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Hello and welcome to the Manchester Arena. We have a great atmosphere


and a full house for a basketball match between USA and Great Britain.


Great Britain are on the return to the Olympic arena for the first


time since 1948 and as part of their preparations for the Games


they are taking on the best team in the world. Six members of USA


Olympic roster won gold medals in Beijing and the squad is packed


full of NBA All-Stars. Quite simply, this is the 2012 version of


basketball's dream team. What does it mean to you to be in


the UK ahead of the Games? looking forward to it thoroughly.


It will be great for us. It is great to represent your country.


You know, the NBA season does not matter right now. It is about how


we focus as a group and get our goal. It is the beauty of the


Olympics, I am really looking forward to it. It is fun, you have


the best athletes in the world and you get off on it. What about the


British team? Luol Deng? I know a couple of guys from their team.


You know, I think it will be a fun game. We play them and see what the


atmosphere is like. Basketball as a game where any given team can win


on the night. Some of the best teams in the country get upset on


any team in the night. We have to make sure we have to stay on top of


it and bring it. Our biggest story is our next opponent and right now


it is Great Britain. I know those guys have been working hard and


waiting for us to come, to come here. Who do you think other teams


that can possibly stop you from getting the goal? Anybody, you know.


If we don't come out focused with the execution, you can be beaten. I


like a group of guys, I like a focus, we will see what happens.


are immensely excited about seeing some of the superstars around the


world at Great Britain. We can't wait to see Luol Deng in action


tonight up against the best of American, Luol Deng signing only


group -- a lucrative contract for Chicago Bulls. LeBron James, one of


the superstars for the States alongside the likes of Kevin Durant,


guys who we have only seen on television. We are going to see


them in person today. I have a superstar alongside me, John MDG,


Commonwealth medallist for England and a former NBA star yourself. It


is one of those special nights. How far has Great Britain basketball


come since the days that you were winning medals at the Melbourne


Games? What is amazing is that when I won a long time ago a medal with


England there wasn't even a Great Britain team. We didn't have this


kind of star power on the floor for Great Britain SOCA leaps and bounds,


it is amazing. To be able to see for the fans here, the superstars


from the NBA, Luol Deng but also the guys on the 2012 Dream Team,


that is a real pleasure for everyone who is here in Manchester


tonight? Yes, I have been talking to people in the stands and it is a


huge inspiration to witness this kind of game, to see not only of


the amazing stars of the USA team but watch how far the GB team has


come. The gap that we are going to see, we are likely to see tonight,


between Great Britain and the USA. This is the problem. GB has come a


long tremendously but we still have a lot of work to do and the fact is


the USA has had years and years in advance so they are the pinnacle


right now. There are not many teams in Europe that come close and we


are not at the head of the pack in Europe as yet. If you were sitting


at home, who are the players you would like to see tonight, who you


think are the special players in the world? Without a doubt for GB


you're looking at Luol Deng, who is going to be outstanding. But for GB,


people should be watching to see who else can step up. Who do you


think? I think Nate Reinking has to. They beat him to augment what Luol


Deng can do. People are talking about the American team at St --


and saying that Kobe Bryant could give the dream team of 1992 a run


for its money. Some people raised their eyebrows. I had a word with


some Perkins, who was a member of that auspicious early dream team


and he is not sure if they are at that level yet but they are


remarkable. The real question is do they play as 12 individuals, or do


they play as one amazing team? has been one of the criticisms


about USA teams in the past, that they are all individuals,


superstars on their own, so to gel is not that easy. That is the thing.


It is one of the problems the USA has had. They don't often get


defeated but when they don't play well it is when they play as


individuals. If they can come together even then this Olympics


they will be hard to beat. Thank you, you will commentate and


alongside you is Mike Carlson, our resident expert in American sports.


Good evening. Good evening. It is a jam-packed seen. Just a few short


years ago it was an open question whether Great Britain's basketball


team would claim their place as the host nation for London 2012 and how


things have changed. They have made their way for the tournament and


they are fresh from impressive performances against Portugal,


Spain and France. They UC Chris Finch, who has taken the team and


awful long way in the past three years. As John is fighting through


the crowd to join us now, we are saying what a good job Chris Finch


has done in elevating this team in the past four or five years.


certainly has. Nobody was counting on this team doing anything at all.


Now, all of a sudden, they are up here. We have seen remarkable games,


not least with Spain recently, so they have really been doing a


fantastic job. To put that into perspective, Spain at the last


Olympics played a very good game and took the USA right to the end


of that tournament. Britain did the same thing with the Spanish last


week. That is right. I don't think it quite tells us that Great


Britain is up to the level of USA when they are playing well but the


fact is Spain did hold USA tour two point game and has been the USA in


the past at world championships so they have proven, high-quality


competition and for GB to be able to play one consistent game, that


is something we will talk about in this game, can she be do it in more


than just fits and spurts? He had a shot at Mike Krzyzewski earlier,


very interesting that a coach from college would due to them.


reason, the popular reason out there that we have college coaches


coaching these dream teams is that it is the college mentality of


bringing a group of talented people together to play as a team that is


required in order to succeed in European competition and in this


kind of Olympic competition as well. They used see the Great Britain


starting five out there, Nate Reinking, Mike Lenzly, Luol Deng,


Joel Freeland and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. That will be the fight. The key is


how that backwater can play, how the two guards than before. Yes, we


saw yesterday, the US women's team put on great pressure in the back


court of GB and we will see a copy of that today. It is how Great


Britain handles the pressure, if they can break the press and make


smart decisions that is going to be their success. For the US it is


almost a small bald line up. Tyson Chandler will be the centre of the


two forwards, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, they are small


forwards. Kobe Bryant, the shooting guard, Deron Williams as well. --


Deron Williams. They can do almost anything, they will not be many


switches. It is an immensely talented group of athletes who have


great skills. How likely is it that Great Britain and indeed a lot of


the teams that the US played -- will play in the Olympics will


plague defence against the I think they will. Maybe a couple


of Olympics ago zone defence confused the Americans, they did


not see it. Alone -- there is a legal defence, to prevent their own


defence. Now they are used to it, they have college coaches making


them aware of the zone. You saw Pops Mensah-Bonsu, a little chest


but with LeBron James, he has one of the four players with the NBA


It is Freeland underneath. Freeland puts Britain in front. A great


The British are breaking. That will be a foul on Durant. I don't think


that was intentional. Pops Mensah- Bonsu was under the basket for the


layout. He stumbled over. It is surprising to see this being


allowed by the USA. They have to get a man back. It is surprising to


This is a tough match for RGB. Durant stuff sit through. A great


Williams, three. That is to open, to open for the shooters the USA


has. You can't leave them open on Pops Mensah-Bonsu driving to the


Hook, foul does he went in. Good impressing driving down the lane,


the defence is a step too late. It was just a swipe of the arm. Kobe


Five fouls and you are out of the game in the international


basketball game. The NBA give you six. It makes all the difference.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


You should know. You use all six of Kobe Bryant goes up for the shop.


You see the spin move baseline, arm off, superstars going to get away


with that. Once again, I think the defence is going to be crucial. Can


they get that to them quickly enough to stop those 111 please?


has to like the poor movement they have shown. It has been lovely. The


ball Burghley -- barely touching Kobe Bryant's father, Jelly Bean,


played in Europe for years and It is just token pressure to slow


the offence. Doing a really good job, James, not allowing GB to get


an easy pass. Durant anticipated the past two Deng, knocked it away.


That is going to be another sub- plot, how often will they be able


to get the ball to Luol Deng. game-plan must involve keeping him


They extended themselves past the 24-second Clarke, you only have 24


seconds to shoot the ball. That is a telling sign. They are already


playing enough to cause shot clock violations. They have not really


turned the screws yet. And it is a shame, because Freeland had what he


wanted. Andrew Lawrence has come into the game for Great Britain,


The ball goes out of bounds, to Great Britain. We said in the


introduction, are the USA going to play as an outstanding team or as


individuals? In the early plays, it was an outstanding team, but these


last couple of shots, one-on-one efforts, more like a bunch of


Rankin hits for the three! Nice penetration. Really good job of


As it is going to be blocking foul. Well, Joel Freeland was trying to


draw and a sense of foul there. cannot sh see his feet to see


whether he was inside the circle or not. The half circle on the floor


that you can say, inside it is automatically a block. Just


sweeping round that circle now to The USA, not the kind of start that


they would have expected, more akin to what we saw yesterday with the


GB women's team. It was when the second unit came in for the West


that they started playing as a team. The frightening part here, when you


look at the USA, their second unit is as good as anybody else's first


He spun left, he spun right, and he hits the two. The defence was not


bad, in fairness, but really impressive feat. Deron Williams


just schooled Andrew Lawrence. What Kobe Bryant here. He got


everybody's head turning, leaving him with a relatively uncontested


jump shot. If you watch Kobe Bryant, that is a shot he makes a lot.


