Day 10 Australian Open Tennis

Day 10

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Good afternoon and thanks for joining us for the highlights from


Melbourne. And there have been plenty of them today. Johanna Konta


has been dreaming about this day for her whole career, the chance to take


on her childhood hero on the big stage. That hero is none other than


the great Serena Williams, the biggest challenge in the women's


game. So, quite a task ahead for Jo Konta. With Andy Murray out, she


carries the wake of British expectation. Quite a responsibility.


Is she up for it? What do we know about Johanna Konta? Controlled


aggression all the way through for Johanna Konta...


Absolute masterclass from Johanna Konta. The amazing start to need


2017 continues! As a young girl wanting to be a professional tennis


player, it is an incredible honour, and I cannot wait to share the court


with her. It is Serena Williams, irresistible, majestic, in a class


of her own. Serena celebrates, and why not? Jo


Konta is no rookie. She is ranked ninth in the world, and Serena


Williams of course needs no introduction. 22 time Grand Slam


champion. But remarkably, this will be the first time these two players


have faced each other, a leap into the unknown for both players. The


stuff of dreams on court for Johanna Konta today. And the winner will


play all move, who is living her own fairy tale. She all but gave up


tennis for a period of three years. It has taken her the best part of a


decade to battle her way back. But here she is beating you McGeachie in


the quarterfinals. 19 years ago, she last won goal at the open. And that


was who was interviewing her after this latest victory. Like I said the


other day, one day I will say a long story about things that happened to


me. But I could never dream about being here again! This is just...


I know this means a lot to every player, to reach the semifinals, but


to me, this is overwhelming, I will never, ever forget this day and this


last couple of weeks. This has truly made my life and everything bad that


happened, it has made it OK. Just a fact that I was this strong and it


was worth fighting this harder. It's really incredible. It is wonderful


to see how much it means and how hard she had worked for it. So,


Mirjana Lucic-Baroni is into the last four, as is Venus Williams. It


means there is only one match left to complete the semifinal line-up.


It is hard to imagine what was going through Johanna Konta's mind as she


made the long walk to the court. Her coach had said a lot would depend on


which of the many faces of Serena Williams turned up on court. At her


cool, calm best, Serena might prove unbeatable. So, which Serena would


it be? We will join the first set at 1-1.


She has worked with a lot of great players, and the greatest in my


book, Margaret Court, in attendance today. Of course she did not work


with HER, let's be quite clear about that! 24 Majors for Margaret Court.


Margaret, an incredible athlete, tall, when you stand next to her for


the first time. Athleticism playing as much a part of the sport back


then as it does now. Even more so now.


Margaret Court won here 11 times. Digest that for a few minutes. I


will, thanks! 11, it's incredible! That is Serena at her very best!


Even though Konta lost that point, I like where she's standing, right up


on the baseline, going to two-tone with Serena Williams. It's just that


last shot that Serena has, just a little bit more firepower on eight.


-- on it. Struggling to make a first serve at


the moment. And pays the price. When you've got


someone like Konta, who takes the ball early and can return like that,


it will just continue to add the pressure.


There you go. The baseline position is so important, to take time away


from one of the greatest feats this sport has ever seen. First couple of


games in this first set will determine how this match will play


out, we said, and it's good signs for Konta early on. She's got a


break point. You can hear what Serena is saying - get a first serve


in! It gives you a good idea of what an important cornerstone that is in


her game. Serve well, play well. Into the top 20 just before


Wimbledon steer, Konta. The first British woman to do so in almost 30


years. -- just before Wimbledon last year.


Once again, punishing a Williams second serve. Just that added depth


on the return which allows Konta to get shorter response.


UMPIRE: Advantage, Williams. That's two missed returns. Konta has to


take those opportunities. And what a difference that first


serve makes. Makes this sport a lot easier, when you're getting free


points, like that. Williams survives.


Serving from the tougher end, looking directly into the sun. It


will be tough for the next 45 minutes or so. Wow!


Konta served very well in her match against Makarova. However, against


Serena Williams, she has to add a bit more placement on that second


serve. Tell you what, when Serena starts to


hit a forehand well, you'd better watch out.


What was so impressive, which numbers in particular in her


previous match? Well, on her first serve, she did go in, Konta, and she


won those points 80% of the time. It goes to show, when you can start


with a big first serve, Konta, who likes to be aggressive, it's almost


always going in her favour. And that is supposedly the less


reliable side for Serena. She's striping it at the moment. She's got


herself two break points early on. Always helps when you can win free


points of that first serve. They're like gold dust. Two aces apiece so


far. UMPIRE: Game, Williams. She's


looking rock-solid from the back of the court, Williams.


STUDIO: Which Serena would walk out on court? We have our answer. Konta


was broken again and ended up losing the first set 6-2. Into the second


set, with Serena leading 1-0. This really is a must buy from hold


for Johanna Konta. She cannot to let this second set slip away quickly.


She was giving it the old sabre there. Why not, when you're


training? -- trailing? For once, unable to manufacture


something. Just reminding herself to get that


net clearance. Always want to get that might have passed the first


obstacle, any good coach will tell you. -- get that ball past the first


optical. Matty Done! She waited for the


shorter opportunity, Konta. She hasn't had many short responses from


Serena Williams, but she took a traffic. Serena, applauding her


efforts. -- she took advantage of it.


