Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix Athletics

Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix

Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix, where Mo Farah, Laura Muir, Elaine Thompson and Dina Asher-Smith are set to compete.

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Welcome to Birmingham for the Muller Grand Prix, the biggest and best


indoor meeting under one roof this year and it kicks off our 2017


athletics coverage in style. We will be in Belgrade in two weeks for the


indoors and in May, all roads lead to London for the World Athletics


Championships in London. The sport has had turbulence times of late as


negative headlines so can 2017 BBA positive performances take centre


stage? We will be with you every step of the way, starting today,


when the stars will be out in force with familiar faces ready to


entertain you. Elaine Thompson!


Just catches on the line, gold for Australia.


Richard Kilty might get back, called for Great Britain.


That is how you do it, and she cannot believe that, Katerina


Stefanidi. He is getting better, he is getting


quicker, Andrew Pozzi! Oh, my word, she has smashed the


British record. The inevitable, bow to his superiority, Mo Farah wins


the gold! 6,000 people have packed the arena


to watch Asha Philip and Andrew Pozzi and the world and Olympic


medallist Jazmin Sawyers, Olympic bronze-medallist Darren Neita, all


on show with a host of stars, it is the Indoor Grand Prix. And we will


continue on the Red Button and the BBC website with chat and analysis.


Contact us on Facebook and all the platforms. Your comments and


thoughts, as always, appreciated. And we will look further ahead to


the European indoors in two weeks' time, with live coverage from Friday


March the 3rd, and the British squad will be announced on Tuesday, so


plenty to look forward to. And it is the first time proper the team will


be altogether so Denise, Stephen, Paula, great to see you, a bit late


to say happy New Year, I have seen used separately, but it feels like a


happy and positive place, always an enjoyable meet and the crowd


appreciated. Having said a happy place, I was not with the IAAF. Why


do I get the IAAF? You are the grown-up! You are very knowledgeable


and entrenched and you talk to a lot of people who are very much involved


in the future of the sport and that is what it is about, is period of


turbulence and negative headlines, but for the greater good and Se Coe


was not going to push a magic button and sort everything out overnight. A


lot of issues from last year still being dealt with and some going


through the criminal courts from the previous regime but finally he has


been able to put some of the things he has wanted to put into practice


at the beginning that he came in with the mandate about, making these


changes. The first is changing the constitution and construction of how


the IAAF operates on the council and you can bring in more reforms. They


still have the Russian problem. Still banned. Russian athletes


individually will apply to compete in London so we cannot say there


will not be Russians in London, there could be more than we saw in


Rio. The regions rule which we have shouted about coming he has


suspended -- the allegiance rule. People shifting countries too


easily. Positive things, they have talked about where we host the World


Championships and the bidding process, changing that, so finally


able to do some of the things he wants and he needs to. And one of


the things he thought was quite an exciting progression, and


experiment, was the nature athletics meet we saw over the last couple of


weeks in Melbourne which brought together events that individually


have been seen before but never in one collective like that. What did


you make of that and was it a success for you, Denise? It was fun,


athletics is a young and vibrant sport with a lot of young people in


it. My reservations, it was packed out, three days it was on, they had


great crowds, we saw mixed para sports and combined men and women's


events. People having fun and we love that. But it was the Usain Bolt


show, he was there in abundance and would they have got the crowd


capacities had he not been participating? We know the answer to


that. But we all recognise something needs to change in the sport outside


the major championships, it needs to be a little bit different without


losing the core values of the sport. People want a barometer, they want


to know if they are watching something that will be faster than


the fastest ever and they like that, the certainty, is it the furthest


ever throw and longest ever jump, it is the simplicity that attracts so


many. Exactly, this is what we love and my traditionalist hat says if it


is not that broke, don't fix it, but we need to address the young people


watching the sport and that is not about the format, it is what we do


in and around the tournaments. Talking about records, there is one


woman who every time she steps on the track, she breaks records and


she's going for another today, Laura Muir, looking so strong and so


physically a different specimen to over a year ago. We saw the sides in


2016. Yes, they were all there, we are seeing her maturing. She is


getting stronger and stronger. We are looking here at the race where


she basically destroyed Hellen Obiri over the final 500m of the race and


in that last lap, Hellen Obiri gave it everything and she could not


compete with Laura Muir and the confidence Laura got from that and


she is getting from her training, she is getting stronger mentally and


physically. This is the quicker end of her range, to run a British best


over 1,000, after having run a 5,000 and 3,000. We saw her in Edinburgh


as well. We will talk about her and other athletes looking for times and


distances to get qualification for Belgrade. You are going to the


commentary box, so I will tell you how the afternoon is lining up.


Starting with the women's 60-metre heats. Featuring a Elaine Thompson,


and the women's spread and hurdles is one of the hottest events.


Richard Kilty was disqualified in the indoor British Championships


last week and he will be under pressure to perform today. That all


of Britain in the women's Long Jump, the champion Lorraine is good


against Jasmin Stowers. Talented Andy -- talented Adam Ponzi is back


to his best, we will see him in the hurdles. And Scottish sensation


Laura Muir will attempt to break the world record of Dame Kelly Holmes,


she has already broken the world 5,000 and 3000m records. Add Mo


Farah rounds of the action with the 5000m. He was struggling last time


we saw him in Edinburgh. And we have the forum on the Red Button from


4:30pm and we will speak to a lot of the athletes from today and review


those NITRO athletics Games which took place in Melbourne. The first


woman to become the Olympic double spread champion since Flo Jo is down


there and waiting in the commentary box is Steve Backley, Colin Jackson


and Andrew Cotter, good afternoon to you, all.


Good afternoon, a very good starter, two very strong Jamaicans outside


Madiea Ghafoor. Christania Williams, has run 7.0 5/60 metres outdoors in


Kingston this season. Elaine Thompson also ran in Kingston, the


double Olympic champion and winner over 102 metres in Rio. The first 30


metres is not the best and she wants to improve that, Asha Philip


certainly has a good 30 metres and has strength is indoors and she has


a great record indoors, successfully defending her UK indoors title last


week. Alongside her, three to go through to the final and she has two


Jamaicans inside. The Norwegian in very good shape and getting quicker


with every race, Ezinne Okparaebo, down to 7.1 three. A first race of


the season for Britain's youngest athletics medallist in Rio, Daryll


Neita. And younger still, both these women 20, shall hold some -- Shannon


Hylton second behind Asha Philip last week, needs to get the


qualifying standard of 7.25 to guarantee her place in Belgrade


after finishing in the top two in the trials. Three themes this


afternoon. The titles on the day of four grabs, some chasing the world


indoor tour title over two events and then we have those British


athletes looking to secure location for Belgrade, for the European


indoors. Shannon Hylton, on the outside. Three to go through


automatically. And away they go cleanly and as expected, it is


Williams and Elaine Thompson, Elaine Thompson will take this, she just


powered down a little bit and I think Christania Williams got second


and tight between Philip and Ezinne Okparaebo, three to go through and


two fastest losers, but Elaine Thompson says has start is not the


greatest, she had that middle part of the race which did enough for


her, able to ease down across the line, but very tight behind her for


the other places. This is exactly what we like about indoor running.


They are very close, very tight. People who do not focus on the


outdoors do quite well in doors always. This is a level of for me.


Once Elaine reached the 35-metre mark, she could ease down and she


was going through the motions. Look how tight it is coming through to


the line. I think Asha Philip came through ahead of Okparaebo and


finishing quite strong Greek which is encouraging, but when Elaine


Thompson gets going, a beautiful and powerful runner. Yes, absolutely


lovely, beautiful form, holds it all together. Look how relaxed she


looks, she looks like a champion, Elaine. Beautiful, smooth and


looking forward to that final already.


Asha Philip has gone through along with Elaine Thompson and Chrishuna


Williams, Elaine Thompson talking to Bill Jones.


Double Olympic champion delighting the crowd in Birmingham, you said


you wanted to see how you were at this stage in the season, how would


you assess that? First time in Birmingham. I had to execute and


advance to the final. How comfortable did it feel because it


looks so easy? It felt pretty comfortable. I just tried my best to


get my first five strides and take it from there. Tell me about how


life has changed from last year to this point for you. My life has been


changed because my responsibility and duties and all that. I it take


step-by-step. For the final, what can we expect timewise to get your


personal best down? Next is the final, which speaks for itself. We


wish you well for the final, thank you.


Thank you. Elaine Thompson said over her winter training she really


wanted to work on her first 30 metres and it was not the strongest


part of her race, which is some admission from the double Olympic


sprint Queen, but did you see signs because I imagine indoors is very


good. Indoors should be very good but for her, it is difficult to see


from that race because she which early did to ten metres and she just


started shutting down her technique because she is that good, head and


shoulders above everybody else in that field. I have been incredibly


impressed by her composure and her attitude. She is the best we will


see for the next couple of years. Effortless simplicity of running.


You cannot see anything, she is not giving anything away. It is so


important to stay central in her line which she does do and keep


driving forward. At this point, head is going to go up slightly and she


is just bloating. A lot later than the head of Asha Philip who came up


much sooner. She is still working on her indoor technique and she is


coming back into fitness, in the form, but Elaine is coming off a


great outdoor season. Such a shame British champion and record holder


Dina Asher-Smith could not face Elaine Thompson here, she has had a


strong winter's training and just yesterday, she fractured her for it


and you can see the tweet yesterday afternoon.


Well, Denise, how often do things like this happen in training? It's


very rare, isn't it? It's rare but it is sport. These injuries do


happen and that is a significant one for Dina. She's pretty philosophical


about it. You know, she would have been much more upset had it happened


in May. Let's face it, she's still got time to recover. But a bitter


blow for her in the indoor season. She said, I'm always the little one,


I need to be stronger physically. So to see the fruits of those labours


here would have been great. She's still very young. Most of the


athletes come into their prime, especially sprinters, later in their


20s. She knows she has do take a stepping stone. Putting on a bit


more size is part of it but she's going to have to be patient now and


it is a word that athletes hate. She put out a tweet today, saying she


was even more focused to come back stronger. Another one we were


looking to see today is Katarina Johnson-Thompson. She has got a


slight niggle. She was going to do the long jump here. I know you have


been in contact with her and it's a hamstring injury. How worried will


she be about that? It was a precaution. She felt something and


she said, you know what, I think I have to get this checked out. The


medical team have looked at it and said I think it's best to miss this.


But she still has ambitions to be at those European Championships. So far


briefly, things are going very well for her and no regrets about


changing her training session, now in France? No, it is a big lifestyle


change but it shows how bold she is and how much more she has yet to


accomplish in the sport. Making that decision to leave her coach was key.


Athletes need to be having fun and we saw that with Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. Let's see how the rest of the season goes. Thank you


very much, Denise. Let's catch up with the full results with Andrew


Cotter. COMMENTATOR: It wasn't the quickest


one, but Elaine Thompson going through along with this darn near


Williams -- with Christiania Williams.


So, heat two, out there and ready to go, just about, just taken their


tracksuits off. The world champion in front of the home crowd last


year, she had a scintillating season indoors. Didn't really carry that


indoors, which is probably the story in terms of her career. Jodie


Williams is in here. There is Chambers, who as I said,


will be in her main event later. A bit of a warm up for the 400. Jodie


Williams next to her, now based in the USA, apparently things going


very well for her. The first indoor race of the season. Come from the


sunshine of Arizona. She appears to be back in -- she is back in


slightly chilly Birmingham today. Gayon Evans, a bit of a stop start


career for the 27-year-old from Jamaica. But a very good 2017 so


far. She had a good year last year outdoors. Pierre, such a good


starter, compact, typical 60 metre runner. Lekeisha Lawson, the


29-year-old from the United States. She won in Ireland on Wednesday


night. Not a great field on that occasion but she got the win. 7.20,


her season's best. Jessica Warren, another young American. 7.20 two.


Ran pretty well in Ostrava. Rosangela Santos Brazil, she goes in


seven. DD Chand -- Dutee Chand of India in lane eight. Just to remind


you, the top three, Thomson, Williams and Asha Philip going


through. Two fastest loser's spot available.


Quickest in the world this year, incidentally, Hannah Cundy from the


United States, that was a collegiate record she ran. Barbara Pierre might


just have her sites laid on that sort of time this afternoon. That


would be quick. Pierre in four. Good start but Evans gets out really


well! Tied for third spot and it may well have been Santos to get third


and she falls! Just trips up. I hope she is all right. She looks a little


shaken. Hopefully she is OK, because for my money, she definitely came


third there. Evans got a great start and looked a little lethargic for


me, coming out of the blocks. We will check on her first, let's just


deal with the race. I was really looking forward to watching Evans


run. First time on the indoor track she ended up winning that


competition. Coming here she is a bit more experienced. She took


control of the race very early on and didn't cruise, didn't go into


cruise mode, kept pushing all the way which means you put a lock of


stress on the people behind you. Just talk about Pierre, she looked a


bit ragged and off-balance. Absolutely, she stumbles coming out


of the blocks. She could never get into that drive phase which is


necessary indoors. She lost a lot of metres early on. I'm pretty sure she


will nail it in the final. She's definitely through, so let's see


what happens. Over on the far side in the green, then toss of Brazil


just checks out, she has come third and then she just trips and slides


into the hoardings. I can tell you she is being helped away by the


medical staff. Looks as though she is walking a little bit gingerly, to


me. She's smiling, which is great. I'm not sure whether she will be


able to compete in the final, but we will see. Barbara Pierre finished


second in the final and she is with Phil Mackreth.


Having watched it back, you've still got a few things do work on for the


final? Oh my god, I'm surprised I recovered! It goes with the


territory. There's not that much to fix but I just stumbled, so I have


to get out of it. A good one to get out of the way in the hit at least.


We know you are the world indoor champion so you can do well in the


final. Even though I struggled for the longest time, I stayed in my


zone because I want to make it back and that is the most important


thing, me getting back to the final. Then anything goes. We saw you on


top of the world last year in this event and you have got Elaine


Thompson now and you are going head-to-head in the final. I love


all competition. This is what we do. I like it, it drives me. It brings


out the best in everybody. Hopefully I will just try and get an OK time.


