTATOR: There might be a few national records because


the mile isn't run that often these days. I might be right thinking


Paula was in the race when the record was broken. I hope I'm right.


Laura Muir has it. The stage is set, certainly from a British


perspective. I think Hellen Obiri, the Kenyan in good form, she will be


the one to watch. She is a very good 1500 metre runner and in good form


this year, Olympic silver-medallist at the 5000. The race is set up for


Laura Muir. In Lausanne, Dibaba wanted to go out really hard and


Laura Muir panicked about what she wanted to do. I think she wants to


come home strong and go out more sensible. The record held by Zola


Budd, 4.17, point 57. Not many women running under 4.20, so it would be a


really good record. Anything in the 4.16 range would break the British


record and that would be a good performance from Laura Muir. Given


the 800-metre time she had the other day, she must be full of confidence.


An injury scare after running in Eugene and having a couple of weeks


off. But came fully back into training. Didn't have to hang around


to pick up. We saw evidence that the other night. Laura Muir set to go


with a host of other British athletes. Laura Weightman guaranteed


her spot and Jessica Judd also in the team. One other spot is


available. Sarah McDonald has decided not to come to this. She was


third at the British Championships. We have an embarrassment of those


doing qualifying times, including Melissa Courtney and Kate Snowden.


They will hope they can do something special following Laura Muir. Laura


Muir pre-selected as the Diamond League champion. And what a


reception for Laura Muir. Fast becoming a big star of British


athletics. Jess Judd and Laura Weightman joining her in the team.


Helen O'Meara E will be there as well, the Olympic silver-medallist


at 5000 metres. -- Hellen Obiri. The former world champion Jenny Simpson,


she ran so well in Rio to come away with bronze. Laura Muir and Laura


Weightman both in that final. Katie Snowden wanting to go out quicker if


she can. It's a mile, not 1500 metres, but the 1500 metre time will


be taken. There is a photo finish cell 90 metres from the finishing


line up the home straight. Here we go with the mile. Laura Muir going


for the British record. Deep breath...


It's rarely run these days for the women, but Jenny Meadows knows what


she's doing. Laura Muir will not hang around, slotting in straight


behind. We expect a decent pace, Brendan, nice and even, that's


what's required. And they're looking for a strong performance from Laura


in the last 500 metres. Jenny Meadows knows what to do, and Laura


Muir knows what she wants to do, getting right behind her, get in her


slipstream and get as close as she possibly can. Getting to an even


pace, a hard run race. Right behind her you have the strength of Kenya


and then Laura Weightman and Jess Judd. All be protagonists, the


athletes you mentioned, apart from Jenny Simpson, laying it down. This


is a record attempt. Hellen Obiri is following Laura Muir, that's the


right place for her to be. Her strength will tell in the later


stages. You have to have yards, the old imperial measurements. It's a


tad quicker than what was asked. You can see why the rest of the field


were just behind. Jenny just going a little bit quick. 62.3 for the first


400 metres. Laura Muir looking strong, but she must have been


really excited the other night. She said she wanted to run a two minute


800 metres and ran 1.58 and in the process she beat a fellow


Scotswoman. Lynsey Sharp. That will give her confidence. Looking at the


range of her performances, under two minutes at the 800, under four


minutes for the 1500. No British athlete has ever run strength over


that range, 800 to 5000, she could be the new superstar of British


athletics. She has a few more weeks of training to prove it and get


ready. Laura Muir following Jenny Meadows, who will probably step off


shortly. Hellen Obiri has not been more than half a metre behind. Peter


Grace has moved into third. Laura Weightman up to fourth. Garcia is


also moving up. They slowed down on the second lap, so I think Laura


needs to gather. She knows Hellen Obiri will keep the pressure on, but


make sure you have something for the final lap. The record is still on.


That's the position a true, strong, confident distance runner likes to


take. British distance runners have often run like this. But she knows


it's her against the clock. She has the Olympic silver-medallist behind


her, tracking her every inch of the way. Laura putting a loss of


pressure on herself. Hellen Obiri closes the gap. She couldn't have


asked for a better pacemaker. Laura Muir is out there pushing along.


