Men's Final Highlights Australian Open Tennis

Men's Final Highlights

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They first met 13 years ago. They have played 34 times. Rafa leads


23-11. COMMENTATOR: Rafa rules in


Melbourne. They have come face to face in eight Grand Slam finals.


Rafa leads 6-2. Federer's magnificent run ends. Nadal is the


top man. Between them, they have five Australian Open crowns. Rafa


one Roger four. Together, they have 31 Grand Slam titles. Rafa 14, Roger


17. Not even Rafa can stop Roger's reign. They are two of only eight


men who have achieved the career Grand Slam. In a sport defined by


rivalries, we have had the great Australians of the 60s. Bjorn Borg,


Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe in the 70s and 80s. Sampras and Agassi in


the 90s. But Federer Nadal is perhaps the daddy of them all. They


make the game look so easy. So bad and down the hatches. It is Roger


four versus Rafa again. Are you ready?


That is how the numbers stack up. But this match wasn't about titles


and records. This, for tennis, was a celebration. It was the Grand Slam


final that everybody wanted but never believed they would see again.


Here were two great champions fighting for their legacies in what


was probably their most important final ever. There was not a spare


seat in the Rod Laver Arena as the two players made their way to court.


And first, as the lower ranked player, Federer was introduced.


And then another huge cheer, for Rafa.


What Roger and Rafa have proved here is that greatness and years. It was


history in the making for both players. Can Federer extend his lead


in Grand Slam titles to 18 or can Nadal narrow the gap to just two? We


join the match in the opening set, three games all, Nadal to serve. The


commentators are John Lloyd and Andrew Castle.


COMMENTATOR: Yes, the matte black racket of Roger Federer. Bigger


racket head than it used to be. Timing the ball better since he


changed. APPLAUSE


Oh! Here is an opportunity, 0-15. New racket in hand and 98 square


inches, this racket. He just has the feel on the backhand side. He was


struggling with the timing for a few months or so and decided to change.


He is somebody that does like to play quickly. Nadal the absolute


opposite. No, not this time. Nadal's racket


much lighter and a smaller grip. Very powerful frame, polyester


strings, the ball shooting off the racket face.


The 2014 French Open, that was Nadal, in this great rivalry.


Oh! What a point, that is ridiculous! He looked in trouble for


so much of that rally. He looked like he was playing catch up but


then when he got the chance, he just exploded. Took the top-spin volley.


Brilliant shot. That is a way! First blood to Roger


Federer, in the last game with these tennis balls. Rafa is going to have


a look at that. The last time Federer beat Nadal in a slam was


2007 at Wimbledon. He has never beaten him in the final of a slam


outside of The Championships in NSW 19. -- in SW19. Welcome he has taken


a step towards that victory, he has the break in the opening set.


Roger Federer, one of the sports stories of the year so far to see


both of these players... Look at their seedings, 17 and nine. These


guys haven't played, it's been six months since Roger Federer was out


here. Nadal curtailed his last season with a bad wrist. We thought


that was it, he's had so many physical problems. Knee surgery for


Roger Federer, six months of and now they are in the final of the first


Grand Slam of the year! No two players have contested more


Grand Slam finals than these two. What a shot.


Ten winners to one. He is taking the ball on. Big-time.


What a game. You break to go for- three up, step up to the line


thinking, don't mess it up... That was clinical. 27 minutes. And


Federer has come out here with the intensity of old.


STUDIO And two games later, Roger went on


to serve out the set in style. Federer in fact only dropping one


point on his first serve in that opener. So Roger takes the first set


six games to four. Now we move onto the second set and we rejoin it with


Nadal leading 1-0. well, the decibel level has gone up


from Nadal. The clenched fist, is a chance at 0-30. Moving fine, after


his brutal semifinal, over five hours begins Grigor Dimitrov. Not a


lot of time for recovery but a couple of sleeps.


Is anything into the Nadal forehand. You offer him a target and he will


generally hit it. Should have made him play the ball, he will be


thinking. Still, 15-30, he would have taken that at the start of the


game. That is truly good fortune. 15-30, a


dead net cord. Well, we've seen some of those net cords that have


actually hit the net and gone over the baseline, so that one was pretty


fortunate. But again! He picked the right spot, Nadal, on the Federer


approach. 50-50. I don't really understand why Federer is going in


on the left-hand side on the approach, the left-hander loves to


put it down the line. So, here we go.