She'd post me to get a great time, so I look forward to it. Thank you!


-- she pushed me to get a great time.


Well, she's not lacking any enthusiasm. I really look forward to


that because Evans was really impressive there. I think that's


going to mean that Ezinne Okparaebo and another will go through to the


final as the fastest losers. The women's pole vaulters are out and


introduced to the crowd. Here is the start list, the eight athletes


contesting that competition are just about to start in a few moments's


time. British interest in Sally Peake and Jade Ive. Watch out for


Minna Nikkanen, the 18-year-old world junior record holder. Katerina


Stefanidi, there she is, the Olympic champion from Rio 2016. The fourth


best ever. Huge favourite, she will be tough to beat here this


afternoon. The women's shop but was concluded before we came on air.


Rachel Wallace and Britain, our finest shot-putter, she continued a


fine run of form. -- Rachel Wallander. UK champion last weekend.


A smile from her, that was enough for third place. Second in this


competition, Melissa Boekelman of the Netherlands. Getting close to


that 18 metre line. 17.35, just ahead of Rachel Wallander. But it


was all about Anita Marton of Hungary. She took the lead a couple


of times and then extended it way beyond 18 metres. In fact that was


18.97. A big season's best. She backed it up with another 18 metre


throw in the last round. Anita Marton of Hungary a winner this


afternoon and crowned the IAAF indoor tour champion.


Next up on the track, it is the women's 60 metre hurdles and Sally


Pearson from Australia there will be a site that many athletics fans will


be delighted to see. She was the Olympic champion from London and


twice world indoor champion as well, but she had a terrible time in the


last couple of seasons. She broke her wrist and last year was getting


back to her best and had another injury. She is back, she has done a


winter's training and it will be interesting to see what kind of form


she is in. The interesting thing for athletes when they have such


setbacks, nasty setbacks, she is bitterly disappointed, it is


confidence. She's had to build that up as much as the training. It is


good to see her back and it would be good to see how she gets on here.


Hamstring injury for her last year. She is back and self coached now,


and Andrew Cotter will talk you through this one.


COMMENTATOR: As you say, very good to seek Sally Pearson back running


and running well. She will face strong on petition from Sherry Canal


A couple of Americans involved here, Tiffani McReynolds goes, eight


seconds flat is her best this season. There are those less


experienced indoors. Megan Simmonds of Jamaica. 12.70 9/100 metre


hurdles. Jacqueline Coward of the United States, she has been running


a good deal on the indoor circuit and was fourth in midweek in a


high-quality race in Ireland. Isabelle Pedersen, high-quality


competitor from Norway. She has won it all and there will be a good deal


of noise for Sally Pearson inside this arena. Very popular athlete.


Hamstring injury in the build-up to the Olympics which ruled her out.


But she has been running well. She has had a couple of tough tussles


with Sharika Nelvis. Sharika Nelvis lost out to Manning, another


American who goes in the next hit. Phylicia George had a good run


recently when she beat Sharika Nelvis. There is Molly Courtney, the


19-year-old. A big talent, Mollie Courtney. The first of two heats in


the women's 60 metre hurdles. As with the 60 flat, three go through


automatically plus the two fastest losers. So, Reynolds of the United


States, Sally Pearson goes in lane five, Sharika Nelvis in Lane six and


Mollie Courtney in lane eight. Pearson with Sharika Nelvis outside


her. Three to go through automatically. Very good start by


Sally Pearson. A bit of trouble from Sharika Nelvis! Sharika Nelvis


coming through to take it from Sally Pearson, just.


Jackie Coward in third place, but Sharika Nelvis, the first half of


the race did not go very well and she composed herself and got going


and she had a good speed, we talked about her speed on the flat and


Sally Pearson could not live with her in the second half of the race,


Sharika Nelvis. A good winner and the only woman to go below eight


seconds. A good start from Sally Pearson. Yes, the new, indoors,


Simmonds got a good start on the outside, did she hang on for bird? I


think she was run out by Jacquelin Coward. It is that little stumble


which is spotted, Andrew, Pearson looking good and smooth, not that


quick, given the competitive nature, 20 women have gone under eight


seconds this year. Running ground about eight seconds and Sharika


Nelvis has dipped under. Very tight for bird so Simmonds will have to


wait, a personal best for her, her first time indoors. Watch this


stumble from Sharika Nelvis, not a stumble, it is not driving out


properly. And she found herself half a metre down. I've think it is going


to be a cracking race for the final in the next race, we have got


Christina Manning and talk about people coming back, Susanna Kallur,


Pearson and Nelvis have gone through and Sally is with Phil.


Sally, what a great sign to see you back competing close to your best. I


know there is still a way to go to get to the top, but you must be


delighted the way it is going. Yes and no. There seems to be brushed it


seems to be normal for me to run in the heats the web than the final. I


am putting myself so it is difficult to try and put the rational coach


had on with the irrational athlete hat. I had a really good start and


it is starting, I got it and pieces, I just have to put them together in


one race and it is Febery. We have the Australian season but the World


Championships in August, and we have to get it right then. Light years


away from what you put up with last year, the injury and how it set you


back, how satisfying is that? I have four injuries in 18 months and they


were very serious. It took me to a dark place mentally, but I had


support around me, I have the right support around me now. I get


frustrated at times because I am still competitive, but that was a


good sign my statistics are coming back to where I like them. Great to


see you here, see you in the final. Yes, see you.


Confirmation, three go through automatically, they are Sharika


Nelvis, Sally Pearson and Jacquelin Coward, Sally Pearson with a


personal best running indoors. Phylicia George wait to see the


times in the next race. Now it is the man's Long Jump, a first attempt


here for Tyrone Smith. It is good. He hit the board well. Has competed


yet this year, has a lifetime of seven point 82 indoors, his friends


call him X because of his skinny legs, it seems a bit harsh, but on


the runway and good on the board, not a lot wrong with that. Opening


jump of the competition. Close to eight metres. In fact, it it is


7.83. It is a lifetime best in the opening round, a national record for


Tyrone Smith. Silver-medallist from 2008, Godfrey


Mokoena, concentrating on Triple Jump since then. Competed here in


the Long Jump very quick, he did decelerate slightly maybe. That is


shy of eight metres, that is the magic mark. When you think about


world-class long jumping, he just shortened and slowed, you could see


that in slow motion. Long legs and he got too close to the board and he


had to far to go. Very accomplished South African, 31 years of age,


Mokoena. Offering words of advice. Second place so far.


This is the Olympic champion Geoffrey Henderson who won in Rio in


dramatic form in the last round, this is the opening round in


Birmingham. Really quick on the approach. You may be could not


handle it. He did not seem to have much height and that shake of the


head gives away what he thinks about it. The 27-year-old, after a


disappointing World Championship in 2015 when he was one of the


favourites and he made a mess of that, but very much made up for it


in taking the gold medal, the biggest prize in sport in Rio. Did


not get the height of that and is chasing the lead of Smith. Simply 72


and Jeff Henderson goes into second place. -- it is 7.7 two. Still a


very competitive event here, this world tour event in Birmingham. This


is another tough heat, from Great Britain, we have got Marilyn


Nwawulor. Jasmin Stowers, any one of these could go through. So top


three, and in this race, we have got two or three of the fastest women in


the world. From Harrow, Marilyn Nwawulor, 24, with a new personal


best of 8.20, disqualified last week at the British Championships for a


false start. Raven Clay alongside her. And her new personal best this


year is 8.0 nine. Eight seconds is the benchmark, this is the lady who


still holds the world record for this event, back to 2008, a long


comeback Trail and she is getting closer, Susanna Kallur, the former


two time European champion. Anne Zagre, of Belgium, under eight


seconds for the first time in her last race, 7.98, Olympic


semifinalist. Christina Manning. Only Kellie Harrison has gone


quicker indoors this year, 7.82, new personal best for her, winning in


Athlone in Ireland on Wednesday. European champion outdoors and


indoors, Alina Talay. 7.94 this year. And Jasmin Stowers, two great


seasons, particularly outdoors 2015, very fast times and did not make


either of the American teams for the world or the Olympic Games. And from


Sweden in lane eight, Maja Rogemyr. So this is tough to get in the top


three. Manning in lane five in the blue. A real threat at the European


Championships in Belgrade is Alina Talay. In Germany, you already have


a couple of women under 7.9. It might be the German Championships


this weekend, actually. And Jasmin Stowers, 7.994 heard this year. --


7.99, four heard this year. The form this year says it should be manning.


She has been under eight seconds ten times already this year in heats and


finals. So she is in five, next to her is Anne Zagre and in lane three,


Susanna Kallur. Manning gets a great start, stars is right in less and


Talay coming back, Manning and perhaps Alina Talay and very close,


Anne Zagre. Much quicker than the first semifinal, a great start from


Manning, showing the form she has been then, Talay did strongly at the


end, just about getting second place. I think she will be tough to


beat in the final, Manning. That is a technique, when you go


down into the box and I need Paula's advice, is that it only tie will or


is it Platts? A plaque and a ponytail. Thank you. That is a


technique. Where does that go when you go into the box? Why did you not


ask me for the definition? You can see how good she is at 60-metre


hurdles, the others were a long way behind chasing her down, such a good


start. Christina Manning certainly going to be the one to beat and very


tight behind her. We will get confirmation of it, but looking down


overhead, difficult to separate them.


It is like a helicopter rota above her head, maybe giving her down.


Incredible. A great start. Only Harrison has gone quicker. When you


start running 7.8 and under eight seconds ten times already, that is


the 11th time, Harrison might have something to think about. Again, she


had a good start to her career and it stalled since 2012, but a good


indoor season so far. She won in it, Talay and Jasmin Stowers in second


and third, and Kallur is with Phil. One of the great comeback stories of


athletics come have been through so much injury wise and took time off


to have a baby, close to eight seconds, how is it to be competing


like this? It is so much fun, much more fun than before actually. Is


that part of the idea, you thought you had not done all you wanted and


you had not got the full enjoyment out of the sport? Yes, my injury


came in 2008 and I had my injury while I broke the world record. So I


was like at my peak. And just down to the basement. So I was really


hungry to just keep going a little bit. It felt like I had found the


key to great hurdling. So that is what kept me going. I think it is


eight years now. What do you think is still left within you to achieve


in the sport? I don't know, my leg is still bothering me a little bit.


I cannot practice the way I would like. It is just so much fun just to


be able to compete a little bit again. It is great to see you back


and we wish you well going forward the rest of the season.


Thank you so much. Still to come, the fashion with the


men's 60-metre heats from 2:30 p.m.. And a British head-to-head, it is


Lorraine Ugen and singing star Jazmin Sawyers who battle it out in


the Long Jump. Eilidh Doyle is taking on the 400 meals has and the


Nielsen twins. Andrew Pozzi take some former Olympic gold-medallist


Aries Merritt. Laura Muir looks to add another record to her collection


in the 1,000 metres. And Mo Farah looking to get back to winning ways


in the 5000m, must ever invent on the indoor track. Plenty of gold


medals outdoors, five in the World Championships, and we look forward


to this year's athletics Championships in London in August --


it is his last ever invent on the indoor track. Usain Bolt, he has


done it! It is a new British record! It is a mammoth jump. A new world


record! Sophie Hitchon, what an effort! Elaine Thompson has Olympic


gold! Huge! The new British record! Rudisha is going to win the world


title. A beautiful jump! Laura Muir now, she has smashed the British


record. Mo Farah wins the gold!


And it is only six months away now, it is so exciting, the World


Championships in London, in the Olympic Stadium, evoking the


memories of 2012. When we walked out of that stadium in 2012, and


remember thinking, the world is here. That felt like for ever awake


and we are now seeing this new crop of athletes and this year will be an


interesting transitional year post-Olympics. That is the point, we


have had phenomenal athletes coming through the last decade but what


does the future look like? I think it looks bright. On the global stage


cannot always going to have fantastic athletes but from


Britain's perspective, we have young, bright, energetic,


enthusiastic athletes that understand the opportunities this


year presents and not just 2017, but 28 team, the world indoors, back in


Birmingham again. And the British Isles are so knowledgeable and they


love the sport and fall the athletes, it is a really good time


to be in the sport. The indoor Championships in


Birmingham, it's a really good opportunity for the athletes to


become household names and cement themselves in the hearts and minds


of British fans. It is about getting out there and making sure you're


healthy and showing what athletics means to the British public. Now it


is the 3000 metres on the track and if you British women here, Andrew


Cotter, who have already got their places are cured?


COMMENTATOR: Yes indeed, and Eilish McColgan has got a place secured in


two different events. We will look at the line-up for the 3000 in just


a moment, but just to clarify the previous race. A winning time for


Christina Manning of 7.94. Well, the 3000 metres in the UK


Indoors last week was a very good race, Eilish McColgan just holding


off her opponent, both are involved here, but a step up in the calibre


of opposition. A look at the line-up. Sophie and now we and Meraf


Bahta run for Poland and Sweden. Winny Chebet is the pacemaker. This


is a line-up of the highest quality, really good competition for Eilish


McColgan and Stephanie Twell, they will be trying to hang on, I think.