Hellen Obiri tracking her. There is a gap back to Kate Grace, Simpson,


Laura Weightman. They have probably gone through 400 to go, around 3.30,


a big last lap needed, but she has Hellen Obiri to content with. She


has Hellen Obiri and the final lap and the place to contend with, but


she is trying to do it the hard way, trying to do it from the front,


trying to do it by wearing down the opposition as well as trying to run


quick. A fascinating race, Steve. Laura Muir at the front, gritting


her teeth with Hellen Obiri sitting where she has for the whole race


behind her. Laura Muir at the moment, she has to find something in


the home straight. This is a battle she will want to win because Hellen


Obiri is moving on to her shoulder. What does she have? Hellen Obiri has


been in superb form this year and showing it here. Hellen Obiri is


awake and gone. Laura Muir fighting for the record still. But Hellen


Obiri showing why she will be one of the favourites for the World


Championships. I think Laura will be just outside the record. That was an


indication for Laura Muir of what will happen, and bear in mind this


woman will race the 5000 metres. Face has broken the Kenyan record by


a couple of tenths. She had the mile record for Kenya. It'll be a new


national record for Hellen Obiri. Laura Muir the British record. Winny


Chebet, all of them getting dragged round in good times. But if Laura


Muir didn't know beforehand, she will know how hard it will be now.


That's not how to prepare for the World Championships. She rang brave,


strongly, the second fastest time ever by a Briton over a mile, but


she has laid it all out. She was the perfect pacemaker for Hellen Obiri,


who couldn't believe her luck. She has a great athlete running the 1500


metres, laying it down for her. She has followed, a class athlete,


Olympic silver-medallist. She's going for the 5000 in a few weeks at


the World Championships, as is Laura Muir. There's the warning. An


athlete finishing on the up, Hellen Obiri, looking forward to the 5000


in the World Championships. A class performance, running strongly,


running well, and then Laura Muir battling in the finishing straight


and now it's back to the drawing board, thinking again, this isn't


the way you finish. You finish on the up going to a championship, she


hasn't. She will be disappointed with that, but she is a strong,


brave runner and athlete. Let's hope she can gather herself. She's


downstairs talking to fill. Brendan saying you will be disappointed with


that going to the World Championships. I'm actually pretty


happy. I missed the record but it's a personal best for me. It's faster


than my mile last year. I'm really happy. I think considering where I


have been, I'm really happy with where I'm at. That's great to hear.


Tell me about the race and how it unfolded from your perspective. I


knew Jenny would do a good job so I stuck with her and try to push as


hard as I could, but the last hundred metres, it was tough! But I


love being out here. I got a great reception. You had in the taster


with the crowd today. It will be more packed, the World Championships


and they will be behind you. What's that like? The reception here is


amazing. We can hear the crowd. It's so exciting for a month's time.


Thank you for talking to us. Laura Weightman is here. Having seen


Laura Muir taken out so hard, she said it was not bad, personal best.


I felt really good. I just lost it a little bit. In the last bit of the


last lap. It is nice to run confidently, being more aggressive


in races, going out and see what I have got. Good to see you performing


so well. We will see you back here soon.


GABBY: that is Mo Farah about to run the final event on the track. The


3000 metres. With the World Championships in mind, talking about


preparation, what will Mo Farah want to get from this race? A victory,


that is all he is looking for. He was disappointed with the 10,000


metres, despite getting the victory. He felt he needed to add something


in training for preparation. This is about ticking boxes. He will put in


more training. Then he will see what he can do over 1500 metres. He


always comes out on these big occasions, whether it is indoors,


Olympic Games, World Championships. He gave a candid interview


yesterday, stating he is not quite where he wants to be. Is that


normal? Is it unfamiliar for him? I think it is normal for him. He wants


to be absolutely ready and you can not be always ready. It is better


for him to be chasing, at the same as Laura Muir, still something to


add. Let us get over to Brendan and Steve Cram. COMMENTATOR: It might be


the last race ahead of the World Championships for Mo Farah. He will


be heading home tomorrow. He was the believe he could run in Monaco and


get some speed work. He makes the task look very easy.