Break point, a first. Just about three quarters of an hour played.


Went in the forehand again. He fights it off.


He as got a good backhand volley. Nadal very good with that one. He


steered it a bit and gave Federer another shot at it. Almost had it.


APPLAUSE And Nadal attacking the Federer


backhand, lining it up with the top-spin, and it pays off. Over


three quarters of an hour but the breakthrough is his at the beginning


of the second set. And Federer is going to have to dig deep. One of


the great surprises to Federer himself has been his physical energy


levels, he has been fine. He's been out for six months! It's much


different playing to practising in terms of what you have to give, but


for Federer, the cadres are still good. Even after the match with


Berdych, he was very clean and clinical and quick, but the match


against Nishikori, he said he came back well after that. But this is a


different order of test because of the emotions.


It's the purity of the strike off the Federer racket today which has


impressed so much. Keeping his weight low and going through the


ball, the timing of it, it is like a forward defensive from Viv Richards


rating to the boundary. It's the sound of the racket that is so


impressive. Nadal making more errors than he would like. Break point.


Two errors on the forehand side. The feet perhaps not working quite like


they were, with Nadal wearing Federer down. We certainly didn't


see those forehands in the set. His forehand was amazing. Maybe just


trying to force the action. There is only so long you can keep doing


that. One of the features of this


Australian Open has been the speed of the court. And the tennis balls


as well. It's been quicker than in previous years. The balls seem to


get less fluffy and move quicker through the air and off the surface.


Federer would like that. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Fantastic. What a volley that was. Against somebody normal, that


passing shot probably would have been good enough, but what happened


from Federer! The overhead a mere formality. It was the volley,


unreal. He's probably never getting to that volley, let alone forcing it


back that deep and forcing Nadal to put up the forehand lob. Brilliant


point. LINE JUDGE: Out! Taxing rally for


Federer. Just a little exhalation of air, he just turned away before he


breathed out there. That is hard, physically. I just wonder, with 53


minutes played, I know it's early doors, but how much is left in that


tank? He'll be fine. LINE JUDGE: Out!


UMPIRE: Advantage Nadal. One of the happiest sites in tennis,


when you look down and you see a ball landing over your own baseline.


Thank you! That is a way that Federer had his


chances to get back level pegging, there, but Nadal has consolidated


the break. Important game, 3-0 Nadal.


STUDIO What a tussle, Nadal got ahead and


then held on and here he is with a set point at 5-3. That arrow from


Federer and now they are tied at one set all. We hope for a classic and


this was building nicely. Let's see how set number three would unfold.


What a lovely way to start the set. Exactly!


This fearsome forehand. For five years ago it was the best shot in


tennis. He lost a little bit of his potency, but he seems to have got it


back now. Well, that was a surprise! He


actually got the volley that he was looking for. It was perhaps dipping,


was it any the height of the net? It was one that he will feel he should


have made. A second serve? Having been 40-0 up, I'm worrying about his


energy levels and the concentration, the whole thing, after six months


out of the game. Keep an eye on it. 40-0 back to deuce. Yeah, it's a


tank that might be saying no, get back to the petrol station. He was


taking on board some nutrients about 15 minutes ago, ten minutes ago.


Concentration... If he does flag, the crowd will be


there to elevate him on their shoulders, I promise you. Something


is not right now. The trouble is, you know that it's


Nadal down the other end and he is moving to his forehand side and you


think, better get there quick. Exactly. He just sort of took his


eye off it a bit. Oh no! Two volley errors, two


forehand errors. He had 40-0 in the game and he has also saved two break


points. His first serve right now is what is helping him to hang in.


APPLAUSE He can't keep doing that every time


he gets break point down, can he? That was like, just give me one


chance to get my racket on the ball... You can feel the ticks and


the electricity running through Nadal. This is a big moment in this


match. Well, it was a great ball. People


thought it might be going out. The crowd on that backhand. But it's


amazing, when you are down courtside and you watch these two players play


and you see that top-spin, you do think the ball is going out and the


last-minute the ball just drops. It's amazing, how many times you


think it's going to go way out. That was something Steve McQueen


would have been happy with, The Great Escape. He had 40-0 but also


break points against. Federer holds, just.