Oscott four or five inches on rank Was that a shot or was it a pass?


At the end of the day, he will take The second time we have seen that


cannot play into the middle, GB after the care of. Swatted away by


Tyson Chandler! The thing is, although it is spectacular to put


the ball out of bounds like that, the reality is that getting into


the heart of the defence, it is going to cause good things as long


as they make the shot or pass out. Chandler takes the opportunity to


go to the bench. Carmelo Anthony is Pabst takes advantage and goes in


for the score. The split the Double team on the baseline, did a great


job. He took that extra European staff. We have got three players


that we could call small forwards A great fast break finished by Pops


Mensah-Bonsu! Good job again, GB taking advantage. So great that you


have got Luol Deng on the floor, he Pops Mensah-Bonsu came in for the


steel, and he will get called for Highlight the aggressive play, but


you have to be careful with the reaching end. -- I like. The USA


Basketball brings us together, it is great to come down and see this.


I have been into basketball or my life, it is a great opportunity.


could see when Kobe Bryant was pulling out some of his tricks, you


were getting out of your seat, are you a big fan? The athleticism is


great to watch. We know that Manchester is the home of football,


the two best sides in the country here, but what about the two best


basketball sides here? We are just lucky people, I am sure everybody


in this crowd is, a great opportunity to come down and see


this. Football is one of the main sports, but we will get a chance to


see a lot of different sports over the coming months. Back to work on


Monday, we have got a chance to watch some great basketball. Let's


and back to Mike and John. I love seeing football players wearing


basketball hats! It looks out of place somehow. It is interesting


that you watch football players, a completely different type of


athlete, tiny! And you are what, 6 ft 8? Maybe I don't count! We saw


GB taking advantage of mistakes by the USA defence, really porous.


Pops Mensah-Bonsu splitting the defence for the dunk. We need more


of those easy baskets. Kobe Bryant playing some great events at there,


on the smaller players, but I'm sure the US must have been talking


about stopping Britain getting the quick passes and breaks. Yes,


nobody here was calling the idea that it would be Great Britain


leading the USA in terms of fast break points. That is something


they have to do something about, because I imagine they will try to


A foul before Pops Mensah-Bonsu swatter that one away. Foul called


Dan Clark is going to come in and replace Joel Freeland. What you


have with Joel Freeland, he is mobile, he can get up and down the


floor. We saw him receiving the ball from Luol Deng. Now we have to


see if they can maintain that fees. LeBron James, his Miami heat took


the NBA title, it seems like just a week ago. The way the season went,


the truncated season we have had, 60 games instead of 80, or


compressed together, it seems like everything just ended. I imagine if


you are plain, it feels like it's just ended. Maybe a week's back --


The Deng, it does not bother him, and he tries through, and


Surprise in to see this really Good ball moment, Durand, three


points. Amazing passing, lovely to see, that is what the young players


Deng hits! Really good ball moment, That is going to be on Lawrence for


bonding Chris Paul. The US line-up, basically two point guards and


three small forwards. Now we are getting a substitution. Lawrence is


out. Kevin Love, you know, big by most definitions, and Andre


Iguodala, they are both in. Driving right down the middle, not really


the best pursued by Kevin Durant, and certainly no help from the


If you want a prediction, Iguodala is going to pick up Luol Deng.


Yeah! He is known for being able to defend any player on the court.


Chris Paul makes the second. We are Westbrook knocked it away, and GB


will keep possession. That pressure was not a press, it is simply heavy


Carmelo Anthony gave Dan Clark a um band took the ball away from him.


Iguodala slams at home. That is where the USA is great, getting the


turnovers in the open floor for the easy twos, a mirror image of what


You can see Chris Finch screaming at the referee about the chest bump


on Dan Clark, he is saying, you called it when it happened in the


middle of the court. One of the eternal frustrations of players and


coaches, you do not always get equal calls on both sides. And this


is just a great fast break. You see, I mean, again, for players watching,


every player does not feel the need to put the ball on the floor, they


get it, they look for the next open The ball moves faster through the


air than it does Underwood. One of those messages you wish that teams


would understand. Get it moving through the air, you get the easy


buckets. Kyle Johnson has come into the game for Great Britain. He has


had 21 points against Portugal, 18 against Lithuania. Chris Finch is


rotating his guards, try to find a combination which will give them


what they need to sustain the work It goes inside to Carmelo Anthony


for an easy hook. Again, just floating around the baseline, an


Pops Mensah-Bonsu was fouled as the hit the bottom of the backboard.


His unconventional underneath, you see the Pope fake, there, and if he


had not been fouled, he was too far under the basket to make that shot.


Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, he cannot resist reaching


Kieron Achara and Robert Archibald are both losing out on the side.


Luol Deng will get a little bit of a break with just two minutes to go


in the period. Again, I cannot imagine he is going to get too many


breaks. I know this is technically an exhibition game. It is one of


the classic things you do, give him an extra couple of minutes between


periods. Instead of taking him out for four. You get the break at the


end of the court as well. Now the question for GB, without that kind


of pivotal person on the floor who has been taking a lot of defensive


attention, can everyone else step And Pops comes out after making a


shots, Archibald, second generation The pass goes straight out of


bounds. Iguodala, kind of like, what was that? Yes, the same


movement against the zone that got Chris Paul commits a foul. That


will send to Kyle Johnson to the line. A really good job by GB,


maintaining their composure. Despite the fact they are not


really firing on all cylinders in terms of their offence, it is still


fits and starts, they have had great individual efforts by Pops,


Mensah-Bonsu and Luol Deng. They haven't had that storm moment that


the women had yesterday. That is the big difference between the men


Anthony's hence it -- Anthony Slams They are so quick. Russell and


Achara looking for some help now. There is a tug going through.


tell you what, USA picking up their defence, GB catching the ball


further and further out of bounds. We see this, the first dunk.


watch this, this is just There is no shame with the dunk at


this level of basketball. People think this is a moment that should


stay with you forever. The truth is if you have never been dumped on


you were not playing at a high The USA have slowed down for the


It is Anthony, for three. I don't think exactly what you would have


called coach drawing up destroying up the play, rather a pass for an


exceptional shot on the wing but still did the trick, pushed the


lead ahead. Anthony's three. To Exit 33-20 at the end of the first


period and it was that collapse in the last couple of minutes when the


pressure came up. It is exactly right, we talked about it and we


may have jinxed it, the fact is they had that collapse and they


can't afford this in the second quarter. Let's go to the courtside.


We have more guests. Thank you, Mark. The USA stretching their lead


at the end of the first quarter. The two guys are big basketball


fans and have been watching a game alongside me. You guys met in


Melbourne. That is how you became friends? Yes, we met at a festival,


the Future Music Festival in Melbourne and stayed in contact and


we have been out a few times and got to know each other well. Harry,


2006, Commonwealth champions, Australia. This is a game you


considered taking up? No, I am missing one or two in the


department. I am a massive and fan, I love watching it. I'd want a


chance to watch a live game in -- at Christmas. My team played in


Chicago which I was happy with. I am just a fan watching the sport.


week and a half until the Olympic Games, this is a taster. What are


you expecting when the Olympics come to the country? For this sport


for the hall? General. It will be massive it. There will be traffic


jams but... Is that the only thing you can think about?! Hopefully I


can get down to a few events. It is great to see his great sportsman in


the country doing the stuff they are greater. It will be great,


thank you for talking to us. Traffic jams! Traffic jams, is that


what you are looking forward to in the Olympics? I am very glad that


where I am staying is very close to the Olympic Park. The second


quarter coming up now. Britain down by 13 after playing quite well for


probably 80 out of the ten minutes. There is Luol Deng, coming back on


court. What can they do to try to slow down the US attack? It is the


turnovers. This is some of the outstanding player. You split the


Double team. This is when GB was at their best, running the floor,


forcing the USA to take their chance. They were penetrating with


Deng. Uncontested to the basket, almost unheard of. In the season he


has just played he will not have had shots like this wide-open.