APPLAUSE Is Mo Farah just once a good, solid


performance in front of this home crowd. Get used to this atmosphere


again. Andy Butcher, 40 years he had. We have seen the moustache!


Keep working on it. Hassan Mead. The Spanish athlete, Adel Mechaal is


having a very good season. Ryan Hill in the past has went quick. 7.30, it


was last year. And Riley Masters on the inside. It is usually up to Mo


Farah of showing he wants to put on. Adam Clarke does lots of peacemaking


for Mo Farah ahead of championships. He will help with the pace. And then


Reuben Bett take over. The men's 3000 metres, 7.5 laps of the track.


It is the last June up for Mo ahead of the World Championships. Bringing


in Brendan, what did you make of his 10,000 metre run? He went out with


real intent but did not run as fast as he wanted to. It was a good


victory when you look back it. You do not need a fast 10,000 metres on


the build-up to a Championships, you want to do 10,000 time trials. Look


at the difference between Mo and watching Laura Muir. Laura Muir set


of every ounce of energy in the first couple of hundred metres. Mo


has drifted to the back and that is because he is confident. There is a


difference in the personality but it is a different approach. Mo appears


to be relaxed. Early stages of the 3000 metres. Over to the long jump.


It is the world and Olympic champion, Tianna Bartoletta. She is


in third place. That looks to be around the seven-metre mark and if


it is, it will take the lead in this fifth round. The jump of 6.88 by


Ivana Spanovic in round two is the best so far. 6.71 is her best so


far. She won the US trials. Tianna Bartoletta is looking to defend her


world title. Waiting for her distance, it is 7.01, it is the


meeting record and edit equals whole season 's best. Mo has got himself


moving. Peace is keeping an eye on his team-mate, Andrew Butchart. His


best is only 7.45, he ran that Blaha. There he is in the yellow


shorts in fifth place. Andrew Butchart, he knows Mo well, the


add-in training together. Andrew Butchart is a tough competitor and


he will want to go quick today, give Mo something to think about. He was


sixth in the Olympic Games. He is a confident young man, Andrew


Butchart. He came of age in the Olympic Games last year. He was in


contention with just over one lap to go. He should be in contention


today. These are the sort of faces that Andrew Butchart should be


competing in. And having the chance to run against Mo Farah, he will not


get many more chances. What he should be doing is moving out and


following Mo. Mo will provide the opportunity for him. He is stepping


out on the shoulder of Mo Farah and getting next to him. Mo Farah is


looking relaxed, at home in his favourite stadium. This is the last


race we will see him in before the World Championships and the World


Championships are the last time we will see him on the track. Just a


couple of races for Mo. In his favourite stadium. He is relaxed on


the middle, with Andrew Butchart on his soldier. The first 1000 metres


is 2.32. We are running well under 7.40 pace. Going back into the pack


is able me shall. They gather around Mo because he is


the boss. If he moves then the move. The thing about Mo Farah, he is


relaxing coming down the home straight. There are three laps to


go, he is drifting out front. The code are being given something to


shout about. The key for Andrew Butchart is to stay in the right


possession. He does not need to be leading, he could be right beside


Mo. With the sprint finish, Mo Farah knows he has the weapons. He has the


code on his side. And he now needs to concentrate and make the best of


this moment. The fourth lap was very slow, 65 seconds. That is why Andrew


Butchart wants to push on. He did not want to see the chance of a good


time slip away. Moving outside the 7.40 range now. Andrew Butchart


said, I want to get moving, do not want to leave it to the kick.


Kiplangat, the 18-year-old Kenyan moves up. There are good runners


behind. They are on all -- now all in single file. Moving up to the


shoulder of Mo Farah. Two laps to go. Andrew Butchart reading. Mo


Farah enjoying the day out in London from second place. Andrew Butchart


trying to impose himself on this race. I am enjoying watching him. He


runs strongly from a long way out. He has made this break for home and


have to hold it as long as he can. Mo is moving towards on the back


straight. The beautiful sight of Mo in full flow, we will not see it


many more times. We should enjoy it most we can see it. The greatest


distance runner we have ever had. In my view, the greatest sportsman that


Britain has ever had. On the shoulder of his team-mate. Andrew


Butchart is doing his best to stretch everyone out. Mo Farah picks


up and aid only child goes with. That was the 59th penultimate lap.