Winny Chebet is the pacemaker. Sifan Hassan is a wonderful runner to


watch because she just hangs back and then times her kick from the


back of the field always. It's interesting to try to pick a winner


here, Paula. It is. I think we're definitely... She was beaten


convincingly by Laura Muir last week. Now training with Shannon


Rowbury. A former steeplechase runner now, Eilish McColgan, who has


run very well indeed. Jeremy Lane -- Genevieve LaCaze is a steeplechase


as well. Stephanie Twell, she has had problems with degrees in the


park. There is the Swedish athlete, Meraf Bahta. As you said, the


youngster, the 18-year-old, another great talent, and the Maracana fleet


on the inside. We have a pacemaker who has been asked to take them out


to 2000 metres in 2.50 -- 1000 metres in 2.50. Eilish McColgan has


the standard. She qualified for two events in Belgrade. Laura Muir will


be doubling up as well. I think the pacemaker is a little bit nervous as


well, went out very quickly to be able to establish herself at the


front of the field and they are working their way back. We will get


an idea how close to the pace Winny Chebet is going. They seem to be


going with it at the moment although it is slower than asked for. In the


last 200 metres, Hellen Obiri couldn't keep pace and faded over


the last 150, but still ran a Kenyan record along with Laura Muir, which


shows the quality that Laura Muir is running out at the moment. She runs


in the 5000 metres later on. Sifan Hassan is always dangerous. I think


what's interesting, Sifan Hassan this year has moved coaches, she is


over with Alberto Salazar and training with Shannon Rowbury in the


Oregon Project team there. She's already showing big improvements in


her racing but also the way that she runs races. Some of that is perhaps


that influence due to hanging around at the back of the field and then


moving through. She's now shown that she is areas here today from the


beginning, getting right up there, and Shannon Rowbury is a team-mate


sitting further back. Of the main contenders up there at the moment.


Sifan Hassan is not too far away. The men's long jump competition


continues, Ashley Bryant having a really good indoor season in the


long jump. A foul in the first round, 7.42 in the second round.


That looks a little better from Bryant. Last weekend he saw his


team-mate Darren Bramble go slightly ahead of his best. So, runner up in


the UK long jump championships. Just going slightly sideways at the end,


there. That will have cost him some. Fifth place at the moment, 7.5


seven. Here is Dan Bramble. UK champion last weekend. Well, that


was similar. 59 was the opener. What is he saying, too flat? It's all


about timing off the board. Quick on the approach. The athletes are


struggling this afternoon, no one beyond eight metres. And Bramble did


his best ever jump last year, eight point 14. That is what he can do


when he is at his best. -- 8.14. Well, it is 7.57.


Eilish McColgan had to work very hard to keep pace. A bit of a gap


opening out. She is right at the back of that first group. Just a


demonstration of how hard it is for the two British athletes to try to


maintain contact. I think Eilish McColgan always does take time to


wind into races. It was very quick in the early stages. Eilish now


taking advantage of a little slackening of the pace to work our


way back up. Having said that, they are stretching out again. You can


see it beginning to stretch and the gaps are beginning to appear between


the athletes. Genevieve Lacaze of Australia and Eilish McColgan


beginning to lose contact with the other. Just a bit of daylight


opening up, looking for Shannon Rowbury behind them but she is not


really making any inroads on the front two. It is becoming a bit of a


battle between these two now. I saw her just take a glance around to


take a measure of who is with them. I thought she dropped out a little


bit early, the pacemaker. Further back to those who are losing


contact. There is a main peloton about 20 or 30 metres behind now. At


the back of that, Eilish McColgan is just ahead, maintaining some contact


with that main group. Helen Obiri with a little glance behind. The


pace is consistent just over the mark. Hellen Obiri is doing


everything she can to try to get rid of Sifan Hassan, may be Yeading rid


of some of the mental scars from that race with Laura Muir last week


and trying to make sure that Hassan has to work hard from a long way


out. Hellen Obiri and Sifan Hassan the front two. Third place just


beginning to lose the back two -- front two. This might be a very


tight race between these two. If we see acceleration in this next 1000


metres, they will go under a .30 -- under 8.30 and maybe challenge that


world lead. Neither wants to challenge too much early but I would


say Sifan Hassan definitely holds the upper card in terms of her


finishing speed. Stephanie Twell is back in the group and Eilish


McColgan is losing contact now. Hellen Obiri's head is starting to


rock a bit now but Sifan Hassan is looking smooth and sitting on the


shoulder, letting Hellen Obiri to all the work at the moment. The pace


is brisk and it is relentless at the moment. We could be on for a sub


8.30 time. Stephanie Twell running very, very well. Eilish McColgan


trying to hang onto her. They are on for personal bests in this race if


they can maintain this. It's not that they are running badly at all


but these two out in front are a class apart. Hellen Obiri still


leading just from Sifan Hassan. Sifan Hassan's slightly ungainly


style with her arms but hanging on the shoulder, right behind Hellen


Obiri. Hellen Obiri doing the hard graft and Hassan is in a very


comfortable position here. Hellen Obiri for me is starting to look as


though she doesn't believe that she can outkicked Sifan Hassan. Sifan


Hassan is focused on the heels of Hellen Obiri in front of her,


waiting and waiting until she launches that final attack. It has


been tough and hard for her, the training, but she is feeling the


benefits of it already. A group of seven athletes behind third-place


and that is where we find Stephanie Twell and Eilish McColgan, just


about encores for personal best. The bell sounds for these two and Sifan


Hassan hits the front, 200 metres to go. Hassan can't quite break free


and here comes Hellen Obiri now! A surge and Sifan Hassan responds! 150


to go hand Hellen Obiri lengthens out that stride. Can she get inside


8.30? She will, just about! The victory for Hellen Obiri. Sifan


Hassan with a second surge. Eilish McColgan finishing very strongly,


just about takes fourth place. Think of what might have been for Eilish


McColgan, but it is a great time for McColgan, I think Steph Twell might


have just about got her PB behind that as well. Great run from Eilish


McColgan, but what a run from Hellen Obiri as well. Sifan Hassan did


everything correctly but when she went past, she was not broken by


seeing the Dutch athlete come past. That was impressive from Hellen


Obiri in every way that she wasn't impressive in the race against Laura


Muir. I just wonder if she learned some lessons from that race. She


definitely kept something in the bag. I think she was maybe faking a


little bit in terms of how tired she was going into that last lap. She


allowed Sifan Hassan to come past a little bit early and Sifan Hassan


didn't get enough of the gap quickly enough and Hellen Obiri just had


eight years change left which she hadn't used left, whereas Sifan


Hassan had used everything. It just knocked the wind out of the sails of


Sifan Hassan down the back straight. Hellen Obiri had just changed gears


and went up a level and was able to really move away and you can see


just how much that victory meant to her today to be able to come back


and avenge that beating that she got at the hands of Laura Muir. Not bad


at all from Sifan Hassan and she broke the Dutch indoor record.


Hellen Obiri was five hundredths of a second quicker than she ran losing


to Laura Muir. A very good run from Eilish McColgan. Hellen Obiri, a win


for the Kenyan athlete. Well, we joined the long jump,


heading towards the halfway stage, Godfrey Mokoena of South Africa


chasing down the league which is currently 7.83. And that is going to


challenge it. Marco -- Godfrey Mokoena looks like he has


finally woken up. His best so far, 7.72, way down on what he can do but


that is a decent effort for Mokoena, the 31-year-old South African. Going


to take the lead. It is 7.99, enough to go out in front. Across this


tight field, the Finnish athlete takes her first attempt in this


tough competition. The bar stays put. So clean sheets so far for her.


Both Brits are out by the way, Sally Peake and Jade Ive unable to clear


4.33, so a slight is a Bodman for them. Not to be involved. Minna


Nikkanen continues with a perfect start so far.


Megan Clarke, of the United States, 29 years of age, she is carrying


some ever is -- errors at the previous heights. Looking to go


clear at this new height of 4.4 three. Oh, yes. So she joins


Nikkanen and the competition heats up. Still waiting for the Olympic


champion Katerina Stefanidi to join the competition, she has not jumped


yet, keeping her powder dry and Goode clearance there for Megan


Clark. And she is in second place. Joining us now in the bowels of the


stadium, look who we found! Mo Farah! I just walked in with my wet


spikes! You look very relaxed, how are you? Good, thank you. This place


is fascinating, everybody is warming up, a larger space than we are used


to seeing, what will you do now? Sit down and listen to music and


maybe dry my spikes a bit. They have got wet. How did they get wet? I put


in a bottle of water and it was not closed. How do you feel? I feel


compete. You will be competing for the last time indoors. My last track


race indoors. It will be a year of that for you, a lot of goodbyes.


Hopefully, it will be slightly better than Edinburgh. It will be!


We hope so as well! He seems relaxed. He is doing really well and


he seems comfortable and confident so good to see him in the shape.


Before he came along, he literally just walked him, this place here is


bigger than we are used to seeing athletics tracks for a warm up area,


there is a pungent smell of Tiger Balm and Deeper Heat. It is


intoxicating. It amazes me how quick people are warming up. Look, here we


go, putting pacing behind us. It is preparation, and you hit the nail on


the head, this is an exceptional facility for indoor athletics and


that is why Birmingham is so successful because the athletes can


warm up correctly. You can do your hurdles, set up on their own,


individually, which you can't normally do. You can certainly


appreciate the amount of space you get, even compared to doing your


heptathlon outdoors, Denise. Completely, indoors, everybody is on


top of each other, you have no room come you have to make sure the area


is safe. You have great space, the hurdles have been set out, the


sprinters can do their thing, the distance athletes can jog around the


perimeter, fantastic. We just saw some tours who went underneath where


the photographers were and she looked fine, she was doing some


strides and she looked fine -- Rosangela Santos. And we saw Jazmin


Sawyers. Very relaxed. But we have got to go out to the track for the


400m next, the men's 400m, Andrew Cotter and Steve Cram.


A good line up for the 400m, and interest rates developing here.


Jarryd Dunn. British athletes on the inside two lanes. Looking for their


qualifier to get the Belgrade. Sebastian Rodger on the inside. Both


he and Dunn will be required for Belgrade for the 4x400. And to


mention for Nigel Levine who won this every year from 2090 2015 but


had a dreadful injury and terrible accident with James Ellington but a


long road to recovery. So that is the line-up. And the master of the


indoors is Pavel Maslak, but he has had to give second best in the last


two races to Bralon Taplin, but he did beat him before that in


Dusseldorf. Also, Luguelin Santos. Straight final of the men's 400m.


And the they go. It is Sebastian Rodger and Jarryd Dunn on the


outside. Maslak is not afraid of a quick opening 200, 29.99 at his last


race on the way to victory. Luguelin Santos trying to keep up. The Czech


athlete, with Taplin behind him. Luka Janezic, Sebastian Rode is


making a move, has he got anything left. Maslak is just clear of Taplin


and Santos is trying to get there but Maslak pulling away in the final


50 metres and is Pavel Maslak takes it and Taplin faded and Santos held


onto second place, but Pavel Maslak has a convincing victory, the Czech


athlete who has been European and World Champion indoors, and he


really knows how to run on the boards. Some people can't get used


to the two lap 400m and the cameras and the slopes and the spring of the


boards, but Maslak us to go out hard and he did that time and controlled


it after that. Yes, that was all over in the first


100, 150 metres, once he got in front. Taplin in third place never


got on terms, they both had a great race in the Czech Republic last


week. Taplin won and this time, Maslak thought, I am going to run


out in front and run the race I like to run. The first 200 was not that


quick, and he could control it and hold him off. Look how strong he


came through, a good pointer for the Europeans, and good to see Santos


running well but Maslak the man in charge and could not get past him.


Santos did a controlled drift out to hold off Taplin who gave up in the


end. A very impressive victory for Pavel Maslak.


Long Jump. Look at that, Fabrice Lapierre. One of the man who is most


consistent, ordinary. Struggling. Greg Rutherford, I am sure, if you


are watching, you will be enjoying this. Because nobody beyond eight


metres in training. Lapierre Jones under the same. Lapierre looks as


though he has done something in this last round. But again, not


threatening that eight metre line. Fabrice Lapierre normally so


consistent, saves his best for last, he goes into third place.


We are still in the bowels of the stadium and it is about three


flights down to get here and behind me, you can see the athletes warming


up, the fast guys out for the men's 60 metres heats shortly. And you may


have seen Nigel Levine and James Ellington, British printers, warm


weather training in Tenerife, and they suffered a bad motorcycle


accident that left them both with many serious injuries to their legs,


and their pelvis and their heads and they have both undergone numerous


procedures to get back into health, both pulling through well and on


their way to rehab. James let's behind-the-scenes to let's know how


his progress is going. James Ellison and Nigel Levine are


conscious after a motorbike accident.


I thought, is this a dream? Please wake up. Then I realised it was not.


I looked down to check my legs and my right, my left leg was fractured


and my right leg was fractured and I saw bones coming out and crazy


stuff. I shouted for Nigel to see where he was and I could not turn my


head because I was messed up on the floor. Me and him were speaking for


a while. Checking he was alive. I really messed myself up body wise.


Underneath is the wound where my compound fracture happened so to be


and Libya, full compound fracture which came through the leg and broke


through the skin. Imagine your pelvis has an opening that much, it


opened that much. I have got damage to the back. I had a helmet on,


believe it or not, but the impact was so hard, as put my head to the


skull and that had eight stitches. For the average patient who is not


an Olympic athlete, these are big injuries and it is not just one


injury. I think all of this is going to potentially seriously threaten


his career. I just happens to have a good


support network around me, good friends and family. Just


appreciating what you have, so many people out there look to what they


don't have and that is when people become unhappy. I think if you can


appreciate what you do have, you can look at other people's circumstances


and it makes the journey a lot easier.


It is just incredible what they have been through and their bodies to get


to the stage they are in now and you see the severity of those injuries.


First thoughts always, can I survive this, am I going to live the walk


another day, let alone to run? As an athlete, they will both think, can I


compete again, is my body ever going to be capable of athletics again?


That is the first thing they would have thought. They were in such


great shape the previous season going into the indoor season with a


very positive demeanour about things. Their training was


exceptional, and was hearing reports of what was happening in Tenerife so


you imagine how frustrated both athletes will be with I would say a


simple accident, but it was timing. Ten minutes later or before, the


boys would be here performing. It tells you how fragile life can be. I


am so impressed with their attitude. They said, we will accept what we


are doing and we will just get back to the top of our game. Phenomenal


mental attitude, I am really proud of what they are doing. It certainly


would put things into focus and perspective about what they want to


do and whether they want to get back in shape, it will take a lot of


effort to get back to it. Athletes know about how rehab is hard and how


hard it is to reach peak performance. You took the words out


of my mouth, that will help them get through this, the setbacks they have


encountered and experienced as athletes. James in particular has


been questioning whether he should continue in the sport. This is about


life, this could have been life or death for these young men and as


Colin said, our hearts go out to them but they were horrific injuries


and they will recover and hopefully they can get back on track. It was


be great to see them back in the 60-metre again. Next, the women's


800m, here is Steve Cram. The pacemaker is Kendra Chambers and


militia bishop, silver-medallist -- Melissa Bishop. She she has 12 races


already covered this is the one to watch for her. Joanna Jozwik in soup


perch for, a new Polish record. In front of her home crowd about ten


days ago. And what a great couple of years for Shelayna Oskan-Clarke.