Riding the wave from the previous game when he managed to hold from


multiple break points down, taking the ball early, feeling the


adrenaline now. Any tips of energy seem to have disappeared from


Federer. -- get. Magnificent backhand. Nadal


continues to throw everything at him. Once again, the backhand, he is


on top of it. Taking it as early as he can. That one was relatively


simple for a man of his calibre. Coach to Roger Federer, he has


clearly had a big impact here. He has worked with so many fine coaches


in the past. They would certainly have said, do


not allow the ball to play you, either on the wide serve like that


or the hooked forehand. Don't let it rise up, take you off the playing


surface. I don't believe that rally! That is


a shot you cannot coach. There were about five of them in there, John.


Exactly. The last one. Nadal smacked it so hard indeed. Unbelievable, to


fit a clean winner from that position. Timing has to be so


precise -- to hit. Suddenly Federer with a chance now. Break point.


Federer just moved a little to his left. He was in the tramlines.


Taking away Nadal's wide serve on the second. Nadal serves into the


body. Federer rounds it down the centre of a court. What a


fascinating match these two play. Federer seemingly out of gas in the


previous games. The serve saved him in Game one of


the set. Break points on the left side.


Rafa Nadal that far back, any opponent will look at that and


think, I will go ahead and volley. Too much court to cover from back


there on the next shot. What a passage of play this has


been. Break points down, big serves out wide to Nadal's forehand and now


takes over this game. Fantastic, isn't it? The dog has -- Nadal is


not going anywhere. His level will not change too much. But Federer has


had a surge of power and energy to take the lead.


SUE BARKER: Federer stayed in charge. He only had to save one


break point. Here he is. Now the momentum very much with


Federer. Roger just one set away from his 18th Grand Slam final. Two


hours of play just over, we entered the fourth set and we rejoin it with


Nadal leading 2-1. Nadal defending the backhand side.


That half of the court was entirely open. Disappointing start for


Federer. Something for Nadal to hook into here.


And now 0-30. How quickly it happens, the start of the game is so


big, so easy to get a little bit complacent. It is about the fifth


time he has completely mis-hit forehand side.


Fantastic recovery from Federer. The forehand from Nadal took over. He


did well to hook it back. The foot speed of Nadal to get around


beforehand. Two options, he can go the off forehand or down the line,


pick the right shot. Big trouble now.


And the tone was set on the very first point of that game, the


forehand from Federer. After that, Nadal does not need a written


invitation. Unable to find the magic to dig this service game out. I


wonder if we are going five here. That would be something the sports


world would enjoy. SUE BARKER: Nadal break serve and in


the next game he holds 4-1 with possibly the point of the


Championship. What a shock! Or most a squash shot


from Rafa. Standing ovation from the crowd for both players after that


and Rafa was right back in the match because he went on to take the


fourth set 6-3. The two great champions, fitting finale at the


Australian Open. It is quite fitting we go down out of the fifth and


final set that would decide the Championship.


ANDREW CASTLE: Three unforced errors from Nadal. Federer is going to need


to find inspiration. Brilliant. Just refused to miss,


Nadal. They played five five set matches. It is 3-2 to Nadal. He lost


the last couple, Australian Open final here, and the great one at


Wimbledon in 2008. It has been ten years since Federer


beat Nadal in five sets. Ten years! Both players, there has to be


fatigued, just because of the circumstances in getting to the


finals. This is one set for the Australian Open, they will push


through the pain barrier. Whatever it takes. They are both warriors.


Wow, what a forehand. Nadal is about to strike an important blow, 15-40,


two break points. Less time out for Rafa Nadal with


the wrist injury. But time-out nevertheless.