Mo likes to go from a fair way out. Down the back straight, Mo Farah in


the anniversary games with the crowd on his side. Watching everything


that is going on and the weight of everything. Mo Farah with evident in


-- with 200 metres to go and with Adel Mechaal behind him. These two


are pulling away. Adel Mechaal has not been gotten rid of. Mo Farah


kicks again. Huge egos. Mo Farah cheered on by this huge crowd. He is


going to win by seven metres. He takes it at 7.35. Andrew Butchart


held on for third place. We never surprised by that because that is


what he does and what he can do. I think he will be pleased. That will


blow away the cobwebs. 7.35 is well within his comfort zone. The last


100 was very fast. Just what he needs before his last preparations


ahead of the championships. Absolutely right. He told you


earlier that that could be his last race before the championships


because he needs more trading. When I look at that phrase, 55 for the


last lap, Mo digging deep. Andrew Butchart recognising the master. I


think Mo is right, I think he does need a little bit more. On the last


lap, Mo Farah in a major championship, he has run faster than


that before. Just put on the finishing touches. We do not need to


see you running any more. We will wait until you come back to the


Olympic Stadium. We will wait for that and look forward to that


happening. Mo Farah in the full flow, brilliant finish and brilliant


performance. A relaxed winning time. That is how to prepare for a major


championships. He was under pressure and digging deep. Looking over his


shoulder. Doing whatever he can. And then he decides, you will not beat


me but he is flat out, absolutely flat out. He needs some more touches


to his speed work. No more races are needed. We will look forward to


seeing him in a few weeks' time. He will be happy, let us find out.


Always great to see you performing so well in the Olympic Stadium. We


will not see you many more times, how much did you relish it? It was


amazing, thank you to the code. Great atmosphere. I love London and


there is no place like home. Thank you to everybody who has came out to


give me massive support. I love you all. I just need to get my head


down, my phone off, focus on the race. That is what I enjoy, bracing


and representing my country. Not other stuff. Talking about


distractions, you had more like it this week, what is it like the view


in the newspapers, doesn't distract you? No, not at all, I control my


legs and what I do. I love my sport. I will never failed a test. People


who know who I am, how hard I work. I do it year after year, I enjoyed


it. There's not much more you can do apart from one and do what you love.


I love being on the podium and feeding the national anthem, and


making so many people happy and to be British. You always give back to


the British crowd. We see you on the indoor track and also outdoors. You


love it. I love what I do and I am going to enjoy it with a smile. That


is all you can do, you can not worry about other stuff. With the World


Championships coming up, you will get a taste of that. We had it in


2012, it will be elected. It will be incredible, I am proud to be British


and do it for my country, make so many people proud. Enjoyed it. I


know that Mo Farah things you'll have to run a hard 10,000 metres in


those championships. He thinks the Kenyan 's will take it too. He will


go away to prepare for that. Lots of personal bests behind Mo Farah,


including Andy Butcher, another big performance for heaven, that is a


big chunk of his best. In the final round of the long jump


competition. Katarina Johnson-Thompson, this looks better.


Quicker on the approach, Tony. Much better on the approach and more


accurate. Hit the board there. Even when you get hit the board, you get


more recoil from it. It gives you more spring and it makes it easy to


get off the top. Much better. 6.75 for Johnson-Thompson. That bodes


well for the World Championships. Interesting, the second Briton this


year who has jumped the horrifying distance. That's fantastic to see.


Season's best for Johnson-Thompson, moving up to fourth place, as the


graphic told us. Confirmation of the final results. Bartoletta is the


only athlete beyond seven metres. Decent job from Johnson-Thompson,


Lorraine Ugen and Jasmine Sawyers slightly disappointing. Mo Farah


enjoying the celebrations. All the volunteers. Seb Coe, hopefully back


for the World Championships where we will see Mo Farah hopefully win to


gold medals. He has been presented with a piece of the track from 2012.