Struggling to produce a time, she does have a qualifying time for


outdoors last year and she can go to Belgrade whatever happens today.


Lovisa Lindh, of Sweden, in four. And in lane three, Chrishuna


Williams, great season moving from the 400 to the 800 for the American


last year, first time we will see her running the full distance


indoors. Adele Tracey needs to run under 2.3, she does have a


qualifying time from last summer in a mixed race so I think she needs to


get under 2.3, she was second at the UK trials last week. So the two


British athletes against each other here is not as against the field,


Jozwik and Bishop is the favourite in lane six and seven, the women's


800 meals -- 800m. Expect them to go through in about


28 for the first 200 metres. Little nudge there and Chambers just coming


across Bishop, letting her go. This is maybe a little wick from


Chambers. Wise level heads from the athletes behind just letting her go.


Just needs to settle down here. 28 point 16.


I just think that the two ladies sitting in second and third, fourth


and fifth positions in the Rio Olympic Games last year, they know


that they are really racing each other today and they are watching


each other there. Melissa Bishop raced last week and won convincingly


but didn't look as good as she did this time last year. Joanna Jozwik


has run quicker this year. So, Bishop will be left out in front


here. Joanna Jozwik was down in South Africa. We are watching the


polls go really well. They're now being closed down by the rest of the


field. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke in fifth place. She is moving up. Adele


Tracy moving through as well. Look at this, a real bit of pressure


being tried by Jozwik. A few little elbows there. Jozwik. Determined to


get to the front. It's going to be the poll, Jozwik, coming away from


the rest. -- the the Pole. At the front, Jozwik coming away with the


win. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke second and that will confirm her selection.


Jozwik, that was a real scrap down the back straight, wasn't it? The


effort to hold Jozwik off meant that she came under pressure from


Shelayna Oskan-Clarke in the end. Shelayna perhaps a little frustrated


but that was better from her. Much better from Shelayna Oskan-Clarke.


She has trained well over the winter, possibly a bit better than


Melissa Bishop has. She seemed to be better than the form she was in last


year. Joanna Jozwik just had so much in the tank. When she went


convincingly past Melissa Bishop. She wasn't able to maintain it over


the final 100 metres. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke sitting in third place


there. She was gaining almost every stride on Melissa Bishop and that


gives her confidence too. She had the change of gear that she didn't


really have last week and the confidence to move through strongly


and hold onto that second place. That will do her confidence a lot of


good, I think, and hopefully seal her selection for those indoor


Championships. We will tidy it all up. It looks like Shelayna has been


rewarded with a personal best. She might have taken second place on the


line, there. They're trying to sort it out with a photograph. Certainly


Jozwik was a winner. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke will be going to


Belgrade but I'm not sure we can say the same for Adelle Tracey, who was


outside the time. A personal best but a tinge of this point because


you know there is more to come from you, don't you? Yet, there is more


to come. I'm really happy actually with the way I acquitted myself in


that race, tactically. I made better decisions. So I'm happy with that


but I'm not so happy with the time. What it is a PB indoors and it's


better than last week. So I'm happy. Does it give you an indicator as


well as to how well you have trained in the winter? Yeah, I know that my


training has gone really well in the winter and I'm definitely in much


better shape. Last week, my last few races weren't that good, so I was a


bit worried, but it's definitely coming now. I just have to trust the


process. We will see you in the European Indoors, we wish you well


and lots of luck for that. Thank you.


Well, back to this pole vault, just a few athletes remain. The Swiss


athlete, Nicole Buchler of Switzerland. This is her first


attempt. Really good -- gave it a really good bash on the way up. At


33 years of age she is showing some experience there. A good competitor


when she is at her best. She moves into first place. Let's go back and


just remind you of the result in the men's 400 metres. That victory means


that he overtook, they were both on 17 points coming into this one. He


takes the victory and $20,000. Just tidying up these results and


noticing Jarryd Dunn missing the qualifying time again.


A new personal best, good to confirm that. Adelle Tracey, who has been


suffering from a bit of a cold this week sadly for her, that time will


not be good enough for her to achieve selection. But Jozwik


continues on her winning ways. COMMENTATOR: Next up, the first of


the heats in the men's 60 metres. Going in this will be James Dasaolu


and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey for Great Britain. Ronnie Baker, the American,


is going well. Beejay Lee inside Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. James


Dasaolu goes in lane six. Jeff Henderson, the long jump Olympic


champion, in lane seven, and Julian Forte of Jamaica in lane eight.


There is Beejay Lee. He looks like an indoor specialist, not a tall man


at all, powerful. Doesn't have particular quick times indoors this


year. Has gone below ten seconds over 100 metres, Beejay Lee. Harry


Aikines-Aryeetey, 6.66 his quickest time this season. The two spots for


Britain in the team is occupied by Andy Robinson and Theo Etienne.


Ramon Gittens, bronze at the world indoors last year. That gives you an


idea of the time is required at the very highest level. He has run at


6.40 six. Exceptionally quick this season. Everton Clarke, the


Jamaican, six times he has run 6.57 this season. James Dasaolu, along


with CJ Ujah, they are going to go to Belgrade, by advising other


championships this season. So it is not about qualification for the


European Indoors for James Dasaolu, just about seeing what he has got


early on. Seeing how his pace is, Jeff Henderson. He has struggled a


bit in this company. Julian Forte of Jamaica on the outside. 6.55 at the


Kingston outdoor meeting. Three will automatically go through to the


final, which is at four o'clock. Britain will have high hopes in


Belgrade, given the current rankings. It was Andrew Robertson,


not running here, who did take the UK title last week. Harry


Aikines-Aryeetey will be looking to impress, looking to better his 6.66.


So, Beejay Lee on the inside. Ronnie Baker, the American, goes in four.


Everton Clarke in five, James Dasaolu and six, Jeff Henderson in


seven and Julian Forte in lane eight. By way cleanly and Ronnie


Baker is running well. Ronnie Baker comes through to take it quite


comfortably. Three go through automatically. James Dasaolu with


hands on hips. We mention just how well Ronnie Baker has been running


this season. James Dasaolu doing his level best. Ronnie Baker very


impressive again. You've got to love and admire a performance like that.


He's very dominant. He is proving that his last one wasn't a flash in


the pan. He has got good frequency, a lot of good leg speed in the early


part which polls in front of the field. Because he's got so much


power, every time he hits the floor, it allows him to just ease away from


the field. Great performance. Julian Forte on the outside came through to


take third place. James Dasaolu left a little bit by Ronnie Baker. James


Dasaolu just couldn't quite get up to his maximum speed quickly enough.


In is funny that way because dirt and people are performing and


preparing slightly differently. Those are the things that indoors


doesn't really prepare you for, mentally, if you know what I mean.


It's really interesting what is going on. Watching James, driving


hard, working hard to get into that upright position. He looks a bit


flat in comparison. We've seen him a lot more buoyant than that. But it


is indoors and even though we've seen him so much better, that has an


effect on the performance. James Dasaolu straightening and trying to


get to the line. He will have to wait and see, he's not one of the


automatic qualifiers. Just one more hit to go but James Dasaolu run out


of the automatic qualifiers. Well, just three athletes remain in this


women's pole vault. This is Mary Saxer, 4.53. She has jumped 4.55


this year, so will proudly expect to get this. Second attempt. Better!


Good effort. That is better. As I say, three athletes remain. She


carries a foul also at this height, Katerina Stefanidi.


Well, here is Katerina Stefanidi, carrying a foul. At this height, are


opening height. And that is a lot better. The first attempt it was


weird, she came onto the runway and she ran in and dropped the pole and


took some tape on it, she clearly wasn't quite right. She's been


waiting a long time since the start of this competition, but that is


what she can do when she gets it right. No surprise, she goes well


clear at this height of 4.53 but goes into second place behind Nicole


Buchler as well. So there we are, the first heat of


the men's 60 metres. Ronnie Baker and Everton Clarke the qualifiers.


Julian Forte and James Dasaolu will wait to see if they go through.


Well, it's all go as usual indoors. Action coming thick and fast. Plenty


of British interest in the men's. A new name, Kyle De Escofet. Let's go


through them one by one. Real interest here. Don't forget we're


talking about these European Championships coming up in Belgrade.


Danny Talbot not really going to figure. Wasn't at the trials last


week but having a bit of a run out here, over 60 metres. Birchfield


Harrier. Talking about local and Wolverhampton, Kyle De Escofet, was


fourth at the trials. Really disappointed with his run at the


trials but has a chance to get selected because Richard Kilty did a


false start at the trials. We have a ready got two with automatic


selection. Richard Kilty was disqualified. It's really between


those two in first spot for Great Britain. Andrew Fisher from Bahrain


former Jamaican but running for Bahrain now, setting loads of


national records, funnily enough... Kim Collins from St Kitts and Nevis.


Setting loads of personal records -- records for his age group. CJ Ujah


has been running pretty quickly, 6.56, but has not put himself


thought for selection for Belgrade. In fact at the trials last week he


went off to Poland and competed there instead. John Orta Gardi --


John Otugade made the final last week. The first thing here is, the


top three will go through, but in doing so, Mark Kilty needs to be


careful he doesn't false start again. Training indoor European


champion and he finds himself fighting for selection in lane


three. Next to him, Kyle De Escofet. His qualifying time wasn't in the


top two last week, so he didn't get automatic selection, but were he to


beat Richard Kilty here Kameni would put himself forward. Collins in


five, Fisher in four. CJ Ujah in six. Only three will make the final.


So it may well be for Richard Kilty and Kyle De Escofet, they have too


treated as a race between the two of them.


No eight, Sheldon Mitchell, a slight long cold and hesitation and he


almost fell out of his block rather than if. . Yes, I have been


downstairs and the gun is always quite quick in sprinting and in


Birmingham, there is usually a long cold and he literally just falls. He


lives his hands and he is thinking, oh, man! A face plant. It is a long


way to come. He has not come all the way from Jamaica, he has been in


other races. So we are down to seven. This is really interesting to


watch Kilty, he did this last week, I was at those trials and he could


not believe what he had done, everybody was looking to him to


perhaps win that race. And there is De Escofet next to him.


Fisher in four and Collins in five, CJ Ujah in six.


It is another one! That is another one from Fisher. There was a little


twitch next to him as well from Kilty, I will just look at this, we


get the chance to see the reaction times. Yes, he is saying, what is


going on here? Colin, was that a longer hold that time, you said it


was normally? I think slightly but the gun is not over the top, it is


quite a reasonable time to hold these guys in set position. We are


looking for twitching around, I am not so sure, I think Fisher just


drove out before it was necessary. And that far in front, you clearly


have reacted before the official time would allow you. Yes, he has


gone. Well, he can shrug his shoulders, but that was it pretty


clear., it wasn't set off by anybody else. I don't know what he is going


to argue about committee can be annoyed and frustrated at himself.


It is pretty clear. He is angling for a get out here. Steve, have you


ever been involved in a false start? Yes. Was it your fault? No. In


1500m, they bring you back and everybody does it again. Yes, it is


a really height and tense moment because you know how important those


ten metres are and you are understanding about why they are


frustrated. Third time lucky, Steve. It makes everybody a little bit


nervous, understandably. He just needs to move away, he is a bit too


close to these guys who are trying to concentrate. Ten metres off the


left as they looked down the track. Tolbert in one, De Escofet in two,


CJ Ujah in three. And we have Collins. Clearly way, Kilty gets a


good start. CJ Ujah, Collins is going to win it, it is CJ Ujah and


Kilty who will go through. It is close for second, I think CJ went


ahead of Kilty and that could be good enough for Kilty to cement his


place ahead of De Escofet, who is walking away, in terms of Belgrade


and he is the defending champion and that would probably be the right


decision. He has beaten his rival and CJ is not eligible and does not


want to be selected either. It was messy, Colin, but we got there in


the end! We got there eventually, thank goodness for that! Irritating


for the athletes because walking back, you think, the race could be


over, and what they have produced is good. Kim Collins with that time,


you expect those performances now. Both CJ and Kilty, a strong


performance and a good performance from both of them under these


circumstances. They will be rubbing their hands together for the final


because they can be really competitive. All the times, they


were there or thereabouts and it is a blanket finish. You understand how


crucial that first ten metres is going to be to set up your race


perfectly well to do well. Look at Kim Collins, still working


hard, I can't believe that man is 40 and producing such great sprint


times, it is great to see that, making it these youngsters see they


have longevity. Right, back to the Pole Vault. Katerina Stefanidi, of


Greece, two fouls, the Olympic champion finding herself under some


pressure and she has to go clear to remain in the competition, in second


place at the moment. And she does. I'm sure there is a sigh of relief,


the Olympic champion comes with a bit of extra pressure and we saw


what that did to the sprinters a moment ago. Stefanidi is angling it


well. And clear at 4.63 and she goes ahead at the third time of asking,


ahead of Nicole Buchler, who is out injured. Stefanidi continues.


Steve, just tidying up that 60 metres, and they have given it to


Alina Talay, it looked like CJ Ujah. We have come up and we are here in


front of the start of the 60 metres. Elaine Thompson is over there and


she has been doing warm up sprinting, the double Olympic sprint


champion and the first time we had that at an Olympic Games since 1998


and Flo Jo, and she is a great treat for the crowd and she is more than


happy to be in Birmingham. It is my first time in Birmingham. I have


come here to compete and it is indoors so that is good. What do you


think you will be able to deliver for the crowd just self? Even though


it is not the final of the season, I am looking forward to going again


and just performing the best I can and it is part of the training as


well. I must take it step-by-step to see where I am at this time of the


season. It is fair to say life has changed quite a lot for uses the


Olympics, what has it been like for you? It is kind of fun, sometimes it


is hard. Life has been changed, yes. Because I have a lot of


responsibility now. I do a lot of interviews and photo shoots and all


of that so it has been changed. Everybody says now I am a superstar.