That's a big hold, isn't it? In the circumstances. Going back to 0-40,


that was a crucial point. It was an absolute must-hold for Konta. Well


done. They're the returns I would love


Konta to make. She's not missing them by much. It could add so much


value to this game. A big body blow if Williams gets


broken, she was up 0-40 in the previous game, 40-15 in this one.


The first serve has just deserted her.


That is where the frustration is coming from. Williams having a


number of opportunities to take the lead here in the second set. Three


of 13 first serves, only 23% of them.


Johanna Konta has stolen another game from right underneath Serena


Williams' nose. STUDIO: So, Konta fighting back


against the champion, the next two games went with serve, so here is


Konta serving at 3-2. COMMENTATOR: Serena dominated the


opening set, serving big, hardly making any unforced error s, plenty


of winners. She was up 40-15 in her next service


game, got broken. So that is where we are.


This is where Konta has to work even harder than she has in the second


set to not let this lead slip away. She has to pick the right moment to


dictate play on. And just like that, it's three more


break points for Serena. The raw athleticism at its very


best. There is that flat one again. She


just wants 10% slice on it, and I think she will make more.


Williams is currently serving at 32%, but when she has got her first


serve in, which has been on seven occasions in this second set, she


has been successful every single time in terms of winning the point.


Great off the ball movement from Konta.


A very aggressive second serve, just enough on it to get the error.


Dropping the hammer. The serve comes to the rescue. 4-3, Serena leads,


second set. Girls' day out by the looks of it. It is a perfect day to


witness some fantastic tennis. The sun is out, hats out.


Just a couple of times Konta not getting her feet in the right


position, also off that backhand side.


Just solid tennis from Serena Williams.


UMPIRE: Game, set and match Williams.


A great start for 2017 for Johanna Konta, and she will get a lot of


feedback from playing Serena for the first time, she will no what she


needs to work on, where she needs to get a little better, but of course


with that win today, Serena with Venus representing the first time in


the open era to players aged 35 or older have reached the semifinal at


a Grand Slam. But is pretty cool. They were there at the beginning and


they are still going strong in the latter stages of their respective


careers. Joe came into this tournament having won Sydney, she


has been playing fabulous tennis. I was in the locker room watching her


win, and she is doing so well, so she is definitely a future champion


here for sure, so I was happy to be able to get through that. I don't


know if you saw the next match, and Mirjana Lucic-Baroni, what is up


with you guys? 34, 35, Venus is 36, girls in their 30s are happening! It


Israeli amazing, 30s is the new ten! I am so ploughed of Mirjana -- so


proud of Mirjana, it is so great to see her back out here, playing in


the semifinal, it is so inspiring for me, and no matter what happens,


some 134 or all do will be in the final, so that is great!


STUDIO: There must be something in the water in Melbourne, the veterans


seeing off the youngsters. Serena Williams' serve too much for Johanna


Konta, but Jo is positive. So much of the matches on her terms, and I


think having good acceptance of that and acknowledging that sometimes you


are not doing anything wrong, it is just the quality of player that she


is and the competitor that she is, so I think having better acceptance


of that, and also staying a bit, and more perspective when you do get the


opportunities, and not feeling too stressed that that is the only one


you are going to get. And she has said that you will win the title one


day, you have to win seven matches to do that, but generally would you


say that here and New York at the US Open are your best chances for a


Grand Slam? I hope that I will be able to play great tennis at all of


the slams on all of the surfaces, it would be nice to be able to say


that. All I can do is focus on the work, all I can do is look to keep


trying to get better, and hopefully one day if it is on the cards for


me, I will get my chance. So, this is how the semifinals line-up now,


Serena through to play Mirjana Lucic-Baroni, a 35 you rolled


against a 34-year old, while 36-year-old Venus Williams meet


Vandeweghe, a junior in comparison at 26! Now let's bring you the


wheelchair events, and there has been a shock, because offending


champion Gordon Reid is out of the men's singles, losing in three sets


to Gerard, the man he beat in last year's final. And Alfie Hewett is


also out, Lucy Shuker has reached the finals of the women's event.


Grigor Dimitrov remains unbeaten in 2017, he beat David Goffin in


straight sets to reach the semis, and Rafael Nadal's comeback


continues, he beat Milos Raonic in straight sets and is through to his


first Grand Slam semi since 2014. Raonic now says his participation in


next trick's Davis Cup tie against Braid Great Britain is very much up


in the air, he had been named in the Canadian team. The semifinal line-up


is now completed, it is a bit like turning back the clock, with Serena


and Venus through, and Rafa and Roger still going strong. Tomorrow


Roger takes on Stan in and also is tied, they have won Olympic together


and the Davis Cup together, but now it is each man himself, 12 years


after the first of their 21 meetings. And we will bring you that


on BBC Two from 5pm, commentary on Radio 5Live from 7am tomorrow as


well. And the world indoor Bowls Championships continue in Hopton on


set, live on the red button from 10am, and then from one o'clock here


on BBC Two as well. So it wasn't a beaver Johanna Konta,


today it has been a Grand Slam of surprises so far, Djokovic out, and


underdogs like Dan Evans and Mirjana Lucic-Baroni triumphing against the


odds. -- it wasn't to be for Johanna Konta. She was served up a


masterclass in Melbourne today, a sora mind that Serena is still


supreme. Thanks for watching. Goodbye.


To break someone physically... Agh! not a problem.


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