Obviously a couple of very special nights in particular he had on that


track. He's looking for a few more in about four weeks' time. You think


at this stage of his career when he knows the end of the track is coming


in the summer he will savour every moment. We heard in the postrace


interview a heart on the sleeve Mo Farah. Very pumped up. He was very


emotional. We saw that with David Weir earlier as well. As he nears


the end of his career, if you are at the stage where Laura is at now...


Laura Muir is in the studio, I should say. At the end you start to


think I want to savour these moments a bit more. Take a bit more to


remember with me. He has a piece of the track to remember 2012, as if he


needs it, because I'm sure he will have it in his mind, first and


foremost when he steps out here in a couple of weeks for the World


Championships. We saw that transition in him last year, he was


more relaxed, so tight. Paula is right, when you come to the end of


your track career, because we know he's going to the roads, it's about


saving those moments. So many of us get caught up in the moment. It's


everything at that time. You have to remember that it's supposed to be


fun as well. That's what he wants to remember, that he's having fun with


it. It's beautiful to see so many team-mates, past and present, Derek


Redmond. Lawrence Clarke is there. It shows you how much people have


enjoyed and have embraced Mo Farah's journey as one of the greatest ever


distance runners we have seen. He has been dominant on the global


stage since his first global gold in 2011. Since then, eight years of


continuously finishing first where it matters. How incredible it has


been that his body has stayed fit, he has mentally been able to cope


with the pressure. He has seen people try, the Kenyan assault as a


trio trying to unbuckle him. Ethiopian attempts to push him out


of his stride. America as well. And nobody has found a way through. Then


it comes on a domestic level, he comes under attack today from


somebody like Andrew Butchart who he has inspired to come through. A lot


of the guys celebrating personal bests in that 3,000-metre race had


to say thank you to Andrew Butchart for taking it on in the last three


laps. And that's Andrew watching Mo Farah training, and not being afraid


of it and trying to step up to that level. Not so much saucer and


apprentice, but it's wonderful timing for their careers. Mo Farah


moving on and Andrew thinking he can step up to take that mantle and take


the baton. Laura Muir in the studio, congratulations on your race today.


Watching this, what does it make you feel watching these scenes? It makes


you proud. The team is amazing. We all get on so well and it's a great


atmosphere. You can see there everybody is together supporting


everyone. It's great to have that team morale when you go to the


championships. The talk today was you were going for the British


record. The pacemaking. Did the first lap feel a bit too hot for


you? It's hard to look at it at the time, but looking at the splits now,


the first lap was a little bit quick. My legs fell off in the last


hundred metres. Saying that, it's a personal best on the mile I ran last


year in Oslo. I'm going in that direction. I won last year having


run a slower time. Having a couple of weeks out of your preparation


with injury, that's always unsettling, but it doesn't seem to


have thrown you off too much. What were you doing in those weeks rest


in yellow working my backside off. I was in the pool for two weeks, but I


was in the pool at least twice per day. I was in the gym, trying to


keep my fitness up as much as possible. We were worried about the


speed but luckily the 800 went pretty well. You know sadly what


it's like to be in preparation and have it disrupted. What advice would


you give Laura now for the next few weeks before the championships? I


don't think she needs the advice from me. The big thing is when you


have an injury like that and the injury is far enough away from the


championships that it doesn't put it in danger but makes you appreciate


you can be there and be running as well as you are, in two weeks you


will have lost nothing, she will only have gained in the frustration


at the injury and missing racing. And now getting back out racing.


It's controlling all of that, not panicking and keep doing what she's


doing. Are you still set on the double, or is that up in the air?


Still set on it. The Hydro sessions are going really well. In good shape


to do the two. Is Hellen Obiri going to be the main challenger? I think


so this year. She looks really good. Over a short distance as well, her


world times over five K. At this stage it's about not overcooking it.