Me going out there and capturing that stubble is something special


for me. Looking back to last year, I had an amazing season and in terms


of preparation, I have had an amazing season. It starts now


because I will be competing. The preparation is going good, training


going good so far and I just want to stay humble and focused and just do


my thing. At the heart of things is Elaine


Thompson, the double Olympic champion, in lane five. A little bit


to spare after her heat, just easing across the line, not the quickest.


Again, with a little bit to spare. And she will have to use that


because there will be strong competition from Barbara Pierre,


Asha Philip goes for Great Britain in lane seven. So the Norwegian has


pulled out, so Jessica Young-Warren is in lane two. 29 now but running


well this season. Barbara Pierre, I felt she got it wrong in the heat,


the world indoor champion last year, a real threat to Elaine Thompson.


She is at her best. You would fancy her perhaps to be the favourite. But


got it wrong in the heats. 27-year-old Gayon Evans, flourishing


later in her career. And that is Elaine Thompson. She has run 7.02


this season, outdoors over 60 metres in Kingston, but there was a


following wind just inside the legal limit, enough to give her a bit of a


hand. Finalist in Rio, Christania Williams, disappointed in that


final, suffered cramp. Got to the final, though. Asha Philip,


successfully defended her UK indoors title last week. And she carries


British hopes here, but it is a tall order given the competition


alongside her. And Santos Brazil, took that nasty tumble as she hit


the upslope of the track. After crossing the line in the heat, but


she is all right and ready to go in the final. Barbara Pierre in three,


Gayon Evans in four. Alongside another Jamaican Thompson and


another Jamaican in six, Christania Williams. Asha Philip in seven and


Santos in eight. In the pink headband, Elaine Thompson is the


woman to beat here. Silence inside the arena for the final of the


women's 60 metres. Thompson looks for a good start and


she is running and powering away from the rest and Elaine Thompson


with 6.98, Elaine Thompson. I said she might have a bit to spare, a bit


left from the heat, she was saving something, what a run! We have not


seen QuickTime is today until now. Elaine Thompson, blistering, what a


win! That was a chunk off heat performance, great to see the


Olympic champion in such great form. She is here specifically just to


work on those first 30 metres, to set herself up for a more impressive


100m and to perform one of the fastest times of all time here in


Birmingham and that is truly impressive. You can see from her


reaction she knew she had something extra to give in the final, I don't


think she thought she could go on to seven. I wonder what she's thinking,


out of the box, she put her authority on the field and this is


when she comes into the strong part of the race from 40, to 60. Already


moving away, not spending time chasing. So she must be thinking, I


have got good time in here, I am hitting the floor well, everything


is really positive. She is on the left of our screen, just focusing


and looks very majestic and relaxed. Easily just bouncing down the track.


Still very good focus. All the way to the line, that little dip and not


even thinking about what she has run, just thinking, that was a


competent piece of running. Only eight other women in history


have gone below seven seconds in this event and Elaine Thompson does


it along Shelly-Ann Fraser Price in the all-time indoor list, Elaine


Thompson a long way clear of the rest, it was a Jamaican one, two and


three ahead of Evans and Williams. Such a rare achievement for anybody


to go under seven, you join an elite list and it is the fastest we have


seen in Britain, what was it like to run?


Thank you, I went out with rhythm, I came to the final. Each time, I get


more confident. Each time I run, I get to love it and try to execute it


the best I can. You wanted to work on your start, the first 30 metres,


how much more is there to come as you project forward for the outdoor


season now? I am focused to getting my first 30, it is my weak area and


looking back at that video today, I can work more on it. You just take


it step-by-step and each time I race, I get confident and focus, go


back to the drawing board and work on it. We have it Indoor


Championships for our athletes, but no indoors for Jamaican champions,


what you do next? I go home, I do more training. I just will go out


there and perform. We will see you back in London later in the year,


well done today. Hopefully, thank you very much. Yes,


look out, London, in August, Elaine Thompson in fine shape. Gayon Evans


and Christania Williams making up the Jamaican one, two and three and


Asha Philip standing there. Delighted to say that Lorraine


Coogan has joined as a head of the women's long jump, vision.


Congratulations on your victory last week. Thank you. Obviously the


winter has gone well, what are your hopes and of Belgrade? Definitely


hoping to go to Belgrade and get on the podium. I have ambitions of


going there to grab the gold. But I definitely want to get a medal. It


would be fantastic to follow up my medal from the World Indoors with


one at Belgrade as well. You know your way to the rostrum and things


have started well. What is it that suits you so well? I think the


indoor atmosphere is a lot more close cosy, there are less elements


like the wind so it really gives you the opportunity to shine. Less


things to deal with like the weather. It seems like we're heading


into a rich period of women's long jumping in this country. KJ T,


Katarina Johnson-Thompson, has pulled out this week though. How


good is it to be in that competition and leading the way knowing that


they are there? It's fantastic. I love the fact that we have four


world-class women's long jump athletes. Representing Great


Britain. It's wonderful to have such depth in the long jump and it's nice


to represent Britain at our sport's showcase. Fantastic support here for


you, Lorraine. I mentioned Jazmin Sawyers as well, who did very well


in the British Championships last week but also we have seen her on


television over the last few weeks for another skill of hers. She has


very much been on song. Music is a really new thing for me. I've been


doing sport my whole life and music in just the last few years. At the


moment to juggle everything, I'm not fitting training around every thing


else, I'm fitting everything else around training. Music is a passion


but sport has always been the dream. I want to do X Y and Z, I want to be


on The Voice and be on shows but work that in around it. I think if


you choose one thing as a priority, you can fit other things around it,


it's not as difficult as it sounds. In Dorset is a key part of the year,


it gives you a good chance to see where you are at an break the cycle


of just training. You get to a point in the winter where all you have


done is train and you think, what's this for again? Indoors is perfect


for that. It will give me a chance to see what I need to work on. I


live and train in Birmingham now so competing here is going to be great,


I'm at home, effectively. I'm actually due a good result here. The


last few times I have competed I have been ill or injured and just


not performed to my best. So I think third time is a charm and I think I


can do that here. Olympic finalist, find a list on The Voice or at least


through to the next round, Jazmin Sawyers, for most people in a


lifetime one of those things would be enough and you are there just


smiling your way through these incredible experiences and


expressing them brilliantly but actually, you have got the time and


it is something you want to pursue and you are managing it all? That


way I see it. I like to say yes to things, grab every opportunity that


I'm given. They won't be around forever. I'm young and I don't have


any responsible at ease and my degree is done, I'm going to say yes


to as much as I can. I love doing these things, and when I'm happier I


perform better. You are so unusual on Echo V Voice for being that


person who is managing a really high profile career, what does your


mentor,,, say about that? I think his words were," that's


dope". I feel like I have a lot to learn and I have the right attitude


and I'm open to learning and I've been coached my whole life. So if


anybody... You can take the criticism? Exactly. Listen, I hope


you don't get too much criticism today, I hope it goes well for you


in your day job. You might sing for us a bit later on, who knows! Lets


get back to the action coming here is Steve Cram.


COMMENTATOR: I don't know if he can sing, Andreas IG, but good to see


him back! He followed up a fifth at the world temperatures in 2015, he


has been beset by injuries since then. -- Andrew Osagie. Kyle


Langford is the youngsters still building his career. We have got the


World Championship bronze medallist, Amel Tuka. Also two very good


Americans. And watch out for Casimir Loxsom as well, who has slipped into


second place behind the pacemaker. He has been the big hope for the USA


for a long time but never quite delivered for them. Casemiro


-- Casimir Loxsom Agro -- ran a really fast 300 recently.


Really needs to take that step up and run quicker here and established


himself within the 800 races. A very quick first 400 four Loxsom and he


will have a seven or hate metre lead because Kyle Langford is coming


under pressure now from Amel Tuka. Andrew Osagie is still in contact


there. Loxsom is going to have to last this out at the front because


the pace is quick. Through 600 metres. Langford just gives Amel


Tuka a bit of a push. Guy Learmonth is moving up on his compatriot. The


stride length is shortening and they are starting to chase him down now.


We've got Amel Tuka, Langford, Guy Learmonth. Andrew Osagie! Loxsom


might just last this out! Loxsom takes it. Amel Tuka and then I think


Kyle Langford finishing the best of the Brits. Well, that was painful. A


quick time really but the way they ran it and Loxsom and the others as


well, I thought they were running down. I think it totally turned into


a race of attrition there. I remember -- over that last two or


300 metres. You expected the others to run down Cass Loxsom. Amel Tuka


used his energy to soon and wasn't able to hold on. Andrew Osagie had


sat off the pace at the back for most of the race. He was the one who


had the most left in his legs in that last lap. Good to see him doing


well, they both wanted to be the best British athlete and run


personal best today and by racing each other they chased down Amel


Tuka. It looks like Cass Loxsom is taking half a strike compared to


what he was doing early in the race, everyone's legs had gone and it was


just about who could held on best. The Times were 24.08, 28.6. That


hurt but he has been rewarded with the quickest time in the world this


year and a personal best. He's a real talent. Amel Tuka with a


national record in second place, Kyle Langford with a qualifying time


for the European Championships, in third place. So a lot of good times


but as Paula said, a really good positive with Andrew Osagie on the


comeback trail and looking strong as well.


Well, this guy, Loxsom, he was second at the world Junior


Championships all the way back in 2010. He is 25 now and has really


struggled to show that talent. This could be his year. Is he going to


get on the American team and come to London in the summer? We will tidy


up that result in a second but I can tell you that Andrew Osagie has also


run a qualifying time. Guy Learmonth also selected, all will be. You


never know, we could have three in Belgrade which would be wonderful to


see. The next event will be the women's 400 metres. That is Lina


Nielsen, the two Nielsen twins. Just perhaps a little bit behind in


development behind her sister who goes in Lane four, Laviai Nielsen.


The hurdlers will be the ones to beat, I think, in this flat race


which gets under way in a few minutes' time. What an exciting


prospect the Nielsen twins are. 21 years old, Denise Lewis. Lina a bit


behind Laviai in her development, just developed a little bit later.


It was an accomplished race and a very competitive race. The girls


feeding off each other there. Eilidh Doyle was in front and looking in


control but what is exciting about these two youngsters is that they


keep pushing each other on to great results. There is a real buzz in the


air about them because not only are they twins but that aspirations are


really high. They are confident and they are developing nicely just at


the right time. Just on the line there. Laviai just beating her


sister by tenths of a second there. But really both of them set personal


bests. Lina yet to qualify for the European Championships, the teams


will be announced on Tuesday, so she has a lot to run for here, to


impress those selectors for that meeting to make the announcement on


Tuesday. It is a good transition period as well because the women did


so well at the Olympic Games, the 4x400 metres with the likes of


Christine and if you are the other athletes just getting to the stage


where they will be moving on in the sport, not necessarily approaching


their best but just going slightly over their peak, and to see these


two coming through is exciting. It is very exciting. You have got Davis


as well and Kerstin Maslin also in the mix. That four by 400 metres


team is looking great. We see Eilidh Doyle over the herbals ordinarily


and she is the British champion. He has qualified for Belgrade so she


will be looking to stamp another really quick time here. And make


progress with her outdoor season over the 400 metre hurdles. Andrew


Cotter, take it away. COMMENTATOR: Yes, Eilidh Doyle will


be the leading Briton in that race in Sheffield, she just beat the


Nielsen twins. Very stiff competition in this race. Verone


Chambers of Jamaica goes in lane one, then Lina Nielsen. Shamier


Little in three, Laviai Nielsen in Lane four, Eilidh Doyle in five. We


talk about the hurdlers here, three women who have made their name over


the barriers. One of those is twice world champion over the 400 hurdles,


fourth in Rio after coming back from injury, had struggled a bit, but


such a talented athlete, Zuzana Hejnova. Eilidh Doyle in lane five,


won that European title last week. Three wins this season although this


is a higher calibre field than those she has faced so far. Laviai


Nielsen, if you want to tell them apart, Laviai has slightly darker


hair. Her name is Danish, the Nielsen twins have a Danish father


and an Egyptian mother. Shamier Little, trademark glasses, doesn't


like contact lenses. World Championship silver over 400 hurdles


a couple of years ago in Beijing. There is Lina Nielsen. Just a little


bit but hind Laviai in terms of development but slightly later into


the sport. And then Verone Chambers of Jamaica goes on the inside.


Well, it is a strong line-up. Eilidh Doyle leading the home challenge,


but Lina Nielsen inside her. Shamier Little in three. There is Lina


Nielsen, but Zuzana Hejnova insight Eilidh Doyle. She won the 400 in


Ostrava in the Czech Republic recently. Eilidh Doyle is able to


work off Zuzana Hejnova. The final of the women's 400 metres. Cleanly


away. Around the camber of the Ben Gummer Eilidh Doyle keeping the pace


at the moment. A good start by Laviai Nielsen, eating up a bit of a


gap between her and Eilidh Doyle. Shamier Little going strongly as


well in lane three. They hit the bell and Eilidh Doyle in fourth


place at the moment. It is Laviai Nielsen at the moment from Zuzana


Hejnova. Eilidh Doyle hoping for something left. Beginning to make


her move. Sneaking up on Zuzana Hejnova but those two still out in


front, Laviai Nielsen trying to hold on. The crowd roaring her on and she


will just take it, Zuzana Hejnova ahead of Laviai Nielsen.


A very strong run from Nielsen but to taking the victory. And she


should congratulate Nielsen for that run, a brave run to take it out


ahead of Hejnova. Ably Doyle was not back, but Hejnova takes the victory,


had of Laviai Nielsen. That was brave, she went out to not


frightened about reputation, she is on the top ten all-time indoor list


for Great Britain, and 52 seconds. And her sister, both great talents.