Deng, right in front of our position. Starting the second


It is Carmelo Anthony. With the Pops, but the -- Pops, but there is


a foul called. This is the problem. How do you cope with the pressure


in the back court? It has been one of the weaknesses of Great Britain


basketball, not just this Great Britain team. Finding point guards


especially, guards who can handle this kind of intense pressure and


get the ball into the attack zone. We have had this second quarter


running, GB has not been able to get the basketball into the attack


We saw the beard again. I love it. Harden has been growing it since


GB needs to maintain their composure. So get the run that is


happening to them. -- forget the run. Try to break it and a good


Chris Paul off the front of the ring. A great rebound by Russell


Harden takes the pass from Paul and don't sit through. -- and dunks it


It is amazing, Luol Deng, he can't do it on his own. He can't take the


ball into his hands and fight against five people. He needs the


rest of his team to stay put. Britain have taken a time out. Luol


Deng was talking to the referees as he came off and we are about to see


Anthony Davis come on for the US, the only player on the US team who


has not played in the NBA. Of course, he was the first overall


track man on the NBA. He is a replacement for Great Britain,


people are quite disappointed that he is not here but it is good to


see fresh talent that is going to be plying their trade in the NBA


next year. Only 19 years old, the youngest player on the court.


Frightening to think they have such amazing depth. Let's go back to the


point we made coming out of the first quarter. What does Great


Britain do against the pressure? They did not do anything to change


what had been happening in the last two minutes of the first quarter.


What is frustrating me and will be frustrating Chris Finch, the coach,


is the idea they are being trapped in the same place every single time.


It is very tempting for players when they are under pressure to


turn their back but if you do that against a defence that is over. The


moment you turn your back, there pressure will get you and you can't


see the floor to see -- to make a good pass. Think back to last night


when the US put pressure on the British women, Amy steward came up


from the back quarter, came across the half line and they may be easy


passage time. Exactly right. The thing that is hurting G B is they


are -- is the turnovers are happening so quickly and the


transition is quick, they can't stop that easy break points.


crowd are being entertained during that time out was Great Britain


trying desperately to get their moment back as they have fallen


behind by 17. There is the great Britain's women team that we're


talking about. They did a great job last night. I was really pleased to


see the development of that programme. Nice to see she has let


In and out. For GB that is the kind An ice feed into Luol Deng, he puts


it through for an easy two. -- a Dan Clark hits. This is what


Britain needs. Big forwards hitting Clark is mobile, big. Archibald


drew a foul. Iguodala running into him as he came across the middle.


Archibald took position, went down and drew the offence. Archibald as


in the middle. You see it here, smart play. It is not pretty but it


This game is not non-contact. fate high into the air and Druze a


foul. Harden knew he had been faked or stock yes, make sure that Deng


did not have anything easy. You see how Deng moves forward. Make sure


he draws the contact. The reality years, we mentioned earlier, if


Luol Deng is going to spend an entire Olympic tournament working


this hard for almost every point it is going to be exhausting. If you


look at the team's the debt to -- if you look at the depth of teams


like the USA, Argentina, Spain, even Turkey, they do rely on one


person. -- they don't rely on one It doesn't look like the USA


offences running smoothly. There is a little -- whistle, Deng went up


and Harden has drawn another foul. A slap on the elbow. It is a


foolish foul. Any time Fowler shooter. It is a foolish waste of


foul. A especially when he is that far out. Just an elbow lift.


Sometimes you get away with it in which case you are a genius, that


time, not so. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant coming back on the court.


Harden goes to the bench. indication that USA is not taking


this game lightly. Getting the normal rotation back on the floor


quickly. Chris Finch has a big line up in there. Clark, Archibald, Deng


and Pops Mensah-Bonsu, all make. -- Big. He has done a better job


bringing the ball to floor, adding pressure. Deng shooting three shots


because he was fouled behind the He makes it 39-30, the lead cut to


nine. 4GV, those easy points, and contested points, when the clock


stops, important to make those. -- James and Archer bought collide,


and the foul will be on Robert Archibald. The USA team may have


interchangeable people, but Robert Archibald is certainly not the


person you want switched out to LeBron James. I could feel that


collision, and we are 20 ft away. LeBron James did not look pleased


about it either. That might be a His I have to say, Durant looks


last lustre. He stopped the fast break, because he knew that would


be an easy two. That is a smart Spa. Durant does look lacklustre. It is


a smart move. LeBron James, with a full head of steam, that never ends


well for the opposition. They are not in the penalty situation yet,


five fouls in a quarter before you Good effort on the board by Davis,


It is an offensive foul on Pops. On Kobe Bryant, rather, but the foul


is on Pops Mensah-Bonsu. I wouldn't mind seeing the replay, seeing if...


Pops looks like he was done an injustice. The crowd does not like


Again, the pace of the game is very As foul inside on Archibald. Sorry,


it is on Deng. Good interior Let's take a look at that one that


was called on Pops. Oh, yes, Kobe Bryant is quite famous for a move


they caught pulling the chair at, putting pressure on the offensive


player so he thinks there's something to lean against and then


just walking away so that you fall over. It is embarrassing. It is not


normally a call for an offensive foul. Clearly Kobe pulled the chair


Anthony Davis misses the second. Anne looking backwards for Reinking.


Look at the matter of time it takes for GB to get into their offence. A


great pass into Pops, who misses the short shot but get the foul.


Good interior play, frustrating that he did not make the shot. But


none the less good pressure. It is a great move by Deng, he keeps his


Exactly the kind of interior passing we have seen from the USA,


Pops played for four different NBA teams. He is no stranger to that


competition. He currently plays in Turkey with Besiktas. They won the


Turkish championship this year. Reinking is going to shoot from


three, in and out. Durant, a basket hanging, he dunks. Durant had a


look of relief on his face there after a couple of misses, finally


at easy opportunity, he made no mistake of that one. We are under


the five-minute mark of the first half. Deng's shot is blocked.


His penetration right into the middle of the key, that is always


Archer Board stepped up, he cannot get his body directly in front,


foul on him. -- Archibald. And I like what Archibald has done on the


floor, in fairness. He has been physical, and frankly that was an


important thing. GB needed someone to step up and match the


physicality of the USA team. have to let him know that you're on


the court. He has done that, he has hit Kobe, he has hit LeBron, is


making sure that every superstar in that team knows that he is there.


Joel Freeland comes in for Archibald. He picked up two quick


fouls in the first period. It will be interesting to see how he


responds to that, sometimes it is difficult to get thrown back into


Can you make sure that you catch up 43-31 as Kobe misses the second.


Again, noticeably the pressure has Freeland fighting for position


inside our LeBron James. Dan Clark finally gets to give him the ball.


Freeland tried to get it inside, it was tipped away, Carmelo came up


No hesitation to put it in the air, what great hands, what a great play


by Pops Mensah-Bonsu, but what quick hands inside to stop it. It


was a good look from Reinking, but the ball cannot get through.


talked about that yesterday, Howard is great to move your feet, but


really important to get your hands away. The fake got in the extra


It is a very physical game. men's game at this highest level,


sometimes it is like playing a rugby match. Get the rugby players


back and asked them! They may The I have to say, if you are GB


and his point, you cannot be displeased with the scoreline. --


You have got to track those down, you do not want to give away the


second shot, always a higher percentage chance of the offensive


rebound. Chris Paul bringing Reinking way away from the basket,


James just lays it in. Easy, easy play, and again the simple pressure.


Reinking was tried to turn the Durant was outside and stepped on


he and line. He is having one of those games that you have in your


nightmares. He is not playing terrible basketball, but so many


easy things, he is just not getting it. That would just went out of


The cross-court passes are really difficult to make against them.


Especially in transition, as you are running and moving. Those


passes lead to interceptions, as we saw there, or at least deflections.


It is great awareness, the players are playing off the man they have


got and anticipating those passing lanes. They are sagging, and a


dragon on the floor, there is really one great shooter. -- Nate


Deng fighting for the ball, he had bodies hanging on him. He's still


at the strength to get the ball up to the basket. -- he still had.