Clearly there has been the interruption but you have done the


bulk of the good work. It's trusting in your ability at this stage and


not overthinking it. I was lucky to have a solid winter and indoor


season, not missing a day. We knew that was in the bank, so we had a


couple of easy weeks before getting back onto it. My body is in good


shape and its building on that in the next month. Also the


preparations for this, a home championships, the likes of which


you haven't experienced on that scale before. How does it feel in


comparison to the build-up to Rio, are you noticing more intensity? I


think so. You can't beat home championships, and a World


Championships as well. I wasn't at London 2012, but watching it on


television, you got a sense of the reception the athletes got. It's


really exciting. I hate running against home athletes because they


always pull it out of the bag. I think we will have some surprise


performances. It's about looking to the championships, and who will be


the backbone of the team, the people you look towards? You are definitely


one of those people. I think it's real growth, and you have done your


bit on social media. People get behind the athletes now because they


are the stars of the future. Today a personal best for you and 4.18 in


the mile. Earlier today, walking a mile on the track was Tom Bosworth,


going for a British record, and he got a world record. He walks five


minutes 31 for a mile. As somebody who just ran a mile, put that into


context. I don't even... That is fast. I can't even put it into


words. It's amazing. If I get a 5.30 mile, I think, that's fast. For him


to walk that is amazing. Putting it into perspective, you have probably


trained in the same altitude training camp where Tom has been.


You will have been running around and a lot of athletes run on the


grass inside the track. When the walkers do their speed work you are


going as fast as them on their steady run. That's why it's one of


my performances of the day. He was incredible. The crowd got a treat. I


challenge you to try and run even a six minute mile. A great way to


introduce walking to the Diamond League circuit as well. Hats off to


the organisers who put a big step by putting walking on the track, and he


delivered. He will be walking 20 kilometres in the World


Championships. Normally walking further than the mile, but it must


have put the idea in the organisers' minds, and it's a good way of


bringing the walkers into the mainstream and not seeing it as a


separate event. That's what's happening live right now.


Celebrations going on down there. Mo Farah with all the team around him,


all doing the Mo-bot. It's a swansong, a long swansong of his


track career that we will enjoy over the next few weeks. He hasn't yet


decided if he will run Monaco. He might do it before the Worlds, but


he will certainly run on track in London for the last time during the


Worlds. He might pop up there. Was that rude, Paula? I'm glad he


decided the Mo-bot was his long-term celebration and not that. Denise.


It's great scenes in the crowd. I think Mo Farah is enjoying it. What


an ambassador he's been. As Denise has said, Tom Bosworth is the Muller


performance... INAUDIBLE Hopefully we'll see a lot more of


him in London. We have just under four weeks until the start of the


championships, starting on Friday the 4th of August, three and a half


weeks. What happens with you over that period of time, apart from


wrapping yourself in cotton wool to stay safe? Pretty much. I have two


races. I will have them and then race in Monaco as well. Then we will


have a training camp before coming back to London. Thank you so much


for coming to join us. Best of luck in the next few weeks for your final


preparations. We are all really excited about what you can achieve


in London. Great performances from British athletes here today,


including Laura, Mo Farah, they are still out there lapping up the crowd


adulation. He is the current double world champion, and over the years


Great Britain have had so many fantastic golden World Championship


winners. Steve Cram bleeding. He's got it.


Three yards clear. He wins the World Championships. -- Steve Cram


leading. How does it feel to be world champion? A little bit


unbelievable. Daley Thompson is clear! I take great pride in my


performance. I always want to improve.


That's a very big throw, about 76.5 metres. Fatima Whitbread is the


world champion. Liz McColgan, a mother in the last


few months. This has been a display of confidence and courage and self


belief. For me, David, that's the greatest run in the history of


British distance running. Can Kriss Akabusi do it? And the American is


beaten. Akabusi has made it. Gold for Britain. I had the chance, and I


kicked their buts! Away first time. Colin Jackson at


the first hurdle. Jackson going away. Jackson takes it. I make that


a new world record for Colin Jackson. Linford Christie comes


through. Jonathan in the first round. It's


huge, massive. My goodness, that's fantastic. 18 metres 16. A world


record for Great Britain and Jonathan Edwards. A tough act to


follow, but he's done it again! Bear will be a big smile on his face any


minute now. Jonathan Edwards has made history again!


Can he hold it here? Colin Jackson as taken it at the Worlds. Jonathan


Edwards, the world record-holder... That's a huge jump again. One of the


longest jumps in history. Jonathan Edwards is the world champion. This


is the moment Paula Radcliffe has waited so long for. It's going to be


a gold medal for Great Britain. Paula Radcliffe becomes the world


champion at last. Christine Ohuruogu coming through. Christine Ohuruogu


with the gold! She is the world champion. Sensational story. It's


you, you are the world champion, Christine Ohuruogu.