You never see one without the other, great they are both running so well


and they will form part of a great 4x4 squad in Belgrade with Doyle.


Hejnova had to work so hard, you have to attack the 400m. I love the


fact she went for it through the first 200m and down the back


straight, still going strong, she can hang on, Hejnova thinking, I'm


not really is in. She waits until the bend and she looks for a bit of


weakness and this is it. Her knees dropped a bit and she has not got


enough drive to hold off Hejnova, but what a great performance,


Hejnova getting the win, a good run from her, but a great runner from


Nielsen. Little and Doyle, both hurdlers. We have real new talent in


the 400m, well done, Laviai Nielsen and also Lina in sixth place,


outside her personal best. That is a good deal quicker than her outdoor


personal best, Laviai Nielsen, 52.25, it is quite rare and it shows


great promise for this season and beyond that, very impressive run


from Laviai Nielsen, just behind Zuzana Hejnova. One of the first to


congratulate Laviai Nielsen was Lina and they alongside Eilidh Doyle are


talking to Phil Jones. We could see the delight on the


faces of the two sisters celebrating your personal best, a fantastic


performance, Laviai. I have wanted that. Long and every time I thought,


today is the day, so made up by that time, it means so much to me. We


were talking about how it was important at this age for you to


feel you belong on this big senior stage, you look at home. Yes, still


getting used to competing against such amazing athletes like Eilidh


Doyle and Hejnova and it is daunting on the start line but I believe in


myself that I can compete against them and so happy to pull it out.


What is it like as one of the more senior athletes in the team, you


have brought medals home time after time, to see where -- fresh bread --


fresh but coming through? It is great for me, the more 400m running


well, it bodes well for the outdoor season. You had but your place in


Belgrade, pleased to be heading there? Yes, really dilated, we're


building for the outdoor season and everything has gone well so


hopefully just keep plugging away at -- really dilated. Lina, just


outside your personal best, have you done enough to secure your third


place? I hope so, to go as an individual and get the experience


against these athletes would be amazing for me so fingers crossed!


You have given the selectors a nudge with that performance,


congratulations, everybody. Thank you.


So taking the victory, Zuzana Hejnova, but very impressive from


Laviai Nielsen. And Verone Chambers in sixth place.


So we rattle on to the man's 60 metres hurdles and this is a man,


Colin Jackson, who has been so impressive this season and again, we


are just seeing him bearing the fruit of being injury free for a


long time, we will talk more about Andrew Pozzi in a moment, but first,


the results of the man's 800m. Good news for British fans. Kyle


Langford, personal best. Casimir Loxsom, the quick this year. Guy


Learmonth with his personal best. And we could have all three British


athletes representing us force election on Monday in the


Championships. Great achievements by British athletes this season


including Laura Muir and Callum Hawkins, but Pozzi has been flying


indoors over the barriers and he is Elaine four. In lane three, Aries


Merritt. The Northern Irish record-holder Ben


Reynolds runs for islands now. He won in Dublin recently. 7.77 this


season. Outside him, the man who made his Olympic final last summer,


of Cyprus, Milan Trajkovic. And what a career Aries Merritt has had, and


he will be warmly received. What a time he had with injury and illness.


Had a kidney transplant just after the World Championships in 2015, the


Olympic champion. ANDREW CASTLE: One, deserves to be running the


times he is running after his problems with injuries, five


surgeries over five years. David King outside him, the Plymouth


athlete. Second behind Pozzi in the UK Championships last week. Six


times Dutch champion Koen Smet. He took that title again recently. Jake


Porter, Birchfield Harrier, again, a local man and he won the British


universities indoor title yesterday in Sheffield, a new personal best


this season. And Edirin Okoro, another Birchfield Harrier, false


start in the finals last weekend and looking to make amends today.


ANDREW CASTLE: One this season has had six races and six wins. --


Andrew Pozzi this season has had. He lines up alongside Aries Merritt.


Trajkovic, Merritt, David King. Koen Smet, Porter and Edirin Okoro. See


what time Pozzi can achieve. He has been running very quick times


indeed. The man's 60 metres hurdles final.


A little twitch from David King outside Pozzi and that set others


off. We have had a number of those false start is today and King did


look to have a bit of movement, Colin. A little bit twitchy. He


knows himself he is in very good shape. We saw him in Tenerife and he


looked good and strong. You can see he definitely moved off those box,


we will see what the decision is. I think he knows. He will know


himself. He felt that little stutter, it is when the pressure


releases on the blocks. And his reaction time will come up.


A conduct warning, lane five. A nod of the head and relief from David


King. It is a yellow card. We will talk about that after the race may


be. Or maybe not. Ben Reynolds, Trajkovic, Merritt, Pozzi, David


King still in five, Koen Smet, Porter and Edirin Okoro in lane


eight. It just adds to the tension. Merritt and Pozzi and King at the


heart of things. Once more to the start the 60-metre hurdles.


Cleanly away this time, good start by Pozzi, King and Merritt and Pozzi


is flying once again. 7.4 four. It matches his personal best, he has


done it again and he is running so consistently well, so consistently


quickly, time and time again. And he destroyed the field, Pozzi. He wins


here and I'm sure he is not finished winning a game this season,


wonderful to see from Pozzi. Injury free and running just beautifully.


Really nice to see and he would be frustrated to see 7.44 but glancing


down, it has been rounded down to a new personal best of 7.43, great


performance, personal best and just 100th of a second shy of Tony


Jarrett's English record, so still things to focus on to grab that


record. Look up positive he was out of the box, he is world number one,


the world leader, he knows everybody is watching him now and look at that


strong performance from David King to beat the former Olympic champion


and take second place to beat Aries Merritt. Great performances from the


British herbalist and onwards to Belgrade. The French Herbers,


usually very competitive, so Belgrade will be interesting. Andrew


Pozzi will have his work cut out but he is the man to beat at the moment.


Spot on, a seven strider approach into the first hurdle, really strong


this year because he has trained more. He has suffered so many


injuries in the past so nice to see him coming back injury free and


showing what he is really capable of. This is not the end for this


young man, he will probably be the next British athlete to go under the


7.14 mark and how close to the British record indoors and out? He


is very capable of it. He looked to the clock and it wasn't rounded


down, a little bit frustrated, but it has been rounded down, a big win


for Andrew Pozzi and he is talking to fill.


Great to hear the birthday boy Colin Jackson talking about what is to


come for you, definitely challenging the British record indoors and


outdoors and it must be great to hear that from somebody like Colin.


Definitely, as long as he does not forget the British record is his


world record so it will take a lot of beating but I feel ready to go. I


thought I was maybe a bit quicker today but really pleased, bringing


it down every race and feeling more comfortable and looking forward to


the European Indoors. What is it like when you get into the groove


you are showing time after time on the start line, is that another one


ready to come out? Yes, the great thing is I have won 7.4 week in and


week out and it is a really competitive time on the global stage


going into a major championships knowing I can churn them out, it


feels great. The next tick of the box is a medal and getting on the


podium in the Europeans. Yes, I have been around for what feels like a


lifetime now and because of injury and other problems, I have not been


able to win many medals so to do that in the Europeans and the world


stage is the next set. We wish you well for Belgrade and


congratulations today. They give very much.


Bear it is, Andrew Pozzi, rounded down, just 100 of a second outside


the Tony Jarrett's in this record, still some way behind Colin's 7.30.


David King with a personal best ahead of Aries Merritt in third.


Andrew Pozzi might have his eye on this man's British record, Colin


Jackson who earlier was presenting a special award to Malcolm Arnold who


has retired from coaching after an illustrious career, coaching Colin


himself the world record in the hurdles, a hurdles specialist and he


gave so much to the sport, as did our Colin and today, as Phil


mentioned, is a very special day because believe it or not and you


will check your Cyclopedia to verify this, can you believe Colin Jackson


is 50 years old? And Colin has had an incredible life and career so we


thought he might like to have a look at this.


Colin Jackson! It is Jackson in the first hurdle.


Jackson takes it! A new world record! Watching the false start


take place. I guess Usain is doing something!


Does that make up for not getting you a card at breakfast this


morning? Yeah, absolutely! I do really enjoyed watching that. I had


the nod over him in the end! It was a highlight of what was an


incredible career and you have given people so much joy as well as a


broadcaster. What people will be asking is what the heck do you use


on your skin? You look about 28 if that! You know how to flatter me,


you'd do well, Gabbs! Steve Cram, let's get back on with the action.


COMMENTATOR: Amy Yang stir, 50, I remember, it wasn't that long ago!


Actually it was! Happy birthday, Col. Isn't that a great site, the


full stadium? We will be back here for the world indoor Championships


next year. There will be some women in this race here expecting to be in


that final because it is a very high quality. The record-holder there.


Megan Simons made it to the final here. Very quick starter, the


Jamaican. Former Olympic, world and indeed indoor champion, Sally


Pearson, still trying to rediscover some of that form. 0.125 Her


reaction time, something to work on. Christine Manning, number two in the


world indoors, only Harrison, the world record-holder, has gone


quicker. The earrings and the classic ponytail, as I now know it's


cool. Sharika Nelvis, the American, just stumbled a bit but looked very


good once she got going, she could give them something to think about


here. Talay, one of Europe's best. As site her -- beside her, Jasmine


Stowers. You thought that she might be the one to grab it by the scruff


of the neck. In 2015 she was leading the world rankings but did not make


the American team then either. Full of talent. Then there is Jackie


Coward on the outside in lane eight. With the exception of Simmonds, who


is new to all of this, they have all run under eight seconds this year.


Manning the quickest at 7.80 two. -- at 7.82.


7.74 back in 1990 is the biggest time ever run in Great Britain.


We've just seen them go so quick in the men's hurdles. This is a quick


enough track. So, Manning in four. Sally Pearson next to her in three'.


Sharika Nelvis next to her in five. All three of them wearing blue.


Manning gets out quickly. Manning is going to win this one! Manning wins


it, 7.84. A great race from her again and yet another personal best.


It may well get taken down a hundredth, we will see. It didn't


seem as smooth to me, actually, but she got out well. She was put under


a little bit of pressure towards the end, Sally Pearson getting better


all the time and we will wait to see The Times come up. Colin, Manning


has had a good start to her career in 2011-12 and then really lost her


way in the next few years. But this is a good sign for her that there


could be something this summer. It's truly nice to see this, Steve. It's


something we come back to, you come to this arena and become a winner.


This is the most important thing for all these athletes, to get into the


groove of victories because that always sets you up with confidence


going into the end of the season. That is going to be paramount. Look


how dominant Manning was here. She was the clear victor. That says a


lot to everyone else that they have to make sure they stay nice and


focused. She is steady at the halfway mark. Put pressure on where


she can perhaps crumble a little bit technically. That's what you want to


do, get on her shoulder as quickly as you can and then apply pressure.


I'm just noticing there the change of hairstyle. We've gone from the


plaited ponytail which surely was getting in the way a bit, I'm told


that is a plaited topknot. I will have no idea! But it has done the


trick. Sharika Nelvis just holding off Talay in second place. Here is a


chance to see the uber talented Jazmin Sawyers. Two fouls in the


first two rounds. The third round of this long jump edition. Fast and


compact as ever. That's better. She likes it. -- long jump competition.


Making the headlines for her exploits on The Voice. A different


kind of performing here but she is a smile on her face, she is a great


competitor. A series of silver medals across the last few years.


Commonwealth silver, European silver, and Sawyer is chasing a lead


of 6.39, has gone into a lead with a season's best of 6.46. Kelly's other


than looking on. So then, Lorraine Ugen talks about gold in Belgrade in


the European indoor Championships. What can she do to respond to the


jump of her team-mate? Well, that is better! Lorraine 6.46. A much taller


and rangy figure, also struggled on the board in the first round, 6.45


in the second but looks like she has got it right in the third round


here. All athletes get six jumps -- six jumps and with some space to


spare it is better from Ugen. She is growing in confidence. A nod of the


head. It is 6.76 and she goes into the lead. A season's best. Rulli and


stuff from Ugen and at the moment it is a Britain 1-2. Well, the bad news


for Christina Manning is that it didn't get rounded down from 7.81,


it went the other way. 7.83 It is a hundredth slower than she ran in


Ireland last week. Well, a fascinating 1500 metres. Very high


quality line-up. The man in great form is the


Australian, Ryan Gregson. Garrett Heath, the American as well. And


Nathan Brannen, the Canadian, experienced the final 1500 in Rio.


Reuben Bett is the pacemaker in this one, looking to go through 457


seconds. There is Nathan Brannen, 34 now and still going well, and then


be easily identifiable figure of Ben Blankenship. There is Cecil and


alongside Bethwel Birgen. Garrett Heath, who has beaten Mo Farah


before in cross country. Lancashire, from Sheffield. Ryan Gregson, the


Australian record-holder. Vincent Kibet, a winner here a couple of


years ago. We talked about men going for the qualifying standard. James


West also looking for the qualifying standard. The Swedish champion,


calibre gland. Disqualified a feud heats of the 1500, a few


elbows thrown there. The qualifying standard for British athletics is


3.40 two. So far only Tom Lancashire has reached it, but we tend to see


some personal bests here and if the pace is good and they are running


well, and the pacemaker should do well and we should get a good time.


We should be in for a good race. We really need Reuben Bett to get out


and set the pace he has been asked for, 57 seconds. Already some


pushing and shoving on the start line. The interesting one, Tom


Lancashire has the qualifying time but the other athletes are certainly


looking at that mark. The field is stretched out behind the pacemaker,


not too crowded. The pacemaker is Reuben Bett and you have Bethwel


Birgen and Ben Blankenship. Just behind Ben Blankenship there is


Garrett Heath, so the two Americans are in there. Near the back is James


West. Tom Lancashire in the middle of things. Just behind the two


Americans. The pace just slowed down a little bit. You can see by the


pace he is moving, the field is really well strung out. Lancashire


really running well so far. Lancashire there in the green vest


just a couple of paces ahead. A couple of Americans and Tom


Lancashire. Look out as well for Ryan Gregson in the heart of things


there, just behind Tom Lancashire. He is in great form at the moment.