Possession stays with Great Britain. Deng will be unbounded. -- will in


Dan Clark into Pops, Carmelo is on Finished by Kevin Durant. Once


again, the quick hands on the one end, transition, the ball barely


touching the floor, easy lay-up, dunk in that case. 47-33. Again,


tipped away on the pass by Kobe Two passes, dunk by James, time-out


Great Britain. Two minutes and 12 seconds left in the first half, the


USA is a 49-33. A mirror of the first quarter, sustaining some kind


of effort, giving the USA team continuity, but then a breakdown


really hurt them. A breakdown in his last three minutes of the game


leading to a layer after layer up. Demoralising. In fairness, what it


is, the US is there in -- the US is lifting the defensive intensity.


That is key, that is when we start seeing highlights like these, and


it becomes essentially a dunkvest. Run and shoot! Yes, and it is not


the kind of basketball that GB can beat the USA, and with the Olympics,


the idea of GB running the ball up and down the floor in transition


and beating teams is unrealistic. They have got to play controlled


basketball, run opportunistically, as we saw in the first quarter, but


for the most part get the ball safely up the court in as short a


time as possible and run an open offence. I think you have made a


good point. The problem with that kind of offence is that it takes


them so long to get the ball over halfcourt that you do not have time


to run it efficiently. That is what every coach will tell you. You need


your point guard to bring the ball up in about three seconds so that


you have got 21 seconds, the maximum amount of time are in your


offence. GB has been taking the full 10 seconds to get the ball


across the Harcourt Line, meaning that they have to rush into some


kind of offence, often ending up with a one-on-one effort, or as you


saw with Luol Deng, a one on two effort. If you have not watched a


lot of basketball, this may look like a horse race, but the game can


be very tactical in the halfcourt, and there are lots of things you


can do to get your players open four shots. Mike Krzyzewski never


looks at the exclamation I it is his trademark, if you look at his


face, you would imagine his team is down by 50. It is a good way of


masking, I think. They are up by 16, two minutes and 10 seconds


Deng puts it on the floor and comes up short. James Sweet sit-in. Look


at Durant running, he is fouled. That is a good, sportsmen like,


intentional foul! Deng did not want that lay-up to happen. UCU Freeland


having a word with the referee, there is a lot of contact going on


down there. At this level, what the referees have said, we are going to


let you play. At both ends, we have seen Archibald for GB, certainly


LeBron James giving Friedland a hard time. It has happened in two


of the last three possessions, he has had the ball poked away from


behind. It is the difference between the NBA and the European


game, that in the NBA people think you make a lot of dribbles and then


go, but it is really one trouble and then you go. When you start


pounding the ball, you attract a lot of attention, you end up losing


Kevin Durant makes them both. USA pulls off the pressure, which


is surprising. I am surprised they don't force more turnovers but they


have pulled off the pressure for the moment. Luol Deng for three.


A beautiful little move. crossover, the pullback, great jump


Look at the pressure to keep the Kevin Durant. He is the player


And King brings a touch. -- Kobe Bryant is going to the


pensioner. Iguodala was back in the game, as is Westbrook. Again, this


two. Card competition -- combination with West Brookend


Chris Paul and three small Fords. - - Westbrook and Chris Paul. With


Pops makes the second. Another substitution, Tyson Chandler, it is


now a two small Fords, two point guards and a centre. Joel Freeland


which -- Joel Freeland goes to the And when there is a foul. He was


going for Russell Westbrook, much as they did earlier in this period.


He just put it up for Russell Westbrook. Now Kyle Johnson comes


back in the game. Luol Deng will get a little bit of extra rest,


with 12 seconds slower. -- 12 Westbrook makes both foul shots.


55-37. GB to inbound the ball with Westbrook misses and that ends the


first half was as a score USA 55, G B 37, pretty much like the women's


game yesterday as the British men fell behind. John has gone to talk


to Whishin. Let's hear what they have got say. It is the scoreline


we would have expected. How well do you think Britain have coped with


the class from the USA? I think they came out really strong, I


think they came out and played and surprised the USA with their


composure. What has been the difference is the USA's transition


has been remarkable. When Great Britain misses, the USA grab the


ball without the ball dribbling sometimes, just hand to hand to


hand, to easy basket at that has been the difference. We know the


USA has a number of high-class players and it was amazing to see


at first time some of the skills on show. Kobe Bryant come we have seen


him so many years at the NBA doing it, we have seen it here tonight.


Exactly, he has a remarkable athlete. He makes extraordinary


shots look easy. This is a fake, a term, he got everybody on the court


looking the wrong way including some of the people in the stands


and made one of his trademark jump shots. The great thing is he is not


the only player in the American team capable of that sort of skill?


No, the fact is there are eight All-Stars on the floor and any one


of them can break out. The USA is doing well and is up by double


figures without Kevin Durant really having had a good game. He hasn't


missed several easy shots. He has been back in the flow with a few


lay-offs but he is not as he was in the finals. Great Britain have a


player in Luol Deng, more than just a glimpse of his enormous class?


Absolutely, Luol Deng has been remarkable. The problem is he has


to be outstanding every single play and team has to work so hard to


estimate the shot. Everything he does, he finds himself surrounded


by three or four people. Here he is coming down, this was his and


O'Meley and contested shot for the entire half. -- it was his only


uncontested shot. If you watch the way the players who are not


guarding, inviting anybody else on the floor score apart from Luol


Deng, it puts pressure on Luol Deng to make remarkable shots, or give


the ball up and hope one of his team mates can get the job done.


What you would like to see is one or two of his team-mates stepping


up. Any evidence of that in the first half? One of the things that


I would like to see his Robert Archibald has been hitting of real


start on the USA team and it is important. Sometimes you have to


say look, we are here, we are strong, we will not back down and


that has been a good sign. Reinking has made a couple of jump shots. We


need to bring the ball up the floor. Let's look at the half-time


statistics. What they are going to show is that America has dominated.


Is there anything you can see that Great Britain here has held their


own? I think there are some areas where Great Britain has done a good


job. They haven't allowed too many offensive rebounds, which has been


key. There have been a couple more on the run. They have controlled


the backboard, which is vital but it is the fast break points


differential. Britain had a couple of early fast breaks but the USA


running away with fast breaks in the for late first underly second


quarter. Before we joined the half- time shows, I was watching Deron


Williams at close hand, he said where is the scoreboard? The


scoreboard is up behind us, but high. The players on cop can't see


it, can they? It is very unusual. It is the first thing I looked up.


You are used to scoreboards being everywhere so you can't miss them.


It is time for the half-time show How are you doing? Trying to be a


superstar like everybody else, listen, but being myself is


# Whatever you do, Lord, Lord, do # Manchester, express yourself. I


# It is not what you look like when you are doing what you're doing,


# Here we go now. Labyrinth, come # Ladies and gentlemen, this is


something like caller ground breaker. So let me first apologise,


to the shops and the ties beyond # Sake, I predict an earthquake. #


# Ladies and Gentlemen, what you # HAI, Simon, everybody rock, let's


# Say, I predict an earthquake. Everybody say, say I predict an


# I predict an earthquake. Let me # Because we threw bombs on it, HAI,


# Manchester, and I want to know # If you came here to see some slam


dunking basketball I want to hear # Everybody say, yeah. I predict an


# I predict an earthquake. Here we # Now we can make an earthquake.


Come in. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it


The best team on the planet are starting to make themselves known.


The best players on the planet's, but we have got some massive stars


here, NBA p last night, you did not get much of their reception last


night, are you able to appreciate the crowd now? Absolutely, it is


just fun to be in a building with so much energy, so much talent and


excitement for basketball. You are quite used to getting the President


coming down to watch your warm-up game against Brazil, he was


watching you take on Brazil, you did very well in that game, quite


intimidating, what about 17,000 people watching you? I love it!


Playing for the University of Connecticut, it reminds me of this


building, the atmosphere, it is so packed, and people just want to see


good basketball, so I love playing in those conditions. You were not


intimidated by Tamika Catchings, what was it like taking her arm?


was amazing, it was the first time we faced the USA, so the


opportunity was fantastic, a great bunch of athletes, phenomenal. We


are taking it one step at a time, but we are making strides. Enjoy


the rest of the game, second half to come, thank you for talking to


us. Amazingly, it is just eight days until the start of the


Olympics, the opening ceremony, and it just seems like it is going to


happen tomorrow, it is so close. Two of Britain's biggest stars are


looking ahead to the London Games, Basketball is fun because it is not


a slow game, it is amazing at least, you have got to show your skills.