Glorious. He was looking at the forehand reverse to Nadal's forehand


and he said, no, I will keep it there. Nadal tried everything to get


Federer off-balance. He could not get enough on any of the shots to


put Federer to defend. Once he gets the chance to take over, with that


pace, the forehand, it is the weapon, it used to be just winners


whenever he hit it. While it seemed to lack pace for a couple of years,


now it is back to its best. No, it is a way! Take it easy, not


home yet. But a break of serve. Right at the start of the fifth and


deciding set. Nadal with his nose in front. When Federer was taking his


time-out, Nadal was pretty much doing his laundry, jumping up and


down, taking on carbohydrate gels and hydrating with various different


fluids. Dad, coach, girlfriend. Agent. And he has had a big job to


do over the preceding 43 hours before this match after a monster


five set semifinal with regard it. He is the masseuse. -- with Grigor


Dimitrov. He has recovered magnificently from that contest.


Just count that errors from Nadal. Any sort of mistake, I think he is


going to make very few. It is up to Federer. What can he


find? He cannot look at the unforced error


account in isolation. You have to look at the winners. It is the ratio


that is crucial. Just a couple of those forehands


from Nadal landing a bit short. He could not put it where the first


time. The second time, that one lands a bit short. Getting it round


the outside of the balls. He flicks the ball away crosscourt.


He wouldn't still be thinking about that second point and the forehand


halfway up the net, would he? 15-0. That was the crucial point in this


game, an unusual mistake. Break point now, second one.


Oh, you're kidding me! This is a tough ball to handle. One of those


drills. The coaches, they have a basket of balls and they feed them


into that area and Nadal has to run around it and whipped the forehands.


He has done it thousands of times. Almost in his sleep.


Oh, what a time for that! People say that the net cords, they always even


out. No, doesn't matter how many there are, it is when they occur,


crucial points. That was a big time for it to happen.


How is that...? Federer hit the most brilliant return. He is thinking,


OK, now I am going to be in a good position. And that is what happened


to him! Nadal right away just hit the flick shot and put Federer right


back under pressure. At break point down.


That forehand on the line. First serve. Forehand. What a combination.


He is setting up such an attack. Not opening the door.


And that is away. Three break points saved in the second game of the


fifth set after break. Really important holds. 2-0.


SUE BARKER: Federer throwing everything at Nadal. Federer had


another break point but still could not find a way to break Rafa's


serve. Let us rejoin it with Rafa serving at 3-2.


ANDREW CASTLE: That is a stunning rally from Federer to start off this


service came from Nadal. 18 shots of pure quality, three or four times in


that rally he was in trouble. The extra leg strength pushing himself


to keep the ball deep. He took charge and exploded with a backhand


again. He has hit that shot so well today.


Fantastic length from Nadal in response.


Phenomenal serve. Federated well to get the ball back in play. --


Federer. He was so far off the court. Stabilised oneself with the


right foot. He had to cover his backhand side. Nadal finding his


target. No chance of him missing that one.


Unusual, isn't it? The tension. Electing not to attack the Federer


backhand. Did it dip in with the enormous paean on it, the top-spin?


-- rpm. It is break point. Third game in a row. Nadal's serve.


CHEERING That is scintillating. At 15-30, the


wide serve, followed by the winning forehand. Break point down, body


forehand serve, whack, goes away, this guy does not make mistakes on


big points very often. Just marginally, Federer might have


had the rub of the green when it comes to net cords so far.


Nadal made a bit of room on the forehand side, left the crosscourt


open, but you have got to hit it and it was a hammer blow. Another break


point. And it is away this time Federer


does breakthrough. APPLAUSE


Standing ovation. In the middle of a set.


Doesn't have to come right out of the


He would love that. Another standing ovation, two straight games, the


longest set of the match. I want a lot more of this, don't you?


This is about the 14th round of a 15 round championship boxing match!


They have been slugging each other for well over three hours now.


Federer and Nadal. You couldn't possibly have picked this final


after what they have both been through. 4-3 in the fifth set. Nadal


has lost the last two Games. He was a break up.


GP ball from Federer. He meant that. Well, that's just genius. No one


else would have the imagination do hit that shot at this stage in the


match. And also have the ability to do it!


APPLAUSE It looks like it is 1-1 in the first


set. Three hours and 24 minutes played.


Oh! Pressure, tension. Well, if it's getting to Nadal, you know it's


there. He can't believe it. Five points from the title.


Rafa! UMPIRE: Thank you.