Come on. Hop and step, oh yes! That could be the biggest jump of


Phillips and those's career. Great Britain has found another


star. The Gero from the city of steel. Here is the chance for


agreeing to seal the moment. The winds. What a performance from Mo


Farah. Mo Farah is going to get there. This is more domination for


Mo Farah. He is the world champion. Christine is coming. She might just


make it. She never gives up. I cannot believe it. Mo Farah is


sprinting for gold. Mo Farah is going to get there again. Mo Farah


wins it. Another incredible performance from Mo Farah.


8.29 is his lead. Looking to extend it. That is big. 8.41. Greg


Rutherford takes gold heard in the Bird's Nest. I cant believe it. They


are not good enough, Mo Farah is best. Mo Farah is champion again.


She storms pass the Canadian to win the 800 metres. Jessica Ennis-Hill


is back on top of the world. They have got nothing for him, Mo Farah


streaking away. To be able to continue and in the same category as


so many legends, it is amazing. Wasn't that great to watch? The


eagle eyed amongst you would recognise two Gold Medal that were


not in there. 1997, because of drugs violations. And Jessica Ennis-Hill


in 2011. Beware retrospectively awarded. We hope to see more Gold


Medal appearances. That is across the BBC from Friday, the 4th of


August. The Diamond League moves on next Sunday. That is repeated on


July the 17th. And then the World Cup of rowing from Switzerland. And


Wimbledon is back tomorrow. I am delighted to see that Katarina


Johnson-Thompson has joined us in the studio. She was hurdling and


long jumping today. You watch that with some smiles. I always love


watching montages like that. My favourite thing to do is what people


achieve their dream. We would love to see you adding to that montage in


a few weeks' time. What did your performances today tell you about


where you are? I am starting to come out of a training block. I was happy


with my performances as a whole and I feel I am in a better place.


Things were going well in training but unfortunately I could not show


that today. Denise is raising her eyebrows. I am not sure I agree with


you. I think that long jump was great. It would've been nice to see


it earlier on in the competition. When you are working on lots of


different things, you're still into a heavy block and have not tapered


off, that is back to the old Katarina Johnson-Thompson, it must


give you confidence. The long job is weird I need to go away and work on


it. I did want to get that in the first three jumps. Because I got


that end, I went for that. I was able to get the long jump in the


seasons best in the sixth round. Let us have a look at your hurdles. Have


you seen it back? Have a look and tell us about your forum. I got left


in the blocks. I felt like I was floating up in the air. I was


against the world-class athletes. It is not one of my stronger events. I


feel like I am happy. You have to put yourself into different --


difficult situations to become a better athlete. I feel so much more


confident now going back on. That is the worst situation I could have put


myself in. Heptathlon hurdles should be a breeze now. I watched you


perform. What you said made sense. Heavy block of training but sure


rhythm is there. That will come with your timing. As you get sharper, you


will get lower and slicker over the barriers. You put yourself under a


lot of pressure going into a true world-class field. You did not come


out badly. You have learned a lot and you add in a good place,


seriously. The long job at 6.75, make sure only the second British


athlete to get the qualifying distance if you wanted to compete


this year. Talk us through this. You could feel the wind as you were


starting to hit this spot. You went on to the board very well. I am


surprised. I always feel like I am faster than Outlook. Does help that


you are nearly six feet tall? I am happy with that. Normally my feet


land apart. I am happy with the long jump. That is a season 's best.