It is an up-tempo game. important is the Olympics to you?


It is a great opportunity for us to show British basketball can compete


with the rest of the world, but also, for me, I know important it


is for the basketball community, it is a special time for us and all


the kids that love basketball to finally stand proud and say, you


Luol Deng is the NBA star on the team, do you click with him, or is


there a clash of egos? No clash whatsoever, he does not have an ego,


I don't. You would think somebody of his talent, his calendar could


easily have won, but I think the one thing that defines him as a


person is the fact that he is so down-to-earth. There could not be a


clash of egos, because I'm probably his biggest fan. He is a south


Londoner and an Arsenal fan, I am a north Londoner and a Tottenham fan,


that is the only time we clash. had a fantastic season in Turkey,


straight into the Olympics, surely you should be asking yourself, is


this really the pinnacle? By far, by far. I had a great season in


Turkey this year, one of the best clubs seasons that I have had, but


it is the London Olympics! Just that is a big deal, but the


Olympics in my backyard is huge. How well can you do? As well as God


permits. Everybody has got to win one game at a time, nobody is going


to win 6 in a row, you have to go one at a time, and we will take it


from there. We will try to win the first game, then the next game, and


at the end of the tournament you look back and see how you have done.


Once the anthem comes on, I might shed a little tear, then I'm going


to get ready to compete for my country. It will be one of the


biggest on as I have had in my life up until this point. -- honours


forced Doctor Who guys looking forward to what could be a fabulous


Olympics for Britain. It is one of the strengths of the GB team that


they have players who can step up, but one of the weaknesses that


every team knows, if you can stop Luol Deng, it is a huge part of


slowing down the GB team. We have seen that today. The focus of the


USA team has not just been to play a tough defence but made it hard


for Luol Deng. It is a fascinating story, how he came to the UK from


Sudan, how he makes it in America, �47 million contract for the


Chicago Bulls, fascinating. They are mind-boggling numbers, and the


reality is that we like to see stories where good people have


overcome adversity against all odds and rise to receive their just


rewards, and Luol Deng is a prime example of that. And how much of an


example is the two youngsters in Great Britain wants to take up


their game? How much of an inspiration can he be? I hope he


will be a remarkable one. There are many athletes, you might say, I


could not possibly be that good, whereas Luol Deng is not so


remarkable that people you would think that is the only reason he is


good. He has worked on his game, he has focused on the scale elements,


and every young player watching can do that. Hopefully there will be


one or two watching tonight he may take up the game and maybe the next


Luol Deng. You can now rejoin might as we start the second half of this


match, Great Britain trailing USA Thank you, Rishi, and I think John


Amaechi is being a little bit modest, a player who made the most


of his abilities or throughout his career, that was John Amaechi. At


half-time, 55-37, USA over Great Britain, and looking at those half-


time statistics, there is one that really jumps out at you, 12 steels


for the US team, led by Chris Paul's 3, zero for Great Britain,


and that is what makes those turnover points that John was


talking about so much at half-time. The leading scorer for Great


Britain with 15 is Deng, Pops has John Amaechi, he is just sitting


down to read join us, putting the headphones on so he can hear what


I'm saying, but I just mention the statistic which jumped out at me,


the 12 steels for the US, zero for Great Britain. Yes, that has been


the difference. We remarked on it yesterday, there is a team with the


USA Basketball programme, men and women's, juniors and seniors, they


are working on their defence, making sure they capitalise on


their athleticism at both ends. change for Great Britain on the


team which started the game, Dan Clark is in for Mike Lenzly,


The real question is, can they take advantage of this? The US have the


same five restarted the game. -- who started. Great pass! Really, a


great interior past, safe bounced into the hands of Luol Deng for the


easy reverse. Just threading a needle, easy lay-up, that is basic


basketball, but it is pretty and it wins. Those are the two guys that


Durant draws the first foul are the second half. It looks like he was


not quite ready, he tried to get ready when the ball was in Deng's


and, that is too late. You see the penetration, the screen, and the


help did not come until far too late. Joel Freeland not wanting to


give away that third foul. He got two Burghley, he could not afford


Deron Williams doing a nice job of arguing that call but not winning!


I think players think that if they argue enough, they will get it


Kobe Bryant took that away, great Nice inside move by Joel Freeland,


good to see and get some points. Absolutely, he has been working


hard but he has not been able to put the ball in a Hoare just yet. A


favourable match-up against the That would be a good place to see


again, excellent bigging by the USA team led to a wide-open shot,


Williams with a fantastic screen. - Possession will stay with Britain,


he is another look at that three- pointer by Deron Williams. This is


Pops on the drive, slapped a wave. Good call. We have not seen much


from Chandler has so far. We have not really seen him try to assert


themselves and dominate. And just as I say it, he proves me wrong!


Tyson Chandler with the stuff. Williams hits two in a row. I need


to insult players so they prove the Freeland tries to get it off to


Pops. The sets for the three. shot. I think you see the


intimidation factor with Chandler in the middle. The US benches are


out of their seats and running up the court. Three straight three-


pointers for Deron Williams, a time out caught by Great Britain. Quite


different body language from the two Ventures, the USA bench came


all way onto the floor to greet their team-mates. The GB bench


looking a little down at his Fife. Chandler's Watts Freeland away,


keeps it in play for Kobe Bryant. - - Jan Blair swats. Good work by


Chandler at the other end, setting the screen, giving Deron Williams


and Open Look at the basket. Yes, it is to open. It comes too late,


the hand in the face, the All Star you cannot give Williams that kind


of look, it is just too simple. I am not sure that the move to


increase the size of the GB team has paid off at his point, they


have not been able to capitalise on the inside. Ore has got another


interview courtside. We may be in Manchester, but forget Piccadilly


Gardens, more like Madison Square Garden, who needs Tom Cruise when


you can have Jack Whitehall? This is like a huge night for you, isn't


it? It is amazing, I have never been here before, and it is like


nothing else, it is so good. I love all the dancing, they need more of


that at football matches, rather than some weird guy doing a raffle,


or the honeys shaking it, it is brilliant. No doubt you are going


to use the Olympics for material, are you going to the Edinburgh?


I am filming here, doing a film here in Manchester, here for the


Olympics. Hopefully I will see some of the events appear. I have got


tickets to the artery as well, my mum got some tickets to the archery,


so we will be going down there at San point. Sonali will be glad to


know that! Basketball is not your first love, but it is a game you


could get to love? I played it at school, I started out on the school


basketball team, and I think they are actually playing... We will


hand back to John and Mike, cheers, Jack Whitehall! They got are off


the courts just in time. -- they got orate off the court just in


Williams was put in that one up for a pass, and when you're at 66-41,


you can laugh about those things. In a normal game, I think they


would be upset with that error. will tell you is upset, Mike


Krzyzewski. Look at that from LeBron James. It looks like they


are not quite ready inside, GB, on set plays. Simple move, a great


move by Freeland. Joel Freeland, starting to get into his rhythm a


An excellent move, the defences fall in the middle, everyone goes


Williams, three again! That is the third time that very same play, the


back screen by Williams, leaving him free for the jump. Again,


pressure, Pops nearly loses it, but At three for Lawrence. A big shot,


LeBron James could have destroyed that basket if he had wanted to. He


A nice move by Deng. Two substitutions for the US, Anthony


and Iguodala both come into the game. One of the problems is the


bigs are being asked to get inside on defence. Exactly, they are being


asked to expend energy at every Just like that, two handed Slam.


From LeBron James. A every score the USA is getting is either a


wide-open shot, or an easy dunk The pastor James, he misses that


one. He slams it through -- the pass to James. That is two from


There is another three from Lawrence, he has hit two since


James puts it in, Great Hall None Carmelo Anthony has been on


Deng draws the foul and gets the basket. A great move, the crossover


between his legs first and then a crossover to the basket. Again,


what we are seeing, degrees of difficulty against great


competition. Not the same on the other end. Pops Freeland go to the


bench, Archibald and charter -- and Jara coming to replace them. They


Archibald asserting himself a bit too much that time with his hands.