CHUCKLES Look at the attitude!


Oh! Well, he's gone for that shot in this match often, to conserve taking


it early, but that one had a bit extra on it.


Nadal double faulted early on in this game. That was a good second


serve, well directed. Three straight now, back to deuce.




That's one of the best points ever! Longest rally by miles and the Best


by miles. That's ridiculous. Is that what you've got to do? No way.


For the break point of the game coming up. -- the fourth break


point. Oh! This is just awesome. You just


knew that if this went to five sets they would play their best stuff in


the fifth! That's just the way they are, two champions.


The first four sets were just a measly starter, weren't they... This


is the main course all right! Doesn't say much for his bad leg!


He's just lying on adrenaline at the moment. -- so much for his bad leg!


Look at the eyes. Fifth break point of this game.


CHEERING And this time the breakthrough


comes! And the umpire says new tennis balls. That is a big aid to


Federer as he serves. For an 18th Grand Slam title. He hasn't won one


of these, the eight's biggest prizes, since Wimbledon 2012, that


memorable final with Murray. This was never going to happen, it


couldn't happen. You can't take this much time off and do this. But


nobody told him that. Just a -- vicious forehand is there


from Nadal. The great Spaniard will not go away.


The pace and spin... 0-30. That's just so good! No hesitation


coming into the net. 30-15. He has to hit an ace just to


win a point in this game so far. At different points Rafa has been quite


devastating. Oh! I mean, that was a great


forehand from Nadal. He kept it deep. How did Federer find that


angle and that power from that position on the court? That was a


good forehand by Rafa. Leg power, rotation of the hips.


LINE JUDGE: Out! UMPIRE: Mr Federer is challenging


the call on the service line. The ball was called out. Good Lord.


Really? Nadal is not sure. He gets a good serve!


Thank goodness for the electronic line calling.


UMPIRE: Mr Federer is challenging the call on the service line. Well,


if this is in committed that call affect Nadal's return? It is out,


second serve. That one, by his standards, was a


fairly comfortable forehand. The challenge was a strange one. After


he missed that first serve, it was way out. He's nervous. Even the


great ones, even the greatest get nervous.


Not really nervous! Oh! Once again... Or he's nervous for about


one second. Readjust and plays the ace. It is is 100th match at the


Australian Open. Oh! Another one! He has rolled this


forehand and Rafa is not sure, again. It is the match if it goes


past and, if it's in. And that is it, it's going to be over! That is


it! Federer wins the Australian Open and it is one of the sports stories


of all time. It just couldn't happen! I'm not


surprised by this. It is all about Roger Federer at


this point but more, it is about both of them and what they have


contributed to the game and to the sport. There has to be more from


both of these players. The next time the tennis world gathers will Beer


the French Open. -- will be at the French Open. Did he really believed


he was going to come back and do this, even himself? I'm not so sure


he did. Just an outstanding sportsman. Grand Slam number 18. He


further extends his lead in the record books. At more than that,


it's just about the heart and soul. That face, these achievements, that


is why you practice, why you do what you do. Fantastic tennis match from


Federer and Nadal, as we were hoping for.


Ladies and gentlemen, our runner-up, Australian Open 2017, Rafael Nadal!


How cruel the sport can be. You throw everything at your opponent,


so close, 3-1 up in the fifth and final set. That will certainly play


on his mind in the days to come. He received his runner-up trophy from


the man this stadium is named after, Rod Laver. He is a class act and


always so sporting in defeat. Well, good evening everybody. First


of all I will just say can grudge relations to Roger and all his team.


Just amazing, the way that he is playing after such a long time


without being on the tour. It's just very difficult to make that happen.


For sure, you have been working a lot to make that happen, so I feel


very happy for you. I'm just going to keep trying now. I feel that I am


back and at a very high level, so I want to keep fighting the whole


season. Do have a great season and for sure to come back here for so


many years. To have this trophy with me. It is the third time that I have


this. It is beautiful, but... But that trophy is still much better!


Thank you very much everybody. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


And now the holder of 18 Grand Slam singles titles and the 2017 champion


of the Australian Open, Roger Federer.