Bethwel Birgen is stretching them out. Ryan Gregson looking to make a


bit of a gap. Just losing contact with the main group at the moment.


The chasing time is going to be a tall order. I think it will. James


West has not quite latched on but he is running well so far. Vincent


Kibet one here a couple of years ago. Now here comes Lancashire,


Lancashire in a good position at the moment is in fourth place. Bethwel


Birgen in second place. Ben Blankenship... Look at the


acceleration of Bethwel Birgen. Five or six metres ahead of Ben


Blankenship, and Tom Lancashire is trying to keep pace as well.


BELL Flying as well is Ryan Gregson.


Bethwel Birgen looks around to see the Australian. Then Lancashire and


Bethwel Birgen racing for the victory. Lancashire takes the


victory, ahead of -- Ben Blankenship takes the victory. The British


athletes led by then Lancashire just faded a little bit. Ryan Gregson was


with them as well. It was a change of gear and then another change of


gear after -- after that to bring a response. I like watching Ben


Blankenship race because he makes it interesting, he mixes it up and he


likes to try out different things. He definitely did not want to lose


out to Ryan Gregson. He just wanted it a little bit more down that home


straight. Ryan Gregson, his time is a national record. Ryan Gregson with


the Australian Jamba chips coming out in March. Ben Blankenship in


3:36.4 two. A very oppressive win for the American.


The men's high jump, it is Robbie Grabarz. His coach last night


described him as a ninja. A bit more animated than that, paraphrasing


slightly. Add 2.20 eight. -- set at 2.28. A clean sheet so far. Clear at


24. Can he clear 2.28? Yes he can! A big cheer from the home crowd.


Robbie Grabarz, tough as leather. Look at this, he is hard as nails


when it comes to competition. Fourth in Rio. Bronze four years ago, five


years ago now, in London 2012. Robbie Grabarz, a clean sheet, in


the lead. Season's best indeed. The man who finished one place ahead


of him in London 2012, Erik Kynard. He has fouled once at this height,


hence Grabarz sneaking ahead. In terms of overall position, Kynard


goes clear to match that clearance of Grabarz on the second attempt and


the American will have to settle for second place as it stands. A long


way from that bar, it really travelled, Andy good clearance from


Kynard. So it looks like a battle between those two a bit of a tussle,


is using's best for Kynard. -- a season's best.


Coming up soon, an assault on the British 1,000-metre record, it is a


woman who every time she steps on the track seems to do something very


special, Scotland's Laura Muir, and this is why we are so excited about


her. It could be a golden year for Laura


Muir. In 2016, she wondered 1500m British record twice. My word, she


has smashed the British record. Did you see it? Olympic


disappointment in Rio, a seventh place finish there, but it fuelled


her fire to win. Twice on the track in 2017 and twice a record breaker.


First, the 5000m British indoor record. Then you're a's vastus


female ever over 3,000 metres indoors. Today, she could break Dame


Kelly Holmes's British record and perhaps challenge the world record.


Right now, it is tough to bet against her.


Those other women lining up, Laura at the back for the women's 1,000


metres on the track and she has taken the British record 5000m,


European 3000m on the indoor circuit and last year, she broke the record


of Dame Kelly Holmes, outdoor 1500m and was heading to is rushed Rio in


great form but do not get the medals. You get the feeling, Paula


Radcliffe, Laura Muir is taking it one step further with her training,


looking even fitter than she was at the end of 2016. Definitely, she is


building race after race on the momentum she built up last year. She


did not let the disappointment in Rio knock her back and she came back


stronger and during the winter, her training has gone so well and she is


confident and really strong and just really brave the way she attacks the


race. She will have the attack today to get close to that British record


and the world-record, but she is absolutely capable of it if she runs


at the right way today. This is her in the 3000m European record. What


do you see here? Well, the strength she used in this race, she used to


this point. She wound it up from about 500m out, and with her last


attempt, Hellen Obiri, she thought she could fly past Laura Muir and


Hellen Obiri throwing in the towel, jogging and over the last 70 metres,


still running a national record for her. Laura Muir powered away and one


she knew she had broken Obiri, she got more confidence from that and


she crossed the line to know she had a British and a European record. To


know that strength is there, she has seen her speed in training and she


is building towards Belgrade and the European Indoors and she wants to


run a record here today. This is the start list, this is a


record attempt, this race has been set up for more, but watch for Kate


Grace, the American in good form. Sarah McDonald, Birchfield Harrier.


Now qualified for the 1,500 at the European Championships,


congratulations to her. From the Netherlands, Sanne Verstegen, is


after the Dutch 1,000 metres record which is held by somebody in the


stadium here. Jenny Meadows the quickest ever over 800m by a British


athlete indoors and she has been working well with Laura, she paced


that race for her and she has the job of pacing it, 600 metres. Andy


Young, Laura's coach, he has given Jenny very specific instructions and


hopefully she will be able to follow those. Kate Grace, Olympic finalist


at the 800m, she will be strong. Sarah McDonald, Verstegen. The


Australian Zoe Buckman. And Revee Walcott-Nolan who attempted to make


the 1500m team, a good 800m run, she finished third at the British


trials. This is what we are looking for, the British record held by


Kelly Holmes, to 32 point 53 and we will mention the record which is


2:30.3 four. What a performance it would be, Laura Muir with Kate


Grace, slotting in behind. Jenny has to judge this rate, not too fast and


not too slow, perfect pacemaking, about 29 seconds. More would like to


be running about 30 seconds per lap and finished a strong as she can.


Laura Muir has the speed from her strength so she needs to have that


pace and Jenny has to perfectly experience her pacemaker and she has


sorted and happily behind her, sitting a little back, maybe she


thinks the pace is too quick and the only danger is Kate Grace following


every move that lady is making. Jenny speeded up a bit too much for


Laura, Laura very good at 800m. She is aiming at two minutes, about


that, so spot on at the moment, with Kate Grace hanging on, trying to


hang onto Laura. A great difference -- a great distance for 1500m


runners. She will attack this now and Jenny will not last much longer,


she moves up to the side. Laura is where she likes to be at the font,


racing against the top, and she does this so well, more daylight opening


up the Kate Grace who I don't think can get back on terms with Laura


Muir, so it is her against the clock and getting every ounce of energy


out of her legs. The British record, she was up on that record pace at


600 metres, Kellie went through in the 800m, she is going to be inside


that. Can she match that? She is close to world-record pace, has she


got anything left in those legs, the British record in sight, and Laura


Muir digging deep down the back straight. The crowds doing their


best to lift her, this is hard she looks tired now, but still driving


hard, Laura Muir coming round the top bands, chasing this British


record, she will not be far from the world-record, she has done it! She


has taken almost a second off the British record held by Kelly Holmes,


back in 2004. That great Olympic year and who knows what Laura Muir


has now ahead of her over the next three or four years, World


Championships in London. And one think you know with Laura, she will


run and run and run into the ground. She will run herself until there is


nothing left to give. Well done, Jenny Meadows, for setting the pace.


So a new British record. For a moment, Paula, I thought the


world-record was on, just a little tired, understandably, on the last


lap, and this is proper world class. Not only world-class, but in


all-time, 1,000 metre running. The second-fastest ever at that


distance. It is phenomenal, and she is also in the middle of winter


training and building towards a 1500m 3000m double in the indoors.


This is really the speed and the spectrum and she really worked for


that. I whether she had her eye on an eight-metre personal best. She


was very close to that and certainly the slowest 200 of that race was the


last lap and she was really, really tired and you could see by the way


she fell over as she crossed the line and collapse, really exhausted,


but that is lately dashes that is what Laura Muir does bass, chasing


and not letting up until she is over the line. On that point, she just


missed the Scottish indoor record for 800m held by Lynsey Sharp, she


ran 2:05. And look how tired she is. You made a good point, this is the


winter. I saw her in South Africa training, she is in phenomenal


shape. She has got to hold this together to the summer come she is


going to the European Championships, two vents. What a year in prospect!


She is a great endurance athlete and she has recovered, of course, and


she is with Phil. Tired, but delighted with another


record and Steve said that was a world-class time not just this year,


but any year, you are in true world-class form, tell me about the


race. Yes, delighted, and wanted to win, that was really important, on


home soil, to break Kellie's record, I am so chuffed and not far away


from the world-record so really pleased. How much did this crowd


inspire you over the last lap? They were huge, I can't hear myself


breathing, they so loud, it's great have support and in the World


Championships, it will be a great race. How exciting is it to be in


this the form of your life? It's great, it is every athlete's dream


to be athlete -- to be injury free and running this well, so I hope I


can keep the shape going for the summer. Did use that that record in


the look is bikes you have been wearing for all your records? I run


every national record in these bikes so I want to keep them! Will have to


protect them, insure them. Yes, with a bit now! The next thing is a medal


and you have a great medal in Belgrade. Yes, that is my first


international medal so hopefully in the two vents and if I get a gold


medal, I would see -- I will be delighted with my first. We wish you


luck and congratulations again. Thank you, Cheers.


A new national record, a new British record, for Laura Muir, becoming a


familiar sentence. 2:31:93, only a second off the world-record, and


look at those personal best times and national records. Kate Grace.


With the Dutch record, Sanne Verstegen. But a fair way behind


Laura Muir and I can't wait to see home running in the European Indoor


Championships. The final round of the women's Long


Jump, Jazmin Sawyers in second place with her season's best in round


three, chasing her team-mate Lorraine Ugen, she is 20 centimetres


shy of the lead. And that is better. That looks considerably further than


the 6.56, giving nothing away with her reaction. Looking across to the


distance markers on the far side, look at this. A good extension. Good


like shoot, and she cuts the sand clean, it is good on the board, it


is going to get a white flag. It will be measured. Just waiting for


the distance. 6.71, a big smile from Jazmin Sawyers, a personal best, not


quite enough for the lead. But a really good competitive effort. Next


on track, the start of the member's 60 metres final, four British


athletes going, two not considered for the European Indoors in CJ


Goodger. Unofficial six at -- selection race between the two


others. Including Richard Kilty, for the third-place behind Robertson who


won the UK title last week. This is the line-up. Richard Kilty goes in


three, Ronnie Baker is the man to beat, running some exceptionally


quick times this season. Collins, Everton Clarke and CJ Ujah on the


inside. So in lane one, European champion three years ago James


Dasaolu in the 100m, but not going to be in Belgrade. Targeting other


Championships, looking to peak for the World Championships in August.


That is De Escofet Birchfield Harriers, he is just 20 and he has


leapt onto the scene internationally this season. Richard Kilty, we


mentioned, and he will need no reminding of his disqualification


for a false start in the UK Championships in Sheffield last


week. The quickest British athlete so far today, but some distance


behind Ronnie Baker, like a distant relative of Tyson Gay. 6.46 he has


run this season, so impressive in the heats. Kim Collins, he listens


to the stadium announcers and commentators saying how old he is.


Still incredibly quick. 6.52 this season and won 82 macro this season.


Everton Clarke, of Jamaica. In lane six. And another Jamaican, Julian


Forte, goes outside him, a new personal best this season indoors,


but not a man who runs a lot indoors, and that is CJ Ujah.


Two thousandths of a second. There is Ronnie Baker. I was about to say


Ronnie Barker, that would be odd! Ronnie Baker in a four, Kim Collins


outside him in lane five. Everton Clarke in six. Julian Forte goes in


seven and CJ Ujah in eight. Perhaps a subplot, the battle between


Richard Kilty and... The battle for third place in the


European Championships is intriguing. The final of the men's


60 metres. Cleanly away and Richard Kilty... It is very tight and just


gets there! Ronnie Baker had to work so hard there. It was a wonder. I


Richard Kilty. Baker was left for a moment. He got that wrong over the


first half of the race but got it all right in the second half of the


race to save things. That was hard work he says. But it ends in victory


and Ronnie Baker did it all in the second 30 metres and impressive in


the end. What a race it was. Very explosive really from the off,


wasn't it? Let's have a look at this race again now. Richard Kilty gets


out of the blocks really well, as expected. We always say he is a


specialist over 60 metres because he is very compact and really good at


that first phase, puts everybody under pressure straightaway. Baker


himself struggled to get onto the shoulder of Richard Kilty early on


but then he is running out of time and he just tightens up on him. It


is so important to get out early in front. The reaction time was


probably the slowest he's had and that is why he was chasing from the


very beginning. In that race, that other race for selection for Great


Britain, Richard Kilty, what a start. You can see Ian Sloan motion


just how far clear he was of Ronnie Baker. That's exactly what you want


to do, put people under pressure as fast as you possibly can. Those


metres you're covering, you're putting somebody under pressure as


they are running out of time. It's not like a 100 metre race. But Baker


himself will be happy and relieved to get that victory, even though it


wasn't his best run. I think that run by Richard Kilty will guarantee


can I don't want to read the minds of the selectors, but guarantee his


place in Belgrade. Richard Kilty third-place behind Baker and Kim


Collins. Richard Kilty is talking now to Phil. A sense of relief, job


done today? You needed to make a point and you've done it. Yes, the


last couple of weeks has not gone too well for me. I started off


really well with a 6.57 and then my blocks slipped underneath me and


France and I nearly fell on my face. Last week there were a couple of


issues going online the scenes and my mind just fast forwarded a bit.


This week I was under pressure to run a fast time to go to the


Europeans and defend my title. Another thing this week, as you can


tell by my voice, I got the flu, my little baby Richard Junior picks up


all sort of things and he has busted onto me and I plastered onto him and


vice versa. My fiance and my little baby will be watching on TV, so I


hope they are proud. It puts me in a good position to defend my title.


Hopefully I will get a couple of faster times! We're sorry you've not


been well but we will see you in Belgrade, we hope. Thank you.