You want to show you are physical, you're not going to back down. They


need a presence on the floor. If he puts his hands on people that is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


far all that is wasted. -- a foul Anthony Kim been as he goes in. The


whistle. -- Anthony tripping as he goes in. The foul will be called.


Archibald is fouled out of the game. Archibald wasn't intending, but it


was his foot that Anthony went over. It is unfortunate but it is a good


call. The thing is, players think it is a tap -- league foul at the


end that gets you but it is the foolish foul with their hands on


the body, that is the foul that Pfahls them up. There was nothing


he can do about that. Now RGB is without the physical presence and I


know it seems strange but having someone on the floor who is showing


that they are going to hit you Westbrook is called to the


offensive foul, he made contact, Kevin Love is called, that will his


-- there will be his 4th. He has had a frustrating game, Kevin Love.


He has not had a chance to get into the swing of things. He is used to


a physical style of basketball. You He jumps higher than I used to, but


Three lent Bocking Kyle of -- Paul Now there is a far wall behind the


play. It is called on Lawrence. big back-pedalling in the lane


against the guard, still sharp enough and fast enough to get his


hands in their and disrupt the past The Westbrook hits the three.


gods have -- the guards have asserted themselves for the USA in


GB is working ten times harder for Achara misses. Eric Boateng, sorry,


Carmelo Anthony with the Dunk. That is the end of the third quarter,


Thanks, I have been joined by Amir Khan, commiserations on your defeat


to Danny Garcia at the weekend. Is it nice to take your mind off


boxing for a bit? I have come here from London to enjoyed GB versus


USA. It takes my mind of boxing and everything and relaxes me and I can


be myself. The when you're competing in Athens in 2004, did


you get time to see these guys? They came away with bronze but


these guys are good. I never had a chance in Athens to go to any other


event apart from boxing, but this time having the Olympics in London,


I am in the best position ever because I can go to at any event. I


am not going to be in training and do what I want to do. I am an


ambassador for the Olympics so why will go to events. When you are


here caught sight you can appreciate the skill of the guys.


LeBron James is on fire. LeBron James is amazing. I have never seen


him play live. I live in LA so I go to the Lakers. I could not believe


how quick and explosive LeBron James is. For the size he is, so


quick. I would not like to get into a fight with him! Fortunately for


you, different weights. We look forward to seeing more of you in


I think Ore is looking for a second career as a matchmaker her, a fight


between Amir Khan and LeBron James. People would pay money for that, it


could be dangerous. He had it right, it is the athleticism and


explosiveness that has built up the huge lead. That is the thing about


basketball in fairness, it is exemplified with this USA team.


There are others out there, you look and it is remarkable that


players and athletes of that size who would normally be confined to


much more physical, less speedy and agile roles, all the sudden they


have the whole package and can do a bit of everything. The ball will be


put into play in front of our commentary position by the US to


begin this 4th quarter. They lead 89-55 of the Great Britain and you


can see the head of John Amaechi as You look for the composure after a


time out and there is more of the It is going to be a three-second


violation. The painted area under the basket, the blue area, one, two,


three, he hasn't done anything with the ball and it is a violation.


mentioned in the first half, in Europe you can get away with a bit


more time dribbling around but against NBA Caliber players you


have to catch that Paul and make a West book is fouled as he does


drive. -- Westbrook. Nate Reinking picks up the foul, like myself, a


naturalised citizen of Great Britain. He is a remarkable


character on that team, he is nearing of my age. A 38. Very old.


If you look at him, he is one of the most in shape players on the GB


team. He is as resilient as he ever was and able to contribute fully.


The problem we have seen today is that instead of playing that two


guard role where he can shoot the ball, he is doing double duty,


point guard and double guard and defended. He is giving up a lot of


size. When it comes to the Open Lawrence and was fouled. It was a


good call, it was delayed, but a good core. You saw Luol Deng


looking frustrated because it took away uneasy two points, maybe this


You seem Pops Mensah-Bonsu taking advantage of a youngster, Davis, he


got sealed inside. He will learn not to do that in the NBA.


Literally a youngster, only 19 years old. Reinking could be his


dad! That is alarming even to think Davis was are banned at them! The


US bench is a band celebrating. think we can safely say that young


The ball is going to go over to the US. It must have tipped off that


and, we did not see the replay. William's coming back in. --


Williams. A catch, notable, slightly frightening, potential for


the NBA if ever I saw it. -- no Backwards, over the Ed dunk by


Kevin Love, and they are celebrating, it is show time now in


Manchester! Watch this! I do not think it is the completion that he


was looking for, but the idea was remarkable, very simple basketball.


We keep talking about this, it is not advanced play, simple cuts and


passes, easy shots in the basket. This 4th period has been a poor USA.


That is his move, that hesitations Reinking knocked it away, Westbrook


picked it up. Hesitation, Davis stood sit through. Again, what you


said, that is the simplest of Harden cannot hit the three, it


climbs the backboard, and it sits What people do not realise, I do


not think, at this level of basketball, every single player is


doubt it. Everyone on the USA team knows exactly what Anne is going to


do with that move. Here we see again, that they can slip, really


simple basketball for easy baskets. Our man Ore is down on the


sidelines. The stars keep rolling in, Alexandra Burke, good to see


you. Are you enjoying it? It is amazing. You are performing here


last night, entertainment and sport. Last night it was such an honour to


be here, to perform. The boys are playing well, it is great to be


here. You have spent a lot of time in America, to get a chance to see


these people are close. I have seen Miami and the Lakers play before,


so has seen James and LeBron play a few times, I love him! This is like


a poor all over to the other side, we do not get to see crowds like


this. It has been an amazing turn out, it is great that it is in


Manchester, of all places, it is great that it is here. Great to see


you, cheers. Thanks, sweetheart, The LeBron James fan club has just


picked up one more member. I am hoping that seeing basketball at


this level, seeing the Manchester Arena full of people, I'm hoping it


will mean that some of the younger players will be inspired, because


they are just as good athletes as we are seeing out there, coming


through the system, getting an opportunity to show their staff.


question that anyone watching this would say that this looks like fun.


I can tell you that it certainly is, there are times when the work can


get you down, when the competition to be at the top, there are only


300 players in the NBA, it can seem insurmountable, but the rewards in


terms of knowing you have pushed past an entire world of basketball


players, it is tremendous. 6 1/2 minutes to play in his game, the US


leads Great Britain 99-58. John Amaechi with me, Mike Carlson. John


has played in the NBA, for England, all across Europe. I have been, as


they call them, a journeyman. driving to the middle, he draws the


foul. Once again, an individual effort by Deng, bump, bump, and on


the third bump he gets the call, He will attempt two foul shots.


have to say, I have been impressed by Moran's today. After wandering


early in the game if he was tough enough to handle the pressure that


was being thrown at him, if he was going to bring anything offensively,


he has answered both those questions. In fairness, they are


not gone to play against too many teams that have guards as quick as


the US does. Well, certainly not against guards as quick and


formidable physically as well. One or the other, but not both. Right.