I'm out of words and Rafa said so many great things, but of course I


would like to also congratulate Rafa on an amazing comeback. I don't


think either one of us thought we were going to be in the finals of


Australia when we sought each other at the Academy four or five months


ago. And here we stand in the finals. I'm happy for you and I'm


happy to -- I would have been happy to lose too, to be honest. The


comeback was perfect as it was. Tennis is a tough sport, there's no


draws, but if there was going to be one, I would have been very happy to


except one tonight and share it with Rafa, really. I know everybody says


they work very hard, I did the same, I really tried not to shout about it


because we have got some serious legends and toughest guys in the


game like Rafa here tonight. But I would just like to thank my team


because it has been a different last six months, let's the honest. I


wasn't sure if I was going to make it here, but here I am and we've


made it, so I would just like to thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you


for being here tonight, with your presence, it means so much more.


Thanks again for everything, to everybody. And of course I hope to


see you next year. If not, this was a wonderful run here and I couldn't


be more happy tonight. Thank you very much, guys. Well, the speeches


were as impressive as the tennis, but what an absolute classic. We


talked about this being the dream final, and will it live up to the


billing? It more than lived up to the billing, it was one of their


classic encounters. It's a shame for Rafa, Andrew, isn't it? He threw


everything at Roger. I think Rafa was absolutely amazed to lose that.


You lost the last five games playing quite well! Just one or two points


here and there he might have done something slightly differently. You


could see him at the prizegiving ceremony going through it in his


brain, added he lose this match? How did he lose those five games? The


answer is it was just inspiration from this magnificent sportsman.


Trying to put this into some sort of perspective is from the only thing I


can think of, Jack Nicklaus at the 1986 Masters, 24 years or so after


he won his first major championship, shooting a 30 on the back nine to


win the Masters at the age of 46. I consider this to be right up there


with one of those great sports achievements. He is 35, hasn't


played for six months, fitness was obviously a question. He had surgery


on the knee and he comes back and it's all very well hitting his shots


but hitting them when you need them and having the clarity of thought


without any self-doubt, it was very impressive. It's one of the sports


stories of the year, is it even February yet? Not even of the year,


maybe ever! Nobody expected him to come back and it's great for the


game, isn't it? I've been reading through a lot of the newspapers


worldwide and everyone was stopping to watch this for what they mean to


the sport. Everyone was wanting this final and they didn't to happen. You


look at the beginning of the year and you are thinking Djokovic and


Murray, they are above everyone else. Now you've got Nadal and


Federer back in the mix! You've got Nadal coming up to the French Open,


he's favourite, and why not Federer for Wimbledon now on the grass? He


could take four months off and go in without another tournament! He was


pretty successful here. You look at the Williams sisters and Rafa,


planning their schedule, this could be a -- a game changer for the


sport. He is now on 18, Serena is on 23 and one behind Margaret Court. It


illustrates the era we are watching. Andy Murray is world one right now


and he's got to fight these sort of guys off. It's captivating. And then


and Kyle doing very well and Johanna Konta as well. But just rewind that


last 20 minutes and that is how good you have to be. We were talking


about Djokovic catching Federer, or Rafa catching Federer on 18 titles.


It's going to be tough. He was absolutely shattered. For anyone to


catch Roger Federer now, I don't think so. You look at the fitness


from Roger his third five set match during this tournament. Fitness


wise, he's right back there, isn't he? It tells you a lot about


managing your schedule. Take six months off. There's always the


argument about fitness versus rashness. He came back because he


wanted to play. The motivation is still to hit the ball. The money


ceased to be an issue when he won his first slam 15 years ago beating


Mark Philippoussis at Wimbledon. It's about the joy of hitting the


ball and feeling fresh for the challenge each time, in direct


contrast to Andy at the moment who has been playing so much. Going to


be a fascinating year, isn't it? Andy and John, thank you very much.


That's it for the day that we have more tennis coming up for you next


week. We have Canada against Great Britain and it is live coverage from


Ottawa and we will be there on Friday from 8pm on the red button.


That is it, what a final we have had in Melbourne. Shame there has to be


one winner only. That was Roger. He is a legend and his legend grows and


grows. COMMENTATOR: Federer wins the


Australian Open! It is one of the sports stories of all


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