Hopefully it can make the difference. Big changes in your life


over the last 6-7 months. We have taken two -- taking yourself to


France. A new training group and lifestyle. You look like you're


enjoying the beauty of where you are. It looks like it has gone


smoothly. How has it been for you? It'll never be completely smooth,


according to a different country. It was difficult when I did not have an


apartment. Everything has started coming together. The coaches


understand me more now. How is your French? That is the question that


everyone asks me. It is OK. I am doing French lessons now so everyone


is happy about that. I do not want to speak to any French journalist


because I am not at that level yet. What are the major differences in


terms of your training setup. Visit the bulk of training you can do? It


is completely different. I am toothing twice per day now. I am


away from my family and my dogs. I do not go back to Liverpool which is


sad for me. Everything is different. Hopefully it'll work out for me this


year. I think what you have seen and heard from Mo, Katarina


Johnson-Thompson, British athletics and how athletes operate. It is


different. It is about being immersive and finding your way to


the results you want. That takes courage, to move from your comfort


zone, to immerse yourself in a foreign place. The USA is farther


away. Did you take your dogs? I cannot take my dogs. It is the south


of France. I live in an apartment. They would never make it up the


stairs with the little legs. I have to carry my bicycle up three floors.


Thank you for the moment. It is great to see you smiling. Good


performance today. We will chat with Steve who is in the commentary box.


Today, we set out today stating that there were lots of decisions yet to


be made for British athletes in terms of qualification for the World


Championship, what is being made clearer for you today? I think CJ


did enough to cement his place. It is not good news for Adam Gemili. He


might look at the result will fuse in the 200 metres, he could ask for


more time. They may not be 100% convinced he has earned the third


spot. Guy Learmonth, that was a surprise in the 800 metres. He


sneaked through with the time. It reads Kyle Langford in the best


place. For Andrew Osagie, running well, but two weeks any role he has


been beaten by Kyle Langford. In the criteria, head to head is important.


Jake Wightman is OK in the 1500. And Sarah McDonald should get the third


spot. I am not a selector. It has become clearer. The other selectors


will meet tomorrow and make an announcement on Tuesday. They will


be if you place is open until the 24th of July. The million-dollar


question, aside from Mo Farah, we should the viewing public expect


British medals? Laura Muir, Katarina Johnson-Thompson sitting with you,


plenty of medal chances. Mo is a standout in terms of a gold medal


opportunity. The really races will be strong. You look at the people


that Brendan was seeing a racing game coming into the world


Championships. There are some open events. I am not sure about the


women's pole vault, it could be tough for Holly. Robbie Grabarz and


the high jump. People who can perform on the stage who are ranked


7-10 can get into the medals. How many surprises in Brazil last year?


I think 5-6 medals would be a good result. Any more than six people


have done very well. Thank you very much, Steve. We were topping


domestically. The bigger picture. Usain Bolt is going to be having his


farewell on the track. And also Mo getting the adulation today. It will


be an amazing atmosphere. What kind of shape is he on? For him, it is


weird he just wants to be. He is always supping with a bad back and


slight injuries. Everybody expects him to have a blistering performance


and go sub ten seconds. All he does is pull themselves back into the


lead and does enough to cross the line. As you see him go through the


rounds in the World Championships, he will progress through and put his


foot down in the final. I still favour him for the title. He said


after this race, I know what I have to do, I have been here so many


times before. If there is anybody that can say that with conviction it


is him, and perform on the bigger stage. Are you targeting a medal? Of


course. In London, all the British athletes should. That magic can


happen. The athlete will come into the stadium, you will hear the crowd


this weekend, then anything can happen. Thank you for joining us.


Denise, great to see you. Colin as well. We will be back here on Friday


the 4th of August for the start of the live coverage of the World


Championships. We hope you will join us.


COMMENTATOR: Usain Bolt has done it. It is a new British record. It is a


mammoth job. A stunning performance. Sophie Hitchon, what an effort. It


is going to be Dafne Schippers. That is huge. Johnson-Thompson. David


Rudisha is going to win the world title. Beautiful jump. Laura Muir,


she has smashed the British record. Mo Farah wins the gold.


Join us live, and follow the world's wildest animals...


..across the most challenging of terrains...

:13:54.:14:03. they gather for nature's biggest summer feast.


Experience one wild week of adventure.


Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the London Anniversary Games, where a host of British athletes compete in a star-studded field ahead of the World Championships.

Mo Farah returns to the scene of his double Olympic 2012 triumph to run in the 5,000m and 10,000m, and Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Greg Rutherford are also competing. Six-time Paralympic champion David Weir competes in his final race, fittingly in the stadium which saw him win a trio of gold medals at London 2012.

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