He comes down the court celebrating, Boateng underneath, and Boateng


puts it in. Sullivan in the game It is a good job on the offensive


board. Sullivan is really tight I think it was Boateng who knocked


it away and out of bounds. Sometimes it is so quick, it is


hard to see what happened. Last week and asked the beard! Johnson


and Freeland coming in, Pops Mensah-Bonsu coming out and getting


a great hand from an appreciative I mean, I think those two guys have


showing you what they have got, and you know what they have got, and it


is up to other people to step up. You are absolutely right. Give them


more dimensions to the GB game. Game is going to struggle and


He we will have a job for. I will tell you what, you have to like to


see that. I know this guy is a youngster, so he has not produced


to the idea that NBA players do not necessarily go on the floor, but


good to see people going after that. Did you know is that? Yes, great


shooter for Dallas. Was it Dallas? From Woking, went to the American


College in Charleston is not a huge power in American basketball, but


it is good to see in there. It is remarkable, athlete that come out


of the small schools, and people do not always remember people who came


out of... I do not know what school, a tiny college. Good question, I am


drawing a blank. But it was a smart move. Sometimes you do not have to


go to the biggest names schools, sometimes you need to find a place


where you can play. I want to say San Diego State, but that might be


because he played in San Diego, he was drafted in San Diego. I think


he went to a New England school, to be honest, but I'm not sure where


it was. That is my backyard! Somebody will throw me a message on


Twitter and let me know. If you know his Twitter address, send him


a tweet! The Great Britain team are trailing 102-62 with five minutes


to play in this game. The thing I want to see here, I want to see the


process continue with as much intensity as possible. I am less


worried about the outcome now, but what I do not want to see his


people letting down, people reducing their intensity, he will


not play in defence, people losing their focus. No. This is


preparation time still, right now, this is preparation time. If they


can make a stand in these final five minutes, it will not make a


dent on the score, but those extra five minutes of quality play


together could make all the difference in the games down the


road. It is a good point. Do what other trivia question? Joel


Freeland has signed a $9 million contract with the Portland Trail


Blazers, he was the first pick with the 30th pick in 2006. He was the


first pick in the overall draft in 2006? I can already tell you but


I'm going to struggle to answer any Joel Freeland went in that same


daft and is just now getting to the NBA. That is one of the things


about the NBA, they never let you go if they know that you're a


talent. When you're ready, they Blocked by Davis, what an athletic


block, he kept it in play, and Westbrook finishes. Fantastic block


on the inside. It is one thing to swat the ball's away, spike them,


but it is another thing to keep it in place or your team-mates can get


to it. If you can keep it in play, all this and you have got an extra


fast break opportunity. Anthony Davis, the youngest player on the


court. Eric Boateng defence that won strong and picks up the foul.


do not mind seeing that, it is good to make sure you're not going to


continue to get all the easy looks inside. Again, that cross-court


pass, that is too easy across the key. But I like Boateng, I like the


idea that he will say, no! Eric Boateng, one of two players on the


Great Britain team who actually played at Duke University for Mike


Krzyzewski. Luol Deng spent one year before he transferred into the


Quite a good pedigree from his camp, Sullivan will pick up the foul.


Trying to force the contact. foul was called on Iguodala.


really through the shoulder into them, a smart move. Then he turned


around to her career and said, Sullivan makes both. 106-64, of


We used to call at carrying the ball! Especially when you take a


couple of steps. I will say, from Love, that was a speculative pass,


but confidence in your team-mates that you can jump that high. The US


is playing a little zone now for As though mentioned, you know, GB,


we want to see them focused here. It is interesting, you can see the


They are preparing for the next opponent. They know that they are


going to have to play it a solid so that some time. They're using it as


a prep time and GB needs to do the same. Sullivan hits three at the


Davis! Anything that requires that Oh! It is hard, I know it is


difficult, the fans are distracted because it is a run and dunk first


but G B needs this time. The need every second they can get to


prepare. Sullivan is showing he can I am trying to think if that was


James Harden plays it in. Going into the basket, Haden Lady Uddin,


it went in, but the two hands that were closest to the basket were the


USA, there for the offensive rebound. You cannot break down at


the end of the game and that people have free run on the backboard. It


builds habits, every second you spend playing builds habits and if


you spend that time doing the wrong Davis has another block. But his


four box for him. He is going to be a factor in these Olympic Games.


You can imagine him anchoring the back of a zone defence. It is tough


Just catching up with the scoring as Joel Freeland goes, that is one


of the disappointments for the GB team. Deng has 25 and Pops has 12,


nobody else is in double figures and they really need more from


Freeland in particular, from the back court in particular.


Absolutely. We have seen Lawrence has a couple at one point. There


have been several players who managed to step up but only for


moments. One of the things about basketball, it is a game of


consistency. You can only have bursts if those bursts are so


remarkable that you can blow the team off. That is what is happening


It is amazingly predictable play Sullivan hits another one. It is


consolation time in terms of the input. Sullivan into double figures


That is the final buzzer, the end of the game. USA 118, Great Britain


78. I have to say that from the start of the match I would not have


expected a 40 point margin at the expected a 40 point margin at the


end. No, the way this started, we were looking at a similar start to


the way the GB women's team started yesterday. They looked like they


were going to control the tempo but no sooner did we talk about how


they were hanging in the game than the USA turned the screws and the


interesting sorties they did not do it on a fence, they turned the


screws on defence. They put them in a situation, GB in a situation,


where they were taking really difficult shops, missing them,


leaving the USA on the run, quick passing, easy laps and dunked on


the other end. Very much like last night's game, the women. In the end


the athleticism overpowered them. That is right. The point people


need to note, it is the defence that overpowered them. It was not


backed one or more one, because when the USA was playing 111


Basketball they did not look that good. When it was James, Kobe


Bryant, some may be spectacular but they look stilted, as if they would


not get any think running. It was when they played together, when


they turned up the defence and ended up with easy shots, that is


when they won it. Again, the very impressive trophy we saw yesterday,


Deron Williams left sit for the USA. Barely lifted. Exactly, it is big.


It is like my coffee cup! That is a big trophy and well deserved. Four


rebounds for Deron Williams. Not a bad show. Leading scorers, 19 for


him and 19 for Carmelo Anthony and then otherwise a very well-balanced


scoring on the US team. We saw Carmelo Anthony, in fairness to him,


he did a fantastic job when the USA was looking still did, he came in,


had a couple of drives to the basket, a couple of three point


shops, did a great job. He is one of the guys who in a sense can play


better in this setting than he does and his club setting, where he


wants to dominate the play and we can go down now to courtside and it


is the player of the game, Deron Williams, who is with Ore. Thank


you, congratulations, you made it look easy in the end. It was a


tough team, we tried to come out, that is what we're doing, we have


only been together for a short amount of time. These practice


games, warm-up games, go a long way. It could have been a number of you


guys, you were incredible tonight. That is how it is, it is not just


one guy, it is a team effort. The defence is our bread and butter.


Once we get turnovers and easy baskets we get going pretty well.


You were the most experienced guys want the USA roster as far as


playing Great Britain but this is a different ball game. What was it


like with the atmosphere? 17,000 fans. It is my third game in


England, the crowds have been great. I expect them to be great for the


Olympics and they were great night here in Manchester. You did not


know much about the GB team as a group before the game. What did you


see -- what would you say now? are a tough team, they ran into a


tough team. We were hotter the second half. They are a tough team,


led by Luol Deng and some other guys who can help him come to bid.


You have a week or so until the Games. Are you ready? Definitely,


we have a lot to work, practice. We have two more warm-up games and


these are important for us., adulation. Thank you.


It was the defence that was key to the US? Absolutely right, they


turned it up. We saw the defence, a simple man Press Club and it -- and


it kept increasing. GB took longer and longer. Sometimes the referee


was about to call a ten-second violation, then they had a short


period of time to get a good shot and often they did not. OK, we have


Rishi Persad, who has Pops Mensah- Bonsu caught sight. Let's go over


to him. Indeed he is, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, he


has fans everywhere. People wanting to congratulate him and shake his


hand. Pops, a difficult night, there could scoreline suggests you


were well beaten but what did you find encouraging for Great Britain


coach ran a obviously it is a 40 minute game, we played greater the


first half and showed -- and they showed their greatness. We lost gas


and the second half and they tended to be a bit. They had a lot of


threes and transition buckets, turned us over, got some easy


baskets as well, so we have to take something positive from this, you


have to have fun and it was a great opportunity and we will take things


from it and move on. I was talking to John Amaechi, we were talking


about the idea of you and Luol Deng being the senior players leaving


the -- leading the youngsters. It is a heavy defeat but it is good


experience for guys like Andrew Lawrence, coming through?


Definitely this is the pinnacle at peak of the players in this world.


If you want to get to that level you have to know what you have to


do and we saw the best players in the world today. They showed it.


Hopefully the guys want to get to that level and we can go back to


the drawing board and see if we can get there. I have played there


before and I tell the young guys it is a great opportunity against some


of these guys. Watched the tape, see how you can improve and get to


that level. We will take positive from it, it was a great game.


have been involved in British basketball for a long time. How


important is tonight you guys and for the sport around the country?