STUDIO Well done Richard Kilty. Hopefully


he will be on that plane to Belgrade. Next up on the track, we


shall see Mo Farah. The last time we saw him, he was struggling at the


Edinburgh cross-country, he said he was behind in his training. He's of


course been off to Ethiopian for his altitude training and he will be


hoping for a strong run today as he hopes to add more major titles this


year to incredible CV. Reluctantly crouched at the starting


line # The green light flashes


# The flags go up # Turning and learning


# They go up # Cars he's going the distance.


COMMENTATOR: Mo Farah wins the gold! Bow to his superiority! Mo Farah is


the world champion again! He's a double Olympic champion! Have you


ever seen anything like that? He's going to get gold for Great Britain


again, the double double! Well, there he is, Mo Farah. What do


you give a man who has won it all? A running track. Mo Farah took some


time out of his training this week to head to the track at Saint Mary


's University which was being renamed in his honour. He trained


there from 2001-2011 before he moved to the USA and he was clearly happy


to be back on familiar territory. He looked slightly amazed that the


whole thing, didn't he? I think it is quite overwhelming! Going back to


where it all started for him, I think it's a lovely touch. He has


moved and will go on to inspire many people who go on to use that


facility. He is a name that is just synonymous with success. I don't


think there will be a man woman or child in the country who doesn't


know Mo Farah and what he achieved over the past five or six years, his


five world golds he has got to add to his double double Olympic golds.


This is a year of saying goodbye on various fronts, the last indoor


meeting he will ever race. His last indoor meet. Didn't you just get the


oppression that he was in a good place mentally? He seemed very


happy, very content with himself. The Birmingham crowd have been so


supportive of him over so many years, it's nice that he's here


today. As he takes his time to come out there for his last ever indoor


race, let's not forget the hall that he has had over the past few years


outdoors, he hasn't always been prolific in doors, focusing on the


road as well. Listen to the reaction of the crowd. They appreciate him


being here today. I wonder what we will see here, from him, Steve Cram.


In Edinburgh he was wrote much off the pace and said he was behind in


his training. Apart from the win, what will he be looking for today to


know that he is back on track? That's a good question and I don't


relieve the answer. I had a chat to him yesterday and he was at the


track adults an Aries on Thursday. He said he had to go to Ethiopian


and get his head down and that's exactly what he's done, but what he


hasn't been able to do is test himself since then. The field here


isn't a great field but they have been asked for a decent pace. But


it's not going to get that fast, so it's a question of whether Mo really


wants to push themselves. It would be good to get back to winning ways.


But I think he will want a better indicator of where he was at than he


got in Edinburgh. Edinburgh gave a medical bit of a kick of a back --


kick up the backside, as he said. This gives them a chance to say OK,


I've moved on from that, I'm in a bit better shape now. I don't think


you need to put a time on it, I will come to the times in a minute, but a


good solid run, feel-good, dominate the race, give the crowd something


to cheer and get a decent time and then we all go away happy, including


Mo. Either way, he did say it's "Probably" his last indoor race! He


keeps putting that little word in now. Anyway, so if it is the last


time we are to see him, let's hope it's a winning performance and a


good one. There is the field against him.


Adam Clarke is going to be doing the pacemaking. He is a regular training


partner for Mo Farah now. So he knows what he's doing but he went to


get that far, he's not going to be doing 3000 metres or 4000 metres. So


he's given the chance to go out. Andrew Butchart was originally in


the field to race. He has been in good form this year. Apart from


anything else, Mo needs to show that he is still Briton's number one


distance Runner, which of course he is. Crippa, cross-country fans will


know him. Nick Goolab getting a chance to run here. Soufiane


Elbakkali a new name for the steeplechasers. -- for the Moroccans


in steeplechase. If Mo goes Reeva, some of these guys could get lapped!


So, the official British record is 13.21.27. I expect Mo to be much


quicker than that. Different time, different place. Mo has run quicker


in doors. For record purposes, Nick Rose's time is the official British


record and the official European record, which might be another


target, is 13.11.13, going back to 2010. Mo is orchestrating the crowd,


wants a little bit of atmosphere. I think that is what will get them


moving here, Paula. Mo fancies it and I said at the beginning in


answer to Gabby's question, I'm sure he wants to test himself a little


bit and pushed himself at some point in the race. I was talking to him at


breakfast this morning and he didn't actually know at that point that his


13.10 had never been ratified as a record. That was news to him. Now I


think he definitely wants to walk away from this track today as the


official British record-holder. He has definitely started as if he


means business, he is not hanging around at the back as we often see


when he is not really committed to running a quick time. He relies on


the pacemaker to just get the pace moving and then hopefully just


maintain that momentum and feel good out there over the first couple of


laps. Well, anyone who can go back to 1982 when Nick Rose set that


record will remember a certain run of 13 minutes outdoors, which


averages at 62.4 or something like that, which is about what Clarkey


went through the first 100 in here. We talk about tempo and things and


this is almost time trialling. He's going to be in front stretching it


out. It's really how hard he wants to go, as a Clarkey just start to


go. The pace is good. It's just big question of how many laps Adam


Clarke can keep this sort of pace up. Fast in the early stages and


that is why they are all spread out. Mo Farah sitting there in second


place. Below 13 minute pace, as they go


through the first 1000 metres. Eric Kynnard in the high jump. Only


him and Robbie Grabarz left in. Second attempt... Gets it! So,


Kynnard gets his nose in front, because Robbie Grabarz is also


carrying a failure at that site. -- at that height. We saw them going


toe to do in high jump terms because it is over to Robbie Grabarz to see


if he can match what the American has just achieved, two metres 31.


So then. That was the lead for Kynnard. Robbie Grabarz is capable


of clearing this height... Little skip into that, just a minor error.


That was in fact his third attempt. So game over, he is out, but a good


performance for Robbie Grabarz. 2.28, a season's best. We wish him


all the best going into the European Indoor Championships. 2.28 today, a


season's best, very creditable indeed. They are still well strung


out and the pace has come off a bit. It was interesting earlier, Colin


and I were just chatting about it, how Adam Clarke was going to stop


and Mo said keep going, keep going. By the way, there's going to be some


pain out there because there are people in that lead pack who are


running at a pace which, if you can keep it going, brilliant, but you


suspect there's going to be some real pain for one or two in the last


1000 metres or so. Anyway, Adam Clarke has done as many laps as he


can. The Olympic finalist is the only one at the minute close to Mo


Farah and the others are just starting to stretch out or the


strung out a bit. Andrew Heyes is doing a great job there in the


yellow vest. In third place. You have to bear in mind there is


only six men who have ever run under 13 minutes, dropping off at that


pace now and if Mo is looking for under 13.10, even that is a good


pace, and that is a slower race. Just slowing down a bit, Paula. The


pack is behind Mo Farah, definitely the likes of Andrew Heyes will be


glad of that pace because now in territory that gives them more of a


chance of shooting for personal best and certainly a lot of these guys


have not even run 5000m indoors before. Running really well. And


behind Ryan Gregson -- Andy Hayes, is Rop. So running well indoors.


Nobody a real danger to Mo in this race, but they can stay behind him,


Mo just happy to control this race and basically check the screen every


time and weight and keep the momentum moving to see who is able


to stay with it and who is looking dangerous behind him. Yes, it has


dropped to a steadier pace and that is why the pack is still with him as


I would expect the pack to drop off had he kept the pace. Not running


slow, he is keeping it going steady rather than really fast. I think if


he gets the 3000m, that is when he will push on. He will want to get


3,000 out of the way, around eight minutes to come back on the last


two. He has that ability that nobody else has on the last reef -- 300, in


the back of his pocket if he is not feeling great. He has, and he knows


he has this victory whatever he does today and whatever anybody else


does. It is a shame his opponent is not here because his form this year,


it would have been nice to see him and it would change the way Mo is


racing. And he would go on I hope the race well in the summer. Andrew


Heyes not letting him have it all his own way, moving up, letting him


know he is here with Nick Goolab, to get the race moving. Two British


runners going past Mo Farah, Mo just going to win this today. Nick Goolab


chasing a 3000m time. Coming up the 3000m and Nick Goolab trying to run


his best 3000m time and just crossing the line, and I will have


to check because I think that is just outside the qualifying mark


required. People wandering why Andrew Heyes has stepped off and Mo


must be wondering, what on Earth is going on? Mo managing to keep it


under eight minutes, 7.56, a good time here. This is the part of the


race he can't slip and leave too much to do in the last 1,000 metres.


Now he can rest a little bit behind Albert Rop. Just to clear up what I


think was happening, those two gave the chance to qualify in the


European Indoors in belt grade and they were just outside it in the


end, but fairly close -- in Belgrade. Moving past Mo and I hope


the guys were warned in the race it was a race within a race going on. I


think they missed it by a couple of tenths, 7.53 flat. If you want to


chat about everything including the new British record by Laura Muir


after the live action on the red button, on the BBC sport website as


well, don't forget, hang in there and once we finish with the action,


we will give you some analysis and chat about everything. Including,


what is Mo Farah going to do here? The crowd sensing a bit of pressure


being applied by Albert Rop. Morhad Amdouni having a very good race, and


that is something we have seen from Mo many times, picking this up. I


thought today he would have wanted to make a bit of a statement. But so


far, up to this point, it looks like he will just settle for the win. The


only question now, at what point does he let rip? Right at the end or


does he make a wrong run? Maybe he is leaving it for the last 200m


until the bell to take a fast approach. His confidence did take a


knock and the new into Edinburgh he was not in top shape, I don't think


he expected to get beaten quite so convincingly and he certainly went


away to Ethiopia and he trained really hard and the thought of


testing himself out here, he is testing himself but not a time trial


over the long distance. Definitely racing today and check trying


different things and is taking the chance to enjoy the race and the


atmosphere and the energy from the crowd. 4,000 metres in template 36.


A big last 1,000 metres here from Mo Farah, he is well within sight of


the British record that stands, the official British record of Nick


Rose, 13.20 one. The thought of that have gone at this point, Mo just


thinking, put pressure on, I don't mind the pressure from Albert Rop, I


will come up with the answers and I will wait and do what I normally do.


The crowd just getting a little bit nervous but they should not worry. I


think Mo likes to get the crowd wound up and on the edge of their


seats a little bit and to mix things up. Not having it all his own way,


Albert Rop doing a great job stringing this out and keeping the


pace moving and putting pressure on Soufiane El Bakkali. Mo comfortable


and composed, biding his time. Morhad Amdouni working hard in third


place, I don't think he has the kick to challenge Mo Farah. Rop knows he


does not and that is why he is stretching it out, his last race was


a cross-country race and he is taking on Mo Farah now in a sprint


finish, we know how that will work out. And behind them, the Moroccan


Soufiane El Bakkali. Mo has gone to the front, not kicking yet, just


wants to control this, it does not want anybody sticking up -- sneaking


up on him, he wants a clear sight. 300m to go. The crowd is rising to


Mo Farah. The noise is getting louder and louder. Rop coming back,


200 to go, Mo Farah holds him up, checking the danger. Another back


marker to be negotiated. Rop still here and Mo Farah has not got this


yet. The familiar high knees and the familiar arms, trying to drive


himself forward. Another look behind and Rop is still there and Mo Farah


has to give the something at the end, he is being pushed to the line,


but Mo Farah gets it and that is a finish that is so familiar. It has


taken him to a new European record, as well as a British record, a new


personal best, at for Mo Farah, driven on by good competition by


Rop. He obviously decided a couple of laps out, this is about winning


today, and he still had to dig deep. Mo Farah picking it up at the end, a


good blast 400m but Rop gave him something to worry about. The result


we thought and we wanted. But not a massive but, he was pushed. And yet


again, Mo probably says that is a good thing. I think he will think it


was a good thing when he goes away training in Ethiopia. I just think


he was carrying a bit in his legs into this race and he did not feel


that good and certainly the race was taken to him. The deciding factor


could be the invincibility of Mo and I don't think Rop elite he could


beat him over the last lap and close him down. Mo normally moves away so


convincingly and is not doing that today, maybe he had something left


in the tank in case Rop came alongside and challenged him. I do


think he has that 13.10 in his eyes down the home straight, but working


hard. I don't think you would expect Rop to challenge him so closely. Is


that a new thing? What was that? Maybe he is a bit tired! I don't


know what it was! I am glad I did not have to think about things like


that, running hard down the straight and looking for the finish line and


you have to think about your victory salute, well done, Mo, a new


European record taking the British record and a new personal best and a


number of personal bests and national records behind him, a very


fast finish to a race that started quickly and it dropped away a bit


and it came back again on the 13.10. Well done, Mo. Back to winning ways.


Confirmation of the time. And that is just over a second quicker than


he has run before. The time before we mentioned was not ratified,


sometimes there are reasons records do and do not get ratified but this


time, Mo Farah can call himself the indoor record-holder for the 5000m.


That is a good throw! Did anybody catch it? In the upper tier!


Somebody is going to savour that. Well done, mate. He was the only one


who could go and look for it, well done. Just another of those. Mo


Farah, the shoeless wonder! Anyway... Just to confirm that


European and British record. We going on to the red button next


for a forum and you will hear from Mo Farah and from other athletes


today, the European Indoor Championships coming up as well in


March. Final School next, the match today with highlights of those fifth


round Games. And the European Championships as well. Denise, your


performers of the really competitive but it has to be Mo Farah, he was


just majestic and it is his last time racing. Record for him and


Laura Muir and you can hear from her on the Red Button. If you can't join


us next, we will see you in Belgrade, what a great afternoon it


has been! It is going to be gold for Britain!


What a performance from Johnson-Thompson.


One of the greatest races in history!


Kim Collins is going to get there! The Manchester run is under way.


Robert Burns. Bagpipes. Stovies. Billy Connolly, yeah.


Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix. With commentary by Steve Cram, Andrew Cotter and Steve Backley, and analysis provided by Paula Radcliffe, Colin Jackson and Denise Lewis.

Among those competing are four-time Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah, who is testing his indoor form ahead of this summer's World Championships in London, while fellow Briton Laura Muir is looking to break Dame Kelly Holmes's British 1,000m record. Double Olympic champion Elaine Thompson competes in the 60m, where her rivals include Britain's top sprinter, Dina Asher-Smith.

There should be a fascinating British battle in the long jump involving previous world indoor medallists Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Lorraine Ugen and European silver medallist Jazmin Sawyers.

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