It is the biggest basketball event to date and Great Britain and I am


glad that the fans came out to supporters and had fully we did


them proud but obviously we were outplayed but it was a good day for


British basketball and the younger generation will see this and go out


and pick up a basketball. When do you guys go to the Olympic Village


can start your countdown to preparation for the first game on


the 20 night? We had to Belgium tomorrow for a game against Belgium


and Tunisia, then to the Olympic village on Monday and we will be


there for a week or two until the Olympics starts. Hopefully going


back to the drawing board to see how we can improve and come to the


Olympics a different team. You know you have to cut support of the


country behind you. Best of luck. Thank you very much. Plenty of


experience, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, somebody else who has experience,


Robert Archibald. It doesn't get much tougher than teen USA?


they are an incredible team. You grew up watching the skies and


dream about being on the same court as them so it was a special


experience -- watching these guys. I wish the result had been closer


but we will get another chance at the Olympics. It was a tight start,


the first quarter also. What was going through your mind the second,


third and 4th when it started to get away from you? They made some


threes, they opened up the game. The most obvious thing is they were


taking laps and dunks at the other end before we got a chance to get


back. But is the first thing we have to improve on in the game.


played against some of the best teams in the world already, Spain,


France, the USA, but where would you put yourself engaged way you


are at the moment? It was tough. We played close with France and Spain.


Tonight was a lopsided result. When we get into the group, if we play


well in the games we have a chance to win and move forward to the


quarter-finals so that is the first thing we are working for. You have


Tunisia and Belgium to come. Absolutely, we have to take


advantage of the time and those games to get to the point we want


to be at going into the Olympics so we are firing on all cylinders when


we get there. Are you looking forward to it? Very much so. Thank


you. Thank you. John Amaechi has joined me. It was what we expected,


the USA dominating, a 40 point deficit for Great Britain. Just


talking to Pops Mensah-Bonsu, he sounded down about the manner of


defeat. I think he will be disappointed. I think he knows that


he has seen his team when he gets other people to step up, not just


Pops, not just Luol Deng, when other people step-up consistently


come up because we saw sparks from Lawrence and other players who gave


them a lift, who handled the pressure and did a great job on


defence but it was a piece of bacon -- it is episodic and when that


happens you can lose by 40. He knows when they can pull together


that it is unlikely they would have been them but we would be talking


20 points, not 40, which is significantly different aspirations.


They started with the STAND enthusiasm but the class of the USA


wore them down by half-time? Yes, what we saw was similar to


yesterday in the women's game, when the USA starts to run dead trouble


starts. The reality is you cannot beat a team that is shooting a high


percentage shot at the basket, dropping the ball through the net,


when you are taking unbelievably difficult shots and we saw Luol


Deng and pot Bose, incredibly difficult shots against two or


three people -- and Pops. There were encouraging signs from Andrew


Lawrence. That is the most important thing, not the time


looking past the Olympics at all but what I want is for this team,


these events, these games, to be an impetus for these young players to


beat the new nucleus of teams moving forward. Let's look at the


group's, USA and Great Britain will Realistically, I can Great Britain


get out of that group? It is an incredibly difficult group. They do


not have any games where you can say, yes, as long as you play well,


you will win that. The fact is it is going to be really difficult to


get out of the group. I am looking at his first game against Russia,


an incredibly tough opponents. Can they pull some of these components


that we have seen for a couple of minutes at a time, can they do it


for four quarters? If they can, who knows? I think we are about to be


joined by the start of the Great Britain team, Luol Deng. How are


you? I will ask you to operate the Mike! Your reaction to the defeat


You know, we did a lot of good things, but there is a lot we have


got to work on. We have got to do a better job of handling pressure,


that is where we lost the game. They pressured us and we turned the


ball over. They are a hard team to maintain focus against for 40


minutes, 80 coming in with manpowered. One of the things we


mentioned was the fact that the USA know that you are a major threat,


like every team that he will face, so that this enormous pressure on


you, and you need the guys to step up around you. You feel that is


going to happen? Definitely, we have just got to understand, a team


like this, you have got to keep it close. They came out and made them


run pretty much just kept building their run. As a team, we have got


to understand that when they make a run, we have got to get the best


shot that we could do. As soon as they made a run, we got out of


character, we tried to do too much, but that is what happens when they


take a lead. As a team, we cannot do that. Knowing that you are the


number one man, is that pressure? do not believe in pressure, I work


hard, and I leave it on the floor. Pressure is only if I do not have


confidence in myself. I am working out, I believe in the guys working


together, every night might not be my night, but the ultimate goal is


to win. Playing hard and play in defence, that is not pressure for


me. John, tell him your summary of the game. Exactly the same as yours,


the fact is you know there has got to be other people stepping up, and


the thing is, I think we are seeing signs of it. For two or three


minutes, Lawrence, the younger guys doing their thing, being in exactly


the right spot when you drive a dish, but only for a couple of


minutes. What are you going to do to say, look, how can we get that


going for a quarter? That is something we have been talking


about, making sure that we get the best shot. The guys have got to


understand, they have got to tell me not to get out of character,


keep it simple, make the right place. Like you said, Andrew


Lawrence is learning, and tonight, this is probably the best


competition they ever played against. We showed that when we


took care of the ball, we could play against them, we showed that


we could play against Spain. It is all a learning process until it


becomes comfortable, then they will relax and just play. When you


started playing in this country so many years ago, could you have


imagined playing in front of 17,000 people in Manchester against NBA


players? A lot of people do not realise how far we have come along.


I always got mad when there was no basketball on TV, and there was


talent in this country. Now we have proved it, we are proving we can


play with the best in the world, there is talent in this country,


there is more for us towards the sport, especially with the an kids,


and this is amazing. A few weeks ago, we had Scottie Pippin, Charles


Barclay, and now we have these superstars, but people have got to


recognise it is because of what GB has done, that is what brought them


over. Absolutely right, thank you for chatting to us, we wish you all


the best at the Olympics. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Luol Deng


will be representing the Olympics, just around the corner. We are


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With the BBC's new live interactive video player, we are giving you


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I cannot wait for the opening ceremony, it is on Friday the 27th


July on BBC One at 7pm. Well, back in Manchester, we have seen some


tremendous action tonight. It has been a real pleasure to watch the


NBA stars, guys like Kobe Bryant, such tremendous thrill, Deron


Williams, there was a spell where every time he attended a three-


pointer, he was sinking it. It is one of the amazing things of that


standard, new line at a point were missing surprises you, where really


your job every day is to make shots. You are not surprised by doing


amazing things. In fact, we noted that there were some of the phases


when people missed, Kevin Durant was surprised when he missed. That


is not normal. These athletes are remarkable, and I'm hoping it will


show some British kids that they can reach that level, too. I found


it quite amusing that every time they slammed and was missed, the


crowd seemed really upset, and then about 20 seconds later, someone


would nail a three-pointer and the crowd would give polite applause.


Yes, as if making a shot from inside is really the thing you are


watching for, but making a shot from 25 ft is nothing at all. I


think we have raised the expectations of crowds watching


basketball now. They know that they should make it almost every time.


As you know, the Olympics can propel sports further, give them


more support in the country. How much do you think basketball is


going to benefit from what we have seen tonight at what is coming up


over the next three weeks? In an emotional and inspirational sense,


it is going to be really helpful. People have never seen it before


will see remarkable play that will inspire them, maybe to try the


sport. My worry, my concern is that they are going to be inspired and


then when they try to find some infrastructure, a place to play, a


coach to coach them, that may be missing. So I'm hoping that the


coaches are scrambling right now to make sure they have the capacity to


take on newly inspired kids. one thing I also wanted to ask you,


do you think, having seen the NBA team at close, are they a match for


the 1992 dream team? Or are they miles behind Quest are the problem


I have is that I know a lot of the 1992 team. I am an old timer, I


like that team, there was something Stapeley about it. This team is


very different. It is younger, more dynamic, more athletic than any


team we have seen on the floor. But in terms of the way they play


together, they are not quite the dream yet. Let's remind you of some


of the sport coming up on the BBC in the next couple of days. We have


got athletics, the Diamond League in Monaco, the last lap of


athletics action ahead of the Olympics. And also tomorrow, we


have got action from Match of the Day live, Great Britain's women


play Sweden, then the men will play against Brazil, we believe Daniel


Sturridge will get a run-out. It has been a fantastic night, thank


Rishi Persad presents live coverage from Manchester Arena as Great Britain's men's basketball team gears up for the Olympics by facing the world's best side, 2008 gold medallists, the United States. The game offers fans the chance to watch some of the biggest names in the NBA, with LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard all part of the USA's Olympic set-up, but the home team has NBA pedigree of its own in the shape of Chicago Bulls star Luol Deng. Commentary comes from Mike Carlson and John Amaechi.

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